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Army of One

Army of One

Nov. 04, 2016 USA92 Min.R
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Nicolas Cage isGary Faulkner
Gary Faulkner
Rainn Wilson isAgent Simons
Agent Simons
Denis O'Hare isAgent Doss
Agent Doss
Fiona Vroom isAirline Employee Lady
Airline Employee Lady
Lauren McGibbon isHarbour Patrol Officer
Harbour Patrol Officer


Gary Faulkner (Cage) is an ex-con, unemployed handyman, and modern day Don Quixote who receives a vision from God (Brand) telling him to capture Osama Bin Laden. Armed with only a single sword purchased from a home-shopping network, Gary travels to Pakistan to complete his mission. While on his quest, Gary encounters old friends back home in Colorado, the new friends he makes in Pakistan, the enemies he makes at the CIA – and even God and Osama themselves.

Army of One
Army of One
Army of One
Original titleArmy of One
IMDb Rating5.0 3,469 votes
TMDb Rating5.9 45 votes

(37) comments

  • matt-levettOctober 29, 2016Reply

    Oh dear…..

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jawad-shafiqOctober 30, 2016Reply

    Not as good as i thought

    O.k. I will let them get away with the totally inaccurate depiction of
    Pakistan, but this movies is just not fun to watch. This movie does not
    fit into the genre of comedy, it’s not a drama and the inaccurate
    depiction of Pakistan makes it unfit to be a biography as well….

    So overall not a good movie, the only good thing in the movie is
    Nicolas Cage, but there’s only so much he can do!

    Seems like the movie-makers did no research about Pakistan, but as I
    said earlier, I will let them get away with the depiction of Pakistan.
    But the sad part is that the movie has no story whatsoever, no
    direction nothing.

  • recklessronOctober 31, 2016Reply

    Solid time waster that should be loved by Cage fans

    If you are a Nicolas Cage fan you’ll love this as he gives a
    outstanding performance playing a truly bizarre individual. His
    character is annoying, pathetic and unlikable until you see him as
    off-the-wall funny and then you can find the humour in this movie. Once
    I got past being annoyed I found I was smiling quite a bit.

    Since this is based on a true story you can’t fault the writers for the
    plot, which, in my opinion, isn’t great. It is hard to believe how the
    guy gets enough money to fund the things he does but apparently he did

    Nothing, as they say, to write home about but interesting and very odd.
    Worth watching once just for Cage’s performance – as there isn’t much
    else to bother with.

  • HaagseTVjunkieOctober 31, 2016Reply

    Funny movie 7/10

    Saw this movie last weekend, did not know what to expect. I never heard
    of Gary Faulker before, but I remembered that a couple years ago there
    was a crazy American who traveled to Pakistan to capture OBL. I thought
    is was a hoax, nobody can be that stupid. So Meet Gary Faulker, people.

    Nicolas Cage played the role very good, I did not see Nicolas Cage but
    a very annoying American patriot. Russel Brand played the role of god.
    He Was no Morgan Freeman god, but for this movie he played the part
    very convincing. Wendi McLendon-Covey acted a bit wooden and I really
    did not believe here role in the beginning of the movie. Extra notion
    for Rainn Wilson who played a small role in the movie as a some kind of

    Plot of the movie was very funny and fast pacing. Remember, this is not
    a documentary but a comedy. Watch this movie, if you want a real laugh.

  • hgrahovac4November 1, 2016Reply

    A lovely satire

    When I heard that Nic Cage will star in Larry Charles’ new movie, I was
    psyched. The director of Borat and the Dictator plus the writer of
    Seinfeld making a bin Laden satire with the greatest genius in
    Hollywood, Wendi McLendon from Goldbergs and Russell Brand as God (or
    his version of God). How can you go wrong? Well I am happy to say that
    the movie is a lovely satire but don’t get your hopes up if this is
    going to be something on the level of the Dictator. Cage as Gary
    Faulkner is hilarious (the movie would be worse without him), the guy
    they picked to play bin Laden looks like him and did a nice job for
    those two scenes in the movie. Brand nails his role as God.
    McLendon-Covey is extremely sexy as Marci and has lovely chemistry with
    Cage. In the end, this movie might get panned because of the satire or
    Nic Cage but I’m betting that in a couple of years they will be talking
    about it every time somebody brings up George W. Also the ending is
    pretty funny.

  • pk_1729November 2, 2016Reply

    Not Quite Upto the Mark. Can Be Avoided.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • C WNovember 2, 2016Reply

    Army of Over-Acting

    Based apparently on a true story of some All-American Lunatic going off
    on his own to hunt down and kill Bin Laden. There are several problems,
    one being that he travels to Pakistan although Bin Laden was in
    Afghanistan at the time. Oh well. I watched the first half of this film
    and thought it was pretty funny. The following evening I watched the
    second half and was incredulous at the fact that I had enjoyed the
    first part. This is because, half way through, it seems that the budget
    ran out and so, off he goes to ”Pakistan” which I don’t think was
    actually Pakistan. All the things that happen in ”Pakistan” simply
    aren’t believable. A white American guy goes wandering about Pakistan
    and isn’t killed or kidnapped? Oh yeah sure. I think not. During the
    second half, Cage’s overacting, which was merely an annoyance earlier,
    becomes so damned annoying that it required an effort of fortitude to
    sit and watch the entire piece of rubbish to the end, hoping that
    somehow, it would redeem itself with a wonderful ending. Let me
    disabuse you of that idea: No it doesn’t.

  • lokilfaNovember 3, 2016Reply

    Come on! Not THAT bad

    Is the depiction of Pakistan good? Probably not. Is the biography
    accurate? Let’s say ”inspired by real events”. Is this the best comedy
    of the year? Probably not.

    But, Nicolas Cage is above his own average, there is a story to tell
    and supporting cast do a decent job. In a sense the movie captures the
    spirit of the character if not the facts, the pacing is acceptable and
    eventually your viewing experience will be pleasant even if uneventful.
    Photography and editing are decent and the overall result is a slightly
    better than average comedy.

    It’s a full six and a third adjusted to seven to counterbalance the
    over criticism of my exigent fellow reviewers. There’s a lot worse

    Now, I’ve tried to carefully avoid mentioning Russel Brand (GOD) so
    far. That’s because his acting is really terrible and his small but
    essential part brings down the whole to an annoyed five at best. What
    I’ve done is to imagine Steve Carrel playing God the whole time and
    trick my brain. No, I did NOT use drugs, it’s a natural brain self
    defence technique.

  • choudry-arifNovember 3, 2016Reply

    serious lack of research

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Koustubh BhattacharyaNovember 4, 2016Reply

    Grandiose Delusions Of a Handyman Don Quixote

    Not many would remember a popular Indian TV show from early 90s called
    Mungerilal Ke Haseen Sapne. It was about this office peon (an utterly
    unimportant person in social order) with an active imagination.
    Typically the episodes would deal with his daydreaming scenarios. Army
    of One is a story about a similar man. Only thing is that it’s about a
    real life person (Gary Faulkner) who did went on with his quest to
    capture Osama Bin Laden, all by himself. Now, its something of a debate
    whether all the incidents in his narrative are true but one thing is
    certain that he did end up traveling to Pakistan, on multiple
    occasions, with his Katana blade, without much trouble. That’s classic
    privilege because most Asians would be stopped at airports if they were
    even carrying a pen knife.

    Well, for Gary the orders apparently came from God himself (Played by
    Russel Brand in the movie). Well if God is in-fact like Brand, then
    we’ve no hope. On the other hand, it could be a smart move if he’s just
    channeling through comedians now-a-days. Probably works for the better.
    Reports say that Faulkner got dangerously close to finding Osama
    despite his bumbling, idiosyncratic demeanor. The CIA even considers
    recruiting him. Well, as far as expendable foot soldiers go, Faulkner
    might actually be a fine candidate. Although, Nicholas Cage went a
    little over the top in his portrayal of Faulkner, I think that any man
    embarking on such an insane quest is in-fact hysterical. So Cage’s
    performance makes sense.

    If you put aside the main plot for a moment, you’ll realize that the
    movie does have have a heart. Gary’s relationship with a single parent
    Marci is beautiful and touching. Marci’s adopted daughter has Cerebral
    Palsy and to her, Gary is the most interesting person in the world.
    While he might be the Don Quixote swinging his sword (Katana in this
    case) at the windmills but when he comes home, he finds the real
    purpose of his quest. Its a funny movie and if you like watching
    Nicholas Cage going nuts, its full of it. It’s gratifying to see
    Hollywood recovering from the grimness surrounding 9/11 and daring to
    bring some levity around the tragedy. Kind of reminds me about the
    Bollywood movie Tere Bin Laden and its sequel. Watch Army of One when
    you’ve nothing else to do.

  • sossevarvoNovember 4, 2016Reply

    The most disappointing movie in recent years

    About three years ago, I looked on Nic Cage’s IMDb page, and noticed a
    movie called ”Army of One” in development. I’ve always had a soft spot
    for Cage, because no matter how many turkeys he expels he is a truly
    great actor given the right material. I saw the synopsis – ”one man
    will stop at nothing to hunt down Osama Bin Laden.” Then I found out
    this impending project was based on a true story, after which I saw the
    real Faulkner on Letterman describing his exploits. Finally, I saw that
    the director was Larry Charles, a man whose trilogy of Sacha Baron
    Cohen films are charged with the kind of shock factor and brio
    necessary to pull off this kind of tale. So I became incredibly excited
    – it seemed as though this was a case of actor, director and story
    perfectly aligned. It was late 2016 that a trailer popped up for this.
    I tried to avoid watching the trailer, but noticed the film would be a
    VOD release – hardly a good sign. Nevertheless I was super excited to
    see this film. That’s what it’s particularly saddening to say that Army
    of One is an absolute mess, it’s not a noble failure, rather it feels
    persistently, incredibly lazy. None of Charles’ comedic stylings make
    it into the film – I didn’t laugh once throughout, despite the movie’s
    repeated efforts to make me. The movie is blandly directed, and in all
    honesty nothing much happens. The most crushing aspect is that almost
    half of the runtime is devoted to Cage and a high school flame
    reuniting and falling in love, with a handicapped daughter to boot!
    Each scene that includes these two characters is crushingly tedious.
    Finally, to Cage himself – as much as I admire the man, he was
    horrifically annoying in this film. His demented, squeaky voice is
    grating, and what’s more, the real Faulkner didn’t even talk like this!
    When Cage is on screen about 80% of the time, it’s difficult to
    sympathise at all. That being said, his performance does grow on you,
    and it indicates Cage is definitely trying harder than every one else
    involved. It’s just such a lazy, lazy film, where cloying soundtrack is
    employed all too frequently, racist jokes are expelled every so often,
    and characters appear and disappear with no coherence (Matthew Modine
    is in two scenes!!) The most annoying thing is the promise that this
    film had. You can see glimpses of what Army of One could’ve been –
    select scenes in Pakistan (excluding the utterly unconvincing CIA
    agents) are enjoyable, and Russell Brand as God, as terrible as it
    sounds, is probably the most enjoyable and profound aspect of the film.
    In addition, the repeated hints that Faulkner is hallucinating half the
    time, indicated by visions of Osama’s cave, and a HORRIBLE casino
    segment, are worthy ideas that are executed terribly. I was very
    excited for this film, and it totally let me down, to the point where
    it was difficult to finish it.

  • Belal MuneerNovember 4, 2016Reply

    Pathetic movie totally biased and no research done!! Come on !!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • nickyb-79131November 5, 2016Reply

    An easy watch

    The direction is all focused on Cage who plays a very different
    character than I am used to seeing from him and was better for the
    stretch he took. A hapless, eccentric character requiring dialysis not
    unlike his assumed nemesis, Bin-Laden, which must be an intentional
    ploy by the filmmakers. Several times elements of the characters
    brought to mind The Big Lebowski and My Name is Earl, but nothing I can
    put my finger on and only thought this now rather than while watching
    the movie. God was very oddly characterized but was of course created
    in Cage’s oddball image while hallucinating and Brand does have the
    look of an artist’s impression of Jesus anyway.

    The second half is mostly set in Pakistan. It made for a more
    interesting film having an odd guy in an odd place rather than the
    usual ”sensible” guy in an alien environment. Who would have known in
    Pakistan a dentist at work is a form of entertainment for the
    population! In no way this is a film where the viewer is supposed to
    identify with the main character though some maybe will if you are the
    type of person that would go to Pakistan wearing a USflag belt buckle
    and Samurai sword ensemble while roaming lost through Islamabad you
    may. The image of Pakistan paints a fairly decent picture of the place
    far nicer than I thought it is, though actually filmed in Morocco it
    seems. However the script couldn’t resist a goat joke. Throughout the
    80-85 mimutes it maintains light-heartedness maybe slightly below
    Forgetting Sarah Marshall in terms of laughs per minute, going by
    memory. This is not satirical as such, no issues are explored from that
    period of the recent past. Not nearly as funny as Spy which is more
    fitting my idea of funny/lol. More compassionate viewers may feel
    sorry/pity for Cage’s character and so get fewer chuckles than I did.
    Towards the end something that Cage’s character said that made me ask
    myself if this is a true story… Cinematography, sound etc is all
    standard fare for Hollywood. Nothing here that I consider

  • Umair RehanNovember 5, 2016Reply

    Worst film ever

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • OneEightNine MediaNovember 5, 2016Reply

    The Director killed the movie.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • FlashCallahanNovember 6, 2016Reply

    Welcome back Nicolas……..

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Tien ThinhNovember 8, 2016Reply

    Best of Nicolas Cage

    this film change my life,i love this film.Now ,you can say i’m someone
    who don’t understand the cinema,but just get history of god
    behind.Let’s say about one man,who take off his boring world,believe in
    something better and he take his voyage,alone,in the mountain,with the
    nature.You may not like it,because of god,yet,god doesn’t like
    this,like that.Bin la den doesn’t like this,like that,we see it.I think
    a film give us a lesson,farthest you go,more you learn,and your vision
    about the world change,like him,Faulker who love the Pakistan .Juste
    think like a freeman,A film about one man who love this country and he
    make his voyage to get out of his life,and god help him

  • Danish IftikharNovember 9, 2016Reply

    Total piece of crap

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • deannamartin-88630November 9, 2016Reply

    funny movie

    Saw Army of one with my family. We couldn’t stop laughing. A good movie
    for family and friends.Finally a movie to help lighten the pain of
    9/11. We were able to talk with our kids, about how they felt about the
    attack on our country. They were in elementary school when it happened.
    I was surprised at how it affected them as kids. I read the post from
    the guy who lives in Pakistan. He is mad at how they portrayed his
    country. Great over it. Stop being a whiner. The world has watched as
    young men and women lay there live on the line for there country. Gary
    Faulkner has a uniquely interesting story. I don’t know how you can
    tell this story without laughing. God was and is definitely watching
    out for him. I will tell everyone i know to watch This move. Army of

  • farooqstnNovember 9, 2016Reply

    The worst movie ever

    This is by far the worst movie I have ever seen. Why would Nic Cage
    agree to work in this horribly set up movie. Depicting Islamabad as a
    shanty town, come on, seriously. This was clearly written by someone
    who has never been to the region. All the Urdu translations are
    completely bonkers, google translate would have done a better job.
    Clearly shot somewhere in the middle east, P.S. Pakistan doesn’t have
    Mercedes cabs. All the Pakistani men seem to be wearing caps, which is
    completely ridiculous. People holding Pakistani flags at the airport,
    who does that. And the worst part, picking up luggage directly from the
    airplane. I feel ashamed to have ever considered watching this one.

    Stay away from this crappy waste of time thing guys, do yourselves a

  • cheighleeNovember 10, 2016Reply

    Fell asleep during it, didn’t miss anything while sleeping

    Obviously, this is an autobiographical movie about Nic Cage…. as is
    the case with any Nic Cage movie.

    While Gary Faulkner story had some OK potential as a short story about
    an idiot, here it just goes on and on and it’s a mess and it’s boring
    and maybe the worst of – it goes nowhere. Yeah, Cage brings some of
    that Cage magic to it, but he’s maybe overdoing it here even.

    I cannot recommend it, but if you stumble upon it, well, the worst
    thing is you’ll probably fall asleep in the middle of it. So it could
    be worse. And then there’s always random Cage-Rage sequences that can
    wrestle a chuckle or two from you. However, it’s worth noting that this
    movie is probably designed as a comedy but it just isn’t funny.

    Not a bad movie all in all, but a waste of time, something to watch in
    the background, with one eye here and there while working something.

  • angelhardtNovember 10, 2016Reply

    What a waste of talent!

    I was so looking forward to seeing Nicolas Cage and Russel Brand in one
    movie as I love both of them. However, the storyline consists of
    endless meaningless dialogues, Cage overacting all the way to a point
    where you can’t stand the self absorbed ADD behavior of the character.
    I did not realize it was supposed to be a comedy? Not much happens in
    the movie, just a bunch of traveling back and forth with little insight
    of Pakistan, just so very cliché. Although the movie is just 90 minutes
    long, I started looking at my cell phone after about 20 minutes cause
    my mind kept wandering, it was just so boring. What a waste of so much
    potential. What a waste of my time – I am frustrated.

  • Paul Magne HaakonsenNovember 11, 2016Reply

    When you send one man to do an army’s job…

    Right, now I have to state that I wasn’t aware that this was actually
    based on real events. Yeah, I had not heard about the guy who actually
    underwent this trek to find Bin Laden himself.

    But anyway, I sat down to watch ”Army of One” with my better half,
    because my wife is a fan of Nicolas Cage. I, however, am not a fan of
    his, not in any way; I think he has one expression for every scene and
    every character – and that is constipated.

    I will say that Nicolas Cage impressed me tremendously here with his
    performance in ”Army of One”. It was good to see him in a role such as
    this, and get to see a more diverse and offbeat side to his acting. I
    was actually genuinely impressed with what he pulled off here. And this
    is easily the second best performance of his entire career, with the
    best (in my opinion) being ”Matchstick Men” from 2003.

    The story in ”Army of One” is about a fairly unstable civilian who
    decides to set out to find Bin Laden and bring him to justice, since
    the American army had no luck in doing so.

    Now, I do like Russell Brand, but I didn’t think he was the right cast
    for this movie. It was just a bit too off to see him in this movie. He
    is a funny guy, for sure, but he is better at comedies of a whole
    different genre.

    ”Army of One” is actually a very enjoyable movie, and it is a movie
    that is fun and turned out to be entertaining. I was surprised with how
    good I found the movie, so I can actually warmly recommend that you
    take the time to watch ”Army of One”, whether or not you are a fan of
    Nicolas Cage. It is a movie that tells a good story.

  • Rehman KhiljiNovember 16, 2016Reply

    Movie badly made

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • rebeccax5November 17, 2016Reply

    Loved this movie. Cage comedy

    Hilarious movie. Can’t understand the bad reviews. Cage should get an
    Oscar for the. most absurd performance ever.

    Reading the reviews it’s like how can they be so serious!? This Is
    comedy gold. Ridiculous is a good thing.

    I usually like Nicholas Cage in everything even all his camp movies,
    but this one takes the cake. He transforms in the weirdest archetype of
    crazy. Truly clinical madness. Proves Nicolas Cage has more guts then
    you ever thought

    Russell Brand is perfect in his supporting role as is Wendy Covey.

    A gem of idiocy.

  • Larry SilversteinNovember 23, 2016Reply

    Some Laughs But Gets Too Silly & Ridiculous

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • coleoptera-20518November 27, 2016Reply

    Nick Cage is a National Treasure

    Do you like Nick Cage? Do you like swords? Then why haven’t you seen
    this movie?

    In this stellar performance, Nick Cage delivers a knock-out, drop-dead,
    10/10 performance. (I’m not even joking.) I don’t think anyone could
    have portrayed his character closer to the actual man than Nick Cage.
    I’ve seen a lot of Nick Cage movies. A lot of ”bad” ones. I liked them,
    but I like to get drunk and watch Nick Cage movies. It’s somewhat of a
    pass time. This movie however is actually a movie I would recommend
    watching with real people. There’s a certain awkwardness of the whole
    movie, the type of awkwardness you’ve come to expect from a movie with
    Nick Cage in it, but it actually fits this time. I mean hell I even
    felt bad for the lady (his girlfriend/chick from Reno 911). The whole
    situation is ridiculous and she just goes along with. Just like me
    watching a typical Nick Cage movie. But this isn’t a typical Nick Cage
    movie. This is on National Treasure levels, and I’m serious when I say
    that. Now sure there’s stuff that doesn’t work. It kind of seems lazy
    that there’s a narrator for example, but you should still see this
    movie. Everyone should see this movie. Half the time I’m asking myself
    what the hell is happening. And I look at the screen and I get the
    feeling Nick Cage is asking himself the same question. 10/10 would
    watch again.

  • Corey JamesDecember 15, 2016Reply

    One man killer

    This review of Army of One is spoiler free

    *** (3/5)

    A SEMMINGLY NEVER-ENDING career drought has been affecting Nicholas
    Cage for many years now, trying to regain that once fateful terminus
    the prestigious Oscar win and he has been given many championing roles
    during that time and no matter how good they are or how goo he is, he
    can’t seem to regain that glory. It seems that his career is in need of
    a restart or a miracle and a lift – thankfully miracles come in the
    oddest of places, here he joins forces with director and frequent
    collaborator with comedy giant Sacha Baron Cohen, Larry Charles, with
    whom he has made a couple of hilarious funny flicks Borat, Bruno and
    The Dictator one of which has been recognized as one of the funniest
    films in the world and has become a cult classic. While, his latest
    Army of One is an enjoyable and funny adventure about an ex-convict
    turned alcoholic unemployed Handyman who suffers from chronic
    schizophrenia Gary Faulkner (Nicholas Cage) who goes to Pakistan armed
    with a knife and a samurai sword after he receives a message from God
    (Russell Brand) with a strong English accent to find and capture the
    world’s most ruthless assassin and leader of the Al Qaeda group Osama
    Bin Laden, who here is played very convincingly by Amer Cadha-Patel.

    For the most part Amy of One is a hilarious mitigated by an annoying
    voice from Cage and some funny moments, unfortunately as the story goes
    on it’s meted by poor continuity, a bland plot and terribly incessant
    plotting. For these moments when the movie falls into a seemingly
    bottomless abyss, there is only one person that you rely on to bring it
    out of the deep hole Cage’s Gary is albeit annoying but he terrifically
    funny and it seems like this is the role he needed to give his career a
    well deserved and long-awaited boost, he plays it well and you can
    always rely on him to put a smile on your face, although there is some
    good support from Brand, Wendi McLendon-Covey (Marci) and Rainn Wilson
    who add a little bit more likability to the story and some sensitive
    human touch.

    And so, the movie opens with Gary as a 12 year old school boy who is
    constantly bullied by his classmates, destined for greatness, and he
    receives a message from God for the fist time telling him that those
    bullies will come to an unfortunate demise by being a heroin addict. 35
    years later in 2004 we meet Gary in a hospital awaiting his dialysis
    that he has to undergo twice a month, and in the madness state he
    receives another message from God to go to Pakistan (filmed in Morocco)
    to find and capture Bin Laden, and after he receives the message he
    thinks of some pretty convoluted and nigh impossible ways to get there,
    either he decides to travel that way by sailboat, or to hand-glide from
    Israel, both of which end in disaster but it is hilarious to see him

    Unfortunately as the second and third act rumble on you’ll be shuffling
    in your seat wondering where this is going, it is disjointed by some
    bland moments and this is when the incessant plotting takes over,
    however there is a moment of bliss when Gary sees his old classmate and
    long-time friend Marci (Wendi McLendon-Covey) and he falls in love with
    her and he moves in with her and her daughter who suffers from Cerebral
    palsy, this gives the film a much needed human touch which was lax from
    the beginning and it gives Gary a more likable edge. While this is
    ambitious comedy to add to Charles’ ever-expanding career it doesn’t
    quite meet the hilarious comedy standards of Borat and while there are
    some funny moments to this story including and an Anchorman-esque
    narration that states that this is sort of a true story. It started out
    as a decent story with some ingenious moments to it and a decent
    performance from Cage, but unfortunately along the way it is strung
    together by poor continuity, some bland-ish moments and incessant
    plotting and is left lumbered and horrendously empty.

    VERDICT: A hackneyed comedy with decent performances to pull it
    through, but mostly suffers from lumbered dry moments and incessant


  • quridleyDecember 21, 2016Reply

    Very cute, quirky comedy

    There’s Hollywood action star Nic Cage. There’s multifaceted, serious
    actor Nic Cage. And then there’s wacky, experimental Nic Cage.

    Nic Cage goes back to his roots in smaller quirky comedies and explodes
    off the screen in every scene. He’s in almost every scene and, while
    the script is mediocre, Cage elevates what would’ve been a forgettable
    C-movie into a fun and funny B-movie. This is proof that Cage is better
    than ever and capable of A+ material. Hope this is a sign of a

    Its no Raising Arizona or Vampire’s Kiss, but its good fluff. I think
    it was directed well enough but the script was too bare and the editing
    was a little sloppy. Cage has the most meat with his role and none of
    the other performers have much to do but react to him, instead of play
    off him. Would’ve been great to see Cage riff with these very funny and
    improv style performers, especially Rainn Wilson. Cage will make more
    comedies tho.

  • PramitheusDecember 25, 2016Reply

    Oh Nic Cage!

    I don’t understand whether Nic Cage is too good for us to judge or so
    atrociously bad that he numbs your mind to the point where you can’t
    make a judgment? On top of that he stars in this kind of a movie. I
    won’t put up a poster in the featured image, I’ll just put this snippet
    there to judge the absurdity of the movie.

    DIRECTION – After Borat and the Dictator, I was expecting the absurdity
    to be very high but when the words ”True story” came on screen, I
    started questioning that was this a story worth telling? It looked like
    Larry Charles didn’t know which direction to go with. To go completely
    crazy like Borat or keep it sane for the general audience. I think he
    tried to balance it out and created nothing. He starts out somber with
    an eccentric character, assisted with a narration and then a countdown
    of his days in Pakistan. In Borat the comedy was so raw that I felt
    pity for the character and the movie was aware that it was presenting
    itself in that way. In this movie there is an urge to become mainstream
    due to which the off-beat comedy doesn’t reach the desired level.

    STORY – I again ask this? Was this a story worth telling? Really? A guy
    on dialysis went to Pakistan and then got hyped by the news and then it
    got made into a MOVIE? I mean when you listen to it, it might seem
    amusing but to make into a movie there should be something interesting
    in it. There was the odd love angle that kept barging in whenever
    things started to gain momentum. There was no need to humanize this
    person because you are sailing on the strangeness of the scenario. Why
    try to ground it in reality? I don’t think there was any real script
    here. They just heard the story, got the highlights, put in some
    fillers, smoked a lot of weed, got the distributors high and made it
    into a movie.

    ACTING – Nicholas Cage finally unleashes his entire absurd eccentricity
    on-screen. There are good moments where he becomes the character with
    the voice modulation. Then again he returns to his classic shouting and
    eye-widening. It was cringe-worthy and not funny at all. The only times
    I chuckled was because of the thought kept hitting me that,”How did
    this get made into a MOVIE!!”

    FINAL VERDICT – Drink a lot, smoke a lot of weed and watch this movie.
    Trust me, you’re going to have a ball! It is so absurd that you’ll
    laugh like anything. I won’t give tell you to give it a pass if you are
    in contact with your weed dealer or you have a liquor shop near you.
    Get high and watch it with your friends. There is a massive chance that
    they might shun you as your friend for convincing them to watch it. On
    the flip side, there is also the chance you’ll enjoy it.

  • Bob RutzelDecember 31, 2016Reply

    Silly, Ridiculous and Mostly Annoying

    Sadly, apparently this is somewhat a true story. Sad.

    Gary Faulkner (Nicolas Cage) is told by God (Russell Brand) to go to
    Pakistan and find and capture Osama Bin Laden.

    If Mr Cage did not use that ridiculous voice – thinking he was
    mimicking the real Gary Faulkner – this would not have been as bad as
    it is. I mean by using his own voice this could have been good, funny
    and at least watchable and most important of all the Nicolas Cage
    Impersonators would have been in 7th Heaven. Now they are shaking their
    collective heads. Sad.

    We do see the real Gary Faulkner at the end of the movie as he appeared
    on the TV show The View and in other interviews, and his voice sounded
    good and nothing like the one used by Nicolas Cage in this Silly,
    Ridiculous and mostly Annoying movie. It was this voice used by Cage
    that put this into a tailspin. (If you didn’t like this, why did you
    watch it to the end?)

    Truth be told I was hoping this would save itself as I do like Nicolas
    Cage and I was hoping that the Director and other powers that be would
    see that this voice of Cage’s just wasn’t working. They didn’t see it.
    Sad. Also it was the out-of-control-behavior Faulkner exhibited that
    was just as annoying.

    Using Russell Brand as God was okay, but when this ”God” uses foul
    language then all this falls apart. Couldn’t anyone see that?
    Apparently not. Sad.

    There is nothing more to be said. This was like being in a nightmare we
    couldn’t get out of. Very sad. If there was ever a story that never had
    to be told, this is it. (1/10)

    Violence: Yes, Faulkner gets beat up. Sex: No. Nudity: No. Language:

  • syrusgregorioJanuary 1, 2017Reply

    Nic Cage and the Army

    This man, I thought I seen everything he had to offer. We saw him in so
    many roles and he had basically the same performance. Nic yells, Nic
    gets mad, Nic laughs like a mad man, etc.

    I was expecting the same old Nic… boy was I wrong. I will not get
    into the plot of the movie, so no need to read this and be afraid of a
    spoiler, instead I will dive into who he is. So, who is Garry? Well his
    God’s favorite child, the split image of his immaturity, craziness,
    looseness and most importantly, his laziness. This man, is above all an
    opportunist. He leeches everyone, be it man, woman, friend or even his
    new girlfriend. Yet he is somehow honest about it, kind and sincere to
    the point that you cannot hate him for it. Detest and despite? Yes.

    This movie is a HOT POT STEW OF RANDOMNESS, if you think you can
    predict what will happen, think again. That’s all I got to say, Have
    fun, Regards, Syrus Gregorio

  • SearsinoFebruary 24, 2017Reply

    Hidden Gem Film that includes Nicolas Cage!

    I enjoyed this film from the start. It was truly a hidden gem.

    Gary Faulkner (Nicolas Cage) is a blue-collar compatriot currently on
    dialysis for kidney disease. Gary claims to have a vision where God
    comes to him, urging that he travel to Pakistan and capture Osama
    Binladen for the good of the American people. This message, combined
    with a deep-rooted love for his country lead him to do just that! On
    several occasions police report catching him attempting to cross the
    Afghan border carrying guns, knives, hash, and even Christian

    Larry Charles has directed some fairly controversial material over his
    lifetime including Curb Your Enthusiasm (2000-2017), Religulous (2008),
    and Bruno (2009). Everyone likely expected his film to poke fun at Gary
    Faulkner for loud political biases. But that would have been too easy.
    It speaks to Larry Charles’ directorial authenticity that he did not
    take the bait with this one and run with it.

    Cage has a pretty bad track record for the better part of his career.
    And while this film failed pretty miserably from opening weekend to
    nearly being a ”straight to DVD” title, it was a very enjoyable story.

    This movie has a striking resemblance to ”Adaptation (2002)” (Cage as
    lead). Both of these have lead characters with a sociopath feel and are
    coincidentally two of Cage’s strongest performances to date.

    Be sure to stay for the closing credits if you like to see actual
    imagery about the people and events a film is based depicting. I
    particularly enjoyed the footage of Faulkner when he is on The Late
    Show with David Letterman. Avoid (at all costs) going off to research
    David Faulkner until after watching this. The experience will be all
    the better for it.

    —– 8/10 STARS ——– Review by Searsino —–

  • Gordon-11March 21, 2017Reply

    Over the top and not funny

    This film tells the story of a handyman in the United States who
    decides to act on the calling by God to go to Pakistan to eliminate bin
    Laden. Despite not having enough funds to finance his trips, not
    knowing his target’s whereabouts and having no experience in such
    operations, he repeatedly goes to Pakistan to enact on his
    transpersonal goal.

    ”Army of One” seems like it could be funny, so I watched it.
    Unfortunately, I did not find it funny at all. The man in question is
    portrayed to be unusually passionate about his calling, to the point of
    being unreasonable. The film turns out not to be fun, because it is
    very over the top with unfunny jokes. I find the story and the delivery
    of the story simply atrocious. Even 90 minutes of screen time is too

  • asseercoMarch 29, 2017Reply

    Everything about this movie is racist.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • raynrobertspoetryApril 3, 2017Reply

    I love my easy chair more than this movie.

    If a movie, especially a comedy, doesn’t wake me up and keep me awake,
    if I fall asleep half way through it, I’ve either had too much to drink
    or I’ve been lulled by boredom. Well, I wasn’t drinking, but woke in my
    easy chair after it ended and I didn’t have any desire to go back and
    watch what I missed. Confusing, disjointed, not very funny, weird and
    then deep sleep. That’s about all I can say about it.

  • adonis98-743-186503April 8, 2017Reply

    Cage is Back!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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