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An Off-day Game

An Off-day Game

Come, let's play a gameDec. 07, 2015 India105 Min.
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On an election holiday, five friends get together for a booze party. Their only intention is fun and refreshment. As the time passes they start to open up the hidden wildness of their real nature. Tired and bored in arguments they plan to play a game. A game they used to play in their childhood.

An Off-day Game
An Off-day Game
Original titleഒഴിവുദിവസത്തെ കളി
IMDb Rating8.0 182 votes

(5) comments

  • chemingineerApril 26, 2016Reply

    The Game of Life

    On a rain-drenched polling day, five friends travel to an idyllic spot
    for a boozing session. After getting inebriated, their deep rooted
    prejudices start surfacing. And finally they play a game in which the
    players draw lots to be designated as King, Minister, Cop and Thief.
    The Cop identifies himself and then has to guess the Thief from among
    the other three. Saying anything more about the plot will amount to a
    spoiler. Suffice to say that the climax is chilling and deeply

    But the film is not a statement against rampant alcoholism in Kerala,
    as some people thought during the post-screening discussion. Alcohol is
    a mere lubricant to bring the bigotries and duplicities out of the
    closet. It is a deeply layered film with metaphors strewn all over,
    perhaps demanding multiple viewing to understand them all. The film
    often cuts to a lovely pond after intense sequences; the director is
    apparently holding up a mirror to our face. Are we any different from
    those characters? Brilliantly done, I think.

    The film is based on a short story, but only loosely scripted according
    to the director. The characters are not played by professional actors
    and the dialogues reportedly evolved during shooting. This gives a
    life-like hue to the film. The camera becomes an observer, even an
    accomplice during the disturbing climax. Television news about the
    election provides much of the background score; music appears only
    towards the finale.

    Ozhivu Divasathe Kali is a brilliantly nuanced film, which makes for
    compelling viewing. It will haunt you for a long time.

  • Anjoe PaulJune 29, 2016Reply

    A Game with no rules-Another Masterpiece.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Tejas NairDecember 25, 2016Reply

    Not A Game. ♦ Grade B-

    It took me more than six months to find a source and watch this highly
    acclaimed social drama. And once I finished watching it, I understood
    why people use so many adjectives to define it.

    On an election day in the Indian state of Kerala, a group of five adult
    friends decide to spend an entire day in a dilapidated building few
    kilometers away from the city hustle-bustle. Their aim is to engage in
    incessant boozing and revisit the good old times. However, once they
    begin and reach a point where debauchery (albeit without sex and other
    drugs) sounds like an understatement, things start to go south. The
    members of the group, in their own idiosyncratic inebriated ways, begin
    to share their opinions. Heated discussions ensue as the nature joins
    them, lashing out its unparalleled powers through a downpour. One thing
    leads to another and things get rocky, but eventually they calm down,
    only to next play a silly game. A game they used to play when they were
    in school. A game which they don’t know is not as innocuous as it seems
    to be.

    The first thing that viewers are going to notice in the film is the
    terrible cinematography. All excuses of it being intentional goes down
    the drain because you cannot see anything. A bunch of people are
    conversing – that’s all you will understand in the first 20 minutes.
    What they are talking about? Or who is presently talking? Nope. You
    will see leaves and barks in place of human faces.

    In the first 20 minutes, you will perceive it as five adults fooling
    around on an off-day just because they can. Ogling at that lady who is
    preparing tapioca and chicken curry for them or forcing the helper guy
    to consume uncontrolled amounts of alcohol is what they essentially do.
    Then they begin to talk about politics, the society, the concepts of
    rape and hypocrisy – and that’s when the bitterness sweeps in. It’s
    like the thunderous downpour brings a wave into the room where these
    people are sitting, igniting their selves to speak up and engage in

    A lot of topics such as racism and caste discrimination are sampled
    here before the film crescendos to its final juncture where the subject
    shifts to that of ”corruption in a democracy”. The game they play is
    one that most of us have played at least once. But, the metaphoric
    perception the writers bring with it is remarkable. Unni R’s story
    shines light into the natural state of a constitution and how
    corruption breeds in it due to the people and their outlooks.
    Sasidharan uses raw footage to convey the story and succeeds to some
    extent. He tries to embarrass the audience by showing them their own
    mirror images in the five protagonists as they set out.

    You cannot call the film entertainment because it has no qualities of
    being any. This is serious cinema and should be perceived as a strong
    message to the people at large who do not mind consuming chicken, but
    repulse at the thought of killing a hen. It’s a film that is going to
    haunt you for at least a day. After that, you will forget about it
    because that’s how we all are. Like dust in the wind which moves on and

    It is evidently made on a shoestring budget with heavy usage of
    improvisation. The dialogues and actions were allegedly spontaneous as
    Wikipedia tells me, and it may be true. The final long shot of more
    than 50 minutes is amazing to watch, along with the heart-rending

    BOTTOM LINE: Sanal Saidharan’s ”Ozhivudivasathe Kali” is a disturbing
    film which speaks truth and nothing but the truth. Watch it today on

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? NO

  • codematorMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Overrated Movie

    Come on man, please watch some good movies before putting your hand in
    direction.. I have lost 2 hrs of my life in earth..I had lot of
    expectations, but in vein.. Please come with some good content.. Every
    sh*t Unni R is spilling out is not so great.. Realize that.. Waiting
    for some good stuff from your end Sanal.. Giving rating 3 just because
    of the actors.. even though they were novice they did justified their

  • shammualanMarch 8, 2017Reply

    Haunting and fascinating at the same time

    Ozhivudivasathe Kali is the film which places the viewer inside the
    movie as just as a”viewer”. Here every spectator was glued to the lens
    of the camera. For the first 15 to 20 minutes there is long range shot
    which is merely audible what the characters are saying. The whole frame
    is blurred coz of the branches and leaves. I was disturbed with that in
    first place. Eventually it is understandable that the director wanted
    us to be like that. We met a complete bunch of strangers, a group of 5
    boozing in a bush near to the road. Sanal didn’t followed the
    conventional methods by introducing the characters with a voice over or
    their conversations. When the movie eventually goes forward we get to
    know the characteristics of each person. It shows the sheer brilliance
    of the director. The performances of lead actors are realistic in such
    a way that we get lost whether we are in a movie or not. The only woman
    Geetha is representing the today’s women who is oppressed by the male
    dominated society. The last scene of Geetha and the anger she showed by
    hitting the slippers in the ground represents the frustration of every
    women in the society. The journey of 5 budding friends to the arguments
    and fights which brings out the true colours of the conventional
    society. At last the game white sounds childish turns into the mishap
    which shows how power centered politics of our great democracy deals
    with oppressed in our society . It shows the hypocrisy of every human
    when they tore their masks of common man. Then the woman alone is just
    piece of flesh only differs whether we should seduce her or rape her.
    Then the black guy in the group is supposed to be a laughing stock for
    their racist jokes. Sanal also put the lights on how the judicial
    system bend the rules and how it deals with the different sects of
    people. Sanal deserves a standing ovation in the end . The technical
    side was so perfect even I didn’t noticed that the second half of the
    movie is mostly shot in a single shot. The river shown in between every
    incidents, which really feels like it’s a mirror he put towards us to
    understand what are we and what we’ve done. End note: There is no films
    in recent history of Malayalam cinema which had made an impact on me
    than ozhivudivasathe kali. its haunting and fascinating at the same
    time. Sanal Kumar sasidharan is the best invention in recent times of
    Malayalam industry.

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