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Aandavan Kattalai

Aandavan Kattalai

Sep. 23, 2016 India150 Min.
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8.9 1,489 votes

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A young man, on the advice of an agent, lies that he is married, to go to London. But his visa application is rejected and now, he has to follow-up with a string of lies to hide one lie.

Aandavan Kattalai
Aandavan Kattalai
Aandavan Kattalai
Aandavan Kattalai
Original titleஆண்டவன் கட்டளை
IMDb Rating8.3 1,002 votes
TMDb Rating7.7 3 votes

(6) comments

  • skumars_ssnSeptember 23, 2016Reply

    Guarantees a smile and a light heart when you exit the screen

    A pure director’s movie. Tons of laughs, good performance from not just
    one, but the entire cast.

    Vijay Sethupathi is really having a dream run at the kollywood. Rithika
    Singh awww, the boxer girl next door,adorable in a weird way. Another
    knockout performance. Such films are really tough to make, they really

    One thing I am wondering about is why the hell did they keep this title
    for the movie, but hey! after watching some movies, I have wondered why
    the hell they made that movie.

    Aandavan Kattalai === Thodari ke gate potaangappa….

  • bbalasubramanianSeptember 25, 2016Reply

    Lovable movie with great message

    One more amazing movie from Vijay Sethupathi thru Manikandan. Simply
    amazed to see the plot that flashes – Srilankan Tamilian’s struggle
    (mildly) – Illegal Visa agents & the victims – Common man’s struggle in
    life for Money – Chennaites, house owners unrealistic renting
    demands(loll) – Divorce cases.Wondering how beautifully a cinema can be
    made to share as many social problems, but in a very interesting way
    that every audience will enjoy & capture the social message. Vijay
    Sethupathi, unlike other regular Heroes, he shares the screen equally
    with all artists. Yogi Babu added a great sense of humor. Ritika – wow
    a very lovable girl to see in this movie , who acted very aptly to the
    role.Had a hard feeling on Srilankan Tamil’s setback in this society &
    their struggles. Tamil Cinema has got so many good young Directors who
    are driving this Tamil industry to the next level. Hats-off to
    Manikandan’s effort. Simply superb…Love to see one more movie
    starring Vijay Sethupati & lovely Rithika Singh……. Tamil Cinema

  • Naveen SankaranSeptember 25, 2016Reply

    Well made movie with a very good social message. Suitable for every individual.

    Very happy to write a review for such a movie. Feeling heart-filled
    after a long time!

    90% of the job is done if the casting is perfect. This suits perfectly
    for this movie. Manikandan does brilliant job in casting.

    Each and every character has its own importance in the plot and
    everyone actually contributes to its development. The screenplay is
    penned in such a way in which the character develops as the plot

    Some movies require a brilliant script to lure the audience into it and
    there are movies like this one, which can lure you purely by the
    brilliance of its screenplay.

    Be it editing, BGM, cinematography, everything contributes to the plot
    and enriches it without spoiling the mood of the film.

    The social message is embedded in such a way that its not just a last 5
    minute speech where a message suddenly crops out of nowhere. We clearly
    get the message in almost each and every minute of the movie. This is
    the brilliance here !

    Must watch. Very good social message which is suitable for almost all

  • sendkcanemailSeptember 27, 2016Reply

    One of the Best movies ever

    Vijay Sethupathi is definitely a great actor. But, more than him this
    movie is definitely one of the best ones I have seen. A great story
    line and love the comedy and how every scene is pretty much related to
    one another. Not like the stupid commercial movies where they have
    comedy, songs, action completely unrelated to the movie just because
    its gotta be in there.

    I am tired of all the commercial movies. Definitely a great watch.

    More than anything, I love how the message is completely incorporated
    into the movie about people trying to do things the wrong way and how
    it just leads to more and more issues. Its very easy to live the
    truth.. But, once a person lies, its just very very very hard to keep
    up the lies. YOu have to keep lying to cover the previous one and its
    never ending.

    Love it.

  • shobanchittuproluDecember 23, 2016Reply

    Aandavan Kattalai is a rare gem with brilliant performances and subtle message.Kudos to Manikantan,Vijay Sethupathi and Ritika Singh.

    Aandavan Kattalai (2016): Vijay Sethupathi ruled 2016 with 4
    consecutive hits.Aandavan kattalai is a satirical drama film directed
    by Kaaki Muttai director Manikantan.This movie got highly positive
    reviews and even stars my favorite Debutante Ritika Singh (Irudhi
    Suttru fame).So I watched this movie with huge expectations.SO how is

    Plot: Two friends Gandhi (Vijay Sethupathi) and Pandi (Yogi Babu), from
    Madurai dream to fly to London and make money, so that they can attain
    a financial status in the society. They come down to Chennai and with
    the help of a local travel agency, try to get their passports for a
    hefty fee. All documents are prepared with false information and the
    broker manages to get him a passport eventually. But Gandhi is denied a
    visa. He is too ashamed to go back to his village and decides to work
    in the city and try for a visa again. He starts working as an
    accountant for a drama crew headed by a kind-hearted gentleman
    (Nassar).He earns his trust and life begins to change. Incidentally, he
    also gets an opportunity to travel to London but false information in
    his passport now begins to haunt him. He has to find himself a wife
    named Karmegha Kuzhali(Ritika Singh)

    Plus Points:

    1)Performances: Vijay Sethupathi once again scored with his natural
    performance.He once again delivered a wonderful performance
    effortlessly slipping into this character that continually vacillates
    between good and bad. Ritika Singh is brilliant in her role.Whenever
    you get to see her in the frame,she performed on par with Sethupathi.
    Though she doesn’t have much portions in the first half, she scores in
    the second half. We see a different Ritika here (not the Irudhi Suttru
    girl) and her cute expressions are sure to win the hearts of many
    youngsters.Yogi Babu, not only scores in humour but also in
    emotions.Nasser and Pooja Devariya fit in their roles perfectly.The guy
    who did Nesan is very good.

    2)Screenplay and Direction: Manikantan deserves a lot of applause for
    making this brilliant movie with important social message.He conveyed a
    socially relevant message beautifully in a realistic manner.Screenplay
    never deviates from the plot and moves in fast pace.The director,
    without any lengthy sermons or excessive melodrama, gently suggests
    that one should go through the proper channels and follow rules,
    instead of encouraging bribes and shortcuts.

    3)Music: Music by Kishore is very good and suits the movie with perfect
    placements.All the songs are montages and not choreographed.BGM is

    Minus Points:


    So,Aandavan Kattalai is a rare gem with brilliant performances and
    subtle message.Kudos to Manikantan,Vijay Sethupathi and Ritika Singh.

    My rating 8/10

  • Sriraman SrinivasanDecember 26, 2016Reply

    Aandavan Kattali is Manikandan’s hat trick triumph as a filmmaker.

    Third directorial venture of writer & director Manikandan whose Kutrame
    Thandanai released just a few weeks back. Both his first two
    directorial ventures have been highly impressive and diverse commanding
    ticket purchase for this movie. Technically this film flows just
    seamlessly from start to end beginning with retro-styled title credits.
    This is the first film where Manikandan does not handle cinematography
    and that responsibility is taken over by Shanmugasundaram whose camera
    seems to just follow the protagonist zooming in and out of the various
    situations he gets himself in and is instrumental in creating the
    atmosphere and a sense of place effectively .

    Editor Anucharan and Manikandan have a great understanding of each
    other’s vision, narration and they make a solid cinematic collaboration
    which is very evident from the stage play like scenes of the movie
    unfolding neatly. The music of the film by K provides necessary impetus
    and shows that the music director understands the quirky screenplay and
    narration of the writer & director which is a rarity. The music of the
    film seems to have been inspired by Ilaiyaraaja and to an extent,
    Santhosh Narayanan and the background score in a particular sequence
    towards the end of the film is likely based on Rabbia E Tarantella
    composed by Ennio Morricone famously used by Quentin Tarantino in
    inglorious Bastards. Kudos to K for never overdoing the score in a
    distracting manner and managing to provide the necessary impact.

    The casting of the movie is a major highlight and the person heading it
    should be applauded. This motion picture features several characters
    which are just bang on perfect for their respective roles. The
    performances led by Vijay Sethupathi who displays a deep understanding
    of the character and the narration is impressive. He shoulders various
    emotions and the amount of subtlety, restraint, and believability he
    brings to the protagonist is so heartening to see. Ritika Singh known
    for Irudhi Suttru makes her mark during the last act of the movie with
    an array of expressions. Yogi Babu’s timing is just superb and he is
    really the star of the first half of the film. A big list of supporting
    actors essays their roles to perfection from Nasser, Singam Puli,
    David, Vinodhini and the character named Nesan.

    The story by Anbu Chezhiyan and the screenplay by the trio of the
    director, editor and the story writer is the biggest strength of the
    movie. A subtle comedy-drama with serious undercurrents is not new to
    the visionary behind Kaaka Muttai. The detailing and the nuanced layers
    bristle with quirky dialogues touching on various themes from trying to
    make a living in an alien land and the spiraling nature of lies. The
    film also talks of touts, brokers who suck the blood of the
    ill-informed, divorce and lawyers and the mature handling of Srilankan
    Tamil angle deserves special accolades.

    The nonpreachy approach and the deft handling of various themes are the
    high points of this screenplay. The absence of the love at first sight
    and head over heels romance is heartening to note. The detailing of the
    happenings of the family court and of a person who goes in search of a
    house on the low-income scale are noteworthy in this grounded and
    believable screenplay with interesting turns and situations. The
    comedy, performances, themes, dialogues, emotions have come together
    exceedingly well.

    As such the pacing of the film is casual and justified but certain
    scenes could have been presented even more crisply which could have
    kept the audience more engrossed into the narrative and that is
    something that the director and editor could have worked on more. More
    justification and writing to the romance portions could have added more
    credence. The way the movie wraps up also lacks detailing and character
    motivations. These things could have elevated the movie even more.

    This film establishes Manikandan strongly as one of the most versatile
    and exciting director’s working in the industry. Without any of the
    masala cinema formulae, this subtle comedy-drama manages to entertain,
    engross and convey timely relevant messages effectively. Movies which
    doesn’t insult the intelligence of the audience and writers who yearn
    to provide value for the ticket price should be encouraged and
    celebrated. Aandavan Kattali is Manikandan’s hat trick triumph as a

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