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Boo! A Madea Halloween

Boo! A Madea Halloween

Oct. 21, 2016 USA103 Min.PG-13
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Tyler Perry



Madea winds up in the middle of mayhem when she spends a hilarious, haunted Halloween fending off killers, paranormal poltergeists, ghosts, ghouls, and zombies while keeping a watchful eye on a group of misbehaving teens.

Boo! A Madea Halloween
Boo! A Madea Halloween
Boo! A Madea Halloween
Boo! A Madea Halloween
Original titleBoo! A Madea Halloween
IMDb Rating4.7 4,204 votes
TMDb Rating5.3 193 votes

(42) comments

  • Noa LindbergOctober 20, 2016Reply

    Not the best Madea movie.

    First of all, I would like to announce I’m a HUGE Madea fan ever since
    I watched the first one and have watched all of them.

    There were certainly good elements in this Madea but the movie lost my
    attention at times. Some scenes were way too long – first thing you
    learn as a screenwriter is not to write a scene that’s over 3 minutes,
    especially not at the beginning, or you may lose your viewers. Some
    parts of the dialogue were redundant.

    Some of the Actors are not actual actors but Youtube sensations. Their
    acting was not the most convincing. It’s hard to be over-the-top
    character-style (like Tyler Perry does with Madea) but still be
    believable. It also take talent to be natural and not over-the-top when
    needed. Acting is an Art and takes lots of training. Some may believe
    the number of followers is more important to the success of a project
    than actual talent, I would have to disagree on that one.

    This Madea is not one of the Madea’s I would watch again. In the end,
    it could have been better.

    I still love Madea and will keep going and being a big fan. And I can’t
    wait for the next one.

    PS. Bloopers after credits come up are funny. If you go, make sure you
    stay until the end.

  • Earl SterlingOctober 21, 2016Reply

    Outrageous Humor

    Boo! A Madea Halloween was very entertaining and kept the audience
    laughing throughout the entire movie. The diversity of characters and
    cultures gave it an added dimension of humor. The plot was definitely
    original. Aunt Bam, Hattie, and Joe were outrageously hilarious also.
    This was a definite improvement over A Madea Christmas. It’s always
    quite a feat to direct and act simultaneously and Tyler Perry once
    again accomplishes this endeavor. As in other T.P. movies, we learn a
    life lesson. Tyler uses the film to depict family conflict and
    resolution. The movie was very funny which would have prevented it from
    being scary except for the clowns. I loved it and plan to see it again.

  • bubbagoo2October 21, 2016Reply

    good comedy movie for halloween

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • IsotopemevOctober 22, 2016Reply

    Disappointing Madea Movie

    Like another reviewer, I too am a huge Madea fan, however, this movie
    lost my attention after the first 10 minutes. I concur that many of the
    scenes were too long. They were boring with long, drawn out dialogues.
    I actually dozed off a couple of times.

    We laughed occasionally, however, the comedy and acting did not rise to
    that of other Madea films. We actually thought about walking out after
    the first 45 minutes, however, we are glad we stayed as the scenes at
    the end kept our attention and were much more entertaining.

    That being said, my recommendation would be to wait until this movie
    becomes available on DVD or pay-per-view.

  • rgkarimOctober 22, 2016Reply

    Boo Hoo! A Madea Halloween Needed More Editing

    Hellur there, Robbie K is back again and if you haven’t guessed my next
    review is on the latest Tyler Perry ”masterpiece”. Madea, and all her
    lovable qualities, has been making audiences laugh for almost twenty
    years. Although many of her movies are essentially double dipped
    versions with a slight twist, the crossdressing writer continues to get
    people to flood into theaters almost every year. So, let’s see if the
    mad woman can conquer a Halloween themed movie, shall we?

    LIKES: • Madea smacking on young kids • Some clever jokes and timing •
    A change in setting…sort of

    I’ll come out and say that I’m not a die-hard fan of the series like
    others, but I’d also be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy her brand of
    justice. Madea’s Halloween has plenty of moments where juvenile,
    annoying teenage characters meet her wrath. Smacks in the back of the
    head, fists flying into rubber noses, and intense threats are just some
    of the tactics the old woman uses to scare the daylights out the brats.
    It’s silly fun that will keep many laughing most of the movie, but
    Perry sneaks a few morals into the mix to give some of the scenes a
    point. Older generations will surely enjoy seeing the immature
    generation get some sense beaten into them. And when Madea isn’t laying
    the smack down, she also manages to get some clever jokes into the mix.
    Amidst the mindless ramblings that come out of our characters 90% of
    the time, Madea gets a few good lines in to maximize the laughs. Often
    this is in the form on an insult or a rebuttal to an accusation, but
    Perry has some witty moments that had me riling. Her brother Joe had me
    laughing even more, primarily due to his well-timed confession though I
    wish he could have a cleaner mouth at times. Ms. Hattie and Aunt Bam
    also contribute some of the laughs, rounding out the comedy to appeal
    to as many people as possible. Finally, it was nice to see Madea leave
    her home for…somebody else’s home. Madea’s Halloween hasn’t moved too
    far from her hood, but it integrated a new theme into the setting to
    freshen things up. The spoof on killer clowns, the integration of a
    frat house, and putting some ghost themed tricks into the mix finally
    broke the mold on the family drama that every other installment has.
    Halloween trades the tearful, preachy character moments for more
    laughs, giving it a more positive energy that doesn’t make you want to
    take a nap. This new approach will be refreshing for most and may be
    the new formula to Madea’s success.

    DISLIKES: • Annoying characters and antics • Rambling gets old •

    Tyler Perry certainly knows how to develop annoying character, and
    Madea’s Halloween does not get an exception. As mentioned earlier, the
    teenagers are annoying representations of today’s youth, portrayed as
    being obsessed with booze, sex, and back talking parents. The main girl
    Tiffany takes lead in this category. Her extreme rebellious attitude
    leads to over dramatic and overacted antics that rubbed my nerves raw.
    The rest of the cohort doesn’t fare much better, with the exception of
    one, that serve little more than becoming fodder for Madea and having
    audience members say ”Oh no she didn’t!” And I’ll get bashed for this,
    but Ms. Hattie was too much for me in this movie. In her past
    appearances, the small woman’s high pitched voice was timed well to be
    fun and funny, but she was too much for me in this film. Her antics
    were too overdone and her voice just rubbed me the wrong way. If you
    like her though, then good news, she’s in this movie a lot. Something
    else that started rubbing me the wrong way was the rambling. Madea and
    company have many moments where all they do is gab, usually involving
    three to four people talking incoherently about drugs, sex, stupidity,
    drugs, sex, stupidity, police, crime, and stupidity. Then Madea comes
    in and shares her experience and the rambling starts again. Yes this is
    Madea and it has come to be expected, but usually there are some other
    things to break it up. Not the case in this film and the lack of
    balance quickly led to the ramblings getting stale and losing its
    comedic edge for me, though this wasn’t the case for a lot of the
    audience. As for the editing, it is greatly skewed in this movie and
    quite poor to be honest. At least three times the movie was just
    extended sequences of rambling that did little for me other than add
    forty-five extra minutes to the movie, though it did have others
    laughing their heads off. Even more disappointing is that the Halloween
    theme is kind of lost to Madea’s rambling and so much potential for
    jokes is lost to the old hat antics, which is just so sad. But with how
    much fun most will have with this movie, I don’t think this will be an
    issue to most.

    The Verdict:

    Madeas Halloween is surprisingly fun and refreshing compared to her
    other works. It’s filled with her characteristic rambling, corny
    insults, and the same types of jokes that have been played for years.
    Unfortunately for this reviewer, the Halloween potential was lost to
    annoying characters and rambling, which only extended the run time for
    me. While this is certain to win top box office this weekend, this
    reviewer thinks this movie is best left to TBS/TNT showings.

    My scores are: Comedy/Horror: 6.5 Movie Overall: 5.5

  • Dave McClain ([email protected])October 23, 2016Reply

    another enjoyable Madea adventure

    By 2016, Movie Fans had the opportunity to see the mad black woman
    known as Madea put her unique personal stamp on, among other
    situations, a family reunion, jail, a witness protection program and
    Christmas. But how will she make it through a wild and wacky Halloween?
    ”Tyler Perry’s Boo! A Madea Halloween” (PG-13, 1:43) answers that
    question in typical Madea fashion – her way! Actor, producer, director,
    screenwriter, playwright, author, and songwriter Tyler Perry’s most
    famous and enduring character is rough around the edges, but the old
    lady is just being herself – and doing what she thinks is right. Mabel
    ”Madea” Simmons gets through life the best she can, no matter what
    anyone else thinks about her, and she’s going make the people around
    her act right – with insults and by force, if necessary.

    Madea (Perry) is the aunt of Atlanta attorney Brian Simmons (also
    played by Perry), who is newly divorced and has his hands full with his
    rebellious and disrespectful 17-year-old daughter, Tiffany (Diamond
    White). Tiffany’s friends (Bella Thorne and Lexy Panterra) are planning
    to go to a nearby college fraternity’s Halloween party and Tiffany
    wants to sneak out of the house to join them, along with her reluctant
    friend, Aday (Liza Koshy), who is sleeping over. Brian gets wind of the
    plan, but he has to go out of town, so he bribes Madea to spend the
    night in his house to make sure the girls stay out of trouble. Madea
    shows up at Brian’s with her cantankerous brother (Brian’s dad), Joe
    (Perry again), her marijuana-smoking cousin, Aunt Bam (Cassi Davis),
    and their meek friend, Hattie (Patrice Lovely).

    Tiffany comes up with a plan to outsmart ”the old people” (as she
    derisively refers to them) and sneak away to go to the party. Madea
    soon realizes that Tiffany and Aday are gone, so she gathers her posse
    (except for Joe, who decides to hold down the fort) and crashes the
    party looking for the two girls. She doesn’t find them, but manages to
    ruin the party. The president of the frat (Yousef Erakat) wants to get
    even, but you have to get out of your coffin pretty early in the
    morning to fool Madea, and there’s a scary price to pay for even
    trying. Besides the theme of the party, the Halloween angle comes in
    with Aunt Bam stealing candy from trick-or-treaters and various
    characters taking advantage of the spooky nature of the holiday to
    formulate their plans to fool others and get what they want out of the

    ”Tyler Perry’s Boo! A Madea Halloween” is a typically silly and fun
    Madea adventure… with some life lessons thrown in. Madea and her
    contemporaries are exaggerated stereotypes, not to be taken seriously,
    which gives the audience permission to just sit back, relax and enjoy
    the on-screen antics. Perry’s script contains a few good jokes, but
    most of the humor comes from his direction and the actors’ performances
    – namely, the way the characters speak and act towards each other – and
    the Halloween backdrop gives everyone plenty to work with. Brian is a
    loving and earnest, but ineffective dad, until the directness of Madea
    and her crew helps him see things a little differently. It all makes
    for another enjoyable Madea outing that stands on its own merits. ”B”

  • bkrauser-81-311064October 23, 2016Reply

    A Poem Review of Boo! A Madea Halloween

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bajmbaOctober 23, 2016Reply

    Stupid, Lame, Awful

    This movie is awful.

    I don’t understand why such a homophobic man would think it would be
    fun to dress up in women’s clothes and make movies.

    This movie is lame.

    Why this earned 27 million at the box office the first weekend is
    beyond me.

    Well I know – it is one of only a few Halloween movies. This is a
    terrible state for the movie industry to be in if this and the Ouija
    movie are the major choices for Halloween.

    This movie is awful.

    I cannot begin to imagine that anyone would sit through this movie.
    There are terrible jokes and awful dialogue.

    Bottom line: Avoid at all cost.

    Boo: See it and you have been tricked.

  • zardoz-13October 24, 2016Reply

    Madea Versus Halloween

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • cricket crockettOctober 24, 2016Reply

    Tyler Perry finally comes clean and discloses that he was half- . . .

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • subxerogravityOctober 25, 2016Reply

    Entertaining, this movie hits the spot!

    So, usually I avoid these movies like the black plague, but from the
    poster and the trailer, something told me this was going to be worth
    the ticket price, and I was right.

    A Madea Halloween is hilarious in it’s stupidity, and you can’t help
    but to laugh at it. Madea’s nephew (both played by writer director and
    producer Tyler Perry) ask her to watch his daughter, Tiffany, in order
    to keep her from leaving the house to go to a Halloween frat party, but
    Tiffany like a rebellious teenage girl sneaks out of the house anyway.
    Bad for her, cause Madea is definitely not the family member a teenage
    girl wants tracking her down.

    Tyler Perry tends to make movies that speak to a certain movie watcher,
    and I fully admit, with A Madea Halloween, I was totally listening to
    everything he had to say. It was like a good stand up comedian telling
    a joke that makes you laugh out loud because it’s so true. Believe you
    me, I’m no hater, but I’m the not the biggest fan of Tyler Perry
    either, but he got me with this one. I just could not help but to
    relate and it made me just push out my laughter uncontrollably at

    A Medea Halloween is not going to win any awards and it’s not even
    trying. It’s just trying to be stupid, and it succeeds greatly creating
    a hilarious movie that reminds me of a Holiday special you would see on
    TV, that’s perfect for this time of season, with just the right style
    of camp that makes it in the so bad it’s good category, perfect for a
    comedy with horror elements.

    It’s a whole lot of fun.

  • googa82October 25, 2016Reply

    Worst Tyler Perry movie by far

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • monstermayhem32October 25, 2016Reply

    Madea is back

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • smithcaliforniaOctober 26, 2016Reply

    I haven’t laughed this much in a long time

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ChristinaBarrett-OrlFL-1986October 28, 2016Reply

    Most Hilarious Movie I’ve Seen

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Davis POctober 28, 2016Reply

    Very fun to watch with a group of friends

    This latest installment in the madea movie franchise is filled to the
    brim with hilarious comedic writing, complete with some oh h**l no’s
    and bust yo *** up being dropped about every minute. If you enjoyed the
    other madea films, then you will surely love this one! I have only seen
    one other madea movie other than this one. Don’t feel like you must see
    the others in order to like this one, each madea movie stands on its
    own. This Halloween one really will tickle your funny bone, the
    dialouge is just perfect, and the jokes are timed and written so well,
    the audience was rolling in laughter throughout. Now don’t think that
    this is a family oriented/appropriate film, because it’s not. There is
    consistent mild cursing, which just adds so much more to the comedic
    value of this and all the madea films, that has become a norm in this
    franchise of movies. If you are a pre teen, teenager or adult, then I
    would for sure recommend Madea Halloween to you. If you’re looking for
    some funny simple escapism, then buy a ticket! 7/10.

  • C. Sean Currie (hypestyle)October 29, 2016Reply

    Perry’s ”Boo!” is by-the-numbers Madea Misadventure

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • holloway-sarahjaneOctober 29, 2016Reply

    White People Watching

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • steve beard ([email protected])October 30, 2016Reply

    Usual Madea Schtick

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Antonio KowatschOctober 30, 2016Reply

    Very stereotypical but funnier than expected

    As expected this movie was based on various stereotypes of the black
    community. After all Tyler Perry’s entire career is based on the
    exploitation of racial stereotypes. While I don’t condone that I have
    to say that the movie was funnier than expected. It definitely had its

    As far as I can tell most people watched this movie mainly because one
    of the protagonists is a famous Youtube personality (Yousef Erakat). I
    personally am not too fond of his Youtube videos but his acting
    performance was solid. Gotta give it to him.

    Final verdict: Not quite re-watchable but it’s a solid comedy.

  • Chip_ChipppersonNovember 2, 2016Reply

    Has Some Laughs, But Still Not Very Good

    Aside from one or two installments, I’ve seen just about every Madea
    movie there is. While I can’t particularly say any of them are ”good”,
    some of them are certainly better than others. While Madea Halloween is
    better than the dreadful Madea’s Witness Protection or Madea Christmas,
    it still isn’t quite up there with the more enjoyable installments such
    as Madea Goes To Jail or I Can Do Bad All By Myself.

    One major problem I’ve always had with the Madea series is that too
    much of the films focus on the dramatic parts of the plot and don’t
    give us enough of Madea. Since Madea is the appeal and always the most
    entertaining more of these films, it never made sense to me why so much
    of them focus them on the drama which is neither well-written,
    original, or interesting. One thing that Madea Halloween does get right
    is that the film is a straight-up comedy. Madea is featured on screen
    for the majority of the film and remains a comedy throughout it’s
    entire runtime. And although their are lessons and church is mentioned,
    it’s refreshing to see that Perry has left out the religious preaching
    and melodrama.

    Despite this, Madea Halloween once again showcases all of Perry’s flaws
    and shortcomings as a filmmaker. It’s very obvious production was
    rushed and it really shows. Everything from the cinematography to
    editing is absolutely abysmal and amateurish. The acting from the
    supporting cast is worse than a High School play, and the plot is
    almost non-existent. I was shocked to learn that the budget on this was
    actually $20 million when I’ve seen a handful of
    television/straight-to-DVD movies that look like they have higher
    production values when made for less than half of that. And even though
    it is a straight-up comedy as I previously mentioned, a handful of gags
    are stale and outdated. Also, if you are going to see this expecting to
    see Madea battling ghosts and zombies, don’t waste your time because
    this isn’t that movie.

    I feel like the best way I can describe a Madea Halloween is that it’s
    not a good movie, but as far as Perry’s movies go it’s not his worst.
    It does have some laughs, but there’s no getting around the incredibly
    poor filmmaking here. Even though I’ve been critical of Perry, there’s
    not denying he is talented and I’d even consider him to be
    inspirational in some ways, but you’d never know it from this.

  • hi_im_manicNovember 2, 2016Reply

    Hilarious, at times

    I love Tyler Perry’s staple senior characters, Madea most of all of
    course! In the scenes where the ”grownups” are allowed to shine, it’s
    pure gold. The best scene is their intro, Madea and the ever-high Aunt
    Bam are sitting on the front porch for trick-or-treater’s and offering
    up more tricks than treats to the ”babies” that visit their door.
    Equally hilarious is the living room scene in which the elderly
    foursome has just arrived at Brian’s house. The dialogue and comedic
    timing are great! In the scenes where the under 30 crowd take the
    spotlight, things fall flat. The teens and 20-somethings let the ball
    drop and entire scenes fail to deliver a chuckle despite fervent effort
    on the writer and editors part. It’s either a shortcoming with casting
    or directing, or both.

  • Makayladj1November 3, 2016Reply

    I loved it!

    As usual, I had a ball watching Tyler Perry’s movie. My only critique
    would be that my own daughter, Makayla Jones (ll), was not a part of
    the awesome cast. The movie was short and fun. It was something that
    both children and adults could enjoy and it included characters that
    could relate to the culture of Black America…and our millennial
    generation, lol. It is my hope that Tyler Perry continues to produce
    movies of such to keep his followers jolly. I still have a few of the
    former Tyler Perry movies to catch up on, but there are not that many
    left to compare. Thanks for being so creative and hilarious with your
    movies, and thanks for not making it so scary that one would have bad
    dreams. In this case, we would beat-up the bad guys in the dream.

  • tavmNovember 4, 2016Reply

    Boo! A Madea Halloween is worth a look for something to fill time

    While I don’t normally go out of my way to watch a Tyler Perry movie
    especially one in which he plays Madea, I had some time to fill between
    my chores and my movie theatre-working friend’s work schedule so I
    picked the shortest one on the list at where he worked at for the down
    time. In summary, this was a pretty funny Madea movie in which she is,
    as always, complaining about this and that and has to drive most of the
    narrative along with her comments and actions on account of the people
    surrounding her. Perry also plays Joe, a grandfatherly type, and a
    father to a teen girl intent on doing her own thing. Quite a few funny
    scares so on that note, I say give Boo! A Madea Halloween a look.

  • OneEightNine MediaNovember 5, 2016Reply

    6.5 kind of film. Good for families

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • chrisdye-31867November 5, 2016Reply

    Hands down Halloween fun

    Saw this by myself and I have to say that I had the absolute time of my
    life with this movie it had me laughing at something nonstop had a good
    message to it too the time spent with good ol madeia and uncle Joe and
    the whole gang is priceless and the new friends of madieas only make
    the movie funnier than the way it would have been without them I am a
    proud white 27 year old man who is not afraid to admit that I loved
    this movie and think everyone of any age color or background should see
    it most enjoyable movie I have seen in awhile won’t say best of the
    year but it was a good one no doubt it is a good date movie or just see
    it alone somehow just see the movie and enjoy it

  • ntennellNovember 7, 2016Reply

    Typical Ma’Dea

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • racistdonaldtrumpNovember 11, 2016Reply

    An amazing comedy horror film.

    Brian catches his underage daughter Tiffany and her three friends Aday,
    Rain and Leah by a frat house, which he orders her not to go by and
    orders her to get in the car, in which she refuses and tells him she
    can walk home, because it’s right around the corner. Brian forbids her
    from going near the frat house and reveals that he is sending her and
    her brother to their mom’s house while he is out of town, much to her
    displeasure. Brian then spies on Tiffany’s conversation with Jonathan,
    the frat president, on a tablet and noticing how sexual things seem to
    be getting. Meanwhile, Madea and Aunt Bam are sitting outside of her
    home giving away candy to kids trick-or-treating while Bam is secretly
    stealing the children’s candy until one kid (dressed as a cow, which
    Madea mocks the kid’s mother for) notices her stealing his and an
    argument ensues. After that a clown approaches with a huge
    jack-in-the-box, which frightens Bam. As the clown is approaching,
    Madea is threatening him and dares something to jump out of the box.
    Another clowns pops out and she’s punches the clown, causing him to
    fall out of the box. It is revealed to be Joe (the clown approaching
    with the box) and Hattie (the clown who was in the box), who explained
    they were just trying to scare them for fun. Meanwhile, in order to
    keep Tiffany from sneaking off to the Halloween party, Brian calls
    Madea, out of options, to stay there and look after Tiffany to keep her
    away from the party which Joe and Hattie tag along for after Brian
    promises to pay Madea. Tiffany and her friend Aday, realizing that
    Madea and the others are there to watch them, decide to trick them into
    sleeping early by faking a story about how a man named Mr. Wilson who
    committed murders in their house and the only safe rooms are the
    bedrooms and she then convinces them by secretly hitting a remote
    control to turn the lights off in the house. Tiffany and Aday sneak off
    to the party but Madea sees through the scheme after finding pillows
    placed under the blankets to look as if they are sleeping. Madea
    searches for Tiffany but her friends and Jonathan both lie to cover for
    her. Madea shuts the party down but is thrown out by the party goers
    into the bushes and leaves defeated. However, one of the frat brothers
    discovers that Aday is underage and throws her out of the party which
    is then shut down again when Bam calls the police due to Tiffany being
    underage. The frat brothers realize that Madea and her friends are the
    ones behind it and decide to prank them back by scaring them, unaware
    that Aday has been hiding behind the outside staircase and overheard
    their entire plan. Back at home, Tiffany still feigns that she was
    asleep the whole time and had been sleeping in her father’s room. The
    brothers begin their pranks by scaring Hattie and Bam by posing as the
    ghost of Mr. Wilson (which Jonathan had learned from Tiffany earlier)
    and by one of the frat boys, Horse (Brock O’hurn) appearing as a clown
    in the house. Madea, Hattie and Bam drive away out of fear and leave
    Joe alone with the clown which he knocks out with his cane while he is
    smoking pot. Madea’s car breaks down up the road and the three are
    pursued by the rest of the frat and party goers who are posing as
    zombies that chase them down. Madea goes into the church led by Aday’s
    father and feigns interest in being saved, believing that the things
    she is seeing are punishment for her sins. Aday’s father and Aday
    reveal to Madea that all of the things happening were pranks being
    played on them by the frat brothers as revenge for shutting down the
    party. Aday, her father, Hattie, Bam and Madea decide to prank the
    brothers back. Brian is also called back into town to deal with Tiffany
    for sneaking off. It is clear Tiffany has zero respect for Brian as a
    parent due to him being a pushover and refusing to discipline his kids
    the same way he was raised by Joe. Madea, Hattie and Bam begin to pack
    Tiffany’s clothes up in bags to throw her out of the house. This plan
    works and Tiffany and Brian lay their feelings out about Brian’s wife
    cheating on him and him being a pushover. Brian, finally toughening up,
    participates in helping to throw her out and exclaims that she can
    either live there with him, abiding by his rules or go out on the
    street on her own. Tiffany apologizes to Brian and the women for her
    behavior and agrees to listen to her father’s rules. Afterwards, the
    police return to Brian’s house looking for Tiffany, revealing to her
    that her best friend, Aday has gone missing. They then take her with
    them and handcuff her. The next day, the police knock on the door of
    the frat house and one of the brothers discovers the body of Aday with
    her throat slit in the basement. The brothers are arrested after the
    police find Aday’s body and a bag of marijuana and they are all placed
    on a prison bus along with her and Aday’s friends, Rain and Leah. A
    brawl breaks out on the bus with the prisoners, scaring everyone
    including Jonathan. Aday comes out of the house and everything is
    revealed to be a prank with Jonathan apologizing as well. Madea, much
    to her shock, learns that Brian called in actual police officers, one
    of which recognizes Madea. Madea, Jonathan and the rest of the frat
    brothers flee from the officers as the film ends.

  • Sarita Walker ([email protected])November 12, 2016Reply

    Cheesily Hilarious

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jewelleidlettNovember 13, 2016Reply

    Fell off the wagon!!

    If you have watched Madea from the beginning you would know this is
    waaaay below standard. The acting is too overboard and trying too hard
    to sale the jokes. Must have changed the directors. Don’t waist your
    time. He slid by with this one because it was easy money. If the next
    one is bad he will loose a major fan base. The brother character hands
    look so bad. Must have cut corners to make this low budget as possible.
    Would have been better quality. The director should not be allowed to
    direct again. The best actor was the clown. There is no way possible
    that he should not know this movie is horrible. This is when you know
    who your true friends are.

  • comps-784-38265January 17, 2017Reply

    If you like cheese this is out of date Stilton !

    Imagine Big mommas house as a multi vehicle traffic accident, involving
    a clown, some extras from the walking dead.

    Story synopsis (dont worry no spoilers):

    A car driven by a stupid writer, careers into the path of a lorry
    loaded with out of date unoriginal material. The ensuing commotion is
    truly unremarkable and easily forgettable.

    This is one of those films that sounds funny (ish) when you try to tell
    others about it. But, in reality, is just cheesy stupidness.

    It actually looks vaguely familiar, a sort of de ja vu experience. Then
    you realize that much of it, is rip off of other (and much better)

    If your feeling suicidal, go see this. You may conclude that perhaps
    your life is not actually that bad after all.

  • Tony Heck ([email protected])January 31, 2017Reply

    Better than I expected but I’m still not sure why there is so much hype behind these movies.

    ”I want to be sure she doesn’t sneak out.” Tiffany (White) has just
    been invited to a frat party and wants to go more than anything. Her
    dad (Perry) has to leave and wants to be sure she follows the rules, so
    he turns to the only person he can trust; Madea (Perry). Tiffany and
    her friends decide the only way she can go is to scare Madea and her
    friends away, but Madea doesn’t go down without a fight. Full
    disclosure, I have been reviewing movies for over 6 years, and this is
    somehow the first Madea movie I have ever seen. I will admit I have
    kind of avoided them because the character is a little annoying to me
    in the trailers. After watching this I will admit it was a little
    funnier than I expected, but at the same time felt really forced and
    tried to cram the jokes down your throat and that hurt the movie. The
    movie itself is a little predictable but watchable and I have to admit
    I liked it more than I expected, but at the same time this did not make
    me want to go back and watch the other Madea movies. Overall, better
    than I expected but I’m still not sure why there is so much hype behind
    these movies. I give this a B-.

  • dcarsonhagyFebruary 1, 2017Reply

    Predictable Drivel

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Pumpkin_ManFebruary 8, 2017Reply

    Madea + Halloween = Epic Win!!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Becky BeoFebruary 18, 2017Reply

    2 Thumbs Down

    I was SO disappointed with this show. I have loved all of the Tyler
    Perry movies, until now. Seems he has gone downhill. This movie had
    more cussing in it than all of his other movies put together!!! What
    happened Tyler Perry? A movie doesn’t have to have so much cussing in
    it to be good! This just seems so out of character compared to his
    other movies. 🙁

  • snpereraFebruary 23, 2017Reply

    a great comedy

    so sweet and so funny! I know people have their opinions about Tyler
    Perry…but I love him and I think that he is so talented and so funny.
    Madea is awesome and she is so funny and just a really likable
    character. I will always love his stories because they always have a
    great message and I love how he believes in Jesus and I love the faith
    aspect in his movies. This is a great movie and I will love to see it
    every Halloween.

  • dragon knightMarch 9, 2017Reply

    great movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • dansheyzApril 5, 2017Reply

    hahaha still gat it tyler.

    i do not think i will be following the ratings anymore, imagine the
    movie overall getting 4.7, is it that people are hating on Tyler
    Perry’s movie. though i do not watch movies bellow the ratings of 7.0,
    but i said let me try this and i tell you i was not disappointed. Tyler
    still got it in him. great Job. One day you will be rewarded with an

  • slimer8489April 20, 2017Reply


    I saw this film in the theater because it was something to do and it
    was only like, $5. Having never seen a Madea film in my life, I went
    into this film with an open mind.

    It was okay. I mean, Madea steals the show once she’s on-screen, and I
    like how she’s this no-nonsense African-American granny who’s not
    afraid to kick someone’s ass if they deserve it. For first-time viewers
    like myself, this is new and refreshing, but here’s the thing: This is
    like, the 9 billionth Madea movie, so to fans of the franchise, this
    could get old real quick. As for the comedy, it was a lot better than
    most of the comedies that are released today, which just feature
    excessive amounts of curse words and private part jokes because they
    think it’s funny. This movie actually had a few moments where I
    laughed, like when Madea punches the clown. But the comedy was also
    insufferable in some scenes. For example, when Tyler Perry’s character
    (the father, who is the only character he plays in this movie who’s NOT
    in drag) is laying down the ground rules to Madea and her friends, his
    father does the old ”back in my day” bit, and it just goes on and on
    and on for like, 20 minutes. Save this for the director’s cut, will
    you? But it’s not just that scene that dragged. There’s a couple other
    scenes that have the same problem, where it just drags. Also unlike
    comedies of today, this movie does have heart, I’ll give them that.
    Like, there’s some moral about how the dad is a real pushover, so at
    the end, he finally stands his ground and lays down the law to his
    daughter. That’s good, I guess. But this movie had it’s fair share of
    bad moments. Like I mentioned earlier, some of the scenes dragged on
    for eternity, but there’s this one part where the daughter is at the
    party she sneaked to and after only one thing goes wrong, her friend is
    just like, ”You’re ruining the party!” Like, what? Only one thing
    happened. How could she be ruining the party by only doing one thing?

    Overall, it was entertaining. It had some funny scenes, it had some
    heart, and it kept my attention. I was surprised to find out that this
    movie is 103 minutes, since it went by so quickly.

    I guess Madea fans might enjoy it. First-time viewers might get a kick
    out of it. Check it out if you want.

  • Abdo HamdyApril 23, 2017Reply

    Give it a try , It’s not that bad

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Vayne HudsonMay 2, 2017Reply

    Very disappointing if you loved the other Tyler Perry Madea movies

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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