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Baar Baar Dekho

Baar Baar Dekho

Sep. 09, 2016 India141 Min.
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Nitya Mehra



What would you do if you could see the future of your relationship? This film follows a roller coaster ride with Jai and Diya as they ride the ups and down of their relationship through the test of time.

Baar Baar Dekho
Original titlebaar baar dekho
IMDb Rating5.2 4,092 votes
TMDb Rating6.3 7 votes

(62) comments

  • lekhwaramitSeptember 8, 2016Reply

    awakening of a sub genre

    It is a must watch for everyone courtesy the crackling chemistry
    between the lead pair.The first half takes time to build but once the
    time travel track starts unfolding it gets interesting. From being a
    bachelor to a married man, Jai’s journey is worth investing your time
    into. The concept is simple – if you had a chance to look into your
    future and live those moments would you change your present and do
    anything differently or would you choose to go on the same path.

    The most important upshot of this movie is its style of filming humor
    and romance in a tickling way.It will definitely open a way for more
    sci-fi romance flicks in Bollywood.

  • prateekhemdevSeptember 9, 2016Reply

    The Trailer Itself!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • msaif-06955September 9, 2016Reply

    Not the greatest movies of all time well not even close to an average movie to be honest

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Filler RuthSeptember 9, 2016Reply

    Over exposed costumes of Katrina didn’t help this movie…..confusing story line ….

    This is a very important movie for Katrina after Fitoor. ”Fitoor” was a
    disaster and the performance of Katrina was very poor in that movie.
    That movie was a box office bomb and critically panned. But after that
    movie, it is very important for Katrina to give a hit movie to the
    audience. Maybe that’s why she choose the very overexposed costume to
    create some sex appeal. She is not a very good actress but this type of
    costume does not help dude! You have to choose good story and you have
    to be a good actress.

    This is the story of a couple and the movie is entirely a show of
    flashbacks and flash forwards. The movie is not a science fiction nor a
    time travel movie. A Very unusual storyline for a romantic movie. The
    beginning of the movie is good but after the interval when the twists
    revealed that was very confusing and the director mix up the emotions
    and the relation of the couple. Maybe the director confused how he ride
    the story with a flash forward story.The script and the screenplay were
    not convincing that’s why the problem occurred.

    Performance-wise Sidharth Malhotra as Jai was good. Katrina Kaif’s
    costume was sexy but her acting needs to develop. Just some butt
    shaking dance and overexposed costume do not make you star. Music was
    average and nothing to shout about. The direction was not good and the
    script was very choppy and not imposing.

    If you are a die-hard fan of Katrina and want to watch some sexy and
    appealing heroine this is for you. Otherwise not.

  • Udit-s-s-khuntiaSeptember 9, 2016Reply

    Go and watch the movie if you are a KATRINA FAN!!!!!!!!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • devesh_rupareliaSeptember 9, 2016Reply

    Amazing movie…. Bollywood is going places… shouldn’t miss this one

    Great love story. One of the best ones this year. Cinematography is
    brilliant, so are actors and story. Siddharth is on a roll this year,
    being a part of two of the best movies this year (my opinion) : Kapoor
    & Sons and Baar Baar Dekho. It’s wonderful to see Bollywood
    experimenting with this genre and way of storytelling. It’s original
    and refreshing. Not the usual masala clichéd movie. The movie is fun as
    well as deep. Music is wonderful as well.

    A smart movie with a great message as well as wonderful locations,
    great music, comic reliefs. Bollywood should keep making such films. A
    10/10 from mine side. Made our day.

  • binducherungathSeptember 9, 2016Reply

    Baar Baar Dekho is indeed based on great philosophies of life i.e. to live in present, to enjoy the small moments of life, and to have work-life balance.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Vinod kheerbatSeptember 9, 2016Reply

    Good Movie with message…

    The movie is good for movie buffs. Story idea is interesting. Story is
    engaging till end. At interval there was satisfaction of so good so far
    and curiosity for how the story will be concluded by the author in the
    end. Overall satisfied at the end I liked the moral of the story. Our
    life is the outcome of choices we make. We should learn to enjoy our
    present moment. Songs are likable. All performances are good enough.
    Katrina is lovely and Sidharth have acted reasonably well. The sets for
    time travel in future are futuristic. If not ‘barbar’ (over and over
    again) it is definitely worth ‘ek bar’ (once at least). More than half
    the audience remained seated till the song is the last was over with
    casting at the end.

  • Tejas NairSeptember 9, 2016Reply

    Ek Baar Dekho! ♦ Grade C-

    Debutante Nitya Mehra juxtaposes elements that are generally associated
    with science fiction, fantasy, and romance, and carves out a story that
    looks and feels very familiar to the audience at large.

    Jai (Sidharth Malhotra) is a Mathematics professor who is in a
    ridiculously long and maintained relationship with Diya (Katrina Kaif),
    a modern art painter who is never shown using a paintbrush, even once.
    Jai wants to continue the relationship with his childhood sweetheart,
    but considers his career more important. Since he is also slightly
    unorthodox and possibly agnostic, he kicks up a storm with the pandit
    (priest) regarding the ”saath phere” (”seven rounds around the holy
    fire which generally bonds marriages in Hindusim”). And we are told
    that this might be the cause why he dozes off after a life-changing
    tiff with Diya later that day and ends up waking up on his honeymoon,
    ten days later.

    Baar Baar Dekho is essentially NOT a time travel flick. Rather, it is a
    partly science fictional and fantasy narrative involving a man who is
    partially cursed by a Hindu priest to teach him a lesson why the ”saath
    phere” is important and why he should also focus on the small things in
    life. Jai flip-flops between his life, specifically touching the years
    2023, 2034, and 2047, which makes him realize what he’s been missing
    out and how his life would turn out to be if he continues to ”not focus
    on the small things in life.” Science fiction kicks in in terms of
    swanky, modular cars, sleek architectures, and good-looking technology.
    Having said that, it is also a romantic drama in part where Jai and
    Diya romance, and engage in matrimony, also unsuccessfully trying to
    embrace realism.

    The film starts off very jubilantly, with a ballad-like, tuneful song
    serenading the audience to the lives of the protagonists as they grow
    up to be the bearers of the story. It is a delight to watch Malhotra
    and Kaif maneuver their characters effortlessly, supported by
    well-directed co-stars whose primary attribute is an all-smiles, if not
    exaggerated, faces. Ms. Mehra writes the romance well, but falters in
    the second part when Jai has to learn lessons and apply them in his
    life to make things right. While the story is definitely inspired by
    Frank Coraci’s Click (2006) and Harold Ramis’ Groundhog Day (1993), one
    wonders if it reaches any of the levels broken by those two classics.
    Conclusively, the story is neither novel nor awe-inspiring.

    Malhotra is clueless throughout the film despite being a Mathematician
    who was last seen watching Ron Howard’s A Beautiful Mind (2001). His
    character is half-baked, while Kaif gets into a type of character that
    she is evidently very comfortable in. She is charming in the first
    half. Ram Kapoor and Sarika both are pleasing. Shout out to Rohan Joshi
    for debuting, and Sayani Gupta for laddering up.

    The film, if at all, teaches one to consider the small things in life
    and take merry in them, rather than working toward the big things,
    which may be too elusive and unworthy. Family is important than one’s
    job as our Jai finds out the hard way, even though he knows how much
    546 multiplied by 48 is. I know, that’s what Mathematicians in
    Cambridge do, right!? Multiplication!

    All in all, Baar Baar Dekho will work for an Indian viewer because
    there is enough dance and romance to get him through the first half.
    Even if he understands the concept, the second half is slightly boring
    and formulaic, with no importance given to his patience level, who may
    be forced to think why he didn’t go for Sohail Khan’s Freaky Ali (2016)

    BOTTOM LINE: Nitya Mehra’s Baar Baar Dekho is a film about a man’s
    fantasy which is caused by his ignorance to make him understand what
    life is. But, you know, one man’s fantasy is other man’s… Wait for
    DVD, and then rent it.

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

  • Bilal AmjadSeptember 9, 2016Reply

    Movie do justice to it’s Idea

    No doubt the idea of the movie is taken from Adam Sandler’s Click but
    the idea is utilized in a very supreme manner. Justice is served to the
    plot. Movie succeeds in conveying the message very clearly to its
    audience and deep emotional scene are done soulfully. Music of the
    movie is good and appropriately diffused in the movie that plays its
    part too very well. Idea is taken but different that keeps its audience
    indulge in the scenes and that’s the beauty how mystery is created and
    the person tries to solve and gets entertained throughout. You must
    watch if you are hard lover for Love Stories.. It will do the trick
    that you want.

  • Anish OzaSeptember 10, 2016Reply

    Decent Attempt

    Jai Verma (Sidharth Malhotra) is a Mathematician Professor who is
    looking to crack a fellowship application at Cambridge University. He
    has a perfect life, his girlfriend Diya (Katrina Kaif) loves him, a
    well paid job, social status and a high dream set to achieve. Jai wants
    to follow his career and Diya doesn’t want to leave India. When both
    are on the verge of getting married, Jai is confused and it all starts.

    There is No time machine and there isn’t any Science involved. So when
    Jai Verma travels ahead (10 days, 2 years, 16 and then 30) he gets an
    opportunity to save his married life and looks into the family life in
    a more genuine way. Jai then encounters that in life we should be happy
    in all the small moments that comes in our way. The best thing that
    this movie teaches is we should live in present rather than regretting
    about the past or thinking about the future.

    Although the story line is repetitive, narration presented by Nitya
    Mehra is unique. Director fails in many scenes.This is a typical
    Bollywood Masala movie with a mature script and well performance by
    their leads. Sidharth plays his character decently and Katrina as his
    companion is perfect. Both of them in many emotional scenes falls
    apart. But the movie losses grips in between.

    Since the movie is produced by Dharma Production and Excel, movie is
    lavish in its own way. Whether it be locations or Weeding Scenes
    everything is perfect. Music of the movie is already a ChartBuster and
    it adds value in the movie. Co-actors like Ram Kapoor, Sarika, Sayani
    Gupta etc, plays their respective role beautifully. Its a one time

  • Andy ChungSeptember 10, 2016Reply

    Awesome movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Ketan BharadwajSeptember 10, 2016Reply

    Fits in one time watch list

    A good attempt to present an out of Bollywood league love story which
    majorly covers the after marriage part. A guy travels to future and
    able to see the crisis those could happen and realizes the things need
    to be correct in present to stop disasters to happen. you will love the
    colorful outfits and exquisite locations. Also the screenplay is quite
    satisfying. Sidharth cozily played his character at various ages with
    tight grip. Katrina looks stunning and force you to keep your eyes on
    her charming face and well shaped bally. Movie lags in dialogues and
    fails to pull out the emotions from your heart. Ram Kappor seems to act
    over-enthaustic that hardly fits in story line. Music is pleasant and
    songs are placed at right moments. Nitya Mehra accomplished to present
    a nice, colorful screenplay. If you like off the road romance then this
    movie fits well in your one time watch list.

  • Shaurya BatraSeptember 10, 2016Reply

    A must one time watch.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Pritish MajumdarSeptember 10, 2016Reply

    Something out of the box

    the movie baar baar dekho is doing good in the theatres …after
    watching the movie i can say Mr karan Johar has directed in an
    spectacular. Something to the public of India . Though the concept is
    kinda unreal of skipping time …but the way it is been portrayed
    throughout that is really justified for the viewers to get wat the
    movie has conveyed. Romantic movie lovers would love it and the songs
    are awesome and in a nut shell something different and unique is here
    which should be appreciated.

  • seshtSeptember 10, 2016Reply

    Highlight reel: Choices we make, paths we take, words left unspoken

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Tamal ChakrabortySeptember 10, 2016Reply

    ‘Baar Baar Dekho’ – Ek baar hi dekho

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • meenumarySeptember 10, 2016Reply

    good ROMCOM

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Reza SaidSeptember 10, 2016Reply

    Unusual Romantic Drama with a Time Travel Concept

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • dsuresh2312September 10, 2016Reply

    Loved it…bollywood is definitely reaching Hollywood standards..

    I usually do not write reviews but i felt writing it..We can say
    Bollywood is definitely reaching Hollywood standards..though there are
    glimpses of Bollywood drama..but all in all it is perfect movie to

    I usually do not write reviews but i felt writing it..We can say
    Bollywood is definitely reaching Hollywood standards..though there are
    glimpses of Bollywood drama..but all in all it is perfect movie to

    I usually do not write reviews but i felt writing it..We can say
    Bollywood is definitely reaching Hollywood standards..though there are
    glimpses of Bollywood drama..but all in all it is perfect movie to

  • Ankit Singh SaunSeptember 10, 2016Reply

    Movie ko dekhne ka bhi mat socho.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • zennirvanaSeptember 11, 2016Reply

    Shallow, Meaningless drag, torture of 2 hours

    Now, I have seen thousands of movies and this one wins the award for
    the Worst Movie of All time (at least for last three decades) Script is
    so poorly written it starts to show of after 7 minutes in the movie.
    You just can’t miss it.

    One of the saddest part of the movie is that it JUST DRAGS … Bringing
    home a point that one must look at finer, smaller aspects of your
    family like moments with your kids and spouse, took the Director 2
    hours. REALLY 2 hours. Something that a well read Director or story
    teller can cover in less than 10 minutes!! My 10 year son does a better
    job in story telling! In particular the issues that I noted: 1. Poor
    Acting. Almost every second scene in the movie is poorly acted. And the
    script is so weak that it starts to HURT you. Ex. Head of the
    department calls Jai Varma from Cambridge and neither explains why Jai
    has any merit. (Just saying his Vedic Math paper was great!!)

    2. Script lacks any thought process or it is so shallow. 3. Why Jai
    Varma is a maths genius is not explained – I would love to stay in a
    land where just saying ”Mathematics meri zindagi hai” could make
    someone one a Maths Genius 4. Attention to detail is not something that
    Karan Joahr and team have even heard of. Surprised to see Excel
    Entertainment agreed to back this kind of project that lacks an iota of

    How could a Time Travel movie be so lack bland is unfathomable. You
    will definitely yawn with all Neighbors at the Theatre – that’s a
    promise of the movie.

  • umashankar patiSeptember 11, 2016Reply

    Worst movie of all time!!!

    Baar Baar Dekho Is not at all Baar Baar Dekho😡 Concept was considerable
    but Poor direction,lack of good direction was the reason behind the
    movies’s failure.👎👎 Acting was Siddharth was good but Katrina as usual
    bad,but in this movie it was worst. Songs and music is well to do!!
    Full of complexity.😡 Time travel or THOUGHT TRAVEL to some extent was
    good but due to stretching it more,the movie became a total mess.👎👎 But
    to appreciate the climax it was amazing. The last 10 mins of the movie
    was quite good. So in short this movie is not at all Massy. Limiting
    only to the limited group of audience mostly to the youngsters.
    Direction -2* Music-3* Screenplay-2* My Rating 3/10.👎👎

  • pranayjalviSeptember 11, 2016Reply

    Baar Baar Dekho is an ‘Ek Baar Dekho’ affair

    Baar Baar Dekho is hardly even a bird’s eye view of the new
    generation’s choices and desires. Its philosophy lacks strength and
    gloss takes the centre stage right from the beginning.But, if you stop
    taking it seriously then it may provide you some happy moments in
    exchange. At the box office, the film’s narrative will appeal only to
    the selected multiplex audience while the masses will find it difficult
    to relate to the movie.In all, watch Baar Baar Dekho if you swear by
    the newer, fitter, leaner, hotter Katrina Kaif and her abs. There’s
    nothing much to watch otherwise. I would go with 2.5/5 for this great
    but failed attempt.

  • veenarajeeSeptember 11, 2016Reply

    Ome time watch!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Anup APu KumarSeptember 11, 2016Reply

    It has problem , but its good.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Thomas MathewsSeptember 11, 2016Reply

    Baar Baar Dekho has lessons for life but very little to entertain!

    Baar Baar Dekho: Rewind, Forward, Rewind and Dekho!

    Reviewer’s Thumb Mark

    Nitya Mehra’s ‘Baar Baar Dekho’ is an earnest attempt to tell that life
    in the ‘Here and Now’ is more beautiful than in the past and the
    future; therefore, stay in the ‘Here and Now’. And it is the most
    challenging task for many of us because the past haunt us and the
    future is too promising and hence, we lose sight of the present. In the
    quest of making the future ‘picture perfect’ we avoid ‘the moment’ in
    hand that can give us assured happiness than the one in the future.

    Nitya Mehra’s lead protagonist Jai Varma gets baffled to find himself
    time traveling and seeing visuals of his life in the future that can
    make him lose and ruin his personal life. Shuttling from past, future
    and the present Jai Varma learns the most important lessons of life to
    stay happy and make it worthy. Through Jai Varma and his lady love Diya
    Kapoor aka DK we also time travels and tries to pick up possible
    challenges and mistakes we are committing or may commit. In due course
    of time in the movie hall many of us may end up realizing the
    importance of the ‘Here and Now’ and may also decide to ‘Baar Baar
    Dekho’ our life to escape or deal with the impending danger of losing
    out the subtle happiness present in our life.

    The story of ‘Baar Baar Dekho’ hovers around two childhood friends Jai
    and Diya who are about to get married but are locked up in a dilemma
    because Jai wants to focus more on his professional life and career. He
    doesn’t want to lose the most cherished offer of pursuing his research
    on Vedic mathematics in the prestigious universities like Harvard and
    Cambridge. And he gets more perplexed and finds himself on the
    crossroads whether to say yes or no to Diya when he receives one such
    offer from his most liked university and that too a few days before his
    marriage. Shattered by Jai’s reluctance to get married, Diya walks out
    of her newly bought fully furnished apartment by her rich father Mr.
    Kapoor (Boman Irani) leaving behind Jai to deal with his dilemma. A
    drunken Jai wakes up to find himself in a different time zone that is
    ten days after his marriage in Thailand celebrating his honeymoon with
    Diya. This leap of time zones continues from 10 days, two years, 16
    years and then 34 years ahead.

    The debutante director Nitya Mehra along with her writer friends Sri
    Rao and Anuvab Pal in the haste of telling us life philosophies forgot
    or may have missed the importance of entertaining the audience by
    etching out fully each characters in the movie and creating moments and
    scenes to get convinced to what they want to convey as a message. For
    instance, Jai doesn’t appear as a selfish and self-centered boy, lover
    and a husband; there are no sufficient family moments to show their
    relationship turbulence; the parents and friends are having very less
    role in the whole happenings shown in the leaps of time zones and there
    is not a single moment of humour in any of the frames. Unfortunately,
    the most attempted concept of time travel in Hollywood could have been
    done much better by the team of ‘Baar Baar Dekho’ which they missed by
    a whisker. Sarika (Mom of Diya), Ram Kapoor, Rajit Kapur (Pandit),
    Sayani Gupta (Common Friend) are good in their respective roles but
    deserved more space in the plot to justify their roles. When Dharma and
    Excel join hands it’s bound to give a damn good look to their movie and
    we find it here too with fine production values. Ravi K Chandran’s
    cinematography holds your attention and the locations are very

    Katrina Kaif as Diya Kapoor looks stunning but doesn’t look or act
    differently from rest of her movies. She has a copycat effect which she
    may need to work on. Siddharth Malhotra as Jai Varma is handsome and is
    left with no choice but to remain bewildered throughout the movie
    because of the untimely and unexpected time zone leaps he encounters.
    He does age because of the expensive and sophisticated prosthetics but
    could have supported the same by his acting skills which he fails to
    pay attention to.

    In short, Baar Baar Dekho has lessons for life but very little to
    entertain. Though, the film ends with the already hit item song ‘Kaala
    Chasma’ you walk out with a clear lens to revisit your life with a
    resolve to be worthy of what you have in your life in the ‘Here and
    Now’ and live each day at a time. Go and watch ‘Baar Baar Dekho’ but
    not ‘Baar Baar’ only once!

    Movie Rating: 6/10

    Cast: Sidharth Malhotra (Jai Varma), Katrina Kaif (Diya Kapoor),
    Sarika, Ram Kapoor, Sayani Gupta (Chitra), Rajit Kapur, Rohan Joshi,
    Taaha Shah Badusha (Tarun) Genre: Romance Director: Nitya Mehra
    Producers: Hiroo Yash Johar, Karan Johar, Ritesh Sidhwani, Farhan
    Akhtar Written by: Anvita Dutt (Dialogues) Screenplay: Nitya Mehra,
    Anuvab Pal, Sri Rao Story by: Sri Rao Music by: Amaal Mallik, Arko,
    Badshah, Jasleen Royal, Bilaal Saeed Cinematography: Ravi K Chandran
    Edited by: Amitabh Shukla Production: Dharma Productions, Excel
    Entertainment Distributor: Eros International Release Date: 9th
    September, 2016 Duration: 141 Minutes Language: Hindi

  • Ankush SinglaSeptember 12, 2016Reply

    Brave enough to get the Message.

    well well Bollywood is not familiar with such kinda story. but i must
    say this is a very good attempt, although it is not so much
    entertaining but you will definitely see a very different type of story
    with a strong message about life, like your what is more important to
    you in life. Simply you don’t know when your life is over..ENJOY THE
    EACH MOMENT..Katrina play good role , Siddhartha feel like lost in this
    movie, do not just see the movie feel it,live it and know, what the
    director want us to see.overall i will say to you its a one time watch
    at-least. Songs are good its flows as per the story and there are lots
    of week points in the movie. Over ALL it is good for one time watch.

  • Muhammad AteeqSeptember 12, 2016Reply

    Good Indian Version of Groundhog day..

    Despite the fact ”Baar Baar Dekho” is the remake of Hollywood
    blockbuster movie Groundhog day but a brave move by the movie maker to
    put such an experimental movie in Indian cinema. ”Baar Baar Dekho” is a
    twisted movie and very well scripted but for the Indian box office it
    will fade out because the audience is still not ready for such
    ”Hollywood” standards movies. Indian cinema still works on commercial
    movies like Dilwale, Rowdy Rathore, Dabang or movies which are full of
    unrealistic stories with unnecessary songs. So do watch it for a movie
    that could be much more better in terms of acting and direction but a
    nice movie for those families which not spend value-able time with each

  • gauravleoheartSeptember 12, 2016Reply

    I loved the movie and i am an employed fiancé and a dreamer like him.

    I loved the movie. I know there are too many good movies out there and
    too many movies just to entertain but i was obliged to write this
    review only because i saw too many people criticizing about the movie.
    Katrina Kaif did a great job. I hadn’t expected much from her but i see
    her getting maturing her skills here. It was a great script even though
    it’s a copy of a Hollywood movie, nonetheless well done because not all
    of us get to see all Hollywood movies.

    Songs were very very nice, from party songs to romantic. I watched with
    my fiancé and although for her she had some trouble relating to Sid but
    again like Sid, we all Indians do almost without noticing i.e, working
    too hard for our kids for our own future and forget to live in moments
    and spread joy to people around.

    I would suggest you to watch if you are an adult and work. For kids, it
    might be boring but again not all movies are for all audiences. Also,
    it was a good attempt to show future world.

  • zydiqbalSeptember 12, 2016Reply

    It has a good message … which I think people failed to see

    I really liked this movie, for me it was a reminder that time has been
    passing by too fast in my life, its because I just want the days to
    pass by while these moments in life are hard to get, I think others
    couldn’t relate to the movie because it discussed about a marriage
    life,but even in other aspects, if you stop and think about it the
    movie did show a lot regarding that too, I liked it, its not an awful
    movie even if you don’t get it, it can be a good time-pass movie as
    well if you couldn’t relate. Id definitely come to a part in life where
    id want to watch this movie again. As a reminder. Lives up to the name
    for me.

  • oazamSeptember 12, 2016Reply

    Ek Baar Dekho. Average movie at best with an incoherent script and mediocre direction

    After watching the trailer for this movie, my excitement level started
    to build up because it was interesting and something new. but this time
    after watching the movie, I felt that this isn’t something worth
    waiting for. You will feel that this isn’t movie that will cater to the
    masses especially as a movie goer. Very incoherent script which started
    off well but drags on after interval. The direction was too mediocre in
    the sense that the angles were bleak at some point of time. The acting
    was pretty good and finally Kaif has managed to present a proper role
    unlike in her previous film Fitoor. It’s a good thing that Karan Johar
    and Farhan Akhtar have teamed up for this film but they should’ve been
    a bit more cautious with this movie in terms of story and casting. You
    will get the one time watch feeling after watching this.

    Positives in the film 1) Music- Amaal Malik, Jasleen Royal, Arko, and
    Baadshah have managed to deliver finesse soundtracks for this movie.
    Kala Chashma and Nachde me Saare are songs which I have been constantly
    listening to on a loop. 2) Performances- Katrina Kaif has finally given
    her best performance after such a long time. She was cute and very
    socialized and excited in this movie. Siddharth Malhotra’s role was
    great during first half but then it takes a 360 degree turn post
    interval in which it proves to that he couldn’t just raise the bar
    until the climax of the film. Even Ram Kapoor, Sarika, Sayani Gupta,
    Rajit Kapur, and Rohan Joshi have managed to give good performances in
    their respective roles.

    Negatives in the film 1) Story and Screenplay- Very simple and easy to
    usher. I felt that Nitya didn’t need to reverse the subplot in the
    middle of the movie because adding subplots will just drag it and make
    the story very uninteresting. The screenplay was not bad but the
    dialogues fell a bit into place and some were deviated from this rom
    com. Very muddled type of plot. 2) Direction and Cinematography- Ravi K
    Chandran is one of my favorite DOP’s in the Bollywood industry and he
    did great camera work but the Angeles he was consulted to shoot upon
    was a bit of a letdown. The direction was poor in such of excessive
    close ups and long shots which weren’t needed.

    Overall, this movie is just above average with good music and
    performances but the poor direction and incoherent script brought the
    film down which is why Baar Baar Dekho is a one time watch (Ek Baar
    Dekho) or worth watching on Netflix. I feel that this film is kind of
    like the loose adaptation of Adam Sandler’s click but obviously with no

  • ([email protected])September 12, 2016Reply

    Baar Baar Dekho : India’s reply to Hollywood

    Let me elucidate first that I have not been remunerated by Nitya
    Mehra/Karan Johar/Farhan Akhtar/Katrina Kair/Siddharth Malhotra to
    write this review about BAAR BAAR DEKHO. With an assurance that 99% of
    people will not be in agreement to my review nor they will like the
    movie, I am still writing the below lines being completely aware and
    alert. I have not yet read a single constructive assessment with
    reference to ‘BAAR BAAR DEHO’ yet. BAAR BAAR DEHO is Bollywood’s reply
    to movies like A Beautiful Mind and Inception. Certainly, my friends
    will say that how I can compare this to a master piece like Inception.
    My answer is ‘Yes’, I do dare to. People have developed tendency to
    accept hypothetical sequences in Hollywood Movies, but if someone in
    Bollywood dares to do the equivalent thing in this category, then he
    will by no means be esteemed for Sure. ”Life is assimilation of tiny
    moments of cheerfulness and ecstasy, JINDEGI KI CHHOTI CHHOTI CHEEZON
    KO SAMAJHNA SIKHO”. This is the premise on which ‘BAAR BAAR DEKHO’ has
    been urbanized. Life does not give you a supplementary chance to
    rectify it; actually it gives countless chances to refurbish it. Poor
    we, who have mastered the art of ignoring the instructive clues offered
    by life. This movie is not about Siddharth Malhotra or Katrina, it’s
    about the story and direction presented by the creator and director of
    this movie. In case you watch this movie, I assure you that you will at
    least say 4 times that ”What the hell is going on”. There is a strong
    probability that you can go semi bald till interval in this movie by
    developing a warning sign of Trichotillomania (hair-pulling disorder),
    but if you continue to exist till interval and can complete the movie,
    then YES, you may appreciate the message that the movie attempts to
    deliver. If you can understand the message given by this movie, then
    YES you are one step nearer to a more contented life than what you
    have. I would declare that I would have missed one of the best
    Bollywood movie if I would not have watched BAAR BAAR DEKHO.

  • jkt2006September 12, 2016Reply

    Loved it!!

    So refreshing a movie, it was almost a surprise!! To the folks who have
    dismissed it as a TIME TRAVEL movie have obviously not understood it.
    It is NOT time travel but mind travel, or, simply speaking thought
    travel that makes the main character realize the value of his real love
    and what all he would want out of that relationship. Never in Hindi
    cinema has this concept been tried. There is no scientific explanation
    given to the fact as to why and how, and it is not even relevant, IF
    you try to understand and grasp the story line. Hats off to the new
    lady director who decided to take this one as a challenge, and has done
    a brilliant job. Watch this one with your girl/boyfriend, or even
    family, totally worth your time. I loved every minute of it. The songs
    and dance sequences are awesome too.

  • tanzinakuSeptember 12, 2016Reply

    Excellent story and brilliantly done.

    Excellent story. There are so much to learn about love after marriage.
    And the idea of this type of story is kind of new in India. So, many
    people will find it difficult to understand. But if you just think
    about the flow of the story and what it tries to tell you instead of
    how this happened or whats the logic of this this and that, you will
    find this movie a hit one. After all Indian movies are all about love
    and magic.The actor has done a good job. The locations and time
    sequences of this movie will take you to a new age. The songs are
    super. Specially ”do asmano ko”. The link between pandit and all the
    time travel ideas are brilliantly done. Here, a religious idea of
    marriage, the culture of is pictured nicely. This will en light the
    young generation about marriage.Carry on…

  • M BSeptember 12, 2016Reply

    Not so bad

    I frankly don’t understand why everyone is hating this movie so much.
    Although the acting by Katrina Kaif isn’t very amazing, the film was
    still fun to watch. Although the ending was a bit disappointing, I
    think that the first 3/4th of the film was worth watching. Most
    importantly, the film taught us how we should value the present.
    Although I initially thought it would be similar to the Time traveler’s
    wife, there was no time travel involved here. Siddharth Malhotra’s
    acting was way better than his other films. He genuinely seemed
    concerned about saving his marriage.Lastly, everyone who enjoys
    watching romantic chick flicks should go and watch this movie!

  • chitresh guptaSeptember 13, 2016Reply

    One of the Coolest RomCom of the Year

    A Well made film in all respects. As per performances, Sidharth
    Absolutely masterclass Performance…Sri Rao Amazing Story. simply
    amazing. Couldn’t resist Katrina’s abs and caught the first day, second
    show of BaarBaarDekho – two words: loved it! Starts slow, second half
    fab. An understated Rom-com with the feels plus a career-defining
    performance by Sidharth. Katrina is efficient but has fewer dialogues.
    Kudos Nitya Mehra for creating a believable future world with small
    touches. Nitya Mehra is Outsatnding, Sharp & Crispy editing, Production
    Designing is Classy ! Hats-off to PD Team. Cinematography is eye
    catching, Beautiful Sets & foreign locations specially in Thailand,
    Background Score is first rate, Music is already Chart-buster, One of
    the Coolest RomCom of the Year. Strongly Recommended to all of u. Youth
    will go gaga over this flick. Go for it !! 9.5*/10*

  • alroydSeptember 13, 2016Reply

    Amazing concept and a movie that tells you something

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Sauradeep DeySeptember 13, 2016Reply

    New concept, no-nonsense non-masala movie

    I can’t boast of writing many movie reviews in my lifetime, but the
    IMDb average rating of Baar Baar Dekho as 5.5/10 shocked me, to say the

    That this movie got such a low rating in spite of having a new concept
    and beautiful presentation, is what’s absolutely WRONG WITH THIS
    COUNTRY (and the star reviewers who have no idea of good movies)!

    This movie was relatable, and didn’t have boring double-meaning poor
    comedic dialogues. This movie didn’t have MASALA and this irked many
    Star Reviewers who only felt ”kala chasma” was the best part of the
    movie (which explains their poor taste).

    I watched this movie with zero expectations, as I never felt Katrina
    could act well. But, I was pleasantly surprised to see a new side of
    katrina. She blended in well with the character and there was no
    overacting, which other bollywood melodramatic crap movies have.

    An amazing light-hearted movie with such a good and novel concept, is
    quite comparable to good Hollywood movies.

    We can’t always expect an Inception-like movie, but what Bollywood
    offered in this movie was wonderful.

  • PramitheusSeptember 13, 2016Reply

    Different from masala Bollywood love stories.

    Truth be said I was nowhere interested to see this movie after watching
    the trailer because this concept has been done many times and there is
    nothing new to it. Then came the video song for ”Tere Khair Mangdi” and
    Siddharth Malhotra’s expressions hooked me in and I was interested to
    see whether he has done something different. So I just went it with
    very low expectations but I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Now when I
    came to rate this movie I was shocked to see such a low rating so I
    think I should give in my input for people who haven’t seen it yet.
    Story wise the movie is what you are expecting if you have seen
    Hollywood movies where a love-story is mixed with time travel. The
    highlight of the movie is Siddharth Malhotra. He gives a surprisingly
    emotional and soulful performance depicting each age in the time-line.
    The cinematography is brilliant. Every bit of the chaos called marriage
    is shown brilliantly and the confusion which Sid’s character, Jai is
    having is shown articulately. Now with such amazing direction and
    camera-work the one who fails and had so much room to work is Katrina
    Kaif. She is still short on how to emote and she is absolutely not at
    par with Siddharth. Ram Kapoor and Sarika stroll through their roles.
    Rohan Joshi gets his Bolly debut. Though a bit stiff, he does his best.
    My honest suggestion is to give it a watch because it is a refreshing
    change to the already beaten down formula of Bollywood’s take on
    romance and love.

  • devendratapdiaSeptember 14, 2016Reply

    Different and definitely fun

    Title suits perfectly, as character Jai (Siddharth) is given a chance
    to correct his life in time travel. Something different from regular
    crappy movies. Definitely watchable, at least once. Loved the
    technology predictions for future used as part of movie. For Acting,
    Siddharth has done great job, while Katrina could have improved.
    Overall its a great learning to take from movie and also a fun watch.
    Never felt in whole time while watching movie to step out. Songs are
    well placed. Movie could is kind of faster as it feels small time is
    given to most scenes in particular age of his, should have been little
    more. I liked the movie.

  • rayhantemptationSeptember 15, 2016Reply

    BBD is an excellent Hollywood types movie. It’s no masala film and it is certainly only for people looking for Hollywood standard movies!

    BBD is a real nice movie, if not the best. Screenplay could have been
    better but it is not bad at all. The film conveys a very good message.
    Though the message is not unique, it is represented nicely. MAYBE the
    director could have made the screenplay little bit better but it is
    still awesome. Sid played his role at his best. On other hand, Kat
    should have worked little more on her accent. lol. But otherwise, she
    looked gorgeous and acted decently. The plot is fantastic. Majority of
    Indians want masala movies with vulgar scenes, dance songs every 15
    mins, superhuman level action and love stories at extreme. They simply
    don’t want something new. The movie is based on time travel through
    imagination. The point was not to show people the love between Diya and
    Jay but how important is each moment in your life. Most of the people
    are unhappy with the film because it lacks best dialogue, it lacks
    heart touching romanticism, and most importantly the new concept of
    representing a message. That’s fine. Legendary movies like Nolan’s
    Inceptions and Interstellar does not have any such masala material in
    them. Yet they are awesome. I’d say the audience in India still need
    years of exposure into better sense of taste to understand what this
    movie is about. And then people will always hate what they don’t
    understand. Simple.

  • amit1717September 15, 2016Reply

    A Movie for Hollywood and Anime fans

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • vpvishalpandey508September 17, 2016Reply

    It touches my heart. Just Loved this movie

    I usually don’t write reviews on movie but I compelled to write it
    because this movie touches my heart very deeply. Kudos to the director
    and the scriptwriter who came with this concept and the presentation is
    beyond excellence. I’ve read that this movie don’t get a good response
    that’s compelled me to write this review. I give 10/10 to this movie.

    Siddhart Malhotra and Katrina Kaif war fabulous and the Song ‘Khair
    mangadi’ is simply superb. I’ll remember this movie for so long time I

    It’s been a while watching this kind of movie. A seer talent and
    creative. I give 10/10 to this movie. A must watch.

  • Muzamil AbbasSeptember 17, 2016Reply

    Good movie with a Strong message

    despite of copying the idea of Hollywood movie butterfly effect, baar
    baar dekho is still a good movie. Sidhart really did justice with the
    character. Over all the idea of movie is all about, what if you could
    go back in your life and take the other path? What if there’s an
    alternate life for you somewhere, out there, where your choices for
    living leads you to a better reality, a happier and more fulfilling
    existence? What i like the most is that this movie has a happy and
    strong ending with a great message for all, especially for the young
    generation, who is confused about their life, their careers and their
    family. This is the movie to watch and it will definitely give an
    answer to your question that what should you do to be happy and live a
    balance life.

    7 for me. I will definitely recommend you to go and watch it. Highly
    recommended to young generation… !

  • AnukoolSeptember 17, 2016Reply

    A must watch Sci-Fi Time-Travel in Hollywood Style!!

    WoW! This is it! A fresh Love Story flavored with other genres to give
    a new blended flick. A thumbs up to Dharma Productions for bringing
    something different from the leek. So starting with the review about
    Movie : Baar Baar Dekho is a Rom-com with sci-fi and time travel as the
    toppings over it. Simple love story between Katrina and Siddharth,
    which have different expectations from their life and how they
    compromise. Coming to acting : Sid did a great job by portraying
    different parts of himself. His performance was indeed appealing.
    Katrina also acted well, but her size zero was not at all delight to
    eyes. her flaunting of abs was a disgust.

    Coming to songs : This movie has got all the catchy and beautiful
    songs. Shot at the exotic locations. Kala Chashma was the USP of the
    movie, along with Sau Aasman, Nach dene Saare, Kho Gaye Hum Kaha and
    Khair Mangdi. Each and every song was perfectly shot and well
    synchronized. Beautiful playback voices with great lyrics made all this
    possible. Songs wont go out of your mind for few days. Coming to
    Direction : KJo’s prod house made very well efforts to give you the
    glimpse of the future in present. The technology presented in the
    movie,take us to the upcoming time and make us think that this is going
    to come in near 20 years and how we will deal with it. All our life
    will turn up to materialistic is the bitter truth presented.

    Movie gives you 3 takeaways- 1. Live every second of your life now, and
    right now, nobody know about future. 2. Life always gives you a second
    chance, utilize it well if unable to do in 1st. 3.Give priority to your
    family before job, job will end at age of 60, but family won’t!

    So this was it, you will feel the same too after watching the movie
    which gives this teaching in a entertaining way! Happy watching!

  • bhattaswagatoSeptember 17, 2016Reply

    Enjoyed this comedy romantic sci-fi Hindi movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • parveenchandra11September 18, 2016Reply

    Ek baar dekh lo

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sanjeevkocharSeptember 18, 2016Reply

    A unique movie with emotions

    Baar Baar Dekho is the kind of movie which fits in special emotional
    minds, the minds who have time for emotions, the minds who are not
    always in hurry, though we all can sit, but we sits only for disasters
    movies , pity, crime or so called true stories of disasters, we can sit
    to see depression, because we see situations are similar with our
    minds, but we cant see a man imagining the suppression. Baar baar dekho
    is a unique movie of a very talented director, movies goes slowly it
    happens with these kinds of movies but the unique thing is director
    tried to make the people exciting in many scenes, but it seems director
    himself is very emotional, honest loving mind who want people to see
    and enjoy his movie, i wish him best of luck for future keep making
    movies like Baar Baar dekho, Thanks

  • narulalakshya21September 18, 2016Reply

    Very very bad movie!

    Once again Katrina shows that she doesn’t know acting. People felt into
    the movie makers’ trap by seeing the Kala Chasma song. A very bad
    movie, not well directed and obviously not well copied. Don’t watch
    this movie as long as no one’s paying something you to watch.

    On the whole, this movie is not decent enough to watch the first time.
    Don’t waste your money people.

    And also for more decent reviews, check out the Indian based websites

    I have now started finding better movies through It
    not only suggests great movies to watch but also tells where you can
    watch the movie online….Highly recommended.

  • chiragsharma-14930September 20, 2016Reply

    its not worthy too much

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • choprasunisthaSeptember 24, 2016Reply

    Very Touching

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Yesha BhavsarSeptember 24, 2016Reply

    definitely eight stars

    This movie definitely deserves 8 stars. Unfortunately people who are
    looking for an item number from Katrina are disappointed. The whole
    point of this movie was to make a very important point and that is ‘all
    of us have a chance to make things right and put family friends and
    careers in a priority order and you will know what matters’ It is bit
    like the movie ‘Live, Die, repeat’.

    I loved Katrinas acting (although this is the first time) but she
    totally portrays the image of a frustrated house wife coping with her
    husband and kids. In every stage of Jai’s life he has a choice which
    either brings him closer to his dreams and further away from his
    family. And that frustration and confusion shows in Siddharth Malhotras

    I totally agree with the plot coz today as individuals we put our
    future in accordance to how well educated and capable we are of earning
    the big buck but we forget how important family and friends are at
    every point of our lives. You can’t have everything in your life but
    you can decide what is more important. It is important to balance life
    out either way.

    The movie is sort of dragging after the interval. But it all comes
    together when you find out how his career and lack of responsibilities
    in the house has done to him. I think I loved the plot and the acting
    was amazing by everyone. And I would like to watch movies like these
    more often.

    So well done crew you did an amazing job!

  • JDSeptember 30, 2016Reply

    One Awesome Movie!

    Very surprised at the low rating. I thought this movie would turn out
    to be a blockbuster after I saw it. I am a very selective movie watcher
    and I simply adored this movie. It captures the essence of how to live
    life more fully and what matters the most eventually. Very dramatically
    sequenced. The characters seem real, the direction is great, the story
    moves at a fast pace. Lots of surprises and twists to keep you hooked.
    Overall its great entertainment and leaves you with food for thought.
    Whoever created the storyline, the direction, the script and whatever
    goes into movie making did a great job! Watch it with your family.
    Everyone should see it at least once. Would watch it again!

  • Insaaf JacobsOctober 6, 2016Reply

    Wonderful movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Rajesh SharmaJanuary 16, 2017Reply

    Well Recommended to Watch

    For the first 15 minutes it seem regular Bollywood movie but then it
    changes in a way that touched my heart. Despite of copying the idea
    from Hollywood movie, ”Baar Baar Dekho” is really a well recommended
    movie which shares a very strong message and Truth that almost everyone
    wants to find in real life.

    I don’t follow Sidharth & Katrina but I must mention that both have
    done good job. Songs of this movie is also awesome especially ”Dariya”,
    ”Kho Gaye Hum Kahaan” & ”Kaala Chashma”.

    I will totally recommend this movie to everyone who aims high and will
    do anything to achieve their goals. They should not miss out small yet
    important things of life.

  • dupenbabbarJanuary 21, 2017Reply

    Watch it for once !

    Definitely an attempt to make a movie that is something different.
    Though To be honest it’s not well executed. Some people actually
    couldn’t understand the plot that’s why rated it so low. But this is a
    definite one time watch. Something unique that you will see very rarely
    in Bollywood. Do watch it and try to feel the moments to get it to its
    best. Every time we complain why don’t Bollywood try something unique
    something out of the league but the truth is when it does we people
    don’t care to watch it. You may like it or may not but do watch it for
    once because it is an effort to be appreciated. Hope to see such movies
    coming out again though with better execution.

  • DipoJanuary 22, 2017Reply

    Boring and total disappointed

    Why India makes science fiction ? Oh sorry its not science fiction its
    a pure drama and romantic movie. Bullshit ! Its a worst movie i have
    ever seen. bad story, acting, script was also silly. if IMDb had -point
    system then i give it -10. I waste 2hours in my life for this movie.
    some songs are perfect but story was very slow. When i was watching it
    i said myself when it was finished and set free. Finally i finished it
    and come to IMDb and check this rating. Why people like it ? Why India
    makes science fiction ? Oh sorry its not science fiction its a pure
    drama and romantic movie. Bullshit ! Its a worst movie i have ever
    seen. bad story, acting, script was also silly. if IMDb had -point
    system then i give it -10. I waste 2hours in my life for this movie.
    some songs are perfect but story was very slow. When i was watching it
    i said myself when it was finished and set free. Finally i finished it
    and come to IMDb and check this rating. Why people like it ?

  • rockk93February 27, 2017Reply

    Great example of offbeat idea executed by unimaginative people.

    This movie is a great example of a nice premise, a reasonably well
    written original script that fell in the hands of ordinary directors
    and screenwriters who added tonnes of clichéd moments stemming from
    lack of imagination and originality. Setting a movie in the future is
    new for India and they had the chance of showcasing something
    interesting to people, yet the final product, while has novelty, is so
    frustratingly silly, it becomes extremely tiring towards the end.
    Sidharth, while fervent, looks unconvincing in his old age avatars, so
    does Katrina. The background score is all over the place, traversing
    through every musical zone possible, and ending up as a soulless mashup
    of scores taken from multiple movies. The film could’ve had a unique
    and path breaking identity, yet it wasted a good premise. I’m
    controlling the urge to give it a way lower rating than it actually
    deserves. A solid 4 out of 10. Original idea executed by unoriginal

  • ronibravosinhaMarch 4, 2017Reply

    mathematics of life: be happy in small things,collections of this will make it big

    This was a nice rejoice for me after my exams were over.The story is
    not so simple to predict,so the people who wants unexpected twists and
    turns will love it,it is difficult to connect with the story in the
    beginning but as the movie develops the picture gets clearer and
    clearer.The message resides in the small things and happiness to give a
    chance rather than big and heavy one,which sometimes can take you away
    from your own time. Coming on to story-Jay loves Diya and wants to
    marry her in a small pomp&show type marriage and wants to pursue
    mathematics as his life but both things come in his way fighting each
    other and with every sleep he skips-10 days,2 yrs,16 yrs and similarly
    until he finds his error and omit it and ends up returning back in time
    and marrying Diya.

    Final review:It would be difficult to survive for most of the people
    but as mathematics ,proffesion and love life is a field of interest and
    the combination is marvellous I would rate it high.Try it once,being

  • nama chakravortyMarch 17, 2017Reply

    Makes Only Half Good Use Of Its Fascinating Concept!

    Back To The Future, anyone? Remember how magically that Cult-Classic
    took us & its lovable protagonist ahead & back in time, only to be
    delighted with pure cinematic thrill! Director Nitya Mehra makes a
    similar, albeit limping effort with her well-budgeted feature ‘Baar
    Baar Dekho’. While interesting in parts & made with honesty, the
    Writing & the Pace are erratic. Lets Continue….

    ‘Baar Baar Dekho is about A maths professor (Sidharth Malhotra), who is
    taken back & ahead of time, when he backs out of marrying his lady-love
    (Katrina Kaif). What follows is flashbacks & flash forwards!

    ‘Baar Baar Dekho’ begins with genuine promise. The opening credits,
    which show us how the man & woman met, right from kids to now, is
    beautifully done. And the pace is decently maintained for sometime, but
    post-interval, the pace drops. What starts off as an interesting
    time-travel love-story, suddenly turns into a melodramatic tale, with
    lesser feeling. And by the time we reach its culmination, we’re tired.
    The Protagonist isn’t too bright to begin with, despite being a maths
    professor, who worships Vedic Mathematics. It literally takes him
    decades (although days for him), to realize the value of life & his
    woman. Though at first his unsure nature & his amusement to the
    unexpected time-travel happenings appear believable, but later-on, he
    just doesn’t seem to get the point & loses our support. Its a rather
    under-written role, that demanded more depth.

    Nitya Mehra’s Screenplay is a mixed bag. At times, interesting, and at
    times, dull. The Writing doesn’t make solid use of its fascinating
    concept & that’s disheartening. There was genuine potential here.
    Mehra’s Direction is good, though. She knows the craft of filmmaking
    well, but as a Writer, she lets herself & us, down after a point. Ravi
    K. Chandran’s Cinematography is marvelous. Amitabh Shukla’s Editing
    needed to be sharper. The film is a bit too long at a 140-minutes!
    Music by Various Artists is fantastic & the high-point of the
    enterprise. Art & Costume Design are well-done, while the Make-Up
    appears fake.

    Performance-Wise: Sidharth Malhotra is limited to a few expressions &
    hence his performance here, is nothing extraordinary. Though very
    sincere, the actor stumbles in some portions, especially when he ages
    old. Katrina Kaif looks gorgeous as always & is passable in her part.
    Rajit Kapur, Ram Kapoor, Sarika & The Wonderful Sayani Gupta, are given
    too little to do.

    On the whole, ‘Baar Baar Dekho’ is thoroughly watchable, but that’s
    about it.

  • Bivabasu GhoshMay 1, 2017Reply

    Entertaining weekend movie – remember, its not a sci fi movie.

    This mid budget Bollywood movie emphasis on an important aspect of
    life. Centre of the movie is a Indian male who is about to get married
    with his bright future of his career ahead. As usual like a bright
    mathematician he rotaries his career ahead of his personal life. And
    his coming marriage face a question mark. Now comes the tricky part –
    time travel. How? Don’t ask – this is not a science fiction; so you can
    skip/ignore that part. Let’s take for the cinematic reason, that the
    main character can (or rather compiled to) travel through time (without
    his own interest and intention though) to see the future and fix the
    past (rather future past). And when he did all of them, he brought back
    to present (don’t ask by whom and how). Thus comes the happy ending.

    The main message of the movie is – the happiness of life are hidden in
    the small things (like going to your child’s soccer game, stand by with
    your partner at her first expedition) – so don’t ignore them. If you
    take care of these small things, the big things will be taken care of.
    Putting my personal opinion on this aside, let’s see how the movie is.
    Entertainment is there like a general Bollywood movie. Complete family
    movie. No major intimate scene to be embarrassed in front of
    parent/children. Music and background scores are also good (lets not
    forget the end track – the item song ‘Kala Chashma’ which is among the
    top 10 Hindi song viewed in YouTube). But overall, as per my opinion,
    you won’t feel like to watch the movie 2nd time. Nice movie to relax
    with your partner/family.

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