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The Flying Doctors 1x6

Is Nothing Sacred

A lady called Debbie Wilson shows up in town to fight for the aboriginies. She wants to find sacred places and make sure that the aboriginals have acess to these places. Many of the people in Coopers Crossing get upset, and when Tom invites Debbie to dinner they think things have gone too far. A man called Don Shepard knows about sacred places, but he won’t tell Debbie. He doesn’t do that because one of the sacred places is situated on George Baxter’s land, and Baxter is paying Don not to tell anyone. But after a while Don takes Debbie to the spot, and it turns out everything is a fake. Don painted the false picture and the “”sacred”” place himself to get payed from Baxter. Debbie leaves Coopers Crossing and everything goes back to normal again.

Jun. 19, 1986

The Flying Doctors season 1

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