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American Hostage

American Hostage

Mar. 25, 2016 100 Min.
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8.9 1,649 votes

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Charles Martin Garcia isSgt. Donald Young
Sgt. Donald Young
Leon Salem isAl-Saqri
Marion Blount isOfficer Kenneth
Officer Kenneth
Tanya Christiansen isAgent Ally Garcia
Agent Ally Garcia
Michele Yeager isCBN Anchor
CBN Anchor
Steve Heinz isAgent Walker
Agent Walker


American Hostage pulls back the curtains on a terrorist plot centered on a group of terrorists holding two American soldiers hostage on U.S. soil. They demand the release of all prisoners of Guantanamo Bay or they will kill the soldiers.

Original titleAmerican Hostage
TMDb Rating10 1 votes

(7) comments

  • arvind-madhubanAugust 11, 2016Reply

    Great acting and excellent showcase of a disruptive message

    Great Movie from start to finish. It delivers a true message and is
    definitely a must-watch movie.The story behind this movie takes the
    audience on a great journey. I really recommend to see this movie and I
    am looking forward to the director’s future work. The actors showed
    great acting and keeps the audience engaged. The story is great and
    shows topics within our society and is more relevant than ever. It
    shows a disruptive message and shows a different perspective on of the
    most important world problems. The characters in this movie are great
    displayed and helps the audience to understand how our problems are
    relevant for all of us.

  • CAve777August 24, 2016Reply

    IMDb should have a category like ”B-Grade movie” …

    … under the title.

    When you see this, you can go ”Ah, now I know what to expect”, so you
    don’t get caught when a few hundred others have watched a movie with
    blinkers on.

    Or, maybe they should link in with Box Office Mojo & show the budget of
    the movie, directly under the name … another ”Ah, N/A means it’s so
    low (read=bad) that they too ashamed to put a budget on”. Yes, I
    actually searched for it there and it wasn’t found. And yes, I know
    that not every movie is on that site.

    Overall, don’t waste your time. I’m guessing every person involved in
    this movie voted and hence (at time of writing this) the 384 voters
    were slightly biased, or high on something.

    Watch at your own peril …

  • stamronAugust 24, 2016Reply

    One of the worst

    One of the worst movies I ever saw, if not the worst. It seems that
    some people are taken of the streets and asked to ‘act’ in this movie.
    if you look up the actors in IMDb it is obvious that these are not real
    actors, there’s just a small and incomplete summary.

    With a good story the movie would still have been OK, despite the
    acting. Unfortunately the story doesn’t make it any better. This really
    is a pity because there could have been a good story and message in
    this movie for everyone.

    The music matches the lack of acting and the lack of a good story, it
    is very disturbing from start to end.

    I could not watch it until the end.

  • Mali CotmanAugust 28, 2016Reply

    Thought provoking and exploring the gray of who’s right and who’s wrong

    The plot is a group of Muslim immigrants take two American soldiers
    hostage in Florida demanding the release of all prisoners at Guantanamo
    in exchange for the two lives.

    Let me first of say that you can’t compare this to an indie film made
    for a couple of million bucks. It’s a pretty good movie considering its
    budget of $100000 according to IMDb.

    The acting was very good, especially Atiq Rahman who plays the main
    terrorist character of Asad. Charles Garcia playing the main hostage
    did a great job. I was most impressed by the acting of Thibault White
    who portrays his psychological breakdown beautifully. The plot includes
    bonding with the prisoners, conflicts within the terrorist group,
    cultural differences and a love story between Asad and Fahdah played by
    Davina Reid. The love story was not explored to its fullest potential.

    The whole drama and dialogue was fascinating and thought provoking.
    Especially the conversations between the hostage Donald Young played by
    Charles Garcia and the terrorist Shahin played by Shrey Neil. Although
    we’ve seen stories like this before it’s never quite done like this.
    This movie tackles the fact that there’s always 2 sides to a story.
    It’s explores that gray area of who’s good and who’s bad that we rarely
    see in movies. Most movies have a clear cut good guy and a clear cut
    bad guy. This is a movie tackles a serious subject beautifully with a
    couple of big surprises at the end.

    I was never bored. If you like movies that explore differences in
    culture and that show a different perspective that this one is for you.

    Final verdict. This movie is worth watching and considering its budget
    I give it 6 stars.

  • Sina AzerbarSeptember 17, 2016Reply

    Are you sure you are not drunk??!

    really??! 7.5 out of 10??! are you sure you are not drunk??! Based on
    IMDb ratings i chose this movie to watch, but again it is approved to
    me not all ratings can fetch you the dream. a real catastrophe; no
    matter the cast or the scenario or acting. this movie should be shown
    to students as a sample of ”how not to make a movie!”. the angles of
    shooting, the way actors or actresses looking at each other and
    specially the funny stress controlling actions. Anyway i thought maybe
    the voters were drunk while rating! so i tried to get drunk and watch
    the movie! but you know what?! i couldn’t get further than 10 minutes.
    To people who still have not watched this; DON’T!

  • Martin CourageOctober 18, 2016Reply

    contemporary indie movie about terrorism

    This is a contemporary movie about terrorism where two soldiers are
    taken hostage. The film has 3 main story lines, basically concentrating
    on how the terrorist got to this point. There is one scene that will
    make you cringe in your seat. As far as the script goes, the dialogue
    was really good and interesting. Especially between the character of
    Donald Young and Shahin, one of the terrorists. I disagree with some of
    the other reviewer. Yes these are unknown actors but they did a good
    job, especially Atiq Rahman and Charles Garcia. Also the movie didn’t
    look cheap at all. I mean you can tell that this is low budget indie
    film. But it’s well done. It definitely kept my attention. Also the
    ending was a pretty big surprise. I would say it’s worth watching.

  • jason_cresswellApril 1, 2017Reply

    Poor low budget movie

    I watched this film hoping with the ratings 7.1/10 it would worth
    while. I agree with Stamron & Sina’s comments, what a waste of my time.
    Unless you have an 1h 40min of time you wish to waste, I would avoid
    this movie like the plague. It’s obviously a low budget movie as the
    acting is pretty poor, not convincing at all. Thumbs down to this

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