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Actor in Law

Actor in Law

Everyone want to be an actor!Sep. 08, 2016 Pakistan115 Min.
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Om Puri isRafaqat Mirza
Rafaqat Mirza
Fahad Mustafa isShan Mirza
Shan Mirza
Alyy Khan isMuddasir Sultan
Muddasir Sultan
Saboor Ali isShabana Mirza
Shabana Mirza
Saleem Mairaj isMehboob Bhai
Mehboob Bhai
Nayyar Ejaz isMuddasir Sultan Lawer
Muddasir Sultan Lawer
Nayyar Ejaz isMuddasir Sultan Lawyer
Muddasir Sultan Lawyer
Rehan Sheikh isNESC's Lawyer
NESC's Lawyer


An aspiring actor (Fahad Mustafa) succumbs to pressure from his father (Om Puri) and takes up the role of lawyer.

Original titleایکٹراِن لاء
IMDb Rating8.4 1,028 votes
TMDb Rating8 1 votes

(20) comments

  • Resistance2010September 10, 2016Reply

    Revival of Lollywood

    watched its Dubai Premier last Friday with little to none expectations
    but to my surprise its a delightful little gem from Pakistan i have
    already recommended some of my Indian friends to give it a try and feel
    proud as pakistani that we are now on a good track for better movies
    with something to learn from it addresses the worst issues in our
    country in a so good manner it shows how excellent writer Fiza Ali
    Meerza is,

    as far as actor goes Om Puri is great as always Fahad Mustafa done a
    great job and Mehwish Hayat looks stunning all n all its a Fun Filled
    movie with a soul and heart.


  • cy_bagSeptember 13, 2016Reply

    Not a master piece but A must watch Pakistani film!!

    Doing something truly remarkable gets you noticed, doing it again turns
    you into a wizard. Nabeel Qureshi may have entered the film industry
    with a magic wand in his hand but he ran out of tricks with Actor in

    Before I sneak further down his hat, one thing must be clarified:
    anyone with slight craving for entertainment will have a ball watching
    Actor in Law. But those looking for the same stroke of genius that Na
    Maloom Afraad had may have to contain a few yawns.

    Shaan Mirza (Fahad Mustafa) is a struggling actor, one who survives on
    Devdas and oxygen, yet the burden of not living up to his father’s
    dreams keeps on suffocating the artist within him. His father, Advocate
    Rafaqat Mirza (Om Puri) has never won a case in his life but has also
    never lied and as a result, holds honesty closer to him than his
    professional incompetency. Shaan visits a number of casting directors ,
    breaks tube lights on his body at ‘Bhai’s’ birthday celebrations, and
    even gets a small part in a big project but nothing manages to
    completely satisfy the actor within — until the day he walks into the
    city court to get his father’s belongings.

    Thus begins a thoroughly entertaining struggle of an actor and the
    audiences’ journey of witnessing a mishmash of moments they’ve watched
    in several recent Indian movies. Those moments end up making the climax
    seem like just another turning point in the story and robbing the
    viewers’ of genuine shockers. There isn’t a single part of the
    narrative that you don’t see coming, which is perhaps the fatal flaw of
    the film at large.

    In aping the new trend of Bollywood courtroom dramas, Qureshi has
    weakened his own idea of keeping the story lines original. One must
    keep in mind that a film like OMG Oh My God! stood out because of its
    subject matter and not for the treatment. And regardless of a good
    intent, you end up creating a recipe for disaster when you apply the
    same formula on something less significant. The multiplex audience is
    getting smarter with every film and more aware of where something is
    borrowed from. The problem is clearly not with borrowing, it lies with
    replicating the act without adding on to it. NMA had pioneered this

    However with courtroom scenes come a number of monologues and it is
    Qureshi and Fizza Ali Meerza’s quick-witted and socially aware humour
    that lightens things up. No one knows Karachi as well as this duo does
    and that is reflected not only in the dialogues, but also in the visual
    detailing of the city.

    The performances, on the other hand, do live up to the expectations.
    There’s no better sight than watching Mustafa make a mockery of the
    justice system in the presence of a crowd that cheers and hoots at
    every line. He has a dynamic emotional range as an actor and with his
    live TV show, he has only gotten better at becoming the one-man- army
    that the real Shaan should be worried about. Puri has played similar
    avatars in many such films and he pulls off another with masterful
    ease, this time without a word of Sanskrit. Hayat must be given marks
    for her on-point imitation of the Parsi stereotype but unfortunately,
    there wasn’t much to her character. Saleem Mairaj and Nayyar Ejaz are
    the kings of cameos and like always, their short presence on screen is
    a tale in itself.

    Despite being an all-out entertainer, the film doesn’t work on as many
    layers as NMA and does not have the same shock value. Perhaps it was
    the hunger of establishing Qureshi’s name that made NMA what it is for
    new-age Pakistani cinema.

    In Netflix’s Marco Polo, Kublai Khan repeatedly tells his allies and
    enemies that it’s easier to sit on the throne then to sit and rule.
    This holds true for Qureshi, whose love for entertainment is undying
    but his thirst for change has been quenched too soon.

    Verdict: Actor in Law is what you expect from an Eid film, but not from
    the director of Na Maloom Afraad

  • Asim IqbalSeptember 13, 2016Reply

    Highlighting social issues is the main Objective

    I never wrote a review before for any movie but after watching this, I
    have to write one.

    May be I watched the best script written in Pakistan ever.

    Everyone must be familiar with main concept of the movie through the
    trailer but this movie is not only about comedy and laughs but also
    about some serious social issues which has been presented brilliantly
    by the AIL team. Even you will see some political characters, including
    a telephonic speech by political leader. Everyone did superb Job.
    Mehwish Hayat played a brilliant roll in this movie. I guess in next
    few days it will be hard to grab tickets for this movie. A must must
    watch movie – 10/10 from my side.

    P.S: Even my words cannot define the movie in a proper way

  • Subhan IhsanSeptember 13, 2016Reply

    Movie was good but I was expecting more

    Most of the people know Nabeel Qureshi from his brilliant debut film
    ”Na Maloom Afraad”. I’m also one of them when I heard that he is making
    another film. I was super excited for the movie but I’m disappointed. I
    was expecting much more then he delivered. The story of first was good
    acting was super by Fahad Mustafa, which I must say his acting is
    improving and in this film he was pretty good. The story was going fine
    but right from the start of the second half almost everything was
    predictable. If you’ve watched just a few movies(not much) you can
    easily predict what is gonna come next. Although Nabeel built a good
    story in the first half but he just couldn’t get up to mark in second
    half.To be very honest Nayyar Ijaz and Salim Mairij were totally
    wasted. Both have the ability to put a very fine show on screen but the
    roles were not up to their potential. If you talk about Mehwish Hayat,
    well I never liked her style of acting, She was not right choice for
    this kind of role. Omi Puri tried to do something but the role was too
    simple. Nabeel and his team should think about it. I mean you do not
    need to hire an actor from across the country for that simple role.
    Well, I’m not saying that the movie is bad and don’t watch it. It is a
    very entertaining movie but still I feel improvement was needed.
    Positives from the movie: Fahad Mustafa’s acting, the good story line
    of the first half.

  • asifnaagraSeptember 14, 2016Reply

    A must watch movie.

    Watched Actor in Law today. Without any doubts I will give 10/10 to
    this movie. Direction, production values, acting, music , dance and
    every thing was excellent. I was amazed with dance moves of Nabeel
    Qureshi. He is such a talented man. Fahad Mustafa has done great
    acting. The story line is so unique and real that you can easily relate
    many things from this movie to your life. Many positive messages has
    been delivered. I have loved the music and dance as well. I have loved
    the love between Fahad and great Om Puri as father and son. Hats off to
    each and every body attached with Actor In Law. Well done guys. Keep
    making us proud of Pakistani film industry.

  • nabeelsiddiqiSeptember 15, 2016Reply

    A well made movie

    Talk about the Pakistani Movies, Waar initiated the message that
    Pakistan can make the much better movies. By leading message forward
    Pakistan developed the several good movies and they achieved the
    healthy box office report. By seeing this result, it seems our entire
    Drama industry is moving towards to Movie industry, that’s unfortunate.
    That is why you can feel drama touch in Pakistan Movie Industry. Only
    few movies are being made that we can say its purely a movie that
    deserve to watch at big screen and YES! Actor in Law is among of them.

    Actor in law is moving towards a person named Shan Mirza that wanted to
    be a actor but some circumstances he couldn’t be a actor but a lawyer.
    That is played very well by Fahad Mustafa. So Shan Mirza utilized his
    acting skills in court, in very amazing way that will make you enjoy
    the movie. Talk about other lead actors, I wasn’t expecting good from
    Mehwish Hayat but she also did her job and played a lady that wants to
    fight with the basic issues facing by people of the country. Talk about
    Om Puri, I don’t need to say anything about his as he had small but
    very important roll and he done it very well.

    Overall it was a very good comedy movie with some emotional scene in
    the end, you can enjoy with the pop corn. So I suggest go and watch
    this one.

    But this was not just the comedy movie, there were some serious
    messages in the movie that I request you all to consider it.

  • Bilal ZiaSeptember 16, 2016Reply

    International Standards: Average Movie; Pakistan Standards: Above Average

    Well, I am one of those people who desperately urge Pakistan Cinema to
    revive. So if some movie does not add to that objective I feel sad
    about it and If any movie is doing good I kind of feel excited about

    Talking specifically about this movie. There are goods and not-so-
    goods about it. In comparison to Pakistan movie standards for
    Direction, it was excellent. Song picturisation was neatly arranged,
    precise, having aesthetic values. All the songs were surprisingly
    catchy and fitted very well with situation. The short appearance of
    Nabil was refreshing and it was good to know that he could dance. The
    first half of the movie was funny and absorbing. Only for a moment, I
    felt it was dragging a little but otherwise I thoroughly enjoyed it. We
    would not expect Nabil to lack on humor anyway. There are other things
    though that I will be discussing in the next paras. In addition to the
    humor, the idea of addressing public issues impacted well and helped in
    engaging the audience.

    Movie after intermission where Nabil needed to take the story to Climax
    and give us a happy ending, everyone could see what’s coming. There was
    no surprise. In fact, the only surprise was that there was no surprise
    at all. Still, movie took so much time to reach and get passed the
    obvious movements.

    The script overall did not have required depth in context of movie
    plot. Only at one point where they were specifically searching for a
    provision of law the writer does not seem to have subject matter
    knowledge. How court systems work, what kind of arguments and language
    is spoken in court of law; where judge should overrule or sustain the
    objections etc. Anyways we should not be expecting Pakistani movies to
    be comparable with international movies,where internationally they hire
    subject matter specialists to aid the writing of scripts and
    directorial details etc.

    Fahad is an excellent actor but Mehwish needs to work on her acting a
    lot, like a hell lot. And what was Om Puri doing in the movie ??? His
    work, his dialogues should have been more strong to give an impact to
    his celebrated appearance especially given the fact that some of the
    movie posters were Only showing Om Puri. His final punch was too
    superficial, clichéd and short.If I am director of the movie I would
    spend hell lot of time and effort to give that scene proper depth,
    emotional appeal, technical correctness, comprehensive precision and
    summing up to make the audience awe about the whole movie.

    On overall basis, I would recommend watching this movie but I expect
    better work can be done with the given resources.

  • Muhammad Ali KhanSeptember 17, 2016Reply

    An applaudable masterpiece

    I am sharing my reviews for any movie for the first time. Amidst the
    laughter filled scenes, the film Actor in law has succeeded in
    capturing the attention of the audience towards many social issues. If
    I say that this is the first movie coming from Pakistan’s cinema
    touching many social issues simultaneously. What makes this movie stand
    out, is the mere fact that despite covering social issues, the Actor in
    Law team has kept the tone of the movie light enough to appeal to the
    masses. This movie has a genre of its own. The music was spot on and
    the movie doesn’t have any ”item number” which is surely an applaudable
    step taken by the team! Though there are some glitches in the movie but
    I have chosen to ignore them. From Namaloom Afrad, Nabeel Qureshi and
    Filmwala productions have come a long way and their efforts shine
    through every scene of the movie. Fahad Mustafa has proved his acting
    skills and his dance numbers weren’t bad either. Mehwish Hayat also
    proved to be a good choice for her role. All in all, a must watch
    family movie which will make your eyes water with emotions and stomach
    cringe with laughter! well done team, we look forward to some more
    masterpieces from you.

  • zee_redscorpioSeptember 17, 2016Reply

    Great movie to watch

    Divide the movie into two parts……… First will make you burst into
    laughter and second one is full of emotions and
    sentiments……………….. A perfect combination of both will not
    even let you think of any boredom for a single second……………..
    Acting performances are excellent specially by lead characters who have
    put life into the story.. ………the story itself plus the dialogues,
    humour, cinematography, all was worth praising… songs also fit in
    perfectly.. the movie will come to end in 2
    hrs………………………….. …………………….. happy to
    watch such movies coming.. will definitely benefit the industry..

  • Muhammad AzeemSeptember 17, 2016Reply

    The Many Problems In Our Society Depicted Through Comedy

    This movie was not made only to make us laugh but to understand the
    problems in our society. Social problems such as load-shedding, blind
    trust on media and many more. The movie also shows that if our judicial
    system takes right action against these social problems, we can solve
    the issues. The best thing about the movie is that problems in our
    society is depicted through comedy. Fantastic work by Fahad Mustafa.
    Excellent story, dialogues, humor and cinematography. Only the negative
    point about this movie is the ending of the movie could be much better.
    Overall it is really the best movie Pakistan made and we are proud of

  • yaseen-16789September 19, 2016Reply

    Exceptional and Unique

    Genius story and extraordinary acting by Fahad Mustafa.

    I feel like whoever doesn’t watch it will miss out.

    The movie is based in Karachi, Pakistan and is true to the culture of
    the city. It’s genuine and heart-warming.

    I’d recommend it it to non-Pakistanis too if you’re going for something
    unique and entertaining.

    The songs are on point too with Rahat FAK and Atif Aslam.

    The standout part of the film has to be the plot. The story is
    unparalleled. The wannabe actor embarks on a career as a lawyer using
    his acting skills to be successful. The film takes a sharp turn when
    the hero’s credentials are questioned, although he fought for the
    masses against the powerful. The hero’s acting is flawless and he is
    supported well by the female lead and the others. There’s a lot of
    comedy that complements the story. The movie appeals to your emotions
    too and delivers a message. The songs make you wanna dance.

    It leaves you with good vibes.

  • fbutt-98821September 21, 2016Reply

    Great feel good comedy

    Actor in Law is really funny, not silly slapstick funny, but clever,
    sharp and witty funny. I haven’t laughed as much since ‘Jawani phir
    nahin ani’. If you enjoyed that film you will also love this film.

    Some of the jokes may seem a bit specific to Pakistan and the Pakistan
    media scene but anyone who is glued to the numerous news channels with
    their sound bites and political commentary, will love how the movie
    presents a tongue and cheek send up of that whole media circus. There
    is a bit of melodrama but this is inevitable to bring the story to
    completion and for me it was kept to an essential minimum. Great feel
    good comedy. Definitely worth a viewing.

  • Syed Moiez BukhariSeptember 25, 2016Reply

    Best <3

    One the best funny and family movie i have ever seen <3 It will surely
    reach 10 by 10 ratting I.A 🙂 Story was different and the point raised
    by the movie are very important to be raised like sexual harassment and
    the electricity issue. And how actors are being humiliated by the
    community. After all Quaid-e-Azam were also wants to be an actor 😀 And
    the songs are very awesome.The music, lyrics, views were great. Act of
    Fawad was very awesome and of the Oam Puri. The camera effects were
    very much best and the linguistic problems were very rare fortunately.
    Great work done by the Film industry and the whole cast :* Saad Brother
    Janan can not cross this one in ratings.

  • Ubaid ChohanOctober 1, 2016Reply

    Pakistani Movie of the Year

    One of the finest piece of work Pakistani Industry has ever produced,
    It highlights the several public issues faced by Pakistani People,
    Fahad Mustufa has done great acting even in comparison of Hamayun Saeed
    I would go for Fahad, Mehwish Hayat, The Parsi Character seems to be
    very authentic. Nabeel Qureshi done proved that he is one of the finest
    Director Pakistan has got, the songs are good and dance was light, just
    lacking one thing Action, but being a Middle class man that doesn’t
    fits in. Comedy timing and dialogues were very funny its an complete
    Entertainment package for Family Audience, the also portrayed major
    languages and casts in movie like, Sindhi, Balochi, Pashtun, Urdu,
    Minorities I guess it was the first time when a Parsi character plays a
    lead role in Pakistani movie which is a good gesture, Keep up the good

  • Huda ROctober 10, 2016Reply

    Exceeded beyond my expectations! Must Watch!

    Watched it in Cinema here in Mississauga, Canada. The trailer didn’t
    draw much of my interest in the movie (I wish they’d made a better
    trailer), but I went to watch anyway since I love both actors (Fahad
    and Mehwish) and of course it was a Pakistani movie! I was hooked on
    this from the beginning. Loved the chemistry between Fahad and Mehwish.
    The movie touched on very important aspects in Pakistan right now (such
    as load shedding, choosing the profession you love to do and you’re
    good at, women and how they should be respected no matter what clothing
    they wear). It was exceptional the way the writer delivered all those
    things on the screen. Fahad does an exceptional job as a Lawyer, I wish
    he plays a real role as a lawyer. The songs in the movie were all
    amazing, specially the ”Actor In Law” song and its lyrics and the way
    Fahad danced in it, I was just in awe. The song that Atif Aslam sang,
    and how Fahad and Mehwish danced to it, it was just too cute and they
    did an awesome job!

  • Shahbaz Ali ([email protected])October 13, 2016Reply

    Completely Masala Movie

    1 Hour 58 minutes approx the story telling and punchy lines made me
    amused ,the intro of all characters is executed very well,the story is
    very relate-able and consequences occurs are very much near to common
    man lives. Shan Mirza’s dream is to be an actor (Fahad Mustafa)the
    story amaze you when his struggle goes beyond the limits and Meenu
    Screwwala stand by him (Mehwish Hayat).Muddasir Sultan (Aly Khan)plays
    the antagonist in the movie along with Mehbbob Bhai (Saleem
    Miraj).Rafaqat Mirza (Om Puri)plays the role of the father of the
    protagonist shan mirza who is not so happy with the profession of his
    son.The story revolves around these characters the performances are at
    its best,light romance,fancy costumes and good dialogues movie is full
    of surprises. Completely Masala Movie.

  • Khurram ArifOctober 20, 2016Reply

    excellent movie!

    The whole movies was great to watch. The acting of mehvish Hayyat is
    awesome. The lines are excellent. The superb performance by Fahad
    Mustafa is treat to watch. Nice to see Om puri, he has done a great job
    by pulling off the role. A great entertainer. Some special appearance
    of celebrities made the movie look even better. Must watch a complete
    Entertainment. Best comedy, great laughter, altogether the film is a
    must watch. The location showed the old city of lights Karachi, some
    excellent, popular places are sot beautifully. The time spend at
    theater watching Actor is Law is worth spending. Highly recommended to
    watch and enjoy the comedy especially mehvish Hayyatt Performanc is
    worth mentioning.

  • nsrabdulazizMay 20, 2017Reply

    Great performances overall

    The performances were good throughout the movie, especially by Fahad
    Mustafa and Om Puri. While Mehwish Hayat was given a lead role, even
    though her performance was the worst! At times, things looked a bit
    unrealistic, particularly when it comes to the courtroom scenes, but
    overall a good movie from a not-so-mature industry.

  • Rehman KhiljiMay 23, 2017Reply

    A nice weekend watch

    Pakistan film industry was never up to the task, even after the so
    called revival movies were highly overrated and unnecessary
    appreciated. Then here comes Actor in Law. Very well made movie, good
    sets, good plot, good story and fairly good acting. Fahad Mustafa was
    too good, dance, acting, and drama this actor has got it all and thank
    fully not being cheap. Mehwish Hayat she is looking stunning in her
    role. Om puri (late) serves as cherry on the top. He was a class
    without a doubt. A good movie and a nice watch for the weekend.

  • YomanewMay 28, 2017Reply

    Really enjoyed the whole thing!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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