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Apocalypse Will Not Happen

Apocalypse Will Not Happen

Nov. 03, 2015 Georgia80 Min.
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8.5 1,388 votes

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Akaki is a school teacher. He unexpectedly becomes an inheritor of a dying billionaire, who sold his assets around the world and returned to his homeland, Georgia. Akaki promises him to become a philanthropist. Anonymously he starts reaching out to different people and funding either their medical needs or different charity organizations. He feels his lifetime won’t be enough to help all the people in the world. And his religious background makes him confident – the end is near. Ultimately he believes – “Maybe there will be no Apocalypse, there is still hope for the future, as long as we do good things for each other”.

Original titleApocalypse Will Not Happen
IMDb Rating9.4 411 votes

(3) comments

  • Achiko ArjevanidzeDecember 10, 2016Reply

    Another Great Masterpiece by a Legendary Man

    Ermalo Magradze tries his best to send message of hope in viewers
    hearts, and he does that extremely well, ”Apocalypse Will Not Happen”
    is not some everyday blockbuster about natural disasters or explosions
    and so on… it’s about disaster in human kind, that we lost track of
    our roots and are hopeless in this brutal society that stigmatises
    everything good in our nature. will we find the way to avoid huge
    distraction? will God prevent terrible things from happening to our
    kind? only time will tell.

    Story is about middle aged man, who got a hold of millions of dollars
    from a guy that I’d like to call ”Messenger from God”, and from then on
    he’s on the mission to change the world for good. after waking up from
    a terrible nightmare, knowing that the end might be near, he spends
    rest of his life doing kind things for humanity. as story goes, you get
    to know main protagonist more and more, it’s like you get to feel his
    shoes, because you experience everything he does like your own

    why 9 and not 10? because I’m sure that Ermalo Magradze has much more
    to say in cinematic universe, and I’d like to hope that there is much
    more to come from this genius man. I wish that his next movie ”Tea”
    will be the movie that I’ll proudly rate as 10/10.

  • Nika BakhsolianiDecember 11, 2016Reply

    Ermalo Maghradze for UN Secretary!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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