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A Perfect VacationJul. 07, 2015 USA95 Min.R
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8.6 1,205 votes

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A random group of people wake up on an Island where they are being hunted down in a sinister plot to harvest their organs.

Original titleAwaken
IMDb Rating3.3 1,115 votes
TMDb Rating3.4 15 votes

(15) comments

  • blaynebittnerJuly 16, 2015Reply

    At first glance, a mediocre b movie. When examined, a potential future cult classic action survival thriller.

    The movie seems predictable. The predictable twists were taken out
    early in the movie to surprise us with the unpredictable twists. This
    makes the film more enjoyable as the plot unwinds further into the
    movie. There were some solid acting performances such as Darryl Hannah
    and Robert Davi.

    After about half an hour in, we think we’re still watching a b movie.
    Because of this intentional yet enjoyable section of the movie, we
    think we know how the movie will end. Some of the watchers of this
    movie may get frustrated because they wanted a different ending or
    wanted to see more skin.

    As an adult viewer, I respect when movies are created with far less
    nudity. The movie is still a great action thriller without showing
    boobs, and I applaud that. Some men may not like it and rate it low for
    this reason.

    The acting where needed from the cast was spot on. We got to know our
    characters and actually care about them before the killing starts. Each
    moment where someone we care about dies, it hurts. This brings the
    emotional element necessary in good thrillers to immerse us into the
    movie entirely.

    The climax is later in the movie than most aggressive action thrillers,
    which makes this movie refreshing and different.

    There has been a longstanding trend of overly happy every after
    endings, and while the ending isn’t the most sad, its not typical and
    its a lot more realistic. I’m remaining vague and neutral to prevent
    spoiling the plot. What I am getting at here is that the ending and the
    second half of the movie venture far off stereotypical Hollywoood in a
    lot of the plot twists.

    A great thing about this movie is we don’t know if who we care about
    are going to die nor live, both antagonists and protagonists die in
    this movie. Rather than people walking away without a scratch from gun
    fights, they’re getting torn apart.

    In a lot of movies of this type, we feel distanced from the characters
    and are distracting by them overacting. However, we feel immersed into
    the film by the halfway through point whether we enjoy their individual
    performances or not.

    A lot of the best movies being released in 2014 and 2015 have action
    scenes that are so long and repetitive that the action becomes boring.
    The action in this movie has quite a large variation. When one takes
    all parts of the movie into consideration, this movie deserves a lot
    higher than 4.5/10.

    The action style early into the movie was a lot more simplistic. When
    Darryl Hannah’s back story is told, we believe she can fight as well as
    she does. That’s why being patient with the first 30 minutes of the
    movie is important to enjoy this film. The action is very smart in the
    way that it builds up to a thrilling conclusion we didn’t expect
    because of how the movie’s pace immerses us by the middle of the movie.

    I will enjoy re-watching this with friends who share the taste of this
    movie with me. I may even buy a couple copies as birthday gifts for
    those who I know will like it. Not everyone will be happy with this
    movie. Some people will not enjoy this movie until they watch it a
    second time. This movie will grow on people who give it a chance.

    Another positive subtle use of special effects was using colors to set
    the mood of the film, and help immerse us into the movie more as the
    movie continued.

    At the end of the day, its an action movie that will never be nominated
    for Academy awards. Its more tailored to men’s enjoyment more than
    women, but most girlfriends will prefer it over the action movies men
    usually make them watch.

  • quincytheodoreJuly 17, 2015Reply

    Chronically stupid and in dire need of brain transplant

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • SenorLenguaAugust 21, 2015Reply

    So bad, yet I still waned to keep watching…

    What a bad movie. Bad plot, bad script, bad directing, bad acting, bad
    editing…just bad. Except for Daryl Hannah.

    But this movie is one of those movies that is bad, but good. This is
    one of those movies that can’t be taken seriously, yet is interesting
    enough keep watching. It has all the clichéd moments and plot lines,
    yet is just far enough away from cliché to be worth watching. There is
    no nudity, the bathing scene is, in context of other movies of the
    genre, humorous rather than sexy. There were a couple of moments of
    Commando, but then Vinnie Jones reappeared on screen and I couldn’t
    take the movie that seriously (and I tend to have a fondness for Vinnie
    Jones movies for some reason).

    Overall, this is one of those movies where details are almost
    completely unimportant, and evidenced by my texting throughout, and not
    feeling like I missed anything. Of course, as a fan of the Lost series,
    I did see a few similarities. And like that show, there were a few
    major story questions that went unanswered. But they did not take away
    from the overall entertainment. And as previously mentioned, the
    entertainment was provided by the just-off-cliché moments and plot
    twists (though one was clichéd).

    This is one of those movies that could be a hidden b-movie
    extravaganza. It has the cast, and the heroine, Natalie Burn, appears
    to be on the rise. If you really have nothing better to watch on a
    Saturday afternoon, this is the movie. But really, wait until Ms. Burn
    becomes well known to watch it.

    (btw – the rating I gave is for execution of apparent intent. Compared
    to much more serious-intent movies, and this is more of a 3 star.)

  • a_baronAugust 22, 2015Reply

    A Perfect Vacation

    This film takes its original title from the first action of its central
    characters, in particular they awaken on a tropical beach with a
    recollection of being in a fight or some such. The last arrival is our
    heroine, who is certainly no damsel.

    The first question is who or what is behind this bizarre set up? If you
    have seen films of this kind before – ”Kingdom Come” or the classic TV
    series ”The Prisoner” – you will know there are two broad explanations:
    supernatural or human artifice. It doesn’t take long for it to become
    clear there is nothing supernatural about ”A Perfect Vacation”,
    although not everyone is who he appears to be.

    The bottom line is that an organisation – small but evil – is offering
    life-saving transplant operations to the rich and powerful. And guess
    who are the donors? They have been dumped here in the wilds so their
    bodies will be purified, purged of all the toxins us city dwellers have
    in every cell. That is about it, although the heroine has a hidden
    agenda, the search for her lost sister. The latest recipient is a
    young, desperately ill girl who is brought there by her mother. Suffice
    it to say, things don’t go to plan. A few years from now, 3D printing
    will eliminate the need for transplant surgery as we know it, but we
    can still have a gorefest in the meantime.

    There is quite a bit of action, and although the plot is minimal, the
    film still manages to be a little confusing, but if you like films of
    this nature, you’ll probably like this one.

  • Nathan GrahamSeptember 25, 2015Reply

    What were they thinking?

    I often wonder what motivates someone to make a movie that is this
    awful. It can’t be money because I can’t, in my wildest dreams,
    envision this straight to video travesty earning enough to even pay the
    extras salaries let alone the former A-list actors turned C-list
    losers. Everything about this waste of film is bad. The camera work
    looks likes it was done by a tweaker with ADHD, he skips from face to
    face with no rhyme or reason. The fight choreography was obviously done
    by someone who has never been in an actual fight. And the acting, if
    you can call it that, is only surpassed in its hideousness by the
    direction, which reminds me of something from one of those 60’s biker
    exploitation movies. Hannah and Furlong should quit while they are
    behind. I mean, I still had somewhat fond memories of previous films
    they played in, like Splash and Detroit Rock City, but those memories
    are forever tainted by the 90 minutes of stupidity that was Awaken.
    Pare and Davi have always been second rate actors and this movie
    confirmed that they have now joined the ranks of 3rd rate actors like
    Natalie Burn, who by the way, should be deported back to Ukraine before
    she attempts to act again. Vinnie Jones was the only reason I watched
    it as long as I did, but even he couldn’t save Awaken from being the
    worst film of the new century.

  • Smithius1201November 8, 2015Reply

    A clearly lobotomized cast, crew and writer

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • blackwell4December 18, 2015Reply

    Just awful

    I can’t believe that inattention to common sense detail. Really awful
    direction. Very poorly crafted fight scenes. Awful tactics. Fingers
    inside trigger guards. Movements around corners like sleep walkers.
    Stupid stupid action. Could this movie really make money?

    How could people stranded on an island have such good hair? How was it
    possible that a guy on the island head was perfectly shaved every day
    for weeks? What is up with those pants on the protagonist ? Are we
    supposed to believe the pants just got ripped that way? And why was she
    wearing dog tags? She was never in the military?

    HIRE ME!

    I would provide the REAL LIFE direction to make this thing believable.

    Dear sweet Jesus, please please please, no one ever hire this director
    or writer again!

  • Peppered_ProductionsFebruary 3, 2016Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • leonblackwoodApril 22, 2016Reply

    Decent concept, terrible execution. 2/10

    Review: I must admit, I was expecting this movie to be worse than it
    was, mainly because it’s a low budget Vinnie Jones film but I did stick
    with it until the end because I was intrigued with the storyline. Don’t
    get me wrong, it isn’t anything amazing and I doubt that I would watch
    it again but it still had a couple of decent action scenes and the
    wilderness backdrop wasn’t too bad. Its about a group of people who
    wake up in the middle of Island, being chased by some mercenaries, led
    by Vinnie Jones (Sarge). There main goal is to harvest organs and sell
    them to an exclusive group of rich people, so when Mao (Daryl Hannah)
    finds out that her child is dying and needs organs to survive, she
    turns to Rich (Jason London), who is in charge of the organ harvesting
    group. When the perfect organs become available for Mao’s daughter, the
    surgeon goes ahead with the operation, which fails and kills her.
    Meanwhile, Billie Kope (Natalie Burn) and two of the stranded
    individuals, fight to escape the island and come toe to toe with Rich’s
    henchmen. Billie then finds out that her sister, has been working for
    Rich and they rekindle there relationship and try to escape together.
    It sounds quite interesting but it’s cheaply made with some dodgy
    actors. The overall concept wasn’t too bad but the script was awful and
    there wasn’t any depth to the characters. Anyway, the movie isn’t that
    great but I have definitely seen worse, with Vinnie Jones in the cast.

    Round-Up: This movie was written and directed by Mark Atkins, who is
    known for making movies that go straight to DVD, like Evil Eyes, Knight
    of the Dead, Android Cop and Road Wars. This film had low budget
    written all over it and the, non-heard of actors were pretty poor.
    Edward Furlong, who became famous after starring in Terminator 2,
    looked awful and Jason London wasn’t the best choice for the villain.
    Daryl Hannah’s career has also gone downhill of late and I haven’t seen
    Robert Davi in a film for some time, so the director didn’t really have
    a cast who are in there prime. Anyway, I doubt that this film will hurt
    there reputations because there all starring in these mediocre movies
    to pay bills. 

    I recommend this movie to people who are into their
    action/horror/mystery/thrillers starring Edward Furlong, Daryl Hannah
    Vinnie Jones, Jason London, Natalie Burn, Robert Davi, David Keith and
    Michael Pare. 2/10

  • karjensMay 3, 2016Reply

    I liked it

    Personally I liked the movie. It was an interesting plot, one that has
    been done before but not enough to make it tired.

    Unlike others, I thought it was well acted. Natalie Burn is excellent
    in the very rare roll of a woman who kicks @ss. I think she has the
    potential to do a lot more action roles, if more people would write
    lead action roles for women that is.

    It did drag in spots and the music really didn’t help with that but I
    find that to be true with a pretty much any movie or show set in a
    forest. All in all, I found it to be an entertaining movie for a lazy

  • HalopineroMay 20, 2016Reply


    The term is ”campy”. Everyone needs a campy movie now and then and this
    one offers laughs (unintentional or not) as well as drama and just
    enough whamos to keep you interested. You can’t beat the scenery.
    Filmed in California….but I can’t determine where. Jungle scenes are
    studio work since we don’t have jungles here. Some of the acting is
    weak but there are a few good scenes. Vinnie Jones is always a hoot to
    watch. I’ve always liked Daryl Hannah and she doesn’t disappoint as the
    mysterious Mao.

    It was refreshing to see an action, kick $#?% type of movie without
    gratuitous ”f” bombs. Definitely stronger than most ”B” movies.

  • Massimo MarcelloJuly 3, 2016Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Tss5078October 5, 2016Reply

    The Ultimate Movie Review! – – @tss5078

    For a small, independent, real-life horror film, Awaken has a lot of
    pieces to it’s story, there really is a lot going on, in what initially
    seemed like a cut and dry story. If this film had been done a bit
    differently, and if it’s impressive cast had been used for more than
    simple cameos, this may have been a much better film. The story begins
    with Billie (Natalie Burn) waking up on an island, being chased by
    strangers, and rescued by another group of strangers. She comes to
    learn that everyone in her group of rescuers woke up as she did, and
    appear to be hunted for sport. Billie wants to escape to one of the
    nearby cluster of islands, but learns that attempts have been made, and
    no one has ever come back, but Billie is a military brat and refuses to
    accept that. The story here is very well written, especially for this
    type of film, but everything is so anti-climatic. Just about every
    scene turns into a fight scene or a shoot out and there is nothing
    original about that. Honestly, what is the point of having this great
    story idea if ever scene is going to end up the same way? There is also
    the fact that the casting is a complete mystery. This film managed to
    get Darryl Hannah, Edward Furlong, David Keith, and Robert Davi and
    they simply make cameo appearances in ancillary roles? If that’s the
    case, why even waste the money to bring them in? Awaken had the story,
    it had the cast, it had the looks, it even had a premium location, but
    poor dialogue, predictable outcomes, a misused cast, and a painfully
    horrendous ending absolutely destroyed what could have otherwise been a
    rather entertaining film.

  • suite92October 25, 2016Reply

    Cliché vanity film.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Leofwine_dracaMay 15, 2017Reply

    A B-movie bore, aside from the supporting cast

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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