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The Flying Doctors 3x27

The Choice

Kate has come back, but she wants to swap jobs with Penny permanently. Geoff tries to talk to her, begging her to stay until Chris comes back from Sydney. He won’t tell Kate why Chris is going, making Kate even more upset. A plane crashes on Robert Morton’s property, with two young women in. Chris is called back from her trip to Sydney and she and Geoff go out there. There is nothing they can do for one of the women, Kerry, but they can save Sandra. It turned out Kerry and Sandra were sisters. They both lived with Robert, since he could choose from them, he loved them both and therefore didn’t want to marry one of them. It’s sheering time for Sam and Emma, but Sam is occupied with emergencies, leaving Emma to care for the property. Maggie helps her out at first, but than leaves her to figure out the best way of getting the work done. Emma later on tries to convice Sam to teach her to fly. Penny says she doesn’t want to swap jobs with Kate, but Kate makes it clear to Geoff she’ll only b

Jun. 04, 2017

The Flying Doctors season 3

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