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A Better Place

A Better Place

His pain is your punishment.Oct. 25, 2016 USA90 Min.
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Dennis Ho



Jeremy Rollins, a shy and underdeveloped young man with an uncanny condition, learns how to cope with life in a small corrupt town.

A Better Place
A Better Place
A Better Place
A Better Place
A Better Place
Original titleA Better Place
IMDb Rating4.3 122 votes
TMDb Rating3 2 votes

(5) comments

  • dbh850November 18, 2016Reply

    Quite possibly the worst film you will ever see

    I am a nice person. I am kind. I do not like to criticize because I
    know that when people create things, they put their energy, their
    creativity, and their time, money, and wishes into them. But this movie
    is so terrible I must criticize it. My apologies to the gods of film
    review kindness.

    It starts with a fantastic story idea. I love the story idea and
    somehow I had it in my head that this would be like one of those
    wonderful Stephen King stories that are about kindness and the good
    things in mankind that contrast with the bad things. I think this story
    idea had that same sort of thing in mind, but the screenplay was so
    terrible, I sat here thinking it is quite possible that my cat could’ve
    written a better screenplay. She is a smart cat, although I have never
    seen her writing.

    I utterly despise soap operas and have never made it through one
    episode of one though I gave it a valiant effort. I would rather watch
    a soap opera than a movie like this. The story was probably at the
    level of a fourth or fifth grader. I am not making a joke. It was
    incredibly juvenile with the characters completely flat and
    one-dimensional. There was not a molecule of good or of inner conflict
    in any of the truly evil characters. And the good characters were
    saintly. There was no real motivation for all of the horrible things
    the evil characters did. The motivation that the story did provide
    would’ve been carried out very different ways. The actions of the
    antagonists in this story were ridiculously evil at a level that you
    just don’t see in real life. No adults would take in this story and
    say, ”yes, those bad guys really need to be stopped!” Indeed, what an
    adult would wonder about is exactly what kind of brain injury the
    antagonists in the story had sustained to cause them to be so
    simpleminded and illogical in their evil doings. And there were so many
    of those characters. A small town with some incredibly evil people.
    Nonsensically evil.

    I have no idea if the actors have any skill, but it is impossible for
    me to believe that they had anything to do with how bad this film is.
    It is simply statistical nonsense to suggest that every actor in this
    ghastly thing is a terrible actor. They would have, by sheer chance,
    found one or two good actors for the film if they had actually been
    looking for bad actors. You cannot make a Rolex watch from a few pieces
    of wire and gears that you found in an auto salvage yard. I think the
    screenplay is of such low quality that the finest actors in the world
    would’ve looked terrible in this film.

    I cannot tell if the direction was good or not, but I suspect it was
    not very good. I wrote a few screenplays in my past and you always
    include a few instructions for direction in them. But the director has
    some freedom, of course. There were some very weird instances in this
    film where the timing did not make any sense or times where a character
    had no awareness of what was going on just a few feet from him. Also,
    characters did not look at or intervene in situations. The dance
    between directing and screenplay is a complicated one that I know very
    little about. And I don’t know how much freedom the director had, but
    if it was a skilled director, it must’ve been terrible for him to
    direct this awful thing. Just as terrible as it was for the actors, no

    I am pretty sure my six-year-old granddaughter could have written more
    realistic dialogue. I cannot get my time back, but in an effort to be a
    positive force in humanity I must humbly suggest to any reader here
    that instead of putting time and a few dollars into watching this film,
    you get out all your sweaters, sit down, and pluck those little lint
    balls off them. There will be four advantages to this activity. Your
    sweaters will look pristine, you will be much richer with three or four
    dollars you don’t spend renting this film, you won’t lose that little
    bit of IQ that surely dissolves from taking in such a bad story, and
    you will be much more amused by the plucking of lint than watching this

  • blindstNovember 26, 2016Reply

    Your one stop chop and slop

    If you like terrible movies, this is an elegant masterpiece on par with
    the 2016 presidential race. Perhaps they couldn’t have done it without

    I first infected my television and my dear girlfriend’s mind when we
    were looking for something to watch, anything. We opened the preview
    and although skeptical, I was intrigued. We gave it a shot, just jumped
    on in there with cold coffee and no popcorn at all. Had I known the
    ride I was in for, I would have done it all differently by repeatedly
    bashing my head into the front door until the brain trauma had finally
    leaked in.

    The outright rudeness of the opening characters was splendid. It seemed
    that at every turn, any individual might walk in off the street with a
    raging case of hemorrhoids and sit on a gallon of fresh vanilla ice
    cream like it was no big deal to absolutely no reaction of the cast of
    background mutes.

    I wondered to myself, what kind of town is this? Intrigued further, I
    continued to watch. I knew what I was in for, but I was completely
    unaware that some people have a completely different interpretation of
    a super power than the rest of the world, and some of these people have
    begun to infiltrate some of my favorite film genres. But can you blame
    me for continuing? I was thrown off my guard. I haven’t seen movie
    making this bad since Kurt Russell wore and eye patch and Dolph
    Lundgren had baby smooth skin.

    To be fair, When a movie opens up with forgettable 80’s street thugs
    dressed all cloak and dagger like in Walmart shopping outfits pulling
    pranks on the local diner’s lifer waitress, you just get pulled in
    somehow. It wasn’t too long before I reasoned that this movie was
    clearly a joke and nothing more.

    Now, if for some reason, you went the full mile like me and mine, I do
    recommend pulling out the sweaters as suggested by dbh850, because you
    are in for the flat tire of your life. I was shocked by the terrible
    service you get at the grocery store when your card is shut down, the
    overwhelming cunning of the local sheriff, and I may forever wonder
    just how many envelopes Sam Abram carries with him into church.
    Tireless hours were spent on thinking of the most immediate and
    abrasive reaction one might have to anything that put them at any sort
    of disadvantage or just simply didn’t work out the way they were
    supposed to.

    I for one am glad that I won’t get this hour of my life back, because
    it was bound to happen, and I am grateful I will never have to relive
    the experience of seeing this movie again. Not an ounce of curiosity
    was left unspent, and I will sleep soundly knowing I have finally seen
    the worst movie possible. Putting it at the top of my list of poovies.

  • thegreatnaomitateFebruary 9, 2017Reply

    Understanding purpose and effects on others lives

    So apparently I’m one of few that actually like this movie….

    I don’t find that odd as I’m normally the only one I know who like
    certain movies….

    While I would consider this a B movie, I wouldn’t see how this is a
    horrible movie. I’m sure it could have been done slightly better….

    I’m sure we can all relate to at least one character personally and
    know quite a few of the other characters in their circle….

    This is the type of story that can happen in any town in any
    country…. while the ”superpower” or ”gift” of Jeremy’s may not be for
    real, the message behind it is real…. What you do to the least of
    people you do to the most loved of people….

    Everyone places value on relationships at different levels…. Your mom
    may be the best relationship you ever have…. your spouse may be the
    2nd…. a bully negative value…. but what about the people you don’t
    interact with on a regular basis but see or notice…. like the
    homeless man or the drug addict…. most people think they can get away
    with treating them badly because who cares about them? they are just
    trash…. In this town that was Jeremy…. and if you are willing to
    physically hurt someone because of a perception, then you are probably
    hurting the person closest to you just as bad but in a different

    When movies aren’t BLOCKBUSTERS they have to be appreciated in a
    different way….

    If I could have his ”gift” I would probably understand why at times I
    feel I’m mistreated…. the majority of the time it is misguided

  • tomassharkFebruary 25, 2017Reply

    A small town boy with a strange gift

    I really don’t know why so many people dislike this movie. It was
    perfectly acted and the actors where great for their roles. This movie
    exploits all bad behavior people do on basic and some more. The
    corruption and the things that we are willing to sacrifice to help
    others who don’t deserve it for better off all. This movie even if its
    a wishful dream, is done nicely and touch u deep inside. I recommend to
    people who have at least some good in them to watch this. Its B movie,
    but a good one. Low budget used spot on.

  • Bobby JohnsonFebruary 28, 2017Reply

    I’ve Just Wasted Almost 2 Hrs of My Life!

    When God allowed man to create technology, specifically visual media, I
    am under the firm belief that he did not foresee the future and realize
    that a group of people with apparently a lot of resources to waste
    would come together and create this ”disasterpiece” of a cinematic
    trainwreck titled ”A Better Place”. Would I have chosen this to watch
    if more options were available? No. But unfortunately for me, I chose
    to wake up and start my day by taking a chance on watching a movie that
    was unheard of and unknown to me in any way. I wish God would have had
    mercy on my soul. First off the lead role is acted out by this idiot
    we’re supposed to take seriously as an adult who was sheltered and
    locked away by his mother to protect him. However, the acting is
    soooooo bad that we find the lead character’s personality similar to
    Todd Cleary, who is the confused, withdrawn and possibly gay son of the
    Senator in the movie Wedding Crashers (2005). I’m not going to give
    away any spoilers but just remember what I told you about the amount of
    time you’ve wasted away from your life the moment you get to the part
    in the movie where the bright golden spotlight shines on the lead
    character and the special effects start dancing on your screen. You
    have been warned. Look, if you’re dead set on committing Movie Suicide
    believe me there are wayy lest painful ways to do so. Consider jumping
    off of a high building, landing head first onto a crowded downtown
    street and almost instantly being pummeled by multiple cabs and Uber
    drivers who didn’t notice your pancake shaped torso awkwardly blending
    in with the rest of the trash and discoloration on the street. I
    promise you that would be less painful. As for this movie. This is not
    a movie. This is the perfect way to kill your enemy and get away with
    it. So buy as many copies as you need and get to mailing them out. Your
    life will be better 2 hours after they receive it. #justbobbysopinion

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