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Bruce Lee – The Fighter

Bruce Lee – The Fighter

Oct. 16, 2015 151 Min.
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8.7 1,677 votes

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Ram Charan isBruce Lee / Karthik
Bruce Lee / Karthik
Chiranjeevi isCameo (Himself)
Cameo (Himself)
Nagendra Babu isJudge Ram Gopal
Judge Ram Gopal
Brahmanandam isSusuki Subramanyam alias Peter alias Pakodi
Susuki Subramanyam alias Peter alias Pakodi
Arun Vijay isDeepak Raj
Deepak Raj
Nadhiya isVasundhara (Jayaraj's 2nd wife)(official)
Vasundhara (Jayaraj's 2nd wife)(official)
Mukesh Rishi isIB Chief Bharadwaj
IB Chief Bharadwaj


When a stuntman is mistaken for a police officer, he begins fighting crime.

Bruce Lee – The Fighter
Bruce Lee – The Fighter
Bruce Lee – The Fighter
Bruce Lee – The Fighter
Bruce Lee – The Fighter
Bruce Lee – The Fighter
Bruce Lee – The Fighter
Bruce Lee – The Fighter
Bruce Lee – The Fighter
Original titleBruce Lee - The Fighter
TMDb Rating8 2 votes

(9) comments

  • venkatyanamandraOctober 15, 2015Reply

    A movie festival

    BRUCE LEE THE FIGHTER is a nice movie. It has to be a correct film to
    hit the screens for festival season.ram acting,dance,performance was
    superb.OUR MEGA STAR comeback very nice.His entrance is superb from
    helicopter which is undoubtedly need for movie.His cameo is nice.
    direction is nice. songs are nice which makes you dance in theater. our
    comedian comedy is nice. a big movie festival for families,fans,movie
    lovers. nice climax. heroine performance,acting is nice.
    screenplay,sequence of film is nice.production is good.In Ram char an
    movies this is one of best best film.A family entertainer based on
    sister sentiment

  • ImJoelJayakarOctober 15, 2015Reply

    Bruce Lee – a good entertainer again from Sreenu Vaitla.

    Bruce Lee is a good family entertainer. Sreenu Vaitla along with Kona
    Venkat and Gopi Mohan delivered another successful entertainer, but
    this time he changes his style. You have to watch it on screen. Ram
    Charan is at his best. His dances and fights are the highlight. Acting
    is good but not enough for an actor of his range. Rakul Preet simply
    dominates everything whenever she appears on screen. Especially in the
    song Le Chalo she is at her best. Her beauty and locations compete with
    each others,but she finally manages to take over. Kriti Kharbanda is
    the true hero of this film. Being a successful heroine in Kannada, she
    accepted the role of a sister rather than lead role. For that she
    deserves special appreciation and proves that she is apt for the role.
    All the remaining characters are good. If I start mentioning about each
    and every actor, I may miss a few. Music by Thaman is good and he
    manages to score a decent BGM. Cinematography is good. Editing is
    smooth. Breathtaking stunts are another asset for the film. Megastar
    Chiranjeevi appears in a cameo which will be a special attraction but
    will not have a great impact. Production values are rich. Bruce Lee is
    a good entertainer but not as expected. So, go and watch without

  • Jasrick JohalOctober 16, 2015Reply

    A mass entertainer, with good family sentiments. After a great 1st half, the 2nd half is so so but Chiru makes up for it and HOW!!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Critic DZOctober 16, 2015Reply

    A routine flick that tests patience

    This movie has everything that a successful Tollywood flick needs, a
    larger than life hero who cannot act to save his life, a bimbo heroine
    whose skirts magically reduce an inch or more of length in songs, a
    family patriarch who is strict, a doting mother, a sister (who
    thankfully does not gets violated albeit she does gets drugged), 5
    songs that sound stale (Trademark Thaman who like the director Srinu
    Vaitla rehashes the same tunes over and over again), slo-mo fight
    scenes with bodies flying around defying all earthly laws of physics, a
    brahmanandam comedy track that can barely invoke a simper (let alone a
    laugh) and so on. This is supposedly a ”family entertainer for masses”
    movie that gets routinely churned out from Tollywood (and elsewhere in
    India too). Absolutely nothing new in the content and presentation. If
    you had seen Srinu Vaitla’s previous films, you will have a feeling of
    deja vu because that’s exactly this movie is, stale ! Ramcharan tries
    hard but he appears to be more wooden than ever. He dances well though.
    Rest of the people in the movie are just there as fillers. Yet another
    clich├ęd, predictable fare that makes you feel that probably watching a
    wet paint getting dried up is a better time-pass. The horror is that
    such movies rule and make the most money inspiring more clones and the
    eternal vicious cycle. I have no problems with mass movies if they do
    provide a wholesome entertainment or a fresh take. This one provides
    neither and is just a usual over-hyped movie. The golden moment in the
    film is Chiranjeevi’s entry but it is too late to redeem it. But for
    him alone I give this movie 2 stars. If he had been the main lead,
    probably this would have been a different experience. IMDb says people
    who liked this movie also liked Aagadu, I think thats sums it up ! This
    one can be skipped and forgotten along with Srinu Vaitla’s last venture

  • (vishwanatharaajasekhar)October 18, 2015Reply

    not at all up to expectations…….

    There is no much need of watching this movie moreover it sounds as
    baadshah-2,dookudu-3.lack of entertainment has been the worst aspect.
    even though ramcharan’s action and dance has been good it is a routine
    story and i can even tell is as a waste of time.this can be exactly
    said as ‘NO MATTER IN MEGA METER’. Rakul shares a superb chemistry with
    Ram Charan though she doesn’t have much of a role in the movie. Kriti
    as sister has done adequate job. Thaman’s songs have become popular
    even before the release and couple of them are even better on the
    screen. Drawbacks: Lack of entertainment Hurried second half
    Predictable story Narration lacks fizz Total failure of Brahmi and
    comedy gang.

  • snaidu422October 18, 2015Reply

    Undercover Stuntman

    An IB chief who handovers an important mission concerning national
    security (or so as he believes) to an ordinary stuntman who is in love
    with is daughter.

    A dumb heroine who does not even get to put 2 and 2 together even
    though her boyfriend on numerous occasions says things, like shooting,
    lights, director, stuntmen, bathas and still believes he is a policeman
    and not a stuntman and at every impromptu occasions wears dresses made
    of ribbons and breaks into a song with him.

    A Villain who organizes a mass killing in a restaurant and blames it on
    Al-qaida just to silence two people.

    A IB officer who goes to Afghanistan on an undercover mission and sets
    up a barber shop there and still the IB manages to have him in the

    A hero who has nothing to do with Bruce lee except a tattoo of him on
    his hand and still prefers people calling him Bruce Lee.

    The above is a list of characters of the tollywood flick ”BRUCELEE- THE
    FIGHTER”. I guess this would be enough to make a judgment on how the
    filmmakers take the intelligence of the audience for granted. Coming to
    the story (if you can call it that) Karthik is an intelligent student
    as a kid who sacrifices his education so that his elder sister Kavya
    (Kriti Kharbanda) can get to study and become an IAS officer. His
    father Ramchander Rao (Rao Ramesh) has enough financial capacity to
    educate only one of the kids. Karthik becomes a stuntman and for some
    whacko reason people call him Bruce Lee.

    Enters a dumb girl Riya(Rakul Preet Singh) who wants to get married
    only to a police officer and seeing Karthik in a police costume beating
    a goon mistakes him for the real one and designs a computer game on him
    as the lead character (?????).

    Karthik and Riya fall in love. Riya on numerous occasions manages to
    pull Karthik into situations where he has to behave as a police officer
    and actually fight hardcore criminals.

    On one of his escapades, Karthik sends a notorious gang leader Deepak
    Raj (Arun Vijay) into a coma and his father Jayaraj (Sampath Raj)
    screams vengeance.

    Now Jayaraj is legally wedded to Vasundhara (Nadia) whose son is
    getting married to Kavya and Deepak is his secret legal wife (???)
    Malini (Tisca Chopra)’s son.

    When Karthik learns about Jayaraj’s double life, he decides to play a
    trick like all Sreenu Vaitla’s heroes and lands up in his house and
    using IB officer Suzuki Subramanyam (Brahmandam) as a scapegoat manages
    to uncover his evil deeds to Vasundhara.

    Phew! That’s what the movie has to offer people, if this is one side of
    it, the other thing which actually makes us laugh out loud is the
    reason why Chiranjeevi makes an appearance in this flick. Comeon
    people! You don’t rescue a girl and then leave her in the villain’s
    hideout while you go horse-riding with your pal, that’s exactly what
    Ramcharan and Chiranjeevi do.

    The one positive factor of the movie are the dances, Ramcharan is a
    good dancer and it would have worked better if they had named the movie
    ”micheal Jackson” or ”Prabhudeva” or ”birju Maharaj” instead of Bruce
    Lee. The guy has a single expression throughout the movie, be it love,
    anger or ecstasy.

    Rakul Preet Singh cannot act to save her life. The less said about her
    the better.

    Kriti Kharbanda has nothing much to do except cry, run and hug her
    brother in every scene she is in.

    Sampath Raj is good as the suave villain who leads a double life, if
    only his character had been worked on a little more, we would had a
    real dark villain, but alas!

    Music by Thaman is average and not a single song is worth remembering.

    Srinu Vaitla’s direction is pathetic, he only uses his own movie making
    template which he has been using for a decade and every movie of his is
    the same.

    His proclamation is loud and clear ”no matter what, I will not change.
    I will continue making the same story with different lead actors”.

    I would give it 3 on 10, just for the well choreographed dance
    sequences, would I recommend this to anyone? Please embrace the plague
    but not this movie

  • shritanvarmaOctober 24, 2015Reply

    Fun but generic

    SHORT REVIEW- Rating- 3/5

    + Ram Charan and Rakul Preet Singh are rocking + visually striking
    songs with good beats + choreography + light hearted first half
    +Chiranjeevi’s cameo – generic plot – mostly weak comedy in second half

    – Arun Vijay is wasted

    It’s very routine in screenplay and plot, so if you are looking for
    something new then try some other movie. The lead pair do very well and
    are great in the songs. Thaman has composed three good songs while the
    other two are monotonous. Although it is just like Vaitla’s other
    films, it’s choreography and lead actors save it from turning into
    another Aagadu…if you go in with very low expectations you will enjoy
    it more

  • Daya SuryaBhai TarakOctober 31, 2015Reply

    Utter waste of time and money. Plz don’t watch it the hall.. Wait for the DVD

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • arundathiJune 29, 2016Reply

    One Time Watch!

    The film had some great plus points such as music, cinematography,
    story line and direction however the weak script made this movie
    boring. Even the title of the film did not make sense to the story.

    Ram Charan falls into the same trap as many actors: choosing generic
    scripts. He over acts with his dialogue delivery and he is unable to
    carry the movie.

    Rakul Preet as his love interest does a really good job but she is
    trapped with over the top dialogues. However, some credit should be
    given for a character that is different from generic portrayal of love

    Kriti, as the sister, is able to help move the movie forward. But,
    again, the script does not really give her a chance to take charge.

    Arun Vijay as the antagonist was also a victim to poor screenplay. His
    role was not needed in this film.

    Overall, the film had a good concept but it was not brought to life.

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