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Two fractured souls. A million blinding lights.Jun. 22, 2016 UK110 Min.
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8.8 1,738 votes

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A story set in the north English seaside town of Blackpool and centered on two kindred spirits who form an unlikely friendship.

Original titleAway
IMDb Rating8.8 2,368 votes

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  • jtebrettJune 24, 2016Reply

    Great story, amazing performances. Cool music

    Hi, saw this film at Edinburgh film festival and it knocked my socks
    off. I cried and laughed. Juno Temple and Tim Spall are amazing in it,
    those eyes staring down from the big screen (Juno’s!) and Spall is very
    convincing in his wretched situation. Great story and how it’s told is
    really clever as it’s not straight forward like you might get with a
    Hollywood Blockbuster: You get fed elements of the story as small
    morsels along the way to always keep you enthralled. The scenery also
    makes me want to go to Blackpool too so a good advert there for them! A
    man in the audience commented on how he always cries at the drop of a
    hat at films but he knows it must be powerful as his wife who never
    ever cries at films was crying buckets.

  • cathieboltonJune 28, 2016Reply

    Great film, fantastic performances

    I saw this film at the Edinburgh film festival and it was fantastic.
    The two main leads are incredible and the relationship they have is
    very believable. It’s a film about love (platonic) and hope. It’s
    gritty, funny and may reduce you to tears, but you just can’t stop
    watching. I loved the way the story is not told in a linear fashion so
    it’s not until the end that you know everything that’s happened which
    keeps you interested and guessing about what draws and binds the leads
    together. The film had an excellent response from audiences at
    Edinburgh. If you fancy a break from all the blockbusters and want to
    watch an intelligent, brilliant film, definitely give this a try.

  • Clarke FraserJuly 6, 2016Reply

    Must See

    A brilliant film which i saw at the Edinburgh Festival., The chemistry
    between Juno and Timothy was fascinating and well thought out. There
    was a touch of humor, great music which added a lot to the film and
    sadness as well. The flashbacks to how the 2 main characters arrived in
    Blackpool was gripping. Blackpool was an ideal location for this film
    because it is usually a place where you can have fun and and seen as
    the Vegas of the UK. The idea to have an older man and a young woman as
    the main characters was terrific and really paid off.I would recommend
    this film to anyone who likes films with a difference.I truly hope Away
    is great success and wish it the best of luck in the future.

  • Tina GloggengieserJuly 8, 2016Reply

    Gripping and excellent film

    I saw this at the Edinburgh Film Festival awards and I have to say was
    one of the best films I have seen for a long time. The story line and
    acting is fantastic, keeps you gripped all the way through till the end
    and is very unpredictable. Timothy Spall and Juno Temple work
    brilliantly together. Both very talented and gelled well as the two
    leading roles. There are some confusing bits to the film with the flash
    backs but it all makes perfect sense in the end and keeps you guessing.
    I think the music in this was superb and really has a big impact. Would
    love to buy the CD if one is released. Overall I highly recommend
    seeing this film, it’s realistic, gripping and emotional.

  • jsherwin-05944July 12, 2016Reply

    Excellent drama of unlikely friendship by the sea ”oop north”

    Life is anything but fun in Blackpool,”the Vegas of the North”, for the
    wildly different leading characters in this roller-coaster story of
    unlikely friendship. Seedy, middle-aged Joseph (Timothy Spall) and
    tarty teenage Ria (Juno Temple) are both in pain, seeking escape
    amongst the neon lights and seagulls. His unwilling response to her
    emotional need turns into recognition that he likes her and that their
    conditions are similar, leading to a shocking, very moving climax.
    Spall’s curmudgeon is a bit overdone and unintelligible at times;
    Temple is convincing as the hard-shelled victim of 21st century drug
    culture, and their interplay is delightful to watch. This is a
    poignant, entertaining drama reminiscent of classic British films such
    as ”Poor Cow” and ”Up the Junction” but with a modern edge. Terrific
    music too!

  • Brian LittleJuly 16, 2016Reply

    A great British thriller.

    My interest in cinema was first stimulated by such films as ”A Taste of
    Honey” and ”A kind of Loving”-films which depicted gritty aspects of
    British life. ”AWAY” is a film in this tradition, a portrait of a
    relationship between two disparate souls in search of some sort of
    redemption or renewal. Juno Temple is magnetic and Timothy Spall is
    magnificently moody-excellent performances from both actors. The
    photography is very good, and I really liked the music track. Blackpool
    provides a great backdrop, and appealed to me as a ‘character’ in its
    own right, providing a bridge between the two characters – having
    simultaneously an ageing underbelly, whilst displaying regrowth and
    renewal-and maybe hope for a better future?

  • jonniekendallJuly 31, 2016Reply


    I thoroughly enjoyed this film. In today’s continuously challenging
    world , it hit some very strong chords with me. So often new films
    today seem to have little to say, often the same old story lines with
    slight twists. However, this really got me thinking about life, it’s
    complexities and the reality of the difficulties so many people face.
    Life’s journey is never simple, and every so often a film is released
    that captures something special …I think it will be very popular,
    especially with people who enjoy films that have more to them than the
    basic Hollywood stuff…some seriously good acting, and music
    fab.actually the music was superb! The story line has the ability to
    remind one that ,although you may have your own issues and challenges,
    you are not alone. In today’s environment so many people face daily
    survival and this film reminded me , there are many in the same boat. I
    think it’s a must see ,and is a film one could watch more than once to
    really capture its powerful symbolism .

  • happeemanMay 28, 2017Reply

    Timothy Spall brilliant as usual…

    DO NOT believe the high ratings about this movie because it is boring
    beyond belief. I thoroughly hated it. I know a good movie when I see
    one – this comes nowhere near to being a good movie. It is utter
    rubbish and drivel in the extreme and has no good story-line or
    anything to make it exciting or engaging. Timothy Spall is just great
    but the movie sucks to high heaven. I wouldn’t sit through this trash
    again if you paid me $100.

    How the hell do movies like this get high ratings on here? It’s all a
    massive con to make us watch garbage like this. The 2 stars I give this
    is for Spall’s acting, otherwise I’d give it zero. A bloody waste of
    time. Watch it and see that I’m right. I love Timothy Spall but he must
    be embarrassed at how awful the script is. Total junk!

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