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Blind Sun

Blind Sun

Apr. 20, 2016 88 Min.
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8.6 1,757 votes

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​Greece. A seaside resort struck by a heavy heat wave. Water is scarce and violence is ready to explode. Ashraf, a solitary immigrant, is looking after a villa while its owners are away. On a dusty road crushed by the sun, he is stopped by a police officer for an identity check…

Blind Sun
Blind Sun
Original titleΚαύσωνας
TMDb Rating5.5 4 votes

(5) comments

  • nnassaDecember 15, 2015Reply

    Thumbs up!

    If you are into fast action and high adrenaline movies, then maybe you
    will think that this one is not for you…and do not get me wrong, I
    thought I was one of these people too, until I came across Blind Sun.
    You owe it to yourself to watch it till the last minute…it does
    change something in you.

    This movie is a real thriller, unlike any horror tale, that keeps you
    continuously alerted and at the same time makes you realize how close
    we are to facing such issues on a global scale.

    Excellent movie, with an exceptional cast and director…you really
    feel the heat.

  • mario_cMarch 1, 2016Reply

    A true slow burner!

    Water as precious as gold! It’s not a new idea and it might be quite a
    reality in a future not so far… BLIND SUN begins with this premise.
    In a remote region of Greece a strong heat wave make portable water a
    precious thing. To reinforce that idea there’s a multinational company,
    which distributes water to the population, called ”Bluegold”! The two
    elements, heat/fire and water are constant in the movie, as they
    represent two main forces of life! And healthiness… including
    psychological healthiness…

    The heat wave and the lack of water are just the plot background to
    what truly is a psychological thriller and a perfect slow burner! In
    fact BLIND SUN is a mystery thriller where the pace is really slow and
    many scenes are almost contemplative (look at those beautiful landscape
    shots and that sunshine!) but the tension is growing scene by scene in
    a slow but effective way!

    The characters aren’t many, it’s all around ASHRAF, the main character,
    and about what he sees and thinks… we ”see” the plot through his
    mind… but it’s not easy to understand a mind affected by extreme heat
    and thirstiness…

    To sum up BLIND SUN is a mystery thriller with a great cinematography
    (nice camera details and beautiful scenarios) and a (very!) open

  • gimosele-08408April 26, 2016Reply

    Refined estranging work

    Blind sun is as close to a thriller as Wong Kar Wai’s ”2046” to a
    sci-fi movie (which it is, but hey!). It is surely ‘old school’, if
    only for the high quality. To me, Blind Sun is all about the sun-
    sterilized atmosphere. The settings are unsettling: useless luxury that
    becomes a burden. I felt the space capsule isolation. Think of The
    Shining, Alien or even more the Cube. None of the horror, though. The
    angst comes from the urge to return over and over to a hostile chamber
    (to survive or to be doomed?). The sun is hostile, water is a dangerous
    precious (everything but purifying), the secondary characters seem to
    have all a dual nature: mundane and symbolic, walking antonomasias of
    who they are. From universal, to stereotyped, to grotesque. They may as
    well exist without a given name. In this visually amazing picture I
    found the pace very different from the cinematography I am getting used
    to lately. Here the film plays in 1970 terms, like an early Peter Weir
    or a gore-less Fulci (a hint of the latter accidentally suggested by an
    occasional hairdo). Every frame is deliberately beautiful, but it is a
    bitter beauty, the sort you experience smelling wild herbs. To take it
    in, you will breath deeply and then you might find yourself totally
    into the story like a compassionate but helpless passerby, or the
    opposite, obliviously distanced from the scene like this sun. This sun
    is a fierce star and this Earth is a planet with a toxic atmosphere and
    with an impossiblé gravity; returning to the infested capsule really
    seems the only way to buy time. A past hardship that is not even hinted
    at is immediately inferred, and makes the unthinkable almost tolerable.

  • qwerty79789February 11, 2017Reply

    Almost nothing happens

    Almost nothing happens in this movie: * An immigrant guy takes a job as
    a housekeeper.

    * He sleeps a lot.

    * Goes to the pool once.

    * Water goes out and he gets his tools and fixes the pipes.

    * Goes into town a couple times.

    * He sees some shadows a few times.

    * Hears some unexplained footsteps.

    * Things get messed up in the house a couple times.

    * The cat dies.

    * He starts hallucinating a little bit it seems.

    * He burns down the house.

    The end.

  • pdlussier1February 12, 2017Reply

    Blind Sun – An Unnerving Visual Treat with a Disturbing End

    A slow burn. I dare say it because here it’s not a metaphorical cliché,
    it’s the actual plot of this indie!

    Set in Greece in a near dystopic future, we follow Ashraf Idriss
    (Palestinian actor Ziad Bakri), an immigrant hired to house-sit a villa
    for the summer, ensuring its safety amidst rising hooliganism and
    brutality whilst personally suffering the oppression that attempts to
    counter the tense lawlessness of a heat-wave-baked world increasingly
    deprived of its primary resource: water.

    Sure enough, the standoffish Ashraf faces increasing threats, scared to
    be in the villa and afraid to act after having lost his papers to a
    racist cop, but what’s a real menace and what results out of a slowly
    baking brain?

    Told through careful cinematography, editing, and sensibility that lean
    towards art-house minimalism, this first-time feature for Joyce A.
    Nashawati marks this Lebanese director as someone possessing tremendous
    flair for the deeply nuanced yet sharp socio-political allegory, the
    kind that lets one get away with more style then story.

    The horror classification given by some (see is
    believable. The menace that looms throughout genuinely takes hold
    midway and brings us to chilling moments, both of real fear and
    psychological unease. There’s an unsettling atmosphere that reigns, set
    both by an intriguing soundtrack and a keen exploitation of light in
    establishing either the threat of a sun-drenched world or of those
    lurking in shadows.

    A tense, unnerving visual treat with a disturbing end, my only
    complaint is that it’s often too easy to forget just how water-deprived
    and hot a world Ashraf faces and it’s never quite justified why he
    seems to suffer more than all. Watching his ”burnout” is engrossing,
    but we never fully embark on his ride that leads to his solution,
    albeit we certainly do feel his relief afterwards (up to a point) for,
    though he’s hardly the most likable and pet- friendly of fellows, he
    does earn our sympathy.

    Well worth a watch!

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