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All I Need

All I Need

Nov. 21, 2016 USA85 Min.
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8.2 1,192 votes

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The paths of a desperate man and an imprisoned young woman cross unexpectedly in the den of a mysterious killer.

All I Need
Original titleAll I Need
IMDb Rating4.1 413 votes
TMDb Rating4.3 4 votes

(10) comments

  • ajith vargheseDecember 19, 2016Reply

    Totally worth it

    I had two minds to watch this movie. Thought it might be some low level
    thriller with shaky camera and stupid sound but I was totally wrong.
    Don’t go much with the story line, just watch it as a thriller and you
    won’t be disappointed. Keep me to the edge of my seat till the very
    end. Brilliant camera angles, I was twitching and biting my nails at so
    many scenes. The actors did a great job. I was also impressed with the
    dialogues, kept me curious. You won’t hear any unnecessary loud sounds
    to make the effects fake but you will certainly have a heart pounding
    experience just by the camera angles and the action.

    This is not a movie for gore lovers or extreme SAW action but more like
    a ‘Hush’ thriller with some torture elements. I give it a 8/10 and
    would recommend this movie to everyone.

  • LauraJanuary 1, 2017Reply

    Got to the point it was boring

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Yonas HaldFebruary 7, 2017Reply

    If you like movies where the victims are dumb as hell, this is the movie for you

    I wont go into detail of the movie but we all know some of the movies
    where you sit and yell at your screen.

    ”Get f*** moving idiot, the killer is right behind you!”

    Well if you enjoy stuff like that, this movie will be right up your
    ally, not only is this movie insanely boring at most times, it might
    also feature some of the dumbest characters and some of the most
    outrageous stupid logic I have ever seen in a movie…

    You might as well go watch Sharknado. The creator might not believe
    this himself, but this movie is just as unbelievable and illogical as a
    tornado full of sharks attacking people while flying over cities in a

  • SoylentNoMoreFebruary 8, 2017Reply

    Frustrating, yes. Entertaining, no.

    There is only one question I ask myself after watching a movie and that
    is ”Was I entertained?”. In the case of this movie I was not.

    So, is the movie well made technically? I would say yes. There are some
    nice shots, interesting camera angles, blah blah blah. Does anyone
    really care about technical details if the story, acting, plot are all

    You don’t need me to tell you why I personally disliked this movie. All
    you need to know is that after sitting through it I felt a sudden urge
    to try and prevent others from the same poor experience. I sacrificed
    over 85 minutes of my own life to bring you this review. Please don’t
    let it be in vain.

    Please note that my 1 out of 10 vote is based solely on entertainment
    value and does not consider what I feel to be less vital details such
    as production values, camera work, sound track, etc. After all, the
    best prepared turd sandwich in the world is still a turd sandwich.

  • shawnblackmanFebruary 8, 2017Reply

    Needs And Wants

    A few girls wake up in a room dressed only in their undergarments with
    their hands tied. Someone then comes in looking like one of the killers
    from the Hostel series, then grabs a girl pulling her out of the room
    to what sounds like her being cut up. Another side story has a father
    who can’t find work and pay his child support, taking a job from a
    mysterious man on the phone. The money is good so he continues doing
    random jobs which start increasing in difficulty. The two tales find a
    way to fuse together by the end I did like the quality of the picture
    and the score they used was pretty cool but the rest of the film did
    irk me. This is one of those films where everybody does the wrong thing
    and when they finally do something it doesn’t make sense. In one scene
    a girl is crawling through the ducts in the ceiling. The killer is
    underneath her and jams a pitchfork through the duct and into her leg.
    She then holds her hand over her mouth so as not to scream. I think the
    killer is going to see the blood on the pitchfork and maybe even the
    blood dripping down from the duct but that doesn’t happen. She does get
    pierced again in her shoulder and then she jams her fingers all the way
    into the wound and covers her mouth again. Yes I would apply pressure
    but I don’t know about sticking my fingers all the way into the wound.

    They do have long drawn out scenes which get on your nerves after a
    bit. I don’t think any acting awards are going to be handed out for
    this one either. I did give it two and a half stars because of the way
    it ended. It was sorted of twisted and happy at the same time.

  • Jean FrederickFebruary 10, 2017Reply

    Much better than expected.

    To be honest, I did not expect much from this movie. It does have its
    flaws but for the most part is pretty great.

    The story is very simple but has you guessing from start to finish.
    Even if you think you have it figured out you are still expecting to be
    wrong at the end. But the story is not that important. The point of the
    movie is to put you on edge and on that it really does. If you want
    gore than this is not the movie for you but if you want suspense and
    anguish than this is it. The horror is not in the
    monster/slasher/alien/etc but in the situation.

    The acting was great on the main girl but the rest of the cast leaves a
    little to be desire. Not bad but a little bit off. The camera work was
    good with a few shot that were so great.

    In conclusion, I would say that this is well worth the watch and
    1h20ish min was perfect for this movie.


  • a_baronFebruary 14, 2017Reply

    Wake In Fear

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Claudio CarvalhoFebruary 19, 2017Reply

    Terrible – Does not Worth to Waste Time Watching

    I group of tied and gagged half-naked young women are locked in a room.
    One of them tries desperately to escape, while the others are brutally
    murdered by a killer. Meanwhile the loser Andrew (Markus Taylor), who
    expects to give a better life to his teenage daughter, is hired by the
    wealthy Elizabeth (Holly Twyford) to perform a weird assignment.

    ”All I Need” is a terrible film – one of those that does not worth to
    waste time watching. There is no story, only stupidities. I would be
    afraid of a viewer that writes that liked this film, unless the review
    is fake to promote this garbage. My vote is three.

    Title (Brazil): Not available

  • christiechaplinFebruary 25, 2017Reply

    A young woman wakes up bound and gagged in a mysterious bedroom among other unconscious females and must find a way to escape her captor.

    This is one of my favorite horror movies! Caitlin Stasey gives an
    incredible performance as the strong female lead. This film separates
    itself from most horror movies because it does not need to rely on jump
    scares to be frightening. The extended scenes keeps us on our toes and
    draws us in more so than the average film. I highly recommend to anyone
    who loves thrill and suspense!

  • travelingleonards-232-227014March 23, 2017Reply

    A Low-budget Thriller High on Suspense

    Taut. Suspenseful. Fun. Well shot. I dig low-budget thrillers, and this
    one came with a shovel. A few scenes reminded me of Blood Simple in
    terms of suspense and gimmickry, which is high praise. Is it a perfect
    film? No. Does it make me anxious to see what this filmmaker does next?

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