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Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan

Aug. 12, 2015 Japan90 Min.
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8.5 1,654 votes

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Haruma Miura isEren Yeager
Eren Yeager
Kiko Mizuhara isMikasa Ackerman
Mikasa Ackerman
Kanata Hongo isArmin Arlert
Armin Arlert
Nanami Sakuraba isSasha Blouse
Sasha Blouse
Takahiro Miura isJean Kirstein
Jean Kirstein
Hiroki Hasegawa isShikishima


100 years ago, titans suddenly appeared on Earth. Soon, human civilization veered on collapse due to the titans. Humans then built a giant wall to defend themselves. Within the giant walls, humans lived in peace, but, 100 years later, the giant wall is broken.

Attack on Titan
Attack on Titan
Attack on Titan
Attack on Titan
Original title進撃の巨人 ATTACK ON TITAN
IMDb Rating5.1 9,501 votes
TMDb Rating5.2 163 votes

(115) comments

  • Tom BauerAugust 6, 2015Reply

    Visceral Cinema

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  • jokage-92574August 12, 2015Reply


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  • Mek TorresAugust 12, 2015Reply

    Watered Down Humanity

    Attack on Titan is recently one of the most popular manga/anime in a
    while, it wasn’t nearly as rich as some of the greatest ones out there,
    however the material tackles a rather mature subtext, otherwise a
    really fascinating showcase of macabre in a larger scale. It’s clearly
    destined to be a movie, it might as well fit in today’s blockbuster
    trend of post-apocalyptic settings and revolution ordeals. But the
    movie’s approach is rather standard in comparison. While it still
    wonderfully realizes the most grotesque moments of its source material,
    the characters are watered down with less interesting plights.
    Newcomers might find its premise intriguing, but what makes Attack on
    Titan interesting is hardly existent in this adaptation.

    How the main characters are introduced is painfully contrived. Like
    every piece of exposition is immediately crammed into that one long
    scene that is supposed to establish who they are and what their world
    is. The difference is it’s not quite compelling. I personally don’t
    mind changes from its source material; the protagonist, Eren, is
    basically now a slacker who is tired of living behind the colossal
    walls from the titans, instead of an aggressive kid with some
    sociopathic tendencies who vows for revenge. It’s not necessarily
    horrible since they’re still represented as unlikely heroes, but Eren’s
    arc is basically just trying to win back his girl and living up to that
    image, it makes him look lousier. What makes this character originally
    interesting is the fact that he is a traumatized kid who is too full of
    himself, which eventually crosses the line of his humanity and
    morality. It may not be the friendliest role model you’ll see from a
    hero, but it rather makes him more relatable.

    And that sounds more reasonable since this circumstance would really
    affect one’s senses into insanity or paranoia. But in this movie,
    they’re just verbally expressing their fears, sentiments and humor. The
    plot is ought to be followed through these characters, but most of them
    are single noted. They might as well exist in some YA where they’re
    designed to be hormonally appealing. In the end, they’re clearly just
    uninteresting. To its credit, the visuals are pretty cool. It may not
    be perfect or spectacular, but it’s impressive enough to take these
    exciting moments into live action. There are some scenes that can be
    count as genuinely awesome, specifically the climax, even though it now
    seems to be quite senseless since they’re taking this story to a
    different direction. Nevertheless, as long as these Titans and gore are
    on screen, there is some real pleasure to be taken.

    Attack on Titan, in spite of its scale and production, is surprisingly
    underwhelming. The filmmakers are clearly just following the
    conventional direction of adapting a popular material, more or less.
    Visually, it’s appropriate to call it a fan service; because it indeed
    puts these big action where it belongs. But thematically, it is a
    letdown. Attack on Titan isn’t only great for its creepy titans and
    cool gadgetry, in fact, these things are basically small compared to
    its surprising complexity within its characters. That is what I
    personally believe that makes this material great, and yet that’s what
    the movie ended up altering. Therefore it’s just a standard B-Movie. It
    can be mindless fun, but you won’t find anything else to like in the

  • (Clarisseqt)August 14, 2015Reply

    My first review in years!!

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  • libron_josephAugust 15, 2015Reply


    ”Underwhelming” as precisely described by others.

    I was expecting too much since I’ve been really impressed by the Anime
    Series. (I watched the full-episode less than 2-days)

    Nothing really bad changing and mixing the story plot but the phasing
    was real quick. For those who haven’t watched/read the Anime, it will
    be hard to connect the relationship within each character.

    Less action and logy camera. 3D rendering was acceptable but obvious.
    Main characters lacked emotions, I was looking for something like
    Panic, Fear, Hatred and Aggression which weren’t fully compromised.
    Really underweight compared to Rurouni Kenshin’s movie sequel.

    I gave 1-star for Sasha, cutie and she performed well in the movie; and
    the remaining star shared for Mr. Beardy, Mr. Smiley and Mr. Colossal

    ”The rest WILL BE history.” 🙂

  • viligeidiotAugust 15, 2015Reply

    HIGHLY disappointing!

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  • tmrwhispersAugust 15, 2015Reply

    What an sickening insult!!!!

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  • Kinsly GrantAugust 15, 2015Reply

    So disappointing…….

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  • helmuttyAugust 15, 2015Reply

    A big budget Japanese film that is full of exciting visuals but skims on characters’ development.

    I am not a fan of Attack on Titan however I read the first few volume
    of the popular manga. The manga is action-packed and tense enough with
    lots of characters’ deaths. The film, noticeably has a few major
    changes, is fortunately as action-packed but with its short runtime of
    1 hour and 38 minutes, its characters’ development is undercooked. In
    the end, ignore the awkward characters’ development and you will get
    one of Japan’s most visually interesting films.

    The story: It starts slow before punching straight into the destruction
    and gore. The opening scene establishes the relationship among Eren
    (Haruma Miura), Mikasa (Kiko Mizuhara) and Armin (Kanata Hongo). It
    comes a bit cheesy with the music but overall, the scene did its job.
    When the destruction, it is a spectacle. The Titans are cleverly a mix
    of human suit and CGI. The huge set pieces throughout the film look
    visually good albeit some cheap-looking scenes. I have enough knowledge
    to know some of the changes such as the popular character Levi being
    replaced by a new character. The setting is true to the source material
    however as I recall, the setting for the climax is different (It is
    shot in the ruin outside the wall). The injected humour falls flat.
    Acting wise is alright for most cast. They have a lot of emotions to
    portray except looking glum. Some tend to overact and some are awkward.
    Music is a little off at times but it is serviceable during the set

    Overall: It received overwhelming negative reviews from the fans that
    the filmmakers had to defend the film’s creative changes. I think it
    would fare better with general audience who are looking for a big
    budget Japanese movie packed with good visuals and action. I enjoyed it
    as I didn’t think too much about the creative differences. Is it worth
    to catch it in cinema? If you like watching a big budget film on big
    screen. As a two-parter film, I am not sure how this will end as the
    manga is currently ongoing.

    There is a special preview for part 2 in the middle of the ending

    More reviews on:

  • isegrimderwolfAugust 15, 2015Reply

    Attack on Titan lite

    This Movie is basically a super watered down version of the source
    material. Everything that made the Manga/Anime interesting is almost
    non existent. The likable and complex characters from the original had
    to make way for more traditional concepts. Eren, the main protagonist,
    for example is now a slacker, who can’t keep a job for more than a
    couple of weeks, is bored with his life and simply wants to see what’s
    on the other side of the wall. I can only assume that these changes
    were made to make the plot more appealing to a wide audience, but by
    making these changes the movie lost what made the Manga/Anime so

  • Jm AlferezAugust 15, 2015Reply

    It’s not that great, but not bad.

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  • SciFi_ManAugust 16, 2015Reply

    As a fan of the anime, this dropped my jaw, loved it!

    I am a fan of the anime, watched in Japanese with English subtitles.

    At the time of writing, only 14 reviews with 13 being ridiculously
    negative. Be honest with yourself, is this movie rateable below 5 on
    any level? Just because they had to condense it and rework it to make
    it into a movie does not mean it deserves a low score. I have not read
    the manga, but did enjoy the anime.

    They NAILED the Titans, that is worth 5 points right there. The vacuous
    smiling faces and the constant curious and happy expressions as they
    found a new human to chomp on…wow, my jaw dropped so many times
    during this movie. Don’t get me started on the ”baby”.

    They NAILED the ”Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear”, that is worth
    another 3 points. They captured so well the speed and agility of a
    trained attacker against giant foes.

    They NAILED Erin’s loss and return, the fights and the regeneration,
    amazing. Another 2 points.

    I happily will rewatch this again soon. The sounds, the lighting, the
    giant grinning faces with limbs hanging from their teeth…well done!

    They also really captured the sheer horror and terror of confronting
    Titans. Many people simply lost their minds and forgot their training.
    I found it very believable instead of the usual everyone is calm, never
    reacts and easily become perfect killing machines.

    IF you enjoyed the anime, and I recommend you watch the anime first to
    flesh out (see what I did there?) the back story so you can appreciate
    Titan’s brought to life.

    Final happy thought, part 2 will be out in about a month!!!

  • DevilukeAugust 16, 2015Reply

    Good effort, worth watching

    OK, they changed quite a few things from the anime/manga but so what?
    They nailed the look of the titans perfectly. If they’d got English
    actors in it would have got a wider audience but I think the Japanese
    actors are good and resemble the characters they are supposed to
    portray pretty well. Recommend it to all, those who liked Godzilla type
    films will enjoy it I’m sure and those who are fans of the anime or
    manga (like I am) – I still definitely recommend watching it regardless
    of the changes. This film could have been so so bad especially if the
    effects were poor, but it turns out they did a pretty good job, like I
    said I think they got the look of the titans correct and the world
    inside a wall. Looking forward to the sequel.

  • chris chris chrisAugust 16, 2015Reply

    This movie should be buried in a very very deep hole and forgotten about

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • FilmAddict303August 16, 2015Reply

    Not for die hard fans

    The film isn’t as bad as a lot of people are making out.

    It’s only loosely based on the anime and a lot of the story and
    characters have been changed but it’s still entertaining for a live
    action version of an anime which nearly always convert badly for
    obvious reasons.

    AOT is probably one of the harder animes to transfer to live action
    just because of the technical aspects. They did a pretty good job with
    most of the visual effects but there are a lot of scenes that let it
    down, especially some of the fight scenes. Overall the titans are done
    well, there are quite a few dodgy CG moments that could of been done
    better but there’s also some really good CG in places too.

    Everything else was just average, it could of really done with a better
    soundtrack and better actors, better cinematography but mostly just
    following the anime more closely.

    If you are a die hard fan of the anime and expect everything to be the
    same then you will be disappointed.

  • ekelingAugust 16, 2015Reply

    Worst movie Ever!!

    This was a total waste of my time. The music was awful the story so bad
    i couldn’t watch it witch a strait face. The acting is so Amateur like.
    My retarded sister did a better performance in the school play.

    awful absolutely awful!!!! I want to take a shower and scrub myself
    witch barbwire to get clean from this movie..

    I Haven’t seen the anime, maby i will. And how this movie even got a
    six on IMDb is beyond me.

    Maby if you are Asian or a big fan of the anime show this look
    different. but all i saw was extreme over acting and very bad cgi.

    The main hero was a little angry kid screaming and crying the hole
    movie. And the ending or what the f that was. was nothing nothing!!!

  • ohiramineAugust 17, 2015Reply

    Do yourself a favor and watch it with an open mind .. is not that bad

    Well let’s start by saying that we all knew coming in that the movie
    was going to be different from the manga and the anime. The movie was
    supervised by Hajime Isayama the author. The story is similar but is
    its own story. The CGI of course is not like the Hollywood movies CGI
    but then again the budget for Japanese movies compared to Hollywood
    movies are lower. I think they did a decent job with the CGI and the
    story is not that bad. You have to go into this movie with an open mind
    and try not to compared to the manga. I laugh when I see people
    complaining that all the actors are Japanese and that they should be
    white ..These are the same people that talked trash about Dragon Ball
    Evolution. The ones that said ” why did Hollywood destroyed my
    childhood? ” .. well now they want Hollywood to make AOT… The acting
    was decent and I really can’t wait for the second part. Let’s not
    forget that a lot of movies that are based on books and novels are
    always change… people are crying for Hollywood to do it better ..well
    let’s see what they are going to say once Lionsgate makes the Naruto
    live action movie since they got the right to it from what I read…

  • Jenny FengAugust 17, 2015Reply

    No expectation, No disappointment.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sneakyla-68525August 17, 2015Reply

    This movie BLOWS. Don’t waste your money on this movie. If anything, watch it for free online if you can.

    This movie was terrible. If you read or watch the anime then you’ll
    quickly get extremely annoyed in the first 30 minutes of the movie and
    I promise you that you will end up very disappointed by the end of the
    movie. The story is terrible and many characters are portrayed

    If you truly need to watch it then do not waste your money on it and
    instead watch it for free online or in a later date of release. The
    movie isn’t even worth a dollar. It looks like they rushed this movie
    and only made it for the purpose of grabbing quick cash because of how
    big Attack on Titan series are at this moment in the manga world. I’m
    also sure that the movie budget were very low because the CGI were
    horrendous! Especially when the characters were using their gears. The
    only good part about the movie are the titans and their brutality.


  • Swapnil NetankarAugust 17, 2015Reply

    Not for anyone who has seen the anime

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • olandemasbumiAugust 17, 2015Reply

    It’s Great!!

    for a 90 minutes (part 1), it’s a great live action, if you guys want a
    perfect stories just like its manga or anime, then it should’ve put
    into large scale series just like game of thrones.. a lot of details in
    AOT, it visually entertaining even not that spectacular but still it
    creeps enough of seeing those titan. There’s nothing wrong to put the
    romantic side in the movie, who doesn’t love mulder and scully? For the
    cast, it is so cool to see the real mikasa with all her flat face and
    superb ability and hange zoe is so awesomely funny!! Well it’s
    impossible to compare the live action with the on going anime, i truly
    love this movie a lot..

  • rawbone-99572August 17, 2015Reply

    I wanted to like this movie for what it is, but…

    The movie starts with a narration that tells all you need to know:

    ”One hundred years ago monstrous-size humanoids (that looks like
    oversize zombies with gaping mouths) called ”Titans” suddenly appear
    and begin terrorizing civilization. So to preserve human lives,
    survivors of the first attack constructed three massive walls around a
    capita of land that will at least in the future provide safety if
    another Titan Attack should happen.”

    One hundred years later we meet our heroes, Eren, Mikasa and Armin
    where they meet in the meadowland and they curiosity peak of what lies
    beyond the walls.

    In the process of wanting to venture beyond the walls, we find out it;s
    feasting season for the Titans. They’re hungry again and they have
    found their food supply.

    There’s two scenes I like throughout the whole movie and I have to say
    this is one of them. The Titans breached the walls and began feasting.
    It’s very well done. I like how well the visual FX are done, more
    importantly I love the carnage. The scenes are gruesome, gory, heck
    they even pulled me in. There the movie does something that should have
    propelled the story to higher heights. There’s also a funny scene
    during the invasion regarding one the soldiers guarding the walls and a
    gun. I thought it was hilarious. But, the movie lacks more moments like

    After the invasion I have to say the movie falls flat on its face for a
    good running time, just my opinion. It jumped two years later. There
    the main characters are recruited and supposedly trained with special
    weapons and skill to kill those Titans.

    As for the actors they were convincing. Any mishaps I blamed it on the
    screenplay. No strong character developments. The dialogue stays at
    minimum, and they’re dull at times. For majority of the time most of
    the characters act too dumb for no good reason, not hilariously dumb,
    but infuriatingly dumb. The characters either don’t run or attack when
    they need to and –die. The photography is certainly the most
    consistent of all the technical department. The director does a good
    job but at times wonder why he doesn’t cue the actor of what action a
    VFX monster is doing or how should they react to it in time. But what
    infuriating me the most is the bad screenplay. Don’t get me wrong its
    still a pretty good movie. It just full with so much potential than
    what they gave us. (I’m not a fan by the way, just a guy who loves
    movies regardless of the genre, anime included)

    There are other things I wanted to enjoy in this movie like the
    dialogue. There are time characters utter rather inspirational or
    philosophical lines, as to give you a slice of life and it’s
    frustrating we didn’t get more of that.

    Though I like what they did with the special effects (repetitive as
    they may seem), hated the characters for being too dumb at times, the
    final scene is the reason you’ll watch this movie.

    And I believe there’s a piece of commentary (according to the Manga
    creator Hajime Isayama) that I think is lost somewhere in the
    adaptation process. According to the end credit scene there s PART II
    End Of The World.

    NOTE: The reason I’m infuriated with this movie is because ”Attack On
    Titan” has true potential to transcends it source material and push
    Japanese Cinema to do more movies like this based on anime,or and
    Manga. While I enjoyed bits and pieces, it’s hard to say the same about
    the whole movie. Though a whole lot better than most American B-movies
    I expected more considering how popular the source material is.

  • 3xHCCHAugust 17, 2015Reply

    Gets Worse When Compared to Anime

    I did not even plan to watch this film when I saw ads that it was going
    to be shown. However, I was surprised when a lot of young people were
    actually very excited to see it. Apparently it was a very famous manga
    turned anime series. They wanted to see how the story would be
    translated into a film with live actors. The film was locally rated
    R-16 and this actually got me curious as to what could be so adult
    about it. As the film started, I would not have to wait too long to
    find out why.

    The film is about a dystopian world when what is left of humanity has
    been confined inside a huge walled city. The tall concrete walls were
    built to protect them from huge monsters they called Titans who ate
    human beings for fun. That has been the status quo for 100 years until
    one day when one particularly gigantic Titan suddenly showed up and
    kicked a hole through the ancient wall. This enabled the naked
    bloodthirsty humanoid giants to gain entrance and ravage the town.

    The film follows the story of three teenage friends (the rebellious
    Eren, the mousy Mikasa and the smart Armin) as they first experienced
    first hand the horror of this new scourge, and two years later when
    they become soldiers to fight an impossible battle against the
    insatiable monsters. During one heated battle when he rescued a friend
    from certain death, Eren gets swallowed down by one Titan. However, it
    was also then that fortune began to favor the humans when a new,
    different and more powerful kind of Titan emerged whose enraged
    fighting was directed against the other Titans.

    The film felt like a Japanese ”Hunger Games” or ”Maze Runner” with its
    young adult lead characters and dystopian setting. The special effects
    of the Titans were rather crude and unimpressive. There was perverse
    sense of excitement in seeing the Titans chomping down humans, but this
    eventually wore off after witnessing the first few bites.

    The pace of the storytelling stalled somewhere in the middle such that
    the film became tiresome to watch. It was only until the action picked
    up again by the climactic battle in the end that the film became truly
    exciting. The way the main characters were portrayed was unlikeable,
    especially Eren and Mikasa. Something felt off about their
    characterizations. The story may be interesting, but the execution by
    director Shinji Higuchi was not entirely satisfactory.

    My curiosity sparked, I decided to watch the original 2013 anime
    ”Shingeki-no-Kyojin” online. The events in this first film were only in
    the first eight of the 25 episodes in the series. (The sequel is
    already set to be released by next month on Sept. 19 in Japan.) Even in
    the first two episodes alone, I already saw how much the filmmakers
    changed the way the anime told the story. I could understand why the
    filmmakers may changed the European setting (though the Western names
    for Japanese actors could be puzzling) or why they made the characters
    older. I also understand how it would be impossible to get all the
    backstory of the characters in more detail due to time constraints, but
    I felt they should not have totally ignored this very important aspect.

    Eren in the film, as played by Haruma Miura, was immediately introduced
    as a cocky slacker who could not hold a job more than a few days. We do
    not know anything more about him at all. So the events that will happen
    to him in the course of the film would be totally head-scratching for
    the uninitiated. The painfully awkward Mikasa of the film, as played by
    Kiku Mizuhara, is really very different from the cool and confident
    Mikasa of the anime. This character was really very poorly portrayed in
    the film, even in the second act when she was already supposed to be an
    elite soldier.

    Watching the excellent anime made me even more disappointed with the
    film version. The film was a dreary version, from the dim color palette
    to the cheesy special effects. The lacking character development in the
    film was even more blatant when placed beside the rich back stories in
    the anime. The voice acting in the animated version was even more
    compelling and moving than the rather lame live acting in the film
    version. That the film even took time to inject unnecessary scenes of a
    sexual nature (not in the anime) felt pathetic.

    When I initially watched the film without having seen the anime yet, I
    already felt the film was not able to deliver the best from what could
    have been a very potent story. After watching the anime, I am even more
    disappointed with how the film missed to capture the interesting
    stories of the characters. It went for the obvious audience draw — the
    visually gory thrill of seeing mighty Titans pulling apart or biting
    the head off puny humans — without developing its main characters
    properly. When the novelty of those grim spectacles soon passed, the
    characters were left without enough heart for audiences to root for in
    the end. 5/10.

  • jackmeatAugust 17, 2015Reply

    Very original and strange film

    My quick rating 6,9/10. If you are looking for a truly original and
    completely bizarre movie, this is it. The summary doesn’t tell you this
    great plot. Titans (giants that eat humans like potato chips) are kept
    out of a city by a giant wall. Well, of course the Titans get in and
    destroy the city and eat any human they can get their hands on, and in
    very gory fashion. The visuals in this movie are stunning. Obviously
    the military finds a way to fight back, sorta (hard to explain) and
    that is the extent of the movie. Nice 90 minutes so it doesn’t drag on,
    although I personally wanted it to. This is a must see for any type of
    movie fan that isn’t against weird fantasy and violence. Go in open
    minded and you will enjoy this one.

  • kqli06August 17, 2015Reply

    Huge disappointment…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • urthpainterAugust 18, 2015Reply

    Instant Cult Classic

    And I want to tell every single fanatic of the anime who is hating on
    this live action version, personally, to gfts’s (my own personal
    acronym for the moment, lol). There are few things more frustrating
    than people judging one medium on another – on story on another, and
    not simple judgment on what is there before their eyes.

    I too am a fan of the source anime – it is one thing, this is something
    else entirely. One of the more atmospheric films I’ve seen in quite
    some time. There is so much to like here! The performances are pretty
    dang good! The achievement of creating this nightmarish, violent
    experience is something to behold!

    In a way this film can’t win. It won’t appease fanatics of the manga or
    anime. Most newcomers will be astonished by the brutality, and deem it
    a exhibition in depravity.

    This movie is for fans of films like Story of Ricky, Dumplings,
    Haunters, Evil Dead II, Re- animator, the Manster… and a long list of
    other overachieving low to mid budget film willing to push the envelope
    in terms of content and clever film making.

    I love watching movies. I have consumed an astronomical number over the
    years, so it is always a pleasure to see something with this kind of
    fresh approach. This film is such a great warning and reminder for
    people to not have expectation, and judge what they see and hear – not
    what they Want to see or hear.

    I know this is a half assed review in terms of analysis – but if you
    like any of the films mentioned above, enjoy extreme violence in films,
    and want to escape into an action packed nightmare – give this movie a

    way above average: 8/10

  • shadigunAugust 18, 2015Reply

    Hate it

    The bond of Eren and Mikasa is shattered in this movie buy killing her
    off and reappearing 6 months later and having a relationship with the
    guy who saved her and trained her. in the manga/anime they stick
    together after the titan attack and joined the forces and training
    together still having the bond.

    the movie had more drama that the manga was lacking i get that but
    don’t change the story.

    in the manga there was a secret key that eren’s dad showed him and that
    going to be the plot for season 2 for the anime a key to the basement.
    might be a secret to kill the titans easier. that’s not in the the

  • trakandriftAugust 18, 2015Reply

    Fun for fans, but that’s about it…

    First let me say I’m a huge fan of the anime, and I respect that this
    film had a huge challenge in its path. There is so much character
    development and back-story and a massive cast of characters to try and
    include in one film. Not to mention some of the most terrifying
    monsters and awesome action to try and transfer from animation to film.
    Objectively, the film falls flat on most fronts. The character
    development is nearly nonexistent and what is there focuses on the most
    annoying and unimportant characters. Where is the exposition of Eren?
    The depth of his relationship with sister and protector Mikasa? The
    action is a fair attempt at bringing to life the ODMG, but it’s
    obviously very low budget. The Titans however are satisfyingly
    disturbing, and without spoiling anything one Titan in particular is
    done very very well.

    To summarize, lackluster action, pathetic character development,
    passable acting (barely), cookie-cutter characters and decent horror.
    As a fan, it’s worth renting. As an uninitiated viewer, pass this Titan
    movie because it’s a titanic flop as a standalone action-horror.

    4 out of 10 for my fan bias. Just go watch the anime again.

  • greyblue-08194August 18, 2015Reply

    Awesome movie both horror and thriller

    I have no idea what the anime version looks like, but this movie kick
    Hollywood ass. Real entertainment. Give you the thrills of a horror
    movie also survival horror like the old Resident Evil 2 movie…
    Hollywood science fiction movie is all about CG and does not entertain
    anymore …Great Movie

    The only reason why most people bash this movie is because they expect
    it to be Anime clone or something. People always complain expecting all
    live action movies recreated from cartoons is . they expect people to
    be like cartoons..

    I believe this movie is more thrilling than the dramatic liveless
    cartoon anime versions.

  • diablopete13August 18, 2015Reply

    Failure in Filmmaking

    When I first heard that this movie was in production I was both
    pessimistic and intrigued. The premise of the television series
    interested me but could not gather my interest even after watching half
    a dozen episodes. Still, perhaps it could be made into something
    exceptional for the big screen? It could not.

    I did not know the characters in-depth prior to watching the movie so
    their alteration from the TV series did not bother me. It was the
    -TERRIBLE- acting that did. If they spent more than an afternoon
    casting this film then they wasted their time. I can’t think of a worse
    acted film and I’ve seen some bad ones. And the lack of theatrical
    talent was exposed when the characters attempted to explain their
    complexity of character through terribly drawn out and over-exposed
    scenes. I’m not Japanese so perhaps there is a cultural step that I’m
    missing? Because I really disliked 90% of the characters immediately…
    and it only got worse as it went along.

    The reason it got 4stars and not 1 was they actually did an excellent
    job with the titans! The disturbing looking, lumbering monstrosities
    were exceptionally frightening. Their portrayal was the saving grace of
    the film but… I was still looking at my watch midway through and
    grumbling about how there was 40 minutes left in the film. My mind
    began filling with things I’d rather be doing… mowing the lawn,
    getting dental surgery, listening to my girlfriend complain.

    Maybe hardcore fans of the AoT series will love it… but I won’t
    suggest it to anyone except by saying, ”Wanna see one of the worst
    films I’ve ever witnessed?”

  • quincytheodoreAugust 18, 2015Reply

    Fans would not be pleased of the deviation from original source and its presentation barely manages to deliver average action thriller

    Film studio usually takes liberty on interpreting a live action, but
    Shingeki no Kyojin strays so much it doesn’t even resembles the
    original story. This would be acceptable if the new plot follows the
    same core, far from that the characters and world here feel inferior,
    they are almost unrecognizable if not for the cosmetic. Its biggest
    strength is the gore, it’s a viable action with a lick of horror when
    it gets momentum.

    Humanity has a grim reminder that they live in fear of Titans, or so
    the opening says. The film focuses on a group of youngster trying to
    fend off Titans with Spider-Man cosplay tool. Right from the opening
    act, it doesn’t follow the plot of manga. To be fair, it would have
    been okay if it worked. I’m not a fan and changes are expected, but in
    this case, it ruins both the new rendition and might even offend the

    Setting takes a drastic turns, both the time and place are entirely
    different. Character development feels watered down. Stripped from
    their traits, these guys and girls look like generic anime protagonist,
    while in manga they at least have distinct features. This rings
    especially true with the lead Eren and Mikasa who only bear the same
    name yet without any real charm.

    The new additional characters as well as the portrayal of existing ones
    are choppy at best. Probably only a few of the scenes with humans
    actually have the same level of humor or tone. Effects don’t really
    capture the agile motion, although the Titans do appear menacing. They
    look creepy enough with all the smirk and blood, which the show used in
    abundance. These Titans are bleeders.

    It’s uncertain what this live action tries to accomplish, its major
    demographic is definitely the fans, yet the significant change will
    turn them off. It may appeal to general audience as an action flick,
    although with lesser plot it’s merely passable as monster movie with
    slightly nifty gimmick.

  • balif-45771August 18, 2015Reply


    just awful i had high hopes for this but its just trash i wouldn’t
    recommend it at all. it is just not even close to the series, its its
    own kinda weird attack on titan. i dint even like the cast the people
    who play this characters are just awful its like a movie about teens…
    what else could i say its just terrible and stupid and just not good at
    all i don’t i got trough about 10 minutes into the movie and just
    started hating it there is just no connection to the actual series,
    unless u count names and costumes other than that, its just a terribly
    awful movie. If you haven’t watch this movie yet, i wouldn’t its just
    not worth the 1h 30m. heck its not even worth the first 15 minutes.

  • harvgrahamAugust 18, 2015Reply

    The is both bad and good in it’s own respects

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Reggie WardAugust 18, 2015Reply

    Great Action but…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Birkoff HimuraAugust 18, 2015Reply

    A very good movie.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sanin-29559August 19, 2015Reply

    I approve!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Kaloyan KumanovAugust 19, 2015Reply

    I feel unhappy

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • KissMyAss31193August 19, 2015Reply

    A middle finger to the audience!

    A few minutes into the movie I was taken by surprise that the director
    chose to wildly mash up the characters and their relationships. Even
    though I really like the anime I was open to a new envisionment of the
    source material, since prejudice is something I try not to practice.
    Maybe the director wanted a new interpretation, while maintaining the
    essence of the series. But then it dawned on me that this new
    interpretation was leaky at best and the capturing of the essence was a
    parody. It was a 90 minute crap-fest of half-assed dialog,
    disinterested story telling and slasher-like violence. The movie also
    had a particular inability of finding a tone. Any tone. All the scenes
    feel staged, unreal and almost completely unrelated. Most disturbingly
    however was the implausibility. Nothing seems connected and nobody
    related. This is a waste of brilliant source material!

  • geearfAugust 19, 2015Reply

    As an anime watcher don’t watch, others meh…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Otakore LiterantadodistAugust 19, 2015Reply

    I neither like or dislike it. It’s okay. But a big turndown for Attack on Titans’ fans.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • isaacnewtonsAugust 19, 2015Reply

    Incredibly atmospheric.

    It can be hard to port something that fits into such a niche form as
    manga but I found this film to keep a great atmosphere and tension that
    makes it a worthy companion to the anime. Granted it’s not perfect but
    I found the pacing, acting, style and grandeur to be very worthwhile
    and appropriate for such a beloved series. It is quite separate from
    both the manga and the anime but this only makes it worthy in its own
    right as a new medium into the whole Attack on Titan universe. It is
    close enough to the source material as not to have caused me any
    distress and I loved the film throughly. It can be campy (possibly just
    due to literal translation or idiomatic differences) but I think that
    that added an extra layer of charm. Where there was once a level of
    separation from realism with the manga and anime, seeing this in
    something akin to humanistic is terrifying. There is one specific scene
    (No spoilers included) where a titan appears in the back of a shot that
    had me recoiling in fear. The realism of the titans I found to be
    wonderful as they are very much as I would imagine a live action
    version of them to be. It is hard to fit material that is as wide and
    simultaneously dense and packed with content into a restrictive 90
    minute film but I feel it does this incredibly well, if, if, if you
    accept it as an entity in itself and not in congruence with the manga
    or the anime. It is wonderfully Macabre and dark and this tone is
    beautifully kept throughout the film with a sense of not being given
    excessive amounts of exposition but with enough to satisfy people who
    don’t know the series. Possibly those who follow the series religiously
    may have a problem or two with changes but similar things happened to
    Game of Thrones and other materials that have moved off the page where
    everything cannot be put into the new medium. Some beautiful and
    touching/ frightening and uncomfortable things are left out but to go
    in expecting everything that happened on TV to be reproduced shot for
    shot would have no merit in and of itself. Very much worth a watch and
    I’d recommend it highly for long time fans and new comers if you
    understand certain liberties will have been taken to adapt it for film.

  • Melsheen KissobAugust 19, 2015Reply

    It is different but not so bad for a movie.

    Don’t expect the story line of the manga or anime here. The movie has
    changed the names of those who are not in the lead cast. It also has
    different places, weapons, and especially events. It wasn’t even for
    kids. You must be mature to watch it. Otherwise, you’re not gonna
    finish it, or probably finish it and feel depressed and mad. All I can

    You can say that it only took the idea of Shingeki no Kyojin and put it
    in live. You can not blame the production or the director for that.
    They did their job and they produced a movie worth watching somehow.
    They changed the plot to fit it in 1 hour and 40 minutes. They probably
    changed the names, places and other things to make the viewers know
    that it is not a live action of the manga/anime but a live action of
    the idea. At least they have made something original for them. Lol.
    Really, it’s not that bad. Just be open and mature about it.

  • vu_minh_phongAugust 20, 2015Reply

    The story is bad, not convincing at all

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • kitsuraAugust 20, 2015Reply

    Save Your Time and Money

    Firstly i think this movie should only be based loosely on the actual
    manga. They have changed the nature of the main characters to be almost
    entirely different ones. Eren is not supposed to be a tough guy and
    Mikasa is not supposed to be the lovey-dovey one. In the manga Eren was
    constantly being bullied and needed to be rescued by Mikasa. She is
    more a cold aloft character in the manga and not supposed to be so

    With that out of the way, even on it’s own this movie is hardly
    watchable. There is 0 character development. We don’t know the
    motivations of Eren, Mikasa or Armin and why they all hated the titans
    so much to want to risk their lives joining the military to kill them.

    Save your money and watch another film. I know i won’t be watching part
    2 of this movie.

  • Voyou NobodysbusinessAugust 20, 2015Reply


    I don’t know the source material and I don’t care about it: I’m not big
    on manga anyway. This film has the pace of classic animated TV manga:
    long, still, boring scenes of blah blah between cardboard characters
    alternating with frantic action. Yes, Attack on Titan is rife with the
    former, but the equally abundant scenes involving the Titans simply
    blew me away.

    To keep it short, this is the combination of a trope-ridden dull script
    and a brutal, fascinating imagery like I had seldom seen before.
    Emotionally, I might compare it to Frank Miller’s cinematic

    It’s also an unfinished story, the first instalment of a two-parter. In
    this particular case, I will overlook its style-over-substance nature
    as I am eager to watch more of the same.

  • aphan-83090August 20, 2015Reply

    I’ve seen bad movies, but even they are 10/10 compared to this

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • nicolettak-00623August 21, 2015Reply

    It Honestly Isn’t That Bad

    AoT is probably one of the most popular series out there at the moment
    and I will admit that die-hard fans would find this disappointing.
    However, I am a die-hard fan myself and when I heard the news that a
    live-action was being made, I delved straight into research. I
    continued this research all the way from the beginning to even up to
    the point where I watched it myself.

    First, I’ve always thought that live-action movies have never really
    been Japan’s forte, plus considering the technical aspects of AoT I had
    a feeling CG and effects would be dodgy at some points. And honestly, I
    was IMPRESSED with the effects; yeah, some points I thought it could’ve
    been better and occasionally I rolled my eyes and thought, ”Totally NOT
    a green screen.” But equal many times I literally squealed in delight
    at the CG and effects, because it looked absolutely terrific during
    those times.

    Secondly, for those of you who complain that it doesn’t follow the
    original storyline at all. Isayama Hajime himself ASKED for the story
    to be different and it was up to the writers, yet to still keep the key
    elements. I found this out so long ago that I was prepared for
    something different the whole time, and I like the result. Except the
    ending, the last twenty or so minutes I feel as though the writers sort
    of lost their creative spark and tried to put in as many scenes from
    the manga as they could, which was disappointing.

    Third, the acting and the characters. I liked the acting a lot in this
    movie, except for a few characters in some scenes. I thought Kiko
    Mizuhara played Mikasa beautifully and think no else could play the
    role better than her, honestly. I also liked how the writers gave
    Mikasa more of a ”not taking any bullshit” attitude, but that’s more of
    a personal preference, I suppose. Honestly, I just liked the general
    acting of characters.

    Last thing, the scenery. Oh my lord how I loved the settings.The more
    crowded towns, the fields, the walls… AND THE GORE, wow. If there’s
    anything I’ve learnt about Japan, is that they’re not light on the gore
    for things like this. And I was absolutely LOVING IT.

    Overall, I really liked this movie except for the ending, but hopefully
    the next movie will make up for it. I would watch this again at some
    point, no doubt. Just watch it with an open mind and don’t criticize
    every point, then trust me, it’s an enjoyable movie.

  • Loredana MalicAugust 21, 2015Reply

    Very different from the anime, but I kind of digged it!

    OK, so I’m writing this as someone who has recently finished watching
    the anime series, and I’ve got to say… I actually liked the live
    action. Just not that much, because let’s be real here, nothing
    compares to the anime! NOTHING! First of all, don’t go into this movie
    hoping or waiting for it to follow the anime’s plot line, because it
    won’t. The movie kept only a few of the original characters, namely
    Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Sasha and Hange-san. However, even if they
    appear in the live action too, their stories are waaaay different than
    those in the anime. So be warned.

    Also, the movie is definitely more slow-paced than the anime… My
    guess is they didn’t have that large a budget to pay for additional
    effects and they just went with boring love scenes, bla bla scenes,
    etc. just to make up for the time. However (my second however), I
    didn’t seem to mind that. It was nice to see something else, some other
    story for Eren and Mikasa. Their backgrounds are different here, their
    feelings for each other as well. But you’ll see.

    If you’ve watched the anime, then you know what I’m talking about, but
    if not, I hope this is not a spoiler for you: I loooved Eren’s rampage
    towards the end. Made my night for sure! Surprisingly enough, it kind
    of follows the original story, so I enjoyed it tremendously.

    All in all, I can say that this was worth my time, blood & gore &
    everything else. I can’t wait for the second movie to come out!!

  • xaznpunkxAugust 22, 2015Reply

    fast-forwarded 2x, still waste of time

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • John SmithAugust 22, 2015Reply

    PAINFUL to Watch

    First of all I have seen the anime and it’s definitely one of my
    favorites. This movie is a complete and utter disgrace to the franchise
    and does not have any positive quality that gave the franchise the
    popularity it earned nor does it have any qualities that make up for
    how bad it is.

    The story in this version is for some reason changed severely from the
    original, which I would not even mind if it were just as good or even
    remotely decent, but no, it is very, very far from that. The story has
    A LOT of holes in its plot and logic. They removed the things that made
    the story beautiful, dramatic, and powerful and replaced them with
    their own amateurish, illogical, juvenile, excuse for writing. I cannot
    even fathom why or how the creator allowed this to happen.

    Like the story, the characters are so heavily altered, they don’t even
    have the same personalities as the original. Eren is now some kind of
    personification of ”cool” from some nine year old’s mind and Mikasa is
    now your average dumb, doting, beta girl. The dialogue is so completely
    stupid that I could not stop cringing the entire time. Despite the fact
    that they only needed 90 minutes for this movie, there are still a lot
    of awkward, unnecessary scenes and pauses that make the cringing
    feeling really set in.

    The acting is also terrible, it’s more of something you would expect
    from kids in a school play rather than from professionals in a big
    screen movie for a huge franchise. The CGI would have been impressive
    twenty years ago, like everything else they seemed to have settled on
    something mediocre at best yet they still add a lot of unnecessary CGI
    scenes that just help pronounce how bad it is.

    I have no idea how much their budget was but they can’t expect to
    release this movie without expecting massive negative criticisms not
    just from fans but even from your average consumers of today’s media.
    Yes if you showed this movie to a caveman who’s never seen any recent
    entertainment media, he might be impressed but the standards have been
    set and this garbage cannot even pass as ”decent” for today’s
    standards. Even more so because this movie belongs to a huge,
    successful, popular franchise and this movie has had so much hype
    leading up to its release.

  • archerlokiAugust 22, 2015Reply

    Waste of time!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • juviakavanaghAugust 22, 2015Reply

    I cannot praise this enough!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • T CampbellAugust 22, 2015Reply

    It’s not as bad as the fan-boys on here are saying…

    As a non-fan I was mildly entertained. Didn’t think it was terrible,
    didn’t think it was the best film ever. I felt it faithfully translated
    a very convoluted TV series the best way it could within 90 mins while
    not sacrificing action and Titan screen time.

    I don’t consider myself a fan of the TV series, but being someone in
    their late 30’s who grew up on they heyday of Japanese animation back
    in the 80’s and 90’s–Attack on Titan was the first time in a long
    while that an animation from there felt fresh, poignant and emotionally
    compromising for the viewer. The young kid in me would have loved this
    TV series, but the late 30’s me who has been through a lot in life and
    chooses to seek out more positive and cheerful entertainment felt it
    got a bit too overly depressing and macabre. That’s not saying I felt
    it was bad, just no longer my taste in entertainment anymore.

    Fanboys/fan-girls on here rating this film 1’s have noticeably a lot of
    impractical whines concerning the film. They simply are expecting a 600
    hour TV animation series to be summed up in 90mins. It doesn’t take
    someone who has worked on a film to realize that is setting up an
    impractical expectation. Characters and situations ARE to be expectedly
    retooled in order to give the film proper pacing. Sure, some characters
    in the film that fans had invested a lot of hours into via the TV
    series are sometimes sidelined, rewritten or killed off. I expected and
    knew this would happen and it didn’t change my perspective on the
    overall film because I didn’t go in with impractical fan expectations
    of this ”film adaptation”. Of course a 600 hour TV series has plenty of
    time for you to become emotionally invested with meat shield fighters
    that the overall story had every intention of killing off down the line
    for more emotional impact. But trying to delve into all those
    characters in a 90 minute film isn’t going to happen. Have to be more
    objective than that within the context of this adaptation.

    That being said the film does suffer from being disjointed and rushing
    through major plot points towards the final cliffhanger. It’s really a
    film that just gets to the point and does not bores you with exposition
    that you can pretty much obviously figure out on your own.

    The Titans are absolutely as terrifying as I remembered from the TV
    series and faithfully depicted. I found myself covering my face in some
    parts like I did with the TV series, so I think they did their job well
    in translating the horror and macabre of what the humans went through.

    The action was obviously CGI heavy, but not done in a way that felt
    tawdry. They perfectly captured the aerial flight and feel of the
    fights from the TV series well.

    Attack on Titan was by no means a 1 rated film. It’s no Ed Wood film.
    It’s no Manos the Hands of Fate. It’s not Glitter levels of bad. It’s
    not a film that is really that terrible. It’s a film that on a baseline
    captures the terrifying essence of the TV series main concepts, but
    does suffers a little bit on core characters development.

  • fluffsetAugust 22, 2015Reply

    awesome adaptation!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • punchipowAugust 23, 2015Reply

    This movie is just about a bunch of girls who go after babies

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • freecss-familyAugust 24, 2015Reply

    Worst Live Action Adaption. Ever.

    If you thought Avatar: The Last Airbender live action adaption was bad,
    wait until you see Attack on Titan live action adaption. It is so bad
    that I have no words to even describe it.

    Don’t even bother wasting your time watching it.

    You can’t even call this an adaptation because it isn’t anything close
    to an adaption.

    The acting is bad, the CGI is bad, the audio is bad, the story is bad
    and the visuals are bad. The movie should be renamed to Attack on
    Franchise; How to Destroy a Franchise.

    I just can’t believe how bad it is!

  • Epp McbugsAugust 24, 2015Reply

    Basically a Bad Cosplay movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • stealayaAugust 25, 2015Reply

    Even hard fan can enjoy this movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • liana blsAugust 27, 2015Reply

    A pleasant movie for me!

    I’m a huge fan of the manga so I was quite disappointed in the first
    minutes of the movie, as it was obvious that it wouldn’t stick to the
    original plot. I forgot what I knew about the story-line and kept on

    The bond between Eren, Mikasa and Armin is not well presented, I found
    myself questioning their reactions and I think if that was my first
    contact with the series I would be lost. There are some plot holes, a
    variation to heroes’ characters and scenes that want to give feels but
    they don’t manage to. In general, plot wasn’t good enough and the
    acting disturbed me a little.

    On the other hand, I enjoyed a lot of scenes. I think the titans, the
    town and the walls were well portrayed and the costumes were amazing.
    The blood scenes were awesome!

    I wanted to see a lifelike version of the manga and they delivered to
    give me this, so I’m pleased. I wouldn’t give this movie a bad rating
    as I had a great time watching it!

  • Noah WashingtonAugust 27, 2015Reply

    Very bad

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jacklam55September 1, 2015Reply

    This movie sucks

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • drwhochick01September 1, 2015Reply

    Next time read the manga before making the movie!

    This movie was so incredibly disappointing. Madman completely wasted
    their time on this rubbish. I can not believe how they have run Hajime
    Isayama’s manga through the mud, destroying it. Not one aspect, beside
    the names and existence of Titans, of this movie adaptation was similar
    the manga or anime. They completely cut out integral characters, plot
    lines and places. Instead adding useless romance arcs or making up
    interactions between characters who never even existed. To put this
    simply, this movie fails in the same way as M. Night Shyamalan’s
    adaptation of Avatar The Last Air Bender, to capture the essence of the
    original text. I suggest they take every copy of this crap and bury it
    in a pile like the Atari’s E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and NEVER speak
    of it again! Madman I suggest you spend you time and money on better
    projects in future.

  • bepetrianaSeptember 3, 2015Reply

    Why do they call this an adaptation?

    First off, I didn’t even have any expectation to begin with. I was
    ready to see plot twists and different approach to the story, but this
    so called adaptation is just a HUGE letdown. I lost count how many
    times I rolled eyes while watching this pathetic movie. Honestly, did
    the director read the manga? There were too many changes, like TOO
    MANY! It should not be called Attack on Titan anymore, really. The only
    good things are Miura’s performance as Eren, Ishihara as Hange, and
    Hongo as Armin. I think the three actors captured the essence of their
    characters well despite of their screen time. Kiko, as expected, did
    not deliver the best portrayal of Mikasa. And that new character,
    Shikishima? Let’s just be grateful that Levi wasn’t included in this

  • jacksparrow111September 4, 2015Reply

    This movie is awesome

    Love this movie…its fantastic i love the new plot and they still
    keeps some element of the manga and anime awesome! from the start and
    till the end they keep it up nicely and the characters fit so well with
    the cast they are really something… the titan expression and
    appearance also preserved from the original series..from the anime or
    the manga personally i really enjoyed this movie the atmosphere a
    little off but no matter the fighting and all for me its
    thing missing is the use of 3dmg is not enough and seems a little bit
    unrealistic..other than that two thumbs up (y) (y) really enjoyed this

  • master_chief10September 6, 2015Reply

    Was very good

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sadako11September 6, 2015Reply

    Watchable as long as there is a titan on the screen

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Chosokabe Otani MuramasaSeptember 7, 2015Reply

    Very good for me

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • exclusivefroggerSeptember 7, 2015Reply

    Isn’t as bad as everyone is saying, but still pretty damn bad

    Story: I haven’t seen the anime in a long time but its clear they
    changed a lot of the story, some parts don’t even make sense honestly..
    Don’t know why they did that but that’s why I’m giving the story a

    Visuals: People are saying the CGI was bad but it really wasn’t. It was
    like a mixture of the old Godzilla movies with a bit over saturation of
    visual effects (special effects?) But overall it was pretty decent.
    Plus the fighting scenes looked pretty cool as well, its like if Jet
    Jaguar learned kung fu. 6.5/10 Alright for what Im guessing was a lower
    budget movie.

    Writing: Yeah.. horrible, just horrible. So many times you will say to
    yourself ”You know you can just run, right?” Just too many times where
    the writing just didn’t make no damn sense at all. 3/10 logic is non

    Overall it was pretty bad but if you like the anime you might be able
    to bear through it.

  • rds_1September 7, 2015Reply

    Disappointing, should have known better than to trust Asian movie makers to tell a full story.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Jordan Newton (jordan-newton-860-112860)September 8, 2015Reply

    What was going through their heads?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • hussainalawadiSeptember 8, 2015Reply


    This movie is the literal meaning of ”POO”,anyone giving this awful
    excuse of a movie any credit or more than 1 star(even though it
    deserves less than a 0!) then they have no taste AT ALL!!!

    If you haven’t watched the anime yet,do yourself a favor and watch it
    instead of this bad joke of a film,you’ll thank me for it,it literally
    left a bad taste in my mouth,I was cringing through the whole thing,I

    To the producer,writer,directer…damn you to hell for this! this might
    sound childish to you,but that is TRULY how I felt when I finished
    it(barely having any hair on my head left),I damn every single person
    involved in this crap-fest movie.


  • sunsetstationSeptember 8, 2015Reply

    This was a great rendition converting anime to movie

    I personally thought that this was a great rendition converting anime
    to movie. Most movies from other stories really destroy the awesomeness
    going from a book or anime to movie, but this movie really did a stand
    up job in making the story come to life. The graphics were simply
    amazing, surpassing most American made movies with our CG attempts. The
    sets were stunning to say the least! the expense they must have put
    into this movie must have been staggering. I hope that the follow up
    movies after this take and include at least the same standard as this
    first in hopefully a complete series. I would say that this movie is
    easily on par with the Lord of the Rings series here in America. Sure,
    you have to read the subtitles, but for a movie this good, it was so
    worth it! If you loved the anime, watch this movie. Sure, some things
    don’t line up with the anime series, but hey, they had to condense it
    to something that would work on the big screen. If you hadn’t anything
    else to compare this movie to, then it is perfect! Watch it, most won’t
    be disappointed, while some people wouldn’t accept it unless it
    followed every sentence used in the anime, which would never happen in
    any movie of any story, so ignore the naysayers, you shouldn’t be

  • danishalishimajiriSeptember 9, 2015Reply

    Huge disappointment

    Such a huge disappointment that was it upsetting. This movie completely
    ruins the plot, story, character and adds useless drama to an epic
    story by Hajime Isayama. Scenes of the Titan attacking the city were
    made up of actors in cheap spandex costumes rampaging thru a fake model
    city which looked like it was taken form old Ultraman or Godzilla
    Japanese TV series. Character’s story from the original anime or manga
    did not even exist, instead they added lame and cheap drama which was
    very poorly executed and looked forcefully inserted. Some effects were
    pretty cool but this movie cannot be called a movie adaptation of
    Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) because it doesn’t follow any
    story from the original manga or anime aside from the titans and names.
    It looks like this movie was created to cash in on a successful anime
    and manga series. If you are a fan of the original anime or manga then
    be prepared to be disappointed.

  • paul_3-960-896774September 12, 2015Reply

    Attack on descent movie making

    For a 90min film it felt like a 120min, that’s how slow the pace was at
    time, but when it picked up the action was OK and somewhat engaging
    despite the slasher-like violence. I was surprise that I got teary-eyed
    over the Eren-Armin scene because this is not a particularly good
    movie. It felt more like a parody than a serious film. There was no
    real connection with and between the characters so I didn’t really
    cared about what happened to them.

    The good thing that will come out of this experience is that I am now
    more than ever interested in the Manga. Watching the film I could tell
    that the manga was a hell of a lot better.


  • Otaku_CriticSeptember 12, 2015Reply

    So nitpicking

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • meoridlanSeptember 14, 2015Reply

    This is super amazing! Only if you are an OPEN MINDED PERSON.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • stefenlunnSeptember 14, 2015Reply

    Visually appealing, writing is lacking.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • grandmastersikSeptember 22, 2015Reply

    All a bit pointless, really

    Attack on Titan is an excellent Japanese cartoon series based on a
    comic… which means one can expect a die-hard army of nerds to bash
    any live-action effort that may deviate from the original or isn’t as
    good as the cartoon.

    To be honest, aside from the pretty bad opening dialogues to try to
    build up the characters, I tipped my hat to the production team behind
    this feature for trying something new – why rehash the same thing that
    everybody’s seen before, only to condense 6 hours of solid
    entertainment into 90 minutes in the process?

    Exactly: it’ll never work.

    So, where the team do make a good go of bringing the cartoon to the
    masses via film, it all goes horribly wrong 20 minutes from the end, as
    it delivers pieces identical to how they transpired in the series, thus
    defeating the purpose of putting an original spin on the film.

    But, unfortunately, that isn’t the film’s biggest problem.

    In the series, audiences came to care about the characters over a long
    period of time, whereas here, they all seem like cardboard cut-outs of
    the same characters and it’s difficult to get into the story at all,
    let alone blink an eye when someone gets chomped in half.

    The action scenes in this film could have – and should have – been
    fantastic, but they felt just as flat as the characters and plot.
    Credit where it’s due though: there are one or two really eerie
    moments, that do hint at the horror of the situation… if only it were
    handled better on the whole.

    All in all, the live-action version is pointless at best, and hated
    upon by fan-boys at worst. With so many better Japanese sci-fi films
    out there, I cannot recommend this (but, if you’ve the time, I would
    recommend the cartoons instead).

  • shehsheSeptember 23, 2015Reply

    It sucks!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • paulquilichiniSeptember 27, 2015Reply

    Script and Execution Failure

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • weirdguy35September 30, 2015Reply

    You’ll love it, if you go in with the right attitude.

    IF you liked aot, then you won’t like this. At least not for the same
    reasons. Me and my friends went into this movie expecting something
    like the last airbender, and we came out loving the movie. The movie
    itself is terrible. Weird special effects, decent acting, etc… But
    what makes it so special is it’s bad enough to keep you laughing, but
    good enough to keep you invested. It’s the special kind of bad where
    you’re laughing the whole time. Yet it throws enough weird things at
    you to keep you invested.

    In short, I would see this movie again. I had a really good time. But
    don’t expect anything. Think of it like the last airbender, but better.
    It’s bad, but a special bad. Definitely go give this a watch.

  • (acrrct)October 3, 2015Reply

    disappointment at its finest.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • (acrrct)October 3, 2015Reply

    disappointment at its finest.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Dave McClain ([email protected])October 4, 2015Reply

    ”Attack on Titan: Part 1” has a decent story, but the script, special effects and acting are pretty bad.

    When it comes to entertainment, the Japanese aren’t so different from
    us Americans. A popular comic book or graphic novel is likely to become
    a television show or even a live action movie – or both. For example,
    the Japanese manga (graphic novel) series, ”Attack on Titan” debuted in
    2009 and became an anime TV series in 2013. Then, like adaptations of
    our ”Twilight” or ”Hunger Games” sagas, ”Attack on Titan” became
    multiple movies, although, in this case, only two. ”Attack on Titan,
    Part 1” (NR, 1:30) was released in Japan on August 1, 2015 and, for a
    limited engagement, in the United States, on September 30th. Of course,
    like their American counterparts, Japanese Movie Fans expect film
    adaptations of their favorite entertainment properties to be faithful
    to the source material and to be of high quality. Thus, the Japanese,
    like us Americans, are sometimes disappointed.

    In this story, human civilization is surviving behind three sets of
    concentric cement walls that are tall enough to keep out King Kong… or
    Godzilla. This society exists outside of any recognizable place or
    time. It looks like it could be the modern world or the near future,
    but life behind the walls is quite primitive. It’s something of a
    police state, run by the military, but the flags on screen don’t
    represent any modern, real-life nation or organization. These nameless,
    nationless people are bound together by a shared heritage of fear –
    fear of the past and of a possible future that has them constantly on

    100 years in their past, a mysterious but monstrous group of giant
    human-like creatures inexplicability appeared and devastated
    civilization. These titans, as they’re called, look to be about the
    size of the aforementioned monsters. Being monsters, they wear no
    clothes, but they also lack genitalia (even though some of them appear
    to be female, based on the appearance of their chests). They all have
    creepy comical smiles on their faces and mostly emotionless eyes. They
    move slowly, but powerfully, and walk around eating people. In reality,
    they look like actors who are wearing body suits, are high on drugs and
    are being filmed in slow motion as they do to humans what the T-Rexes
    do in the ”Jurassic Park” movies, while operating like the ”walkers” in
    ”The Walking Dead” television shows. Anyway, it’s these giant,
    drugged-out zombie ballerinas with dinosaur DNA that people are hiding

    As the movie opens those walls have worked for a century and no one
    alive has ever even seen a titan. The young doubt wonder titans even
    exist or are just a legend. Or maybe they’re long gone and there is no
    more danger. Eren Jaeger (Haruma Miura) is one such young adult. He
    cajoles his girlfriend, Mikasa (Kiko Mizuhara), and his best friend,
    Armin (Kanata Hongo), into joining him in trying to find a way through
    the massive walls in order to see what’s out there. The trio barely
    reach the wall when they’re stopped by troops led by an officer named
    Souda (Pierre Taki) who explains that the military is about to organize
    a scouting party to do what Eren, Armin and Mikasa were trying to do.

    It’s about to become a moot point. An enormous titan, larger and uglier
    than any of the others, one that stands taller than the massive walls,
    kicks a hole in the wall and the ”regular” Godzilla / King Kong – sized
    titans come traipsing through in all their frightening androgynous
    glory. Buildings are destroyed, army garrisons are wiped out and many,
    many people are eaten alive. Souda disappears, Armin and Eren are
    separated and Mikasa is left for dead. The survivors retreat behind the
    second set of walls, but the loss of the farmland just inside the outer
    walls, and the loss of space in general, create a famine and even worse
    living conditions for the remainder of civilization. It’s a really bad
    time to be a human.

    Eventually, a plan forms to protect what’s left of the human race and
    regain what’s been lost. The military forms a Scouting Regiment to see
    if the titans are still around and make an attempt to fix that
    people-eater-sized hole in their outer wall. Eren and Armin reunite
    when they both volunteer for the regiment. Under the guidance of a
    bumbling squad leader and with the help of a mysterious female warrior,
    a diverse group of raw recruits learn how to fight like a combination
    of Spider-Man, a ninja and a samurai. Then they load up explosives,
    jump into military vehicles and head out to secure their future.

    ”Attack on Titan, Part 1” is a film that Japanese critics and audiences
    alike love to hate, and I can see why… kind of. The Japanese have
    complained about the special effects, the acting and changes in some
    characters, as compared to the manga series and the TV series. Without
    the same frame of reference that they have, I can only react to what I
    saw on screen at my local multiplex. The acting is definitely
    melodramatic and the special effects are indeed primitive – especially
    the scenes with the laughably-portrayed titans. The basic story isn’t
    bad, but it has some plot holes big enough for a titan to walk through,
    especially the ending which leaves some audience members whispering a
    frustrated ”WHAT?!” This film elicits a wide variety of reactions from
    those who see it. After the showing I attended (which was packed, by
    the way), I heard more discussion than I think I’ve ever heard
    immediately following a movie. Comments ranged from ”that was the worst
    movie ever” to ”that was pretty good.” I think that if you like
    old-school Japanese monster movies, you may enjoy this one. Given its
    lack of artistic and technical merits, however, I can’t recommend it.

  • arian_matOctober 8, 2015Reply

    more cloverfield monster than attack on titan

    Comparing to other movies based on Animes,mangas,etc is a good
    movie that takes a lot…..A LOT of creative freddom from the original
    content but that doesn’t make it a terrible movie. Plot: It’s about
    humanity and it’s attempts of survival against the titans,masive
    humanoids beings that feed on humans

    Story:it sums up most of the first season of the anime with a lot of
    freedom.changing character motivations,stories and even erasing some
    main characters completely!! This was really hard to overcome if you
    are a fan

    Cast: meh it’s the only way to describe it,only the actress who plays
    mikasa comes through as OK

    Effects:the whole movie has great effects.the titans are scary and the
    atmosphere is heavy and fell constant danger Pacing: The
    pacing is never stopping.toó fast.trying to fit too much content in one
    movie.losing a lot of character development in the way

    The movie is might even be better than that if you’re a
    newcomer but for a fan it takes too many liberties from the original
    content. It’s more cloverfield monster than attack on titan but i still
    enjoyed it

  • gedexOctober 9, 2015Reply


    awful this is awful to watch ,sad really make me sad, i am a fans to
    this anime this is really make my feeling filled with sadness

    This in nothing, nothing nothing like the anime , really different
    story and really make it bad,please don’t ruin attack on titan story
    people who not yet to watch the anime will not understand how good the
    attack on titan is,

    this story please this is so worst don’t continue anymore with this
    storyline , cant bear see MIKASA with just a random guy please don’t do
    it more, the fans really are disappointed

    for you all who don’t know about the real story please watch the anime

  • Carl CurrieOctober 10, 2015Reply

    Best to be seen if you have not read/seen the material before…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • BA_HarrisonOctober 14, 2015Reply

    Chomp, munch, gulp.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Cameron-Smith1996October 18, 2015Reply

    Uummmmm wtf?!??!,

    As a fan of the anime series, in fact it’s one of a very few anime
    series that I like, I was somewhat intrigued to see how a live action
    version would turn out. Well it seems it turned out to be utter s***.
    First of the soundtrack just feels weird, as if he doesn’t fit what is
    happening on screen, bar a few actions scenes, also the um creative
    changes they made to the Titans was not necessary, sure they stick
    mostly true to the anime and manga in terms of looks, I even forgave
    the fact that some Titans look down right stupid given that there were
    Titans in the anime that had the same affect. But why on earth did they
    make the Titans wail and laugh, it was just unnecessary attempt to make
    them scary. In anime the fact the Titans barely made any sounds minus
    the occasional moan, snarl or roar made them absolutely terrifying. The
    addition of laughing just felt weird. But by far the films biggest f***
    up is how it deals with its characters. Now the fact that the
    characters have been castes by Japanese actors even though in the anime
    the story is set in Europe and almost every oriental person is dead. I
    can look over, after all it is a Japanese productions and is westerners
    are guilty of the same sin. But how the hell were we meant to care
    about these characters, Armin in this film is the personification of a
    third wheel, Eren was about as relatable as the set props and Mikasa
    (whilst was still bad-ass) was pretty redundant. Oh yeah y’know those
    awesome members of the scout regiment, Cpt Levi, Erwin Smith? Not in
    this movie why ? Well they thought to replace the calm, cool,
    collective and all round bad-ass Levi with a smug and arrogant prick
    character who I can’t even care to remember. The problem was is that
    they didn’t include the character traits and stories that made these
    characters so memorable. Arwin didn’t have his development from wimpy
    kid to tactical and brave leader, Mikasa and Erens story of how they
    met is thrown aside for a stupid love story. And they chuck Erens story
    of how he witnessed his mother get eaten by Titans for what reason, who
    knows. Add in horrific acting and bam, complete destruction of the
    characters you love. Also they chuck the cool and intriguing story for
    a complete bore fest of one. There are two good things. First the fight
    scenes are cool and the cgi is not that terrible at least not all the
    way through and the second is that the first initial Titan invasion of
    the wall was really well done and was quite chilling. But all in all
    this film is just a spit in the face for anyone who loves or likes the
    anime like I do. 3/10

  • Tino Da Hakuna Campbell (loserlikeme)October 20, 2015Reply

    Waste of time

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jonathan1995-746-926939October 21, 2015Reply

    Worst. Movie. EVER.

    The ones who rated this must have been high on acid or payed because
    this is just an insult to the franchise. It makes you wonder if this
    was founded on Kickstarter because everything is just plain bad.

    The whole plot feels like it was written by a third grader, on top of
    that it seems like they spent all their budget on the opening of the
    movie to make the trailers look badass. They’ve also made changes to
    the main characters that makes them look plain and shallow. The outer
    circle quarter which in the movie is a beautiful medieval town filled
    with farmers and markets now looks like a 2000 century construction
    site. I understand that they’ve made their own interpretation of the
    series but god damn, they took everything away that made the series

    Watch this movie if you want to see: A shitty plot, shitty
    characters(Shitty development included), Shitty effects(Except from the
    opening), acting that makes you cringe, camera angles that gives your
    eyes aids.

  • bart-942-944948October 22, 2015Reply

    Not to bad

    When i got to see this movie on my home theater I was impressed by the
    scenery and the global feeling this movie is creating. I don’t know
    this series or am not an anime fan, just watched this movie cause i was
    interested in scifi in general. This movie accomplished what it meant
    to do according to me, during the movie I had a real bad feeling
    inside… This thanks to the excellent sounds and music they use during
    all this. Do not watch this movie on a laptop or tablet, but plug in a
    great surround… Even my dogs became uncomfortable during the initital
    invasion and the mission afterwards.

    Special effects are not bad (not Hollywood blockbuster level, but still
    not bad) Keep an open mind, turn up the volume, and forget what you
    know bout the anime series and you will ”enjoy” this movie.

  • Braiden NeilsonOctober 30, 2015Reply

    Anyone catching this similarity?

    Reminding anybody of Avatar: The Last Airbender, and how it bombed in
    the theatrical release? I don’t understand how hard it is for people to
    just follow the storyline that is already in place! There’s no need to
    butcher it, and sew it back together into some monstrosity and call it
    film. Nobody wanted a twist on the story! Everybody wanted to see the
    characters they know and love brawling it out with titans in
    live-action. Once again I regret the hype I built up waiting for this,
    it wasn’t worth getting worked up for. It was like they read a really
    short summary of the series and decided to make the rest of it up. Even
    the CGI was terrible, so clunky…

  • mateusknNovember 3, 2015Reply

    They should change the movie’s name.

    They should change the name because this is not Attack on Titan. The
    only thing they didn’t change was the character’s names. It’s a
    different story, different characters(except for their names) and the
    way it’s made makes no sense at all. I wonder what kind of heavy drugs
    the people who made this were doing… It’s OK to change some things in
    an adaptation from anime to movie, but they had the material to make
    something great and made a B- movie. The script makes no sense, you
    jump from meaningless scene to another with no proper context, and the
    acting is really bad.. or it’s just the Asian way of being
    over-exaggerated about everything, don’t know which.

    Anyways, this is a B movie and an insult to the original. I hope
    someone makes a Hollywood version of this with good writing and at
    least B+ acting, there’s a lot of people who would like that.

  • Thaneevuth JankrajangNovember 3, 2015Reply

    Minced Pork

    I knew absolutely nothing about the story, the manga, or the anime on
    which this film is based. The trailer shows me some blood and gore, and
    I want to see those scenes weaved into a good story. It is also a
    Japanese film, so I trust the extreme nature of the filmmakers, as I
    trust the likes of Takashi Miike. As a result, I am not disappointed so
    much. The film is passable as an entertainment. Hardly a memorable
    film. The script could have been more decent and well-streamlined.
    Without a coherent and deep-enough script, the film is hopelessly
    fragmented, and has a feel of someone hurriedly squeezing together a
    few short films by different directorial hands on the same sketch of a
    story. I believe the filmmakers, the director and the script writer,
    had imagined this film in scenes, rather than a well-combined film, and
    had wanted to include all those scenes to create a visual impact,
    regardless to the story. This is why this film looks a lot better in
    clips and trailers, and much paler as a feature film. Youngsters today
    may have a shorter span of attention, but not that short. Human beings
    still want to be explained, or told a good story to. Tactics and
    techniques cannot entirely replace the age-old cave instinct. We
    complain that medical doctors today are so specialized they lose the
    big picture of a body as a human being. They fix parts and not the
    whole. Filmmakers, I think, are suffering much the same way. We produce
    more specialised fim directors and technicians, a lot better than the
    old days, and we have less and less of coherent, big-hearted, and
    passionated storytellers out there. Moral of these days and out of this
    film: For goodness’s sake, make a coherent good-length film and not
    just a few clips sewn together.

  • djangozelf-12351November 5, 2015Reply

    Can’t wait to sees the next one.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Charles Herold (cherold)November 6, 2015Reply

    Has all the intensity of the anime, and to me, that’s what Titan is about

    I was blown away by the Attack on Titan anime series. It was original
    and almost overwhelmingly thrilling, and it offered an intriguing
    mystery (as with Lost, the series keeps adding to the mystery without
    doing much answering, and I’ve about given up that there’s every going
    to be a satisfactory answer to anything).

    I also thought the movie was absolutely terrific, with the same level
    of wild excitement and horrific cruelty. And I was honestly surprised
    by how hostile other reviewers here are.

    A couple of the big criticisms of this movie are that the story has
    been changed and that there is a lack of character development.

    Honestly, I don’t even remember the anime’s story, for the most part.
    All I remember is endless, incredibly exciting battles. I had to do a
    search on differences to even find out what has changed, and I’m still
    vague on it. The locale has changed, and the names (everything is
    Japanese now, which seems fine to me). A character has been excised and
    apparently the main character’s personality is different. And I don’t
    care, because I loved the show for its thrills, not it’s people.

    Was the character development better in the anime? Of course. They had
    a lot of time for character development. There wasn’t a lot of that in
    the first few episodes, but over time they did create a few interesting
    characters to a greater extent than the movie. But people, the anime
    isn’t Shakespeare, and these aren’t characters for the ages. And in
    both the anime and the movie, all you really need is a basic sketch of
    the character since they’ll probably be dead soon anyway. The deaths
    are more upsetting in the anime, but I’m okay with being a little less
    upset, honestly.

    People also complain about the special effects. I saw the movie on TV,
    and on TV, the special effects look decent. The incredibly overrated
    Hollywood action epic The Avengers certainly had better special
    effects, but I was still far more entertained by Titan.

    The movie’s certainly not perfect. It lags in the middle. Characters do
    unrealistically stupid things (at one point two characters do something
    really dumb when in a real army someone would have stopped them). There
    is one ridiculous blood-on-the-camera-lens shot. But overall it is
    tremendously exciting, and for me almost as satisfying as the anime.
    I’m looking forward to seeing part 2.

  • JerghalNovember 8, 2015Reply

    You’ll watch to see the Titans but nothing more

    Sure, the trailer looked cool which had all the Titans in them. Because
    those are actually the only things that makes this film worth watching.
    Though the super-large Titan you see on the poster is only featured
    briefly, the normal Titans are less cool coz they’re basically chubby
    naked men and women who where filmed in slomo and then composited into
    the scenes and they are a lot smaller. The young adult characters who
    are needed to fill in the rest of the movie are sadly overacting
    unlikable twats who you’d rather see end up in the mouth of said Titans
    then anything else. Apparently they thought there was some more need
    for filler scenes because this was only part 1, so there is a second
    part that I guess I’ll probably have to check out too. But you folks
    can just go about your business and move along coz I would not
    recommend this unless you REALLY need to see them Titans but then again
    you could check out either the 17 volume manga from 2009 or the 2013
    animated TV series which is in it’s second season now and still

  • tunasalladNovember 13, 2015Reply

    Really what where you thinking?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • cavalieoreNovember 16, 2015Reply

    An insult to the original series

    Fans can make better versions of this story. Possibly the director
    preferred to show his ”Personal” perspective of the film everything in
    this movie is a total crap, heck, crap is even more useful than this.
    This movie makes the last airbender look so nice and other live action
    adaptation of anime. Starting from the modern-post-apocalyptic design
    of the set to the script that was prepared for this movie. I think only
    the character of hange is the one i considered at least not an eye
    sore. Green screen, c’mon even youtubers can make use of the green
    screen better than how this production used it. The casting of the
    actors is really irritating, mikasa should give the vibe of a strong
    female character and eren is a strong willed person. How i hate the
    idea of how they are wearing the 3-D maneuver gear but not using it. In
    the manga that is a part of the training before they can even choose
    the department that they want to join. But they preferred to wait till
    mikasa and that other unnecessary person to show up and watch them kill
    titans using the gear and the swords.

    And by the way, i hate how they made mikasa hate eren then in a couple
    of minutes he cares about him again.

    Seriously, the whole production team should never make another movie
    involving adaptations again. And the director and the script writer
    should never enter the industry EVER

  • o_ixmidightNovember 28, 2015Reply

    I propose a REMAKE

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • arunak-1December 19, 2015Reply

    An insult to the original

    This movie is garbage, it has NOTHING of what renders the original
    anime\manga a masterpiece. There’s no attachment to the characters,
    huge and key moments completely ignored, an awful script with even
    worse dialogues, epic moments or characters from the original replaced
    by some nonsense or simply cut out. Everything, everything is better in
    the original anime. From the music (just go listen to the intro of the
    first half of the first season of the anime) to the background to the
    script and so on. I really feel sorry for those people that are gonna
    watch this in place of the anime and totally ruin a great experience.
    Trust me, go watch the anime. The only thing that this movie deserves
    is to be forgotten.

  • bkbirgeDecember 20, 2015Reply


    This is possibly the most frightening movie I’ve ever seen. Shockingly
    badly done. This makes Sharknado look like Citizen Kane. This is the
    kind of movie you get when people try to cash in as fast as possible on
    a hot property. The manga is genius. The anime ranks up there with the
    best. This movie for some reason decided to dump everything from those
    except the most basic related premise of giant humanoid monsters among
    us. As a fan of the anime and manga I was expecting much more of this.
    I have no problem when beloved source material is changed for movies as
    is so often the case, as long as the result is good. The level of bad
    here is the kind that seems the film makers had to actively work hard
    to achieve and in that sense it is an astounding accomplishment. It
    gets a 2 instead of a 1 from me because, hey, giant monsters ya know.
    This is one of those rare movies that no matter if you got a free copy,
    are so bored you can’t think of anything else to do, or some other
    reason… don’t watch this, you will regret it. You’ve been warned.

  • kimberley83721December 20, 2015Reply

    Under-developed characters

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sideriteJanuary 2, 2016Reply

    Better than Pacific Rim

    I have no idea how the original manga goes, so I can’t compare, but as
    stand alone, I have to say it was pretty weird and original. I loved
    the monsters, the design, the story and the ideas. I hated the
    ridiculously over the top Japanese acting. Overall, though, I think it
    was quite cool.

    The main characters in this film are three youngsters, two male and one
    female, who witness the destruction of their district by titans, huge
    humanoid mindless beasts who are immortal and eat people alive. I liked
    that even if one of the males, Eren, is favored as the lead character,
    it still leaves a lot for the other characters.

    I would say that, besides the acting and horrendous editing, this film
    is pretty damn amazing. It certainly makes me want to see the anime
    and/or read the manga now, so that has to be good. One word of warning,
    though, this is just the first part of the story. The rest of it is
    Attack on Titan – End of the World, or part 2.

  • arturodv1996January 8, 2016Reply

    Is it good as the Anime?

    So we saw the live action version of Attack on Titan, and was it as
    good as the anime? Well, read to find out.

    If you don’t know the story of this series I’ll just go ahead and
    explain. A hundred years ago, titans arrived and killed a lot of
    people, but humanity built walls to protect themselves from the titans.
    In present day, the main characters live their lives still inside the
    walls. But some of them are bored and want to go outside the wall to
    see what’s there. That’s when chaos happens. I won’t spoil anything

    But is the live action story the same as the anime? Well…yes and no.
    For starters, the world is the same except that there’s a combination
    of modern weapons and old, and the beginning starts off – and ends –
    differently from the anime. There are things from the anime that still
    play a part in this version of the story, even though there are

    This movie was dark and really bloody (live action violence might
    bother some people more than anime violence). There were at least two
    characters I couldn’t tell if they were made for this version, or if
    they were in a anime (they could have been a combination of
    characters), but the really sad part is that Levi isn’t in here.
    There’s a character that seems to be modeled after him, even though he
    has a different personality (he’s more humorous than anime Levi).

    What I liked about this movie was that we get a real life version of
    our beloved anime. It was really nice to see at least three characters
    that looked exactly like Eren, Mikasa, and Hanji; the actors for them
    were good picks.

    The dramatic and emotional scenes really make you feel like you’re in
    the chaos, which was nice. As for the titans themselves – they’re even
    more creepy than in the anime.

    Now, a lot of people would probably not like the changes from the
    series, but I thought it was a good thing. Like Death Note, it had the
    main plot but with a different take. I like seeing a different take on
    things sometimes – like with Fullmetal Alchemist, when you watch
    Brotherhood after seeing the original it’s a new adventure even though
    some elements are the same. That’s what I liked about the live action
    movie of Attack on Titan

    Final thoughts: If you’re a big Attack on Titan fan and don’t mind
    change, then go for it. I thought it was pretty good.

  • amandaiam388February 27, 2016Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • David RoggenkampMarch 1, 2016Reply

    Awesome anime to live action movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • tenshi_ippikiookamiApril 2, 2016Reply

    Limited but fun movie

    Being the huge phenomenon ”Attack on Titan” is (on manga and anime), a
    live action movie was always to have a huge problem to live up to
    expectations. This first part of a two-part shows all the shortcomings
    fans feared, but at the same time it is fun enough and has a quite good

    The movie (I would like to meet the person who came up with the weird
    English title, which is already on the original manga) has a pretty
    basic story. Titans appeared out of nowhere, humans hid behind walls
    (three, that separate agricultural, commercial and rich people zones)
    and 100 years have gone by since the attacks. The movie starts with an
    attack on the outer wall, and with our protagonists running away for
    their own lives. This first moments shows the good and bad of the
    movie. The attack is OK, the fear and desperation of people can be
    felt, but the actors are a little bit bland, the effects not ”amazing”
    and the plot shows shortcomings (like some characters’ actions). If the
    movie had amazing effects, those shortcomings would be easy to forget
    for many viewers, but here all piles to an OK start.

    The rest is more of the same in that respect. Action is OK but not
    great, effects range from ridiculous to OK, and the acting too. The
    idea of a hyper-militarized society, with so little space it is forced
    to reach out to get food to its inhabitants rings many bells…
    Nonetheless, it all ends up being interesting enough. But the mystery,
    which in the manga has time to develop, here has to be rushed, and it
    just leaves too many questions unanswered. Will those be answered in
    the second part?

    For now, it will probably disappoint many of the fans (starting with
    the 100% Japanese population of this world, couldn’t they find anyone
    from somewhere else in the world?, and continuing with the difficult
    job of bringing the Titans to life). But it is also a good enough
    movie, that brings some tension, some fun, and a couple of questions
    (stolen from the manga) to think about.

  • tomod34June 30, 2016Reply

    The worst of the worst movie of all time

    I have seen some really bad movies but this one is indescribable bad.
    If I could vote 0 on this movie, I would have. Could only watch half
    the movie, it was so bad. The producers of this movie went out of their
    way to get the worst actors and actresses they could find. The special
    effects, if you could actually call it special effects, there was none.
    The producers must of told the Japanese actors and actresses, who
    played the Titans to act like morons and idiots, they did, also the
    Titans have a stupid moronic laugh. Everybody in this movie started to
    get on my last nerve. The name of this movie is, Attack on Titan, Part

  • maskygenJuly 5, 2016Reply

    Not worth it

    First, I never watched the anime or read the manga. So first thought:
    acting is so bad, it make’s you cry inside.

    The set and the costumes are kind of good,the special effects are kind
    of good, the music is awful for the respective scene, but good on it’s
    own and the story is non-existent or just really really bad.

    What can I say about the acting, is like watching washed-up porn actors
    trying to move to big budget films, it is kind of pathetic.

    So I would recommend to try it, at least to see how the male
    protagonists are out weighted and out muscled by the female ones, it’s
    kind of funny.

  • Florin SandruAugust 30, 2016Reply

    Typical Japanese stand-offs aside, this was good enough

    From my point of view (as an avid manga reader in general, not this
    title only, yet not too much anime, since it’s too much time
    consuming), the adaptation was good enough. And I mean adaptation. It
    is not following the manga by letter, but it’s enjoyable enough. I
    don’t quite get this ‘omg it sucks’ hype. There are many movies out
    there who fare much worse in comparison, so if we are to compare at the
    bigger picture level (which we should) then this movie deserves better.

    I didn’t have high hopes for it, so maybe that’s what made it more
    enjoyable. Yes, the effects are not that good, the acting also could be
    better, but overall I give it 8 stars for the effort and, well, drama.

    Keep in mind that I am considering both parts in this review.

  • Rui GomesSeptember 13, 2016Reply

    A bit torned (no pun intended)

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • draak-16269December 23, 2016Reply

    Nice action movie

    It’s a nice action movie this one. I don’t agree with all these bad
    reviewers that gave the movie a low ranking. I don’t know anything
    about the previous stories or movies so just blank in this one. I think
    it’s a solid action movie with sci-fi features. I enjoyed the whole
    ride and don’t care about it’s story that much. It’s just entertaining.
    Special effects are sometimes nice and sometimes a bit outdated but it
    got my attention the whole movie through.I would say just watch and
    it’s better then the reviews say it is. Just a nice Japanese movie to
    watch.Just watch it and then decide.It’s my first review. I think it’s
    underrated. Seen lots of movies so i can compare it.

  • JLRVancouverMarch 17, 2017Reply

    Walking Dead meets Gulliver’s Travels

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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