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Big Sky

Big Sky

A new level of fear.Aug. 14, 2015 USA95 Min.
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Hazel suffers from a crippling case of agoraphobia. So much so that it causes a rift between her and her mother, Dee. Hazel and her mother decide to go on a road trip to a desert facility to help Hazel deal with her fear but when gunmen and brothers Jesse and Pru attack them, Hazel has to battle her fears so she and her mother can survive.

Big Sky
Big Sky
Big Sky
Big Sky
Original titleBig Sky
IMDb Rating4.5 1,045 votes
TMDb Rating4 17 votes

(9) comments

  • prolinesvsAugust 17, 2015Reply

    Not bad for a ”B” film

    Without Kyra Sedgwick and Bella Thorne, this film would not be worth
    watching. Although it contains a fair amount of suspense, it is very
    hard to follow. The male characters, including Frank Grillo, stumble
    through the dialogue. A little more ”realistic” action would have been
    great. I give this film a six out of ten rating because of the
    fantastic desert scenery, and the female cast. I would have liked for
    the film to go a little more in depth as far as what treatment is
    available for the condition that afflicted the actress Bella Thorne.
    Not too many people are familiar with ”Agoraphobia” and how serious it
    can be. All being said, I would watch this film a second time, and
    would probably enjoy it more.

  • Robert W. ([email protected])August 27, 2015Reply

    A stumbling and awkwardly paced so called thriller

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ShazaliSharainiSeptember 6, 2015Reply

    Soooooooooo Sllloooooooowwwww

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • emberstonepierceOctober 11, 2015Reply

    Stunning scenery but a very mediocre film.

    This film is rather confusing in the respect that a serious mental
    health disorder is sort of skirted over and not really addressed in an
    honest way. The female leads are quite interesting characters, but most
    of the others are a bit one dimensional and dull – and the acting isn’t
    exactly award winning either. What seems to start as an original and
    interesting premise, fails to deliver as we follow an ever more bazaar
    set of circumstances which unfold very slowly before our eyes in what
    can only be described as a totally unrealistic mess. Slow, boring and
    at times rather confusing, this tale isn’t going to be everyone’s ‘Cup
    of Tea’ and if you’re looking for a realistic interpretation of mental
    illness or the circumstances the characters find themselves in –
    prepare for disappointment. Personally, I had high hopes for this title
    and was annoyed that it missed the opportunity to deliver by a mile.

  • Kurt ZellnerOctober 12, 2015Reply

    A Gripping Movie that will keep you Excited till the end

    Big Sky was an Amazing Movie I Loved it So Much Bella Thorne is Truly
    Amazing doing Drama She Killed it Bella has Incredible Talent She made
    the Movie Even Better just being in it. Big Sky is So Incredibly
    Gripping you never know whats gonna happen next it surprises you and
    keeps you so interested so wanna seeing whats gonna happen next waiting
    to see will they get through this or not it gets your heart going makes
    you worry for her worry what happens or what will happen to her it has
    Great Acting and Great action it gets your pulse racing with suspense.I
    recommend this movie to everybody Bella Thorne and Kyra Sedgwick Fans
    they did an Amazingly Incredible Performance that will keep you
    thinking about this movie for years after you see it in fact you will
    wanna see it over and over again .I Loved ever minute of the movie its
    the kind of movie you buy on DVD and watch it over and over again Thank
    You Bella for making another Amazing Movie In Summary Big Sky is a Very
    Gripping Movie that will make your heart race with anticipation of what
    will happen next and how it will end up will this be the end or will
    she be able to prevail in the end will it be a happy ending or a
    unhappy ending Big Sky is a Highly Emotional Highly Intense Movie that
    makes you care about the characters so much that you worry about them
    as if they were Friends or even Family of yours the Writing and Acting
    shows what you can do if you put your mind to creating a movie that
    will stand the test of time and be around a very long time being
    watched over and over again by generations to come i rate Big Sky 10
    out of 10 its a movie for the whole family to watch and discuss Big Sky
    a movie of quality made to entertain to keep you on the seat of your
    seat with worry caring about the characters and what happens to them
    all the actors did an amazing job SUMMARY A Action Packed Movie of the
    mind that will keep you guessing all the way through till the end

  • neshasouthport-1January 13, 2016Reply

    Im so confused

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • beauwolskyFebruary 11, 2016Reply

    I even watched specifically to spite viewer reviews

    I wanted so badly to like this movie. I read nothing but bad things but
    said, screw it people have awful taste and it sounds like a thriller. I
    am currently watching this movie ( about 20 min left) and I’m SO BORED
    I can barely stand it. 😞 I don’t mind the acting, honestly it was just
    OK, especially with some big names. People definitely didn’t understand
    a few of the psychological/emotional things that were creatively
    expressed in the movie which I especially found promising in the
    beginning when I saw a few of them. But still, the lack of literally
    any emotional or psychological ”oomph” in this movie made me want to
    switch to another one at several points (and I definitely would have if
    I wasn’t on a time crunch) I wanted to prove ’em wrong… This one
    proved them right

  • Emma MuellerMarch 4, 2016Reply

    Very boring, but I am now an Aaron Tveit fan.

    I watched this movie because I stumbled upon it and thought ”why not?”
    and let me tell you it was SO BORING. It kind of just went on and on.
    The scenes were dragged out and the plot was incredibly slow. And Bella
    Thorne disappointed me. Had it not been stated in the movie, I might
    not have known that she had agoraphobia — she was scared at all the
    wrong points and fine at all the wrong points. On the up side, I
    thought Aaron Tveit and Frank Grillo were FANTASTIC, especially Aaron
    Tveit. I felt like he gave his character a personality that I
    sympathized with when the script offered so little for him to work
    from, and his disorder was so believable. I must say, I was incredibly
    impressed with his performance. I was less impressed with the movie

  • jtncsmistadMarch 7, 2016Reply

    ”Big Sky”: Liked The Setting at any rate…


    I am forever a sucker for movies set in the wide open expanse of the
    American west. This penchant is what sucked me into seeing the low
    budget dramatic thriller ”Big Sky”.

    Now admittedly I don’t know what severe agoraphobia looks like. But I
    imagine that Bella Thorne does a pretty damn good job of depicting how
    this insidious psychological affliction debilitates and paralyzes those
    who can not bear interaction with the outside world. And Kyra Sedgwick
    as her less-than-model yet loving mom and the consummate acting pro is
    first-rate despite being rendered incapacitated early on in the
    proceedings. There’s your propers, kids. The rest of ”Big Sky” is so
    implausible, inexplicable or just downright impossible it loses it’s
    way pretty quickly, never to regain any true traction.

    Make it a big whiff on ”Big Sky”.

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