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According to Her

According to Her

Nov. 21, 2016 USA90 Min.
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8.7 1,359 votes

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Love, motherhood and a musical career strike dissonant chords in this dark tale of a young Russian woman who tries to keep her balance among wealthy French expats in New York.

According to Her
According to Her
According to Her
According to Her
According to Her
According to Her
According to Her
According to Her
According to Her
According to Her
Original titleAccording to Her
IMDb Rating9.4 33 votes

(3) comments

  • MaysleJanuary 10, 2017Reply

    A strange and beautiful film.

    I saw this film in California when it was playing for its premiere at
    Cinequest and I was deeply moved by it. The decision to put at the
    center of a movie a woman who defines herself as a mother and nothing
    else is very provocative and timely. Veronica, the main character, is
    like the oak in the fable of the oak and the reed. With the opacity of
    someone who knows that she is in the right, if not by modern society’s
    standards, then by her own, she doesn’t bend under social pressure. She
    faces Adele, who is a French high-end executive with a brilliant
    career, a luxury loft, and a child at a distant boarding school. Adele
    is the tempest raging against Veronica’s choice and shaking up
    everything and everybody in the fascinating airtight French expatriate
    milieu in which the film takes place. Avoiding the trap of a too
    frontal opposition, the narrative quickly enlists a third force:
    Amanda. Unlike Veronica and Adele, Amanda is neither strong nor
    talented, but she has a bewitching beauty and knows how to use it.

    I found that the performances were fantastic across the board, with
    Irina Abraham as a no-nonsense mother loosing her balance under peer
    pressure and Pascal Yen- Pfister acting in a naturalistic style as the
    husband caught in the storm. A great work by the cast. The film is set
    in Tribeca and Noho and it does flirt with upper-class stereotypes, but
    in the nuanced writing and the work of the director, it goes far deeper
    and beautifully displays the toll taken on human lives when marriage
    and social assumptions clash. According to Her is a rare find, I
    recommend watching it.

  • Simon BridgesApril 9, 2017Reply

    Not a one liner

    I was pleasantly surprised by this film. Unlike most of today’s indies
    you won’t have to digest a heavy one liner about the social struggles
    of this or that minority. It’s hard to pin down According to Her, and
    that, from my point of view, is a quality. I would say that it’s a
    study of the (female) human condition at the higher social and economic
    levels. A kind of upper-class neo-realism but surprisingly with moments
    of pure comedy (I laughed). This film has its weak points of course,
    but watching a feature that actually makes you think instead of
    imposing some agenda is rare enough today to deserve a review.

  • Agata DuchampApril 25, 2017Reply

    Stays in your mind

    As someone said in a previous comment there is a lot of humor so you
    are fairly entertained but at the same time the world depicted in this
    film is ice cold. It’s a great contrast which I don’t remember having
    seen in films in a while. One minute you laugh and the minute after you
    are tacking aback by the nastiness of the dialog and the sadness of the
    situation. Living with expatriates is no fun apparently. The end is
    very surprising and I keep thinking about it. Actors are good,
    specially the main actress and a male small second role whose name
    escapes me. I also loved the way New York is shown. It stays in your

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