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Black Mountain Poets

Black Mountain Poets

Apr. 01, 2016 87 Min.
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8.4 1,492 votes

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Jamie Adams


Tom Cullen isRichard
Rosa Robson isLouise Cabaye
Louise Cabaye
Roger Evans isDavid Griffiths
David Griffiths


Two professional con artist sisters go on the run and assume the identities of The Wilding Sisters, guest stars of a poetry retreat in the depths of the Black Mountains. A romantic comedy drama about love, crime, spirituality, and soul

Black Mountain Poets
Original titleBlack Mountain Poets
TMDb Rating7.3 4 votes

(4) comments

  • euroGaryJuly 18, 2015Reply

    A terrific, low-budget British comedy

    Best film of the 2015 Edinburgh Film Festival for me was an
    ultra-low-budget British comedy set in a poets’ camping retreat in the
    Black Mountains of Wales – ‘Black Mountain Poets’. Claire and Lisa are
    sisters and lorry thieves. Escaping from their most recent bungled
    robbery they wind up pretending to be ‘beat poets’ at the
    afore-mentioned retreat. While there they both fall for the smouldering
    charms of Richard (Tom Cullen from ‘Downton Abbey’), make a mess of
    putting up tents and hear lots of bad poetry.

    The film certainly isn’t original: earnest poets are a wide-open goal
    for any comedy scriptwriter, and it will surprise no-one that our two
    anti-heroines Learn Important Life Lessons and that at least one of
    them discovers her inner muse. But it’s so good-natured, with dialogue
    that often sounds improvised, but not in that embarrassing
    actors-not-sure-what-to-do way, and it contains some good performances
    – particularly from Dolly Wells (of ‘Doll and Em’ fame) and Alice Lowe,
    who really spark off each other as Claire and Lisa. Goodness knows if
    the film will get a wide – or any – distribution, but if it does, try
    to see it – you’ll leave the cinema with a smile on your face.

  • jelmiusaMay 26, 2016Reply

    I enjoyed it, but others did not. Some sound issues should have been fixed.

    I thought the performances were very good and the story believable. The
    mic sensitivity was to high in some scenes, voices distorted in a few
    others and the musical sections were way to loud. This should have been
    run through a sound stabilizer.

    There were some nice unexpected twists for a love story of sorts. The
    human element is a hallmark of the film. The scenery is a joy and this
    is pointed out within the film.

    (As a disclaimer, I am told I analyze films story line to much.). Do
    not read further I’d you are in t e majority that just blocks out the

    A few plot irregularities prevented me giving it an 8.5, like the
    opening scene which presents out heroines as possible environmental
    crusaders, then switches them to burglars and then con artists. The 3
    are very different. Later the poet sisters, after an event, sit for 3-4
    days for no known reason, when in walking distance to their
    destination. Then they display a large map, that previously was not
    explained in their possession. In another scene the GF tells the male
    lead that she wants to be romantic in the tents, but a short time later
    she demands her own tent alone? In another scene when the con is
    discovered, the male lead turns away, but…moments later he excepts
    the con sister without explanation. In the scene before the end, the
    police hold a cell phone with what appears to be a mans photo, but not
    the male lead, yet he and the con sisters run? The final scene is also
    a mystery. Like so many films things get cut and towards the end of the
    film, it appears they run of time and have to make adjustments.

  • Tom DooleyAugust 18, 2016Reply

    Duplicity, Camping and Poetry in this rather good Brit Indie.

    Lisa and Claire are sisters who are petty con artists and would be
    digger thieves. After an uninspired heist goes a bit awry they decide
    to go on the run… Wales. However, their cunning plan involves them
    assuming the roles of Internationally renowned sister poets – The
    Wilding Sisters, and go off to a poetry retreat in the Black Mountains
    of Wales.

    Once there they soon immerse themselves in their strange new World and
    go on a journey both physically and emotionally that involves more than
    a smattering of free form poetry.

    Now this stars the wonderful Alice Lowe who was in ‘Sightseers’ and
    ‘Locke’ and she is just perfect in this role, getting the character
    just right and the physical comedy too. It also has Tom Cullen (‘The
    Five’) as Richard who is ‘artistically blocked’ in the verse department
    and he nails it completely. That said there is nothing but great
    performances here and the laughs keep coming. This is the sort of film
    where you miss things as there is so much packed in. The direction and
    cinematography and just about everything are all great and made this a
    very enjoyable and rewarding watch that I can happily recommend.

  • daves-63903February 22, 2017Reply

    Waste of time

    Watched this on free-to-air TV, so glad I didn’t pay for it! I wasted
    1½ hours of my life watching this rubbish. Neither comedy nor drama,
    there was no real plot and the sound and editing were awful. The two
    main characters were OK, but the rest of the characters had no real
    substance. Do not bother.

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