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Blue Jay

Blue Jay

Dec. 02, 2016 USA83 Min.
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8.7 2,121 votes

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A couple hiking Mount Whitney runs into a group of mountain men who develop a dark obsession with the young woman.

Blue Jay
Original titleBlue Jay
IMDb Rating4.7 132 votes
TMDb Rating6 2 votes

(7) comments

  • benareameyaDecember 4, 2016Reply

    Unexpctedly good!

    I saw this film thinking its other Blue Jay 2016. I don’t know much
    about another movie too other than it has Mark Duplass so kinda waited
    for him throughout the film. But before I realized it the other movie I
    was hooked. It’s a nice little movie made with heart. Totally good if
    you want good Sunday afternoon thriller. Nothing great but not bad at
    all. Thriller for trekkers and hikers. The climax is not very impact
    full but its descent. Anyways in thrillers, good climax add additional
    start in the review. In this case it is just descent. Watch it if you
    like slow thrillers. acting is good too. Just don’t go with your
    potential girlfriend /boyfriend 😉

  • Prince AliDecember 4, 2016Reply

    A Pointless Mountain….

    The film Blue Jay, starring Sara Lindsey and James Landry Hébert as the
    protagonist and antagonist–respectively, has both characters isolated
    on Mount Whitney–as Hébert chases after Lindsey, with ”sinister”

    That is how the film is described in the summary and, up until the last
    minute, it is exactly what the viewer gets. Beyond the set-up of a cut-
    away sex scene and a few kisses scattered throughout the run time, the
    main characters lack any real depth that would give the
    story…character. The film has them run a rendition of a one-
    dimensional ”cabin-in-the-woods” horror story–without the cabin. This
    is unfortunate, considering the weight of the film lies entirely on
    Lindsey’s character developing as a strong protagonist and overcoming
    her faults.

    While the cinematography ranges from beautiful in gorgeous landscape
    shots to indiscernible shadows in the night scenes and the editing
    bounces from okay to shoddy, the characters and writing remain
    lackluster throughout the entirety of the film and the plot retains a
    what-you-see-is-what-you-get attitude. And although the film tried to
    shoe-in a ”clever” ending, it felt tacky and unrealistic. It was as if
    the writers lacked a real goal while establishing the plot.

    There isn’t much else to say about the film because there isn’t that
    much else that happens in the film.

  • Madjack alwaysDecember 4, 2016Reply

    This movie was made as a filler for nothing

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • StephenDecember 5, 2016Reply

    Slowly Descends into Mindless Horror

    Blue Jay begins as an intriguing if less than masterfully acted
    mountain adventure, lead by a socially awkward new boyfriend who is
    oddly motivated to push the main character up the side of the
    snow-covered mountain in the winter against her better judgment for
    reasons that are never entirely clear. Along the way they are stalked
    by a group of men dressed in summer clothing who seem to appear
    periodically along the trail as if they’d been beamed there from the
    transporter room of the Enterprise. No explanation is ever given for
    their motives or their ability to magically ascend up the side of the
    snow-covered mountain with no climbing or snow gear. The leader of the
    group talks as if he is part of some kind of environmental or religious
    cult but much of what he says makes no sense and his companions all
    appear to be slow, dull, and clumsy, as if they’d just stumbled out of
    a saloon, which leaves the viewer to wonder what they are doing there
    in the first place. The movie eventually degenerates into a thoroughly
    disappointing and depraved horror movie with undertones of sexual

  • DJ AlphaDecember 5, 2016Reply

    Wasted time

    What a disappointment!

    The concept of the film was interesting and had potential, but the plot
    and the way it was executed had me yawning in my seat in 15 minutes.
    The film squanders all that potential, delivering a lackluster and
    boring product. It felt like watching a documentary! The trailer looked
    promising and was mildly suspenseful, but unfortunately, that 2 minutes
    of action is all you’re gonna get in this 83 minute film.

    The best things about it are the gorgeous establishing shots and the
    location, which I admire the crew for filming in such a harsh
    environment. But everything else is dreary and fails to capture the
    audiences’ attention. The writing wasn’t given much thought, and the
    characters were one-dimensional. The lack of character development and
    their uninspiring portrayal prevented me from feeling invested to care
    much about what happens to them, which defeats the whole purpose of the

    The villain initially seemed like an interesting character, but as the
    movie dragged on, you realize that this man made no sense – much like
    the entire film. The limp plot twist at the end was predictable and
    anti-climactic. The credits roll and you feel like you’ve wasted your

    I wouldn’t recommend watching this film unless you truly have nothing
    else to watch.

  • craigmadDecember 6, 2016Reply

    I loved this movie!

    You see, this is the problem with reading reviews on here sometimes; no
    appreciation of a well made independent film. I loved this thriller. I
    think a lot of people like to come on here and trash movies. This movie
    was well written, well acted, and had my wife and I on the edge of our
    seats. The angrier my wife gets when I talk through movies, the more I
    know she loves it. This film was beautifully shot for not being a large
    budget film, with multiple intense scenes that were extremely intense.
    Sara Lindsey was especially convincing. I thought the acting was very
    strong, from the waitress in the beginning, who clearly had the
    authenticity of a mid-west girl to the antagonist, who was well chosen
    and did a great job. I would definitely recommend seeing this movie.

  • silver929March 3, 2017Reply

    Some beautiful mountain scenery and that’s about it.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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