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Brush with Danger

Brush with Danger

Sep. 19, 2014 89 Min.
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A painter, a fighter, both artists in their own way. Brother and sister, forced to flee their home, arrive at Seattle inside a shipping container. Trying to make their way in a new world the pair struggle to survive. Until, one day, an art dealer takes an interest in the sister’s painting, and the pair find themselves living a dream come true. The sister loses herself in painting, and the brother seizes the opportunity to express himself, as a fighter. But it really is all just a dream. Conned by her patron into forging a Van Gogh. Purchased by a ruthless criminal with a passion for fine art. The brother and sister soon find themselves embroiled in Seattle’s criminal underworld and a Brush With Danger.

Original titleBrush with Danger

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  • marall1950September 28, 2014Reply

    A movie set in Seattle actually shot in Seattle!

    ”Brush with Danger” is one of those rare movies set in Seattle that is
    not shot in Vancouver, BC. Not that there’s anything wrong with
    Vancouver, but for me it greatly adds to the authenticity and integrity
    to see settings I know are in Seattle (Pioneer Square etc.) than some
    nondescript, generic streets that could be in any city, say, for
    example, Vancouver B.C. ”Brush with Danger” is extremely entertaining
    in a very human way. We care about the characters and this is unique
    for a marshal arts movie that so often relies on a series of
    spectacular and CGI-enhanced action to keep the audiences’ interest.
    Also, I do not recall one crashing car or slow-motion explosion. ”Brush
    with Danger” is a ”feel-good” movie in the best way.

  • evan_ginzburgSeptember 29, 2014Reply

    Brush With Danger Great Achievement For Young Filmmakers

    If you love action and Martial Arts films, Brush With Danger is a
    remarkable achievement. The Indonesian brother/sister team of Livi and
    Ken Zheng put the project together in their early 20’s. Both Martial
    Arts champions, Livi is the producer, director, writer, lead actress
    while Ken is co-writer and lead actor. Featuring exciting and realistic
    fight sequences, it is rare to see a female action lead and ever rarer
    to see a brother-sister team battling together on film. Former 27 year
    Baltimore police officer Nikita Breznikov lends credibility to the role
    of the detective in the film and he also served as Casting Director.
    Livi and Ken have a warm screen presence, have already filmed a second
    feature, and I believe they are going to be major forces in the film
    industry in the years ahead.

    Evan Ginzburg, Associate Producer of The Wrestler, Host Legends TV &

  • Robert de GeusMarch 30, 2015Reply


    This film made me sad. I’m an aspiring filmmaker. If this is how my
    first feature turns out, I don’t know if I could be confident in my
    ability anymore.

    I watched the premiere in San Francisco, I met the actors and the
    directors and I want to be clear, they’re all very nice, good people
    that deserve our respect. I wish that made the film good.

    The cinematography is actually very cool. They play with light nicely,
    though some of the slow motion was obviously shot in 24fps and then
    slowed which looks really bad. Also in low light levels they didn’t use
    a denoiser in post so it can also be very grainy. Overall though, it
    was pretty and I enjoyed that.

    Acting was pretty bad on all accounts. Especially the female mentor.
    This weird red head lady that was meant to be likable, but came off as
    a bit of a jerk. The movie definitely should have been in the native
    language of the lead actors with subtitles. That would have made this
    film infinitely better. The broken English made watching it pretty

    The set design was pretty horrible, very empty. I recognize that as an
    independent production so that wasn’t necessarily their fault. So I
    tried to look past it, but it still bothered me.

    The scenes that did have some value were the ”street fight” scenes.
    Some of them were cool, the director obviously knew her way around the
    space and all the blocking.

    As far as characters go, the film’s lead was fairly unlikeable despite
    the fact that we were meant to sympathize with her. I’m not sure if
    that was the acting or the writing.

    The plot wasn’t that original either, but what is these days?

    It’s an enjoyable film, but if you’re going to put 90 minutes into a
    film, this definitely wouldn’t be my first choice. As a courtesy I’ll
    mention a few other titles that are better with about the same length:

    1. Bridge to Terabithia 2. The One I Love 3. Identity 4. Short Term 12
    5. Moonrise Kingdom 6. Little Manhattan 7. Brief Interviews With
    Hideous Men 8. Coherence 9. 127 Hours 10. Stand by Me

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