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The Flying Doctors 6x6

Murphy's Law

Vic runs over a little girl, Fiona, with his car accidently. Guy and Jackie picks her up, but luckily she isn’t too badly hurt. At the hospital Guy noticed that Fiona’s mother, Judy, is sick, she’s got cancer and hasn’t got a lot of time left. A friend of hers, named Rick, comes to visit and when he finds out about Judy’s condition he wants to look after Fiona after Judy’s death. But Judy claims Rick isn’t the father which makes that impossile. Judy won’t say anything about who the father is though. Clare finds Fiona’s chart and it turns out Judy has been lying to Rick about Fiona’s age, and Rick is Fiona’s real father. Everybody says that it might be hard for him to get the custady of Fiona anyway since there is no legal evidence that he is her father. They only way out is marriage between Judy and Rick. Judy agrees and they are married in hospital. Later Judy dies and Rick and Fiona leaves Coopers Crossing to start a life of their own.

Jun. 04, 2017

The Flying Doctors season 6

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