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Barely Lethal

Barely Lethal

Click. Clique. Bang.Apr. 30, 2015 USA96 Min.PG-13
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Kyle Newman


Hailee Steinfeld isMegan Walsh
Megan Walsh
Jessica Alba isVictoria Knox
Victoria Knox
Dove Cameron isLiz Larson
Liz Larson
Thomas Mann isRoger Marcus
Roger Marcus
Toby Sebastian isCash Fenton
Cash Fenton
Jaime King isSpecial Analyst Knight
Special Analyst Knight
Rob Huebel isMr. Marcus
Mr. Marcus


A 16-year-old international assassin yearning for a “normal” adolescence fakes her own death and enrolls as a senior in a suburban high school. She quickly learns that being popular can be more painful than getting water-boarded.

Barely Lethal
Barely Lethal
Barely Lethal
Barely Lethal
Barely Lethal
Barely Lethal
Barely Lethal
Original titleBarely Lethal
IMDb Rating5.3 13,581 votes
TMDb Rating5.4 284 votes

(43) comments

  • prospectus_capricorniumApril 30, 2015Reply

    Barely Lethal Undermines Its Very Own Potential

    There must be a shortage of capable men, that’s why women now seem to
    be the ones taking over in saving the world (if not doing something
    that only men usually do). Well, at least, that’s how it looks in
    movies. We’ve seen Katniss Everdeen and Tris Prior lead powerful
    rebellions against their respective ironfisted governments, Clary Fray
    battle demons and supernaturals, and Jupiter Jones get crowned as the
    cosmic queen. I mean, from becoming mere sexual objects for playboy
    billionaires, they’ve gone as far as being the supreme leader of the
    universe, what else can these women do just so they could equate
    themselves with men? What about as an international assassin?

    In Barely Lethal, 16 year-old Megan Walsh (not her real name) is a
    trained international assassin. This premise already engages interest
    and holds so much potential, but it fails to deliver a satisfying
    result. The problem begins when Megan leaves the academy where little
    girls are trained to become assassins. She fakes her death and enrolls
    herself in a suburban highschool, hoping everything is going to be
    normal. Only it turns out it isn’t as easy as it seems. From here, the
    trajectory of the narrative disappoints immensely. It begins
    undermining the capacity of its lead character by dismissing the fact
    that she is a trained killer, exposing her vulnerabilities and teenage
    dramas, instead. This isn’t a totally a insane idea, she’s 16-year old,
    after all. But getting further dragged by bland one liners and
    intertwining subplots, makes it even worse. Eventually, in the wake of
    its competing concerns, it loses grip of its own direction and
    struggles to arrive to a decent endpoint. It also doesn’t succeed
    tapping the utmost otential of its strong supports by not giving them
    enough material to work with. Jessica Alba and Samuel Jackson barely do
    something here, though there may be some little moments with their
    presence, that aren’t really devoid of wit. Almost everything just
    falls flat, and the comic effort couldn’t provide any aid, either, to
    redeem its sagging narrative.

    By the time the movie is already fast approaching its finale, it isn’t
    any more surprise if Megan never came close to any of those heroines
    mentioned earlier, and it really disappoints that she never really came
    to be someone interesting, either. Well, you may want to blame that to
    her unconvincing chemistry (not saying there’s any) with both her love
    interests, and a boring villain whose presence may have only really
    felt during the last action sequence of the movie.

    BARELY LETHAL wastes almost every promising attribute it has to live up
    to its overwhelming potential. In the end, it abandons what could be a
    unique take on the young espionage genre, and sets itself taking the
    leads of countless others it seems to emulate. The result is barely

  • Mek TorresMay 5, 2015Reply

    Barely Original

    Don’t get me wrong, Barely Lethal sounds like a cool idea, setting in
    an intriguing world where kids are raised to become assassins, and this
    story also concerns the main character seeking to live as a normal
    teenager. It’s not really the most novel idea, but it could work, if it
    was smarter or more imaginative, but the result was neither. No matter
    how charming the tone and the actors are, one can’t help that there is
    still a lot of untouched potentials that may turn this at least a
    little cult classic or a stronger film. Instead it just follows the
    clichés which makes it rather forgettable.

    This is basically a half quirkier version of an undercover spy movie
    and half a teen movie. It may not sound so original, but there is some
    cases that may bring a different approach to this concept. Megan
    happens to be not fond of her cold-blooded home, apparently because
    this job was never her thing. She also isn’t able to fit in to the
    ordinary high school life because of her strange and sometimes violent
    behavior that has grown with her. It talks about how lonely to be a
    secret agent and also how complicated high school is, but the film
    hardly explores these conflicts and rather follows the most familiar
    tropes. And there, the movie almost becomes a total teen comedy in the
    middle act, where it settles so much in whatever you’ll predictably get
    in this genre. This can be somewhat forgivable if the action movie side
    is creative or memorable, but it’s so underdeveloped, the film doesn’t
    fully acknowledge the consequences the characters will soon be facing,
    until it actually shows up. There’s just not enough enthusiasm involved
    when it comes to this area of the story.

    But then, this is a comedy. Sure, it lightly pokes fun about the kids
    being trained as killers, Megan’s awkwardness in high school, and the
    parental advice from one of the characters, but that’s about it. The
    humor only works occasionally, some gets a little forced. To be fair,
    it’s all bearable. Mostly thanks by its cast: Hailee Steinfeld helps
    elevating this rather bland character with a nice amount of likability.
    She may not convince that she’s a highly trained assassin that her
    behavior has presented, but she still makes for a competent hero for
    the movie, anyway.

    There is a chances that Barely Lethal can be a way better movie than
    this, by either embracing its larger-than-life world of young killers
    or work more on its potential themes. But the film decided to choose
    the less compelling choices. It may have a likable personality that
    helped made it watchable, but there’s nothing else to enjoy in the end.
    The interesting stuff are underdeveloped and the story relies so much
    on the clichés. The premise sounds like it’s gonna be some cool YA
    action film, but the only thing it offers is attitude and that’s quite
    obvious for a movie with this title.

  • A_Different_DrummerMay 5, 2015Reply

    Greenlighted ‘way too early…

    Ideas that don’t meet their potential are the bete noire of film
    reviews. In theory every movie that has ever been made could
    potentially have benefited from one more rewrite, one more tweak,
    before going before the cameras.

    And then there is this film. Arguably the ”poster child” for scripts
    that weren’t quite ready for primetime. The irony is that the idea is
    rock-solid; and, even more ironic, something Hollywood (A-List
    Hollywood, not backlot Hollywood) had seemingly missed.

    I am betting the logline for this was something like ”Trained teen
    female killer ready for anything … except High School,” or something

    Totally agree with earlier reviewers that every possible chance for
    getting a scene right was wrecked or ruined in favor of bad dialog and
    shaky acting.

    Clichés abound. They actually leap off the screen and bang you on your
    head to make sure you get the ”joke” (like the substitute mom whose
    every piece of advice sounds oddly like an apology for something she
    herself did when she was young … or the father who tries so hard to
    talk his son that he sounds like an SNL skit).

    Could have been a contender. Really.

  • danieljbartonMay 6, 2015Reply

    it is what it is…

    After a viewing at 1am I am pretty satisfied with the overall film, I
    didn’t go in to this expecting a life altering message or acting that
    would move me, for what it is the film done the job; light, airy, a
    predictable yet enjoyable watch.

    The main draw to this film was the cast, I enjoyed Hailee Steinfeld in
    Enders Game and thought the somewhat masculine performance would carry
    well, her commitment was visible and seemed genuine (as much as could
    be) in the role of a deadly teenage girl. Sophie Turner being another
    name that caught my eye sadly didn’t live up, I feel disappointed with
    her acting, getting the underlining sense it was half arsed-although
    the American accent may have been a factor in throwing off her game as
    well as living up to the stereotypical ‘agent’ robotic personality. The
    acting was OK.

    This isn’t a film I would personally run to tell my friends about,
    partly due to the shame of a 22 year old man liking chick-flick-esque
    films but mainly due to the rushed style of structure. The screenplay
    let this one down, rushed and again, half arsed. The small roles such
    as Jaime King’s annoyed me slightly too but that could be a personal

    All in all my verdict is, surprisingly, worth a watch. I never really
    swear off watching something a second time but this will be one I won’t
    be thinking about again until it shows up on film4. Don’t expect too
    much and you’ll have a ‘nice’ hour and forty minutes 🙂

  • hekivMay 21, 2015Reply

    Pretty great movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • paul_3-960-896774May 26, 2015Reply

    Barely watchable

    After watching it I was seriously debating talking about it – because
    I’m not exactly within the target demo. Kyle Newman directed the movie
    and I have to admit that when I looked him up, I was crossing my
    fingers that Barely Lethal was his first feature film otherwise I would
    have lost my mind. The premise behind the film is interesting or at the
    very least would make for an entertaining movie.

    I don’t wanna lie the movie is bad. I guess if I was younger or more
    gullible I would have enjoyed this movie immensely but I’m not. It was
    just nice to see Jessica Alba in an ass-kicking role again. I had to
    pretty much turn my brain off to watch the whole movie but two things
    happens once I was done watching it.

    The first I don’t know how Hailee Steinfeld ever got nominated for an
    Oscar. I mean I haven’t seen True Grit yet so she maybe deserved the
    nomination but every movie I’ve seen her in since she was bad and
    Barely Lethal is no different. She is lovable though.

    The other thing the movie did for me, was to show me that Sophie Turner
    can act. She proved she has range by stepping away from Sansa, which
    only now leads me to believe that her portrayal of Sansa in Game of
    Thrones is a performance and not her being herself on the show. I am
    now hopeful for Jean Grey in X-Men: Apocalypse.

    Barely Lethal is not movie of the year but it’s somewhat entertaining,
    it’ll remind you of the terrible movies you liked when you were young.

  • rannynmMay 28, 2015Reply

    Kept Me On the Edge of My Seat!

    Barely Lethal is an action packed comedy. This film is about a teenage
    girl named Megan Walsh (Hailee Steinfeld) who is a highly trained
    special ops assassin taught to fight bad guys at a school called
    Prescott Scouts for Girls. Megan realizes that she is missing out on
    being a teenager and decides to fake her own death, enroll herself as
    an exchange student at a traditional American high school and live with
    a new family. Megan then realizes that high school is more difficult
    than she thought. Unfortunately, Megan’s former nemesis Victoria Knox
    (Jessica Alba) tracks her down and tries to destroy her. It’s up to
    Megan to defend herself and defend her new family.

    The message of this movie is life isn’t always the way it seems. Megan
    does a lot of research and watches a lot of movies and reads a ton of
    teen magazines about life as high school student. When she is finally
    able to attend high school, she realizes it is not at all as she
    expected. Megan also learns one of her closest friends at Prescott is
    not really a true friend.

    My favorite scene is when Megan is fighting off Victoria Knox. It is an
    intense yet exciting brawl between the two girls. I was on the edge off
    my seat waiting to see what would happen next!

    My favorite character is Maxwell Hardman (Samuel L. Jackson) who is the
    leader of the Prescott School for Girls where Megan grew up. He is very
    caring and acts like a father figure to Megan even when he tries to
    hide it. Agent Maxwell believes in Megan and proves that he will help
    her if she is ever in need.

    Barely Lethal is an outstanding movie! I highly recommend this film for
    boys and girls ages 13 to18 and give this movie 5 out of 5 shinning
    stars!. It opens May 29 in select theaters nationwide so, go check it
    out. Reviewed by Kendyl P. For more youth reviews, go to kidsfirst dot

  • subxerogravityJune 5, 2015Reply

    I thought it was pretty cool.

    Not all movies can be epic.

    I went into the theater not expecting much, even though such actors as
    Sam L. Jackson and Jessica Alba names appeared on the movie poster. The
    movie has a really cool concept:

    Sam L Jackson trains an army of underage girls to be government
    assassins, but his most skilled agent, number 83 seeks to regain her
    childhood by becoming a normal teenager after her last mission gave her
    the opportunity to fake her own death.

    It’s been a while since I’ve seen Jessica Alba in a flick so it’s cool
    to see her in this as the villain, though the movie centers more around
    Number 83, played by Hailee Steinfeild and how a teenager who does not
    know how to be a teenager learns how to be one. This plot turned the
    big named stars like Jackson and Alba’s role in the movie into nothing
    but overblown cameos. You can actually tell from the way it’s filmed
    that both of them were just collecting a pay check.

    Barely Lethal had the makings of a great teen comedy. It had an
    interesting concept that the filmmakers were able to show off in the
    movie. It was put together nicely with action an comedy that made for a
    fun flick, but it won’t go down in history with the John Hughes flicks
    from the 80s or American Pie franchise.

    But I still found it worthy to take a look at.

  • utgard14June 14, 2015Reply

    ”Sure I’m no Vera Farmiga but I believe I have talent.”

    I’m not sure why this one is being slammed so much. I thought it was
    silly, fun entertainment. Totally harmless fluff but what’s wrong with
    that? Hailee Steinfeld leads a great cast, none of whom disappoint.
    Nice to see Sophie Turner in a role light years away from Game of
    Thrones. I thought Jessica Alba and Sam Jackson were both good. Alba
    seems to be having the time of her life. Rachael Harris and Rob Huebel
    are both hilarious. Jason Ian Drucker is a little scene stealer. He’s
    great every time he’s on screen. I loved his part in the final battle.
    It’s somewhat reminiscent of the Spy Kids movies but less annoying and
    not as much cartoonery. Yes it’s by-the-numbers in most respects but
    it’s just trying to entertain, not reinvent cinema as we know it. Most
    of the complaints I see are from people saying the movie ”could have
    been more/better.” Well you just described 99% of movies. There’s
    always room for improvement. Why don’t we just judge it by what it is
    not what we wish it was? I think it’s a fun lightweight teenage action
    comedy that has appeal for young and old alike. And that’s enough for

  • HellmantJune 19, 2015Reply

    Surprisingly fun, for such a seemingly generic teen comedy flick!

    ‘BARELY LETHAL’: Three Stars (Out of Five)

    An action-comedy flick about a teenage government assassin, who longs
    for a normal high school life; so she fakes her own death, and takes on
    a new identity, to get one. The movie stars Hailee Steinfeld, Sophie
    Turner, Dove Cameron, Thomas Mann, Toby Sebastian, Jessica Alba and
    Samuel L. Jackson. It was directed by Kyle Newman (the director of
    ‘FANBOYS’), written by John D’Arco and released by A24 Films. I thought
    it was surprisingly fun, and entertaining, for such a seemingly generic
    teen comedy flick.

    Prescott Academy is a government school that trains special ops agents,
    to be assassins since birth. The best student in the program is Number
    23 (Steinfeld). Number 23 is great at her job, but she passionately
    dreams of a normal teenage girl life. When she’s suddenly given the
    chance to disappear, without notice, the agency assumes she’s dead. She
    then takes on the identity of a fake high schooler, and enters a
    student exchange program; to be placed with a family. Number 23 soon
    finds out that high school life is even more difficult than special ops

    The film is pretty simplistic; and it feels a lot like a TV movie (or
    TV show), in all honesty. That doesn’t mean it’s not entertaining
    though. Steinfeld is fantastic in the lead, and she really makes you
    feel for her character. There’s also some great supporting turns (from
    Turner, Cameron, Jackson, etc.) and some cool extended cameos (from
    actors like Dan Fogler and Ron Huebel). The directing is adequate at
    best, and the action scenes definitely leave something to be desired,
    but it’s still a fun movie.

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  • Miss AllieJune 19, 2015Reply

    Bad Leading Cast

    I have to say the cast of the main character, Hailee Steinfeld was a
    poor choice. She was too much of a ”cute girl next door” which made it
    hard to believe she was an assassin. Her weak, emotional character
    bothered me the entire movie. Unfortunately, I thought the secondary
    roles of Dove Cameron (Liz) and Jessica Alba (Knox) showed better
    acting skills.

    Great storyline and they could’ve done so much with it, rather than
    turn it into a corny teeny-bop movie. The movie was choppy,
    unbelievable and didn’t flow properly. Wish you guys had taken it to
    another level – this was a really promising storyline.

  • Robert W. ([email protected])July 9, 2015Reply

    Silly, cute, predictable fun

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Gordon-11July 23, 2015Reply

    A different teenage comedy

    This film is about a teenage girl who is raised in an isolated school
    where children are trained to be assassins. She longs for a normal teen
    life, and decides to go rogue and fake her own death. She lives in a
    small town as an exchange student in the local high school, but high
    school life is not what she dreams to be. In the process of adaptation,
    she finds friendship and love. It is an interesting plot, combining a
    teenage comedy with some action. It is quite impressive that the
    filmmakers manage to cast two big names, which certainly helps with the
    marketing of the film. ”Barely Lethal” is a different teenage comedy
    with a twist. It’s quite fun to watch.

  • Aktham TashtushJuly 23, 2015Reply

    Nice movie, with balanced funny script and really good cast ..

    The movie idea is really nice, genuine and fresh , the events are
    connected perfectly and the script looked really tight.. even though
    there were some predictability in it and the trailer kinda exposed most
    of the story but i still weirdly found it intriguing and catchy.

    The genre was all about ”Action | Adventure | Comedy” but honestly the
    ”real” action element only presented in the first mission we saw agent
    83 does and in the last fight with 84 , so to me the Humorous Comedy
    shown by most of the cast was really good and it made the movie more

    As for the cast, i will state those who were really awesome in the
    movie and did their part really well and those who were just okay,
    Samuel L. Jackson he was amazing with a spot on performance, This year
    i’v watched also in Big Game and he got the same lovable personality ..
    Dan Fogler, Gabriel Basso and Rob Huebel they were hilarious and i
    wished to see more of them.. as for Thomas Mann the guy from project x
    maybe the script didn’t give him a chance to do much … Sophie Turner
    was just good did what were asked from her ,, i mean to be fair did
    more than what i saw in game of thrones ;D Rachael Harris appearance
    was nice , and not trying to be harsh but Dove Cameron was literally
    acting like she wasn’t into the role … but anyway it doesn’t matter
    .. the movie went fine.

    So Overall, it is a nice movie and suitable for family night ,, the
    amazingly balanced funny script and the nice performance by the cast
    made it look like this.

  • ronjinzJuly 25, 2015Reply

    Don’t waste your time!

    I watched the trailer and saw Samuel L Jackson, Jamie King and Jessica
    Alba and thought the movie would be good… but the movie was a total
    waste of time… seriously… there is nothing that one would want to
    see in such movies… the director and producers just took a good cast
    and created something that is worse than a B grade Hollywood flick…
    Really sad to have wasted my money on this one… and really sad to see
    why Samuel L Jackson and Jessica Alba would even think of considering
    doing a movie like this one… just one advise… steer clear from this
    one and save your time… not worth it really… there are better ones
    to watch like homesman, child 44, flowers of war etc… this is to be
    avoided peaople.

  • missc35July 27, 2015Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mako_reactorJuly 30, 2015Reply

    Princess Diaries meets Salt

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Finfrosk86August 5, 2015Reply

    Not horrible, but wasted potential, could have been great

    Yeah, so.. As the genre has evolved, I have come to love these
    badass/best-of-the-best/agent/spy/CIA/whatever-type movies. The
    specially trained, superhumanly awesome agents. And a movie about such
    an agent going to high-school seemed like an interesting idea. And it
    is. It is just a shame that the potential is wasted. Not totally
    wasted, but a lot more wasted than it should have been.

    The pacing is kind of off. The action is just OK. Some of the fights
    are poorly choreographed, and rely way to much on stunt work – as in
    you totally see that it’s not the actors fighting. Too much shaky cam

    What actually works the best is the teen-drama-stuff. That’s also a
    little off at times, but mostly quite alright.

    The movie is very uneven. It’s like a.. teen drama action comedy. The
    comedy isn’t great, but there are a couple of funny scenes. Some of the
    humor is kind of smart, but everything is just to uneven. The balance
    between drama, action and comedy is off. There is a dad-character that
    has a couple of good scenes, but it is not consistent enough. I could
    like to see more of him, but it wouldn’t do anything for the plot in

    Jessica Alba and Samuel L Jackson is here mostly for their wide appeal.
    They are not exactly crucial. Although, they do an OK job.

    This movie could have been very good. Less drama, more and better
    action, maybe an R-rating, a little more pizazz it could have been
    awesome. But instead it gets a little too generic.

  • Prismark10August 9, 2015Reply

    Barely watchable

    ‘If you think being an assassin is hard, try high school.’ This is an
    often repeated line by Hailee Steinfeld who stars as Megan Walsh, also
    known as teen assassin ’83’ trained at Prescott, an elite espionage
    facility for orphans run by Samuel L Jackson who plays a character who
    seems to have taken time out from some Marvel action films.

    Megan just wants to go to high school and act like a normal kid rather
    than be a teen agent so fakes her own death and poses as a foreign
    exchange student from Canada and joins a foster family. Of course she
    realises that being a high school student is no walk in the park with
    plenty of mean girls around making life hard for her.

    However her lethal skills are soon put to use and hit the internet
    leading to her cover being blown which leads to a side plot where
    Jackson and a senior assassin (Jessica Alba) are on to her.

    Maybe this film would had turned out better if it was written or
    directed by the late John Hughes who would had given it some innovative
    spin. This is just a mixture of 21 Jump Street meets Spy Kids meets
    Mean Girls meets Kick Ass.

    Its a silly and predictable film and you know that when you see Jackson
    is playing just a cardboard cliché of the type of authority figure that
    is only played by him these days.

    The comedy and drama is uneven, you even have a scene where a teenager
    is threatened with torture and you think this is supposed to be some
    type of a family comedy.

  • planktonrulesAugust 11, 2015Reply

    A lot of folks liked this one….though apart from the main gimmick, I didn’t see what they saw in this one.

    The idea behind Barely Lethal is that the government has some sort of
    top secret program that adopts orphan girls and trains them to be
    ninja-like assassins. Sounds a bit like Spy Kids and at least the first
    Spy Kids film was good. So, I went into watching this film with
    relatively high expectations–especially when it’s billed as a comedy.
    Plus the boss is played by Samuel L. Jackson…and everyone loves
    Samuel L. Jackson, right?

    There is trouble brewing at this secret agency. Megan (Hailee
    Steinfeld) is a great little killer but secretly she harbors a dream to
    be a normal teenage girl. When it looks like she’s been killed on a
    mission she decides to use this opportunity to disappear and reinvent
    herself as a high school student so that she can experience a normal
    life. So why did the film utterly fail for me? Well, the film appeared
    to be a comedy but almost never made me laugh. A HUGE infusion of humor
    really would have helped. It was at times just too serious.
    Additionally, the film much like any teen film–with the same clichés
    (such as the nerdy but nice guy she meets but ignores until she finally
    realizes he’s dreamy…just like I saw in The Duff and several other
    teen films) and same inappropriate content (such as the hilarious
    notion of calling one of the characters ‘Rape-it Ralph’–which is about
    as funny as jokes about pedophilia or cancer). The bottom line is that
    the film started off with nice credits, an interesting premise and then
    it just went nowhere for me. In the film’s defense, I am not exactly
    the target audience but shouldn’t any audience deserve a bit better
    than a by the numbers teen film that promises to be different but
    really, down deep, isn’t? Plus…Rape-it Ralph?!?!

    If you care, the film was just released on DVD this week to Netflix but
    I think you could do so much better, such as the great OLD teen movie
    Better Off Dead…now THAT is a funny and original teen movie!

  • Lennon FontaineAugust 11, 2015Reply

    Could have been better in so many ways…

    I’d like to agree with the rest of the reviews that I’ve read that this
    movie would have been better if it weren’t for those inappropriate
    lines, scenes that could have been cool but it went the other way
    around (nowhere near cool and realistic enough), and sometimes the
    characters in the movie don’t catch your attention at all. It’s like
    you’re waiting for the rest of the movie to end and then bam! head home
    and whatnot. It has the potential, actually, I mean there’s Jessica
    Alba, Samuel Jackson, and Hailee, they could actually make the movie
    look better but their lines seems off for the characters they are

  • mad_mike1211August 23, 2015Reply

    A good watch, if you go in knowing what it is

    I’ll start with what you need to expect..

    This film is meant to be an easy watch high school comedy adventure.
    Which is exactly what it is.

    If you go in with this mindset, This is actually a really good film.

    There are many new faces in the film, Sophie turner (Also plays Sansa
    Stark in Game of Thrones) is really good in this. She shows how
    versatile she can be in a different sort of role.

    Hailee Steinfeld is also great as the main character in this. I think
    she does a good job in the action role but is also pretty funny too.

    There are a few other big names in this film too with some smaller
    roles like Jessica Alba and Sam L Jackson, however they provide good

    All in all I rate the film 8/10 … If you like high school comedies
    aimed around 15 years of age, then you can’t go wrong with this. If you
    are expecting the next Oscar masterpiece, then you may want to skip

  • Ashleypl5August 27, 2015Reply

    Pretty Good! Enjoyed it !

    Really Enjoyed this movie, this did rather reminded me of So Undercover
    which Miley Cyrus starred in a few years ago. However this was much
    better, not as cheesy!

    Barely Lethal is Very much a teen movie and predominantly for a
    female/teen audience. Haley Stanford plays lead role of a girl who
    wants to be a ‘Normal teenager and experience a life of school and
    boys’ but is unable to due to her training as a child to be an
    assassin. Very cliché and predictable but never the less, it is great.
    A Feel good movie which is great for the whole family!

    Good cast with this movie to, Nice to see Jessica Alba and Jaime King
    making an appearance. Deserves more credit, and better ratings than 5.5

  • Zeta-OneAugust 30, 2015Reply

    Barely Lethal: High School Story meets Spy Thriller

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • LeonLouisRicciSeptember 3, 2015Reply

    OK for Grade Schoolers and Other Innocent Types

    An Intriguing Premise that is Done In by it’s Own Failings, seemingly
    Oblivious that the Lightweight Tone is Undermining both the Teen Angst
    and Secret School Intertwining Plot.

    The Action Stuff is so Anemic as to be Forgotten just after it happens
    and the Teen Comedy bits lack anything but Clichéd Clumsiness. A
    Familiar Cast is Beckoning One to Watch but the Talent on Screen is

    Hailee Steinfeld does OK and Her Gravitas as an Actress are Confirmed.
    The others are just there for the Paycheck or so it seems. The Film
    will most likely Appeal to an Age Demographic about a Half Decade
    Younger than its Target Audience, Because the whole Thing is Immature
    and Generic and only truly Digestible by Innocents.

    The Film cannot be called Bad, because it isn’t. But should Neither be
    given Credit for anything beyond Competent. The Movie Lacks Wit, and
    there is a Stock bunch of Characters that do Nothing to make this Movie
    Their Own.

    Overall, a Thin, Non-Threatening bit of Fluff and will be Embraced by
    Parents because of its Nice and Normal Display of a World where even
    Brainwashed Youth Assassins can Exist Comfortably Beside the Girl Next

  • Andres BriSeptember 15, 2015Reply

    People are being too harsh on this movie

    I am a 22 years old male, and I enjoyed this movie. There, I said it. I
    don’t like chick-flicks, I became aware of this movie because I love
    Game of Thrones and follow Sophie Turner on Twitter.

    Let me tell you why I liked this movie. I have a lot to say. If you
    want to save time I’ll capitalize the main parts.

    Even thought the story is very simple and predictable, it has a couple
    strengths. The script is full of funny jokes. But what surprised me
    most is that as a chick-flick IT IS SELF-AWARE. It acknowledges many
    clichés, sometimes it avoids them subtly, while the rest of the time
    they are the premise for hilarious jokes.

    Funny and light-hearted. IT SHOULD BE A GOOD MOVIE TO WATCH WITH YOUR

    The main character is RELATABLE even if you are not a 14-year old girl.
    Hailee displayed great chemistry with her family and her schoolmates.
    Sophie is great at playing her rival. And they look hot when they

    It has flaws too. JESSICA ALBA WAS AWFUL AS THE VILLAIN. She didn’t put
    any effort and the script didn’t make me like or hate her. I thought
    she would reveal a backstory, I believe it was edited out. Sophie
    instead did the best she could, with a terribly written character. What
    annoyed me was that she was just born hating Hailee’s character. I
    think the movie would have been better if she had slowly become
    jealous, rather than born that way. Also, since 83 was clearly superior
    throughout her whole life, Sansa represents no threat for her.

    My main problem with the movie is that I feel like I, knowing nothing
    about movies, could improve the script. I would add backstory to some
    characters, and a little blood, enough to feel the kind of life 83 has
    gone through in Prescott.

    Enough about me! How would you make it better? Think about it. Maybe
    that kind of reasoning will help you write a master piece. Maybe you
    are the next John Hughes or Christopher Nolan.

  • ArgemalucoSeptember 26, 2015Reply

    Barely Lethal

    Barely Lethal attempted an ambitious fusion of genres, but I didn’t
    find it very satisfactory due to the incompatibility between its
    concept and its execution. However, to be fair, director Kyle Newman
    and screenwriter John D’Arco found quite a complicated labor trying to
    combine violence and humor in a setting restricted by the formulas of
    the juvenile comedy and the age of the target audience; under those
    limited circumstances, Barely Lethal should have been horrible, but it
    survives (in my humble opinion) due to the competent performances and a
    mediocre screenplay which at least recognizes its identity crisis and
    never forgets its commitment to the characters’ humanity. Well,
    ”humanity” might be a bit exaggerated. Barely Lethal doesn’t pretend to
    offer dense questionings about the morality of training young girls as
    professional assassins; and it doesn’t expect us to take the arbitrary
    changes of direction of the story seriously. D’Arco is conscious of the
    fact that the premise is absurd, but instead of hiding it, he took
    advantage to create politically incorrect moments which would never
    exist in a Disney film, but which we can appreciate without any guilt
    in this irreverent movie; for example: an honest conversation about
    ”the first time”… even though it’s not exactly the ”first time” we
    were expecting. Those ambiguous compliments don’t mean that Barely
    Lethal is a good film; it’s basically a combination of Spy Kids and
    Mean Girls, but without the visual creativity from the former or the
    sharp social commentary from the latter. In fact, the whole movie
    counts with a single trick: the contrast of incongruent elements to
    generate humor, whether it’s the sweet young girl trained to kill, or
    the school challenges interpreted as global threats. On the positive
    side, the actors make a decent work in their roles. Hailee Steinfeld
    faces the (bland) action scenes and her character’s hesitant evolution
    as ”normal” girl with credibility, while Samuel L. Jackson makes his
    usual stuff, screaming orders in his obligatory ”sensitive tough guy”
    role… but keeping the vocabulary consistent with the PG-13 rating.
    Even Jessica Alba makes a good work as the villain (to be fair, I have
    noticed quite an improvement in the most recent performances I have
    seen from her, specially when she plays roles which don’t require long
    dialogs or complex emotions; I’m sorry if that sounds as an insult, but
    I say it as a compliment). However, my favorite performance of Barely
    Lethal comes from Dove Cameron, who is a graduate of the Disney
    Channel, but doesn’t drag the vices from such ”school”; on the
    opposite, her performance feels likable and very natural. So, Barely
    Lethal is a film which doesn’t know what it wants, and stumbles many
    times in its search of sense and acceptation. I don’t know whether it
    might be appropriate for young children, due to the casual handling of
    guns and violence; and the teenage audience might find it too bland and
    inoffensive. In my personal case, it didn’t bore, and I appreciated its
    occasional ingenuity to combine contradictory elements, so I think I
    can give it a slight recommendation with wide reservations; the common
    sense from the reader will dictate whether it’s worthy to take the risk
    or not. After all, I think there are occasions in which I appreciate
    the subversive attitude of a movie more than its narrative talent. That
    might be the reason why Showgirls is one of my favorite films.

  • mikeyman-23575September 29, 2015Reply

    Great movie

    Great movie! Some really funny moments, a good film overall. Great
    performance from Dove Cameron. Would thoroughly recommend this to
    anyone. A good teen movie. Although it’s not realistic, but then how
    often is any movie realistic, it keeps you interested the whole way
    through. Jessica Alba and Samuel L. Jackson are the two most
    experienced actors in this movie, and both of them put in brilliant
    performances. Funny cameo from Steve-o. Many Laugh out Loud moments
    throughout. Samuel L.Jackson plays the Prescott leader very well, cold
    but also funny and thoughtful. Dove Cameron plays the stroppy,
    anti-social teenager very well, where everything is stupid. A brilliant
    performance from her. Hailee Steinfield is very good in this movie as
    well, puts in a solid performance. Good job from Kyle Newman the
    director as well.

  • p-jonssonOctober 5, 2015Reply

    Ludicrous and quite a few missed opportunities but still quite a fun piece of entertainment.

    This movie is absolutely ludicrous! The core of the story is simply
    unbelievable. However, this is movie meant to entertain and I dare say
    that the target audience is not exactly my age. This is clearly a
    teenage movie. Well, I guess that there is still a bit of a child in me
    because I found it rather entertaining even though, with a bit less
    ”Hollywoodish” and more intelligent directing it could have been a lot

    I would say that this is a quite nice family movie. Well not for the
    really young of course due to the amount of action. Saying that this is
    a family movie is probably going to annoy a lot of people in the ”bible
    belt” due to previously mentioned action as well as the fact that there
    is a bit of partying going on, including consumption of fermented and
    even distilled beverages on but hey, I am Swedish, when I was a kid,
    way too long ago, there was not a teenager around that had not tasted
    HB which is the Swedish term for ”Hembränt” or in English home brewed

    Anyway, unless you are a moral fanatic, there is really not much to be
    upset about in this movie apart from the laughably ludicrous story.
    Kids being trained as assassins from young age. Ehh, okay. Could have
    been half plausible if it was not for the ”training” scenes in the
    beginning of the movie. Toddlers operating machine guns and driving
    cars like Vin Diesel? Okay, maybe they were just above toddler age but
    I was laughing so hard it was difficult to judge.

    What follows is pretty much without surprises (if you have read the
    blurb at least). Our heroin goes to school and, deprived of a normal
    childhood, finds it not so easy as she perhaps imagined. Here is where
    I feel there are a lot of missed opportunities. Our teenage assassin
    never really gets to truly impress. Sure, she gets to do a bit of
    clobbering but it is constantly hidden in a veil of ridicule. With a
    more intelligent script writer this could have been a really cool part
    but as it plays itself out it is just ”okayishly” funny.

    Naturally a few bad guys arrive in order to crash the party and, well,
    we get a bit more of the same as before just with some more action. The
    action is not bad, for this kind of movie at least, that has to be
    said. Unfortunately the way it plays itself out is a wee bit
    disappointing. It is just unintelligent. The beginning of the movie
    seemed to hint that these teenagers were trained in all areas,
    including the grey cells, but certain scenes where just, ”I cannot
    believe that you were that stupid”, and for the record I have a teenage
    son that made the same remarks! Nevertheless it was indeed a quite
    entertaining movie. Far from great but definitely worth watching.

  • leonblackwoodOctober 31, 2015Reply

    Waste of a good cast! 2/10

    Review: I stupidly rented this movie because I thought that it was
    going to be another Kick Ass/Scott Pilgrim type movie but it basically
    turned out to be about a teenage girl going to college. BORING! There
    are some other elements to the storyline which would have been
    interesting if the director would have stuck to the plot from the
    beginning but it drifts off to be a cheesy and uninteresting film.
    Anyway, it’s about a young girl called Megan Walsh (Hailee Steinfeld)
    who, from a young age, attends an elite school for special ops agents.
    With Hardman (Samuel L. Jackson) looking over her shoulder while she is
    going through some gruesome training, she craves for a normal teenage
    life and she spends her nights watching TV shows and reading teenage
    magazines. Hardman knows that she is the best agent in her group, so he
    sends her on a exclusive mission to take-down Victoria Knox (Jessica
    Alba), who is a intelligent arms dealer. Whilst on the mission, she
    fakes her own death and she applies to live with a family as an
    exchange student. This is when the movie switches to a everyday college
    movie! She then finds it difficult to fit into everyday life but with
    the help of her new found friend, she soon settles down and she finds a
    potential boyfriend who is the lead singer in a popular band at school.
    It doesn’t take long for her past to catch up on her and Victoria Knox
    manages to track her down and threatens to ruin her new life. It must
    have looked good on paper but on screen, it’s really not that good. The
    girl who was playing the lead, was definitely not special ops material
    and the whole American, teenager at college concept has been done to
    death. She goes through the usual elements that a teenage girl goes
    through at school like; fitting in, finding a boyfriend, going to prom,
    and making friends so the whole concept fell flat once she left the
    agency. The couple of action scenes weren’t bad and the few scenes with
    Jessica Alba and Samuel L. Jackson were OK but the rest of the film was
    a waste of time. The director tried to make the ending interesting by
    hinting that there might be a sequel but after the poor box office
    takings and terrible critics reviews, I’m sure that this project won’t
    be brought to the big screen again. It might make a decent TV series
    though! Terrible!

    Round-Up: The director, Kyle Newmarket, 39, had the makings of a good
    film because he had a good cast to work with but he made a right mess
    of it. Other titles to his name are the Hollow and Fanboys, starring
    Seth Rogen but apart from that, he’s only directed the comic version of
    Spartacus, the Crazies TV series and a documentary on Taylor Swift. You
    can definitely tell that he lacks experience whilst watching the film
    because there was no originality to the project and it just seemed like
    he had watched too many John Hughes movies. Anyway, you might recognise
    the girl who played the lead, Hailee Steinfeld, 18, from her brilliant
    performance in True Grit. She’s also starred in the Homesman which was
    directed by Tommy Lee Jones, 3 Days to Kill with Kevin Costner, Begin
    Again, Romeo & Juliet, Enders Game, which was a disappointing film
    starring Harrison Ford and Pitch Perfect 2. She wasn’t the best choice
    to play a special ops agent but her acting style worked when it came to
    the whole ”teenager at college” part of the movie. It’s just a shame
    that the director wasted the good cast and he didn’t put the budget to
    good use.

    Budget: N/A Worldwide Gross: $6,000 (Terrible!)

    I recommend this movie to people who are into their
    action/adventure/comedies starring Jaime King, Samuel L. Jackson,
    Jessica Alba, Hailee Steinfeld and Sophie Turner. 2/10

  • Dennis LittrellNovember 24, 2015Reply

    Barely believable

    This is in part a farcical takeoff on the kind of teen movie that pits
    a good, wholesome girl perhaps from the wrong side of the tracks
    against a clique of socially snobby girls. I have in mind films such as
    Mean Girls (2004), Pretty in Pink (1986) and Cruel Intentions (1999).
    Here the premise (she’s an orphan trained since childhood to be an
    international assassin) is more than a bit ridiculous but has the
    virtue of serving up a heroine as fashionable as TV’s Super Girl and
    Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss Everdeen.

    Hailee Steinfeld plays the awkward girl trying to have a normal high
    school life as an exchange student. She’s sweet, honorable, emotionally
    vulnerable and has little idea about how a teenaged American girl
    should act. However, thanks to her training she is tougher than the
    biggest dude on campus, which might come in handy.

    I only want to say one more thing about this surprisingly fun movie:
    you know the formula: the good girl overcomes the mean girls, rejects
    the bad boy, and finds the perfect boyfriend (who is not all that
    popular but is also good and true) and lives happily ever after while
    the audience lives vicariously in triumph over their own high school
    demons. Or not. See this pleasant diversion and find out.

    –Dennis Littrell, author of ”Cut to the Chaise Lounge or I Can’t
    Believe I Swallowed the Remote”

  • PheekeDecember 8, 2015Reply

    A feel-good movie that is very charming and entertaining

    People don’t seem to like this movie and i’m not sure why. yes it’s
    formulaic, yes it’s cliché, but I still think it’s fun! What can i say,
    i’m a sucker for girly teen movies.

    This film is very predictable, but I like that it’s a mix between a
    high school movie and an action/spy movie. there is not a lot of
    character development but I still liked the characters and I understood
    their motives. Samuel L. Jackson’s was hilarious as Hardman and Hailee
    Steinfeld was well cast as the main character Megan Walsh.

    For me there where laugh-out-loud moments, I think the movie had a
    great sense of humour that made it upbeat and witty.

    This movie was charming and a ton of fun. I certainly see why people
    would think its dumb or even stupid because of its formulaic nature,
    but i liked it. A feel-good movie that is very charming and

  • KineticSeoulJanuary 24, 2016Reply

    It’s like watching a slightly higher budget Saturday morning TV show

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Adam_West_as_BatdanJanuary 27, 2016Reply

    Nothing amazing or ground-breaking but it was entertaining enough

    First off let me point out that even though Samuel L Jackson and
    Jessica Alba gets top-billing they are just co-stars, important
    co-stars but co- stars none the less that show up every now and then in
    the movie.

    The real lead however is Hailee Steinfeld who plays a teenage assassin
    gone AWOL in order for her to live a normal life and a lot of the focus
    of the movie is her trying to adjust to (a extremely typical American
    movie) high school.

    And although there is very little groundbreaking material in the script
    it did manage to keep me entertained through out the running time and I
    did find myself laughing here and there.

    The movie is rated PG-13 so all the violence and gags etc are fairly
    harmless (although initially the film received an R-rating, the
    film-makers appealed and got their PG-13 without having to cut anything
    out, so just barely PG-13 then).

    Sophie Turner from Game Of Thrones is a co-star and she get to show
    that she can kick some ass as well which was cool, Dan Fogler is pretty
    funny as a teacher and there is a cameo from one of the guys in Jackass
    (won’t say who as that might take away the surprise factor a bit) but
    he was funny as well.

    So yeah overall nothing amazing but perfectly watchable when you’re
    looking for some mindless popcorn entertainment.

  • kosmaspFebruary 6, 2016Reply

    Teenage comedy with spy touches

    It’s also very aware of 90s teen comedies and movies in general.
    Samuell L. Jackson might be the scariest, cutest drill Sergeant ever. A
    fine line he has to walk and he does a fine job. Jessica Alba seems to
    be content in playing smaller roles now (or at least that’s what I’ve
    been seeing of her lately).

    The main focus lies on the teenage girl who’s our main character and
    represents the more film educated younger audiences nowadays. That is
    played out well and what you can also like, is the fact that she’s
    empowered and strong. Even though I also always say, it’s just a movie,
    it’s nice to create ”role models” like that. Obviously I don’t mean to
    be exactly like her, but to believe in yourself and go your way
    (something of a message this movie also has apart from just trying to
    be entertaining).

  • Nikol NMarch 12, 2016Reply

    Light-hearted and silly, but definitely cute

    This is an easy little movie for those who want something silly, but
    not the usual way. It is true, what most people said about the movie
    being full of clichés, but I don’t think that is a mistake here. Those
    clichés are a source of humour here, they jump at you and you ARE meant
    to notice them and not to take them seriously. Even the characters
    themselves go against some of them (cheerleaders, or the bathroom
    ”actor” scene, anyone?) which makes the whole movie quite enjoyable.
    And the relationship between Hardman and the little girls? It’s so cute
    and funny, it made me smile every time.

    Of course, no movie is perfect. This has some problems as well. The
    story is a bit under-developed, all that stuff that they put in it
    would have needed a lot more time to form properly. Sometimes the way
    that the characters act/react just makes you want to roll your eyes.
    But it’s not THAT bad, or at least no worse than any other movie.

    All in all, I think this is a perfect movie for those nights when you
    just want to switch off and laugh for a while. I’d definitely recommend

  • jimbo-53-186511March 23, 2016Reply

    Seems a little genre-confused, but the strong performances and charm do make it a tolerable affair

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mistoppiMay 5, 2016Reply


    An action comedy with mostly female cast and Sam Jackson? Sign me the
    hell up!

    OK, the thing about Barely Lethal is that it’s extremely predictable.
    But for some reason it does not lose its charm because of that. I
    watched this movie with a friend and mostly it was fun to guess who’s
    going to do what and who’s something secretly and all that. Sure, when
    you’re watching the movie alone, it might not be that fun, but for this
    time it worked. If I’d watch it a second time, maybe that quality would
    be annoying – or would I even care, if I’ve already seen the film once
    and I know what’s going to happen?

    I love the twist that there’s a teenage assassin who loves high school
    movies. How many high school teens are there, who love all the spy /
    assassin stuff? A lot! This is definitely an interesting way to spin

    The writing of this movie wasn’t the best. I only had Finnish subtitles
    so I might’ve missed a few puns because the translations were different
    of course. But like the plot? It has its strengths and it’s easy and
    fun to watch but I’ve definitely seen better and worse movies. The
    writing in this film is barely decent, but Barely Lethal is still fun
    to watch when you know the tropes to both action and high school movies
    – and you know the main character has great knowledge of those high
    school movies.

    Barely Lethal is fun and has some interesting twists, but I wouldn’t
    call it a good film. In my book it’s above average, but mostly because
    of the humour and mostly female cast. It’s worth watching, if you’re
    into action comedies and high school movies, because if you hate either
    with a burning passion, you wouldn’t enjoy this movie even a minute.

  • michael-3204October 7, 2016Reply

    Decent, but needs refocusing

    Moderately entertaining action-comedy about a teenage girl trained as
    an assassin who masquerades as an exchange student so she can have a
    typical high-school experience. ”Barely Lethal” does very well with its
    youth casting, led by Hailee Steinfeld as Megan, the assassin ”from
    Canada.” It falls down on some of the adult roles, particularly Dan
    Fogler and Rob Huebel, who seem like they’re too focused on their
    improv techniques to care about what movie they’re in. In fact, the
    whole film could have done less with the adults in the cast, even those
    who do good jobs like Rachel Harris as the mother in Megan’s host
    family and Samuel L. Jackson as the quasi- government overseer of the
    assassin school, in favor of spending more time with the kids. This is
    a teen comedy that de-emphasizes the teens too much, and turns most of
    the adults into perfunctory and ineffectual comic relief. The film gets
    in its own way too often, almost as if the screenplay and direction
    didn’t have enough trust in the high-school story it could have told.
    The result feels disjointed, rushed and incomplete — it feels like a
    lot was left on the cutting-room floor, and it doesn’t spend enough
    time building the emotional investment it wants the characters and the
    audience to have.

    Despite these problems, there is just enough here to keep it watchable
    and engaging enough. The action is underwhelming, even though it seems
    to have had an adequate budget (and more producers, executive producers
    and associate producers than far bigger productions), but not
    amateurish. Overall, this seems like it could have been a lot better
    than the diverting 96 minutes it turns out to be.

  • ryanoaklenDecember 4, 2016Reply

    A cliché is only a cliché if it’s not used as a cliché.

    The only reason I can think of for all the bad reviews and horrid IMDb
    rating, is that people went into the film expecting originality, but
    instead got a cliché movie, but a cliché is only a cliché if it’s not
    used as a cliché.

    Many times reviewers will condescend harsh critics by saying they
    didn’t understand the movie, and therefor that’s the reason they must
    not have liked it. Don’t know about you but I hate to be the recipient
    of said condescension. However in this case, I think I need to be a
    hypocrite because I genuinely think many missed the point.

    This movie was actually brilliant in its own right. Every cliché, every
    predictable outcome, every ridiculous encounter was all intentionally
    scripted to be as such, and for that reason it actually made it not
    just bearable but entertaining to watch. Hailee Steinfeld’s character
    (Megan) is the walking encyclopedia of teen pop culture and she wants
    to experience every second of it. As expected that experience comes
    with hard aches and coming of age realities. The fact that each
    character makes it blatantly obvious of their cliché role in this
    cliché movie, is somehow anti-cliché, and therefore an extremely fun
    and well acted family feel-good movie. It’s not going to be for
    everyone, but if you can appreciate a fun perspective on the teen
    culture genre, you’ll enjoy this for what it is. It’s not an 8 out of
    10 movie, but in its own way and in its respective corner of
    entertainment, an 8 is well deserved.

    It’s the cliché that isn’t a cliché.

  • sol-December 19, 2016Reply

    High School High

    Desperate to experience the ‘normal’ adolescence of teen movies such as
    ‘Bring It On’ and ‘Clueless’, a teenage assassin flees the institution
    that trained her and enrolls in a local high school in this action
    comedy starring Hailee Steinfeld of ‘True Grit’ fame. The premise is
    ripe with potential and the film gets one of its best lines early on as
    Steinfeld tells a group of genuinely friendly cheerleaders ”I’ve seen
    ‘Mean Girls’… twice!”, however, not enough is made from the notion of
    Steinfeld navigating her way through the high school experience based
    on movie clichés. Most perplexingly, she fails to pick up on the ‘love
    is closer than you think’ cliché with Thomas Mann doing the best he can
    in a thankless turn as the kind-hearted tech geek who has to wait the
    whole movie before Steinfeld realises that she wants him. The film also
    never quite maximises the potential of all her assassin training with
    the bits where she inadvertently hurts others few and far between. The
    fake slang that the teenagers use in the film is incredibly irksome
    too. There is a great running gag though with young Jason Drucker
    constantly finding weapons and gadgetry that Steinfeld has stashed.
    There is also a very funny bit in which Steinfeld and a friend discuss
    killing just like two normal teens discussing sex; ”the first time
    should be special”! As for Steinfeld herself, she is engaging
    throughout. The best performance though comes from Rob Huebel
    channeling Eugene Levy in ‘American Pie’ as Mann’s wannabe hip father
    who keeps trying to discuss girls with him in detail.

  • Sancy JegMay 3, 2017Reply

    It’s a good action-come-girl’s movie

    The story is about a girl who is trained to be a killer spy since her
    childhood. She has never seen the outside world. So she is curious to
    experience the real world. One day, she escapes and tries to live a
    normal life. But struggles to overcome the new challenges. And how the
    remaining story ends told in the rest of the movie. I liked the action
    sequences. overall, it was a better movie than I expected.

  • Reno RanganMay 14, 2017Reply

    For some people, living a normal life is a challenge!

    Teen girl’s film, but no usual romance-comedy. There are some small
    clichés, but being it is an action film, those parts looked kind of
    small. Yeah, nice casting. Hailee was really cool. The ‘Descendant’
    girl Dove was good as well. The rest of cameos like Samuel L. Jackson
    and Alba was fine. It was from the director of ‘Fanboys’. It tells the
    story of a girl trained to be an assassin from a very young age who
    escapes the centre to live a normal life in the real world. And that’s
    where she struggles to blend in, as well as to overcome from the
    tailing troubles of the past.

    A well entertaining film, if you are not expecting anything big. It got
    a few great action sequences. Except Sam L. Jack, it is totally a chick
    film and most probably suitable for everyone for viewing. I enjoyed it,
    but I don’t think I want a sequel for it. Particularly business wise
    that won’t do well as this one was not received well by the film
    critics. Despite I approve it for a go, the rating wise it is just an
    average film. Sometimes that’s where opinion divides for a film about
    what we felt watching it and how we’re going to rate it later on.


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