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Angamaly Diaries

Angamaly Diaries

Mar. 03, 2017 India
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Antony Varghese isVincent Pepe
Vincent Pepe
Sarath Kumar is'Appani' Ravi
'Appani' Ravi
Ullas Jose Chemban isShahul Hameed
Shahul Hameed
Tito Wilson is'U-Clamp' Rajan
'U-Clamp' Rajan
Sinoj Varghese isKunjoottan


Angamaly Diaries is an upcoming Malayalam-language Indian feature film directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery, starring 86 new comers in important roles. The lead actor is Antony Varghese. The film is Vijay Babu’ s first solo production

Angamaly Diaries
Original titleഅങ്കമാലി ഡയറീസ്
IMDb Rating8.6 1,243 votes
TMDb Rating9 1 votes

(20) comments

  • amruthsasidharanMarch 3, 2017Reply

    Gangs, Crime, Pork and Wine ( Lijo Jose Pelliserry Style )

    First of all A big round of applause for the whole team of makers for
    Introducing 86 fresh new faces who have dreamed to face the camera and
    to make a thoroughly well acted and an entertaining film from them is
    no easy task and hell yeah it requires a lot of guts. The movie
    immerses you into this small town of Angamaly from the first frame.This
    movie revolves around a bunch of friends who are basically outlaws and
    series of unfortunate events in their lives, the best part is none of
    them had to act as they were literally living the characters, Malayalam
    film Industry get ready to witness some raw and realistic performances
    from a whole bunch of new talent ( since Kamatipaadam ) . Though there
    isn’t much to say about the plot , there is a lot to experience from
    it’s making especially the 11 minute single shot climax which is a
    marvel in film making . Lijo Jose Pelliserry needs to be given credit
    for presenting experimental cinema to Malayalam, What a comeback from
    his previous Collosal box office disaster Double Barrel ( Which
    according to me is one amongst the most technically well made movie but
    a failed experiment ). Chemban Vinod Jose for his tight screenplay
    needs to given full credit as there is pretty much lot happening and
    never a dull moment. Coming to the cast – Antony Varghese ( Vincent
    Pepe )the new kid on the block was excellent and this lad is here to
    stay , with a bunch of supporting casts who were spectacular in their
    respective roles. Special Mention to the guys playing the baddies, they
    were terrific . Word of caution to those people who look forward to
    mainstream cinema as this is not your cup of tea ,this movie is about
    experiencing the essence of Angamaly and its people .Verdict ( Ee katta
    local padam Pwolichu)

  • ultimatefubuMarch 3, 2017Reply

    Best movie of 2017

    i sorry that i am short on my review , i don’t usually review movies
    but this one is worth it

    It is said that 86 new faces were introduced in this movie , take my
    word for that none of them were giving out a fell like that

    PROS excellent ”BGM” (bugles and clarinet mainly ) acting direction
    editing cinematography and the pulse 0f youth with lots of romantic
    scenes and the most beautiful , girl to boy proposal scene… wah !!!
    and its deliciously realistic


    sorry i didn’t find any

    BEST MOVIE OF 2017

  • milandavissMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Realistic to the core <3

    This is the first time I am writing a review ! I went for the movie on
    releasing day after watching the trailer and songs . I was expecting a
    raw gangster flick but the film was beyond my expectations. I should
    say this movie will become a pathbreaker . Entire cast was so good that
    you wouldn’t believe they are all newbies .And the making of the film
    is superb .Cinematographer has done his job craftly!

  • Afsal Hussain (afsalthodupuzha)March 7, 2017Reply

    ”Raw Energy @ Its Peak”

    ”Sorry guys,No plans to change,No plans to impress”- These words from
    the side of Lijo Jose Pellissery after the debacle of his experimental
    flick ”Double Barrel” released in 2015 was the testimony of a
    director’s faith in his creativity and vision which he has showcased
    yet again with this brilliantly crafted gangster flick that’s a
    director’s entity right from the word go Brimming with raw energy at
    each moment of the narrative,’Angamaly Diaries’ is a gripping tale of
    rivalry between two local gangs from the town of ‘Angamaly’ that
    manages to shed light on the lifestyle and culture of the small town in
    central kerala in the most efficient manner an auteur can imagine.The
    daily life,food habits,local festivals all gets to be a part of the
    focused narrative by Lijo that’s devoid of any stereotypes that one
    expects from a gangster flick in general.

    Humor is not something that one associate with a gangster flick,but
    ‘Angamaly Diaries’ is more delightful on this regard with ample dose of
    light-hearted and even rib-tickling natural comedies that are utterly
    realistic and easily connectable for the audience.

    Chemban Vinod Jose’s screenplay is tight and filled with such realistic
    humor,romance,grudge and revenge,mixed effectively to make it a
    wholesome meal that you cant resist.Each character of the film is
    perfectly written and makes an impression with their peculiar
    characteristics,likes and dislikes that creates huge space for blending
    different emotions proficiently.

    Now coming to the best part of the movie,- ”Casting and Performances”!
    86 newcomers -u kidding?? May it be the lead hero ‘Vincent Pepe’ played
    by Antony Varghese or U-Clamp Rajan by Tito Wilson,the performances
    were stellar and genuine which will make anyone fall in love with the
    characters in no time.The lady characters were all good,particularly
    ‘Lichi’ played by Reshma Rajan that felt so genuine and lovable.One
    particular performance to be noted is that of ‘Appani Ravi’ which was
    portrayed eminently by newcomer Sarath Kumar.

    The single-shot climax that extends to 11 minutes was a treat to watch
    and brilliantly shot by Girish Gangadharan who deserves a special
    mention for handling the particular shot and the bounty of fresh frames
    that made Angamaly Diaries catchy for the eyes.There weren’t any
    notable negatives except for occasional lags that are negligible.

    Songs and Background score by versatile composer Prashant Pillai was a
    stunner and filled with raw tunes that suited the narrative to the
    fullest.The song bits were efficiently placed by LJP and took the
    narrative forward well.Cuts by Shameer Mohammed were sharp.

    Overall,Angamaly Diaries is a hearty gangster drama with originality in

    Final Verdict::”Angamaly Diaires”,’The light-hearted Kammattipadam’ of
    Angamaly is a stunning gangster flick with bounty of terrific
    performances and directorial brilliance that makes it an affair not to
    be missed from the silver-screen.Make sure you catch this #Kattalocal
    treat in a cinema near you at the earliest!

  • abhishekjprakashMarch 7, 2017Reply

    One hell of a local movie

    As the posters suggest Angamaly Dairies is a Pakka local film, similar
    in many ways to kammattipadam but much better in its narrative style.
    The cast has done a fabulous job considering the fact that they are all
    new comers. The background music is engaging especially during the
    fight scenes and the cinematography is also good. The limelight is
    grabbed by sharath kumar as achani ravi. The movie is a must watch from
    a director who has made a amazing comeback after hia early ventures
    like double barrel

  • Akhil BalachandranMarch 7, 2017Reply

    Realistic!!! Engaging!!! Thriller!!!

    Vincent Pepe, a local angamaly boy who idolizes the local goon Babuji
    and Vincent wants to form a gang group like the seniors. He soon forms
    a gang and from their onwards problems starts to happen.

    It’s a pure local movie and one of the best release of 2017. This film
    introduces 86 new faces and it’s a perfect casting. Antony Varghese is
    one of real talent that found in the movie and he has a great future.
    The casting and the plot also help the movie more realistic that you

    The songs were mesmerizing and the plot was fascinating. To be frank,
    Each tiny thing in this film impressed me. It will not bore you in any
    manner and it’s a full on energetic movie. Lijo, the director has some
    fine long shots and the last 11 minutes long climax was shot in a
    single take. It was one of the breathtaking moments of the film. The
    performance looks realistic and the cinematography makes it’s more
    beautiful. Overall, it is easy to say that this is the best movie of
    2017 that I have seen in theatres and it’s a must watch.

  • antonyvinodMarch 9, 2017Reply

    The movie delivers way beyond expectations!

    When you have a movie with 86 newcomers, it is hard to put faith in it.
    But that’s where this epic gangster flick makes its mark. From the
    crafty hands of the Malayalam film industries most unorthodox directors
    Lijo Jose and the script of Angamaly’s very own Chemban Vinod, comes a
    masterpiece of a movie.

    This movie has fighting (and that too raw street fights, not the
    polished and choreographed fake ones you see in other movies), love
    scenes which are actually realistic, comedy, the enticing soundtrack,
    the dialogue delivery and acting of all the movie characters (from
    Vincent Pepe played by Antony Varghese to Appani Ravi and U-clamp Rajan
    played by Sharath Kumar and Tito Wilson respectively) and last but not
    least the climax.

    The climax is a 10-12 min single shot scene which was executed to

    This movie will not disappoint!

  • jishnu-33586March 12, 2017Reply

    When poetry meets reality

    Lijo Jose pellisheri .. perhaps today’s most talented Indian film
    director , definitely most stylish. Angamali diaries is his 5th
    successful attempt on redefining Malayalam film standards. It’s hard to
    make realistic movies , it’s even harder to make these type of films
    enjoyable to large section of audience, avoiding documentary nature
    creep in. Then this guy has done it very easily.. and he didn’t stop
    there.. he went beyond the limits of expectation by adding tons of
    poetry in to this realistic violent gangster movie..!! Every department
    has done excellent job including those 86 newcomers .. especially
    appani Ravi and 10 ml guy. Verdict – instant classic 10/10

  • vardeikMarch 16, 2017Reply

    raw classic

    You have to have good appetite to watch and accept a path breaking cult
    movies. Angamali dairies is an exceptional movie and Lijo Jose has
    created another classic, he is proving to be one of the best directors
    in India and of different league. The performances of all the actors
    are par and technicalities are also excellent. Overall an unusual
    outing for moviegoers with unusual story telling, music, background
    score and climax. background score sets the tone for the pace of the
    movie and the local settings of that area. One may remember the effect
    similar to that of Pulp fiction and Nolan movies. Scripting also is

  • khan-yo-007March 18, 2017Reply

    One of a Kind , may be a total four of a kind for LIJO

    Lots of movies have done so many interesting themes, BUT a very few had
    made a statement or even looked out to be original enough to be
    applauded. Lijo Jose Pallisery has to be so proud of himself now that
    two may be three of his experiments have basically hit the ball out of
    the park. REferring to Amen , Angamaly Diaries and City of GOd
    (Intentionally omitted the unpalatable Barrels). Brutally honest story
    telling that’s what stands out of this movie. Will draw flak for lots
    of pig lovers or animal lovers for the raw portrayal of butchering and
    consuming meat (pork) in such a large scale or time in the movie. No
    movie i have seen ever dared to do so. Loud but Sensible Dialogues is
    another plus point. There is limited or no space of rubbish in the
    entire length of the storytelling. Such a good cast, had a hard time to
    believe that all were first timers. Looked natural as ever. Classy
    background Musics and unique songs. Apart from the repeated use of the
    pork and its consumption history in angamaly , I really loved the

    Last word : Was A Blast.

  • jerysojanMarch 18, 2017Reply

    waste of time what is this a way.

    waste of time what a dump story is this???are you trying to cheat
    viewers?I lost my time and money…why these fools rate 8.5 this dump
    thing ????.w.t.f……….is this a film.?…unnecessary hype provided
    to the movie…camera work was good. Too much butchering seems were
    there and many unwanted characters.the climax was predictable in this
    movie there is only violence nothing else. double barrel by same
    director is better than this, do you can imagine the standard of this
    movie?.full of fights . nothing but fights. terrible background music
    rather noise. never seen such a terrible movie in my life-waste of time
    n money. wonder how it got good rating.

  • nidhishebbyMarch 18, 2017Reply

    Angamaly Diaries : A Splendid Movie.

    Just happened to watch Angamaly Diaries and I have to say what a
    WONDERFUL MOVIE!!It has such simple story and the movie itself is very
    simple but it has a lot of meaning to it.This movie comes in my top ten
    list of the best movies that I had seen. Lijo Jose Pellissery, the
    directory of the movie, did an excellent job and according to me this
    is his best movie. Chemban Vinod Jose, the writer, has to be
    congratulated for this exceptional work. The movies features 86
    debutante actors and all of them have done really well especially
    Antony Varghese as ‘Vincent Pepe’ in the lead role and Sarath Kumar as
    ‘Appani Ravi’. It is a MUST WATCH film and I suggested all of you to go
    to your nearest theaters and watch the film!

  • PimpinAinttEasyMarch 19, 2017Reply

    Terrific entertainment

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • samsadchMarch 21, 2017Reply

    Worst movie of 2017

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mathewslintuMarch 22, 2017Reply

    What an excellent movie with new comers,, Hat’s off

    So far the best movie I have seen after Drishyam. I feel like watching
    it one more time. A realistic screen play, very natural. I couldn’t
    find a single fault in any of the scenes. Kudos to the Director. Songs
    are very natural. I would definitely explore the food joints mentioned.
    It is 100% guaranteed that you will like it, at least worth for the
    money you pay.

  • ridinbalMarch 24, 2017Reply

    Lijo succeeded in creating a well crafted gangster flick making it pure local film


    1.)Direction,script and story- Lijo’s Visualization of gangster life
    and lower class lifestyle was excellent. His direction style reminded
    me of Anurag kashyap’s style of film making. It is also inspired from
    gangs of wasseypur which is one of the rawest films in Bollywood. In
    short Lijo tried to make kerala version of gangs of wasseypur. His
    movies like amen and double barrel disappointed me but with this movie
    he came back with full power and energy. Script and story which is by
    chemban vinod needs to be applauded. Each and every characters created
    by Chemban are with grey shades and these characters stay in our mind
    for so long. Its narration pattern also needs to be appreciated.
    Chemban and lijo tried their best in making it raw and crisp and we can
    see that through this film and yes it worked out well.

    2.)Antony Varghese and rest of all cast- Antony as Vincent Pepe
    portrayed his role without any flaws. As a debut actor he didn’t show
    any flaws and he had all those conventional looks of a normal Malayalam
    hero and definitely he has a great future. Rest all actors (sorry i
    don’t know the names) were all good and did justice to their roles. But
    the guy who played the villain was outstanding. He looked skinny and
    was perfect for local goon. So in short casting team needs to be

    3)Music and Background score- Music and background score by Prashant
    Pillai helped in giving life to the movie. His unconventional music
    along with fresh tunes were really good and enjoyable. Especially the
    local songs of Angamaly. Music and background score gave us feel of
    anagamaly and i really loved it.

    4.)Cinematography- Cinematography by Girish was superb. Each scenes
    captured by him showed the real life and culture of Angamali and it
    gave us the feel of Angamaly.



    1.)Slow in some places 2.)Too much uses of alcohol and cigarettes

    Overall- To sum it up its one of the honest attempt of Lijo and Chemban
    and they both succeeded in showing the local side of Angamaly by adding
    rawness to its making and giving us Malayalam version of Gangs of

    My rating- 3.5/5 (for full review go to ridinbal movie reviews)

  • MANISH JOSEPHMarch 27, 2017Reply

    When newbies hit jackpot

    Angamaly Diaries has an interesting entry on every page.There is the
    protagonist Vincent Pepe(Anthony Varghese) whose dream is to make an
    invincible team & fight for it till his last breath.He carries all the
    shades of his character with the right measures.Be it romantic, or the
    typical family guy or the rowdy hero of the street.Then there is the
    self declared don of Angamaly, Appani Ravi(Sarath Kumar) who looks some
    local side villain to start with but carves his own space in the movie
    with an ensemble of characters. (86 newly auditioned roles) Movie
    entirely falls into the reviewer’s & critiques’s paradise with a keen
    eye to detailing.No rotten tomatoes for this one.

    It is one of those movies which inspires you to be a filmmaker. To be a
    Story writer,Music director,Editor,Dialogue writer… There is so much
    in filmmaking and Angamaly Diaries seems to be a movie which says All
    Checked Mate.All taken care of. Would have been interesting for the
    Jose Duo, Chemban Jose, the screen writer from our own Angamaly & Lijo
    Jose the director from Chalukudy, who is ready to experiment. As it
    appears to be the ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ of Malayalam.There is so much
    going around that every time you will watch you would find something
    new & interesting. I guess Jose duo would be like.We have to shoot this
    one action scene..OK how can we enhance it… Can we add some rustic
    background score.. Some rapid camera works…Some RGVish camera
    angles…We have this one romantic scene… Can we have a better
    closeups with innocent smiles,some real situations… some local
    experimental music to add to moods… Chemban Jose cracks the jackpot
    with his writing,screenplay and dialogues which proves yet again that
    stories have to come from the keen observation of your own
    surroundings,of the characters & places in your locality.Angamaly
    belongs to Chemban in this one.Prashant Pillai indeed moves a step
    ahead in music with those sounds especially the ones in Ayalathe Pennu
    & the love vibes which he creates as the extra toppings.It sounds so
    much Kerala & gives the endearing feeling as the flavor of the Local
    Black coffee. And then there are gangs at war hitting each other’s
    people to death & then partying together over 10 ml drinks in festivals
    & doing Pork business deal’s the next day as if nothing ever
    happened.Its so life like to watch out these opportunistic gray shade
    characters.That’s what real cinema is or should be about.

    Though ‘Angamaly Diaries’ name, may sound more family friendly than its
    actual content is.Especially when pigs and humans are treated like
    vegetables & when the only veg option available in the menu is Potato
    and Banana/Kaa served with the Meat. Pork rules the market,lives in the
    underbelly of Angamali. People swear by it,live by it & fight for
    it.And that’s the winner recipe for Angamaly Diaries,that, how the
    story treatment gels in the food styles with the lifestyles.

    And then there are characters like the graceful Lichi who can make
    beautiful compromises for her loved one.Who can wait for the things to
    unfold & lose control after those 10 ml to express her wish.PremamEsque
    style of those 3 girls in my life, fits entirely into this movie which
    jumps from local documentary style to a family entertainer to a
    Torentino & Kashyap style of experimental cinema with shades of gray
    flying around.Yet at its heart this movie is a local entertainer with a
    simple charm.

    And then the single-take climax sequence makes for the perfect treat to
    end with.

    Ready to watch the streets of small town Angamaly in Kerala. Watch
    Angamaly Diaries. One of the best Malayalam Movies in terms of

  • Gautham JayanApril 5, 2017Reply

    An Exceptional Hardcore Realistic Movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • adhi ckApril 6, 2017Reply

    an excellent contribution to Indian movie industry …..

    i have never seen a mollywood movie like this one…… truly felt
    like a new revolutionary turn for Malayalam industry .. had an
    excellent detailing..and a brilliant ..directing …which truly brought
    out the whole story so well that you keep up your attention at every
    point in this movie….i think we can compare this piece of work with
    movies like GANGS OF WASSEYPUR SERIES …….we can hope to play this
    for any film festival…..

  • gkr-76529May 25, 2017Reply

    Stylish , Raw and well paced

    Angamalie Diaries , is one of the few realistic gangster genre films
    from India. Though we have seen numerous gangster films . The local
    flavor and black comedy of angamaly diaries , makes it different. The
    Director has wonderfully captured , the soul of Angamaly . And some
    Malayalam directors he has not shied away from showing raw violence.The
    actor who played the character Appani Ravi has delivered a mature
    performance . The underlying violence in a seemingly normal city is
    portrayed beautifully. I need to appreciate the courage of the director
    to cast 76 new faces and also his courage of taking up such a theme
    which is not familiar to the Malayalam film industry.

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