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Be Somebody

Be Somebody

Jun. 10, 2016 USA88 Min.PG
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8.8 1,157 votes

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Matthew Espinosa isJordan Jaye
Jordan Jaye
Sarah Jeffery isEmily Lowe
Emily Lowe
Caitlin Keats isKaren Lowe
Karen Lowe
LaMonica Garrett isRichard Lowe
Richard Lowe
Liana Ramirez isTeenage Fangirl
Teenage Fangirl
Trista Nabors isTeenage Fangirl
Teenage Fangirl


Pop superstar Jordan Jaye has a big dream – he just wants to live like a regular teenager. When he’s chased down by some excited female fans, he finds a perfect hideout and a reluctant new friend from a small town, high-school art student, Emily Lowe. Despite being from different worlds, they soon discover they have way more in common than they ever imagined. Over the course of several days, the two embark on an unexpected journey of friendship, first love and self-discovery — proving that maybe opposites really do attract.

Be Somebody
Original titleBe Somebody
IMDb Rating6.1 1,475 votes
TMDb Rating7.1 18 votes

(17) comments

  • HansenKidJune 10, 2016Reply

    Cheesy Young Romance Movie -With Something to Say that Speaks to the Viewer

    It might just be the mood I’m in, or the fact that I’ve been up so late
    tonight, but this movie made me feel something more than the average
    teen romance movie has in a long time. I chose to watch this movie
    tonight because it happened to be uploaded onto my preferred streaming
    site just today, and it looked like something I could watch without
    really having to focus on it. While it definitely wasn’t the kind of
    movie that required you to watch every minute of it, I still found
    myself pausing it every time I had to go out of ear shot. Something
    about this quiet film, with its very straightforward plot and
    unembellished characters, is just different enough to make it
    impactful. It reminded me that the best films are ones you don’t have
    any expectations about at all. You don’t see them coming. The acting is
    a little underwhelming, but it isn’t a film that really asks for too
    much from the actors to begin with. It manages to accomplish it’s goal
    of entertaining, without trying to be something more. Because of that,
    it left me feeling perfectly content. Sometimes, that’s all I want from
    a film.

  • ellafletcher1June 19, 2016Reply

    Predictable and worst acting I’ve ever witnessed

    This film is so predictable; you can guess the ending from the very
    first five minutes. You can even guess the dialogue. It is the most
    cliché film I’ve ever seen and I also noticed that it completely steals
    scenes and dialogue from other films. Matthew Espinosa’s acting is some
    of the worst in history and I would definitely advise he keeps his day
    job…I’m guessing this will be his first and last film. Being a fan of
    awful romantic films like this, I’m used to predictability and
    performances that aren’t award worthy, yet I wouldn’t even watch this
    film if someone paid me and I don’t want anyone else to suffer like I

  • Maria HernandezOctober 3, 2016Reply


    It was a great movie, really cheered me up and made me laugh a lot.
    Makes you think about life, if you pay close attention the movie has a
    meaning behind it so I think the title really fits it. The actors look
    like they really put their all in it to make the movie more enjoyable
    for the audience and it really worked. The plot is great honestly, I
    loved this movie so much I can’t out it into words! This is now one of
    my favorite movie, I love it! It reminded me of ”starstruck” BUT THATS
    super proud of everyone in it and specially Matthew since it was his
    first movie, can’t wait for more to come!

  • tabunoOctober 3, 2016Reply

    Authentic Independent Romance Movie

    Finally a refreshing romance movie that isn’t a knockoff of
    predictable, over the top romance comedy movies. This crisp and
    underplayed teen romance ironic genre has the photographic technique
    and ambiance of an independent movie more focused on the performance
    and storyline than on the corny mainstream manners that underlie most
    teen romantic comedies.

    Be Somebody has the teen pop star much more down to earth and seemingly
    sincere in the depiction of a boy whose life is not his own. The
    unknown teen artist on the other hand has a pretty every girl face that
    isn’t a gorgeous model. There is a nice seriousness to this movie with
    overtones of humor in the irony between star and artist.

    This movie one of the most appealing in its sincerity and natural
    performances to come along in a romance movie in years.

  • heidiiamcrazyOctober 3, 2016Reply

    Great Movie

    This movie is one of my favorite Movies. Matthew Espinosa did such a
    great job for this being his first movie and I’m very proud of him.
    This movie kinda reminds me of starstruck but they are totally
    different. It tells a great story and teaches a great lesson. I watched
    this movie maybe 100 times now. Love it and Love Matt Espinosa. The
    movie is about a pop star who does not want to be told what he has to
    do and just wants to be a normal teenager for once. In the process of
    getting followed by fans his tour bus leaves him and hes stuck with a
    girl who delivers pizza. Watch this movie to find out what happens when
    he has to stay with a girl who does not like him at all. Twitter:

  • nick-27819October 4, 2016Reply

    This film is very awkward, I’d suggest it if you are having trouble sleeping.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • d gOctober 4, 2016Reply

    Good Escape

    I completely agree with the other review. I picked this movie because
    it seemed like something whimsy that didn’t need all my attention. But,
    like the other review also states, I found myself pausing it when I
    needed to step away and would rewind if I missed something. There were
    a couple of slow parts and I think you notice them because most movies
    have a lot more action. Whereas this movie just told a story with a
    really basic message. Even though it’s a teen movie I think the message
    transcends to any age. You need to see the whole thing to understand
    why it is good, and after you watch it you think about. The movie left
    me hopeful. Feels weird but I don’t hate it.

    I took off one star due to a couple awkward scenes that have been over
    played in all movie plots.

  • Brittany LastorinoOctober 5, 2016Reply

    Loved it

    I honestly really enjoyed this movie. I wish it was a bit longer, and I
    wish there was a little more romance in it, but I’m aware it is a movie
    made for teenagers. I also wish at the end it would have focused more
    on Jordans career and not only Emily, but the message the movie is
    sending out is inspiring. You can only hope to meet someone who will
    have such an impact on your life, and help you discover parts of
    yourself that you didn’t even know existed. Again, the only downfall
    for me was how short it was! I’ve followed Matt Espinosa for a while,
    so that is the reason I watched it but I am being completely honest in
    the review. For older adults it may not come off as something you’d
    normally watch, but it’s a movie that’s great for all ages. I
    definitely plan on watching it again!

  • destinylives52October 9, 2016Reply

    Good Teen Movie

    Better than I expected, ”Be Somebody” is about a famous pop singer
    (played by Matthew Espinosa) who ”escapes” his mom/manager and assorted
    handlers for a few days and lives the life of a regular teenager in a
    small town. He meets a hardworking, talented, down to earth girl
    (played by Sarah Jeffery); and despite their lives being complete
    opposites, they hit it off and become friends quickly. Of course, there
    is more than a friendly spark between them; but he cannot stay in her
    world and she cannot be in his world. If a fine balance isn’t met, then
    their budding romance is doomed from the start. ”Be Somebody” is not
    the typical teen movie. Yes, it has a few clichés; but it also leans
    toward the melodramatic and serious side, and most of the scenes
    involve just Espinosa and Jeffery. This is a movie older teens will
    appreciate and find refreshing, I think. My most memorable, movie
    moment of ”Be Somebody” is the scene when Jeffery lets Espinosa in her
    car so he can avoid a few teen girls who are chasing him. Completely
    unbelievable, as she has no idea who he is; and therefore is letting a
    stranger in her car at night. Still, it was a cute scene.


  • sosimdrowningOctober 9, 2016Reply


    I enjoyed this film on Netflix on a Sunday night. I watched it instead
    of studying and thought it was adorable and I was very into it and I
    had already started making plans on watching it again. Not only was the
    famous guy supes relatable, but the loser chick was too. It was the
    perfect mix, like peanut butter and jelly. u feel? but im still really
    mad and wouldn’t recommend this for people who are looking for the
    PERFECT ending, because that is exactly what this movie does not have.
    the sexual tension in the bedroom scene was R E A L and it made me
    angry nothing sprouted from that scene. How did he postpone a tokyo
    tour to go to prom. wtf. they didn’t even kiss

  • bmthnicolelawsonOctober 14, 2016Reply

    Amazingly good!

    This movie was better than what I expected! They should definitely make
    a second part! I want to know what happens when he comes off tour and
    if they get into a relationship or not! Matt did an excellent job at
    acting and I really think he should start doing it. Very pleased with
    this movie. 10/10. If they make a second movie I would love to see more
    about Jordans life and more from his point of view. The movie is
    basically a fan girls fan fiction come to life and yes I did fan girl a
    little not going to lie , but I would honestly love to see a second
    part to this movie. If you haven’t watched it , go watch it , you won’t
    be let down! And if you’re from the UK and want to watch it , they have
    put it on Netflix.

  • C.October 14, 2016Reply

    Best Movie I’ve seen this year!

    No amount of words can express how amazing this movie is. I love the
    fact that the scenes are so well done and you can tell that they really
    thought about what to put in the movie. Also, the actors fit their
    roles well. The concepts brought up in the movie were really refreshing
    to see and it was just really unique and cool. I love the philosophical
    aspect of the movie too. The pacing of the movie was interesting too
    because it wasn’t as fast paced as most modern movies are and it worked
    well for the type of movie it was. There are so many other fantastic
    things about the movie as well, but you should go watch it for yourself
    to find out more about it. If there is a sequel to this I will
    definitely watch!

  • villalobosmeliOctober 20, 2016Reply

    Similar to Starstruck

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • polly-blytheOctober 28, 2016Reply

    Read this review, you won’t regret it. If you do, tell your friend to read it.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • simran vimNovember 22, 2016Reply

    awful acting by Espinoza

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • emilyjmalbonDecember 13, 2016Reply

    Nearly a good movie but doesn’t go anywhere

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Marcela Sotelo (issisotelo)May 28, 2017Reply

    Lovely teen movie with a message

    When I watched this movie’s trailer I thought this was a copy of
    Starstruck,that DCOM where the main characters meets a pop superstar
    that she hates and after sharing some time together they got a love
    connection. Does that sounds like this movie? Yes. Is that 100% true?
    No. ”Be Somebody” is more than a movie with a girl meeting a pop
    superstar and falling in love to each other. In this movie I watched
    two young artists trying to find themselves with the other one’s help.
    For me, it was a very slow plot but that didn’t make stop watching it.
    The message is there since the first scene. It’s also a movie that you
    can have fun watching it. Definitely something you should watch in a
    free time just to have a good time and a little dose of inspiration.

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