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Baahubali 2: The Conclusion

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion

Apr. 27, 2017 India161 Min.
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8.4 925 votes

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Prabhas isAmarendra Baahubali / Mahendra Baahubali
Amarendra Baahubali / Mahendra Baahubali
Rana Daggubati isBhallala Deva
Bhallala Deva
Sathyaraj isKatappa
Anushka Shetty isMaharani Devasena
Maharani Devasena
Nassar isBijjaladeva (Pingaladevan in the Tamil version)
Bijjaladeva (Pingaladevan in the Tamil version)
Subbaraju Santosh isKumara Varma
Kumara Varma
Prudhviraj isOfficial in Kunthala Kingdom
Official in Kunthala Kingdom
Rohini isSanga


When Mahendra, the son of Bahubali, learns about his heritage, he begins to look for answers. His story is juxtaposed with past events that unfolded in the Mahishmati Kingdom.

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion
Baahubali 2: The Conclusion
Baahubali 2: The Conclusion
Baahubali 2: The Conclusion
Baahubali 2: The Conclusion
Baahubali 2: The Conclusion
Baahubali 2: The Conclusion
Baahubali 2: The Conclusion
Baahubali 2: The Conclusion
Baahubali 2: The Conclusion
Original titleBaahubali 2: The Conclusion
IMDb Rating8.9 38,810 votes
TMDb Rating6.4 119 votes

(372) comments

  • dushyant chaturvediApril 27, 2017Reply

    Gripping palace intrigue, below par war scenes

    Rejoice, because until you are a very patient listener or an extremely
    fast reader, or have uncomplaining friends, who are willing to spend a
    good chunk of the day, explaining the palace intrigue, verbally or in
    the written form, that leads to the answer that everyone wants to know,
    you are safe. Prima facie, quite a lot of thought seems to have gone
    into writing the screenplay and fine tuning every scene, because of
    which the action and dramatic set pieces are awe inspiring. I don’t
    wish to write about them, as I don’t want to be a spoil sport. The
    director pleasantly surprised me by fleshing out Kattappa’s role and
    peppering it with a lot of humor, which gave the proceedings a lot of
    levity and fun. My gripe with The Conclusion: The part that I loved the
    most in The Beginning was the war scene in the second half, which
    lasted for close to 3 quarters of an hour. There are no such extended
    orgasm inducing battle scenes, this time around. There are a lot of
    sequences that have been shot in the dark, and consequently, had much
    less of an impact on me. Also, the graphics seemed kind of tacky. It
    looked like a perfect example of the bigger not necessarily being the

  • Rubendhrah SzApril 27, 2017Reply

    Loved the second part 100 more times than first part!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • vivek prasanna (vivekprasanna-36410)April 27, 2017Reply

    Just a OK movie, but let down for me

    Just back from the movie.. Not so good is my opinion as I have respect
    for the Director and know his skills… but its a big let down for
    neutral fans like me… Baahubali 1 was superb and I enjoyed each
    frames esp after interval part… But in Baahubali 2, the starting and
    ending is just a big try but not at all good.. That does not means you
    should not check it out… Go to theaters and check yourself as
    opinions & likes may change as per person.

    But please don’t pay big for the movie.

    Note: I watched in Tamil

  • Praveen AllamApril 27, 2017Reply

    A nonstop and immersive entertainment !!

    The wait is over, Rajamouli and his crew did it again, 2 hr 47 min
    nonstop and immersive entertainment.

    It is simply another visual wonder, didn’t realize when it was over.
    The style of storytelling was excellent, thought it was bit of slow in
    the beginning, but slowly it picked up and never looked back.
    Cinematography, natural landscape, settings and some of the scenes are
    overwhelming and spectacular! The camera-work is so immersive, a visual
    journey through the Mahishmati and Kunthala Samrajyam. Also with great
    performances not only by Prabhas and Rana but equally everyone, Nazar
    was exceptional and in fact he stole the show.

    All my stars go towards the story, beautiful picturization, production
    value and performances. All in all, this film felt less like a story of
    revenge between two brothers but more like an epic to the intuitive
    beauty of visual effects. It provides an extremely fascinating and
    touching experience to those who have an affinity for the mythological
    stories, but it’s also a visual masterpiece and a great piece of modern
    filmmaking for cinema lovers. It’s a perfect movie, a film likes of
    which we will only rarely get to see – if at all – in the future.
    Baahubali – The Conclusion’ is visual poetry of the most ancient kind
    background sceneries, and it should be seen on the biggest screen
    possible. Last but not the least, this is equally (if not superior) in
    par with Baahubali 1. Go watch in theater before someone tells you ”why
    kattappa killed baahubali” and experience the journey!!!

  • Prabhat RApril 27, 2017Reply

    Baahubali 2 is a shallow yet satisfying end to the saga

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • rhautmApril 27, 2017Reply

    Excellent movie, not lesser then part 1

    Bahubali 2 Review, no secret revealed– 4 out of 5 stars, to be honest
    I didn’t have much hope with part 2 because generally sequels are not
    good in comparison to the first part, but I got a pleasant surprise,
    Bahubali 2 is nothing lesser to part 1 in VFX, sets acting etc. Anushka
    Shetty looks mesmerising, very very beautiful. Movie is better in first
    half (before intermission) But it leaves u with a pang of death of
    Amrendra Bahubali, Mahendra Bahubali can be a great ruler but he is not
    Amrendra Bahubali. P.s. don’t expect logic in war scenes. Second half
    should have been worked upon to make Mahendra Bahubali’s character

  • shyammrApril 27, 2017Reply

    Worth the wait … you don’t need to wait till the end of the movie to say that..

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Fhah RukhApril 27, 2017Reply

    don’t play with 1000’s of technicians hard work

    Superb mind blowing performance by prabhas,rana,all others and backbone
    the great director ssR , the way he presenting the suspense is
    satisfied by all and i heared that some body r not satisfied ,this is
    for that peaple watch again film i think u may understand yet if u not
    satisfied shut all negative comments don’t play with thousands of
    technicians hardwork finally i am a pk fan

  • kavinash366April 27, 2017Reply

    Awesome, record breaking movie for sure.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • VEER DESHApril 27, 2017Reply

    PART 2 IS PART 1 AND PART WAS PART 2- but Worth it!

    Its obvious: Its the flashback. If you haven’t seen part 1 -you should.
    You can see it in either sequence part1 followed by 2 or part 2 (this
    one) followed by 1. Everything will make sense. The only thing is the
    question was more enticing ”Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali?’ than the
    answer. Also you may not be as amazed with this one as the previous
    one, as you would expect the grandeur and the graphics. But mistake me
    not, this is as good as it gets. Raja Mouli has done a superb job and
    all the actors have justified their roles. There are amazing war
    tactics and lovely scenes.

    Your heart will pound every time Baahubali is on screen. Go watch it-
    worth every penny, worth every second. 10/10

  • Sidhanth MohitheApril 28, 2017Reply

    Master piece

    The best and the best. the complete masterpiece in 1. hands to
    ssrajamouli sir. the complete team made a huge difference in India
    cinema field.

    i will make it short and sweet. the first half is complete of the
    beginning of story, romance and a little humour and the interval scene
    is powerful with goosebumps . the secret is opened in second half oe.
    why kattappa killed bahubali and the reason was designed and screened
    well and no 1 can plan better than this. The complete second half is of
    battle and is no compare with other Bollywood and tollywood industry.

    Overall its a must watch movie that too in theater only

  • RobisonApril 28, 2017Reply

    Excellent Visual Treat..

    Really Good Movie! MUST Watch!! Grand Visuals, Rajamouli’s vision and
    story telling Prabhas, Anushka, Sathyaraj and Ramya Krishnan
    mind-blowing performance. M M Keeravani’s background score in certain
    portions. Rajamouli made the film engaging throughout with decent
    comedy, superb action sequences, rich visuals and intriguing plot.
    However, the movie fall flat in the second half with the predictable
    story line and also Climax could have been more intense and gripping.

  • tkpkbehoshApril 28, 2017Reply

    New Era in Indian Cinema: The Beginning

    There are just four words for whole cast and crew of the Movie..

    1.Unpredictable: The Story and The Screenplay, Stories that have been
    ‘Shared’ on Social Media, none of them are found in the film..

    2.Wonderful: Every scene/sequence gives you goosebumps..

    3.Unbelievable: Killing of Bahubali by Kattappa’s own hands, will make
    you emotional..

    4. Impressive: Raising waves in the river by gestures of Dev Sena and
    then carrying the swan boat by the Bahubali across the clouds.. Very
    Impressive to me..

    The role and place (Screenplay) of all the characters in the whole film
    is wonderful, even the golden statue of Bhallal Dev plays a significant

    Prabhash, Ramya Krishnan, Anushka, Rana Dagbatti and Nassar have acted
    in the film to bring the screenplay to new heights.. Music of M M Kreem
    adding fuel to the fire.. Very magical music and Kaal Bhairav’s first
    song is enough to awaken your curiosity.. Dialogues are very simple
    though powerful..

    Because of twist and turns in the story, you will not know so soon, Why
    Kattappa killed Bahubali ? You will know this only after the
    intermission.. There is just one shortcoming in the film, that the 2
    hour 47 minute film ended very soon.. If someone rewards for 2 hours 47
    minutes to not blink, then that prize would have been mine today.. …

    P.S: Please, if you want answer to ”Why Kattappa killed Bahubali?”..
    You should watch the movie .. Everyone has done a lot of hard work,
    which will be realized after watching the movie..!

  • vivekkamaleApril 28, 2017Reply

    #1 movie of the century

    outstanding movie. first day first show wow.

    guys go and watch best movie of Indian cinema. guys please go and watch
    the best movie of your life. epic movie.prabhas and rajamouli’s work is
    superb. this kind of hardwork is appreciable


  • afreenkhanfeministApril 28, 2017Reply

    The best of Indian (telegu) cinema ever.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Shreyas GuptaApril 28, 2017Reply

    The movie starts when you think the movie is over.

    The movie is absolutely epic! It easily lived up to its hype and
    anticipation. When you watch the movie you can yourself understand that
    it was worth the wait. And just when you think that you have the answer
    to why Katappa killed Bahubali and the movie is over, the movie
    actually starts there.

  • Akterul IslamApril 28, 2017Reply

    is Baahubali 2 better than Baahubali- 1?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Anirban PalApril 28, 2017Reply

    Very predictable.. Not worth the hype

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • gbramApril 28, 2017Reply

    Worth Watching Movie – Experience it on Big Screen

    First Half of the movie scores 15 points out of 10. It is extremely
    good, Everyone likes it. Second Half of the movie scores 8 points out
    of 10.

    Movie Starts with brilliant Title Cards and goes up to peak until
    interval. After that it slows down and creates little lag feeling,
    After watching 1st part, audience has lot of expectations on final WAR
    scene, but Director failed to meet audience expectations in the final
    WAR/Climax. Final war should have dedicatedly designed for 40 mins with
    good preparation of war like it happened in part 1. (or) movie should
    have trimmed 10 mins in the second half ( do not ask me where and how
    to trim 🙂 ). On the whole movie is very good, worth watching,…you
    will enjoy for sure, everyone in family likes it. Watch it on big
    screen !

  • pamidisravanApril 28, 2017Reply

    Captain of ship India movies – S S Rajamouli

    Long 5 years of journey came to magnum opus output, passion of work
    team (thousands of employees), strong characters by his father ,
    imaginable screenplay and background work into papers delivered to 33
    VFX studios ,thousands of employees everyday 15 hours worked hard last
    2 years. Bahubali beginning step for technical by experience, and now
    Bahubali conclusion had got experience to improved vfx work, everyone
    one Bahubali family like some are brilliant employees.

    Movie reviews Bahubali conclusion is 10 times more than Bahubali
    beginning, 1 st half introduction of previous who is king take place ,
    emotions , wars sequence, all breathe taking.

  • peru-45685April 28, 2017Reply

    Good attempt and a job well done

    No doubt, it has been a great attempt. But then I felt that too much
    emphasis was on VFX and CGI. The story-line as expected was very
    predictable. To get in sync with or to get a hang of the twists and
    turns of events in the movie, audiences will first have to have a
    proper understanding of the philosophy and ideology that each character
    is so strongly associated with. This forms the underlying driving force
    of the story itself

    Overall, a good watch.

  • harsha vardhanApril 28, 2017Reply


    Finally watched baahubali the conclusion.#WKKB Totally proud of my
    expectations and telugu industry, It gave me infinity% satisfaction for
    spending time and my wait for it. Believe it or not, the whole movie
    gave a continuous goosebumps to me.., Some kind of energy started
    inside my body during the movie I could totally feel the hard work of
    the whole team of baahubali..they all deserve soo much.. here no one
    should really care of whether we are a fan or anti-fan of prabhas,
    because its not only just prabhas, This is BAAHUBALI! Hollywood’s
    300,Hercules,Benher,Exodus gods and kings are nothing compared to
    baahubali 2. The words of baahubali while dying somehow stole my tears!
    the tears from my eyes weren’t stopping at all. I couldn’t control my
    tears.. It felt like a real story to me and its all due to Rajamouli
    and team. the ideas which he put in this film are so unique(RAJAMOULI)
    and no one can ever find it in any Hollywood movies… The background
    music is an other best thing which made baahubali to look so damn!! in
    my opinion this movie should get the Oscar. THIS IS A LEGENDARY FILM

  • shri ramApril 28, 2017Reply

    Baahubali 2 – The Masterpiece that was promised

    Going into probably the most expected movie in Indian Cinema History,
    What would one expect? Baahubali 2 shatters expectations with its
    gripping story and plot ties. It not only answers the question ”Why
    Kattappa killed Baahubali?”, that has become a Meme in the last couple
    of years. But, it does so in such a masterful way, that you’re just
    left in tears for something you knew was coming all along.

    Critics and movie goers will rave about all the Visual effects and
    graphics… that will stun you, no doubt. But that is not what makes
    this movie such a masterpiece. The storytelling, the emotional appeal
    of the characters, the way that each scene is constructed makes you a
    part of Rajamouli’s world. The art direction, Vfx and camera treats you
    to that world to every last detail.

    Prabhas pulls off a marvellous job as Baahubali, a menacing warrior,
    loving son, caring husband who has to take several hard decisions after
    being handed the throne. Sathyaraj, the second most important character
    of the movie, takes it to another level with his brilliant performance
    throughout. Veterans Nasser and Ramya Krishnan dominate their screen
    time with magical performances while Anushka dons a fiery Queen hat
    perfectly. In an interesting change of things, Rana as Palvalthevan,
    who was introduced as a Muscular Superhuman in the first part, this
    time derails Baahubali as a evil genius, without flexing a muscle.

    The movie is quite long 2 hrs 48 mins… and it seems really long. But,
    it never bores you. While the war scenes are very ambitious, there are
    some really stupid moments. The lead characters are Super Strong
    people, who break the walls and floors every time they fall down and
    can land unscratched from 100ft drops. But the director doesn’t fail to
    amaze you with the next scene, that you wouldn’t mind some stupid
    stunts at all.

    Overall, Baahubali 2 is the Masterpiece that was promised, if not

  • Puranjan ChatterjeeApril 28, 2017Reply

    Nice Beginning but Excellent Conclusion

    Finally the wait for two long years is over and why kattapa killed
    baahubali is known; but this epic movie is much more than that. In the
    first half of the movie will begin in a regular pattern and towards the
    interval as the movie will proceed, things will start to heat up. In
    the second half everything is there for which you pay your bucks to see
    a movie. Except two or three scenes of exaggerated physics defying
    effects, the entire movie is packed with the best visual effects and
    action sequences Indian movies have ever seen. The songs are not that
    appealing but okay. Overall the movie is worth the wait and
    anticipation. So don’t just wait reading my or another reviews, just be
    the part of this epic and see how Indian movies have gone to a whole
    new level. I am gonna watch this movie a few times more (still in the

  • Anoop PrasannakumarApril 28, 2017Reply

    Kudos to S.S.Rajamouli for bringing to life Indian cinemas first epic

    Why Kattapa.. Why?? A question probably 1.4+ billion people have been
    quizzed about for the past 2 years.. Well, I assure you, the wait for
    that answer was worth more than the stunts, songs or a budget of 2.5
    billion INR.. It probably was a combination of one of the most
    emotionally and frustratingly epic scene I’ve ever witnessed in Indian
    cinema.. Just the grandeur of that one scene gave for some goosebumps;
    for some a prolonged tear jerker; and for some absolute silence with

    The Conclusion is helmed on 5 shoulders.. #Prabhas, #Sathyaraj,
    #RanaDaggubati, #AnushkaShetty and #RamyaKrishan, who have all done
    their parts well. But the strength of the movie is Prabhas who
    literally lived the character. The support cast have all done their
    parts brilliantly.

    3 hours 15 minutes: Having watched it in Bahrain, I was surrounded with
    the thrill of sitting in a cinema in India; whistles, claps and howls
    of joy; every scene was celebrated.

    This movie had a good mix of soulful songs, witty one liners, amazing
    sound effects, bgm, beautiful locations (both original and visually
    created), grand sets, hard hitting stunts and touching moments placed

    I had read earlier that the VFX is in par with #TheLordOfTheRings and
    #HarryPotter.. I would say it is top notch for Indian cinema.

    Although I did not understand a word, I watched this movie in the
    language it was conceived – Telugu. Wanted to keep it as original as
    possible. It was a challenge coordinating the scene with the subs, but
    if I’m still recommending it, you must understand how good this movie
    must have been.

    Kudos to S.S.Rajamouli for bringing to life Indian cinemas first epic..
    A theatrical must watch for all.. #Enjoy

    #PremiereShow #Baahubali #Baahubali2 #BaahubaliTheConclusion
    #Baahubali2TheConclusion #WhyDidKattapaKillBaahubali #Bāhubali #బాహుబలి
    #பாகுபலி #बाहुबली #ബാഹുബലി #BaahubaliReview #Review #BaahubalianHit
    #IndianCinema #Bahrain #البحرين

  • divekApril 28, 2017Reply

    One of the finest movie in Indian cinema.

    Totally worth it. Story is awesome. Graphics are moderate. If you love
    Indian cinema go for it and if not then definitely watch the movie
    because you start loving it. And finally why Kattapa kill Bahubali is
    there and you can’t guess it and didn’t want to hear from others. And
    yes it is totally a family movie just a kissing scene is there.

  • Anurag BhardwajApril 28, 2017Reply

    Great visuals, relive Indian mythological history with a tinge of Telegu cinema.

    Watched the movie yesterday. This movie has a huge production value
    both in terms of physical sets and the CGI work. The story-line is
    decent not awesome and the second half becomes predictable. It has
    celebrated the Indian past with both its good and bad aspects. So if
    any foreigner were to see this movie, he/she would not get why people
    love the movie so much despite some very obvious dumb things or
    over-the-top action scenes. The background scores were awesome but I
    never like background scores controlling a scene. Prabhas has acted
    well but the best actor in the movie has to be Anushka Shetty by miles.
    Over the top action scenes and excessive heroic swag display are a
    common feature of Telegu cinema which has now become mainstream
    Bollywood feature too. People seem to love superhero like actions
    scenes without some scientific explanation of the powers of the
    characters. Harry Potter can do awesome stuff but I like the fact that
    Iron Man built a suit and hence can lift heavy stuff. Indian mythology
    credits divine magical times as the reason for immense powers. The
    realistic action sequences in the Daredevil series is much more
    attractive than something between a real wrestling and Shaolin Soccer.
    The romantic scenes are cheesy. There is always a funny sidekick for
    the hero in Telegu cinema. This is a sad attempt to make the hero look
    cool. But people like it so I won’t discredit the director. This movie
    perfectly fits the Indian audience demands. Expecting something
    different would mean losing the audience. It is very difficult to
    educate the audience to a better cinema while not losing their interest
    or being patronizing. Very few movies can do that Baahubali certainly
    does not seem to aim that. There is little requirement for the first
    part. Baahubali is a complete three hour movie and did not require a
    ”Beginning”. The movie had some awesome camera angles and pans. The
    fight scene at the end was a visual delight. I would have loved to pay
    the price of the ticket to watch this in BluRay right on my laptop
    rather than going to the theatre. If only this was made in 3D, which I
    believe it deserved to be, given the awesome visuals, a theatre
    experience would be better than at-home experience. Watch in theatre
    considering the fact that a BluRay version won’t be out for months.

  • karamchedusureshApril 28, 2017Reply

    All time best Indian movie

    This is recommended for all Indian cinema lovers who wish to share a
    new experience of watching drama/love/ VFX/ fights on Hollywood scale.

    Acting of all lead characters was so good that you can understand/feel
    their passion and commitment to the plot/story or vision of director SS

    Director SS Rajamouli can become global scale director if he shoots few
    more movies like Baahubali, by exploiting Indian mythology/Fantasy from
    Amar Chitra Katha.

  • shobanchittuproluApril 28, 2017Reply

    It is an epic conclusion for India’s biggest motion picture.A terrific Interval bang followed by emotional second half is the major pro of the film but First half disappoints.

    Baahubali : The Conclusion (2017): At last,the day has arrived for the
    conclusion of Tollywood/Indian Magnum Opus Baahubali.People have been
    waiting for the release of The Conclusion since 2015.Especially for the
    cliff hanger ending of Part 1 where the most anticipated question ”Why
    Kattappa Killed Baahubali?” aroused in Indian audience minds.Any movie
    goer could easily predict the reason but still I didn’t get why the
    question was so over hyped. But still I waited for this film only for
    witnessing Rajamouli’s mark elevated emotions which are completely
    missing in Part 1. Did it happen then? Plot: Story begins from where
    ”Baahubali The Beginning” has ended. Rajamata Sivagami (Ramya Krishna)
    asks Amarendra Baahubali (Prabhas) to tour entire country before
    swearing in as emperor.While touring, he heads to Kuntala rajyam and
    sees beautiful princess Deva Sena (Anushka). He introduces himself as a
    wanderer to her and not as soon-to-be emperor. They fall in love.Due to
    some incidents Sivagami makes Bhallala the emperor and Baahubali as
    chief of army staff. Bhallala and his father Bijjala feed wrong
    information to Sivagami which changes her entire soft corner on
    Baahubali and takes sinister routes..So Why did Sivagami change?Why
    Kattappa Killed Baahubali and how did Shivudu win against Bhalladeva
    forms rest of The Conclusion? Plus Points: 1)Pre-Interval and Interval
    : As the movie is progressing at dull pace in first half,Pre Interval
    block and Interval scenes raised the bars with extraordinary scene
    which definitely brings goosebumps to audience.When Prabhas and
    Devasena come to Sivagami, the story progresses into high emotional
    pitch and ends with an interval bang that would surely bring claps from
    the audiences.Mahishmathi background score used in that scene is the
    best part and definitely will be remembered as one of the best Interval
    blocks of Indian Cinema.Even the taking in that scene is so grand that
    we feel proud of it being a Telugu Cinema.

    2)Second half: Expectation set at Interval are met with the equally
    brilliant engaging second half.Second half is high on emotions and
    brings out the best of Rajamouli’s work.There are lot of goosebumps and
    emotional moments in second half which is a treat for not only the fans
    but also for those who has no expectations.The confrontation scene
    between Kattapa,Sivagami and Devasena after Baahubali’s death is
    tear-jerky moment.

    3)BGM: Even though songs are average,Keeravani once again gave
    brilliant background score. The way he elevates the proceedings with
    his score is impressive.

    4)Cinematography: Senthil’s cinematography is beyond words to describe.

    5)Action scenes: Action scenes are on par with Hollywood
    standards.Especially the scene where Shivudu goes against Bhalladeva
    who is on his deadly chariot,the slow -motion shot at that scene is
    simply mind blowing.

    6)Rajamouli: Credit should go to Rajamouli for taking Indian films to
    another level with his mind blowing story telling. The way he has
    induced a terrific conflict between the two brothers is the major asset
    of the film.There is more depth in the proceedings and every character
    has been given complete justification.Rajamouli has stressed more on
    emotions which were lacking in the first part which is a good move.

    7)Performances: Prabhas is stunning as Amarendra Baahubali.Rana once
    again shined as deadly Bhallala Deva.Anushka is the show stealer of the
    movie with riveting performance as Devasena.Sathyaraj as Kattappa got
    more screen presence and more powerful in his role.

    Minus Points: 1)First half: First half of The Conclusion is terrible
    and outright silly.I still didn’t get why they inserted comedy scenes
    involving Kattappa.The whole Kunthala kingdom episode is so clichéd and
    irritating.How the heck can Rajamouli think of such silly ideas while
    making this grand project.I sincerely hope that Rajamouli should avoid
    such clichés like Songs and Comedy scenes for sake of
    entertainment.First half is so pathetic that I almost lost hopes on the
    film until the pre-interval scene.First half needs lot of trimming to
    make this grand conclusion more engaging.

    So,Baahubali: The Conclusion is an epic conclusion for India’s biggest
    motion picture.A terrific Interval bang followed by emotional second
    half is the major pro of the film whereas the first half entirely
    disappoints with silly comedy and clichéd romance.

    My rating 7.5/10

  • BhargavVarma1April 28, 2017Reply

    Best Movie in Indian history

    Firstly Got answer for why kattappa killed Baahubali….All the efforts
    of the team got paid off. Every scene/sequence gives you goosebumps
    which is stunning and colorful to your eyes.Interval Bang and sentiment
    scene in second half are good asserts for this part….Prabhas got
    Darlings all over the world now…Hats off for whole cast and crew.

  • Siddarthareddy ChitikiApril 28, 2017Reply

    Master Piece

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ricky-eocksApril 28, 2017Reply

    Terrific conclusion to a great beginning

    During my review of Bahubali the beginning, I had said that it is yet
    to match the Hollywood standards but it is a great start for Indian
    movies towards the right path.

    Bahubali the conclusion, exceeded my expectations. I watched the dubbed
    Hindi version, and that might have killed some of the dialogues in the
    original Telugu script, although that doesn’t take any bit of
    magnificence away from the movie.

    CGI effect was mind blowing and so was the action sequence. The laws of
    physics being put upside down, aside, the movie also depicted the
    golden era prevalent in the Pre-Medieval era. If Bahubali I was the 1st
    small step towards greatness for Indian cinema, Bahubali II would be
    the giant leap. How many sequels have been better than the original
    movie? Bahubali II has not just been better, but remarkably better than
    Bahubali I, which in itself was better than most of the Indian movies.
    That in itself is a feat. Set the bar quite high and then cross it
    beyond miles in the sequel. Bahubali II is the perfect movie for anyone
    to experience the ancient great of ‘Indianness’. The intro of female
    lead with sword in hands wearing traditional ‘Indian’ clothes
    symbolizing the female power ‘Shakti’ is mind blowing.

    All along there are at least 14 moments which give the spectators
    goosebumps of epic proportions and might even make 1 weep in joy and

    The only thing BAD about Bahubali II is that there won’t be a Bahubali
    III, well that and some of the songs, which did not contribute to the
    grandeur of the movie .

    Hopefully the Director of the movie would be encouraged to make more
    movies from the Pre-Medieval era especially about the Gupta rules,
    Vijaynagar kingdom and the Cholas.

  • shirazsipra83April 28, 2017Reply

    Masterpiece with best performance from Prabhas. Truly the biggest Indian star today!

    Baahubali the conclusion as the name suggests answers all your
    questions including why Kattapa killed baahubali.

    The best part of this movie according to my view is the performance of
    Prabhas and obviously the direction of movie as well. Prabhas proved
    himself to be the biggest star of India today with his extraordinary
    acting, expressions and action. He would definitely rule Indian cinema
    for years!

  • dineshprakashApril 28, 2017Reply

    Very conveniently gets concluded

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Gopendra YadavApril 28, 2017Reply

    What a master piece.

    Every shot of this masterpiece is worth a watch. The wait is finally
    over and how beautifully it unfolds the mystery- Why kattappa killed
    baahubali. It is one of its kind movie and a must watch on the list.
    The vfx is breathtaking and marvellous. Just a thumbs up to the team

  • t-63200April 28, 2017Reply

    Must Watch Movie-prequel than sequel

    Movie Highlights:-

    Grand Visuals Rajamouli’s vision and story telling Prabhas, Rana,
    Anushka, Sathyaraj and Ramya Krishnan mind-blowing performance Don’t
    Miss Title Card Stunning Visuals, BGM & Big twist towards Interval. M M
    Keeravani’s background score

  • Mayur VaniyaApril 28, 2017Reply

    Awesome,outstanding movie and i’m sure that the movie gonna break record the records.

    Excellent movie by SS Rajamouli. a masterpiece of the Indian cinema the
    movie was too good everyone part of movies was unexpected.And the VFX
    Was incredible, lovely cinematography each scene was too good and I
    love the sound effects, really I enjoyed the movie and salute to SS
    Rajamouli for making such a record break movie.

    Ticket Price Doesn’t matter for Baahubali, so Run and watch the biggest
    hit of 2017.

  • ShaShank_MovieFreakApril 28, 2017Reply

    A Solid effort and technically brilliant.

    Baahubali-2 takes off right where the Baahubali – The beginning ended,
    with the now famous question… Why Kattappa killed Baahubali? The
    story feels much more coherent now that the loose ends are tied really

    There is so much more to the story of Baahubali than the WKKB question.
    The story takes us through the Love blooming between Amarendra
    Baahubali and Devasena, then delves into the Politics in the
    Mahishmathi Kingdom and some shocking revelations ensure the pace is
    kept high and then comes the sequence of Kattappa killing Baahubali.
    From then, the story becomes predictable and turns into a clichéd
    revenge drama. But the greatness of SS Rajamouli as a top- notch
    technician of the movie lies in how well he keeps the audience engaged
    and absorbed into the story. The entire narrative of Baahubali has been
    fleshed out and the emotions are handled very well indeed. The sequence
    of Kattappa and Baahubali has been used for maximum dramatic effect.

    Wherever there are no strong emotions to keep us focused, Rajamouli
    resorts to Visuals.A separate mention has to go to the Visuals of the
    movie. The movie is visually stunning. So stunning indeed that it is
    one of, if not the most beautiful Indian film so far. Every frame of it
    oozes grandeur. Some of the sequences, especially the Visuals of the
    Romance song between Devasena and Baahubali match the standards of
    Hollywood. No doubt about it.

    However, that is where the comparison with Hollywood must end, in all
    fairness. The movie is Indian at its core and the story, which heavily
    draws inspiration from the famous characters of Maha Bharatha is not
    new to the audience. It is an age old tale of Sibling Rivalry set in a
    different world and its saving grace are the great characters that
    populate the world of Baahubali. The actors have done a great job with
    stellar performances from Anushka, Satyaraj, RamyaKrishna, Nasser and
    Rana. They all acted very well. But ultimately it is Prabhas that
    steals the show. His performance is apt, controlled and is almost
    always on point. He never over-does his role.

    All the technicians that have worked for the film have done a fabulous
    job as well. The music by MM Keeravani is wonderful and his BGM takes
    the experience to new heights. Senthil Kumar’s cinematography is
    another big plus for the movie.

    The pacing of the movie is amazing but it falters towards the end, as
    what happens becomes predictable and in the final battle, the viewers
    are treated at the same time to wonderful visuals and clichés. However,
    the events leading to the climax more than make up for it. Ultimately
    the ending is a safe one and the final sequence neatly ties it to the
    beginning of the first movie. Very sublime.

    Finally, Baahubali is today’s blockbuster, tomorrow’s classic and is
    definitely one of the most important films for Indian movie industry.
    Watch it for the Visuals and Rajamouli’s superb narration. It is an
    Indian film with an Indian story and is suffused with Indian
    sensibilities. That makes it a breathe of fresh air.

  • amitpratap-21901April 28, 2017Reply

    bahubali 2

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • BharathApril 28, 2017Reply

    Baahubali – The biggest franchise Indian cinema has ever had?

    Baahubali – The conclusion, as the film critics publicized,the most
    awaited movie of the decade, has released with no surprises to be a
    magnum opus after the huge appreciation it received from Baahubali –
    the Beginning.

    The question – Why Kattappa killed Baahubali, has been answered in an
    eloquent story telling style along with brilliant visuals as promising
    as the first part and the VFX team should be given due credits for
    creating the magic, certainly some of the best visuals from an Indian
    movie and in a few scenes the visuals are more stunning than the first
    part of the franchise. Prabhas and Rana Daggubati stealing the show
    with their hunk physique and especially in the war sequences they are
    no lesser than powerful and grandiose. A more ravishing warrior woman
    Devasena can’t be justified other than Anushka and she has proved it
    with her screen presence and performance. Sivagami played by Ramya
    Krishna is brilliant as the first part, the boldness in her presence
    and voice defends that she still has a long way to go. Sathyaraj and
    Nassar have played their parts with ease, their experience speaks up
    volumes. Finally, the hero of the script Rajamouli has stood up to the
    expectations and the promise he created with Baahubali – The Beginning,
    the conclusion is no less when it went live with all the hype and
    fascination it had before the release. Maragathamani’s music has
    created life to the roles and the movie as usual. Kudos to every

    Overall, the franchise is all set to become the biggest grosser in the
    Indian film industry. With this quality of movie making and
    storytelling, Indian cinema is no less than Hollywood.

    Be it fiction or non-fiction, Baahubali is the first step to life for
    many of the faded yet rich Indian mythology.

  • truefruitApril 28, 2017Reply

    No spoilers

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Sai KiranApril 28, 2017Reply

    A visual treat, larger than its prequel Baahubali: The Beginning

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ismailpathanplvdApril 28, 2017Reply

    prabhas bahubali

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • B HarrisApril 28, 2017Reply

    Saaho Re! Triumph of Indian Cinema

    Update on 5/5 I watched the Hindi version yesterday. A second watch
    allowed me to observe things better. And this time the movie shined in
    a new light.

    Much ballyhoo had been made about the VFX and graphics in the movie –
    not that they aren’t nice, but they’re really not what drives this

    It’s about the story.

    It’s a simple story – good prevails evil. But the brilliance lies in
    the way the events unfold and the way Rajamouli has orchestrated the
    entire flow. I thought the first part of the second half is a master
    class in storytelling – all the events and sequences leading up to
    Sivagami escaping are so cleverly sequenced that the tension and
    emotions build and build and build till one is completely immersed head
    and heart into the characters.

    Overall it’s rare for a movie to bring all these diverse cinematic
    elements and plot ploys so well. I felt like many stories from Indian
    classics were partially references , making it so easy to connect with.

    So the verdict is, it’s still strongly moving even on multiple watches.


    Very rarely comes a movie that pushes the boundaries of possibility – a
    magical journey that transports your imagination to an elevated world
    of wonder. Baahubali – the conclusion belongs to that rarefied league.

    SS Rajamouli has created a spectacle that will be the gold standard for
    future Indian cinema to aspire to. The VFX are stupendous, the
    choreography and action pieces jaw dropping spectacular, and every
    single frame is stamped with perfection. Take a bow Sabu Cyril and the
    entire crew for pure cinematographic alchemy. I had a chance to watch
    the movie in IMAX and am glad I did because of the scale of this epic.

    The plot is stupendous, replete with royal politics, intrigue,
    betrayal, fear, hope, courage and more courage. The dialogues and
    interactions kept me hooked. The background score of the movie is
    amazing and dials up the impact by a factor of 11. I read ‘he Rise of
    Sivagami’ before watching the movie and it’s really fascinating how the
    story flows so tightly between the two movies and the book.

    And no praise is complete without talking about the stupendous
    performances. Prabhas soars as Amrendra Baahubali and as Shivudu. He
    slips into the characters with aplomb – effortlessly regal and
    inspiring as one, and believably impetuous yet heroic in the other.
    Rana is convincingly sinister and a formidable antagonist. Sivagami,
    Bijjaladeva, Kattappa all have very strong character realization in
    this part. However Anushka Shetty steals the thunder as Devasena – she
    was a spark kept simmering and hidden in the first part, and now she
    explodes into the narrative-bending blaze in the conclusion.

    There is a dignity, a magical quality in every minute of the film, that
    separates it from all other movies. Director Rajamouli has created the
    world and tale of Baahubali with such passion, effort and devotion,
    that it will continue to inspire movie makers and moviegoers for a
    long, long time.

  • Subash HansdahApril 28, 2017Reply

    A good movie for Entertainment !!!!

    I didn’t expected it to be too good.

    As mostly after first movie, the sequels are always messed up. But not
    Baahubali 2.

    It’s lengthy and the climax was predictable, but the movie will
    entertain you.

  • amritunsungApril 28, 2017Reply

    An over exaggerated overkill movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • gaut-72265April 28, 2017Reply

    The best movie I’ve seen ever

    Graphic Designs, Theme Structuring, Movie Depth all there work
    equivocally with Baahubali. The best director of Indian movies
    showcases his talent and visualization. Both the actors have displayed
    certain amount of hard work and perseverance of nearly 5 yrs has paid
    off has put the map of Indian Cinemas on a global platform.

  • Phani Sarma GosalaApril 28, 2017Reply

    best ever movie i had ever sen in my life

    it is the first ever telugu cinema to have hipe like this the graphics
    ; ideologies in war ; effects; the most imporantly the screenplay ,
    even a 4/5 years old child also can differentiate between amarendra and
    mahendra bahubali in this film, 5 years 2 great movies; hatsoff to
    bahubali and its entire team especially rajamouli creator of the great

  • Samahire404April 28, 2017Reply

    Historic! Best Ever Magnum Opus and Commercial Film in The History of Indian Cinema

    BAHUBALI : THE CONCLUSION REVIEW – A film which has taken Audience
    anticipation to next level finally released today and how can i miss
    FDFS? No way, Prequel released 22 months ago and everyone is waiting
    for the film since then and Film actually Worths that wait. Bahubali2
    sets an Example for every Filmmaker in India that how to make a
    Complete Commercial film for all kind of audience. Almost all Highest
    grossing Indian films had quality and that quality was converted into
    commercial success but Bahubali does not have Quality, instead It Is
    The Best Commercial Film in The History Of Indian Cinema. Let me

    Acting- Acting field does not offer anything as characters got nothing
    to do as an Actor but their Style, Attitude and Passion is Perfect.

    Writing – Story also does not offer anything new, but you will get a
    satisfying answer to why Katappa killed Baahubali.

    Screenplay – Outstanding. It offers every upcoming ordinary scene in
    Extraordinary Fashion. Completely gripped First half with Full dose of
    Entertainment. Comedy, Action, Claps, Whistles, Goosebumps everything
    is there. Second half is story oriented and takes pace in last 1 hour.

    Music- Music is Dull, don’t know why they added songs in this Film?
    Completely Useless, perhaps the only time when you can leave your seats
    for a while. But Background score is Brilliant, it is used only in
    important scenes and it leaves you with Jitters.

    Cinematography -Cinematography is of a whole New level, can’t imagine
    this kind of Excellent camera work.

    Visual Effects – It’s a visual treat to watch Grand and eye pleasing
    locations and War scenes. Surely gonna swap all awards for VFX.

    Direction – After watching Bahubali 1 and 2, i hereby declare SS
    Rajamouli ”The Best Commercial Director In India.” What a Vision and
    what an Execution, it is something that’s beyond imagination of every
    good director in India. Some typical south flavor massy scenes are
    there but forgettable because of many never seen before scenes. Let’s
    take a moment and Appreciate Rajamouli sir for making best ever
    Historic and Epic Commercial films in the Indian cinema History. After
    this Film i’m excited what’s his Next? I mean just can’t stop thinking
    about his Direction Skills.

    Final Words – Overall Bahubali The Conclusion is a MUST WATCH film for
    Every Indian Who always complaints that our industry can’t make Magnum
    Opus films like Hollywood. This films worth double, triple of whatever
    your ticket rate is. This film will have highest Repeat Value in this
    21st Century. I didn’t like Bahubali1 that much still it became Highest
    Grossing Indian Film, so at Box Office Bahubali2 has no Limits. Just Go
    for it and enjoy this Historic film, once, twice, thrice or more times.
    Commercially 10/10, critically 6/10 so i’m going with 8/10* to balance

  • ([email protected])April 28, 2017Reply

    The Forefather Of Rajnikanth !

    People come in to watch ‘Baahubali 2’ for different reasons. Some have
    no clue what’s going on, dragged in by their friends who became fans of
    the first blockbuster film. Others, their heads done in by swirling
    tertiary-level conspiracy theories about why the hero was treacherously
    killed in the first installment, expect no action sequences at all but
    rather CIA-NSA-FBI-style back-to-back scenes of intrigue, stealth and
    chicanery. ”Baahubali : The Beginning”, set in ancient India, told the
    story of a great darling of the masses whose throne, wife and life are
    all lost in a spiral of betrayal and whose son then rises from exile to
    reclaim the crowd-cheering legacy of the great ‘Baahubali’. Made with
    Rs.180 crore and then going to gross Rs.650 crore (US$110 million), it
    rocked all kinds of rafters , with ”Baahubali : The Conclusion”
    capitalizing on the hoopla by being sold to the market for Rs.500 crore
    even before release.

    So does it cut the royal cake satisfactorily considering the heavy
    expectations weighting its sword ? The good news is that it does
    indeed, with director and co-writer S.S Rajamouli offering something
    for everyone, and thus audaciously fulfilling the promise advanced in
    the first movie. The former film’s biggest asset was the lavishly
    mounted , strongly executed battle sequence in the second half , the
    likes of which was unattempted before in Indian cinema. Bursts of
    boiling drama aside, Rajamouli’s uses his forte in imaginatively
    choreographed action direction to power much of the second film.

    An early sequence starring a marauding elephant is mostly hot air, but
    the narration quickly recoups. A boar hunt is not extraordinary but
    Rajamouli uses a cheeky story-track of stealth and competition to keep
    the sequence whirring along. Then a horde of fire-horned bulls and how
    Baahubali deals with that rampage again makes for engaging viewing. The
    action peaks with a thrillingly choreographed ”three-arrow” firing
    sequence where the hero launches a brave-heart counter-attack, while
    simultaneously firing much more potent darts into the heart of his
    poignantly impressed heroine whom he saves from doom. The intermission
    is even more special, using indirect action to drum up a mystically
    powerful sequence. The climactic fight loses some steam in the very
    last stages and the film’s last scenes seem hurried in their conclusion
    but by then, like an inspired charioteer driving his megalithic
    carriage past every storm and cataclysm, Rajamouli has reached the
    finish line in one piece.

    So we have Mahendra Baahubali (Prabhas) arising from the provinces to
    dazzle the public and reclaim his throne in the great kingdom of
    Mahismati. The flashback shows us how his father, the original
    Baahubali (Prabhas in a double-role), a great and noble fighter
    relinquishes his throne and meets his downfall in a whirlpool of
    treachery. Junior Baahubali’s mother Devasana (Anushka Shetty) spends
    twenty-five years enslaved in chains in the palace courtyard. Evil King
    Bhallaldeva (Rana Dugabatti) presides over this unholy state of the
    nation , a man so wicked that he uses his majestically commanding
    mother Sivagami (Ramya Krishnan) to achieve his ultimate goal while
    secretly considering her all along as just another disposable

    The script to its credit somehows rolls on as a juggernaut, but
    intricate detailing of characters is sacrificed at the altar of booming
    drama. Ramya Krishnan, aging but still voluptuously smoldering , is
    again powerful as the imposing royal mother Sivagami but the script in
    Part 2 makes her commit a lot of impulsive blunders. On another note,
    you are gravely mistaken if you expect to find subtlety in this opus.
    When Rajamouli jettisons the crudity of excess melodrama and elects to
    blend indirect gesture into his habitual power-hitting, the effect is
    vastly better as in the scene where the gathered soldiers and public
    thump the ground to show their solidarity with the second-in-command
    rather than the first. The cascade of its awesome consequences , both
    physical and symbolic, is a fantastic example of powerful
    frisson-generating film-making.

    Rajamouli knows his overall audience goes for the bigger effect and he
    ploughs on with giant steps crushing concerns of delicacy. In a massive
    court with a full audience, a man is suddenly beheaded. I thought this
    scene was shamelessly gratuitous rather than being plain bad, but the
    audience around me thought neither – with gasps of admiration and even
    some vocalized admirations heard all around. Heads falling off after
    being severed , in not just one but multiple instances, has never
    before been shown directly like this in blockbuster Indian cinema. I’m
    not praising it , nor am I damning it nor am I fence-sitting. Rather I
    see it as how much Rajamouli is able to make his audience go along with
    him for this ride.

    When the cinematography slows down for the shot of the ruptured
    carriage occupying the whole screen with the enraged Bhallaladeva
    poised with a spear from his besieged seat while the screen’s other
    side shows Baahubali landing with a mighty jump crushing the heads of
    the harnessed bulls, one of my lady friends sitting nearby said ‘That’s
    a nice shot!’. She usually likes films like ‘Dear Zindagi’ , so if
    Rajamouli could interest her with his visual composition in the midst
    of hellish battle, I suspect he’s got most of his market cornered.

    S.S Rajamouli has smartly harvested his ideas from the Indian
    cornucopia of magnificent mythology, and snowballed them into a grand
    unashamed explosion of myth and cinema hitherto unwitnessed in Indian
    films. With his command over large-scale technical logistics and
    ensuring a story that almost always hits its narrative turns strongly,
    Rajamouli has fully accomplished the landmark act of shaking up the
    scope of the Indian blockbuster – we wouldn’t be one bit surprised if
    Aamir, Shah Rukh and Salman are now doing respective team-huddles on
    how to pull off a ‘Khan-Bali’. More such @ Upnworld

  • Pradeep M L ([email protected])April 28, 2017Reply

    Never before! Never Again!!


    Never before never again content, anywhere in this world. #Baahubali2
    is very high on drama, only SSR can pull off such elevations with
    emotional sequences. It will make you scream out until your guts wrench
    if you are watching anytime on the first day.

    Look out for:

    1. War for Kuntala kingdom 2. Bow & Arrow fight 3. Coronation of
    Mahishmati King 4. VFX in ‘Hamsa Naava’ song 5. Expression of love in
    ‘Kanna Nidurinchara’ song 6. Background score 7. Emotional elevations
    between Sivagami & Amarendra Baahubali, Kattappa & Devasena,
    Bhallaladeva & Devasena, Sivagami & Devasena 8. Prabhas act as
    Amarendra Baahubali 9. Screen presence of Ramya Krishna as Sivagami 10.
    Comedy timing by Kattappa

    Only disappointment is Shivudu stands no where in terms of audience
    expectations after witnessing Amarendra Baahubali powerful act.

    To simply put, it is a Baahuballious Movie.

    A Must Watch.

  • cse-66300April 29, 2017Reply

    Mix of Emotions and Drama, which steals heart of audience.

    Right from the start, film maintains its grip in audience, and
    entertains them on all aspects like comedy, drama, thrill, fantasy,
    action, emotions etc. The top notch departments in the film are Music,
    direction, actors, cinematography, editing. There are some goosebumps
    scenes whose placement is very good where audience feel highly
    satisfied. Al tough the run time is long, one doesn’t feel
    uncomfortable. On the down side, some VFX and war/fight scenes could
    have been edited and shot better, although other aspects dominates
    these downers. On the whole this is a movie one MUST watch in large
    screen possible with Surround sound.

  • raghu-82425April 29, 2017Reply

    awesome exp

    if any one says the movie is not up to expectation; then we need to
    understand condition of reviewer because in every 20 min or all in all
    around 20 times if u are experienced with goosebumps; then you will be
    accustomed and will feel normal by end of movie. Box office speaks
    truth. don’t listen to amateur reviewers who even fail to comment laggs
    in movie observed in 24 frames of making cinema.

  • swaroop varma chekuriApril 29, 2017Reply

    Baahubali – I couldn’t imagine a better cast and a better narration than this.

    The shear presence of Prabhas,Rana and Anushka on screen keeps the
    adrenaline rushing through your veins.Nobody could do justice to this
    role than Prabhas. The way the emotion is displayed between characters
    is bound to keep the audience dumb founded. The way the background
    music has added to the characters presence is sure to take you to
    immersive experience. There could not be a better way to display the
    grace of Prabhas on screen than S.S. Rajamouli did. If you want to know
    have a taste of the epics of India, You should never miss this visual
    wonder. I couldn’t say this is flawless, all i could say is the
    experience and the excellence outweighs all of them.

  • Jignesh JagadApril 29, 2017Reply

    Unthinkable, Unimaginable Movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • aniruddhabonnyApril 29, 2017Reply

    Excellent Ending of the Cult Classic saga: ”Baahubali”

    I was a bit skeptical when Baahubali: The Beginning came out. Not being
    an avid follower of Telugu movies, I didn’t know much about any of the
    cast, let alone the director S.S. Rajamouli. But boy I was wrong, so
    wrong to have doubted the movie. I loved it and till now watched it
    more than 10 times.

    It did tremendous in box office, but became a all-favorite cult classic
    during these last three years. Every single Indian film-lovers waited
    eagerly for this movie. So, naturally I had high hopes about The
    Conclusion. And I have to say, I loved every single frame of this
    movie. S.S. Rajamouli’s direction was even better in this one, as
    everyone’s eyes were glued to the screen in the theater.Laudable work
    done by the Editing Team, unlike Baahubali: The Beginning, The
    Conclusion didn’t had a single redundant scene, every side plot had a
    reason to be in the screenplay. The songs were really mellifluous, and
    I bet it sounded better in Telugu than Hindi.

    If you haven’t seen it yet and thinking it’s not worth of your time,
    it’s okay. But don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s a typical Telugu
    movie. It’s unlike anything you’ve seen before, a masterpiece. The Box
    Office will say the rest.

  • gopalApril 29, 2017Reply

    Words can’t describe this movie

    May be the best word i can come with would be, MAGIC. I would like to
    first thank SS Rajamouli sir for directing this movie and then all the
    stars who spent their time through this epic. The second movie has more
    story and drama than the previous title. Keeravani sir did not have
    much scope in this movie but he left his mark throughout with amazing
    backgound music.

    My anxiety levels have gone up since watching this movie. I just wish
    this world of Mahishmati is real and these characters could be real.
    Congratulations to the whole team of Baahubali for making it look so

    Special credits to the picturazation of some scenes which showed that,
    folk or traditional look can outmatch the urban style anyday. AWESOME,
    AWESOME experience. Hope you all feel the same. I recommend everyone to
    watch the movie. Action sequences are simply great. VFX are good and i
    didn’t much care about them anyway. Would be watching the movie at
    least two more times in big screen.

    Jai Mahishmati and Jai Bahubali.

  • jeraldsabuApril 29, 2017Reply

    Watchable movie with unnatural fight scenes

    Bahabali 2 is a visual treat with amazing sound effects, a decent
    story. Prabhas, Rana and anushka did a good job. It is usual for a
    telugu movie to show super natural powers for a human being. In
    bahubali case, I agree, it’s a fantasy movie and bahubali is something
    special but still common last part of the war was too much….how can
    they throw those armies with a palm tree. The songs were very average.
    But definitely recommend to watch. My rating is based on the efforts on
    graphics, story , acting and stuff.

  • gauravmakwanaApril 29, 2017Reply

    India’s Answer To Hollywood!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Sana KhanApril 29, 2017Reply

    Baahubali 2 disappointed

    Baahubali 2 is a OK movie. Disappointed with the movie. 1st part is far
    better than Baahubali 2. Action in the movie is not good its like we
    are watching a cartoon on some of part in the movie specially in the
    End war. We wait for the Baahubali 2 but its disappointed because the
    expectation was very high after part 1. 5 out of 10.

  • Kshitij BansalApril 29, 2017Reply

    Baahubali -The GOAT

    =====SPOILER FREE====

    #BAAHUBALI2 is the best film that has ever been made in Indian cinema
    and considering the amount of emotions that are attached with this
    film, it is sure to rank among the classics this world has ever
    produced.India is blessed to have directors like Rajamouli.His
    creativity and imagination is beyond comparison.He simply brought the
    best out of all the characters, all the actors.I haven’t seen such
    VFX’s, such cinematography, such screenplay anywhere else.

    Coming to acting all the actors have delivered career defining
    performances be it RANA,ANUSHKA,SATHYARAJ,RAMYA,TAMANNA(for the first
    part) but the man who has simply changed the rules of the game is
    PRABHAS. There is a certain kind of royalty that is attached to him yet
    it is his humane nature that makes him absolutely endearing.What an
    actor!!!He is the definition of what a Superstar is.

    VERDICT-Overall Bollywood will never have the balls to make a film like
    this ever because films like these require passion, commitment,
    patience and creativity that Bollywood lacks.MAHABHARATA can only be
    made by RAJAMOULI and nobody else. BAAHUBALI is a phenomenon that will
    easily earn a minimum of 1000cr.Nothing can best it in the near
    future.It is a classic that will be foretold to future generation as
    the ”Movie of this generation”. Go experience this once in a lifetime

    RATING-This film can’t be rated because of its super humanness,
    magnanimity and grandeur.You have to see it to believe it.

  • Calvin Logan PillayApril 29, 2017Reply

    A Beautiful, Fiery, Explosive, Phenomenal, Epic Conclusion!!!

    S.S. Rajamouli is a Genius of a Screen Writer and Director for
    breathing life into K.V. Vijayendra Prasad’s sensational story!

    We were drawn in with BAAHUBALI: THE BEGINNING and today, we are blown

    A Beautiful, Fiery, Explosive, Phenomenal, Epic Conclusion!!!

    Set ablaze with a Brilliant, Superbly Talented Cast, who have
    definitely earned themselves, Eternal Legendary Status!

    Yes, the Veterans have already established themselves at monumental
    lengths over the years, however, together with the Rising Stars, this
    Incredible Ensemble Cast have created an unparalleled irreplicable rare
    magic on screen!

    They didn’t perform a role. They lived and breathed these characters
    that have now been Immortalised!

    Prabhas, Rana Daggubati and Anushka Shetty have now joined the ranks of
    Legends, while Ramya Krishnan, Sathyaraj and Nassar have raised their
    already distinguished careers to unimaginable heights!!!

    There has never been any story ever told in Indian Cinema that has
    surpassed the magnitude of this nature!

    The sequel has only been released today and the Fans are already
    demanding more from this Enchanting World!

    Yes, S.S. Rajamouli, We Want More …

    I have already watched this Masterpiece TWICE TODAY, Back-To-Back …
    and I am definitely not going to stop there!!!

  • puorsenApril 29, 2017Reply

    Not up-to the mark

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Afsal Hussain (afsalthodupuzha)April 29, 2017Reply

    An Epic Conclusion To The Celebrated War Drama

    ‘Baahubali – The Beginning’ released back in 2015 was a ‘Pan-Indian
    Blockbuster’ that raised the standards of technical brilliance of
    Indian films with stellar war sequences and awe-inspiring art-
    direction ,making its Bollywood counter- parts a run for their money.To
    make a sequel (techncially speaking a prequel) that matches the
    grandeur and brilliance of the magnum opus ‘Baahubali’ might look
    irrealizable,but not for a master craftsman like S.S.Rajamouli who has
    come up with a stunning piece of cinema that lives upto the hype in all
    means and even outshines the original as far as the depth of the
    story-line and a smooth narrative is concerned.

    The well-made sequel is without doubt a better movie altogether with a
    thoroughly convincing and hearty story- line that engages the viewers
    by inviting them to be a part of the Mahishmati kingdom for its run
    time of 168 minutes.A more befitting finale to this epic is doubtful
    and the first half by itself makes it a paisa- vasool affair for the
    normal movie going audience.

    The love-track between Tammana and Prabhas was a let-back in the first
    part and the best a thing about the conclusion is that it takes care of
    leaving aside such avoidable sub plots and tries to concentrate in the
    inner conflicts and emotions of the lead characters making it a hearty
    affair for the viewers.The first half of the movie was first-rate in
    this matter and more entertaining on comparison with nevertheless a
    very good second half.

    The way K. V. Vijayendra Prasad handled the answer to the million
    dollar question ”Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali?” was brilliant and the
    overflow of emotions surrounding that question was a delight to watch
    and made remarkable by brilliant lead performances.The courtroom
    sequences and the particular arrow fight sequence were exceptional and
    the highlight of the narrative.

    A notable lame-point of the movie was the patchy graphics in few
    sequences which is too sub-standard considering the mammoth budget of
    the presentation.The climax portions were good,but not as riveting as
    the rest of the narrative.

    The audience response was enormous for critical sequences and the
    cheers and whistles ensure that the movie is going to make it big with
    its impressive ‘WOM’ among the families and the youth alike.The absence
    of a breath-taking war sequence like the ‘Kalaleya fight’ in the first
    part didn’t make any impact,thanks to the brilliant penning of
    story-line by K.V.Vijayendra Prasad.

    Prabhas gave a convincing performance as both Amarendra Bahubali and
    Mahendra Baahubali with required zeal and intensity that the characters
    demanded.Anushka was a delight to watch and stamped her authority as a
    lady action superstar in Indian cinema.Remya Krishnan’s act was
    powerful.Rana Daggubati was good and gave a better performance on
    comparison with his act in the first.Nasser played his part
    well.Sathyaraj was lovable and excelled in both comic and emotional

    Songs and background score by M.M.Keeravani were effective and elevated
    the atmosphere of the narration.All the songs qualify for repeated
    hearing with the picks being ‘Dandaalayya’,’Oka Praanam’ and ‘Hamsa
    Naava’.Cinematography by K. K. Senthil Kumar was top notch and managed
    to capture the visual grandeur of the movie.Art direction part was
    handled well by Sabu Cyril.Editing by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao was

    Overall,Baahubali -The Conclusion’ is a stunning visual extravaganza,a
    must watch cinematic experience from preferably the best theater in
    your locality.Take a Bow,SS Rajmouli ! __/\__

  • kal07April 29, 2017Reply

    An Indian Epic… in true sense of the word!

    Let me begin by saying I was pleasantly surprised to see quite a bit of
    humor during the first half and it didn’t feel forced. This movie will
    grab your attention from the introductory scene (goosebumps worthy)
    till almost the entire length of the film. It has a high energy
    throughout and a lot of credit for that goes to the grand visuals along
    with exceptional acting from all actors, especially Ramya as Shivagami
    and Prabhas as Amarendra Baahubali.

    For me, the most powerful sequence comes in the middle of the movie,
    this is our GoT moment and this one sequence alone shows the potential
    of Indian Cinema, you will know what I am talking about once you watch
    the movie. Another amazing yet subtle thing to notice is how Prabhas
    has played two different characters, the calm, experienced demeanor of
    Amarendra Baahubali and the rough- edged, not-groomed persona of
    Mahendra Baahubali. Kudos to him.

    You will notice some over the top action sequences where S. S.
    Rajamouli has taken liberty to show us fresh imaginative action which
    adds to the fun factor. The movie does die down towards the end,
    however that is bound to happen considering the fact that it was
    adrenaline-pumping for so long.

    It takes great directorial vision and deep pockets of producers to make
    this happen and hopefully the success of this film triggers the rise of
    more such epics that we can enjoy. This is a must watch. Just the sheer
    scale of visual effects and production value is breath-taking, no one
    should miss this.

  • Aravind Babu J SachinistApril 29, 2017Reply

    The best Indian movie till now

    I saw the movie twice (Malayalam & Tamil) & It was extra ordinary work
    by Mr. Rajamouli. I wonder how he had scripted this. Each scenes are
    perfect & superbly synchronized. The names we have to mention here is
    Prabhas, Anushka (extra ordinary) & Sabu Syril (Brilliant) these people
    were superb with their work. As we know the origin of hero is because
    of a villain & it was wonderfully screened by Mr.Rana Daggubati

  • saurabh7600April 29, 2017Reply

    Monstrous Movie

    The heading says all of that.

    First of all the film starts where it left, Katappa telling story about
    Baahubali’s father and his mother.

    There are ups and downs however there is perfect balance between them.

    There are some jaw dropping scenes as well.

    Among 2 halves, I personally liked the 1st one better than 2nd. That
    doesn’t means that 2nd is not good.

    Everyone played their role with true dedication and extreme energy.

    The truth behind ”#WKKB or Why Katappa killed Baahubali?” is also very
    dramatic though Rajamouli gave perfect answer for that question in the

    The climax and the end battle has some great moves and strategies which
    could be an eye catcher however, I felt it could have been stretched
    further by eliminating some scenes in the movie which were of no use.

    Still it deserves 10/10 and a must watch in Cinema hall.

  • nanigopalberaApril 29, 2017Reply

    Just AWSMM Movie….OWWWW

    Finally, I know Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali. The story in part 2
    starts just where it ended in part 1. All about Amarendra Baahubali.
    Then starts the love episode with Devasena with a pinch of comedy.
    Anushka was at her best and her on-screen presence is awesome. She
    looks so beautiful than ever.Everything else becomes so small when
    compared to the way they portrayed Kattappa killing Baahubali. AMAZING.
    Ending Is well…

  • SivakumarBalachandranApril 29, 2017Reply

    True Magnum Opus – History in historic cinema making

    My share of two cents to the existing buzz that this film is making. No
    spoilers so anyone can read.

    SS Rajamouli concluded this franchise on a sound note with rip roaring
    performances and a true magnum opus production. SSR has well understood
    the expectations pinned to this movie, from its first instalment and
    delivered or rather should say it’s a triumph, truly outperforming the
    first part. Very few movie franchise does that and with Baahubali 2 SSR
    hits a master stroke. So without spoiling the storyline I have to say
    this movie has answered all left over things that was lingering in our
    minds from the previous instalment which includes the million dollar
    question why Kattapa killed Baaahubali?

    As on whole this movie delivers substance what it is supposed to and to
    mention on the strong positives the top score will be the VFX,
    production design and an engaging screenplay that doesn’t make you feel
    bored even for a minute rather promises goose bumps in so many places.

    I would be failing my duty if I don’t talk about the top notch
    performances by the entire crew. To be in particular what I felt was
    the performances by the legendary three stars Ramya Krishna , Sathya
    Raj and Nasser they were competing each other and outperforming with
    their acting skills off course I guess this what they call as
    experience speaks by itself.

    Prabhas nails the differences precisely between the father and son
    characters. Anushka’s portrayal as Devasena is an ode to brave royal
    princess of those days. Rana with his etched body delivers the role

    On the production design we have seen movies where grandeur is stuffed
    without need but period films like this it is important that it is
    rightly done to hit the right note which was one not so saturating
    thing about this flick makes us feel sad that it has come to an end and
    wanting more of it.

    SSR has broken his own records and made history in historic movie

    Hit the big screens next to you and immerse in the grandeur. Jai
    Baahubali Jai Magizhmadhi

  • Raju rajApril 29, 2017Reply

    10* For Rajamouli Sir and Rana 1* for Prabhas (voice too)

    Hats off to Rajamouli Sir for the Handwork he had put in this project
    Heroism doesn’t need to be Unrealistic and comedy scenes not of
    Rajamouli stamp. Didn’t like climbing long pole with hooks, pulling a
    chariot of heavy weight and doors destruct themselves when he pulling
    it Songs are not as The Biginning

  • harryflyApril 29, 2017Reply

    The Great Indian epic movie – Out now

    A magnificent tale of two brothers conflict for throne came to an end
    with Bahubali-2. The movie has exceptional visual graphics to support
    the extraordinary performances of the cast. Surely Rajamouli with his
    epic went to conquer the world of Indian cinema. Bahubali-2 is a
    promising tale with lot of emotions and stunning action sequences. For
    the first time in the Indian film industry a man rose to break all the
    orthodox barriers and take glorious Indian film industry into a new
    era. Bahubali-2 is a path breaking movie and will surely inspire many
    upcoming directors to think beyond horizon. The unconventional movie
    seems to have said ‘Sayonara’ to all outdated movies. Prabhas and Rana
    brought life to characters of Bahubali and Bhallaladeva. Anushka best
    suited for Devasena character showed her presence with the performance.
    Ramya Krishnan lived in a powerful role and became key of the movie.

  • omerazdanApril 29, 2017Reply

    Baahubali an Epic Saga……

    A worth watchable movie for it’s world class visuals,stunning action
    sequences,and an amazing acting skills portrayed by the lead
    actors(Prabhas,Rana,Anushka,Satyaraj,Ramya krishnan).It is very lucky
    to watch such a wonderful movie. Directed by s.s rajamouli he’s taken
    the Indian cinema to the next level,congratulation to him and also to
    the producers who took a so hard effort to make this mammoth movie to
    come out.

  • AnishMisraApril 29, 2017Reply

    Baahubali 2 Review

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Santhosh VApril 29, 2017Reply

    It’s Excellent experience through Mahishmathi!!!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Srikanth GaddipatiApril 29, 2017Reply

    Epic Indian Movie Ever

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • shashipriyamishraApril 29, 2017Reply

    music , story ,

    music is awesome, i watched it in Hindi version , entry music of
    Bahubali is great, what i expected is more than that . the greatest
    story in Indian cinema. you have to watch in theatre . i got the chance
    of watching Bahubali in premier show on Thursday that is 27th April

  • binducherungathApril 29, 2017Reply

    A must-watch, a sure shot blockbuster, etched in Indian Cinema’s history forever.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • manideep0436April 29, 2017Reply

    Greatest and Gorgeous Movie seen in my Life

    Have seen 300, Avatar, The Large Giant….etc., but Bahubali2 has VFX
    that as gorgeous as Avatar. Never thought that it will have visual
    effects like that..Coming to screenplay and movie story, highly
    dedicated and perfect, Each n every character has specific role, in
    which every role is at peaks, done their best for the movie. i will see
    the movie again n again n again….

  • Mad ManApril 29, 2017Reply

    Believe the Hype

    Believe the Hype, go and watch it Every single frame in this movie is
    fantastic. The director and the Team really worked hard to create a
    wonderful world on the screen. Watch the movie in IMAX if you can and
    thank me later. Rana and Prabhas elevated the movie to another level.
    This movie will be remembered as classic few years from now.

  • GeethaApril 29, 2017Reply

    The Conclusion Misses its Mark

    **Just a small disclaimer: This is my honest opinion after watching the
    movie. If you agree with me, great. If you don’t agree with me, that is
    great as well. All in all though, kudos to Rajamouli and the Bahubali
    team for finishing this arduous journey. It may not be a masterpiece,
    but it has set a level for Indian cinema.

    Honestly speaking, after watching the first movie, I wasn’t entirely
    convinced with the story line, as it was weak. Compared to the
    present-day story, I liked the past story (With Baahu and Bhalla) much
    better. So, I was expecting more with this movie since this movie
    mainly focuses on the past. With a higher budget and a two-year wait, I
    expected more, but I felt that this movie missed on its mark to

    But before discussing the negatives, I would like to justify why this
    movie earned a 6 instead of a 3 or 4:

    -After the disaster with Avantika in the first movie where they show
    the transformation of her from being a soldier to a ”woman,” I must
    appreciate that Anushka’s character, Devasena, is a strong and
    formidable woman. No one tries to change her, and Bahubali respects her
    greatly, which is a great improvement from the first movie. In many
    ways, Devasena truly stole the show with her dominance and grace in the
    same way as Shivagami stole the show in the first movie.

    -Amarendra Bahubali was also shown as a powerful character. In the
    first movie, I thought his characterization was quite weak (dancing
    with girls while drunk never won me over in the first movie), but in
    this movie Rajamouli and his team seem to have taken the effort and
    care to show Bahubali as the hero he is.

    -Prabhas and Anushka’s acting and synchronization, especially when they
    fight with the bow and arrows, was wonderful. Their chemistry was
    sizzling. In fact, it was convincing enough that I understood why
    Devasena made the decisions she did to support Bahubali.

    -The duet song between Bahubali and Devasena had great CGI. The song
    wasn’t great, but the visualization was.

    -This is a minor point, but I actually liked the animation style they
    used in the beginning when they recapped the audience with what
    happened in the first movie.


    -The soundtrack was not good. I never connected to any of the songs and
    they distracted from the plot. But keeping that in mind, I don’t think
    the BGM is bad

    -The CGI, especially with the animals, was not as crisp as the first
    movie. In a lot of scenes, I could tell there was CGI, and that was
    distracting. Also, I felt in some scenes, they unnecessarily used CGI
    for the sake of using it instead of using it because it promoted the

    -The action scenes were disappointing. One of the reasons I liked
    Bahubali: The Beginning was because of the battle scene between the
    Mahishmati Kingdom and the Kalakeya Kingdom. The cloth and fire to
    destroy the enemies was innovating and unique. But in this one,
    everything seemed mediocre and normal. Not what I expected since this
    is the ”great” battle scene that everyone has waited 2 years for.
    Technically speaking, this fight occurs more than 25 years after the
    Kalakeya invasion, so technology and thinking/battle strategies should
    have improved by then, hopefully.

    -The pacing of the movie was awful. The movie dragged with Prabhas’s
    and Anushka’s romance, but then it was as if everything was
    fast-forwarded since they had to show that Anushka’s pregnancy to pave
    the path for Shivudu’s story. Honestly, it went from ”Amma, I want to
    marry Devasena,” to ”Amma, I hope you come to Devasena’s baby shower.”
    If you blinked, you would’ve missed their marriage.

    -”Why did Kattapa kill Bahubali?” It was the great question that
    plagued everyone’s minds at the end of the first movie. For a two- year
    wait, though, the reason was pretty pathetic and predictable to say in
    the least, and the screenplay of showing how this all unfolds was a
    disappointment. Again, I think the pacing was the reason why everything
    was unbelievable.

    -The biggest disappoint, and perhaps why I really did not enjoy this
    movie, was that Rajamouli really neglected everyone except Bahubali,
    Devasena, and Kattapa. Honestly, those three were the only that
    mattered, since everyone else was just a prop. The characters that were
    shown to be powerful, like Shivagami and Bhalla, were characters that I
    ridiculed. They were powerless, and at times I wondered if they had
    brains. Because of this disconnect, I honestly wondered at a point if a
    different writer wrote the script because of the characterizations, to
    me at least, were polar opposites. Because Rana’s character was ”dumb,”
    the fight scene was not as epic as it should have been. I would’ve
    liked to see the powerful bull-fighting Bhalla fight Shivudu, but
    instead, a crazy king fought Shivudu. Moreover, Shivagami was honestly
    used as a plot device to move forward. She was cynical and egoistic,
    and nothing like the powerful Queen she was before. It was a real
    disappoint to see these two, both my favorites from the first movie, be
    degraded into plot-devices instead of the characters they are. And
    coming to Tammannaah, she might as well have been edited out of the
    movie since she was there for two seconds.

    Bottom Line: This was truly a disappointment from the first movie. It
    is definitely not worth the two years wait or the $30 that I paid since
    the CGI and plot were mediocre. The first movie was much more polished
    and well-thought out than this one. But, Prabhas and Anushka do steal
    the show and for them at least it is a one-time watch.

  • Ankit BhatnagarApril 29, 2017Reply

    A certain classy visual delight and a must watch for Baahubali lovers

    A certain classy visual delight and a must watch for Baahubali lovers.
    Not strong in content, substandard story, few good characters but not
    able to withstand the expectations and the excitements that the
    wonderful part 1 created. It has good fight scenes and a decent love
    story again but the movie hasn’t left the required impact.

    Storyline Rating: 3

    Acting Rating: 3 Prabhas: 3 Rana Daggubati: 4 Anushka Shetty: 3
    Tamannaah Bhatia: 3 Ramya Krishnan: 3 Nassar: 3 Sathyaraj: 4

    Direction Rating: 3

    Music Rating: 2

    Cinematography: 5

    Editing: 3

  • cnrpilerApril 29, 2017Reply

    Unstoppable Entertainment ….be proud of watching Baahubali 2…Stop Piracy

    Baahubali 2 is not a particular language movie, it’s our Indian cinema.

    The Captain of the ship S.S. RajaMouli, the way he carried out the
    emotional drama of mahishmathi is ultimately super. 5 years of caste
    sincere hard work had make the unspeakable emotional scenes. We all
    respect for such a proud film to watching. Please support everyone for
    to stop piracy, kindly go and watch movie in theaters only.

    be proud of Indian.

  • puransarkarApril 29, 2017Reply

    if u miss this film in hall; u will miss a great dedicated work.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • nandidotApril 29, 2017Reply

    Epic Conclusion to a Masterful Franchise!

    The biggest Indian release of the year and, arguably, one of the
    biggest films of all times released this weekend across the globe to
    mammoth expectations. The phenomena that is ‘Baahubali 2: The
    Conclusion’ has come to shatter box office records 2 years after its
    predecessor dominated. I don’t often write about numbers as they don’t
    speak to a film’s true value but in this case it’s all worth noting.
    Released in 4+ languages ‘Baahubali: The Beginning’ was the highest box
    office opener of its time (the record is being broken as I write this).
    Shot over a period of 4 years with a budget of 450+ crores, these 2
    movies had the power to make or break the visionary director and
    producers. Fortunately, the former happened.

    Baahubali 2 picks up right after the first film with Kattappa finally
    revealing Baahubali’s fate. The question still looms, ”Kattappa ne
    Baahubali ko kyun maara.” The answer, explained over the course of the
    movie, is heartbreaking. While the narrative in the first film took
    time to unfold, here our senses are overloaded right from the get-go.
    If you’ve seen the 1st movie I don’t have to explain much. For those
    who haven’t, these are fantasy films based in ancient times where men
    are Gods and grandeur rules. This is a tale that spans generations-
    love runs deep, vengeance even deeper, a young village lad becomes
    king, and kings become demons. I’m not going into specifics because who
    am I to spoil the director’s masterpiece.

    S.S. Rajamouli is well known for his unique and brilliant mind having
    put out countless entertainers in the past. However, he will forever be
    known as the man behind Baahubali. The scale is massive! In particular,
    the coronation scene and war sequences are jaw dropping. The budget
    isn’t as large as Hollywood movies (the comparison would be futile) but
    for what the makers are working with the result is astounding. The
    beauty also lies in the fact that you’re very invested in the story.
    Rajamouli has a tight grip on his screenplay and embellishes each scene
    with rich detail. Multiple dialogue writers have worked to make sure
    the story flows in whichever language you prefer. I watched the Hindi
    version and was thoroughly entertained by crackling lines like, ‘yeh
    mera vachan hai, mera vachan hi hai shashan’ – ‘this is my promise, my
    promise is the law.’

    This franchise made overnight superstars of its cast and rightfully so.
    Prabhas who plays Baahubali and Shiva enacts his parts with aplomb.
    Rana Daggubati, the evil Bhallaladeva, is rotten to the core and Rana
    is fiercely devoted to the role. His shear stature shows menace. In a
    breath of fresh air, the women are powerful; they stand their ground
    and dictate the narrative. While the men show brawn, the women show
    brains. Anushka Shetty (Devasena) and Ramya Krishnan’s (Sivagami) work
    is applaudable. And who can forget the loyal to a fault Kattappa
    enacted by Sathyaraj. Everyone would want a companion like him…or would

    This is an epic movie whose sheer audacity is mesmerizing. It’s larger
    than life and over the top but proudly self aware. What fun! It was a
    joy to experience on the big screen and proved that, sometimes, sequels
    can be bigger and better. Baahubali 2 shows what filmmakers can
    accomplish with the right vision. I’m eager to see others taking
    inspiration from this because creativity has no limits.

  • Shankar Gupta ([email protected])April 29, 2017Reply

    Director should have make 2 parts to cover these much contents

    I watched 1st part more than 40-50 times and still watch….and SS
    Rajamouli is one the best director in Indian history for his BAAHUBALI
    and I salute him.

    The music , creative work, mantras, special effect , dialogue ,
    everything in 1st part was unforgettable for decades…..because every
    great creativity requires TIME.

    And in part 2 he showed some hurry and lacks all these thing.

    At least to cover these 2nd part he should have 6 hour movie , to show
    romance and all of AMRENDRA Baahubali and revenge of MAHENDRA Bahubali.
    every scene look like abrupt switch and lacks the watcher attention.

    He forget to link the friend of Kattappa of Kabul. With the help of
    some villagers how can he fight to BHALLALDEV. Very poor style used in
    last fight when using palm tree to jump the fort….LOL

    The crucial thing is Pace of BAAHUBALI 1 was same and perfect and let
    watcher to enjoy the movie. On other hand in 2Nd part movies run so
    fast that no one remembered what scene just passed away.

    Personnaly I really missed Romance between AMRENDER BAAHUBALI and
    DEVSENA ( Anushka Shetty was looking so beautiful in every scene). At
    least there should be 1 line conversation should show. Full scene of
    KUNTHAL state cover to KUMAR BERMA.

    By the way I will miss the part 2 in my life. I was expecting a work
    like the part 1.

    thank u

  • cbk123April 29, 2017Reply

    A Trendsetter for Indian Industry

    This movie, even better than the first part, has set Rajamouli as a
    director par competition in Indian industry. The movie was a superb
    package but, where the director erred was, he identified, too late,
    that there is no time for the contemporary story. It was a shoddy work
    as compared to climax or even the first movie. That’s the reason for my
    score – 9 for the flashback and 7 for the current one. But, whatever,
    it’s a superb visual treat and you will not be diverted for the whole
    length of the movie. Best piece – last 15 min before the interval.

  • aiyush87April 30, 2017Reply

    Amazing movie!!

    I’m a Canadian. I watched this movie in Telugu with English subtitles.
    I don’t speak Telugu, but I still loved this movie! This is a milestone
    for Indian cinema. The Bahubali movies are the first movies to reach
    this level of CGI and choreography. If only this same team and
    director, would re-create the epics – Ramayana and Mahabharat, then the
    world will truly appreciate what they’ve been missing out!

  • Tushar SharmaApril 30, 2017Reply

    It is better than the BEST…

    If films are to be believed …then there is a very famous line in the
    movie-‘The Dirty Picture’

    films work because of 3 things…
    ‘Bahubali-The Conclusion’ is the most entertaining film of recent
    time… I find ‘Bahubali-The Beginning’ a good (just good) film… like
    3/5 but i find the 2nd part more refreshing,more bigger,more gripping &
    more solid . Now let us take a look at various perspective- Star
    Performance-PRABHAS is the LIFE of film.U cannot describe his hard work
    &dedication in 1000 words.(as that man gave his 5 yrs for both
    films).Rana Daggubati is brilliant but gets less scope as he has less
    screen timing.Anushka Shetty is perfect as devsena.I don’t think any
    actress in India could’ve pulled it off with such brilliance.Tammanah
    has a 2 min role which will go unnoticed.If there is any actor which
    will steal the limelight here is SATHYARAJ as our favourite KATTAPA.He
    is FANTASTIC.Ramya Krishnan as SIVAGAMI is equally good.Nassar &
    Subbaraju are first rate. Direction-The best thing about Bahubali(both
    parts) is the vision and direction of SS Rajamouli.He is undoubtedly
    one of the finest director we have.After leaving the theatre i was
    feeling so proud because of him,he made me realize what we indians are
    capable of. His vision of creating the MAHESHMATI KINGDOM is so pure
    that u find yourself relating to every character of story.He showed how
    With a limited budget one can create such wonder.Every Indian must feel
    proud…bcoz if we have SAJID & FARAH KHAN then we also have SS
    Rajamouli who is a master storyteller. ‘BAHUBALI THE CONCLUSION’ is his
    best work till date. Cinematography & VFX-Both are 10 times better than
    1st part. As the budget of the sequel was more,VFX is quiet IMPROVED.
    Honourable Mention for the PRODUCTION DESIGN by Sabu Cyril. I am not
    saying that this movie is perfect…It has its problems like a scene
    involving wolves..that could’ve been technically better…or
    Bhallaldeva could’ve more screen time.. But it is supremely
    entertaining as it offers class in the name of entertainment.

    (Note-If u don’t like Bahubali-The Conclusion, then plzz watch
    these epics ).

  • Nitin JaykumarApril 30, 2017Reply

    Baahubali 2: The Conclusion – Review (No spoilers)

    Talk of the town is ”Baahubali 2: The Conclusion”. After a long wait of
    2 years for the desperately needed answer of question ”Why Katappa
    killed Baahubali?”, so eventually movie was released on 28th April
    2017. A day in history of Indian Cinema where every Indian will be
    proud to say that, yes this is our film. The biggest challenge for the
    director was to make audience relieved, thrilled and mesmerized by the
    final part. And if a person has a vision for something then he/she will
    go to any limits to fulfill that vision, which indeed is clearly seen
    in the film.

    The concluding part moves forward where the first part ended. I am not
    going tell you the story because many reviewers, VJ blogs already
    reviewed the movie. On the first day itself there was enough hype
    regarding the movie and yes it is still maintained. Usually sequels
    succeed better than first part, but here it is reverse. In this film
    you could feel and see emotions, love, rage, jealousy, humor, politics,
    intelligence and many more other things.

    All the characters, Baahubali, Bhallaladeva, Sivagami, Devasana,
    Katappa, Bijjaladeva, Avanthika and others were portrayed superbly on
    the screen. Hero of the film is S S Rajamouli who made us believe in
    cinema once again. Amarendra Baahubali was best than Shivadu aka
    Mahendra Baahubali (I MAY BE WRONG). Why I said so, you will find out
    in movie. Thanks to the makers for giving us new face of negative role
    in form of Bhallaladeva, as expected the fight scenes between core
    characters are impressive and wish to be seen again and again. Strong
    lady characters Sivagami & Devasana are at par highest level of acting
    where they embraces some classic performances. Katappa, what could I
    say about this guy. He was awesome in giving justice to the character,
    because of which movie doesn’t fail anywhere. Bijjaladeva is like other
    version of Shakuni (Mahabharat) and well performed on his scale. A
    minor role to Avanthika, but OK.

    Action sequences, CGI, visual effects are at the level of any Hollywood
    film, not fully matched but yes. Hero’s vision is clearly on the
    screen, how he thinks, how actions sequences must be and how the climax
    should be. Songs of Hindi version are OK but BGM was great specially in
    climax scenes. Introductory scenes of Baahu in initial minutes,
    introductory scenes of Baahu at kingdom of Kunthala, unexpected battle
    sequences from strange communities, chemistry between Baahu &
    Devasena…. Just watch it guys, goosebumps is definitely guaranteed.

    Cinematography, VFX, Screenplay-Direction (Hero) are at another level.
    Art of storytelling by S S Rajamouli is fantastic, he knows how to keep
    audience engaged. Film is released in four languages, its already
    breaking some domestic and international records. Definitely this is
    the best from Indian Cinema to the world. Official run-time is 2hrs
    50mins and you won’t know when climax came. Kindly stop piracy and
    encourage the cast and crew for making this film magnificent.

    Its not any festival, its not any Khan’s film, its BAAHUBALI.

    Bold. Heartfelt. Masterpiece. Incredible. Thrilling.

    Rating: 4/5

  • vikyaiyerApril 30, 2017Reply

    One word ‘Masterpiece’

    This movie would really touch Indian hearts as it was complete combo of
    non-vulgar humor,simplistic romance, dramatic scenes, great acting from
    some very experienced actors, epic war scenes, awesome VFX and great
    sound effects.

    The big plus is the plot itself as it focused on king following his
    Dharma, boy’s devotion towards his mother, revenge of the king’s child,
    rich cultural and religious heritage of India which may seem simple
    enough to confuse most of the critics but this surely sends vibe
    through your body as a audience watching the film and brought about
    emotions overflowing for the characters.

    This plot wouldn’t have been possible without a great piece of
    direction from Rajamouli sir.

    Lead actor Prabhas(Bahubali) make sure he delivers the kingly and
    powerful appearance and great piece of acting. And it’s rarely seen in
    Indian movies were two female actress are playing important part in the
    plot and kudos to Anushka(Devesena) and Ramyakrishnan(Sivagami) for
    delivering it with power packed performance. Supporting actors
    Subbaraju(Kumara Verma) and Sathyaraj(Katappa) bring the unexpected
    humor to the film adding a big plus to the movie,well Satyaraj was just
    awesome in every aspect. Villains Rana(Bhallal Deva) and
    Nasser(Ballal’s Dad) bring out the bad vibes from the audience as they
    are plotting their deadly schemes.

    It’s far less we get to see Indian movies that are war based with good
    action sequence and so well executed well personally I liked the first
    war scene then the concluding one of this part and not to mention this
    story takes place in fantasy of Mahishmati kingdom as some critics
    again confuse it with the real world and are pointing fingers of
    breaking newton’s law.

    Well if you are eager to watch a masterpiece fantasy war movie based on
    rich Indian culture then you would hit a jackpot watching this movie in

  • pratik sharmaApril 30, 2017Reply

    Greatest Indian Epic to be ever Filmed..

    Well this epic definitely gives you the answer to the daunting
    cliffhanger of ”Baahubali : The Beginning” and even some more. well as
    following the lines of greater epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana this
    film finds its heart in its story and the struggle of the characters.
    Not only the story but also the visuals projected on the screen has
    successfully satisfied the hype it had around its production. one can
    easily compare the visuals to greats in the genre from Lord of the
    rings to 300. it can go down in history as the greatest Indian epic
    ever filmed.

  • afkap72April 30, 2017Reply

    Defining moment for Indian cinema! Is it?

    Well, firstly this is my first non Bollywood Indan film. After watching
    the part one, I decided to watch the part 2, I decided to watch it on
    the big screen. I was neutral and and no preconceived notion about the
    actors etc, as I haven’t seen most in any other movie.

    Now, having seen this, all I can say – wow. Simple story, but great
    story telling. Fine acting. Excellent and relevant VFX. I would even
    dare to call it the Indian ‘lord of the rings, as far as use and
    quality of VFX.

    Now, every cinema has some defining moments in its history. Kudos to
    this team, they dared to thinking big, the producers dared to bet big,
    fortunately for them, they have struck big – jackpot.

    It is also a dare to other big ‘Bollywood’ heavyweights. Can you think
    and set big hire audacious goals.

    It’s just been proved, it not impossible.

    For the first time I also see an Indian movie, transgress Indian
    sensibilities and hold some appeal to a worldwide audience. It’s
    simple, universal, and visually feast for the eyes.

    So will this be that defining moment for Indian cinema!

  • Usayd_srk_fanApril 30, 2017Reply

    Awesome movie.Worth a watch.Nice sequel.

    Its a one time watch movie.Good movie.Good story.The story is about
    Baahubalis son looking for his heritage.Nice acting.The action was OK
    but most of it was looking fake.In the first part also the action was
    looking fake like the bull fight scene.The bull was looking fake.And
    how Baahubali climbs and falls from that mountain and tunnel was
    fake.The beginning is OK but the conclusion is awesome and
    nice.Baahubali entry scene is terrific and nice.The acting by prabhas
    was one of the OK.The story of this part started at the same place
    where the first one was end.And finally I knows why Katappa killed
    baahubali.Overall if you a fan of baahubli franchise you will like this

  • seven-srikanthApril 30, 2017Reply

    Visuals that are never scene

    Living up to the hype that the movie has created itself is a big

    This movie is no longer a movie, it is more than that. This movie
    inspires us, this movie lives with us.

    This movie has some extraordinary visuals which were never witnessed on
    the movie screen.

    Don’t miss this movie.

  • sunnyp_343April 30, 2017Reply

    Outstanding movie.

    An epic movie,outstanding acting specially by Anushka Shetty,Dialogues
    are marvellous,Visual effects are good but not perfect couple of scenes
    are not good in effects.Music and dialogue are the heart of the movie
    specially Anushka Shetty(mother of Baahubali).My wife loves the
    Jewellery and costumes.No doubt this movie will cross 1000cr rupees.I
    gave 9 score if effects were little more good then it would more epic
    but it still the best visual effects in Indian movies.So i wish they
    will make Baahubali 3.My wife gave it 12 out of 10 score..LOL

  • Ravi ShankarApril 30, 2017Reply

    Bahubali 2 the greatest fantasy movie

    1.Graphics and VFX are in Hollywood movie level 2. For the screenplay,
    an Oscar award should be given,greatest screenplay 3.Prabhas and his
    acting skills are evident from this movie 4. Rana was a great actor
    even though his one eye is blind he acted great respect you sir 5.
    Anushka shetty rocked, her fight scenes were great satyaraj
    role was greatest 7.Actor Nazar being a cunning villain and his
    villaneous mindset will keep audience shocked at moments 8.actress
    Ramyakrishnan , what a great acting done well

    Finally a great story-line, those who are giving lowest reviews like 2
    and 3, please watch bahubali the beginning before giving review to
    bahubali 2, giving low reviews won’t make you intelligent

  • Akshay HegdeApril 30, 2017Reply

    Visual Extravaganza!

    Walking out of the theater after watching the movie, I didn’t feel
    necessarily ”concluded”. It was more along the lines of ”It ended?”
    Don’t get me wrong, the film had its moments, but there wasn’t any
    scene I would gasp at, let alone think back to the first movie for a
    plot point I may have missed.

    Let me back up. This time around, it is Bahubali Sr. (Prabhas) who
    takes center stage for the better part of the movie, but his character
    is fickle, more like clay, molding according to the situation, i.e.,
    being heroic. This can be brushed off, but sticks out like a sore thumb
    that the film is still shackled by old school Indian Masala cinema.

    Devasena (Anushka Shetty), with the initial reveal, raised my
    expectations of the heroine being more than a pastime, but in the end,
    turned out to be more of what we have become used to in Indian Cinema.
    There is little to no chemistry of the leading pair as they barely have
    any scenes together except for a well choreographed archery sequence.

    The first half is your regular hero and heroine love story with little
    formulaic comedy here and there. But is well placed. Moving onto the
    second half, things begin to rush on from one scene to another and me,
    as the audience, was left looking at people sitting by the side, with
    puzzled expressions. Other than the obvious big reveal, there isn’t
    really anything big going for the story.

    What steals the show is the visuals. And this was what I had least
    expectations on, going in. The visuals are on point from start to
    finish, and I can say, pretty confidently, at Hollywood levels. Almost
    all of the scenes are CGI, and it doesn’t show. The background score by
    SS Rajamouli’s long time collaborator gels with the plot, and is
    pleasing. The art for the various song visuals, is breathtaking too.
    The actors dole out their best on screen performances but nothing

    In conclusion (lol) , though it has no story wise surprises, (rather
    there are several points in the movie which make little to no sense)
    the film is a showcase of how far Indian Cinema has come, even though
    it is subdued because of the same, but nevertheless a treat for the

  • Kazi Imranul HaqueApril 30, 2017Reply

    Nice Conclusion

    ‌Bahubali 2 – Nice movie. Finally the curtain has been raised over the
    mystery of Kattappa’s betrayal. Movie is a larger than life sequel of
    the Rise and Fall and again rise of Amrendra Bahubali. Story is good,
    Special effects are awesome, songs are not much appealing compared to
    the previous one and fight scenes are good though have an over dose of
    unrealism(but we can’t complain as it’s long awaited bahubali-2). Story
    starts with a quick recap of the first part. Runs with the love story
    of Bahubali-Devsena, what led to the sacrifice of Sivagami, murder of
    Bahubali and ends up with much awaited revenge and win of good over
    bad. Prabhas is good and his larger than life portrayal as a king is
    awesome. Anushka is good as a Princess and matched well with Prabhas.
    Rana is Badly good as the previous one. Both Ramaiya and Naseer did
    well in their respective roles. Tamannah’s screen presence is next to
    nothing. Special effects are awesome, specially the fight scenes(I
    thought I’m watching a Hercules movie, LOL). Bahubali has proved that
    we are also capable of making such films which can match up to the
    standard of west. Even after all this, still there is some
    disappointment (I don’t know what is leading me to this, may be the
    expectations were too high). Movie is good and give it a shot after all
    we all deserve to know why ‘Katappa Killed Bahubali’.

  • girishganeshanApril 30, 2017Reply

    A great attempt to conclude the beginning !

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • vinay kadwadkar ([email protected])April 30, 2017Reply

    A Gem of Indian Cinema

    This movie raised the standard and level of Indian Cinema in all
    aspects. The film depicts perfectly the historical kingdoms of ancient
    India. The characters in the film have just not acted but have given
    out their soul to this movie. I rated this 9/10 because some songs and
    over-special effects were unnecessary. But the essence and the strong
    characters and their high voltage action and power packed performance
    truly surpasses everything. I am from Mumbai and I strongly feel that
    Bollywood lacks talent unlike South movies and its time for Bollywood
    to retrospect what they have done or been doing and do it better and
    not just think about few bucks. I am proud this movie have contributed
    a gem to the India cinema and certainly forced the viewers to think of
    their taste and standards about the watching any movie in future. At-
    last accepting that I have become a huge fan of Rajamouli, Prabhas,

  • Arth JoshiApril 30, 2017Reply

    jai mahishmati..

    Baahubali 2: The Conclusion

    Answer to the question: Katappa ne Baahubali ko kyun mara?? First of
    all no need to hype it up, it was all obvious. And this is how I can
    describe the movie in a word: obvious. There are only few moments where
    you do get surprised and believe me not in a good way. Logic doesn’t
    apply in it.

    But I would like to appreciate the effort and the work they tried to
    pull it off in such a big margin. All the actors tried their best which
    is quite clear but there is more to that in people then some illogical

    It’s a typical popcorn movie don’t expect much from it..

  • FaleshApril 30, 2017Reply

    Excellent execution

    The reason why Kattapa Killed Bahubali is finally known. The movie is
    massive in all aspects and its bigger than Bahubali(2015). The
    direction is on track and straight to the point. The actors are
    excellent. Both Prabhash and Rana are on par with their portrayals. And
    of course Sathyaraj as Kattapa and Anushka as Devasena has done justice
    to their roles. Worth a watch in 2017.

  • Sunit NeeliApril 30, 2017Reply

    Brilliant MUST WATCH EPIC!

    Convinced for about 99% for the story which has to be concluded with
    eye feasting and extraordinary presentation of unreal landscapes and
    only just for about 30 seconds the BGM was not syncing, as director
    said some superman skills were there, but all might not get convinced
    but it was new and brilliant act and the rest was SPELLBOUND
    cinematography SMOOTH screenplay AND NON-BORING script.
    VFX,CGI,PRODUCTION crew everyone who had associated with this movie to
    be appreciated. RAJAMOULI is an extraordinary specimen.

  • Divya SharmaApril 30, 2017Reply

    Best Movie

    What a movie. It has everything. Story, love, fight, twist. I really
    like the love story here. In most of the scene audiences are clapping.
    In today’s time I saw first time that audiences are making claps to
    admire the scenes. and these are north Indian audiences not the south
    Indian audience. I can’t tell the craze people have for this movie.
    everybody is talking about this movie. Prabhas justified his role as
    Bahubali and looks dashing. I am not the fan of south Indian movie. I
    hate south India movie. But as for as Bahubali is concerned this is the
    best movie. Much better than Hindi movies. Most of the fight scenes are
    like Rajnikant type movies but yes this is south Indian movie. and
    south Indian movies have fight scenes like this.

  • lillmshadabApril 30, 2017Reply


    after a long time you’ll get to see a magnificent movie with its
    twisting plot and great music and action. the flow of emotions and the
    pride of a king will rise within you just seeing the movie.. and the
    most awaited question is answered in real interesting manner.. its a
    must watch movie to appreciate the hard work put in it

  • mailtosrikanthApril 30, 2017Reply

    Bahubali 2 – No one excels in Story Telling as good as Rajamouli does.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mukherjeediptenduApril 30, 2017Reply

    No doubt this an awesome conclusion….better than beginning….

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Krishnangshu BhattacharjeeApril 30, 2017Reply

    Okay, It’s Grand . Live Love Lost in it ..

    Baahubali 2 is not just a Film anymore. It’s an event, a Phenomenon. I
    wish I can give 11stars for the heroic entries & Ironic moments.
    Everyone not stopping in Praising Rajamouli, Pravash, Rana, Satyaraj &
    Anuska & they actually deserve this but somewhere we forgot to Crown
    the Writer of this film K.V Vijayendra though screenplay is done by our
    Director himself.

    The Conclusion part has more light as well as dark parts ,so it’s more
    of Part-1. The film is technically too high, the Director made sure
    that, every scene should have left some impact on the Audience. The
    film is itself a History.

    I can’t generalize single actor because from small to big, everyone did
    their part Fabulously except Tamaana, she couldn’t fit in the film.

    Music is good,among all ‘the krishna’ song is too hearable. Background
    score is also perfect, you can’t accept any better.

    #WKKB part was breathtaking , you will be able to feel every word. The
    sets VFX everything is Eye-catching.

    All you can do while watching this epic film is that, You smile or
    biting nails or clap. You will fall in love in the love scenes, you
    will grip hard i the fighting scenes, you will cry in few parts
    followed by Claps.

  • superfunApril 30, 2017Reply

    Superb movie !!! Its a delight to the eyes!!

    Movie is amazing..

    It has lot more to watch for than why Kattappa killed Baahubali.

    Prabhas is charismatic.

    Ramya Krishnan and Anushka Shetty have performed brilliantly.

    If you love watching royal visualizations, appealing , period saga,
    epics.. go for it!! Must Watch movie for all. 100% paisa vasool

  • muvi-fan-73April 30, 2017Reply

    Best ever visual treat by an Indian cinema.

    Bahubali 1 and Baahubali 2 are something one should not judge upon,
    especially if you are an Indian. The story although stands amongst
    highly rated movies when it comes to visual effects.

    ”Baahubali – the Beginning” has grossed about Rs 586.45 crore’s from
    the worldwide box office in 87 days. The numbers go higher as the movie
    was re released before Bahubali – The conclusion.

    Bahubali – The conclusion, is determined to gross over Rs 1000 crore’s
    in coming days. It has been released over about 9000 screens worldwide.

    Go watch this movie for sure if you are an Indian. I believe this movie
    deserves your love for being Indian and first of its kind.

  • dupenbabbarApril 30, 2017Reply

    it’s a nice movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Ram Manoj KongaraApril 30, 2017Reply

    Baahubali 2 fills your heart with awe, ecstasy, emotions and much more …

    Disclaimer: I am not a movie expert, critic or any one who knows any
    aspect of movie making.

    I as one of the movie audience having watched the movie is writing this
    review to express my opinion towards the movie.

    I have been checking the reviews and responses over the last two days
    for Baahubali 2. Most responses were positive but some were critical
    and some negative and the reviewers ratings were a 5/5, a 4/5, a 3.5/5,
    a 3/5 and a 2/5 ratings for the movie and do you believe all of them
    are correct.

    I was concerned, wondering what was the movie was like seeing the
    average, negative rating for the movie by some.

    And finally I watched the movie yesterday(29th Apr’17) spending 500/-
    per ticket for a twelve of us. Every rupee, I mean every rupee was
    worth it seeing the movie.

    I don’t know about goosebumps, this is what I felt, my heart filled
    with awe, ecstasy, emotions and much more (I am short of words here) at
    the same time. And this feeling stayed through out the movie right from
    the start to the end. Never before I had such a feeling, seeing a
    movie. Felt like not a pin to point at any aspect of the movie and I
    wouldn’t ever get bored seeing the movie a 100 times more.

    What more can you ask for, what more do you expect ?

    The movie has few influences from ”Baajirao Mastani”, with a scene
    where bulls with fire torched horns made to run as part of a war ploy.
    And another from Brave with a scene where a spear piercing another
    spear while it is an arrow piercing another in Brave.

    The movie is flawless in its story, dialogues and a sheer brilliance of
    innovative warfare techniques, ideas and stunning visuals. Rajamouli
    could very well patent the ideas.

    Unanswered question: Who is the father of Devasana ? Movie does not
    reveal this, by hindsight I think it is reserved for Baahubali 3.

    Now I want to go through the reviews, comments made with critical
    nature, negativity and blast them all. Before I do that, I want to say

    No man is ever perfect, he is one who strives for it and if he is
    perfect he is only God and no one. Baahubali, as a movie with its
    director Rajamouli, his father Vijayendra Prasad the script writer, his
    supportive producers, dream actors and his entire film unit are only
    few notches near perfection to visualize, narrate and show Baahubali as
    the Mr.Perfect King and god in the movie.

    You wouldn’t say my above line is an exaggeration if you have seen the
    movie. But if you do, I feel you would need to be literate to read and
    understand a good book. Likewise what would you need to be, if you
    would need to see and understand a good movie, I will leave it to you.

    Below are few of the critical reviews of Baahubali 2 along with my
    comments for them. Rather than blasting, I just want pick the genuine
    feedback in them, correct the lack of knowledge in feedback and trash
    the rest.

    Rating 2/5: The Indian Express Movie Review: Author’s comment: ”The
    background music is relentless, and the pitch at which the declamatory
    dialogues are delivered is deafening: there were times I felt like
    closing my ears”. My comment: To some extent agree, Sound engineering
    could have been better with the likes of a technician like Oscar award
    winner Resul Pookutty.

    Rating 3/5: Business Standard movie review: Baahubali 2 – The
    Conclusion is a colossal bore: Author’s comment: ”The first 60 minutes
    of the movie are slow and the comedy track involving Subba Raju as the
    simple-minded cousin of Devasena barely evokes any laughs.” My comment:
    Seeing the movie in telugu, I felt not one dialogue in the comedy track
    missed its comic timing. I don’t know about the dubbed versions. The
    authors entire review looks a mud slinging effort at a great movie.

    Rating 3.5/5: Idle brain movie review by Jeevi: Author’s comment: ”VFX
    by Makuta is very good, but not as fine as part 1.” My comment: Agree,
    few scenes with VFX in the climax could have been better made with more
    fluidity. Author’s comment: ”On the flipside, pace slows down in second
    half and climax appear extended.” My comment: Many other reviews also
    opined climax is dragged, but Rajamouli, the master story teller is
    telling a story finishing into the climax and none can better him.
    Everyone knows Balladeva will be killed but ‘how’ is the climax. Climax
    only rather looks speedy with few sequences would have been cut down to
    contain the movie under 2hr 47 mins.

  • Srijith SzApril 30, 2017Reply

    Visually grand but for what?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • suyash awasthiApril 30, 2017Reply

    Could have been better.

    Baahubali 1 was a shocker and that amazement increased the
    entertainment value of the movie but 2nd part is a letdown.

    The good part.

    The visually styling of the movie is stunning and the shots are looking
    amazing. The background score is great and epic. The set pieces are
    magnificent Despite all its flaws the movie is thoroughly entertaining
    and fun to watch.

    The bad part.

    Melodrama was expected because of the first movie but I didn’t expect
    the whole movie will be like that. The scenes are looking right out of
    a daily soap with a bigger budget. The story is weak and
    predictable.Half of the action scenes are so unrealistic I was
    laughing, but rest of them were really great involving hand to hand
    combat. I am really upset that they degraded katappa’s character and
    made him a comic relief for the first half. The way characters were
    behaving was completely unbelievable of what that person will do in
    that scenario. The CGI is distracting but it was way better concerning
    the lack of great visual effects in Indian cinema.

    End verdict- Deserves a one time watch in the theatres.

  • badshahqbApril 30, 2017Reply

    Best Indian Movie So Far..

    It is a visual extravaganza that India must feast on. Part 2-The
    Conclusion onerously carries the equity of the first part on its
    shoulder and ups the scale on many counts—especially in heroism.
    Baahubali has been sketched out as such a symbol of strength and power
    that he makes you root for him throughout. Prabhas is terrific as
    father and son. What’s more, this part provides an answer to a question
    uppermost in everyone’s mind for the last two years—it tells you why
    Katappa, the old faithful, killed Baahubali Senior.

  • tushar mahapatraApril 30, 2017Reply

    I don’t understand how this movie can have such a high rating

    I simply fail to understand how people can give such a high rating to a
    movie which is a complete trash. The movie is completely hyped. Cat
    woman is probably a much better movie than this. The story line is
    banal. The action sequences are completely unrealistic and insane. In
    the movie, Bahubali can do anything. In scenarios like this, I fail to
    understand the point of a movie. The CGI is really bad. The movie for
    me was a combination of an animation movie and fight scenes from

    Despite having unrealistic action sequences and a story that clearly
    has no plot, the movie has been marketed as a serious action movie.
    That is pathetic. I think a kid can direct a better movie than this.
    Don’t waste your time and energy watching this movie. You will probably
    be ruining your weekend.

  • Aditya joshiApril 30, 2017Reply

    Baahubali: The Conclusion- The One Which Should Be Celebrated But Not For Its Story.

    First Published On-

    First five minutes of the movie, including the opening credits, are the
    example of sheer grandeur and massiveness which one is going to
    experience in the next 160 minutes. It looked like ‘The Conclusion’ is
    living up to the hype ‘The Beginning’ generated two years back. A
    superb production design, great direction, powerful music and wonderful
    visuals. It has everything.

    But as much as the movie is great in its visuals, I can’t say the same
    about the story or the movie as a whole for that matter. First half
    runs completely in the flashback and sets a backstory which is every
    bit predictable. Why are we so obsessed with love stories? And it’s
    quite OK to show a love story on screen but it feels bad when the
    complete first half covers the same without making any significant
    progress in the story. There was nothing special or grand about it.
    Either a hero doing larger than life actions to win the heart of the
    girl or he is playing dumb and his sidekick tries everything to impress
    the girl for his hero by doing dumber things. The usual Telugu cinema
    stuff and it is exactly the case here. Songs don’t seem to end in first
    half and a character as strong as Katappa plays a visible sidekick,
    which is saddening to see. A little scissor could do a great job.

    As the movie progresses further and the actual story comes into play,
    it looked less of a revenge drama and more of a saga of family
    politics. But again, that plot is still buyable because the movie is
    still running in flashback only. And then comes the moment the whole
    country was waiting for- ‘ Katappa ne Baahubali ko kyon maara?’
    Although it was not a dramatic revelation as such, it was expected the
    way movie was progressing. Very underwhelming. Further, when the story
    comes back into present time and the war breaks out, we see our hero
    doing gravity-defying stunts, which looks a little bit over-the-top but
    as it’s a fantasy drama, everything is acceptable. So what if it’s not
    a superhero movie? If we can believe our hero crossing mountains
    hundreds of feet apart, without taking a lesson or two of physics, this
    time they are at least using the projectile to shoot themselves at the
    angle of 45 degrees to cover maximum distance.

    As for the characters, the movie gives every chance for them to develop
    but they seem to be somehow overshadowed by the powerful aura of
    Amarendra Baahubali, even the character of his son Mahendra Baahubali
    played by Prabhas. But it’s Anushka Shetty as Devasena, who made her
    presence felt by her dominating character, which is powerful and the
    one with no nonsense. Ramya Krishnan as Sivagami Devi is good but seems
    to be losing her charm in the second half when she falls for conspiracy
    of his son Bhallala Deva and Husband Bijjala Deva, Rana Daggubati and
    Nassar respectively. I feel sorry for both of them, great actors but
    somehow lost in all limelight, especially Nassar. Sathyaraj as Katappa,
    like the first movie, remains the loving character.

    It will be stupid to compare it with any Hollywood movie and one should
    not do that, but it is bound to be compared with its first part. The
    conclusion is more of a prequel than a sequel, it take us to the origin
    of Baahubali but when it comes to story, it seems weaker compared to
    the first part. While you always remain on the edge of your seat in
    former, later looks predictable. Although it is bigger and grander than
    the first one, fact remains that it is milking on the success of ‘The
    Beginning’. War sequences were well synchronized there, here they
    looked chaotic. You can predict quite early in the movie that what is
    going to be the end, and you get to know in the first part itself that
    how it is going to be. How your antagonist will die. Many of us even
    figured out the question of national importance too, ‘Why Katappa
    killed Baahubali?’ and all our imaginations and assumptions are finally
    put to rest.

    Two-time National award winner S.S. Rajamaoli is a great director, he
    is a visionary. First, he took non-bollywood cinema to the national
    audience with Magadheera and Eega. Whatever little work was left, he
    fulfilled with Baahubali – The Beginning and now with this one he took
    it to international level.

    Overall, when you leave the theatre, you know that it’s not a perfect
    movie but it is an entertainer and mostly value for your money,
    provided you haven’t bought a Rs. 1200 gold class VIP ticket. On a
    brighter side, Baahubali is a celebration of the capacity of Indian
    quality and standards. It is the result of hard work and dedication of
    entire cast and crew. It is a living example of the fact that if we get
    as much budget as a Hollywood movie gets, we can produce some
    indigenous wonders. I would not say it was a visual masterpiece but it
    was definitely a visual treat. At least we don’t have to set Indian
    benchmarks of CGI on Chhota Bheem and Bal Ganesha.

    Baahubali is a kind of movie I would love to watch again in the theatre
    but just for its visuals and not for its story.

  • deepakkumaryadavApril 30, 2017Reply

    Worth watching it

    I Thought It Would be not good as it is the sequel and similarly every
    Sequel is not good nah i am wrong ….it is such a worth watching it..
    thanks SS rajamouli for giving such a wonderful movie in decade …. no
    doubt how it break all the record..will love to watch it again.. you
    can watch it with your PARENTS trust me you will not be disappointed

  • Siva RajeshApril 30, 2017Reply

    Visual wonder but predictable story line yet very gratifying

    This movie is a visual wonder. Thoroughly enjoyed it. The first half
    has many light moments but executed well. This is in stark contrast of
    the first part which did not have any light moments.

    The best part of the film is the visuals – you are transported to a
    wonderful world. The acting is excellent with some commanding dialogues
    and goose bump moments. There are some over the top moments but they
    are expected. The protagonists are portrayed as on par with super
    humans – so this is forgivable IMO. The plot is easy to predict but
    it’s fun to watch it unfold. If you are expecting game of thrones range
    of twists in the story line, you will be disappointed though.

    Overall this movie is beyond my expectations – which were high based on
    the first part. You can up your expectations, go watch it and still be
    happy! Go watch it on the big screen while you can. IMO $20 is less for
    this movie experience.

  • SirishApril 30, 2017Reply

    Simply amazing .!! Am proud of our directors

    Well, there’s always a critic. But this movie is very much better than
    the first part. I loved it thoroughly. I’m very picky of watching
    movies, but this movie certainly made through the final and I enjoyed
    every scene. Yes, there are few scenes or animations that can be
    better., but we all know the world is not perfect. If you want to
    compare this with a Hollywood movie, it will fall short, but certainly
    this movie takes our movie industry to much higher levels. This will be
    a game changer to how our directors usually think. Rajamouli had proved
    that we can be a very competent industry to Hollywood. We have raised
    the bar, and lets keep it there.

    Few accolades here –

    Characters – Sivagamini is amazing. And I became a fan of Amarendra

    Art work – WOW..!!! This is simply amazing.

    Background score / Music – Emotional and every scene is live with
    background score.Especially during first and early second half of the

    Designer (Wardrobe etc) – New feast for Women / Men to hang on for the
    next months. Done really well.

    Proud of Rajamouli and Baahubali team. Tollywood showcased our talent
    to the world.

    Lastly, please watch this movie in theatre only. Avoid and fight

    Thanks Rajamouli sir for an amazing entertainment film that would stick
    with us for decades.

  • pgsrinivasApril 30, 2017Reply

    great Indian movie ever.

    great India movie . 1500 screens in united states.most of Indian
    screens are occupied by this movie on 1st day. super movie .created by
    great direct s s rajamouli . 9000 screens all over world.hoping more
    movies like this .all characters are well build . with good background
    music .i hope this movie will hit Hollywood attention

  • Jay MehtaApril 30, 2017Reply

    MUST WATCH – Exceeds the Magnanimity of Bahubali 1

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Galib RushdyApril 30, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Venky RoyalsApril 30, 2017Reply


    First, I thought it will be like Baahubali 1 st part and then after
    watching Baahubali 2 movie I really shocked what an epic movie! I never
    saw a movie like this it have everything in it like emotion, action
    etc., and a lot.I want to watch it once again.Hats off to S.S.Rajamouli
    Garu.You can’t compare this movie with Baahubali part 1.When compared
    to graphics Baahubali 2 movie was far better than Baahubali 1.I’m
    really feeling very happy This type of movie came from India.If
    foreigner director watches this movie I think they will get mad and
    they will fell love with S.S.Rajamouli.

  • abhishekcbsaApril 30, 2017Reply

    Awesome graphics. Epic movie with some over the top action sequence

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • shubhi0073April 30, 2017Reply

    predictable but thoroughly satisfying

    The movie is quite good. The director has obviously paid attention to
    little details. Cinematography is amazing. The first half of the movie
    is as amazing as Indian cinema can be, and special effects are on par
    with many Hollywood flicks. The 2nd half is good too but the ending
    feels a bit rushed. Might have been better to make two smaller movies.
    These things said, the movie is epic, and some scenes will stick with
    the audience for a long time. I watched the movie in Hindi, but proper
    attention has been paid to dubbing too, so good on that part.

  • YpApril 30, 2017Reply

    Go for it

    Is this movie over the top? Absolutely Does it have unrealistic
    dialogue and drama ? Absolutely Is this movie worth watching ?
    Absolutely Bottom line is i enjoyed this movie more than Hollywood
    flicks like avengers, fast and furious It has a decent story line,
    great visuals and powerful dialogue and some unusual scenes (some will
    will say over the top, but i enjoyed them) Bahubali is fast paced high
    octane in drama and visuals. Only drawback is the last 20minutes, where
    the momentum dropped. The weapons used in war should have been updated
    (25 years later still using the same weapons?).

  • its_NICK22April 30, 2017Reply

    Here Can Happen ANYTHING !!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Anup APu KumarApril 30, 2017Reply

    Satisfactory Conclusion..

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Hitesh MenghwaniMay 1, 2017Reply

    It is a must watch!

    The first part was awesome, but this part is out of the world. Viewer’s
    expectation rise after the first part but S.S. Rajamouli does not
    disappoint. The story line keeps your eyes glued to the screen. The
    action scenes and graphics are exceptional. Most of the action scenes
    do not look unrealistic instead you believe that the character has the
    ability to do them. Its an epic tale and it certainly leaves marks on
    the audience. You finally get an answer to one of most wondered
    question after the release of the first part of why did Katappa kill
    Bahubali? Its not an one line answer. You have to watch the whole movie
    for that.

  • chaitanya-tcsMay 1, 2017Reply

    Can’t be better than this!!!

    Just watched ‘baahubali 2’ … It’s the best way any director can
    take… There is lot of reasoning on how this movie has been made…
    Lot of thinking behind the movie script… If you re-watch, it all all
    make sense…. It’s just a predictable story from the start i.e. from
    bahubali 1… All who watched knew something went wrong and thats why
    kattappa killed bahubali…but it’s always how he director finishes it
    on the screen… Will done Bahubali team… Overall great job done and
    well accomplished…

  • kamaldampellaMay 1, 2017Reply

    Proud Moment for not just Indians but Movie Lovers all over the world

    It was extremely good. A lot more emotions than the first one and
    although some sequences should feel way over the top, somehow the way
    the 2 main characters are built anything seems possible. The antagonist
    is just as powerful as the protagonist, the women in this movie are
    portrayed in a powerful avatar and there is no movie without the
    supporting actors, A rare feat for Indian movies. Extremely proud movie
    for not just Indian people but movie lovers all over the world.

  • Sudharsan SrinivasanMay 1, 2017Reply

    Jai Magizhmathi

    The Best movie i watched so far.. Never seen such a intense movie that
    has no flaws .. kept me on the edge for the for 2.5 hours completely..
    Kudos to Prabhas and Anushka.. Satyaraj has killed not only bahubali
    character .. literally killed everyone with his Kattappa character and
    acting ..It’s a true spectacle..The affect of this movie will last for
    decades to come. This will be an epitome of largeness, success, Indian
    cinema..This is absolutely humongous..

  • navinhariMay 1, 2017Reply

    Unmatchable movie to the date in India

    There are many talented directors in Indian film industry & many whom i
    like but out of this all ss rajamouli is extraordinary, he has put
    everything to make this film huge, the complete imagination is put on
    the screen from mr ss rajamouli. I appreciate the characters played as
    real from all the actors in the movie. Its a huge huge movie on the
    screen. Love & appreciate the whole unit of BAHUBALI 2. The making, the
    acting, music background, visual effects, dialogues, costumes, every
    everything is upto to the expectation. It always happens that most
    hyped or expected movie are not up to the mark but this movie has made
    all indians proud.

  • mohansharmarklMay 1, 2017Reply

    Very predictable and unwanted action scenes

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • yashrajs536May 1, 2017Reply

    Finally the wait is over …. And my wait was worthful

    It can’t be wrong to proclaim that ”Bahubali 2” was the movie for which
    almost every section of the Indian Society was waiting.

    This is really a first South Indian movie which has created a strong
    buzz in North India. It is really a pride to see that Indian Cinema can
    also produce some high budget flicks and can give us some
    entertainment. I was feeling really proud that I am watching an Indian
    Movie which is competing Hollywood.

    S S Rajamouli really deserves praise from all over India for his
    exceptional work. Investing 5 years in just two movies is not a joke.
    But he handled it very smoothly and also the acting of the star cast
    made this movie a watchable drama. Despite of its lengthy duration.

    Story wise it was brilliantly handled by Vijendra Prasad ; Performance
    wise almost everyone was good ; War sequences were good though some of
    them were unrealistic ; Heroism scenes were responsible to stick the
    audience to there seats.

    Over all Movie is a visual treat and almost every Indian or foreigner
    should go watch this movie and witness the great Indian Hindu culture
    and the glory of Hindu kings as well as Indian cinema.

    My rating is 7.9/10.

  • sambeetabc2May 1, 2017Reply

    Colossal in every way you see it !!!

    Bahubali franchise is a tribute to the books that a generation of
    children was fixated on – ”Amar Chitra Katha” ..

    SS Rajamouli takes you back to grandmother’s lap. He makes Mahishmati
    believable. Just like the grandmother would do. Thanks Rajamouli for
    making us kids again.

    This movie needs to seen in theaters for its gargantuan magnificence.
    Indian Cinema at a different level altogether. Loved it . #Bahubali2

  • shekar-36355May 1, 2017Reply

    Bahubali2 is just satisfactory one…

    The movie starts with the different approach of sequences , the screen
    play is picture raised in such a way which elaborates the past of
    devasena and bahubali’s love along with a Balladeva’s conflict in
    between them, the reason why katappa killed bahubali sounds OK as he is
    loyal ,but there arises a contradiction on how he turns up to be
    unloyal in this part, avantika , shivudu’s bought up parents has no
    role in this part, however avantika was seen in climax fights, the VFX
    was good, but could have been much more clear with fine editing,
    Rerecording was not felt lively during the war sequences, the songs
    were OK,the wide angle shots was good to see with the DMR scenes, The
    art works were not upto the screen ratio, the cg works to create
    animals is not realistic, the movie was interesting upto the Period on
    how kattappa killed bahubali later the movie looses the pace ,the
    editing could have modified, the climax fights not so impressive, the
    final song and BGM at climax was good.

  • saptesh786May 1, 2017Reply

    Well to Entertainment but not for Classic !

    I just watched this movie in theater on second day of its release. It
    is watchable as entertainment, but if you look into for more
    interesting with twist or highly appreciated fight scenes, or something
    new you definitely be disappointed.

    3 of four portions of movie having only flashback and last fourth
    portion we realized that is hurry to wrap / conclusion the story.

    we cant get some answers like, why not Devsena made try to escape from
    her imprisonment since 25 years, as she was courageous fighter woman,
    Difference in age between Bhallal and son of Bahubali is 25 years but
    we see them equal age and equal fight ? How possible this with a 50
    years old and a 25 years person ? Big tasks like stopping a mad
    elephant with a big wooden building, fleeing over coconut tree with
    wrapping soldiers with shield of metal, uprooting huge trees and many
    unbelievable things are not digestible in story line, even this is

    Overall this movie is not to mark up to Hollywood movies like ‘300’ or
    ‘300 returns’. The big success of the movie is only done by strategical
    marketing and ‘kattapa ne knyu mara’.

    I suggest this movie to watch only for entertainment but keep mind at
    home with not much expectations.

  • mahi-73204May 1, 2017Reply

    Feels like seeing Mahabharat in front of me.

    First i am amazed by the creative thinking of Rajamouli. Though it
    feels some scenes may be a part of some other movie but the way
    Rajamouli has added that’s great. Draupadi like character for Anushka,
    Shakuni for Bhalal’s father, Drithrastra for ShivKamini Devi.

    I was left awestruck by seeing the first appearance of Anushka. The way
    it is defined it adds stars to her beauty.

    Bhalal and his father tactics will make you feel everything. Many times
    in the movie i felt goosebumps.

    I felt each emotion in it. Hats off to Rajamouli. And to those who
    think action might be too much in this to them i would like to say,
    Hollywood movies like wanted/FF8 are too much in action but still we
    don’t see them as too much. I think Bahubali was a character on which
    this type of action suits. He was thought as a superhero, so please
    think like that. And before saying anything think from the creativity

    At the end i would say, it’s not a movie where you read a review and
    watch. Just watch and have your own review about it.

  • Gulti ChikiMay 1, 2017Reply

    Amazing movie

    Thank You Rajamouli Sir and your entire team for an incredible journey
    through the Mahishmati kingdom. This movie franchise is a testament to
    the hard work, passion and dedication of your entire cast and crew. The
    quality of the production oozes out in every frame. Lot of emotions
    with incredible background score. I have already watched this movie 4
    times in the last three days. I am very proud to be a Telugu and an
    Indian movie fan.

  • vijaynovMay 1, 2017Reply

    Second attempt is definitely better than the first.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • vipul-62441May 1, 2017Reply

    Excellent movie.Nice

    Excellent movie. Story of Bahubali 2 is complete. This movie has
    content for every part of society from kids to old age people from
    teens to grandpa. Story begins with same Mahismati kingdom. Pace is
    nice.You will not get bored at any time. Many people say that story is
    predictable and try to be intellectual and find many fault is
    movie.However if you are a man of words ,if you have some respect for
    elderly and women, compassion for poor and kids, you will like this
    movie because this movie is connected to you somehow.Tou will find many
    characters in you.

  • What a fantastic movie.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • swarajbeheraMay 1, 2017Reply

    The Best You Can Get

    Baahubali 2 is a movie that can never ever be compared with anything,
    don’t judge just let yourself into the the movie and trust me it will
    never fail. Be it the visual effect, story, plot, and the acting, its
    of top class.Now please stop reading this and go and watch it.



  • bhrt93-138-649508May 1, 2017Reply

    Incredible, phenomenal, humanly perfect

    I can say that the acting and story were perfect. All of it was at top
    standards. The animation was at the very best in the business. There
    was no place where they went wrong. The story, acting, dialogues,
    fight, songs, dance, dressing, body language and demeanor were all
    perfect. Every person has done a superlative performance. The only
    fault was that the action sequences in the last 45 min got messed up.
    They lost out here on creativity and did a childish war sequence. A
    little better and they could have made it superlative to reach in all
    standards. Yet, the fight sequence mess-up is forgiven because after
    watching the movie, you will come out with a spectacular and a
    matchless experience. That’s why I call it humanly perfect. And, that’s
    why the movie deserves a 10/10.

  • venkatMay 1, 2017Reply

    Ripped out!(No spoilers)

    Hats off, Rajamouli! Once again, made the magic. I see lot of reviewers
    having a negative and biased review. NO OFFENSE. I see this as a
    stepping to next level for Indian Movie. Now Rajamouli, set a bench
    mark to Indian Directors. Justified the story for the conclusion part.
    Watched it couple of times. Would recommend to watch it.

  • Naveen KumarMay 1, 2017Reply

    great movie from man with great imagination

    am giving this movie 10 stars because i loved the world of mahesmati
    great visuals never seen before in any India movie with a not awesome
    but good storyline hard work done by the team can be seen on the screen
    , specially 250 crore is not too much according to the movie if the
    same has to be made in Hollywood they should have spent more then 1000
    crore offcourse they can have some better visuals but the world of ss
    rajmoli is far above imagination great loved it…..

  • ninadmauskarMay 1, 2017Reply

    As lame as the first one

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • vinodemailsMay 1, 2017Reply

    Expectations soiled

    Yes, the movie cannot be skipped, as the first part and the twist
    question at the end ensure we all will flock to the theatres. So, I’ll
    dwelve rather on what one expected from the movie and what one got.

    Exp -Magnum opus with brilliant VFX Act – Brilliant VFX indeed with
    Kingdom, Dream sequences and war scenes portrayed effectively to border

    Exp – Enhancing the character of Bahubali n son, Devsana, Bhallaldev,
    Sivagami and Kattappa with brilliant one- liners. Act – Characters
    watered down with very few one-liners to keep the audience hooked.
    Sivagami’s fierceness gets lost, Kattappa’s loyalty questioned,
    Bhallaldev’s might becomes more brain than brawn and worst, even
    Bahubali ends up wasting his arm strength and skills

    Exp- A nuanced script where politics and drama get overshadowed by pure
    heroics and camera following lead character all the time. Act- A
    muddled script reminiscent of good old Mahabharat serial of schemes and
    sub- schemes where Bahubali keeps losing without any retribution

    Exp – Music which would create awe and timed beautifully to take the
    movie forward. Act – BGM remains good enough, but the songs didn’t
    deliver, especially the romantic number between Devsana and Bahubali on
    which a good share of budget gets wasted

    Exp – Last but not the least, an epic climax and final war, which would
    go on for an hour and where Sivadu finally manages to kill Bhallaldev
    against all odds Act – Kind of anti climax, which feels edited too much
    and put together fast enough to ensure reasonable running time and
    enough shows to hit Rs. 500 Crs collection in a week

    All in all, somewhere the commercials seem to have overtaken the story,
    melodrama overshadowing an epic in making and VFX substituting genuine

    Independently, keeping aside the expectations, the film has been done
    well, with good BGM, main characters building up muscles, graphics team
    putting a lot of efforts and the costumes team doing well too. The love
    story between Bahubali and Devsana develops like a typical Bollywood
    potboiler with fake acting and a caricature wannabe boyfriend in the
    middle; finally blooming to a romance with a dream sequence in clouds
    on a flying ship. Anushka shetty as Devasena, to her credit delivers a
    wonderful performance as the young devasana with strong dialogues and

    However, as the ‘Conclusion’ ends and a dialogue giving a hint of
    another sequel pours out, the excitement of crowd is nowhere to be
    seen. But for those times where you have open mouth stared and cheered
    for our hero when he nonchalantly massacred people, conquered animals
    and even challenged nature, ‘Jai Mahishmati’.

  • sanjubhatMay 1, 2017Reply

    Amazing Bahubalistic VFX Treat

    I am not going to start my review with the most discussed topic ”Why
    Katappa killed Bahubali” as this is just a small footnote in this
    magnum opus. There is much more to the film than just this .Many of you
    won’t believe me, but trust me, I have watched it and can vouch for it

    The Plot: The story continues from where it left off in Part one. The
    heir to the throne of the mighty Mahishmati empire, prince Amarendra
    Bahubali (Prabhas) along with Katappa ( Sathyaraj) are sent on a covert
    mission to mix with the subjects and get to know them better. During
    their travels Bahubali meets Devsena ( Anushka Shetty) , princess of
    Kuntal Rajya and falls in love with her. Unknown to him BhallalDeva (
    Duggubati) along with his father ( Nassar) are busy planning Bahubali’s
    downfall .They succeed in doing so by creating a misunderstanding
    between his godmother Sivagami(Ramya) and prevent him from ascending
    the throne . Ballaldeva is instead made king and along with his
    scheming father forces Bahubali out of the palace. Amerandra Bahubali
    meets a tragic end at the hands of his mentor Katappa (won’t reveal the
    plot or I will be roasted alive by die hard fans who still haven’t read
    about it on the WhatsApp messages going viral !!).

    The rest of the story focuses on the present where Bahubali’s son,
    Mahendra joins hands with evergreen Katappa ( Omg !! the guy is still
    alive and kicking after all this while .. a true Bhishma Pitamaha of
    the story !!) to fight the antagonist BhallalDeva, avenge his fathers
    death and finally regain the throne of Maheshmati.

    The story is nothing new … we all knew how it would end …all hunky dory
    . Everyone goes home happy happy!!

    Cast: The Protagonist / Antagonist duo Prabhas and Duggubati are well
    matched adversaries and the climax is a visual treat even though it has
    been stretched a bit. Prabhas done a great job and has a lot of ”seeti
    bajao” moments throughout the film especially the one when he mount an
    elephant by stepping on its trunk.We know that it is all VFX but yet
    enjoy and savor the moment.

    Nassar as Bhallaldeva’s father is nice with a Shakuni mama kind of look
    to his character.Again, VFX used to create his crippled arm is amazing

    Anushkha Shetty as the feisty Devsena and Ramya as Sivagami , the
    de-facto ruler of Mahishmati have very strong and well etched out
    characters . Their confrontation scenes hold you in awe and steal the
    thunder from their male counterparts. A rare achievement not often seen
    in Indian cinema!! Tammanna, unfortunately doesn’t have anything much
    and is seen only in a handful of scenes .

    Why you should watch it on the big screen only: It is very rare that
    you get to see an Indian movie laden with such amazing special effects.
    It gives an Amar Chitra Katha type of feel to the whole story which
    indeed refreshing. The whole look is pleasing to the eye with
    innovative action scenes, awesome costumes and lavish sets . I loved
    the movie … total paisa vasool even though it is far far away from
    reality but then that’s how Indian films are supposed to be … aren’t
    they !!!!

    Go watch it and enjoy the glory of Bahubali unfold !!

  • sangeethananMay 1, 2017Reply

    May have succeeded manipulating the minds of a large audience but not all are weak minded

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • lokeshbit_mcaMay 2, 2017Reply

    Everybody should watch it …SS Rajamouli’s film is a lot more than just why Kattappa killed Baahubali

    Much-awaited release Baahubali 2 is finally here. Don’t judge
    Baahubali. Just savour it. It is a visual extravaganza that World must
    feast on.

    Baahubali 2: The Conclusion presents the old-as-time conflict between
    good and evil, the classic trope of mythology. But watch the film for
    the grandeur, the visuals and the performances, that have you cheering
    for Baahubali, much like the subjects of Mahishmati.

    Must salute Rajamouli for his vision and ambition. Baahubali also takes
    you on an emotional roller-coaster ride.

    Must watch in Cinema hall only !!!

  • Sasi AttiliMay 2, 2017Reply

    Amazing first 2/3rd’s. Ending is a let down

    Had to prime myself by reading all the negative reviews before I dared
    to watch ‘The Conclusion’. Have to say was pretty awed by the first
    half of the movie- the fact that the director dared to dream of making
    something this big. The story line of the first half was gripping and
    the action sequences/ visuals were awesome. However just as the movie
    goers lost interest in the movie after the answer to THE QUESTION (Why
    Katappa killed Bahubali) was revealed, looks like the director too lost
    interest. The rest of the movie seems to have been made without much
    thought put into it. The war scene at the end was too unrealistic and
    gory. A little more thought could have been put into it, to make the
    ending realistic and happier.

    People who compare the action sequences to English movies like X-Men
    etc and say ”if you can appreciate superhuman qualities in English
    movies why can’t you do the same for Indian movies?”, here is the
    answer- X-men and English movies with unrealistic action sequences are
    blatantly unrealistic from the beginning i.e. the x-men are born with
    super powers. It is acceptable for superman to do superhuman things.
    But it is not acceptable for humans to do super human things- there
    lies the fault!!

  • Ashwin krishnanMay 2, 2017Reply

    Epic Movie!

    We cannot convey worth of the movie in few words. All casts are placed
    well.. Anushka was a big bonus in second part and even it is quite
    evident that as a senior actor, her acting overshadowed Tamanna’s
    acting in first part.. First half was mixed with humour sense from
    Kattappa(Sathyaraj) and Prabhas and also romance and revenge scenes
    fully engulfed in visual treat by Rajamouli.. Second half went off on a
    serious note and again Prabhas presence in the movie was excellent..
    Ramya Krishnan was fully utilized in her role by greater extent.. Rana
    and Nazar were perfectly suited for negative roles and they coordinated
    very well… Overall…a perfect movie which connected present age
    problems in a unimaginable way..

  • ThisIsMe lastMay 2, 2017Reply

    loved it – Awesome

    Finally we know why Kattpaa killed Baabubali. Great narration and
    screenplay. Must watch for everyone. Its very rare to have movies of
    these kind. Brings lot of pride and credibility to Indian cinema. This
    movie surely puts Indian cinema on world stage and for good reasons.
    Acting of all the characters is superb without any exaggeration or
    overacting. To get a full experience watch it in theaters. Makers have
    put in lot of effort.

  • sharathsannyMay 2, 2017Reply


    I must salute MrRajamouli Sir for his great effort The VFX was
    Extrordinary,Mainly the emotions involved in the movie was awesome
    Legendary acting’s Of Amarendra Baahubali(Prabhas),Devasena(Anushka),
    BhallaDeva(Rana Daggubati),Sivagami(Ramya Krishnan),Kattappa(Sathyaraj)
    there were Outstanding and Mindblowing, chemistry between Amarendra
    Baahubali & Devasena were Marvellous Fights,background music,story
    emotions comedy romance each and everything were excellent Jai
    Mahismathi I loved the Movie

  • Narendra SinghMay 2, 2017Reply

    Most entertaining movie I have watched

    I watch selective movies only. I have watched so many Hollywood and
    Bollywood movies but no movie is as entertaining as Bahubali-2. In fact
    both part of Bahubali are awesome. it has everything comedy, action,
    drama, suspense, romance, all Genre in a single movie. actors very hard
    working and keep calm and not loud mouth. I was waiting for the release
    of this movie for so long and finally it came out all guns blazing.
    broken so many records already. It’s a must watch movie for all movie
    lovers. please watch it, it won’t disappoint you.

  • harishmbbssmcMay 2, 2017Reply

    An epic drama

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Jitatman PandyaMay 2, 2017Reply

    Awesome, Spectacular, Mind-Blowing.. Hats off to Rajamouli Sir

    Do you know why people call it S.S. Rajamouli’s Magnum Opus.? Because

    I’m very Reader-friendly Reviewer. And you already know, by the 1st
    part, that It’s HUGE, what more do you want me to say.? But but
    butter.. I’ll tell you this: IT’S HUGE.. 😉

    ”You’ll leave the theater but you won’t be able to leave THIS (I mean
    THIS, 1st one is good, but THIS) EPIC SAGA from your mundane mind.”

    And it’s a positive thing. Believe me. I’m writing this review just
    happily thinking about all the Majestic things it has done to my mind.

    Beautiful Sets, Awesome Cinematography ”Good CGI 😉 ”, Powerful Music &

    Anushka Shetty had some very Fierce dialogues.. Impressive.. SathyaRaj
    AKA KATAPPAAAAA.. He was Angry Young Man in the 1st Part, but in this
    part, He was That plus a Good Comedian.. 😀 Rana Daggubati’s Body was
    very good. 😉 Ramya Ji, Nasser Ji were Great..

    About Story.. You’ll BE ABLE to answer the MOST UNANSWERED QUESTION
    FROM THE PAST 2 YEARS.. ”Why did Katappa Kill Baahubali.?” And that’s
    also from Miles away.

    ”Predicted STILL MOST ENJOYABLE 🙂 ” < – This is also the CONCLUSION of the movie Baahubali 2: The Conclusion. 😉 At the End, if you remember a Theme song, from the link given below, of an unpopular series, which has not given us 6 seasons, which is not the most downloaded TV series around the globe, which has nothing to do with Revenge, Misunderstandings, Huge sets, Thousands of Extras, To do anything/everything to get the THRONE, you’re my brother from another… Parents 😀—The-

  • Harsha ReddyMay 2, 2017Reply

    Excellent Movie : Watch it for the Thrill

    I would like to rate this movie a 10 on 10 even though there are few
    cinematic liberties used by the Director. Some movie scenes I liked
    most ordered by my rating/liking

    1> Best Scene of Movie : Katappa killing Baahubali the complete episode

    2> Scenes between Katappa, Shivagami & Devasena after Amarendra is
    killed, till Mahendra is announced as new king

    3> Interval Bang : Just Wow!!!!!

    4> Court scene where Devasena is under trial

    5> Prabhas Entry

    6> Baahubali and Devasena shooting arrows against the attackers

    7> Fight to save Kuntala from attackers

    8> Dandalya Song

    9> Golden Idol breaking scene and foot bridge scene during climax fight

    10> Hamsa Song : Amazing graphics

    11> Climax fight as whole

    12> Kumara Varma defending the ladies

    These are just some of the scenes I can think about: not to forget the
    excellent BG, Amazing VFX, dedicated and apt screenplay

    Go watch the movie just for the thrill it gives.

  • sanjusupercool1May 2, 2017Reply

    A really great and amazing movie

    This story is the continuation of the previous one. Prabhas was really
    awesome. Anushka was great too. Most of the cast were great. A really
    great movie . A must watch. This story was told in a beautiful manner
    by S S Rajmouli. Rana did great as bhallal dev. Overall i am very
    satisfied with my experience . I would recommend this movie to all.

  • Hmnsu1994May 2, 2017Reply

    A Cinematic Masterpiece, much more than why Kattappa killed Bahubali.

    According to me Bahubali is much better than any other recent Indian
    movie. This movie leave all other movie far behind in every field be it
    acting of Prabhas, Rana or direction of Rajmouli. If you are an Indian
    you should watch it because this is not like any other but a milestone,
    which will take Indian cinema to another level. Hats off Bahubali Team.

  • aesaansheikhMay 2, 2017Reply

    The most ambitious movie of Indian cinema

    This is a must watch whether you enjoyed Bahubali: The Beginning or
    not. There is a lot of ambition and effort put into this movie and it
    all pays of (6 years is a lot of dedication for 1 movie). Both Bahubali
    movies attempt and achieve something that Bollywood has not yet
    achieved. Its the passion for a project, belief and trust they put into

    Regarding the movie, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie (especially the
    first 2/3’s of the movie. The suspense wasn’t good enough as I was able
    to figure out why Katappa kills Bahubali (a question everyone asked
    after watching Bahubali: The Beginning). However, the buildup to that
    or the execution of that one scene was a work of a master- film-
    making. I was in love with the first 2/3rd of the movie. Yes there are
    scenes that are way over the top, especially the battle scenes and I
    forgive the movie for that. It’s no mystery that the movie will be
    going to go over the top when the first movie already has those
    elements. I went to find the conclusion to the Bahubali story and I
    found it, I went to have a great time and hell yeah I had a great time
    with this movie.

    P.S. I hope there is a remastered version of this movie in the future.

  • krisfernandesMay 2, 2017Reply

    A breathtaking Indian masterpiece !

    A must watch !!!!. I’ve never seen such visuals in a movie. Baahubali 2
    is a Indian Masterpiece displaying India’s beautiful cultures and
    traditions. Hollywood take down some notes. From the Beautiful scenes
    to the amazing action everything was extravagant. The Ideas used in
    this movie was just breathtaking. Normally songs don’t win me over in
    movies but the songs in this movie were just beautiful and heavenly to
    the ears. Baahubali’s theme song gives me goosebumps all the time. This
    movie deserves all the praise it’s getting so much so that I can see
    this was the best movie I’ve​ seen since 2015. Baahubali: The
    Conclusion is undoubtedly the jewel of 2017. It will be very
    disappointing if this Franchise doesn’t continue cause truly I would
    love to see more of this masterpiece. All the Actors in this movie did
    a amazing job you could really feel the emotion in the characters. This
    is must watch! Please don’t miss out on this masterpiece. It’s a 10/10
    from me. I love this Franchise and wish to see it continue. Jai
    Mahishmati! Love from Portugal !.

  • vijaynarlaMay 2, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Prafulla SrivastavMay 2, 2017Reply

    Bahubali 2: More spectacular with rich Visual effects and Action

    S. S. Rajamouli’s magnum opus epic war saga set new high for Indian
    Cinema across globe. Action sequences, war scenes and Visual effects
    were world class. There is cinematic excellence in each frame. Prabhas
    is the USP of this tale because he showcase excellent acting skill
    along with great chemistry with Anushka Shetty and Sathyaraj. Another
    good performance from Rana Daggubati, Nassar and Ramya Krishnan. There
    is significant change in the role of Ramya from previous one. There is
    less scope for Tamannaah in this installment.

    As this saga has earned 500 crores in 3 days, Lifetime collection will
    be 1200-1300 crores. Powerful reply from Indian Cinema to World in
    cinematic excellence.

  • Hazarath Kumar Reddy BobbaMay 2, 2017Reply

    Indian Superman ‘Baahubali’ rocks

    Awestruck with the visuals. Its impossible to make such a movie with
    the amount of money spent on this movie.

    I felt like I was in the ancient Kingdom ‘Mahishmathi’. It really took
    me back to those rich ancient days. Great work.

    The real greatness of this movie lies in its gripping narration.
    Belongs to one of the best narrations in history along with ‘shawshank
    redemption’, ‘Avatar’, ‘Interstellar’ ..etc. You will not feel like its
    more than 2 hour long movie.

    I see that some people didn’t like the action sequences. I feel that,
    any superman movie will have those kind of unreal sequences. Its
    something we have accepted many times in history.

    ‘Emotion’. This is the secret of this movie’s success. Director is
    successful in binding audience to the emotions of the characters. Right
    from ‘Titanic’ to ‘Interstellar’, its been that secret ingredient.
    CGI(Graphics) are just a part of story telling. The soul of the movie
    is in ‘carrying Emotions’.

    Its a movie that should be in your Library. No matter what race,
    religion, country you belong to.

    Its a ‘must watch’ for all the aspiring Film Makers. Saaho !! 🙂

  • akshayns48May 2, 2017Reply

    No spoiler review

    First of all i am a great fan of Bahubali :the beginning so its hard to
    compare the second film with the first one.Bahubali2 depicts the life
    of bahubali,father of shivadu.The first half of the film is a blend of
    comedy,action and romance.It was interesting and funny to watch
    kattappa as a comedian.In the first movie kattappa was a serious
    fellow.The second half of the film is full of action revenge etc. BGM
    is great and also the vfx.Direction is good and the actors were
    amazing.There are some flaws in the movie.Some scenes lack logic. Final

  • Akhilesh SahniMay 2, 2017Reply

    Mesmerizing | Ravishing | Excellent

    After watching the first part of the movie I was waiting for the second
    part eagerly and I’m saying this proudly, it’s worth waiting. Baahubali
    2 : The Conclusion is an amazing movie, I just loved the entire film.
    Great visuals, great computer effects & great performance by the

  • Rohit ValasapalliMay 2, 2017Reply

    Large Audience Raving for a Mediocre Movie with Good Visuals

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • SahilMay 2, 2017Reply

    Enthralling !

    Frankly speaking, I was not at all impressed by the first part of this
    movie and contemplated a lot why had it been one of the top-grossing
    films in Indian cinema. I say so because I’ve not been a big fan of
    Indian cinema really. But today when I saw this second part of the
    movie I must say it’s stunning and it was more than what I had ever
    expected from this kind of movie. The effects, picturization,
    everything was amazing. Hats off to the crew and cast of this movie.
    It’s totally entertaining. I had never seen such an Indian movie. Don’t
    miss this guys, and yes, do watch the previous part before going for
    conclusion part. Cheers !


  • dinesh_likestMay 2, 2017Reply

    A must watch one time. Obvious story line presented well.

    The movie is a must watch at least one time in the theater. Its like
    Avatar (2009) movie which you have to experience in theater. SS
    Rajamouli has shown the capability of Indian Cinema and he has the
    brilliant way. The visual effects are good except one scene where you
    can tell this is done by the CGI. Story is predictable but has been
    presented well to keep in the seat the whole time. I loved the
    background score, loved the screenplay (brilliant screenplay). Story is
    same as Mahabharata with some twists. Actors have done so much of work
    for this movie. I think Rana Daggubatti was the best among of all of
    the actors. Prabhas, Anushka Shetty, Ramya were good along with
    SathyaRaj and Nassar. The only bad thing about the movie is part of
    Shivu (Bahubali) spending time in the state of Devasena. I think they
    should have made it a little shorter so that movie would have been a
    lil bit shorter. SS Rajamouli stretched that part a lil bit. Other than
    that its really good. Worth the time and money. This movie should be
    watched in theater. DO NOT WAIT TO WATCH AT HOME.

  • angryscitistMay 3, 2017Reply

    Don’t waste your money or time in this awful movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Mani KumarMay 3, 2017Reply

    A Visual Grandeur

    Simply spectacular. This is the stamina of Indian Cinema. Hats off to
    Rajamouli garu. Visuals are stunning. Totally lived up to the
    expectations and hype. In fact the movie deserves much more. Please
    note this is not a regular masala movie. Please imagine guys, when we
    watched movies like Terminator, Transformers we accepted them and made
    them blockbusters. But are those real? Baahubali is of that category.
    Its not about hero fighting for heroin and also not to judge whether it
    is realistic or not. Just go and enjoy the movie, visuals and
    characters. Great job done by the entire crew. Especially Prabhas
    (Baahubali) and Ramya Krishna (Sivagami). 5 years of Hard work and
    Dedication Paid off. I don’t think I have seen anything like this
    before and don’t think will see something like this in the near future.

  • Doctor StrangeMay 3, 2017Reply

    Final Fight scene real comedy .. First half is OK

    SS Rajmouli could have really re worked on the final fight sequence. It
    was such a disaster and comedy scene. Monstrous blade chariot of
    Bhalladeva is really scary but A .Bhaubali breaks it just with his bare
    hands.. Much to my surprise that swinging from palm tree to Bhalla’s
    court is too funny.. First half is good, though some flaws are here and
    there. Thamannah was total waste in second part.

    Songs not that up to mark.. But for entertainment 100% entertaining
    keeping aside all logic..

  • Leo RiderMay 3, 2017Reply


    This is my first ever movie review. I was itching to write after seeing
    so many negative (in a way biased) reviews. Coming back to the movie;
    Wow, how could the director deliver such a spectacle to indulge every
    sense of our emotions 🙂 Hats off. As many highlighted, the CG efforts
    are best in class (among Indian movies with limited infra, skills,
    etc). Typical mythological/epic movies miss the emotional touch. Very
    few movies (e.g. Gladiator) I could think of have all the flavors
    nicely mixed together. So it is a 10 for the directors effort. I had
    tears, laugh, anger, awe-inspired each and every frame of this movie.
    It is a must watch for movie goers of typical love subject India movies
    to experience a complete different world (like Pandora 😉 and drama.
    All Characters delivered their best and score big. Baahubali & Kattappa
    combo rocks the first half and set the stage for grand second half.
    When the expectations are so high, it is easy for creator to get
    trapped in some mania and loose the plot; But not Rajamoulee. He is a
    clever director and made sure fans leave the theater with great
    memories to cherish.

  • Raxit PatelMay 3, 2017Reply

    An Entertaining Ending to the ‘Best Made’ Film in ‘India’

    I had seen Bahubali 1 by chance before it took off with a word of
    mouth. I enjoyed the background music, scenes, story and acting so much
    then watched 3 more times in the theater. So, obviously was expecting a
    big bang for the conclusion part. To start with, It is highly
    entertaining, It was all about bahubali’s life. I felt when the movie
    came back to present time’s scene, where it ended in the previous film
    – it was rushed too quick for the ending war. 5 minute should have been
    spared extra to develop it further. And some mistakes are there such as
    little too unreal fight stunts, and army against the few thousands etc.
    They should have spent that 5 min and let the army divide little more
    upon seeing mahendra bahubali. But, I won’t take anything away, as
    there are rarely any movies which are made perfect. Enjoy this Film
    only in Theater with Dolby Atmos!

  • jeevrcetMay 3, 2017Reply

    Magical and Emotional

    BAAHUBALI 2: THE CONCLUSION is a very rare movie, which is Joyful,
    Heart-Touching, Spirit-Elevating and a Grand Visual-Spectacle. This
    part, takes us right off the cliff from the first part’s finale to the
    uncharted territories of movie paradise in Indian cinema history.

    ‘Incredible’ S.S. Rajamouli is at his very best in crafting and
    catapulting this movie to the top of the blockbuster mountain and he is
    India’s pride and reply to the Hollywood’s own heavyweight, James

    Rana Daggubati as Bhallala Deva succeeds in portraying the most vicious
    villain in recent times, a role that defines his dedication and skills.
    while Sathyaraj as Kattappa and Ramya Krishnan as Rajmata Sivagami,
    produces the most iconic and loved roles in their illustrious career.
    Anushka Shetty brings her ever-lasting beauty and class to the role of
    Devasena, the warrior princess and Nassar is marvelous in portraying
    the manipulative Bijjaladeva and Subbaraju is loved by everyone for his
    role as Kumara Varma. Tamannaah was like an angel from heaven in
    previous film, but this time she shows the Heart to play a small role
    with full support.

    And there is no words to describe ”The Man” who plays the Legendary
    Baahubali.. Prabhas is splendid and glorious on the Grand Stage.
    Prabhas lives in our heart as the the man who refuses to loose while
    keeping the morals sky high… A role that makes him an electrifying
    sensation all over India and around the Globe…

    BGM of M.M. Keeravani is on an another level that makes our blood boil,
    makes our eyes teary and thrill our nerves again and again. Kotagiri
    Venkateswara Rao edits the movie flawlessly and stunts by King Solomon,
    Lee Whittaker, Kecha, and Peter Hein are jaw-dropping. Combination of
    Makuta VFX, Senthil Kumar’s Cinematography, Sabu Cyril designs and
    Rajamouli’s Vision makes this an extra-ordinary silver- screen
    extravaganza. A big salute to the produces Shobu Yarlagadda and Prasad
    Devineni for showing a wide open mind to let loose Rajamouli and
    showing faith in him to makes this alluring movie on a humongous

    Baahubali Franchise benefits from the unique gathering of talented
    individual who brings with them, unmatched dedication and hard work…

    Father-Son Team of Vijayendra Prasad and Rajamouli, masterfully weaves
    the story in a gripping and intense way…and when good face-off with
    evil in this tale, when the light tries to strike down the darkness in
    this saga, And when the ”Unstoppable Force” Prabhas clash Head-On with
    the ”Immovable Mountain” Rana Daggubati in this epic, it results in
    shattering of box-office records and will leave you wanting more….

    Rajamouli shows nothing is impossible when you have the heart and his
    right-hand man Prabhas brings soul to the film with his charming screen
    presence, his signature Smile (a symbol of honesty) and truthfully
    living (not acting nor playing) the larger-than-life Hero Baahubali…
    A heart-felt thanks for each and every person behind and on the screen
    for making this superior movie and i recommend everyone to watch in
    theaters as early as possible with family to experience this smack-dab,
    adrenaline pumping, high-spirited once in a decade Movie…

  • Karan SawhneyMay 3, 2017Reply

    Typical south-Indian mythical saga

    this by far is one of the best action films Indian film industry ever
    produce , this movie reminds every Indian of Mahabharata series , fight
    scenes are played in south Asian fantasy style , finally something
    which was not copied or felt Indian , acting is done in typical
    Bollywood style (over-acting) , cgi was not perfect but this was no
    hobbit or harry potter thus the budget , director has done great job .

  • varun9009May 3, 2017Reply

    Hastily made to milk the success of the predecessor

    Baahubali 2 (Conclusion) cannot be considered as just a normal movie,
    this is supposed to be the Epic conclusion of the biggest Non Hindi
    blockbuster ever.

    Characters, premises are already established in Part 1, so this gives
    the makers full 2.38 hrs length of time to show the visual magic as
    expected from the Franchisee. we have to note that Part 1 was slickly
    edited and racy and mixed with the maximum amount of masala you can
    ever expect from an India movie, that too with technical perfection on
    par to Hollywood films

    Given the time span of 2 years, given the budget in excess of 250
    Crores and given the success of the Part 1, what we get to view is
    absolute trash. one should look through the visuals and try to think
    from makers view point. story is very predictable with no twists and
    turns, dialogues are too simple, penning the screenplay for this movie
    was an effortless job and doesn’t require any imagination

    again for the sake of family audience, female characters get more
    screen space and proceedings are similar to Indian mega serial at least
    during the first half of the movie Director has tried to keep the
    action fans happy by prolonging the climax war, which actually was a
    terribly wrong move, as the movie drags a lot during this period

    What accounted for the huge success of Part 1, was its technical
    perfection and amount of detailing for outdoor and indoor locations,
    money spend on movie was well utilized and the richness shows on the the case of Part 2, it seems movie is made of shoe string
    budget. there are no longer vast locations which should have given the
    grandeur for the film, instead its easily recognizable even for an
    normal movie goer that the set design is below avg and CGI usage is

    all in all, this is an wonderful opportunity missed to showcase Indian
    cinema for the world audience. Baahubali 2 caters to the expectations
    of Typical telugu movie fans only

  • aman-32848May 3, 2017Reply

    High on story and acting!!! ,a big let down on visuals.

    To be Frank and very honest everything was superb in this movie right
    from the story to acting,comic scenes were also good except for the
    thing which I was really looking upto which are the visuals n that part
    was really a big let down, everything was looking animated. Considering
    the mammoth budget of this project the CGI was really far short of the
    mark or we could say there was really a genuine CGI work which can
    easily be detected. Clearly, there was great vision of SS Rajamouli but
    the execution was really sloppy.The ship sequence of prabhas n anushka
    and some action action sequence were kind of funny.But at the end it’s
    full on entertainment and definitely worth a shot.

  • Swarnali DasMay 3, 2017Reply

    Masterpiece..kuch toh log kahenge, logo ka kaam hai kehna!

    Awesome movie.Being an Indian, obviously , definitely will praise such
    an endeavor to create a movie at per Hollywood movies like 300, lord of
    the rings etc.Now in fantasy movies list worldwide,Bahubali will be
    listed too. My best wishes to SS Rajamouli, and also to the movie.
    Definitely one must and go and watch the movie. We can sit and
    say+judge so many things, but actually its the efforts of the movie
    makers that give life to it. people will say so many things, just
    ignore and enjoy the movie!Cheers 🙂

  • Manish SutariyaMay 3, 2017Reply

    everything is near perfect and visually stunned.

    As an Indian and very hiked question, why Katappa killed Bahubali, Now
    we can say that the match is over. The first part where actor climbed
    mountain and water fall was absolutely marvelous to watch. In this part
    the glorious kingdom of Mahismati and largest Elephant Statue, the
    court room stage were remarkable to watch. It was stunning to watch
    when Mahendra Bahubali killed Bhalla at the climax and when he jumped,
    the entire atmosphere and figure of his father appeared in the sky,
    wow. It was great to watch with great background sound effect. Why We
    should take this film not as average south Indian film? It is because
    south Indian films are Masala films where you can find everything
    comedy, action and a story. This film was visually different, large
    scaled made. The effort which director has taken in India will be
    remembered for years. That is what we should never forget. Indian
    cinema is expanding and that is just the beginning. The techniques
    which used by Bahubali in fight sequences are also remarkable to note.
    There is a gap in the mindset about the films and story which we
    learned to watch and that is the gap of misconception about the
    concept. This movie is based on king society and they ruled India for
    many decades. The presentation of women as an ideal wife, ideal worrier
    is quite understandable. Though the historical picture is different, we
    should admire such an effort to balance the facts. The movie is worth
    to watch again and again. It is because of its value of production,
    quality of visualization and sense of presentation.

  • manishnarwal-85822May 3, 2017Reply

    Bahubal 2 (Honest review)

    The question is that why Katappa killed Bahubali? World waiting for
    this answer from last 2 years. And finally its revealed in Bahubali –
    2. This is a great film. Far superior then Bahubali. Mark my word this
    film should be made in 3D. It deserves that. Their effect outstanding,
    story, acting, cinematography outstanding. you did not bore a single
    minute. This film is for every type of audience. The first half give
    you goosebumps and you should feel proud, that Indian films are also
    have level. Even though this film is level of Hollywood and may far
    then some of Hollywood movies.

  • James ChristopherMay 3, 2017Reply

    wow am speechlesss !!! ._.

    what a time to be alive to experience something so great like this. So
    well done, story wise , music-wise and set wise….etc.. wow just wow
    !! I noticed there’s a lot of low rating reviews here there are too
    many that made me think someone is paying these people to write bad
    reviews. DON’T READ THEM ! experience this masterpiece before it goes
    off the big screen. Saw it in IMAX what a emotional ride ! Loved it !

  • primusautobot-112-902609May 3, 2017Reply

    Don’t Waste your time watching this movie,its mindless movie,

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Arjun SureshMay 3, 2017Reply

    Baahubali 2 – Great Indian Film but predictable

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • prasad_pnvrkMay 4, 2017Reply

    Excellent Emotional Drama with some Illogical Sequences

    Story wise, Bahubali2 is both prequel and sequel to the Bahubali1. The
    story is similar to Mahabharat. Gandhari is wiser than Drutarashtra. in
    our story Gandhari(Shivagami) is more powerful than Drutarshtra and she
    rules the Mahishmati Rajyam. in the first part we have seen that she
    wisely gave the crown to DhrmaRaj (AMarendra Bahubali). In the second
    part we will see that she makes a very unwise decision of killing,
    which was artificially looking reasons cooked by the writer. With out a
    proper pramanik, she gives the execution order. Even drutarashtra in
    Mahabharat didn’t take this kind of blunder decision. Once Amarendra
    Bahubali was killed the story is left with usual revenge taking climax.
    The story is similar to the Lion King with two brothers and the son.
    There are some great episodes which makes the movie in a separate
    bracket. There are some very mediocre episodes which will not make much
    negative impact on the huge success of the movie. It can become three
    folds bigger commercial hit than the second best movie in India. The
    strength of the movie is not the VFX or the great richness. Emotions
    and actors performance supported by background music is the backbone of
    the movie. All the technical departments are at their best. Bahubali
    brings the confidence to the Indian film makers that they can make the
    movies on par with the best in the world. Bahubali as a whole may not
    match the best in the world. but some parts of it are definitely among
    the best. If Rajamouli got the time he could have made more parts
    better than the current version. I think in the future no producer or
    distributor can force him to finish the product with out his approval.
    He is now way ahead of any director in India. in terms of number may be
    he is worthful of Rs5Billions or more per movie. But he don’t care
    about that huge money. His preference is to improve himself and make
    better movies. Bahubali 2 the conclusion is just the beginning of the
    next generation of movies that are going to be made in India. In that
    sense Bahubali is a huge jump made by Indian cinema.

  • sivathexpandableMay 4, 2017Reply

    Excellent!! Predictable yet it never disappointed me!!

    Hi, guys!! If you have not seen Bahubali 1 & 2 then I would recommend
    you to watch them now. U will miss the glory of an Indian epic movie if
    u don’t watch it.

    This review is like a message to those sick people who gave low ratings
    to this epic movie. This is not a biased review.

    Most of the people are trying to criticize this movie saying that the
    reason, why Katappa killed Bahu Bali, is not a strong reason.

    I think they have not seen the movie and are trying to degrade this
    movie. Or if they have seen it then they must be holding a personal
    grudge against the crew who worked for this movie.

    The reason was given in this movie, it is well & clear. Sivagami was
    blinded by her husband and son. I don’t want to spoil the story!!!

    I’m a big fan of foreign movies(Hollywood and Korean) because they
    really make some sensible movies. I was never into Tollywood movies
    from the beginning. But, I have started watching movies from Tollywood
    recently and so far ”Bahubali: the conclusion” tops my list when it
    comes to Telugu movies.


    1. Forget about the VFX, I wasn’t expecting much from an Indian movie
    since the budget is low. But, our people still pulled it out, they made
    it big and I was impressed by their work.

    2. Movie Cast: Yes the cast is excellent, SSR is really a wise guy when
    it comes cast in his movies. Each and every actor who played their
    roles fulfilled them with near perfection. Even the Junior artists!!!

    3. Each & every second that is related to the past is amazing.

    4. Though the story is predictable the way it is represented on the
    movie screen by SSR is amazing.

    5. The movie is high with morals, yes it teaches us about the good and

    6. It teaches us ”What exactly the King is?”

    7. It teaches us about the importance of relationships, the
    relationship between King and his people, the relationship between a
    mother and a son, the relationship between brothers and between a
    father and a son, and between the ruler and his trustworthy servant.

    8. High in morals, there are so many epic scenes. I don’t want to spoil
    this review by mentioning them here. You will notice them anyhow.

    9. There are situations in which Bahubali will be puzzled and have to
    decide whether he should stand by his mother or by Dharma(ethics) which
    were taught to him by his mother(Sivagami).

    10. The movie shows us something which is useful to everyone, it is
    self-confidence. If you believe in yourself you can do anything.
    (Kumara Varma)

    11. It tells us that ”in order to achieve good sometimes you need to do
    some sacrifices”.

    I can write a few more but I’m running out of time I don’t want u get
    bored of by my review.

    There are some mistakes in this movie, I think most of the people would
    not notice them. You will find them in climax as well but who cares by
    the time you reach climax you will be impressed by the past of
    Amarendra Bahubali.

    Dandalayya song is really awesome, it really suits our King(Prabahs).

    The one who is giving a low rating to a movie just because of the
    mistakes, well I would like to tell them one thing:

    ”Don’t think. FEEEEEEEEL the movie! It’s like a finger pointing away to
    the moon. Do not concentrate on the finger(mistakes) or you will miss
    all of the heavenly glory!”

  • PX TrueCallerMay 4, 2017Reply

    Don’t go with Paid negative reviews…. A MUST WATCH MOVIE

    I am forced to write this review because I am a regular visitor of IMDb
    and I have never seen this kind of bad reviews even for a bad film,
    which clearly shows that they are far away from reality. They are
    driven by either money or feeling of not able to digest an India
    director makes movie like this.

    I will not put anything about the story here as it is strictly
    something need to be enjoyed so go and watch it on big screen.

    I have personally seen it twice on big screens and would be seeing it
    at least couple of more times.

  • Ajay DahiyaMay 4, 2017Reply

    Best Sound Effects I came across in long time

    This is one of the best movies I have ever seen in a long time. Top
    notch movies. Great Story.

    Best sound effects. Best acting especially by Bhalla, Baahubali. I was
    not bored for even a minute in the whole movie. Katappa’s role was
    great too. The actress was great too and so was that comedian prince.

    Graphics were great too. A few scenes could have been better. But,
    overall visually it was very pleasing.

  • Md Mithun MunsiMay 4, 2017Reply

    Best Movie in Indian history

    Bahubali-the beginning and Bahubali 2 -The Conclusion both are the
    awesome movie I have ever seen. It has broken all previous record. It
    has broken Amir khan, Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan movies. It has
    already earned 792 crore Rupees. Hopefully I will earn over 1000 crore

  • Manoj Kumar VadlamudiMay 4, 2017Reply

    Why had Kattappa killed Bhahubali?

    Why had kattappa killed Bhahubali?????? is the major point of
    discussion before release, but while watching you will not think of
    that answer to know, that is Bhahubali 2.

    I would like to thank all the team members for making such an excellent
    visual movie especially Rajamouli, VFX team, Prabhas, Rana, Keeravani,
    Ramya Krishna, Satyaraj, Anuska, Nasar because every character has its
    value in this film.

    S. S. Rajamouli (Director-Off screen Bhahubali): No doubt, Rajamouli
    had given us world-class visualizations and screenplay. He narrated
    each and every character as a weapon. We should say hats off to his
    commitment and passion towards the Cinema.

    M M Keeravani (Music Mantrikudu-MM): Behind every movement to be
    successful there will be a tune on background score. MM has done his
    marvelous job and background score.

    Prabhas (On screen Bhahubali): He has delivered the fantastic
    performance with his attitude and personality, the way he had connected
    to the story and all is wordless. We should also appreciate him towards
    his commitment of Cinema for about five years for this project.

    Satyaraj (Kattappa): He has done his job fantastically and moreover one
    of the key people in this movie after Bhahubali character (Prabhas).

    Ramyakrishna (Shivagami): Perfect ”Rajamatha”. She has shown excellent
    action towards her character and in fact added more value to the movie.

    Rana ( Bhallala Deva): Another name of ”Villainism.” He made himself
    towards more cruelty with his fantastic performance.

    Cinematography (K. K. Senthil Kumar): He had made this part to such a
    top level regarding extraordinary visualizations treat with his two

    VFX: Visualization is one of the assets to this movie and had created
    the best benchmark for Tollywood and Kollywood cinema industry.

    No doubt, there will be a page for Bhahubali in an Indian film history
    along with characters called as Bhahubali, Bhallala dheva, Shivagami,
    Kattappa, Devasena, and Avanthika forever.

    The bottom line of the movie: The film is all about perfect
    visualizations and emotions together with fantastic presentation.

  • achuthkavithaMay 4, 2017Reply

    A must watch movie for all period film lovers !!

    To be frank it’s a turning point movie in Indian film industry.A must
    watch film.Director nailed in characterization and in his ability to
    control the whole story.Cinematography,camera,editing are world
    class.Acting wise everyone was exceptional.lead actress Anuska Shetty
    deserves a special mention so as Ramya Krishna.

    The only negative about this film was while comparing to the first
    part,Climax looked over the top.The foreign audience will love it
    anyhow.But as a fan who have been following this genius director for a
    long time expected that he will make the climax more realistic.however
    the movie will carry you into the world of Mahishmathi just like
    Avathar did

  • nitinnegi-13608May 4, 2017Reply

    wooow……certainly one of the best

    I just watch this movie yesterday and i was quite amazed to see
    grandeur of the movie,it seems that everyone has put a lot of hard work
    in bringing out that fantastic experience i get from this movie.Many
    people are complaining about vfx but that all looks awesome to me
    because it goes very well with the movie..this is the first time any
    Indian movie has work so well with the graphics in such a small budget
    as compared to Hollywood movies,but where many big budget Hollywood
    movies failed in bringing out the emotional attachment with the
    character Bahubali exceed in it….so every Indian should go and watch
    this movie…and also brainless peoples who are complaining about it
    should come out of the comfort and repeated boredom zone created by
    many high profile actors of India (Bollywood).

  • ayon-61103May 4, 2017Reply

    Certainly one of the best entertainer ever made…Excellent from Anushka

    Don’t know how to get over this hangover…It is simply superb….a
    complete package of action,romance,thrill and the unknown thing which
    is present in this movie.Everyone is talking about the excellent
    graphics of the movie, arguably it has the best graphics ever made in
    Indian films.But apart from the graphics it presents everything needed
    in a good movie.Acting is one of the strong points of the
    film.Prabhas(Amarendra and Mahendra),Rana(Bhallaldev),Sathyaraj(Katap
    pa),Ramya Krishna(Sibgami),Nasser(Bhalla’s father) everyone presented
    their best and it worth our praise.But the most bright performance was
    given by Anushka Shetty(Devsena).Never loved her so much before,her
    excellent performance as the young princess was equally brilliant as
    the performance of prisoner.Lots of love for her.Nothing to be said
    about Sir Rajamouli’s direction…It’s flawless…And the song Jay
    jaykara of Kailesh Kher again proves his talent …Though the last
    fight scene is a bit unreal but in schools 9.5 is taken as 10…So it
    gets a 10 on 10.

    Reading lots of negative reviews …Don’t know what more they want from
    a film.Entertainment is one of the main objective of film and it gifts
    you that excellently.Don’t know when I have last seen lady character
    getting almost equal screen space in a big budget film like this…It
    belongs to the third category of the film where both male and female
    leads are the heart of the film.Anushka has broken her typical masala
    image in her last few releases…Is a high time for her career.In one
    word the whole team of bahubali deserves some big rewards and the hype
    created by it is deserved .

    And for a frustrated jee aspirant like me this a absolute
    refresher…May be this and my inclination towards South Indian movies
    has made it biased but still I say it is excellent,mind blowing and

    Hats off S.S. Rajamouli,Rana,Prabhas and lots of love for the beautiful
    Devsena…….Go and watch it.An absolute family entertainer.

  • ctowyiMay 4, 2017Reply

    Fewer risks taken and still devoid of cynicism. This is still a piece of great cinema

    In anticipation of this movie, I organised a screening of the 2015
    magnum opus for friends at my humble abode and I can safely proclaim
    that everyone enjoyed it. There are some movies which are not meant to
    be enjoyed alone; the spontaneous uproarious unbridled fist-pumping
    reactions of an audience drive up the enjoyment of the movie to a whole
    new level. Baahubali: The Beginning is that type of movie. With the
    right mindset and an adventurous spirit, the movie can open a door into
    a whole new world of cinematic pleasure.

    Baahubali: The Beginning literally ends with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger
    that matches the driving ambition of the narrative. For more than a
    year, I was thinking about how S.S. Rajamouli would explain the ending
    and after watching Baahubali 2: The Conclusion I was not only more than
    satisfied, I was stunned out of my senses. Putting both movies
    together, I can now clearly see that part 1 is just a world-building
    and character set-up appetiser, the scrumptious main dish and
    delectable dessert are all in the sequel. What a blast! That’s it!
    Review is done! Go buy a ticket already!

    Still here? Okay… let me drop a few more paragraphs…

    Baahabuli 2 takes us back to the kingdom of Mahishmati and puts a
    spotlight on the feud between Baahubali (Prabhas) and Bhallala Deva
    (Rana Daggubati). Will Shiva, the son of Baahubali, succeed against the
    tyrannical and treacherous Bhallala Deva? Will he regain authority of
    the kingdom that was snatched from his family by Bhallala Deva? Why did
    Bhallala Deva keep Devasena (Anushka Shetty) captive all these years?
    Why is Sivagami so determined to save the baby that she literally
    drowned standing up in a torrent of on- rushing water? Finally, the
    million-dollar question that was literally the final frame of Baahubali
    1 is answered.

    S.S. Rajamouli’s method of upping the ante for the sequel is the
    typical ”more is better” approach, but he takes it much further. The
    visual opulence is astonishing, the kaleidoscope of colours
    awe-inspiring, the humongous sets jaw-dropping and the costumes
    resplendent beyond my wildest dreams. Every frame is meticulously
    crafted. Every detail and stylistic serve the narrative. He clearly
    understands what made the first movie so well-loved and we are given
    not one, not two, but three battles involving huge armies. But kudos to
    him for not making the battles feel repetitive by underscoring them
    with different stakes and fighting methods. The last one involving tall
    trees and human catapults is so inventive. I have seen hundreds of
    battles on the big screen, but I have never seen what was depicted

    Just like the earlier movie, this one reinvents its own rules and is
    totally devoid of cynicism. Comparing with the first film, Rajamouli
    takes fewer risks in this outing, but the narrative is still joyous and
    filled with court intrigue, family drama and deadly double-crosses. The
    characters may be the size of mountains, but they are flawed human
    beings with weaknesses that are absolutely cathartic. Yes, I know the
    main caveat on most people’s mouth is that it is way over the top. But
    for this armchair movie buff and part-time critic, the storytelling is
    so compelling, the characters so larger than life, the love story so
    affecting and the energy so propulsive that I didn’t mind swimming in
    the sheer excess. Heck! Baahubali is meant to leap across a 50-metre
    abyss, catapult 100 metres over walls and he is a way better than
    archer than Legolas! I believe everything!

    I apologise for the excessive use of exclamation marks but this movie
    earns them, and please allow me to drop a few more. This is frigging
    cinema! This is the reason I love going to the theatres and once in a
    while I love getting totally stoned out of my senses with the
    possibilities of cinema!

  • realarkMay 4, 2017Reply

    A Must Watch Flick…

    A masterpiece should Be appreciated as it deserves.The movie Full of
    action,comedy and emotional scenes won my Heart.Before booking the
    tickets i was just thinking that is it worth of buying a ticket??will
    it entertain me for all what i had paid?? and yesss the film from start
    to end was just paisa vasoool…throughout the film i was feeling like
    i m in heaven of goosebumps,goosebumps and just goosebumps…Thanks S.S
    Rajamouli sir For Making a Movie Like this.Just loved It.My appeal to
    everyone is just give it a try and make way to theatres…

  • mrahul-07453May 4, 2017Reply

    Great characters

    I liked the movie for it’s strong characters. Nazzer/Ramya
    Krishna/Prabhas/Rana/Anushka/Sathya Raj/Subba Raju were all amazing.
    Nazzer proved what a great actor he is, he was excellent as a
    manipulative/rancorous/twisted person. Ramya Krishna was even more
    unbelievable in this movie and Anushka matched her intensity. Super SS
    Rajamouli. Hope we get much more character driven movies like this and
    not just actor/actress centric movies.

  • nmtpaiteMay 4, 2017Reply

    A Third Class Movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • namanzanMay 4, 2017Reply

    Mesmerising! Awesome experience. Don’t go with negative paid reviews!

    I don’t understand why some users have given really bad reviews with 1
    star too.Surely it does not deserve a 1-star rating. For me, Bahubali 2
    is that I haven’t experienced before in Indian cinema.Though Bahubali 1
    was good but Bahubali 2 is great!You can’t keep your eyes away from the
    screen.From starting to end it keeps your attention.You get goosebumps
    time to time.You got to see the funny side of Kattapa.There are some
    irrelevant songs in between but that’s okay.There’s everything, action,
    emotion and drama in the movie.VFX is great(may even be better than
    some Hollywood movies).Also, you will fall in love with the character
    of Amarendra Baahubali.Towards the end movie gets serious and the
    killing of Bahubali by Kattapa is justified.There’s a small role of
    Shiva and Avanthika as compared to Amarendra Baahubali and Devasena.
    All over the movie is awesome, just go and watch it if haven’t watched
    till now.

  • harsitupadhyaMay 5, 2017Reply

    best movie made in India till date

    its one of the best movies i ever seen in my life.i was awestruck with
    the story and scenes and the dialogues were totally
    fulfilled all my expectations concluded by me after seeing the first
    part and the fight scenes are best of all times and i loved every plot
    and the emotions were very will just love it.overall i don’t
    think any movies can replace this from first position at least for a

  • Abishek NaagendraMay 5, 2017Reply

    Totally worth your money

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Arya Goswami ([email protected])May 5, 2017Reply

    The Best Epic Fantasy Tale Of History After Ramayana

    The best epic fantasy tale in history after Ramayana. Most vivid and
    congenial depiction of history, fate, women pride, deception, duty,
    dharma, war on behalf of righteous principle, oath, law, kingship, war
    move strategy, repentance, loyalty, and above all the very same
    conclusion to that of Ramayana, that the sword of truth shall proudly
    reign, the beauty of woman shall be kept sacred, a loyal servant in
    duty is always best rewarded, deception is the worst fate but time and
    truth imminently overthrows and repays it.

  • ahmadnikzadMay 5, 2017Reply

    Best film in Indian history

    All I’m going to say is that it was my favorite Indian film of all
    time! Literally loved every minute of the film!! I have watch so many
    films in the cinema and this was my favorite out of all of them. I will
    recommend everyone to watch it. This is also a family film which is
    good for all of your family. I would suggest going with your whole
    family. Also, everything in the film is perfect; the music, the action,
    the actors and especially the story!

  • Gourav BhardwajMay 5, 2017Reply

    Had expected a bit more

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Amit SatpathyMay 5, 2017Reply

    It’s an awesome picture

    One of the best Indian movie of the decade.acting,direction,VFX all are
    superb.go n watch the movie before it’s too late.story line based with
    a sweet touch of love story,drama,emotion,family,action,comedy.a action
    are too better than 300 n Hercules.u have to watch bahubali the
    beginning for the entire story.Ss Rajamouli done a fabulous job.thanks
    all the team of Bahubali for such an outstanding movie.may the last
    scene noted as not up to the mark.otherwise it’s an awesome picture.

  • Bhagat BoyMay 5, 2017Reply

    NO Words At All……..

    I mean………This was……oh sorry ….I said that no words to
    say…Stop for a second.Now,I’m ready this was
    spectacular,massive,heart touching and the Epic movie of all the
    TIMES…..This movie will achieves the unlimited heights of Indian

  • anuragsaikia-20101May 5, 2017Reply

    Greatest of all

    Seen a lot of Hollywood movies in this genre but this one has simply
    crossed all the levels. I can bet if you are not a biased person you
    can give less than 10 stars to this one. It has actually showed that we
    Indian too have the greatest pf the movie making sense and can create
    visual magic. I guess people commenting against don’t have the taste of
    watching good movies or has a habit speaking negative of everything in
    the world. There is not a single aspect that can be pointed out as flaw
    in this one. Hats off to the team of Bahubali

  • sheshamaroMay 5, 2017Reply

    Its more of an extended jewelry advertisement.

    Its more of an jewelry advertisement, was so horrible and everyone
    trips and falls allowing the hero to either come up with a plan or to
    showcase his CGI/ VFX talents.

    The effects were overused, i could see shades of movie 300, Lord of the
    rings, Brave heart and few other scenes being copied. its a shame we
    still do it, even for a movie of this hype.

    It felt like, i was held up in a cardboard box surrounded by gold,
    diamonds and Jewelry.Am done getting up my hopes on this kinda Cinema.

  • Rohit FedujwarMay 5, 2017Reply

    A Bit Disappointing…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • prasanna WathareMay 5, 2017Reply

    one can sleep after while

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ShaileshTripathiMay 6, 2017Reply

    An emotional and sensational epic worth a billion views

    Normally in India many directors make a romantic hit and create a lot
    of fuss about it in the media, just to attract viewers. But Bahubali 2:
    The Conclusion is above class. It covers every type of viewer, It
    provides a few minutes of romance mixed with pride and valor. To be
    honest many times I got tear in my eyes after viewing some of emotional
    scenes in the movie. It will touch your heart no matter to which age
    group you belong and whatever gender you are.

    I bet everyone will find something for them in this movie to
    appreciate. This movie have War, courage, style, comedy, drama and
    mystery everything in it. Prabhas and Daggubati both worked outstanding
    and the turned themselves immensely into the character. The chemistry
    of Anuska and Prabhas is so appealing. I’ll say this sequel of Bahubali
    is even better than main movie. Sound and graphics used in movie is
    just superb. So I would like to give it a 10/10

  • tejrockz-fcaMay 6, 2017Reply

    Best movie in recent times……..enjoy it without criticizing it…for best fun!

    Comparative to part I it is bit slow cause there are no war scenes with
    100’s of men, amazing constructions, conspiracy etc.,I have heard a lot
    that its far from reality….but my view when u talk about fantasy
    world then we should accept some non reality as part of directors
    imagination…VFX work was good, detailed and worth watching
    repeatedly….those who don’t like definitely comparing the movie with
    international movies where best technicians around the world with loads
    of experience engaged in it but this movie was made in
    Hyderabad…remember that….because of its furious
    collections…everybody are criticizing the movie but as a matter of
    fact it has been the biggest block buster of the decade in Indian
    cinemas coz it has emotions of that scale and yeah…it leaves u spell
    bound to watch again….I suggest u to keep your criticism aside for a
    while and u will enjoy the movie….Baahubali pride of India and hard
    work of telugu industry!! Jai hind!!

  • billladenMay 6, 2017Reply

    Reply to all nonsense written reviews!!!

    Loved Prabhas acting of bahubali aka mahindra and amandhara. Fans of
    bahubali-franchise don’t mind these nonsense written reviews of
    reviewers. I directly ask which historical movie is better in the field
    of Indian cinema industry rather than bahubali. In which Indian the
    graphical images and scenes were better than this movie franchise.
    First of all have you seen a graphical movie where images were real
    life look-like.And prediction, in every movie hero wins and villain
    dies or get punished. Is that predicted by every single one of
    us.Injustice loses and justice wins and that is the main plot of Indian
    cinema industry. So please biased reviewers don’t ruin a good movie
    that will rise Indian fame. This isn’t Hollywood but this movie has
    made every single person who has watched whether in any place or any
    language to look upto India. Therefore stop writing biased reviews and
    watch how as an Indian citizen how India’s rise of fame has been led by
    Bahubali Franchise. Call my review biased. yes, it is as a Indian
    citizen it is biased but the good of our country!

  • vineethakndMay 6, 2017Reply

    Watch it for its richness…Take a bow director S.S.Rajamouli Sir

    After hearing various mixed reviews about baahubali 2, finally I
    decided to give it a watch (with little/no expectations). I watched the
    first part and not very much impressed by it the movie didn’t justify
    the hype created. But baahubali 2 has every possible thing to keep
    audience glued to their seats for 3 hours. Everything about the movie
    is excellent story, performance of the actors was outstanding (good
    relief that tamannah is only a few minutes of screen presence) only
    minus is the very unrealistic last fight (that’s the reason for 9

  • sourav-faithMay 6, 2017Reply

    Don’t Look At Negative Review

    I was wondering Why Every single movie theater is going houseful day by
    day! Reason is Rajamouli , He knows how to visualize & represent a
    fantasy story specially A Mythological one. As My opinion if we get the
    money what US industry used to entertain maybe we can get over the top.
    Honestly this Movie is a Masterpiece , Appreciate it rather than
    criticizing. I liked this movie because of their team hard work,
    patience and performance. Every single character looks like a Beast on
    the other hand Emotionally touched. Now India is going to compete US
    industry… Go for it and Enjoy the mystery, And Yes DO NOT WATCH IT IN
    A TELEVISION OR COMPUTER, If you do You are going to miss every

  • anujufriendsMay 6, 2017Reply

    Excellent script and direction by a telugu director..ATLAST!!!

    Excellent movie which depicts depth of knowledge the director has not
    only in directing a movie but also on the historical ethics, morals,
    values, way of life, thinking etc. Some scenes in the movie were
    precious and startling (something which I’ve only seen in Vedam movie).
    A scene which can convey thousand messages. It was priceless. I have
    never been fan of Rajamouli or Prabhas or anyone in specific. But am in
    love with the movie, they way it has been depicted and taken. I can see
    days and nights of multiple thoughts behind each scene. Excellent work.
    Once in a lifetime achievement for Rajamouli garu. I wish him all the
    best to deliver good movies (than the usual make hero happy, producer
    happy and run movie as any other business. Its an art and not a
    business). Some movies like this prove that statement!

  • macbinjolaMay 6, 2017Reply

    Best mythological movie of Indian Cinema

    Yea, it is the best mythological movie of Indian Cinema. I suggest to
    watch Bahubali 1 once again to recapitulate the memories. Already made
    the highest Box Office collection by any Indian cinema within a week of
    release.Everything is perfect about this film. Script, Direction,
    Dialogue, Concept, Creativity, Cinematography, Acting, etc. Thanks to
    S.S. Rajamouli for giving Indian Cinema a new high and a lesson to

  • akhilesh kumar (akhilkumar)May 6, 2017Reply

    More disappointing than expected

    I didn’t like the first part. But the place where I stay has monthly
    movie card and I can see unlimited number of movies from it. So, I
    thought, what I’ve got to loose? I’m not paying anything extra for this
    movie. Turned out, I did loose something i.e. ”hope”. Hope of seeing
    improved movie making, hope for better CGI and hope for good script,
    with all the money they had in their hand. This movie might make 1000Cr
    but it will never be epic cinema it intended for.

    I went in with very little expectation but came out even more

    _______________Case by Case____________

    Plot line – Below average script and screenplay.

    Acting – Average. As per the expectation I went in with (which was

    Action – Badly choreographed every where, except for one scene.

    VFX – In very few scenes VFX is good. But every other scene (which is
    98%) of the movie, you can see CGI miles away.

    Songs – Never cared for songs. As usual it was not needed wherever it

    Comedy – You might smile in 2-3 comedy sketches in first half but smile
    will fade away pretty quickly and you won’t remember any of those as
    soon as you come out of theater.

    So, my wait for a epic realistic war based Indian movie goes on…

  • sanketsinglaMay 6, 2017Reply

    Best movie. You must see this..

    Awesome movie. Contains everything you want in a movie. Graphics
    effects are the best part of the movie. I watched the first day show of
    the movie. ITs been the 8th day since I watched the movie still the
    dialogues the songs are resounding in my ears. This is the best movie
    of i have ever seen in a theater.

  • Mohan BhagatMay 6, 2017Reply

    A Good Watch

    I liked the second part more than the first one. The story telling was
    compelling and both the parts gel well together. A satisfactory ending
    to part-1.

    All those writing nonsensical reviews about Bahubali just understand
    that this is fantasy 1. Why do you clap when iron man does all sorts of
    nonsensical stuff after wearing his suit? Same for all the other Marvel
    and DC heroes. Hollywood doles out the same stuff but coats it with
    some scientific jargon which may or may not even exist. So, if you have
    cheered for batman/spider-man/ant-man/starwars then stfu and understand
    that Bahubali is an Indian superhero. 2. Why do you clap when Jet-li or
    other HK stars fly in the air, walk on water and do all sorts of crazy
    stuff? That is well accepted as Chinese fantasy genre and understand
    that Bahubali is an Indian fantasy film.

    When you can live with Mummies coming to life and potter like spells
    then you can easily digest the superhero action of Bahubali as well.

    It is definitely a well made movie with a decent story-line and has
    definitely pushed Indian movie making to a whole new level.

  • vicky-darkshadowMay 6, 2017Reply

    You WILL get the goosebumps 🙂 Amazingggg

    Went to see the movie after 1 week of release….and in that week i
    somehow avoided knowing why Katappa killed Baahubali 😛 Well aside that
    Movie is awesome YES AWESOMEEEEE….Had everything that i have been
    waiting for after watching Baahubali 😮 IMHO second half did had scenes
    that makes no sense 😀 But oh well even i enjoyed that nonsense :p
    crowd inside the hall was amazing HOUSEFULL….JAY MAHISHMATI

  • Sakil kingMay 6, 2017Reply

    The Conclusion

    In ”Baahubali 2: The Conclusion”, predatory elephants, Associate in
    Nursing unvanquishable however kind-hearted king and his unconditional
    devotion to his mother all close within the initial 5 minutes,
    absolutely setting the stage for successive 3 hours of the epic.

    While Rajamouli will apply the brakes on this juggernaut from time to
    time, the film has enough speed to propel it towards a high-octane
    climax, wherever our hero Mahendra Baahubali (Prabhas) meets his
    nemesis Bhallaladeva, the evil king World Health Organization is
    answerable for his father’s death.

    ”Baahubali 2” soars wherever we tend to last left it. Katappa, sure
    lieutenant of the Mahishmati kingdom and also the subject of cardinal
    memes, tells the story of Amarendra Baahubali to his son, Mahendra.

    Prince Bhallaladeva (Rana Daggubati) is taken with jealousy as a result
    of his mother, Queen Sivagami (Ramya Krishnan) would rather build his
    full cousin Amarendra her successor. to form matters worse, the blue
    blood Bhallaladeva desires as his better half would rather marry

    But once Amarendra and blue blood Devasena (Anushka Shetty) announce
    their intention to marry, the queen, egged on by her son and husband
    Bijjaladeva (Nassar), considers the union Associate in Nursing act of
    defiance and turns her against her selection for king.

    Rajamouli takes a short time to truly get to the conflict, defrayment
    virtually 1/2 the movie’s runtime putting in the romance between the
    outspoken individual blue blood and also the smitten patrician. however
    the action ne’er stops. Amarendra eyes Devasena over searching visits
    and whereas they demolish entire armies along. She falls for him once
    he saves her kingdom from Associate in Nursing attack.

    Rajamouli and author K V Vijayendra Prasad (the director’s father) keep
    the story linear and straightforward, holding the spectacle of
    rampaging armies, large kingdoms and fight sequences between the 2
    leading men do the talking.

    The VFX, a large attract a movie like this, won’t be up to Hollywood
    standards, however Rajamouli and his team manage to form this world
    look imposing and spectacular.

    In fact, if it wasn’t for the lighting tricks, the film would in all
    probability go down as camp and sometimes extraordinary wherever the
    actors arch their eyebrows at each chance and warriors use palm trees
    as weapons of war.

    It is as a result of Rajamouli ne’er lets up in his conceive to deliver
    a spectacle that must be enjoyed in theatres that ”Baahubali 2: The
    Conclusion” may be a worthy conclusion to the present epic series. it
    should not up the ante from the last film, however it doesn’t still on
    the pace either. For Associate in Nursing Indian film, that’s no mean

  • Prathik RaoMay 6, 2017Reply

    The excessively generic pool of horrible film tropes

    I must start with applauding two things that this movie has shown us.
    Firstly, we like overpriced but useless things (case in point, our
    obsession with Mercedes). Half the crowd that has seen this movie has
    done so to see the ”extravagance”. Secondly, we must appreciate the
    promotions. While we see the obvious success of Prabhas promoting this
    movie using Tropicana, we are left to wonder whether we should have
    Rajnikanth promote Heinz ketchup for his next.

    This movie is rife with references (all unintentional I hope). A
    chariot scene that has the technological advancement of a ”Ben Hur”
    parody from the 70’s. Slow motion sequences that look like the
    leftovers of the puke-worthy drama in ”300”. To round it all up, a
    script that is reminiscent of the ”lion king” trilogy (archetypal).

    This movie is the bane of Indian cinema. It is deeply saddening to see
    the Indian cinema industry fall so hard on its back. Maybe this movie
    should be given to us, Film students, as a crash course on what not to
    do when directing a movie. Despite all intents and purposes, you will
    leave the theater not comprehending the general lack of the two and a
    half hours you spent there.

    The only thing this film reminds us of is that of the tale of ”King
    Solomon and the spider”. Rajamouli is the spider, who will not give up
    despite his many failures. The crowd that watches this movie and hails
    him as a God, just ask yourself this. How dare you put him on a
    pedestal that worships people like Orson Welles, Frank Coppola, Charles
    Chaplin, and even the great Indian Guru Dutt.

  • DrRaj2012 ([email protected])May 6, 2017Reply

    A great masterpiece in Indian cinema….

    No storyteller comes close to what SS Rajamouli envisions and executes
    on screen. #Baahubali is truly a M-A-S-T-E-R- P-I-E-C- E.Every frame,
    every sequence of #Baahubali is a marvel. Can easily be compared to the
    best of Hollywood. Has the stamp of a genius.The grandiose sets, VFX,
    sound, edit, cinematography… most importantly, the watertight
    screenplay of #Baahubali is beyond fantastic.Baahubali casting just
    perfect. Every actor shines in their respective parts. Prabhas and
    Rana, special mention for you both. Outstanding!A film like #Baahubali
    makes you proud. An Indian filmmaker dared to dream and the results are
    for all to see. We take a giant leap.Baahubali is NOT TO BE MISSED.
    Today, you may call it a BOX-OFFICE BLOCKBUSTER. Tomorrow, it will be
    remembered as a CLASSIC”

  • Mani MangatMay 6, 2017Reply

    Typical south Indian movie nothing epic

    Bahubali 2 is not a bad movie but it doesn’t make it great either.Many
    plot holes and especially typical clichés scenes are present in the
    movie.Acting is great by all actors.But direction is bad.Action scenes
    are senseless.story is average. People started saying movie is great
    before even the release of the movie and now if someone criticize the
    movie the just starts abusing them.

    In the end ,I can say that bahubali 2 is disappointment for fans
    because it doesn’t come near its predecessor

  • Suresh EmmanuelMay 6, 2017Reply

    Amazing Indian movie of all times

    I saw the movie in London, after a long queue. The movie was beyond
    expectations. Heart touching, Herotic simply the best Indian movie you
    will ever see for a longtime. I am planning to watch another few more
    times. If you love historical frictional movies this is a must watch.
    Prabas stole the movie with his character. Overall a blockbuster.

  • manojvermautMay 6, 2017Reply

    Best movie of Indian Cinema

    Please must watch in theater, do not watch on TV or mobile this movie
    should watch in theater go n watch, I ever seen this type of movie,
    love to see again this movie. its a grand extravaganza. worth of
    seeing. thoroughly entertaining. u cant blink once from the the cinematography, the exquisite graphics and the larger
    than life characters on big screen. made the Indian cinema able to sit
    with the Hollywood biggies.

  • kharayatarvindMay 6, 2017Reply

    The hype was overwhelming but movie is totally a crap !!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Worth the two year wait

    Just to get the big complaint from everyone out of the way… yes, the
    CG work has a cartoonish edge to it. Know what? Don’t care. It’s a big
    ol’ fantasy film with flying swan ships and elephants running amok and
    soldiers being slung like cannonballs.

    I loved every second of it.

    It’s big and loud and full of eye candy — both in the production design
    and the obvious hard work put in by the two male leads. The
    cinematography is gorgeous: every frame, bar none, is a painting. Even
    the musical numbers feel almost organic to the plot. It’s a stunning
    achievement, and I’m sure someone in Hollywood is thinking about an
    American remake.

    Go see it. You will not be disappointed. But see the first one before
    you do. The only thing that prevents a full ten star on this was I got
    a little confused by the timeline. But once you figure that out, you
    see it as even more of an achievement because of the artful way the
    director ties them back and forth.

  • Subhashree DasMay 6, 2017Reply

    Must Watch !!

    Really awesome, must watch film. great filmography. great sound. great
    VFX. great music. great background music. great work done by S S
    Rajamouli and team.

    Really awesome, must watch film. great filmography. great sound. great
    VFX. great music. great background music. great work done by S S
    Rajamouli and team.

  • Saptasindhu Paul ChoudhuryMay 7, 2017Reply

    Enjoyable movie

    Baahubali 2: The Conclusion created a lot of hype thanks to mass appeal
    and success of ‘The Beginning’ and due to its excellent marketing

    The VFX of the film is the main attraction although much polish needed
    for being perfect. Yes, there are a few flaws here and there but VFX is
    more beautiful than the first installment and all of the Indian films .
    The imaginary city of Mahishmiti is now grander and elegant. A new city
    developed for this film looked stunning. The VFX in the action scenes
    could have been improved though. The SFX are also good.

    The character development and dialogue delivery are the other positive
    factors although many of the dialogues are predictable. The most
    impressive thing is that all the characters have got a lot of screen
    time (except Avantika, she hardly has any dialogue!). None of the
    characters seemed forced which is praiseworthy. S. S. Rajamouli has
    done a great job in making the audience glued to their seats. The
    actors also are really good.

    The story is not given a lot of importance and is much predictable
    which is not surprising if you have watched the first film. It has some
    strong points but got ruined by pointless comedy which serves no
    importance to the main plot except increasing the length of the film(2
    hr 47 min). The writer has completely forgotten about Avantika’s rebel
    group and Shiva’s people. The songs are catchy and really great though
    I think they should have been reduced.

    The grand film does not have a strong climax and much of the action
    scene in the end are really bad compared to the first film. Some of the
    action scenes look hysterical. While the ending of the first film was
    really good, this film lacks imaginative writing(the ending).

    The film has a lot of flaws, but still enjoyable. It is better than
    Baahubali 1 : The Beginning in some things and worse in some things.
    It’s success may encourage other filmmaker to experiment with films of
    this genre.

    TL;DR Certainly enjoyable but not up-to the hype

  • hamaid-khanMay 7, 2017Reply

    Good Movie

    Just watched this epic and I admit that SS Rajamouli has really put so
    much energy in it and his hard work is clearly visible. Film is
    excellent as far as content, dialogues, music is concerned but action
    and VFX wise it doesn’t seem to me that great which it was promised

    There were moments of people fighting with thousands and thousands of
    people with might and power is indigestible and on the top of it forced
    VFX. Not all VFX is bad, it is mind blowing in all areas except fight

    Music is great, story and screenplay is very engaging and it will hook
    you till the end to learn the climax but I don’t know how I will react
    if I have to see it again. Obviously, it is not one time watch, I can
    surely watch it again and again and even the first part was good.

    Acting was superb and the burden is completely on Prabhas who stood
    like rock and pulled everything beautifully.

    The climax finished off quickly especially after a beautiful
    screenplay, I wanted some drama and a fear in the eyes of Bhallaldeva.
    However, I appreciate SSR creativity and truly he deserve to be known
    as the Director of Modern Era (DOME)

  • kandarpMay 7, 2017Reply

    Easily The Greatest Movie in Indian Cinema History

    Baahubali 2 has surpassed all expectations despite taking them sky high
    before release. Not one film in Indian Cinematic history has achieved
    such levels of excellence and perfection on all parameters of film
    making – and yes i have watched Mughal-e-Azam, Sholay, DDLJ and the
    like. The only film that i watched twice in a cinema hall.

  • Souvik DasMay 7, 2017Reply

    Mind Blowing .. Outstanding

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • kpothikMay 7, 2017Reply

    Cartoon is very enjoyable to kids but it’s must not 90s or 80s

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • geekytechMay 7, 2017Reply

    The best in class !!!!!!!!

    The hall was full even on 10th day and reason is that this movie
    connects with the people . The film shows the Hindu culture and
    tradition and thus it is open for masses unlike Bollywood who are
    indulging with Pakistani actors . And talking about the khans, they
    should be ashamed of not showing the true tradition of India . R.I.P

  • Rohan PatilMay 7, 2017Reply


    My favorite movie till now. I have never ever seen such action fighting
    in any film till date. I highly recommend everyone to watch it. The
    visual effects,casts,songs everything is great. A must watch movie!No
    doubt this is the greatest movie ever created in India.The director has
    officially announced the third part of the sequel.Hope it will be fun!

  • Sangam YadagiriMay 7, 2017Reply

    Baahubali – The Conclusion :: Visually arresting & Emotionally compelling

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Bablu ShawMay 7, 2017Reply

    who says this movie got remarkable vfx graphics?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • kleek_wongMay 7, 2017Reply

    Visually spectacular but not entirely original

    As a foreigner not familiar in Hindi / Tamil movie, I find that both
    movies are very entertaining to watch. The 2nd movie has a lot of
    spectacular scenes but in my opinion VFX and CGI is a little overused.
    First movie climax battle scene did better in many ways. Having say
    that, there are many unforgettable scenes in the second movies e.g. The
    hero / heroine arrow-shooting scenes, 火牛阵 (happened in China Warring
    States during 279 BC but pity it was never being brought onto the
    widescreen by China cinema). Some war scenes may have referenced from
    The Hercules or Troy too. Though not entirely original, I still want to
    praise the efforts for making these two movies one of the best films I
    watched in year 2017. The plot is simple and predictable but I am not
    skeptical about that. In fact, the dialogue and OST did so well that
    the sentimental moments moved my heart as the story proceed to the
    darker side.

  • proloydMay 7, 2017Reply

    Purely Entertainment!!! do not think of history while watching this…

    As an entertainment element the movie is good enough.

    Everyone is complaining about CGI but i think the CGI is not the only
    enjoyable thing in this movie.

    I have one question though!!!!! where were this kind of maharajas when
    India was enslaved…just a thought!!!!!

  • raiuzair999May 7, 2017Reply

    Thanks to Rajamouli to come up with an Unprecedented Movie.Salute to Team Baahubali

    Finally Happened to witness this mammoth project instead of film. S S
    Rajmouli has really given his Heart,Dedication,Energy,Time and Most
    importantly Believe And Fruits are Clear as Crystal. It’s loud, it’s
    gory, and there are musical numbers. Behold, the first great summer
    film is here.Baahubali is one of the most visually impressive films
    that have come from India. Everything about this film is good – Story,
    direction, beautiful cinematography, haunting score and amazing
    visuals.The Second Part is unprecedented in Visual Effects Especially.M
    M Kareem’s Music lead the movie and timing is as perfect as
    Hell.Background Score and thunderous sound effects that accompany the
    film’s stirring action set pieces.The action choreography is exciting,
    the operatic plot is compelling, and there’s a genuine sense of
    optimism that undercuts the gouts of blood.S S Rajmouli
    larger-than-life characters speak out through the movie.Screenplay has
    made the movie even more great.S S Rajmouli is really a wise guy when
    it comes cast in his movies. Prabhas is in his lifetime
    Performance,Here a larger-than-life characters—specifically a beloved
    warrior-king Amarendra Baahubali.Rana Daggubati’s fight for the
    Mashimathi throne while declaiming dramatically, flying into thing air,
    impaling or beheading their enemies. Anuska Shetty as Devsena a
    princess of the Kuntala kingdom has carry out her splendour in this
    part and as a Widow of Amarendra Baahubali who is eagerly waiting for
    his son to set her free and take revenge.SatyaRaj as Kattappa a loyal
    Solider.. You just cannot hate this man..Your Love and respect for this
    character just increases as the Story unfolds itself…This is his Acting
    Masterpiece and thanks to his humorous timing too.Ramya Krishnan
    (Sivagami) – Her Eyes speaks a lot. Excellent acting. Anger, Fear,
    etc.. are easily expressed and conveyed by her eyes. Excellent
    supporting role by Nassar (Bijjaladeva).Once again Salute to S S
    Rajamouli.Especial credit goes to S S Rajamouli’s father for this
    Spectular story and producer who has a lot the budget for this Project.

  • rmary-31214May 7, 2017Reply

    Below Average

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sndp_lnMay 7, 2017Reply

    Best epic movie to watch

    Awesome and no other words for it. It is full paisa wool movie and
    watch it for lifetime. I will it again and again. All the actors
    performance are very brilliant that there are no words speechless.Both
    the series of 1 and 2 have great graphics and story. great story start
    from part one and part two Value the money prabhas ,anushka are perfect
    in part 2. music on right time. go and watch movie

  • MONIL HARIYAMay 7, 2017Reply

    Jai Mahishmati

    If certain Scenes are not exaggerated it’s not from Tollywood…Why S.S.
    Rajamouli Sir, Why you left few Dramatizing errors in film like
    Baahubali…Or else it would have been THE PERFECT MOVIE…

    Having Said that few dramatizing errors would / should be forgiven for
    the man who Vision, Scripted, Executed and Released such a huge CANVAS
    for the Indian Cinema.. I Thank You Sir for having courage and
    determination to even think this big.. Even Spiderman, Batmen,
    Transformer has that Chuuran effect..If we can forgive and appreciate
    that, then this is far smaller error..

    What a weaving of Screenplay by you Sir…Master Piece..If you even Watch
    both the parts at stretch it would just flow as Fresh Water from

    Excellent Translation of Dialogue’s in Hindi Version by Manoj

    Cinematography by Senthil Kumar is at par with Hollywood…Excellent
    Capturing of Expressions, Emotions, Unfolding of Drama, Revenge, War,

    The hidden talent of the Series is Set Designer (Production Design) –
    Mr. Sabu Cyril. Friends you might not know the effect & efforts of
    Computer Graphics (Commonly known as VFX) looks grand and beautiful if
    the Basic sets are crafted beautifully…So Equal appreciation is
    deserved by Sabu Cyril Sir..

    Film is Crisply Edited. And it’s been efforts of the trio Venkateswara
    Rao, Kotagiri and Bikkina Thammiraju

    And the Richness of Music is by M.M. Keeravani and Composed by Kentaro
    Sato. Also good efforts by Team of Rerecording Mixers…

    Actors Performance –

    1) Prabhas (Both the Roles of Baahubali) and Rana Daggubati
    (Bhallaladeva) Acting performance are Commendable. You can see, feel
    there 4 to 5 years of efforts put in for the role..Amazing dialogue
    delivery, handling of the persona of their characters, etc… Its

    2) Anuskha Shetty (Devasena) – I am in Love for her eyes..Have never
    seen any movie of her before, but I assure you she is THE Baahubali
    Female version in Movie…Outstanding performance..

    3)Sathyaraj (Kattappa) – You just cannot hate this man..Your Love and
    respect for this character just increases as the Story unfolds
    itself…This is his Acting Masterpiece..

    4) Ramya Krishnan (Sivagami) – Her Eyes speaks a lot. Excellent acting.
    Anger, Fear, etc.. are easily expressed and conveyed by her eyes..

    5) Excellent supporting role by Nassar (Bijjaladeva)

    6) Good Efforts by Tamannaah Bhatia (Avanthika) – Many people feel her
    character was not needed, and I do felt the same before Releasing of
    Part 1. But when you see part 2 you will understand why her character
    is there in Movie. No Director wants to show lead Hero’s wife role be
    played by unknown artist..I hope you got your answer..

    I know it’s too long as Review, but this Movie Franchise deserves each
    words of it..A big lesson to Bollywood and Other Moviewoods…Its
    benchmark for Indian Cinema and Target for Directors…

    Friends it’s a MUST watch movie of a Decade…People would still like
    Part 1 more than part 2 but if you see a whole Canvas together its

  • vmk231May 7, 2017Reply

    Another Blast from SS Rajamouli

    Yet Another Blockbuster for Rajamouli, First half was really good.
    Slowly started with the continuation story of amarendra baahubali.
    Kunthala kingdom part and war scene was good and very creative.
    Beautifully shown the sentiments between sivagami and baahubali. few
    minutes in climax were a little let down. But rest of the
    cinematography was too good and much better than the first part

  • karan gujaratiMay 8, 2017Reply

    Good story that should’ve been spared from cartoonish visual extravaganza!

    First of all, not taking away any credit from the makers and actors of
    the film, it was an entertaining film from the story perspective. Like
    many such movies, it had those wow moments with CGI but overall it
    disappoints with the cartoonish portrayal of the war/fight sequences or
    the animals. Last half an hour of the movie was the most ludicrous part
    in the entire movie franchise. It had so much potential to be something
    else than how it turned out.

  • Amal VargheseMay 8, 2017Reply

    RIP Physics and Gravity

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • kishorecse-43898May 8, 2017Reply

    The best Indian movie i have ever seen

    This movie has grand story. You will have goosebumps every few mins.You
    will be enthralled by enormous sets. The emotional part of the movie is
    just outstanding. Each and every character Shivagami, Kattappa,
    Amarendhra Bahubali, Devasena,Bballala deva, Bizzala devudu have strong
    role. Devasena and amarendhra characters will standout. You will feel
    that you are part of the Mahishmathi kingdom. conflict between
    characters is portrayed very well. Execution is flawless, graphics/vfx
    simply superb and they blend with the story and support the superior
    characters that the director envisioned whether it is giant halls or
    elephants or armory. Background score and music makes movie much more
    appealing and engrossing. there is no doubt that this movie is
    milestone in Indian film history. I would put this in the category of
    avatar. This film is really pride of Indian cinema. I would very very
    strongly recommend you to watch this movie.

    side note for those who are criticizing based on the logic. one guy
    questions how a simple human carry huge weighing tons. i don’t
    understand where has the criticism gone when there exits super humans
    like spider man, hulk or the entire avenger series of characters. After
    all this is a fictional movie not a documentary. There is something
    called cinematic liberty where the characters are elevated to the level
    that evokes your emotion. what about avatar? the characters are
    fictional. The planet with species that are far superior than humans
    which is a work of fiction. For the god sake the kings in this movie
    are still human but are very skill full. I don’t understand where the
    logic is missing in this movie. Hindu mythology has so many strong
    characters that will put all the western super heroes into dust.

  • Avanthi ChMay 8, 2017Reply

    Amazing experience! Jaw dropping war sequences!!!

    This is the first Indian movie I watched in theaters for four times.
    Each and every time I felt goosebumps on Sivagami’s and Amerandhra
    Baahubali’s dialogues. Prabhas is a visual treat for his fans. The
    acute emotions displayed by each actor leaves the audience in awe. Hats
    off to SS.Rajamouli in dreaming this epic and Prabhas, Rana,Anushka,
    Ramya Krishna, Sathyaraj, Nasser in believing in his dream. The
    background music and the songs are mesmerizing.I have seen few bad
    reviews on this film and I don’t understand where they come from or how
    misconceived they are. But if you love Indian drama, music, romance,
    war, revenge, loyalty, bravery and sets- this is the only movie for
    you! Anyone who watches this movie will definitely become a huge fan of

  • souravsloveMay 8, 2017Reply

    Pride of Indian Cinema

    Finally, watched Bahubali 2 The Conclusion yesterday. It is really
    something!! This movie has a grand story. The initial continuation of
    the earlier Bahubali (film) was very neatly done.You will literally
    feel goosebumps every few mins.You will be enthralled by enormous sets.
    The emotional part of the movie is just outstanding. Each and every
    character Shivagami, Kattappa, Amarendhra Bahubali, Devasena, Ballala
    deva have strong roles. Devasena and Amarendhra characters will stand
    out. You will feel that you are part of the Mahishmathi kingdom. the
    conflict between characters are portrayed very well. Execution is
    flawless, graphics/vfx are simply superb and they blend with the story
    and support the superior characters that the director envisioned
    whether it is giant halls or elephants or armory. Background score and
    music makes the movie much more appealing and engrossing. there is no
    doubt that this movie is a milestone in Indian film history.This film
    is really pride of Indian cinema.

  • AKVMay 8, 2017Reply

    Best movie…full of emotions….

    This movie is a very nice movie….the best ever…….It contains each
    and every emotion one can think of…and each and every detail is
    magnificent…One must not complain about it but must only see the
    grandeur and soothing quality of this movie….Any movie which touches
    the heart is a good one for me…..and this one is the best among them
    …. This is my first review and I only decided to write it and rate
    the movie when I saw the dwindling rating of this movie because of some
    so called ‘ critics’ who only know to criticize and can never enjoy a
    movie… So…in all it is one of the best movies the Indian cinema has
    produced so far…

  • qwesters_22May 8, 2017Reply

    First time in 26 years of my life I am writing a review

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • alish-19755May 8, 2017Reply

    The worst movie ever seen ….Bahubali 2: The Conclusion (2017)

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • theWinMay 8, 2017Reply

    A Magnificent visual and emotional experience.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Mandar Joshi ([email protected])May 8, 2017Reply

    What an epic saga of emotions!

    1 word AWESOME! I don’t have words for such a great and epic work done
    by S.S. Rajamouli and all the actors in the movie. Especially
    Prabhas..! Hats off man.. The way he has portrayed the character of
    Amarendar Bahubali, its just too good. Full of emotions.. Rana
    Daggubati has done a good work while playing character of Bhallaldeva!
    The emotional bonding between Bahubali and Kattapa and Shivgami makes
    you cry in the theater.. The VFX effects are just too good. Takes the
    Indian movie to a new heights all together..

    Keep it up SS Rajamouli sir.. I have been a fan of yours since
    Magadheera but Bahubali is something out of the league! Great work! Jai

  • Durganand YedlapatiMay 8, 2017Reply

    The Ultimate Extravaganza- Dasha Dishala Oka Prabhanjanam.

    The Ultimate Extravaganza of Digital arts, Story telling, Affluent
    Lyrics, Amazing craftsmanship, Stunts, Photography, Emotions,Body
    Building and beyond all outstanding commitment. Idi Dasha dishala OK
    prbhanjanam oka kotha charitraki suprabhatam. Every character has been
    shown perfectly. Never ever seen on Indian Cinema before. A big hats
    off to the producers and the Director SS. Rajamauli. PRABHAS has given
    his best. Rana Is the biggest asset for this movie , what an amazing

  • Candy KrushMay 8, 2017Reply

    Forget logic n. Enjoy this roller-coaster ride

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • wmsyedMay 8, 2017Reply

    its a cartoon movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mahendrakatipallyMay 8, 2017Reply

    one of the best movie seen in my life so far

    This is the only best movie I’ve seen so far in my life. previous best
    was Independence day, Titanic and now this movie is the best of all in
    my life. I’ve seen 3 times already and going to see another 4-5 times
    as everything is awesome and this film makes to see again and again so
    to recollect and keep fresh every time i watch. The movie taken in such
    budget and proved compete with Hollywood and in fact better than
    Hollywood with goosebumps . overall a master piece and deserve few
    Oscar awards, otherwise, it will be an insult to movie industry world

  • Gaurav DesaiMay 8, 2017Reply

    Honestly Time Wasting…..

    RIP Physics and Gravity

    I have never seen that type of third class movie. sorry it is not third
    class but its 10th class movie. there was not any interesting story or
    suspense. now i would like to say part 1 is better then part 2 so part
    1 is best movie.

  • Critic DZMay 8, 2017Reply

    Wow – pride of India!!!

    Baahubali is everything what I love in cinema and salute to Rajmouli
    and the entire team for telling this story in this mind blowing way. I
    cannot get over it. I watched Telugu and Hindi versions, Sharad Kelkars
    voice for Baahubali takes ”dubbing” to a whole new level. When was the
    last time a dubbed movie dialogue gave you goosebumps? The work done on
    dubbing is unparalleled and no wonder the Hindi audience has loved it
    and appreciated it so much. Kudos. Having said that and having watched
    the Telugu version too,I feel that there is something lost in
    translation. Especially the songs, the powerful lyrics of Dandalayya
    are not conveyed properly in Jay Jay Kara. In Hamsa Navva it says
    ”Mecchindile Devasena”, which means Devasena approves – just shows the
    strong character of Devasana which gets lost in ”Bas Teri hai Devasena”
    and very powerful last lines in Sahore Bahubali:- ” Anta Maha
    Baludainaa, Amma vodi pasivaade Shivudainaa, Bhavudaiyna, ammaku saati
    kaadantaade” That cannot control tears are just non-existent in Hindi.
    Even The war cry ”Heysa Rudrasa, Heysarabhadra Samudrassa” in the song
    is toned down by translation. I am not trying to find flaws, the Hindi
    songs in isolation are wonderful and A-class but you will do yourself a
    great favor if you watch this movie in its original Telugu language
    glory and trust me even if you don’t understand the language, you will
    cherish the experience. Yes the story is inspired from our epics of
    Ramayan, Mahabharata or even Lion King but who cares. The presentation
    is awesome, the story telling is awesome and it touches your hearts.
    There were multiple scenes where the audience ruptured into thunderous
    applause and that’s the magic of cinema. I am amazed to see the
    plethora of negative reviews. To each his own but most of the bad
    reviews appear from jealous folks. Ignore these reviews, Baahubali
    doesn’t merit any reviews. Baahubali 2 is an experience to cherish.
    Watch it on big screen, ideally a single screen with crazy crowd.
    Cherish it, because it will be years before something like this comes
    out of India. Cherish it because it is the victory of regional Indian
    cinema. It has broken the stale stereotypes of Bollywood and rewritten
    history. Salute once again to Rajamouli, Keeravani, Prabhas, Rana,
    Anushka, Ramya Krishna, Nasser, Sathyaraj, Tammanah and everyone else
    in the Baahubali team. Not just the Telugu states, but we all Indians
    are proud of you!

  • Resh MantMay 9, 2017Reply

    Most over-hyped crap i’ve ever seen in my life

    Never in my life has a movie been so over-hyped . Any credit it
    deserves is razed to the ground in the last 30 min where the director
    apparently seems to have rushed up everything. The graphics were just
    ‘good’ for an Indian movie . That elephant had me ROFL. The director
    certainly had a vision and he had the resources too but he chose the
    plain old Tollywood screenplay. It wasn’t Emotional LOL , it was CRINGY
    . The acting sucked big time . And also it had the ever-present subtle
    Indian-cinema prejudices in it . Fair,as usual, denotes the good and

  • KIRAN KUMAR NamburuMay 9, 2017Reply

    Don’t Judge Baahubali, Just Savour It….

    The budget’s big, the muscle considerable, but they’re nothing compared
    with Baahubali’s heart.On the whole, Baahubali 2 is one film which
    leaves you speechless. Right from the word go, it has intense drama and
    action as every frame in the film is a visual wonder. Be it the heroic
    fights or the lavish war scenes, Rajamouli showcases some never before
    scenes in Indian film history. This film will be remembered and spoken
    about for years to come and break every possible record in the country.
    The performances, drama and the lavish scale look jaw dropping and make
    this film a never before experience for every movie lover. Finally,
    just ignore the simple story line and do yourself a favor by taking
    your entire family to watch this magnum opus called Baahubali as
    wonders like these only happen very rarely.

  • Taarush JainMay 9, 2017Reply

    Something Bollywood or as of that matter Hollywood couldn’t have done.

    Despite the fact that Indian cinema industry have not reached the
    heights of Hollywood cinematography or VFX, whatever they did, stands
    out. The story specially the build from the past is just amazing. I
    don’t believe even a Hollywood film series have had such an amazing
    build up. For those who think this movie was disappointed, probably
    they only like movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey. Audience learn to
    appreciate the new heights Indian cinema strives to reach or rather,
    has reached. It is going to stay for decades. !!MUST WATCH!!

  • dinesh-mercuryMay 9, 2017Reply

    Baahubali 2 is a film that will be remembered across decades

    A strong story line built upon the enriches of Indian mythologies and
    it’s closely resembling characters. We have a very strong cultural
    background of Vedas, Puranas and the great mythological epics like
    Ramayana and Mahabharata. I grew up reading these big epics and after
    so many years I witnessed an epic film – ‘Baahubali – A Man with strong
    arms’. I celebrated this Indian Magnum Opus just like the way I have
    celebrated all time great blockbusters in Hollywood and Bollywood.

    If we can accept the great stories like Harry Potter, Lord of the rings
    trilogy, the famous Game of thrones series (which has its own heroes
    following the same dharma – righteous path to combat evil), then we
    shall also celebrate Baahubali too. SS Rajamouli – (Director) had made
    sure that we have enough heroic personalities and larger than life
    characters in our own mythological epic stories. There are many reasons
    to celebrate the humongous Baahubali 2 too.

    Baahubali 2 is not about box office numbers, it is a story which has
    managed to unite entire India irrespective of state, language, film
    industry based on a simple question – ‘Why Katappa killed Baahubali’?,
    it is most certain that the direction, power of narration and
    screenplay has created an impact and liking towards the film. Don’t
    forget, Baahubali 1 – The Beginning had laid the initial footprint two
    years ago and the first part of the movie was not forgotten.

    Baahubali 2 rides on the momentum from where the first part has left.
    It has it’s own filmy moments that deliver goosebumps to the viewers
    and the famous fight scenes that galore within itself. Claps thud,
    whistles blow, shouts from the viewers during several moments which
    cannot be expressed in words. It is a film which doesn’t rely solely on
    VFX, thought it has been touted as the best film with extraordinary
    visuals. It doesn’t disappoint the viewers and the execution was strong
    enough to make a visual impact.

    Baahubali is our own Indian super hero who follows the simple righteous
    path of Dharma and character is well sculpted. Emphasis is thoroughly
    laid on every finer detail in the film. Devasena and Sivagami are the
    two most powerful women characters which one can see in recent times.
    Bhalaladeva looks intimidatingly venomous through his expressions.
    Kattappa’s is always the go to warrior who bows his head to the King.

    Background score of this film has been excellent and it keeps the
    audience enthralled and entertained. Baahubali’s character and it’s
    powerful screen presence gets elevated with magnificent BGM.

    Baahubali, undoubtedly is a proud Indian film that broke barriers, it
    has proved that with a strong subject and excellent directional
    execution one can reach the sky. Eventually, it is the character
    Baahubali himself that prevails in every viewer’s mind and imagination.

    The world wide appreciation as reported from top news channels such as
    Guardian, Wall street Journal etc has been remarkable. It has set a new
    benchmark in the Indian film industry and it is striking the doors of
    Hollywood as it already turned down the some of the newly released
    Hollywood blockbusters in terms of Box-office collections.

    Instead of criticizing the film and finding out flaws in CGI, Indians
    should stand up and applaud ‘Baahubali’ for it’s impact and
    contribution to Indian cinema.

    My rating is 10/10 and it has been an unbelievable experience watching
    it on big screen. It is flawless and I take a bow to the hard work put
    in by the entire cast and crew of the film. It teaches us the sole
    aspect of belief and execution. SS Rajamouli believed in the
    subject(Bahubali) with lot of conviction, he braved the odds and he
    breathed fire and life into it.

    The result, we can see everywhere…..thanks to the story teller
    himself. Baahubali will be remembered across decades and it lives

  • mdashikurrahmanabMay 9, 2017Reply

    It is still super-hit! Yes it is!

    The movie Bahubali 2 The Conclusion is a great sequel of it’s first
    title. People like me who were waiting for the answer, why Katappa
    killed Bahubali. They’ve got their answer.

    The overall movie is great but I it can be more realistic. Sound is
    good. Cinematography is well. But it should not get the excellent mark.

  • Preetam DeMay 9, 2017Reply

    Over Hyped Popularity – Average Story

    The low grade animated effects are awful and were counter productive.
    Songs were distracting and not really good either. Why does it always
    have to be over budgeted songs when it could have been much better
    without them.

    Nothing special except for the fact that it was a great attempt to make
    Indian cinema better for global audiences. It is far better than
    regular ”Bollywood” dramas and at times did match the international
    quality in terms of storytelling. Actually liked the 1st part better,
    as it ends with a twist. This one leaves you with nothing to talk

  • Rehman KhiljiMay 9, 2017Reply

    A Treat

    I never thought of saying watching a Telugu would be fun and
    entertaining but this two part movie was surely a one. I happened to
    see the Part One of the movie merely by chance on the recommendation of
    DVD Store owner. As i am not very much found of watching telugu movies
    and dubbed in Hindi. As telugu movies, everyone tries to be Rajni Kant
    with extra and super powers all the time, but really its only Rajni one
    can digest. Nevertheless Part-1 of the movie was excellent, with the
    CGI and all the affects movie was surely a treat. The story was having
    suspense and ending of Part 1 kept everyone guessing. Now comes the
    conclusion part and it was beautifully made especially till the
    intermission. It was full of drama and beautifully presented. The sets,
    the affects, the plot everything is going pretty well till the
    intermission. Yes the affects in the end part and the final fight were
    a bit weak. Even the director pushed the war fantasy beyond mental
    perception. As a final verdict its a must see movie and as an advance
    do watch part one before this one, other wise you wont be able to
    understand the movie. Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Anushka Shetty were all
    fabulous. But on a personal level loved the acting of Ramya Krishnan,
    she was simply outstanding.

  • Akshay Kiran JoseMay 9, 2017Reply

    Met the Expectation…..

    It is after a bit of rush, that I got a chance to watch the film,
    Bahubali 2:The Conclusion. First and foremost I would say without
    hesitation that ,anyone who has seen the first part should definitely
    watch the second too. The story is marvelous and no less than one of
    the finest Indian cinema industry works(in terms of popularity

    The story follows up with the end of part one and is well enough to
    make you chained to its rhythm. While reading other reviews ,you may
    come across rebukes on the movie.I would like to dismiss those. The
    movie is of fantasy genre and one should not seek for utter originality
    in those.There are frequent scenes that defy gravity and various laws
    of Physics,but not to a great extend.The movie includes violence and
    gore(as required).

    The Vfx and other associated works are worth mentioning.

    I personally liked the movie because of the way the story turns with a
    set of events,and the thickness of the core characters.First half is a
    bit lazy but the second half is really an entertainer…

  • Abhinay RamananMay 9, 2017Reply

    A must watch !!

    Honestly I had very low expectations when i heard about this movie’s
    sequel. But to my utter amazement this movie exceeded my expectations.
    I never thought i would be giving an Telugu film 9 stars. I was very
    skeptical about this movie and thought it would be all show but no
    substance. I am gladly to be proved wrong.

    The story line of the movie was top -notch and unpredictable, which
    makes watching this movie an absolute pleasure. I loved the
    cinematography and the screen play, it was as comparable to any
    Hollywood flick.

    The actors complimented each other and acted brilliantly especially the
    Ramya. The director of this movie deserves a standing ovation. I
    actually wanted to stand up an applaud at the end of the movie. Over 5
    years to make this movie and that too a regional movie has shattered
    all my expectations. Only negative point is that some CGI is poorly
    made but only few scenes which does’nt ruin the movie by any way.

    All and all an excellent movie and which deserves an Oscar at least in
    some category.

  • g-gsaravananMay 9, 2017Reply

    Extra-ordinary Indian Film

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • AbhinavgkrishnanMay 9, 2017Reply

    a very well presented Indian movie

    the movie excels in many aspects including the great performance
    delivered by Anushka Shetty,Prabhas and Remya Krishnan, the CGI and
    visual effects are of top class. the only drawback is the climax which
    was a bit exaggerated but we have to take into account that many
    Hollywood movies also have a lot of exaggerations. the people who are
    giving bad reviews are just sadistic morons

  • iamjcornerMay 10, 2017Reply

    Misogyny, Typical family dispute b/w wife and mom, Science defying stunts, Male oriented,

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bloke_shwinMay 10, 2017Reply

    This ain’t no Conclusion but a Concussion to da head. A very bad spoof/cartoon film for bhakts.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • dee-mMay 10, 2017Reply

    (Avoid) clichéd plot line, with ludicrous VFX

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ace_thefireMay 10, 2017Reply

    Crap as hell!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • nabanita-83849May 10, 2017Reply

    Just Impossible…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • vkhareMay 10, 2017Reply

    Deserve to be highest earning movie of Indian cinema

    excellent movie !! really an awesome VFX effects, for the first time an
    Indian movie showed special effects comparable to Hollywood, completely
    unique creativity. The story is not that much as expected, the first
    part Bahubali the beginning has a better story but this part excels in
    action. Both the movies has made a great landmark in the history of
    Indian cinema, and proves that Indian cinema is capable of movie at the
    level of Hollywood, more such movies should be made

  • varshamishra-65422May 10, 2017Reply

    Baahubali 2 is one of it’s kind film. Stand up and Applaud the Magnum opus of Indian film industry

    Well, my review is specifically meant to question the critics who have
    been criticizing this film in some quarters.Most of us have appreciated
    films like Lord of rings trilogy,Harry potter,300 series, Gladiator,
    Troy etc but why this cynical attitude when it comes to an Indian film
    which is celebrating success world wide? Baahubali 2 deserves the
    credit that it had got all across the world.

    This was not an exaggeration but this movie created a revolution across
    the film world. I’m writing this review from Germany and I could see
    the appreciation from many Non-Indians and local citizens.The Direction
    and story are the two main strong points of the film.The Director SS
    Rajamouli had delivered a true masterpiece on the lines of mythological
    characters.The Power of narration backed up with the huge strength and
    powerful screen presence of characters is truly magnificent.

    Personally, this movie had given a story to tell to our kids & grand
    kids. When was the last time and an Indian movie is most spoken about
    by various film fraternities? It is a proud Indian film because it was
    appreciated by Hollywood, Chinese film critics too. A proud Indian film
    which had imprinted it’s foot mark very strong & it is still going
    strong with a box office of #1300 crore and counting. This is a perfect
    example of master story telling, grand narration & how to deliver a
    perfect background score.

    When the whole world stands up and applauds the magnificence of the
    film, isn’t it a pride moment for our Indians?.Instead, I could see a
    series of horribly criticizing reviews rating the movie badly.
    Baahubali 2 cannot be judged and cannot be reviewed, It has to be
    celebrated because a new bench marks have been set.It stands as an
    epitome of 5 years of hard work by a crew of 5000 men and women who
    worked day in and day out to create such a grand spectacle.

    When International journalism can appreciate Baahubali 2 for it’s
    success, we need to savior the success of the film. We have our own
    superheroes from mythological epics like Ramayana & Mahabharata.
    Baahubali comes under the same category. The Film is an exceptional
    masterpiece with Prabhas delivering exceptional heroic performance,
    Anushka Shetty looks brilliant in Devasana role, Ramya Krishna powers
    life into Sivagami, Rana looks exceedingly devilish as Bhallaladeva &
    last but not least Sathya Raj(Kattappa) forms the crux of many
    emotional sequences.

    My rating is 10 star as we have never witnessed such a film in recent
    times. It is worth watching on the big screen and live the experience.

  • umashankar patiMay 10, 2017Reply

    Rajamouli’s Magnumopus. This one is as big as the first one.

    ​Star Cast: Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Anushka Shetty, Tamannaah,
    Sathyaraj, Nasser, Ramya Krishnan, Subbaraju

    Director: S S Rajamouli

    Review: The sequel to Bahubali : The beginning took it’s stand. And
    this stand was unbelievable grossing a whimsical amount of 1000 crores
    and still counting which happened for the very first time in the
    history of Indian Cinema.

    The first of the movie takes it’s​ time to setup the history, which
    includes the love angle between Devasena(Anushka Shetty) and

    There’s comic relief in these portions and it’s amazing how the writers
    have moulded Katappa’s otherwise tough and dutiful character to funny
    antics here.

    But it also shows some spine chilling war sequence​.

    Devasena’s character from her younger days clearly justifies her tough
    status from the first part where, she stands tall against Bhallaladeva
    in spite of his power.

    Anushka Shetty as Devasena looks luminous in her princess avatar. She
    pulls off the action scenes equally well and has a likable chemistry
    with Prabhas on-screen.

    Sathyaraj does a great job of playing Katappa, the prime character in
    this film. His comic act in the first half is quite a good break from
    the drama otherwise.

    Prabhas is exceptional in this film. Thanks to his amazing screen
    presence, you rarely look away from him. His transformation from being
    an assertive leader to a love struck Baahubali, to an emotionally hurt
    one is simply stunning.

    Some scenes gave serious goosebumps, like a thunder Scene. Some war
    scenes were glitchy as the Vfx used there could have been more
    visualizing. Those sequences had really poor animation but just for
    some glitches, a magnum opus could not be denied. Rajamouli proved his
    stand that why he took so much of time to make this happen. The entry
    scene of Prabhas was a classic.

    Bahubali 2 is as big as the first one, maybe even better. A thoroughly
    entertaining action drama. Watch it for super amazing Prabhas and
    Anushka Shetty. A 8/10 for this magnum opus!

    P.S – it’s a late review because had no time to watch due to my exams.
    But if you haven’t watched it, give it a Go!

  • Pink PanchiMay 10, 2017Reply

    Bahubali 2: The Conclusion Hindi Dubbed (2017)

    I must start with applauding two things that this movie has shown us.
    Firstly, we like overpriced but useless things (case in point, our
    obsession with Mercedes). Half the crowd that has seen this movie has
    done so to see the ”extravagance”. Secondly, we must appreciate the
    promotions. While we see the obvious success of Prabhas promoting this
    movie using Tropicana, we are left to wonder whether we should have
    Rajnikanth promote Heinz ketchup for his next.

    This movie is rife with references (all unintentional I hope). A
    chariot scene that has the technological advancement of a ”Ben Hur”
    parody from the 70’s. Slow motion sequences that look like the
    leftovers of the puke-worthy drama in ”300”. To round it all up, a
    script that is reminiscent of the ”lion king” trilogy (archetypal).

    This movie is the bane of Indian cinema. It is deeply saddening to see
    the Indian cinema industry fall so hard on its back. Maybe this movie
    should be given to us, Film students, as a crash course on what not to
    do when directing a movie. Despite all intents and purposes, you will
    leave the theater not comprehending the general lack of the two and a
    half hours you spent there.

    The only thing this film reminds us of is that of the tale of ”King
    Solomon and the spider”. Rajamouli is the spider, who will not give up
    despite his many failures. The crowd that watches this movie and hails
    him as a God, just ask yourself this. How dare you put him on a
    pedestal that worships people like Orson Welles, Frank Coppola, Charles
    Chaplin, and even the great Indian Guru Dutt.

  • Yankee_annieMay 10, 2017Reply

    Deplorable film, appalling star cast n abysmal n awful vfx.

    Pathetic movie, pathetic direction, pathetic acting, pathetic
    screenplay, pathetic editing, pathetic cinematography n pathetic
    multiplied by 100 times = the vfx of this film. Plz don’t watch this
    over-hyped trash. Save ur money and time. Watch some good Hollywood
    movie. This movie shud not be seen by any sensible person. So much
    money wasted on the bad n awful vfx. That money shud hav been donated
    to the poor tribal people.

    Twice the fans reported n got my review of this pathetic film deleted.
    I am happy. So good to know that u can agitate the bhakts/fans jus thru
    reviews alone.

  • rockmanaiMay 11, 2017Reply

    Good, bur minor mistakes

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • romeodasguptaMay 11, 2017Reply

    A Visual Feast, A Masterpiece, and A Tribute to Epics like the Mahabharata, Mughal E Azam etc

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sreeram0529May 11, 2017Reply

    Better than Baahubali, but overall it is Good

    Better than the first one, plot is a lot better than the first one. But
    too much graphics and some illogical fight scenes spoil it a little
    bit. Overall it is Good.

    Better than the first one, plot is a lot better than the first one. But
    too much graphics and some illogical fight scenes spoil it a little
    bit. Overall it is Good.

  • suryagupta-04520May 11, 2017Reply

    Movie which will bring evolution in Indian cinema

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Eventznu MediaMay 11, 2017Reply

    ‘Baahubali 2- The Conclusion’ Movie Review: Extravagance, Grandeur, Fantastic and A Winner Of All

    When SS Rajamouli crafted ‘Baahubali – The Beginning’ and we were
    treated to one of the finest VFX and stunts that Indian cinema has ever
    seen, no one imagined it to scale the heights of success that it did,
    eventually. We watched the movie and were in awe of everything it had
    to offer. It gave rise to a question that became a movement for two
    whole years; ”Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali?”. We could not wait for
    the sequel. It is here, and boy, was it worth the wait? You bet it was.

    ‘Baahubali 2 –The Conclusion’ is even better and grander than the first
    part, and everything is just going to engulf you in its extravagance,
    as you stare at you IMAX screens, totally stupefied.

    Firstly, we are not going to give you spoilers, but just going to tell
    you that Kattappa mystery will indeed leave you stunned. What’s more?
    There is one another blow that will come your way, but we are just
    going to leave you on a cliff-hanger here. Watch it and thank us for
    not giving spoilers.

    The performances are amazing. Prabhas and Anushka Shetty’s chemistry is
    electric, and if possible, even better than the one we witnessed in the
    first part with Tamannaah Bhatia. Sathyaraj has again surpassed himself
    as Kattappa. Rana is menacing as the older Bhalladeva and we could not
    have asked for a more evil antagonist.

    The effects are even more splendid, Rajamouli has fine-tuned even the
    slightest glitches that were a part of the first instalment of the
    series. One also gets to know more about the two very strong female
    protagonists from the first part, Devasena and Sivagami.

    All in all, this weekend, go and watch the movie. It is worth your time
    and money and will offer you all the entertainment along with the taut
    plot and nerve-raising mystery. We at Eventznu give ‘Baahubali 2- The
    Conclusion’ 4/5. It is a fantastical epic which should not be missed.

  • Tejas NairMay 11, 2017Reply

    Concludes With High Drama, Faulty Action, And Authentic Emotions. ♦ Grade C+

    The frenzy and thirst for more that the first part started and caused
    in 2015 had to be quenched by content that has more power, more action,
    and more grandeur. This epic romantic drama, which is South Indian
    director S S Rajamouli’s eleventh feature film, has the combined effect
    of all these factors, but is unsurprisingly let down by lack of logic.

    Resuming exactly where the first part ends, the story follows king-
    slave Kattappa’s (Sathya Raj) narration of the past events that
    occurred in the Mahishmati kingdom and how they directly led to its
    degeneration under the rule of the foxy and narcissistic Bhallaladeva
    (Rana Daggubati). Shiva (Prabhas), upon realizing his lineage, has to
    save the kingdom now and settle some scores…

    Predictability is all over the place as you follow the flashback story
    involving Bahubali (Prabhas), who uses a method previously sampled by
    the protagonist in the 2005 Tamil film ”Ghajini”, to woo Devasena
    (Anushka Shetty), the fiery queen of a nearby smaller kingdom.
    Bahubali, with ample help from Kattappa, fool around with Devasena, as
    humor and borderline slapstick enter the concoction (but do not stay
    for long), which soon shifts to high drama as the lover boy’s brother,
    Bhallaladeva, now has his eyes on Devasena. It’s a ploy actually, which
    he masterminds with help from his crippled father, Bijjaladeva
    (Nassar). What ensues is a game of shifting, smarmy egos and value of
    integrity between Bahubali and his aunt, Sivagami (Ramya Krishnan),
    whom he regards as his mother. How things take a swift turn to what led
    to the events in the first part is what essentially the first two hours
    of this film is. It is up to Shiva to bring back the kingdom’s glory by
    doing what is right: unshackle Devasena, his mother, and take back what
    is lawfully his.

    There is enough substance for an average film-goer to look at and
    appreciate here. Starting from the opening credits, which poses as a
    prologue and a visual narration of the first part so that you can brush
    up, to the high-octane stunts that defy logic and science to derive
    magic, the good old melodrama, and an obvious yet satisfying answer to
    the eternal question derived from part one’s climax. While Bahubali 1
    banked on structural storytelling and a pretentious climax to hook its
    viewers, Bahubali 2 uses more firepower and style. On that front, it is
    imperative that we give the makers full marks for efforts and
    storytelling. Romance between Bahubali and Devasena is strictly
    martial, but is still palpable to our hungry senses. As is evident from
    the loads of social media mentions lauding both of these characters’
    authenticity and idealism, if there is one thing that you will take
    away from the Bahubali films, it is the virtues that these characters
    adopt and explicitly endorse. Also, there is this faint sampling of
    didacticism swaying around in the plot – whether it is trying to erect
    a feminist character like Devasena or showcasing the brutal kingdom
    affairs of the bygone era or the sexist nature of things – the
    pedagogical element is present, making the film overwhelming to some.

    Having said that, there cannot be any excuse to the substandard CGI
    that is at show here. The degree of implausibility blows through the
    roof, yet it’s the heroism that comes to the rescue in every single
    frame. Why the characters do not succumb to their injuries may be
    retorted by mythological and religious references, but for a learned
    viewer, there are going to be issues with the film. Weighing these
    issues with the grandeur and volumes of melodrama makes us reach to a
    conclusion which is slightly positive, only if you consider the
    entertainment value.

    Director Rajamouli’s storytelling should be lauded, and film students
    may want to take notes. He directs his cast well, and in order to
    describe them, we must first appreciate the casting. I cannot imagine
    anyone else playing these characters with such finesse and fidelity.
    Prabhas is magnificent in his portrayal as the hero of the people, and
    puts up a tireless show in both the films. His nuanced performances as
    Shiva and Bahubali – two characters with little difference – can be
    counted as one of the biggest defining factors of the franchise’s
    success. Same goes for Daggubati as the classic villain. However, if I
    had to choose one star who shines like the greatest of all, it is
    Shetty, with her electric performance as Devasena. Sure, Bahubali
    supports her as the independent woman that she is, but her
    idiosyncratic stances on causes that matter to her, and her dialogues
    are all so defining (and relatable to the recent feminist uprising), it
    will be harder to not understand why she is the cinema character of the
    year. Nasser and Krishnan are equally good, but Sathyaraj is the man
    who will be remembered for his role and portrayal ten years for now,
    after Prabhas.

    Overall, there is enough for viewers to both love and hate here. Which
    side you delve into more depends on how you perceive the sequences that
    make up the film. If you are someone who judges a film’s watchability
    on the basis of its score, screenplay, and cast performance – then this
    is going to be a fun affair. If you aim for the plot holes or the poor
    CGI, then disappointment is going to be your friend.

    BOTTOM LINE: S S Rajamouli’s ”Bahubali – The Conclusion” is a
    tightly-packed doll of goodies about kings, queens, love, and deceit
    that will entertain you most of the time. Arguably, one of the most
    entertaining films of 2017, if you choose to watch it, do it on the big
    screen. Go for a weekday show!

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

  • Mayank Rajni BhandariMay 12, 2017Reply

    Why so much hatred?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Jasmin BlossomMay 12, 2017Reply

    Amazing movie

    What an amazing movie the 1st half was so amazing and u can feel the
    goosebumps , the fight with logic and music for the fight scene are bit
    disappointing for me cuz it required more bass but it was kind soft.
    but such a amazing movie that i have ever watched. it a tight slap for
    bollywood & this show how a strong script can make movie mass hit , i
    hope from now onward bolly would make the correct history of India and
    with no insult of Hindus 🙂

  • sheldonluckynumberMay 12, 2017Reply

    Watch it for the drama,Prabhas and Rana rocks the ship

    for those who are interested in seeing more CGI features will be
    disappointed,the graphics is average. But outstanding performances from
    Rana,Prabhas and the entire cast and gripping tale. The entire move is
    symbolic.Watch it,its more like Indian 300 .Hats off to director
    Rajamouli for his vision.

  • B NaveenMay 12, 2017Reply

    bahubaLi 2, great movie

    It is the best movie in India so far, look at the collections it stands
    2nd in place in USA after ‘fate of the furious’.

    I must say just because Tollywood produced Magnum opus film like this,
    all the superstars of so called Bollywood remained silent and said ‘no
    comments’. All these Bollywood superstars might not like movies made on
    100% hindu-ism like this movie. Maybe they are into urdu-ism or
    jealousy of not making a movie like this.

  • banerjeenirmalyaMay 12, 2017Reply

    Enjoy the roller-coaster

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • AkashMay 12, 2017Reply

    Rajamouli Magnum Opus

    Guys this movie is hands down awesome, this is my first review and am
    writing because am seeing a horde of haters who voting down the movie
    just because of their ”usual intent” … anybody in love with art and
    movies cannot defy this movie and will salute Rajamouli for his vision
    and presentation …even if you have missed the first part you won’t
    feel stranger to the story but would strongly recommend to watch Part 1
    beforehand ..

  • nikhilgeorge-eMay 12, 2017Reply

    Baahubali 2 Extraordinary…….

    First of all I congratulate SS Rajamouli garu for making a great film
    from India for the entire audience. Baahubali is the first motion
    picture from India and the first movie released in 4K resolution.

    Baahubali the conclusion is outstanding in every way except some scenes
    on the climax fighting sequences. I think The cinematography, CGI
    visuals is the main component of the film.

    The cast and crew members of the movie did a great job. I think Prabhas
    is the best choice for Baahubali no other one can beat him for that
    role. Darling Prabhas you are superb. You done a great job in your
    carrier. the chemistry between Prabhas and Anushka are awesome. they
    look like made for each other. In this film she is much beautiful than
    her previous films. Other cast including Rana, Ramya Krishna,
    Tamannaah, Nasser and Sathyaraj performs well and much appreciated.

    Director SS Rajamouli and Vijeyendra Prasad garu making the film
    Baahubali the conclusion for a perfect ending story and a perfect
    entertainer for the audience and I forgot two names, Shobu Yarlagadda
    and Prasad Devineni of ARKA media works for making this film smoothily.

    Overall its great visual treat and good movie for all the viewers in
    the world. Go and watch the movie on IMAX theatres. So you can
    experience the movie better.

  • ramu-89269May 12, 2017Reply

    Average Movie, Insane Audience !

    Well we are Indians and we haven’t seen an Indian film grossing this
    sums any time. Is it really worth of crossing 1000 cores mark ??, I may
    be insane according to many in saying the movie is never a perfect war
    flick but just a documentary in mixture of Indian sentiments, romantic
    scenes, immature graphics, loud BM audience elevation scenes and all in
    all a commercial, nearly 3hours business package, which in the name of
    REGIONAL PATRIOTISM people poured money tearing their pockets, in lack
    of genuine judgment. I wonder had any Indian director made a movie like
    Gladiator, that had a perfect Royal story of unique kind, or had made a
    movie Titanic, that hit screens way back 1997, it is not a brow rising
    movement for us, as there would have been temples for the directors.
    Imagine the graphic content of Harry potter, the very beginner of the
    series in 2000, can you compare the quality to this great BB2 of
    2017 wid17yrs of technology ahead…, and still our people hail it
    saying THE WORLD IS LOOKING FOR BB2, my word !!, the Gods of insanity
    dancing on our heads. A genuine person of my kind ( I believe so )
    should say, should the ” Y ” factor of BB1, (I mean y the man killed
    the other) carry this huge mess of talk ?? I don’t understand, with
    this kind of technology on update and thousands of movies available, is
    it this BB2 that should have a bhajan in many parts of modern India. Y
    not ”Kong” grab d whole sight of attention despite one of the greatest
    visuals on screen, imagine a comparison between the bulls scene of BB2
    and any scene of Kong and now stick ti your words. When a person says
    the budget of Kong makes its visuals look much better then a true
    person must shout out loud ‘ then why not a movie like Kong had this
    talk of town and nit an average movie like BB2’ well our people don’t
    accept because…, we are Regional Lovers and doubt mind a quality
    OTHER ! Only two things must clarify this review, either people are ”
    Frogs in well ” that we know only BB2 so we rate it this high, or they
    are illiterates, for after watching perfectly classic visual wonders
    still sticking to ” SAHO BB2 ” becz they understood nothing English !!
    I conclude saying PV SINDU had the 2nd place of badminton in Olympics
    recently but got the whole crappy hails and cores of money, while the
    1st place Marin took her cash prize to continue life skilled life. I
    compare Sindu to BB2 and Marin to the really quality movies of west, in
    India ! I always wished bit to hear WORLD IS LOOKING AT OUR BB2 !!

  • varunt30May 13, 2017Reply

    One of the best movie in Indian cinema

    Just now finished watching Bahubali 2 and i liked it very much. Was
    curious to know how other people are finding it. Even though it has 9
    rating but was surprised to some 1 rating hate reviews. This is my
    first review ever on IMDb and i am writing this review to counter some
    of their points. Many are criticizing action of the movie saying that
    it defies logic and law of physics. This is a period fantasy film and
    should be judge on the same basis as other period fantasy films such as
    lord of the rings,300,troy etc. Action of the film is similar to these
    films. In real life only 1 punch in the throat is enough to hurt
    someone and by this logic 99% action and period fantasy are illogical.
    I think these people do not know how to review period fantasy action
    genre. Some are saying that film has thin plot and weak story. This
    movie has so many interesting plot lines, love story of Devasena and
    Baahubali is shown in such a exotic way. How equation between Baahubali
    and Sivagami changes.Interaction between Devasena and Sivagami are so
    real and fascinating.Baahubali and Kattappa shared uncle nephew kind of
    relationship yet Kattappa had to kill Baahubali.This movie has better
    story then mindless fast and furious series, the avengers series and
    the hobbit series movie. I liked bahubali story better then lord of the
    ring series.

  • cks-49677May 13, 2017Reply

    Excellent, mind blowing, awesome movie.

    I was not expected such a great movie in Indian Cinema. This movie
    shows the capability of Indian Cinema. Finally a film came for
    viewers.This movie has everything visual effect, interesting
    story,emotion, conspiracy and action. Visual effect made the action
    better.Sound effect is enthusiastic.

  • jijogeorgealex-61308May 13, 2017Reply

    Take out all the logics, Bahubali conclusion is surely an entertainer

    YES, finally we get to know why kattappa killed bahubali. but was it
    satisfying? yes to an extent. If people clamouring in theatre over all
    heroic scenes are your kind of entertainment then bahubali could blow
    your mind because Rajamouli , this time, has made the hero look more
    heroic and included scenes which can grab all the audience claps. I
    would like to discuss some of the positives and negatives about this


    1. A better and engaging story line than the first part

    2.The title sequence was actually great 3.Performances of all actors
    were good especially the main lead prabhas

    4. The hunting scene at beginning was amazingly done

    5. Fight sequences were amazingly done


    1.The graphics at some point looked good and at other points it was
    actually bad

    2. The fight scenes had no logic at all. Some times we think of
    ourselves ” Yaah this is a typical telugu movie”

    So in short Bahubali is surely a masterpiece from Indian cinema but
    cant compare with Hollywood epics due to comparatively lack of story
    line and some bad graphics and last but not the least ‘LOGIC’.

  • dheeerajMay 13, 2017Reply

    This movie is Crap but the right crap which Indian audience like.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • cwdarylMay 13, 2017Reply

    This is not just a movie. This is Celebration.

    Firstly, Without any doubt, this is the Best Indian Movie ever made.

    Director SS Rajamouli is a true visionary and this movie is his master
    piece. Prabhas, Anushka pair is simply an eye feast. Rana, Kattappa
    (Satyaraj) and all other actors did their job very well and you’ll
    never move your eyes away from screen even for a second. It would be
    very less to describe this movie in words. You simply cannot.

    The background score is fantastic and so powerful, that you would get
    goose bumps several times. You’ve to see it and experience this magnum
    opus. It is totally worth it.

    The grandeur of the VFX effects are so electrifying that keeps you
    glued to screen, which are on par with Hollywood level and the
    discipline in the war scenes is outstanding. Kudos, to the whole CGI &
    technical team.

    Just go and enjoy the visual feast and trust me you’d be so enthralled,
    that you would want to watch it again and again. Ignore all hatred
    that’s been seen in many other critics.

  • arpitbanerjeeMay 14, 2017Reply

    The last nail in the coffin

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • johnjamesgeorgeMay 14, 2017Reply

    A glorified Amar Chitra Katha but a directorial masterpiece

    For the storyline I would probably have given a 3 of 10, but man o man,
    this is a directorial masterpiece. The composition, costumes and
    settings of the movie are fantastic and beyond anything that has been
    done in Indian cinema till date. I have heard screams saying that
    Sholay was the greatest Indian movie ever. I agree that Sholay was one
    of greatest Bollywood movies ever but there is no comparison here.
    Sholay had a gripping storyline and great actors including superstars.
    For Bahubali, the actors have mostly performed well but is Rajamouli
    that takes the cake here for his Amar Chitra Katha and the sequences,
    sets and some fantastic scenes that you would want to see over and over
    again. For those Bollywood aficionados who do not know Rajamouli or any
    of the numerous South Indian movies, you guys know very little about
    Indian cinema. Indian cinema may begin in Bollywood but it does not end
    there. Regional movies, many a times are far more superior when it
    comes to direction and mostly acting skills. Bahubali 1 and 2 both are
    worthy enough to go and watch in a Cinema hall with the whole family.
    If not twice, at least once. I am 50 years old, born in India but
    living in Canada since 2001, and this was only our second non TV movie
    that we went out and watched. The movie was a rave when it got
    released, with people queuing up outside theaters to buy tickets.
    Tickets were at a premium the first week.

  • Abhishek NautiyalMay 14, 2017Reply

    Take a bow S.S. Rajamouli !!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Nithin Raj ([email protected])May 14, 2017Reply

    The Best out of the best..

    I Think Bahubali series is the best films in the Indian film industry
    I’ve ever known. All things in it did the best in class. I Think
    Bahubali is just changed the Indian Film industry in the worldwide in
    the case of Gross collection and the user reviews also. $$ Rajamouli is
    just all things best in that.

  • Raman Kumar ([email protected])May 14, 2017Reply

    A typical South Indian movie with improved storytelling

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Samrudh DavidMay 15, 2017Reply

    Baahubali 2 : the conclusion – The beginning of a new era in the history of Indian cinema.

    First of all, SS.Rajamouli sir is one of the best film makers in the
    history of Indian cinema without any doubt. After making films like
    Magadheera & Eega, Baahubali series took him really to another level

    This film is really nice. This one is not just a war drama, but also a
    film with a lot of emotions & sentiments mixed up with. Every one in
    the film just lived in their character instead of acting .! yes that’s

    VFX are really nice.! Production values are excellent too .!

    Ramya Krishna, Satyaraj, Nasser once again proved that they are also
    one among the finest actors in Indian cinema

    Prabhas, Rana, Anushka are just amazing

    Finally ” Hard work never fails ” is not just a moral anymore as
    SS.Rajamouli sir & his team proved that this statement is true too .!

  • akshay senMay 15, 2017Reply

    It is the Best Movie of Indian Cinemas

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Shashwat KumarMay 15, 2017Reply

    I definitely didn’t expected this much hatred for The Conclusion. Get some life people!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • cc_chuchuMay 15, 2017Reply

    Indian deep culture is back and how

    I have never in my life posted a review for a movie. But something
    about Bahubali makes you pick up the gauntlet thrown down by the
    movies’ detractors aka sour Bollywood fans. Bahubali is a phenomenon
    much more profound than a mere movie to be dissected for VFX and
    adherence to feminist norms. The success of the movie reflects a deep
    desire amongst most Indians to unapologetically appreciate the
    country’s Hindu deep culture that provides a crucible for all other
    cultures.Bollywood; with its noxious combination of soft porn,
    meaningless plots and risk-averse heroes could not produce one movie
    that could stir the soul of the Indian masses and enchant people around
    the world from Japan to Brazil.Apart from the occasionally, perhaps
    accidentally made good movie, the same mind-numbing nonsense of loud
    jokes, garish costumes, mediocre yet megalomaniacal actors, meaningless
    ”item numbers” and idiotic plots was doled out decade after
    decade.Bahubali is nothing short of a harbinger of the return of Indian
    civilization as an alternative imagination to everything that the world
    believes. If Bollywood has an iota of common sense, it will make an
    about turn from the contemporary into the ancient.It will make India’s
    deep culture the source material for deeply absorbing mythological
    plots married to the latest graphics.Script writers will scour the
    Puranas and the Upanishads for pointers. India’s history and culture,
    thousands of years of lived experience is its greatest strength.
    Bahubali showed how the operationalization of even a fraction of this
    marvelous syncretic culture touches the hearts and minds of the teeming
    masses.A new breed of filmmakers will produce movies that will seem
    utterly new to Indian and foreign audiences and exploit to the hilt
    this deep human need to live history through cinema. Alas, that will
    not be the lesson that will be taken by the arrogant Bollywooders. I
    urge Rajamouli Sir to make and release an even grander Mahabharata that
    shakes Indian cinema to the core, blows away the parasitic nest of
    incompetent directors and paves the way for its turn to history and
    mythology; especially India’s unique and rich Vedic culture. American
    women are swooning over Sivagami’s costumes and characters, Germans are
    astonished at the depth in the dialogues, Japanese women are donning
    Indian dresses while giggling their way into the theater. Soft power is
    the ability of a country to make foreigners want to mimic its culture
    and practices. Indian civilization needs movies like Bahubali to tap
    into the vast market for mythology and fantasy that is a result of a
    world trapped in the tyranny of the present. Sorry this is not the
    movie review you may have expected but I thought I should pen my 2

  • Bharath NaveenMay 16, 2017Reply

    A trend setter for an Indian industry

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Rick SMay 16, 2017Reply

    Good Movie – Enjoy the Beauty

    There are a lot of haters here that say this was not a good movie. What
    other South Indian movies are they comparing it to? As an American
    (white guy), I think the movie was very good. I have seen tons of
    horrible Bollywood and other ”wood” movies that should have never been
    made. This movie was by far, a level above most of the standard ”wood”
    movies that come out of that area. The action was good, it wasn’t
    overloaded with your typical song and dance routines and the story was
    entertaining. Why Kattappa killed Bahubali was good a good use of plots
    twists and turns. It was exciting, action filled and sad at times.

    Go see it.

  • Kaival RadadiyaMay 16, 2017Reply

    Excellent. Elegant. Brave. Bold. Beautiful.

    This review is short & will help you to make the decision whether to
    watch this movie or not.

    Music(Hindi): 8/10

    Cinematography: 9/10

    Acting: 9/10

    Story: 8/10

    I know that this movie is made with almost 90% VFX effects. But don’t
    you think that every action Hollywood movie is doing that?

    I don’t care if they’ve used VFX because the story inspires me,
    characters inspire me.

    Hater’s gonna hate. Who cares?

    Enjoy the movie.

  • Shubhanshu AgarwalMay 16, 2017Reply


    S.S Rajamouli has done a great job Bollywood has a lot to learn from
    this epic First movie in Indian cinema can be seen as many times as u
    can think

    Please do watch it twice at least Some scenes are really heart touching
    when you will leave your seat and shout like hell Jai Mahishmati Jai

  • NishaMay 16, 2017Reply

    Over-hyped with very bad VFX

    What is all the hype about? story is like a typical saas-bahu drama and
    the VFX sucked. I loved the first one, but this one left me
    disappointed and how. With such a massive budget they could have made
    something way better than what was delivered. I guess the critics just
    went with the hype and gave it good ratings. A lot of unreal sequences
    that make you laugh at some points, (how does a person get on fire and
    not burn?). If some of these sequences were in a bollywood film,
    critics and audiences would’ve trolled it and given the film bad
    ratings, then why not for this? i’m shocked at why this film earned so
    much, maybe cause tickets were priced higher than other movies. overall
    it’s just an Over-hyped movie. don’t waste money on it. there are
    better films way better than this which go unnoticed because of low
    budgets. just because this movie has earned so much it doesn’t make it
    the best.

  • ctofritMay 16, 2017Reply

    Over-hyped (Disappointed) Total Bul**hit. with Great Visuals

    No Logic, Not Worthy.

    1.Few Great Visuals with Good Morals 2.Lots of Pathetic Animations
    3.Lots of Bad Morals 4.Lots of Superstitious Scenes 4.Inspirational
    Music were not at best level. 5.Also Story……..(not that Good).

    NOTE: Many Scenes and Atmosphere Were identical to Cinematic Cutscenes
    and in-Game world of Video Games. (Such as: Assassins Creed 4 Black
    Flag, Elder Scroll V Skyrim, Far Cry 4…Etc.)

    Baahubali The beginning Was Much Better. with Nice Story.

  • ctrackhiteshMay 16, 2017Reply

    Great movie ever made in India

    A well thought and executed plan, superb graphics, great music and
    lyrics, 1st time an Indian epic has proved that if you put efforts and
    money in the right direction the stories in India can go beyond the
    imaginations. Loved every moment on the screen and the songs are as
    good as it was in part1. Great work Mr. S.S.Rajmauli.

  • Rawal AfzalMay 17, 2017Reply

    Stunning visuals, jaw-dropping stunts make it a lifetime experience!!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • hs-24651May 17, 2017Reply

    A Typical Telgu SH*T!!!!!!!

    Believe Me, This piece of SH*T was HORRIBLE!!!!! Don’t waste your time
    on it, and don’t believe its rating on IMDb.

    Now let me complete 5 lines…..

    Story- -10/10 (MINUS 10 OUT OF 10)

    Music -100/10 (MINUS 100 OUT OF 10)

    Acting Speechless…………..

    In a nutshell Bahubali 2 was CRAP!!!!!!!!!!

  • Arvin Sanmuga RajahMay 17, 2017Reply

    Lovely visuals, excellent background score, superb casting

    The story line is not fresh but the cinematography alone can give you
    those chills you will remember for a life time. The songs are divine
    and makes you feel like its a mantra. As for the graphics, I’m
    astounded that they were able to pull it off handsomely given the
    budget would not be as high as Hollywood films. Unlike north Indian
    films, this Telugu film has portrayed the natural beauty of Indian
    culture and its people. There were no sexually explicit scene which
    means you can enjoy this masterpiece with your whole family without any
    doubt. While Bahubali has achieved a new benchmark among Indian films
    and to become the biggest icon at present and to, it will be
    interesting to watch other Indian film industries work their way up to
    match this magnum opus of SS Rajamouli.

  • raj-56795May 17, 2017Reply

    bāhubaLi 2 – A Milestone Of Indian Cinema!!!

    S.S. Rajamouli’s bāhubaLi 2 is such great movie that it can be compared
    to movies like TITANIC, James Cameron’s AVATAR, etc. The movie strongly
    appeals to the audience because of it’s Story, Screenplay, Dialogues
    and Music. Also it’s Direction, VFX, Cinematography, and Editing is
    fantastic. All the actors in the movie have done a good job.
    Overall,”bāhubaLi 2 is set to be the BIGGEST BLOCKBUSTER EVER MADE IN
    India.” MY RATING: 3.5/4.

  • sohil mominMay 17, 2017Reply

    Greatly Hyped Failure

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ykant-51040May 17, 2017Reply

    Baahubali 2: A delight for some, a failure for others

    Baahubali ended with a cliffhanger in 2015. The curiosity of ‘Why did
    Katappa kill Baahubali’ may have been a reason for several people to
    have gone to see the sequel but for me I was there to witness how
    director S. S. Rajamouli progresses the saga with the alleged buzz. To
    my surprise he’s successful at making an equally powerful sequel.
    Baahubali 2 does have its loopholes but at the end it’ll leave you
    satisfied. The movie starts to narrate the story right from where
    Katappa left it in part 1 however he adds more incidents that form the
    basic plot for the sequel. The story talks about the love story of
    Amanendra Baahubali and the brave princess Devasena and the gruesome
    battle between her and Rajamata Shivamgami Devi. I must say Prabhas
    nails the role he plays. Anushka Shetty who plays Devasena is charming,
    bold and applaudable at many places. One thing that Rajamouli is able
    to do in this sequel is that he’s very well toyed with all the
    emotions. Throughout the movie you’ll come across many scenes where you
    get goosebumps, at places you will happy (coz Prabhas’ nd Anushka’s
    chemistry will surely get you), you’ll laugh and at the mid of second
    half you’ll cry. Katappa is even more powerfully played this time.
    However this time you don’t get to see Tamannah but still she is
    enough. However the stunts in this part are really laughable. But still
    this movie is going to give you what you would have wanted.

  • Rocky DamonMay 17, 2017Reply

    The Best Visuals, Special Effects and Action movie from India Ever with a Simple Story

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • roninshanMay 17, 2017Reply

    Best Epic Movie Ever Made! Brings out your Ideal Leader

    The movie was truly inspirational, the story was exceptionally thought
    out to bring in the best characteristics of a leader, portrayed by
    Prabhas. He has given a phenomenal performance. A must watch, ignore
    the critics and the perfectionists. You are here to witness the most
    inspirational leader in the world of fiction, immerse yourself into it.

  • IndianMay 18, 2017Reply

    Amazing Mind-blowing Experience

    Christopher Nolan is one of my favorite directors. The key thing about
    his movies is that they excel in all departments whether it is acting,
    story, screenplay, camera work or music. And he delivers a product that
    is worth watching in cinema halls again and again.

    Never did I imagine that such a director exists in India. Salute and
    respect Mr. Rajamoulli !!! Not since Gandhi has a man united India like
    this before. Go in any direction of India and BB-2 is the talk of the

    I have now watched this movie over 5-6 times. Can’t figure out what
    hooks me to the movie. The comedy, action, emotions, VFX, camera
    work-everything is top notch. The first half seems like a fairy tale
    and takes you to whole another world. It’s hard to get out of Mahismati
    even after one gets out of cinema hall.

    What a music and background score. It gels so well and feels so
    organic. Picturisation of Hamsa Navaa song was out of the world.

    And what a beauty Anushka is. What expressions !! No words. She can
    express all her emotions through her eyes. No wonder people in Hindi
    belt are going crazy. There standards have been set too low by current
    Bollywood actors.

    Prabhas and other supporting cast was equally good. Prabhas felt so
    energetic and majestic. And Hats off to imagination of Rajamoulli. God
    bless him and entire film crew.

    I feel sad because I have no idea if and when such phenomenon will
    happen again in Indian cinema. The team has set the standards so high
    that most movies that regularly come out of Bollywood would seem much
    more disappointment now.

  • Javed KhanMay 18, 2017Reply

    Just one word- Masterpiece

    This movie has taken Indian cinema to a different level. All the
    departments Acting, Direction, Screenplay, Music were top notch. This
    movie is going to remain in everyone’s mind for a long long time.
    Prabhas as Amarendra Bahubali was a treat to watch. Keervanis’s
    Background score needs a special mention. Overall a perfect 10/10
    movie. True Masterpiece. Rajamouli take a bow. Jai Mahishmati.

  • TakethispunchMay 18, 2017Reply

    Awful film, abysmal acting, pathetic cgi. 0/10.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • zeenathussainMay 18, 2017Reply

    Check this out

    2017 Top IMDb box office movie earnings Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
    248M million Gross Bahubali 2 earnings approx 240 Million USD. Overall
    and it shows gross earning as 19 million 1600 crore Indian rupees.
    Please be updated. For the people who shout too much why the heck you
    saw the movie. It should be top viewed movie and top earning movie
    world wide for 2017 And please someone update box office website people
    and tell them that there is a Indian movie which is at number two for
    the year 2017 worldwide earning wise.

  • BhChMay 18, 2017Reply

    S S Rajamouli: The Visionary

    Today is the last day of 3rd week and it’s still dominating the Box-
    Office worldwide. And it has become possible just because of the vision
    of one person – Mr. S S Rajamouli. Since there are more than 300 viewer
    reviews here, so I’m not going to review the movie again.

    I’ll take the opportunity to congratulate Mr. Rajamouli for taking the
    Indian movie industry to the next level. Baahubali, Balladeva, Katappa,
    Shivgami, Devasena – you’ve brought the best in everyone. I’m not from
    south India and I don’t understand the languages too. But still I’m
    waiting for its Telugu version. I’m a bigger fan of south Indian movies
    (I particularly watch Telugu movies with subtitles). And you’ve proved
    it again why my choice is not wrong. Creations like Vikramaduru, Eega,
    Magadheera are my favorites. Those who understand your vision, will
    never stop praising you.

    I believe we are lacking visionaries in our film industry. You sir, Mr.
    Shankar and Mr. Sanjay Leela Bhansali only are capable of creating such
    epics in my opinion. It seems like the word ‘impossible’ doesn’t find a
    place in your dictionary. I thought Magadheera was something that
    defines a standard, but with Baahubali you’ve set the standards so high
    that Indian film industry has got a new identity worldwide. We are
    fortunate to witness your creations.

    The reviewers who gave 1 or 2 stars for this movie out of 10, are
    simply lying. By no means this movie deserves 1-2. Lastly, applause for
    the whole team. I am eagerly waiting for the next venture.

  • PimpinAinttEasyMay 19, 2017Reply

    A mediocre product made by mediocre artists …..

    I watched this only because my wife insisted that I accompany her.
    Having hated part 1, I thought I would calm myself down with a few
    beers before embarking on what would be an assault on everything that I
    considered to be important for a film to be considered a classic. Alas,
    I live in the pious state of Kerala where alcohol is partially
    prohibited and hence I was unable to procure any alcohol on the
    particular day. I braced myself for what would almost certainly be a
    torturous experience.

    I was treated to mediocre special effects and over the top action
    scenes which even a little boy would find hard to take seriously. The
    actor Prabhas was insufferable – his face expressions were grotesque.
    He phones it in most of the time. Anushka Shetty was very pretty but
    her performance during the action scenes made me chuckle. Another
    reviewer compared the chariot scene to the famous chariot racing
    sequence in Benhur. But I was reminded of the chariot chase sequence in
    Mervyn LeRoy’s Quo Vadis.

    The film did feature some grand vistas and sets like the elephant
    statue that is carved out of the rock but still attached to the rocky
    mountain. This is when Prabhas and Anushka first arrive in Magarmazhi
    on a boat. The Kali statue with fire burning out of various parts when
    Dagubatti and Nasser are plotting Prabhas’ murder was also remarkable.
    Dagubatti’s coronation scene had a lot of potential. All these things
    indicated to me that at least some people with imagination were working
    behind the scenes. But everything about the film is shoddy and
    Rajamouli the director must take the blame for the shoddiness. Once
    again, the Indian public has elevated a mediocre product made by a
    bunch of mediocre artists into a worldwide blockbuster that has now
    grossed 1,500 crores. Some may think that this is a great achievement.
    But it is not. We as a nation are promoting and spreading mediocrity.

  • milindgaikwad-33192May 19, 2017Reply

    This is my order. And, my order is the law

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sakshamsaarMay 19, 2017Reply

    A movie power packed with great story, action and drama.

    I’m writing this review just after watching the movie in the theater.
    I’m not a movie critic neither do I know how to analyze a movie. All I
    know about watching a movie is taught to me by this course offered by
    MIT here . This is a great course for
    someone willing to learn about cinematography, screenplay and camera
    angles and other things related to cinema and direction.

    I can write a lot about the movie but I won’t. I will try to pen down
    the major takeaways.

    Before I get into what I thought of the movie let me just tell you that
    – I wasn’t interested in going at all because of the following two

    1. Over the years my interest in movies have dwindled because of the
    redundant story plots and baseless humour.

    2. BB1 couldn’t impress me much however now after watching BB2 I
    realized why. Simply because there is a vast difference between
    watching a movie in theater and at home. I ruined BB1 watching it in
    poor quality.

    One of my friend suggested me to watch BB2 in theater or else I might
    regret it later. I had faith in his choice of movies so decided to give
    it a shot. Looking back now I’m glad that I went for it.

    I will break down my review into sections:

    Plot: I couldn’t bear first 25 minutes of the movie and was annoyed to
    an extent that I wanted to move out of the theater but I was with
    someone and I couldn’t ruin it for him so I endured. But the way the
    story unfolds after that deserves an applause. Movie climbs to
    emotional roller coaster just 20 minutes before the interval, then it
    never stops, or never slows down till the end. The story keeps on
    getting interesting and the viewer can easily understand that it will
    keep on getting interesting with the progress. The timing of the
    interval couldn’t be more perfect. I couldn’t bear 15 minutes of the
    interval. I wanted the movie to restart ASAP. During those 15 minutes I
    kept on guessing what can be the possible plot of the movie further.
    Somehow the interval got over and the movie restarted. I got hooked to
    it till the end. The way it grips you is commendable.

    All in all the plot couldn’t have been better than this and the
    suspense left in the BB1 was decently justified by the plot.

    Dialogues: I didn’t watch the movie in it’s original language but still
    I enjoyed almost every dialogue.

    ”Sivagami: This is my order. And, my order is the law.”

    There were many more and the list is endless but I cannot write all of
    them here. What added to the charm of the dialogue was the delivery
    which was near perfect. The dialogues were very well written and gave
    the feel of actual aura.

    Acting: Every actor portrayed their role the best they can and what I
    liked the most was that each and every emotion was conveyed beautifully
    through the acting. The perfect dialogue delivery coupled with the near
    perfect acting added to the beauty of it. Be it Shivagami’s proud
    character as a goddess of the empire to an emotional mother, or the
    Bahu’s wife who carried her dignity and pride throughout and how can I
    forget Rana Duggubati’s performance as a cruel king and a great palace
    politics player. The hatred conveyed by him for his brother through his
    eyes, actions and body language was great.

    With all due respect to Anushka Shetty and her performance in the
    movie, I think a better looking actress could have been chosen for the
    role. This is something that irked me to an extent.

    Music: The best thing was that there was no unnecessary melodrama in
    the songs and the timing of the songs was perfect.

    Goofs: Six Goofs have been pointed out so for and I was able to notice
    5 of them. Here’s the link for the Goofs in the movie : ref_=m_tt_trv_gf . See for
    yourself how many out of these six you were able to notice.

    Pre-show advice: Major action scenes in the movie are logical however I
    would suggest you to keep aside everything that defies it. I bet you
    will enjoy it more. Do watch BB1 if you have forgotten the plot,
    however it won’t make much of the difference but still it will do some

    My feelings post movie: I wanted a re-watch instantly to get a more
    closer look. I wanted to feel all those emotions once again. I was the
    last one to move out of the theater and was still reluctant. It’s been
    more than 18 hours now but the movie is still running inside my brain.
    It’s constantly growing and making an impact.

    I would advice all of you to watch it and get the feel yourself.

    P.S. I have rated the movie as 8 because before watching BB2 I had a re
    watch session of Troy and Braveheart and giving BB2 a perfect score
    will do injustice to them. For those who know or have read about the
    history of Scottish people will will be able to connect better with
    Braveheart. Troy was a classic in every sense and I don’t think any
    other movie will ever be able to beat it in the emotional part. For
    Braveheart the ending was everything, the dialogues in last 15 minutes
    of the movie were class apart. I can still vividly recall all the major
    moments of that movie.

    This is the first time I’ve reviewed a movie and I hope that I did
    justice to it.

    Thanks a lot for reading.

  • Rajasekaran KMay 19, 2017Reply

    I enjoyed this film

    wow………… what a movie, first half is Pakka. Screenplay is
    awesome. I felt , this film bring the south India film to new
    benchmark. Anushka Sheety is very lovely and traditionally beautiful.
    BGM is better than most Hollywood films. Prabha and Rana acting are
    superb. Nasar’s character is more cunning and he acted very well as

  • Achyut SinghMay 19, 2017Reply

    Saahore Bahubali

    As a North Indian, we love to ridicule South Indian movies , for their
    over the Top action and primitive story telling. But Bahubali has
    changed everything. It has bridged the North South Divide and brought
    the country together for the Love of Cinema. Bahubali has an age old
    story line and physics defying action. But doesn’t Hollywood movies do
    the same (Fast & Furious et al)?

    I went to movie with open mind and to be entertained. and Yes, i was,
    so were the audience with me, whistling and clapping.

    its Not a thinking man’s movie. It is to be felt with our heart not
    mind. I loved Both the parts and Acting was great and so was the
    narration of the story which never gets you bored.

    All in All…Saahore Bahubali

  • Dhairya BapodraMay 20, 2017Reply

    I would have given 8, but hate towards this made me give 10

    I don’t understand how the hell people are hating this movie a lot, It
    is movie with budget which is at least 1 by 10th of an average
    Hollywood film, so don’t complain about VFX a lot, it had improved a
    lot compare to all earlier Indian films.

    You can’t compare apple with orange and vice versa.

    It has smooth story telling not for you at least for many, box office
    speaks lot more than some critical audience.

    It is perfect but it is best attempt and mile-stone to move further
    technically in Indian film industry.

    And at the and even though lot of people trying to give 1/2 rating to
    pull average down, yet average rating here IMDb still above 8 that
    tells all.

    It will bring many more films, those will try to do something
    technically sound some will succeed some will not but it is change of
    era… and mark my word you will see that in coming decade.

  • Arun Sai ([email protected])May 20, 2017Reply

    One of the wonders Of Indian film history

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • svikasha ([email protected])May 20, 2017Reply

    Truly a Game Changer for the South Indian Film Industry

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ckhan25May 20, 2017Reply

    Bahubali 2 – The secret is out

    For me Bahubali – The conclusion was a lot better than the 1st part
    which I thought was total crap. Maybe I enjoyed the second part as I
    had no expectations of the movie.

    The first 30 Min’s of the movie were really bad. I sat there thinking
    this is just as bad as the first part, however the movie picks up in a
    big way. Its nothing we have not seen before, classic historic story of
    power, greed and betrayal but done in a grand manner.

    The global question of why Kathappa killed Bahubali is finally
    answered, the whole execution of the scene for me was masterful,
    handled very well indeed.

    So in summary a good movie with a grand scale and a bunch of good

  • Vedant PandyaMay 20, 2017Reply

    Disappointed Very Much !!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • akashmihaniMay 20, 2017Reply

    Over all A Great Movie but…

    Enjoy the movie as audience… 10 star from me as audience but When the
    war started I was waiting for ASLAM KHAN the Arms Dealer who’s role was
    played by : @KICCHA-SUDEEP the friend of KATAPPA.

    I respect the filmmakers of the film, Honestly this movie was the most
    anticipated one and I was excited till the climax but… Hope you

  • CatherineMay 21, 2017Reply

    Great movie. Compete entertainment

    Beautiful..adventurous journey. Everything looks so unique. Never seen
    this kind of costumes, jewelry, architecture, people..landscapes,
    action, story. Everything is masterfully portrayed on screen. I watched
    it 3 times. I highly recommend this movie but only after watching the
    first part does one fully get the emotions of part 2. Negative reviews
    here seem to have been written by people with some extreme personal
    hatred towards the movie makers.

  • vatsmeisterMay 21, 2017Reply

    Gud movie can be better

    This movie is good but I think director Raj did a mistake by running
    this story in a flashback.however this is my personal thought.I believe
    if this becomes first part than it turned out to be a much bigger hit.
    I really liked the sets costumes acting of the lead actors except
    Kattappa, he failed to impress. The thing I liked most is Ran a, he is
    exceptional in the movie so is Anushka.Movie is full of action and
    sometimes it brings downs the excitement, I hope third installment of
    Bahubali will come and focus on both action and on and story.

  • olasaurabhMay 21, 2017Reply

    Terrific Movie, loved it

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ManrajJubalMay 21, 2017Reply

    Something is going on here!!!

    Seems like a orchestrated campaign against this movie. Why!!!

    Sudden flurry of 1 ratings. You will rarely see continuous 1 ratings
    given by users, unless there is something amiss and I am sure something
    is going on here. 1 means a pathetic movie and a pathetic movie will
    not run full houses in theaters days after days.

    Anyways, Bahubali is an iconic movie, which has already changed the
    threads of Indian cinema-making and you should definitely watch this
    movie IF:

    #1 You are tired of watching Snyder type actions and the typical action
    scenes of all the super heroes Hollywood flicks. The battle scenes in
    this movie are creative and jaw dropping. Some of them do defy the laws
    of physics, but it all depends upon your expectations from the movie.
    The vision of the director was along the lines of a fantasy movie,
    larger than life, which is corroborated by a song on the ship, where
    you see horses in the clouds and similar…so set your expectations
    right. Don’t expect nonsense but do expect larger than life stuff.

    #2 You like strong and beautifully sketched characters. In the movie
    they are powerful, and most have a very strong persona, especially
    Bahubali and Devsena (even Rajmata). It is their strong persona and the
    slick action scenes that make all the action scenes make-believe and
    you enjoy every bit of it.

    #3 You are thrilled by spikes of drama and emotions. Some points in the
    movies are super high in drama and emotions. The bow and arrow scene
    also seen in some posters is a beautiful synergy of love and action. As
    some critic had remarked, ”Love in action and Love of action”. You can
    watch the movie just for this scene.

    #4 You like poetry and art in the actions and cinematography. You
    cannot compare it with those of Mad Max Fury, but this movie has some
    pretty dramatic and beautiful ones.

    People have criticized Bahubali’s ability to kill 100s of people alone.
    Which hero (let’s not talk about super heroes) does not? Gladiator,
    Bruce Lee in all his movies, Arnold, Jason Bourne, William Wallace in
    Braveheart, Tarzan, Hercules, and Neo in matrix…wait…because he was
    ”The One”!

    That’s why they are heroes and not the common man. You wanna see the
    common man fight, go to the streets. Bahubali is not a common man for
    Christ’s sake. He is a trained warrior king whose name itself means
    ”One with super strong arms”. ”Common sense-up” people!

    Bads: Things I did not like about the movie were some CGIs, which were
    left a bit raw and were a turn off and the palm tree stunt, which could
    have been handled more elegantly.

    I was tempted to penalize 2 ratings for them, but then I thought…I am
    not a critic! I am a viewer and I really enjoyed this movie overall and
    came out feeling wowed. This is not a perfect movie, but it perfectly
    entertained me!

    So don’t judge and critically evaluate it. Just go and enjoy the drama,
    the action and the Bahubali himself.

  • ajay-bellubbi14May 22, 2017Reply

    Hilarious piece of Junk

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • kowshikgangulyMay 22, 2017Reply


    Baahubali :the conclusion is nothing but a masterpiece. It is the
    sequel of Baahubali: the beginning. The sequel is far better than first
    part. Because more emotion and dramatic purposes are added in the

    This movie is a example of perfect combination of tragedy and revenge
    saga. Rajmouli sir gave us the double dose of entertainment. I think
    after Mahabharat and Ramayan Baahubali the conclusion is best. VFX is
    also great. Nothing to say about lead actors. Superb acting by everyone
    makes me fully satisfied. So, I wanna give 10 out of 10.

  • prinsesvanzeilanMay 24, 2017Reply

    Not the best visuals, but has a nice story-line

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ashapatilMay 24, 2017Reply

    great movie!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • gkr-76529May 25, 2017Reply

    A clichéd Telugu film with a bigger budget

    Bahubali 2 tells the story after the war with Kalakeyas , Kattapa
    continues his narration of what led him to kill bahubali. The first
    half is simply a bigger budget Telugu film with conspicuous CGI . There
    is all the clichéd elements like the beautiful heroine , the hero in
    his all power and glory saving the heroine , the reveal scene(the hero
    reveal who he truly is , everyone around him will be just wonder-
    struck by the magnanimity of the person standing before them) , the
    sleazy comedy(Kattapa does the part of the foolish friend) and praising
    of the hero( the one thing which is refreshingly missing from the film
    is patriarchy) . All this mixed with bad CGI makes the first half of
    the movie . Now just before you start accusing me of comparing it with
    a higher budget English movies , let me get one thing straight I am not
    doing that. In Bahubali CGI was overused , by venturing into such
    romantic interludes in the first half the film uses CGI in places where
    it was not needed . Moreover the film Ex-Machina was created on a
    budget of 15 million while Bahubali is done on a budget of 2.5 billion.
    So budget alone is not an excuse for lazy CGI effects .The sets in this
    film also looks lavish , but all those had CGI written all over it,
    buildings without a speck of dirt or a crack and the statute of Bhalla
    Deva seemed too cartoon like . The first half also spends too much time
    on the romance of Amarendra Bahubali and Devasena . A tighter 2 hr film
    would have made a much more compelling watch.In the second half the
    films gets into the meat of the plot . There are some hair rising
    scenes in the 2nd half which fits an epic. The interesting thing is all
    these scenes were not of war or brawls. It was mostly the dialogues and
    dramas .The scene where Amarendra Bahubali dies was brilliantly acted
    ,shot and had a great background score to it . If the makers had
    realized this they could have gone for a more compelling drama with
    much more drawn out characters .But instead of that too much time is
    invested in unnecessary scenes which couldn’t contribute much to the
    plot or to the character development .There is no time spent on the
    character development of Mahendra Bahubali and all that we get from the
    first part of the film is that he is virtuous , noble and a stalker
    .The climax fight scenes didn’t leave an impact on me like the fights
    in the first part. All the fight scenes in this film requires a leap of
    faith in our logic . This is an epic and to a point a leap in logic is
    allowed , but in the last scenes Bahubali 2 took it to too far.Prabhas
    as Bahubali looked convincing for the most part , Satyaraj’s jokes in
    the first half came as annoying but he did justice to his role in the
    second half . Nasser’s acting was over the top(the villainous laugh ,so
    typical of villains for at least half a century was also used here) ,
    the strongest performances in the film was given by Anushka as Deva
    Sena , Remya Krishnan as Sivagami and Rana Daggubati as Bhallal
    Deva.For me Anushka gave the best performance in the film, Anushka
    carried the role with grace and power and it was a believable portrayal
    of a strong independent women . Bahubali 2 will break all the
    collection record and will surely breach the 1000 crore ceiling and I
    will not be surprised if it hits 1500 crore mark. But is this the film
    we are presenting in a silver platter to world cinema? Does huge budget
    make up for the lack of a strong plot?. There is a general conception
    that Indian film don’t garner much respect in the foreign film world
    due to our limitations in budget and grandiose like Bahubali could
    change this perception . This is far from the truth , Indian film don’t
    garner the global appeal in par with the Iranian ,Japanese or South
    Korean films because we don’t produce good content and good content
    doesn’t need a huge budget. Salesman(The Oscar winner 2016 on the
    Foreign film category) is an Iranian film which is made with a small
    budget , but this film had a global appeal because we felt connected to
    its characters’ and their stories .After all we are humans and stories
    with human emotions can transcend boundaries. India should develop a
    parallel space in our cinematic culture for the growth of Art Cinema so
    that we could give as much attention to movies like Lunchbox and Gangs
    of Wasseypur as to Bahubali. Anyway Bahubali is an ambitious leap by
    India Cinema (especially South Indian cinema) and with a 1000 crore
    movie in the pipeline , Bahubali seems to have given the courage to
    producers to make films in a grander scale with a view of Pan Indian

  • zsah-34128May 25, 2017Reply

    So much religious Hatred Reviews – A masterpiece,10/10 will watch again! from a Cinephile

    Edit: Look at the down votes by the ignorant people, nonspiritual good
    for nothing in life bunch of life wasters teenagers and adults who are
    just still kids, yet to grow up. Wake up.

    Look if you understand a language you will be able to connect to the
    movie, if you don’t know Malayalam, Telugu don’t bother watching and
    keep your critic to yourself. The people who share the same culture and
    language are meant to watch the movie.

    Regarding Bahubali 2 – The most epic movie. I have watched every darn
    industry; you imbeciles, If you are not religious, you CAN’T connect to
    Bahubali 2. You just CAN’T. Did someone forget the history of Hinduism?
    I need you to research.

    I’m An Atheist, but Muslims are ridiculing a Vedic-inspired movie,
    Sanatana Dharma – The first scripture, first language, first maths,
    first medicine, first war writings, ethics, morals, values, etc. That’s
    #1. Dharmic religions > Abhramic religions *FACT!*

    While hate can be understood, I want the real religious/spiritual fans
    to ignore these people. We need to respect everyone believes regardless
    of how backward and barbaric cult it is (pun intended).

    Let’s see the critics of Bahubali 2 by these inexperienced people who
    think they are something beyond themselves:

    1. ”Worst VFX”- While I can guarantee nobody understands the work put
    in VFX, only saying worst is disrespectful and makes you look stupid,
    Bahubali 2 has decent VFX – Only at very few parts it’s amateur, well
    let that slide, we have something epic here. 2. ”Worst Acting” – OK.
    You have lost all the credibility. BB2 has a great cast with the best
    dramatic acting. 3. ”No Physics” – Excuse me, Eisenstein. It’s a
    mythological movie, did you say the same while writing the review on
    Harry Potter? *Now coming to Hinduism – Though the evidence on
    supernatural Mahabharat, Ramayan points towards possibility opposite
    can’t be said because Hinduism is ancient to verify without reading the
    texts, simply put we just don’t know. 4. Religious war –
    Hinduism>Buddhism>Christianity>Islam 5. Science>Religion 6.
    Spirituality>Science -Quantum theory

    Please do some research with an Atheist like mind, and you’ll
    understand where the respect is due and where it is not needed.

    I am writing this review because I just stumbled upon this page and was
    laughing by reading the senseless reviews. If you are Indian, you must
    be proud because of the success of an Indian movie, If you are Hindu,
    you must be proud of your religion, it’s a privilege (you need some
    intelligence to understand this). Though India’s states represent
    Country, not State, I don’t see religious unity happening anytime soon,
    when Hindus themselves don’t know their religion, Good luck, make India
    great again!

  • PRASHAST SINGHMay 25, 2017Reply

    Baahubali 2: The Conclusion is indeed the beginning of great cinema, Indian Cinema.

    Movie: Baahubali 2: The Conclusion (UA)

    Rating: 5/5

    BAAHUBALI THE BEGINNING took entertainment and Indian cinema both to
    new heights. So obviously it raised the expectations from BAAHUBALI THE
    CONCLUSION. And undoubtedly, the conclusion lives up to every
    expectation and proves to be rather better than the Beginning. Largely
    because here we have every good element needed for a perfect film,
    present in this film. I watched the film twice on the big screen. Such
    great films should be seen on the big screen and not on pirated prints.

    BAAHUBALI THE CONCLUSION is a perfect film which defines Indian cinema
    and culture. This isn’t just a film, it’s a grand celebration that must
    be celebrated at theatres. We don’t get to see such great films daily.
    This film is really better than the Beginning because it offers more
    intensity, emotion, high voltage action, splendid visuals and
    goosebumps-inducing sequences. Even while watching it second time, I
    got goosebumps in certain sequences. This is really an unmissable
    family entertainer. There’s no vulgarity or obscenity in this film.
    Kids can definitely watch and enjoy this film.

    The best part of the film is…the entire film! I can’t describe in
    words how entertaining this film is and it’s really hard to choose only
    one or two scenes as favourite. SS Rajamouli proves himself yet again,
    along with his entire team. Every single character will be remembered
    in the history of Indian Cinema. Besides, there’s a lot of creativity
    visible in BAAHUBALI THE CONCLUSION. From the beginning to intermission
    to the end: each and every scene is 100% engaging and wonderfully shot.
    The action sequences are very enjoyable and perfectly executed. This is
    really the BEST action film ever, ever, ever.

    The visuals are breathtaking. Splendid and presented with sharp
    details, the visual effects make you fall in love with the film.
    Prabhas is as entertaining and excellent as usual. Rana Daggubati is
    excellent in his role. As a character you’ll hate him but as an actor
    you’ll salute him. Anushka Shetty impresses big time. Sathyaraj…I
    mean what an actor! His performance is absolutely perfect. The music is
    really good and will stay with you for long. Cinematography too
    deserves a special mention for capturing this film in an excellent way.
    And how can one forget to praise the writer Vijayendra Prasad, who
    wrote this epic? Just praising won’t do. A big salute!!!!!

    Undoubtedly, BAAHUBALI THE CONCLUSION is the best film of Indian
    Cinema. If you liked the beginning, you’ll definitely like the
    conclusion. Even if you didn’t, you’ll love this part. And I loved
    both. The Conclusion however is, as I said before, better than the
    Beginning. Come on, now don’t look at the negative reviews and watch
    this film in theatres with your family. And after watching it twice in
    theatre, I’m thinking about a third watch too…

  • RodneyBass74 .May 25, 2017Reply

    A Masterpiece from South India

    Best movie I have ever seen in my life. Not kidding. Hollywood has gone
    really stale. And it took a movie from South India to win my heart. The
    visuals, the music, the story , the characters…What an excellent
    team. I have to watch more of Rajamouli’s films. I am not sure why I
    see a slew of negative reviews all of a sudden. Maybe some spam
    accounts? Anyways, drop everything you have planned and go watch this

  • Saikat BoseMay 27, 2017Reply

    It’s really the awesome

    This movie is worth watching, it’s tremendous. The whole productions
    group really did a nice job, wow just wow, deserves praising. The movie
    is too good in terms of effects and actions, the presentation of the
    movie is quite good. I loved the movie, it is really the conclusion.
    The tittle is perfect and the movie is too good. Watch the movie you
    would love it if you try to understand it instead of criticizing it.

  • vs1983May 27, 2017Reply

    Mix of Old Mahabharata show with extra spices added

    How did these people spend so much money in making of this movie and
    ended up with VFX that looks like a work of child with a windows xp
    software. Tamil Fans from will love this movie. Nothing wrong with
    it… I am just stating the obvious. Someone who likes way too much
    masala and doesn’t care about the laws of physics and common sense;
    this movie is for them.

    Story: 5/10 Acting: 9/10 Direction: 4/10

    This movie is nowhere near a blockbuster.

  • PomegranateMay 27, 2017Reply


    ”Baahubali 2: The Conclusion” is a majestic movie, marvelous in each
    and every aspect. The story-line is incredible. It keeps the audience
    hanging on to each second. The grandiosity of the scenes and the
    time-line amidst generations are beautifully presented. The music is so
    soothing that one wants to replay the songs continuously and one falls
    in love with the arrangements, voices and what not. To put topping on
    the already perfect cake is the acting by its well-educated South
    Indian actors. The training that they have received for performing the
    roles is well evident in every scene. The best part of it all is
    Prabhas, the superstar of South Indian Cinema who is taking the world
    by storm. The direction by SS Rajamouli is crafted to perfection. This
    magnum opus deserves all the hype it is receiving and much more.

  • kalyan-srinivasMay 28, 2017Reply

    Only Telugu People can make this Grand Movie in the times when we are seeing annoyingly pathetic bollywood movies

    The main problem with Indians is they try to compare this movie with
    the high budget Hollywood movies, so judgemental. Indian audience
    should wake up and compare it with their own movies released till date
    against this one and you get the idea. The main reason this rating
    stays high is because IMDb takes frequent voter’s votes into main
    consideration, so there you have it. Many people loved it and if you
    don’t, you don’t need to rub your opinion on all the indians please.
    The rating shows the majority people loved it, deal with it instead of
    crying about the rating! I see some people are just content with the
    idiotic movies like ‘3 Idiots’ and trying to bash this breath of fresh
    idea and they cannot even pronounce ‘Telugu’, I have one suggestion for
    them, sort out your egotistical crying lives before it is too late!

  • Vaayu PutraMay 28, 2017Reply

    Milestone Movie

    Baahubali – The Beginning, was really great movie. Baahubali – The
    Conclusion is better than latter and made with great care. The movie is
    not just a movie but a great representation of our great culture, the
    power, the wealth, the art and the war. Especially the rituals, the
    knowledge and capability is depicted almost to reality. Nature shown in
    the movie is really appreciable, Bharath WAS that great with
    environment, the trees, plants, river and mountains (some remain now,
    until our culture is completely destroyed). I believe Sanskrith letters
    are invented to generated specific frequency for each specific letter
    when uttered, the Sanskrith HYMS used in movie and Sanskrith words used
    by any languages of movie made, makes sense and feels the intended
    message with the presentation.

    Great work has been made in film industry since the time film industry
    started, the very means of films is to present the story or history in
    a best way possible. I think film industry existence became complete,
    when Bharath culture was made as film and thats Baahubali. Overall it
    is great effort, would really appreciate the dedication and financial
    put in for making this movie.

    Wishing more success and more records brake !!! SAAHO !!!

  • Atom QuarkMay 28, 2017Reply

    A true masterpiece!

    This movie is a masterpiece that’ll be remembered for ages to come.
    This will be remembered as the movie that changed the history of Indian
    cinema forever! This is the movie that united entire India irrespective
    of barriers of states, languages and religions, which is proved from
    humongous collections of the movie all over the country.

    I rate each component as below,

    Graphics 9/10

    Music 9/10

    dialogue 9/10

    visuals 9/10

    acting 9/10

    story 10/10

    direction 10/10

    A must watch for everyone!!! Don’t miss it!!

  • ramyacusatMay 28, 2017Reply

    Absolutely fabulous movie!

    Bahubali, the beginning, was a good movie. I enjoyed watching it, but
    didn’t go back to it another time. But Bahubali 2 is fabulous! It keeps
    the audience entrenched and entertained! The dialogues are amazing!
    Please only watch the original Telugu or the Hindi remake, both of
    which have retained the style of the movie with classy dialogues
    (without overly translating it into Hindi). I also happened to watch
    the Tamil and Malayalam versions, and was very disappointed (because of
    over simplification of dialogues due to translations). The film has a
    great pace. Prabas, Ramya Krishnan, Satyaraj and Anushka Shetty have
    showcased great acting skills! Music is fantabulous, especially in
    Telugu. I can;t keep getting goosebumps when I hear ”Haisaaaa
    Rudrasaa”. Excellent movie that has done great and deserves all the

  • indiautubeMay 29, 2017Reply

    Action scenes disappointed

    I had watched the first part on small screen and was not impressed.
    There were unnecessary songs, action sequences were illogical and
    seemed unrealistic. Same holds true for part 2 as well. What I liked
    was the Special effects created scenery and palaces. Story was OK and I
    felt at times it was just pushed in a hurry. Irritating songs start
    anytime just like the first version. Biggest disappointment was action
    sequences. All action scenes seem unrealistic, have usual flavor of
    Bollywood/south Indian movies with typical over usage of slow motion
    and zero gravity. My genuine rating is 3 out of 10. But since it is
    overrated giving it 1 star

  • rohit aroraMay 30, 2017Reply

    typical masala trash

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Feroz Tarafder TantuMay 30, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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