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Jan. 29, 2016 Australia95 Min.
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8.7 1,239 votes

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Dan Mor isKye Cortland
Kye Cortland
Christopher Kirby isNorman Oleander
Norman Oleander
Shaun Micallef isREEF (voice)
REEF (voice)
Aleisha Rose isTarren Hollis
Tarren Hollis
Jak Wyld isPrison Commander
Prison Commander
Akira Bradley isPrison Guard
Prison Guard
Mark Redpath isTobias Hatch
Tobias Hatch
Adam Tuohy isBurly Prisoner
Burly Prisoner


Arrowhead is a tale of survival set amongst the distant stars. Kye is a prisoner of war caught between two armies that he doesn’t believe in. When offered an opportunity for freedom, Kye sets out on one last rescue mission, only to become stranded on a desert moon when his ship – the Arrowhead – crash lands. Kye has to learn to survive when we discovers a new life form that will challenge his very body and soul.

Original titleArrowhead
IMDb Rating4.5 1,067 votes
TMDb Rating4.2 25 votes

(9) comments

  • timlin-4January 30, 2016Reply

    Better than Interstellar

    I was expecting another low-budget Sci-Fi shambles, but this is an
    entertaining movie with good quality production and acting. There is a
    lot of stuff going on in the plot to keep the viewer’s attention,
    though most if not all the ideas are taken from other movies, and I’m
    not sure if the story that comes together here makes 100% sense. The
    basic motivations, conflicts, and relationships of the characters are
    rather incompletely developed so it is hard to invest much emotionally,
    but over-simplifying characterization to squeeze it into a movie’s time
    constraints often just elicits the audience’s contempt. Not a ingenious
    masterpiece, but a decent movie that rehashes some neat ideas.

  • diggus doggusFebruary 1, 2016Reply

    pretty decent low budget scifi

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Simon HayterFebruary 2, 2016Reply

    Hang in there! it gets better! PROMISE!

    I would say that when it comes to judging good science fiction movies I
    have a good sense of sniffing out the good from the bad, normally I can
    tell within just few minutes if the movie holds any promise, but this
    movie is somewhat very strange… it starts of very weak even through a
    big chunk of the budget was spent in the first 20minutes of the movie,
    I found myself compelled to continue watching even when it didn’t hold
    much appeal! I’m glad I waited, the story picked up and the acting is
    10x better in the second half of the movie than it was at the start,
    its rare to see a movie that goes from so bad to so good, and I have to
    take my hat off to the entire crew for pulling of a superb low-budget

  • roadkillrobertFebruary 15, 2016Reply

    Not better than Interstellar!

    Pretty terrible low budget sci-fi movie – whomever wrote better than
    Interstellar obviously makes money from you watching this movies – go
    watch Interstellar twice instead of watching this movie, the only
    comparison I can make of this movie to Interstellar is that it is
    unwatchable compared to Interstellar.

    Effects – Terrible. Acting – Mediocre. Storyline – Poor.

    There are a lot of choices out there, most are better!

    Please don’t ever compare this to Interstellar!

    This movie contains no unique ideas, some very low budget special
    effects, maybe 2 actors that can act, the rest are really low quality,
    so many holes in the story it is ridiculous! I made it through the
    whole movie just to wish I had turned it off after 10 minutes!

  • Michael CiavolaFebruary 26, 2016Reply

    Rocky start but then really worth the watch

    If you like Sci Fi and you can still appreciate smaller productions,
    despite being spoiled by the excess of big budgets, then you will like
    this movie. Having said this, the production in this movie is great.
    After the introduction the story slowly develops, everything about the
    movie picks up a lot in the second half, it becomes intriguing after a
    Kafka-esque twist and it really becomes an enjoyable watch.

    With regards to previous reviews – Expressions involving space time
    belong to everything in the universe not just ‘Interstellar the movie’,
    the reference is unnecessary sigh, also the movie isn’t totally focused
    on this theme at all. I would be more concerned with how certain other
    themes and concepts are unimaginatively explored to death in other
    movies over the last 100 years. Enjoy this movie on its on merits!

  • Tom DooleyMarch 22, 2016Reply

    Australian Low Budget Sci-Fi that is both original and compelling

    The synopsis here is that Kye Cortland (Dan Mor) is escaped from a
    planetary prison by some guerrilla types who are the enemy of the
    Empire and sent on a mission on a ship called ‘Arrowhead’ as he has the
    technical skills to fly it. The mission goes a tad wrong and he gets
    shipwrecked on a deserted moon.

    There is a tradition that certain prisoners are executed on a
    particular day each year and Kye finds out his father is next. All he
    wants to do is get to him before that happens and these outlaws are his
    only chance. The problem is he is not alone on this moon and what he
    meets will change him forever.

    Now this is low budget but that made me like it even more. They have
    gone back to basics and used bits of old vacuum cleaners and
    typewriters to make some of the props – even dustbin lids are employed.
    The acting is all excellent. Dan Mor is particularly good, but I have
    to say hats off to Christopher Kirby who starred in the brilliant ‘Iron
    Sky’. He only has a small role but absolutely nails it and then some.
    The on board computer is brilliant too and will remind certain people
    of ‘Dark Star’ or even ‘Red Dwarf’. The story itself is refreshingly
    original and it manages to keep the tension going right the way to the
    final frame. The CGI varies from rather good to above average but I am
    more than happy to live with that when the over all package is actually
    engagingly good.

  • kualajimboAugust 26, 2016Reply

    Not a great film, but an interesting one

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Aaron LawrenceSeptember 9, 2016Reply

    Slightly interesting, muddled first-time effort

    This movie may be a good first time effort for the director, but it
    does almost everything wrong. The story can’t decide what it’s about,
    the characters are thinly sketched and inconsistent, the effects from
    tolerable to embarrassing, and the sets and locations looked almost
    exactly like a 70s Doctor Who or Star Trek effort. There is sometimes a
    decent atmosphere and some camera work is effective. But it’s the
    muddled story which often makes no sense, that killed it for me. It’s
    not that is was too complex, it’s simply that scenes, and even
    individual dialog lines, didn’t connect to each other in any way.

    I think possibly if you watched it slightly drunk and with the sound
    off, it could seem like an amusing diversion, because of some effective
    images – mostly skies with planets and ships. But trying to follow it
    like a proper movie just leads to disappointment.

  • theophilus-carlosApril 9, 2017Reply

    PROPER Sci-Fi Film!!! Back to the roots.

    This is my first review. Don’t listen to the others. This film was
    interesting all throughout. No boring parts. It didn’t feel like a low
    budget film. Effects and soundtrack fit well to the story. The acting
    was excellent. Imagine watching the movie with a high-budget actor like
    Matt Damon or Chris Pratt and you’ll probably rate it 10/10 for the

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