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Big Bad

Big Bad

Apr. 08, 2016 USA87 Min.
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8.8 1,215 votes

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Opie Cooper



A respectful nod to classic kids-in-peril adventure films that finds a group of reluctant kids stranded overnight in an abandoned jail. Their chaperon is missing, their cellphone service is non existent, and their patience with each other is running thin. Oh, and a big, hairy creature is trying to eat them. Hey… it’s tough being a kid in a monster movie.

Original titleBig Bad
IMDb Rating4.5 164 votes
TMDb Rating4.1 7 votes

(4) comments

  • dcarsonhagyAugust 22, 2016Reply

    The Big Bad?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jcallender121August 31, 2016Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Louis BaconSeptember 12, 2016Reply

    One of the best independent horror comedies of all time

    This may be sold as an homage to the 80’s, but believe me, that’s not
    what it is. It’s just a really good horror spoof.

    Honestly, if you’re expecting a movie that LOOKS like an 80’s movie, go
    somewhere else. But it sure as heck sounds like one. Great clever
    comedy with witty performances from everyone. Twists galore and funny
    stereotypes. Actual teenagers playing teenagers. Useless high school
    drama, but hilariously played.

    The big credits go to every actor in this movie who are giving funny
    and realistic performances that you’d expect from that type of spoof.
    Turning every trope against itself. Props for also using great
    practical effects on the monster. An actual MONSTER, not a
    over-explained cliché.

    Lastly, the soundtrack is absolutely amazing. For an independent
    production, instrumentals are fun, quirky and nostalgic of a time where
    scary could rhyme with funny, even in terms of music.

    If you can keep your standards low towards the visuals (even though
    there are some nice shots), you’ll definitely be having a bloody good
    time. Like a Goosebumps episode gone good or an 80’s family horror

  • shawnblackmanNovember 23, 2016Reply

    Hokey Horror

    Some high school kids have to spend the night in a cell, in an old
    prison to raise money for the school. During their stay, they get a
    visit from a menacing creature that wants them dead. Three students and
    a teacher must find a way to survive.

    This is kind of a hokey horror comedy that is geared towards the
    preteens for sure. It did have a Goosebumps feel. The acting was good
    but it had a cheesy premise and a lot of lame lines. It had a decent
    budget with a crisp picture.

    Little kids might still be scared and the big kids might want to just
    avoid this one altogether.

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