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A Rebel For LoveApr. 29, 2016 India133 Min.
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8.5 1,585 votes

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Baaghi is the story of Ronny, a rebellious 23-year-old from Delhi. Fearing his unruly and angry temperament his father sends him to a disciplinary academy set in a sleepy town in Kerala. While traveling to the academy he meets Siya who also carries a rebellious streak but nonetheless spark fly between them. After his enrollment, Ronny encounters the star student Raghav and things get awry between them when Raghav falls for Siya as well. Years later Ronny is informed that Siya is abducted and is called upon for help to rescue her from the gritty underbelly of Thailand. Lost in the midst of a new city Ronny comes face to face with his nemesis, Raghav. They both still love Siya unconditionally and are in a battle to win her heart. But there will be only one person who will. Who will it be the rebellious Ronny or the furious Raghav?

Original titleBaaghi
IMDb Rating5.2 4,165 votes
TMDb Rating6.3 15 votes

(39) comments

  • Ketan GuptaApril 29, 2016Reply

    ”Baaghi: A Rebel For Love” is a treat for action film enthusiast but is strictly a one-time watch

    Few years back, Salman Khan starrer ”Baaghi” was released in 1990 which
    was a box-office bomb. Fortunately, ”Baaghi: A Rebel For Love” has no
    relation with Salman Khan starrer. It is based on a Telgu film
    ”Varsham” and has shades of Indonesian action film ”The Raid
    Redemption. ”Baaghi: A Rebel For Love” is also second biggest release
    of Tiger Shroff after his successful debut ”Heropanti”. Can he make
    another blockbuster out of his second film ? Let us check out.

    ”Baaghi: A Rebel For Love” is a typical routine good vs evil flick
    which tells the story of Ronny(played by Tiger Shroff) who joins a
    Martial Arts Academy to train in Kalaripayattu skills. During his
    course, he falls in love with Sia(played by Shraddha Kapoor) who is
    forcibly getting married to Raghav(Sudheer Babu). In order to rescue
    Sia from the clutches of evil, Ronny must battle the henchmen of Raghav
    to achieve his goal.

    Directed by Sabir Khan, whose previous work includes disastrous
    ”Kambakth Ishq” and average ”Heropanti” has followed the same path of
    commercial entertainer which he has done before.”Baaghi: A Rebel For
    Love” is a typical love story we have seen on Indian screen ample
    number of times. The screenplay is poor with immature romantic track
    causing hindrance to the movement of the film. The director had made
    sure to make a masala potboiler for front- bencher and creates a
    senseless caper. ”Baaghi: A Rebel For Love” is devoid of story and
    direction. What works is commendable performances and
    well-choreographed action stunts. Cinematography is eye-catching.
    Editing could have been better. However , action sequences played by
    Tiger Shroff , dialogues with witty one-liners are good. Hats off to
    Tiger for executing the near- to-perfection action scenes without any
    cables and body double. The hard-work clearly pays off and it is
    pleasure to watch the deadly stunts. He definitely has matured since
    his last film. Shraddha Kapoor does well in her part shows ample

    Overall , ”Baaghi: A Rebel For Love” is a treat for action film
    enthusiast and is strictly a one-time watch. Decent -2.75/5.

  • dineshprakashApril 29, 2016Reply

    Old, stale formula film

    Direction is not impressive. Its a typical project. Fight, dance, under
    water song, comedy, sad songs, everything but all was remained in their
    mind. They fail to project or make you feel anything. Title is good but
    doesn’t relate a bit with the content of film. If it starts raining
    when you meet with opposite gender person then it must be love, this is
    there sensibility about love when they try to give this film real
    touch. So, they stuffed marshal arts training center in story. If a
    film actress fight in film then she can fight in real life too. This is
    the understanding of character in their mind. Makers were completely
    confused that are they going to make some super hero or real flick. A
    blind person is driving taxi in Bangkok since years. Boy meets a girl
    in train and falls for her, villain sees her and falls for her too.
    Hero and Villain are being trained in same marshal arts school. So
    simple. Why does villain shifted to Bangkok not justified but makers
    have Bangkok locations in mind so story has to be shifted there. You
    know everything happening on screen. Not a single scene which has a bit
    of surprise for you. Girl father hurts himself and misguides his
    daughter about her boy friend that he had hit him. How can one take
    audience for so granted!? Even action scenes fail to create any thrill.
    Hero has to survive so he has to be shot near water stream even in pre
    climax, you are sure about his survival then all drama falls flat.
    Performance wise Tiger Shroff is good and excellent in dance and action
    but somehow strongly reminds of Hritik Roshan. Shradha Kapoor is just
    OK. Villain Sudheer Babu has stone face. Not a single expression except
    shrieking and fighting. That small boy is totally miscast. He creates
    irritation than required sympathy. His yeah, yeah is so boring. Sunil
    Grover as heroine father is wasted. He doesn’t evoke a single laughter.
    Sanjay Mishra as blind taxi driver make you smile at his one liners at

  • pawanfeverbabaApril 29, 2016Reply

    Baaghi is Tiger Shroff’s ode to Karate Kid, tom yum Goong, Ong Bak and raid 2 rolled into one with some Kickass tribute to The 36th chamber of Shaolin

    I have loved martial arts ever since i was a child and grown up to
    movies like 36 chamber of Shaolin, enter the dragon, Ong Bak, tom yum
    Goong, to the classics like raid and raid 2 today. I always had a
    grouse when will a competent actor do this type of film in our
    industry. There was Akshay Kumar in 90s who did well in few action
    films but the std of action kept getting higher. Today the ones the
    true martial art film fans look upto are Iko Uwais , tony Jaa and we
    had guys in India with equal talent like Vidyut. you wish someone would
    direct a raid with Vidyut and let the world know India is not behind
    when it comes to international talent. but somehow he has lagged behind
    . I thank Tiger Shroff from the bottom of my heart for fulfilling one
    of my wishes so early in his career.

    I never had high expectations from baaghi even after its good trailers
    mainly Cos i was wary of the director Sabbir KHAN who was behind
    Chutiyapas like Kambhakt Ishq and Heropanti. I have to take my words
    back in Baaghi Cos he has literally stunned me. He has give tiger
    shroff all the great moments that one expects from a star of his
    calibre. He has the karate kid moment with real life grandmaster Shifu
    Shaurya Bhardwaj (the guru) in Kalaripayattu. He has tony Jaa’s epic
    Parkour scene moment in Ong Bak an excellent chase sequence . He has
    Iko Uwais moment in raid in the Pre climax fight in the building. BUT
    THE BEST OF ALL is the climax fight. I was BLOWN AWAY. The one on one
    of tiger Shroff with Sudheer Raghav (excellent and evenly matched
    villain to tiger Shroff). The climax fight overwhelmed me when Raghav ,
    the man behind the murder of his Great father, sees his father in front
    of him seeking a fitting revenge in the form of tiger Shroff. I am yet
    to see this type of masterly direction from great filmmakers let alone
    a sabbir khan. never ever expected him to deliver a film of this level.
    The film is consistently engaging in spite of songs. Tiger Shroff is
    awe- inspiring in action scenes and a total bad ass in the second half.
    loved it . He is sincere and earnest in romantic portions though goes
    OTT in one or two scenes before interval. Shardhha is good in her role.
    Raghav , the nemesis is supremely talented and a fitting match to
    tiger. But the greatest character in the film has to be Shifu Shaurya
    Bhardwaj. He is the Katappa of Baaghi. the man who choked me in the
    climax fight. Rating : 4/5 (bigtime guilty pleasure)

  • Anup APu KumarApril 29, 2016Reply

    Good Action , Boring romance and over the top Comedy.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Irshad Ahmed AndagiApril 29, 2016Reply

    One of the great action movie in Bollywood.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • prasanna-20298April 29, 2016Reply

    Would make an excellent video game, but fails as a movie

    Baaghi is Tezaab meets karate Kid. Why? The movie opens with Ronny’s ex
    being kidnapped and her father asking Ronny to get her back (Remember
    Lothia Pathan?).

    Average acting and forced action sequences make the movie unbearable at
    times and fails to engage the audiences. In spite of its simple
    storyline, and forced action sequences which didn’t really fit into the
    flow, the movie seems to appeal to the masses as we had a room full of
    young audience hooting and egging Tiger on to fight and spill some

    I think the movie can get more success and fans as a video game than it
    can in its current form.

    ~ MovieRecipe

  • faisalfavesApril 30, 2016Reply

    they had to make a martial arts movie, but same typical story

    I am giving 6 out of 10, because they have used the name of ‘Martial
    Arts’. I love Martial Arts, but this movie had the same Bollywood
    typical story. They had to make it a pure Martial Arts movie.

    As some reviewers say ”This boy (Tiger Shroff) can’t act, but can
    kick.” He loves martial arts, he has the body, the skills but he don’t
    have the idea how to say a dialogue, how to act a romantic scene, how
    to smile or how to help people to smile. And oh my god his lip- syncing
    is awful.

    And Shraddha Kapoor as always acting same as she acting in her 1st
    movie ”Ek Villain”.

    Some say this movie is copied from Telugu movie ‘Varsham’ and
    Indonesian movie ‘The Raid’.

    All I say is ”One Time Watch”.

  • Ankit BhatnagarApril 30, 2016Reply

    A good effort by Tiger Shroff where the movie was intended to be an average one.

    Baaghi has a very average story and their intentions were very clear
    that they’re not making a great movie. With whatever objective it was
    executed, they almost made sure that that is accomplished. It’s a
    well-framed movie that keeps you connected at least till the first
    half. Guru-chela philosophy had a good potential here but wasn’t used
    much. It had a good feel good factor but the second half killed it all.
    It was only over lengthy fights and nothing else that pulled back a
    good movie to an average one.

    It’s well directed by Sabir Khan that keeps you connected in the first
    half. But since there was no desire to do very good, it turned out to
    be just an average effort.

    Tiger Shroff was the only good thing that was consistently impressive
    until the end. Again, there was no lack of efforts from his side and
    that’s appreciable. Shraddha Kapoor again faltered and she was no more
    than a sweet face.

    Music was good. Was considerably included in between but was never a

    Overall, a good effort by Tiger Shroff where the movie was intended to
    be an average one.

  • rushikmMay 1, 2016Reply

    Great Fight Scenes + Good Story + Comey

    Its really good action movie. and all over much better than Fan and
    others. Story is also good and you won’t get bored.

    Its similar to Rockey handsome (but not blood + killing here). Nice to
    see Bollywood pushing their limits.

    Hats off to tiger for creating such scenes (i mean real scenes) If you
    like fighting actions, you must watch this.

    Do not listen to those who just can not enjoy anything and always &
    always tries to find negative points from movies.

    After all nothing is perfect.

    My Rating – 7/10

  • shettysurajkMay 1, 2016Reply

    Best action Hindi movie since a long time!

    Very few better movies made for action lovers in India have been
    better. Last one I can remember is commando (vidyut jamwal). Tiger
    shroff pushes himself and carries the film on his fairly young
    shoulders. In reviews I have seen deliberate efforts to sabotage this
    movie before it takes off, but I still watched it and think this one
    has the content to carry it through. Kalari has been put to limelight
    and lot of patriotic dosage which many Indian films lack (compared to
    Hollywood boasting about American). Shifu Shaurya Bharadwaj is very
    lively and a real find for the big screen. He must appear more often in
    movies and show his Kalari moves. All in all a very good action movie
    (don’t expect anything else) which guys should watch (even if their
    girl-friends don’t want to :)) and in a country where movie stars
    influence the youth a lot this movie will inspire the youth and give
    them a bit of patriotic boost. Sudheer Babu (aka Raghav) also deserves
    a mention here.

  • gauravmakwanaMay 1, 2016Reply

    Notebook Meets Raid Redemption!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • kinshuk-gaurMay 1, 2016Reply

    Common Disaster

    1st Things straight do not expect anything. This is is the 2nd movie we
    have seen abt martial arts or……so many arts.. The 1st one dt we had
    ds year was Rocky Handsome now Baaghi…. Lets talk ant this movie …
    nothing new to boast abt romantic scenes pathetic…. R we doing ny
    research on scripts…… Pathetic stuff… D most imp scenes d fight
    sequences seems tired and out of place… D love angle …. Everything
    is screwed…. You know Rocky Handsome seems far better… No
    expressions from Tiger Shroff & MS Shradhha Kappor….. Very poor
    attempt This movie fails on every aspect… Just 1 or 2 fight sequences
    will not give you high .. Very Disappointing

  • Afsal Hussain (afsalthodupuzha)May 1, 2016Reply

    ”Mind-Boggling Action Meets Threadbare Storyline”

    The posters and trailer of ‘Baaghi’ gave a firm idea of what to expect
    from the movie – limitless action and some breath-taking visuals in the
    backdrop of a stereotypical bollywood romance.Indeed,it is.

    A mock-tail blended with 2004 Tollywood release,the Prabhas starrer
    ‘Varsham’ (Earlier remade in Tamil as Mazhai starring Jayam Ravi in the
    lead) and reknowed Indonesian martial arts flick The
    Raid::Redemption(2004),garnished with pinches of Tezaab(1988),36th
    Chamber Of Shaolin (1978) and The Karate Kid (2010) this Sabbir Khan
    movie is a mixed bag of excitement and dread as it suffers hardly due
    to its clichéd storyline that’s based on the age old template of
    virtuous hero up against the evil villain.

    The reason for a so-so experience is evident – lazy handling of the
    screenplay and relying entirely upon Tiger Shroff and his ability to
    pull off action sequences with ease and perfection.The screenplay by
    Sanjeev Dutta turns a roadblock in a smooth cinematic experience and
    had some more care been taken in handling the screenplay better by
    compromising unwanted comedy tracks and vomiting hackneyed romantic
    sequences,the movie could have been an instant cult action classic from
    bollywood,given the perfection in handling never-before seen
    breath-taking action sequences.

    The action choreography is top-notch and undoubtedly the best from
    Indian cinema in quiet a long time and even compatible with films from
    the west.The park-our sequence,the climax fight etc were particularly
    brilliant and deserves special mention.

    Tiger Shroff is a revelation as far as bollywood action films are
    concerned and it must be admitted that he along with likes of Vidyut
    Jamwal has raised the standards of action flicks from India that was
    struggling hard to find a bankable action star after Akshay Kumar who
    did some impressive works in his initial days in bollywood.

    Cinematographer Binod Pradhan can be proud of the fact that he could
    capture the beauty of God’s own country,Kerala brilliantly may it be
    the visual splendor of the snake boat race,the enchanting backwaters or
    the lush greenery of paddy fields in Kuttanad.Still,as a keralite I
    must admit the fact that the slang used by keralites in the film is far
    from original and the sets erected during the market fight sequence too
    was exaggerated and hostile to kerala.

    The name Julius Packiam have become synonymous with thrilling
    background scores and here too he did his part well utilizing the
    enthralling single ‘Get Ready To Fight’ composed by Pranay Rijia.The
    songs by Amaal Malik,Manj Musik and Meet Bros were good and
    choreographed well.

    Tiger Shroff looked convincing as the rebellious lover and was
    brilliant in handling action sequencs with perfection reminding of
    eminent martial artist specialists like Tony Jaa and Iko
    Uwais.Still,there was room for improving his acting skills which I
    guess he will,in films to come in the future.The fact that he has
    gained huge support from the viewers was evident by the big numbers in
    for the show,including a good number of families.Shraddha Kapppor
    didn’t have much to perform than looking over-cutish which is a
    cake-walk for her.Shifu Shaurya Bhardwaj was impressive as the martial
    arts guru and mentor of Tiger.Sudheer Babu as the antagonist did his
    part well.Sunil Grover couldn’t shine in the role of Shraddha’s father.

    Overall,Baaghi is worth a try if u can cash in some breath-taking
    action sequences and exquisite visuals of kerala and Thailand.

  • Kalyan SaikiaMay 1, 2016Reply

    Nothing new to learn and it will not add any value to life

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • kaushalmodi1985May 2, 2016Reply

    Baaghi was one of the Best Romantic Action Thriller released till now in Bollywood. Action Scenes, Martial Arts and Excellent Cinematography makes it a real treat to watch.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • rahulsatyawaliMay 2, 2016Reply

    It’s ticket should be at least 10000 Rs. What a movie!

    This movie is the best movie I have seen in my life. And don’t think I
    haven’t watched enough movies. I have watched all that Iron Man, Bat
    Man, and other superhero stuff. Deadpool will be rated 1 when you
    compare it to this movie. It’s of the standard of those Jim Carrey
    movies or the James Bond movies when it comes to tying the interest. I
    did not feel boredom for a microsecond during the movie. This movie has
    a lot of comedy as well. It therefore is the best Indian movie I ever
    watched. I wish and these are my blessings that it enters 500 Cr. club
    that is why I am rating it number 10. Sadhguru bless the movie.
    Sadhguru bless the team!

  • Raghu R RaikarMay 2, 2016Reply

    Crouching Tiger Hidden Shraddha

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • dryuvraajhsinghMay 2, 2016Reply

    Ends up Being a disappointing effort

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • A Treat For Action Lovers–

    Baaghi is a true entertaining film.People who love hardcore action,can
    be satisfied by this flick.The locations,specially Kerala is projected
    brilliantly.Tiger Shroff has gradually developed his acting after his
    debut film Heropanti.His action sequences are eye soothing for all.
    Shraddha Kapoor is always a package of entertainment,She has done full
    justice with his work,specially the Fight Sequences.Sanjay Mishra has
    done a good job by his ever worthy comic scenes.Sunil Grover has done
    his job good.Best part of the film is Debutant Sudheer Babu’s
    performance.So,on the whole Baaghi is really an entertaining,yet a
    compact film.So who ever has not watched this power packed
    Entertainer,should really watch this in nearby theaters.

  • ali_ruMay 4, 2016Reply

    Boring Movie. Mash up of ONG BAK, Raid Redemption, Tom Yoon Goong, etc…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Aditya Raj (aditraj)May 7, 2016Reply

    Totally like 1970’s Movie !

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Bhar ChandrakantaMay 8, 2016Reply

    nice and entertainment movie i like it

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Sahil BakshiMay 10, 2016Reply

    A new thing for Indian Movies.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • DareDevilKidMay 11, 2016Reply

    Baaghi Review: Do not mess with these rebels in love

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Nameer JamalMay 12, 2016Reply

    More then you would expect, I personally enjoyed the movie

    It was a pretty good time past and had appropriate violence. Followed
    its plot at all times and had a few unexpected twists. Don’t go by the
    trailer because its actually way better then you what a normal average
    bollywood movie to be. Plus this is Tiger Sheroff’s 2nd movie, gotta
    admit that he did an excellent job, so did Shraddha Kapoor. Rocky
    Handsome and Baaghi are probably the most violent bollywood movies of
    2016 but they were both enjoyable but Baaghi is more appropriate and
    has less brutal violence. Baaghi doesn’t look like a comedy movie but
    it had quite a few scenes which made laugh my head off. The songs were
    amazing and the action was lit. I give this a straight up a 8/10
    because I enjoyed it with my family but it was like a mashup of some
    older bollywood films but still I don’t care about, all I care about
    how good the movie was and I think it did pretty well. For sure one of
    my top 5 favourite films this year. I think this movie should’ve
    deserved a higher rating around a 7 or 7.5 because that pretty
    explainable. I think you guys should definitely go see it!

  • choudharyrinkuMay 14, 2016Reply

    Very Average and Predictable

    Watched this movie today, Not so good! I rate this movie, 2.5/5

    Negative- >Story is same as any other Love Story, very predictable.
    >Direction, Average. >Acting, well you do not hear a lot of good
    dialogues, its pure action based movie, uniqueness is that you will
    also see the actress showcasing her fighting skills, Acting is Average.
    >Even those, people like me, who wants to see this movie for its
    Fighting Scenes, will be disappointed. It looks Tiger Shrof is just
    kicking all the time, comparatively not the Level Matching Fighting
    Scenes, Fighting scenes will get in our mind to the extend where even
    Shroff’s dancing steps will confuse you with his fighting moves
    >Supporting roles are more or less like just guest appearance, well you
    need to be a fighter to be a part of this movie thou and i believe this
    the reason they looked more like guest then supporting actors.

    Positive- >Well not much here, but yes, Shraddhah is cute as usual.
    >Where Tiger is busy Smiling and Laughing in the first half and
    fighting in the rest, Shraddhah did manage to impress with her acting
    and fighting skills. >Songs are good and will definitely give you some
    enjoyable moments

  • sammyMay 16, 2016Reply

    Tom-Yum-Goong Ong Bak The Karate Kid Bloodsport et al

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • smrawatJune 11, 2016Reply

    Nice and sweet and entertainment movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • arunrathee411June 16, 2016Reply

    Tiger Shroff should look for some other profession.

    Okay, So where to start from.

    Story – 1/10 (full of cliché, unrealistic and cringe-worthy settings,
    romance and drama).

    Acting – 0/10 (Okay, this is my favourite part. HOW IN THE HELL is
    Tiger Shroff an actor ? His acting is as good as a wooden stick. Goes
    to show that how big impact can Surname make in bollywood. And let’s
    not talk about Shraddha Kapoor, literally same attitude and acting in
    every movie. You can cut out her scenes from any other movie and paste
    in this movie, you would never notice the difference).

    Fighting scenes – 3/10 (Now some people are saying that this movie did
    good at what it was supposed to do. Not really. It was average at

    Overall – 1/10 (The movie is full of clichés, VERY VERY cheap romance
    and songs, every other person showing off their pecs and abs. Tiger
    Shroff should really look for some other profession. There are
    countless number of struggling actors who can act million times better
    than him. Only positive thing in the movie is fighting sequences, which
    aren’t as good as people are saying. Average at best.)

  • Filler RuthJune 20, 2016Reply

    Old wine in a new bottle but this bottle looked good….

    The story line is typical. There is nothing new in this story. The same
    build up of love relation, the logic of next move of the hero,
    something revenge and there is a villain who involves in the love
    interest of the heroine. Nothing new. The producer and the director
    choose a very masala type, mass entertainer, and a lot of action packed
    story. This strategy was proved good by the box office success. But
    after all, I want to thank the hero, Tiger Shroff because of his
    extraordinary stunt skills and good dancing ability. These two
    abilities saved the film and the director took the full advantage from
    these. The direction was OK, acting was above average (lead pair, the
    main antagonist, rest of the cast), Song was not so good (this is only
    my opinion, I haven’t seen the top chart), Action was superb. After a
    long time, we saw a good action packed movie. I saw Rocky Handsome but
    this action was better. Tiger Shroff is a complete package of dancing,
    action stunts, and six pack abs figure. I like is action stunts most
    then dancing but his acting, dialogue delivery, face expression need
    more development. But after all, he is a good hero because he is very
    relevant of today’s Bollywood action cinema. People like him as a
    complete package. The director tried to deliver us same old wine with a
    new bottle but I have to say, this Bottle is very new and looked good.

  • Niaz Islam ArifJuly 7, 2016Reply

    It Was Okay I Guess

    Let me explain the rating first. I will rate the movie as 3 star, but I
    gave 1 extra star for Shraddha (See Looked Way Too Cute In This Film),
    another 1 star for Tiger (For The Hard Work That He Has Done Throughout
    The Movie).

    About the movie, although the movie script was full of plot holes, I
    have one big complaint which has bugged me the most. This was supposed
    to be a action film but the actions scenes are so fake as if the goons
    are waiting to get pounded. I know the action sequences were performed
    by the talented actor himself but in order to that there was no flow in
    those scenes. It looked like someone paused the goons and the actor
    made an amazing kick, there was no rush, rhythm or flow at all. So I
    cannot enjoy the action scenes at all.

    And I will not get into the numerous plot holes in the script, then it
    will take hours.

    So in short, it is a nice time pass movie not a must watch movie.

  • rajmannar-08230July 17, 2016Reply

    Good action flick

    I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. The first half of the movie
    is a throwback to the 80’s style of movie telling, almost straight out
    of Subhash Ghai type of stable, with the lead pair meeting in a train,
    some corny dialogues, rainfall followed by Song, heroine giggly, hero
    heady. It was almost a relief to just throwback to old times for a
    change. But, then the Action part comes on and from then it gets
    better, especially for all the action fans. The story is really not
    much to crow about and is basically an excuse for the action and
    fights. The good part is, it has been shot decently well. Tiger Shroff
    carries the movie on his own by his terrific flair for action and
    fights. It was refreshing to see a new face and a no- holds barred
    action actor after a long time. His uncanny resemblance to Jackie
    shroff evokes older Shroff’s movies. Shradda Kapoor plays an ideal foil
    to make up the romantic pair. Her attempt at action though falls flat.
    The support cast are excellent, including the actor who plays the
    Martial arts teacher and the guy who plays the villain. Photography is
    terrific capturing the backwaters of Kerla to the the streets of
    Bangkok. Music is surprisingly good, including couple of hummable songs
    and a background score which is fitting to the action. Overall, a must
    watch for desi action fans.

  • Fatima GarayuaAugust 1, 2016Reply

    Overall its worth it !

    After watching this movie I would say its worth it. For a while all
    movies in Bollywood are basically getting mediocre, same old drama,
    story and acting.

    Yes this movie has same old love story but with a action twist.

    You can’t make 100% action movie in India without a story or songs
    because those kind of movies don’t make money on box office so we can’t
    blame a director for it .

    If you love good action movie you should watch it.

    Tiger Shroff: He did amazing job in all action scenes especially after
    you watch credit in end, you will understand all action scenes are done
    by him not by some stunt double and he got hurt many times. Yes right
    now he has to learn a lot in acting field but all superstars started
    like that hopefully he will improve his acting skills then he would be

    Shraddha Kapoor: I was disappointed by her doing same old happy bubbly
    girl role which is getting boring . I really appreciate the director
    giving the heroin strong role who can fight for herself not like same
    old heroin crying ” Bacho bacho ” in other movies and hero is the only

    All other actors has done amazing job and made the movie worth the

    We all love our superstars but its time we should give new talent a
    chance who are working so hard to give us the best movies possible.

  • Anup Viswanathan ThampiAugust 3, 2016Reply

    3 movies in 1 with same romantic flick

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sparklekaiAugust 9, 2016Reply

    Lots of Romance & Never a Dull Moment in mixed Marshall Arts …

    First of all, I’d like to give praise to India’s importance of family,
    relationships, and traditional customs. While in other cultures,
    premarital sex has no boundaries, it appears as a normal way of life,
    but will this have a negative influence to future generations? I
    immediately felt intense chemistry between these leading actors, yet
    their attraction never once influenced improper motives. Overall, I
    really enjoyed the display of expertise in mixed Marshall arts, the
    beautiful Cinematography, and I sure hope to see more films with these
    fine talented actors.

  • brokoliesSeptember 18, 2016Reply

    The real copycat of The Raid Redemption

    if i could give a half star… Undeniable, the director wants to be the
    next Gareth Evan (who directed the raid movie) without noticing
    audience this movie scene copied from respective movie. Tiger shroff
    said this movie wasn’t copied from any movie, but on the contrary the
    director was. This is ridiculous, the actor has no knowledge of famous
    movie especially the action movies.

    Indian directors should learn more and more from foreign movies about
    how to make a great fighting scene. for example, taking an actor in
    real punches, you know what, most of action involved punch in bollywood
    is really fake, even kids know it.

  • SreckoMontenegroOctober 22, 2016Reply

    This movie could be awesome, but…

    It lacks seriousness. I mean, really? The cab driver and his partner?
    Sia’s father? All scenes with those guys were ridiculous, but in a bad
    way, especially with the cab driver. The dialogues were totally
    unfunny, and ruined the whole movie. Also, the direction wasn’t good as
    well. Some scenes seemed like you were watching making of the movie. e
    acting wasn’t that good, especially Tiger Shroff’s. That really annoyed

    But let’s talk about good stuff; Shifuji Shaurya Bharadwaj! He was
    awesome, he gave the power to this movie. All scenes with him were
    incredible, powerful! Just after I finished the movie, I wanted to know
    more about this man, and man, I was shocked!

    Last 30 minutes of the movie were awesome! I felt like I was watching
    the real stuff! All of them were great, Shraddha, Tiger, Sudheer… The
    direction was awesome. Felt like I was watching totally different
    movie! Too bad it wasn’t that good tho whole time.

    Overall, 6/10! If the ridiculous scenes and dialogues were cut, it’d be
    9 or 10/10. This movie had potential.

  • Toufiq AlamDecember 23, 2016Reply

    Monkey can Jump too!!!!

    Straight words: Monkeys can jump too, but they won’t make a movie!!!
    Tiger Shroff’s agility is commendable but just doing the same thing as
    Tony Jaa, is a bit too redundant and he was not as sharp as Tony. The
    movie was such a copy, it will put a photocopier in utter disgrace!!!

    Fights had same old round house kicks and some, it seemed, figure
    skating moves, specially bouncing off of the wall was like the figure
    skating queen doing a jump in the air.

    The story was a garbage. It was as if the producer got a man who can do
    a lot of kicks and so he thought why not throw in some paragraphs from
    here and there and voila!! There is this Baaghi movie!!! Tasteless!!! I
    won’t recommend wasting 2 hours on this pile of cow dung. Just see a
    few trailers and you will enjoy what Shroff has to offer. No need to
    waste time.

  • lunaticleo-22019April 15, 2017Reply

    Hated it

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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