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The Flying Doctors 3x24

The Silly Season

A man called Lloyd Somerset is out driving when he picks up a young man called Jamie. In the evening there’s a terrible storm coming and suddenly Jamie sees some strange lights in front of the car. Lloyd doesn’t say anything, he hasn’t even told Jamie his name. All of a sudden, the lights appear again and the car is turned over! Geoff and Sam are on their way home from a clinic when the storm hits the plane, causing the electricity to malfunction. The compass is magnetic, and shouldn’t be affected, but it’s acting very crazy. Sam manages to get the plane down and Geoff takes a look at Lloyd in hospital. He’s lost a lof of blood and is uncoscious. Geoff finds out he’s got leukaemia. Jamie is released from hospital and at the pub he tells everyone it was a UFO. He calls all the newspapers, who are intrested at first, but later decides not to follow up the story. Finally Geoff learns the truth about Lloyd. He’d been to a nuclear testing site where he used to work. He tells Geoff terrible

Jun. 04, 2017

The Flying Doctors season 3

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