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There is no time in hereApr. 23, 2016 Canada110 Min.
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8.5 1,927 votes

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Rusty Nixon


James Clayton isPeter/The King
Peter/The King
Chelah Horsdal isTess/The Queen
Tess/The Queen
Gary Busey isArnie/God


Struggling to rebuild their lives, a former tennis star and a recent divorcee decide to isolate themselves from the world in a quest for true “oneness”; as their affair descends into savagery, his father must fight to save them before they disappear completely into madness.

Original titleCandiland
IMDb Rating4.6 140 votes
TMDb Rating10 1 votes

(11) comments

  • Jayme SchmittApril 26, 2016Reply

    The Most Nerve-Wrecking Film of the Year

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • capn_crusty-1January 12, 2017Reply

    Great Indy!

    Low-budget, and the biggest name (or at least most recognizable) is
    Gary Busey. But…the writing is great, the acting is superb, and
    relatively-new-guy Rusty Nixon shows promise as a director.

    Particularly fascinating is Clayton’s performance; the boy suffered for
    his art as few will ever attempt (I won’t say how, but I can guarantee
    that what he did ain’t special effects).

    I hope this comes out theatrically, but if it doesn’t, it’s definitely
    worth a stream.

    I don’t really have much more to say, but IMDb insists on ”ten lines”,
    so here it is.

  • arfdawg-1February 8, 2017Reply

    Well, it’s in Color.

    The Plot. Peter, a failed tennis star, is struggling to rebuild his
    life after a car accident forces the end of his career.

    Angry at the world’s consumerist values and his controlling father,
    Arnie, who he blames for being absent during his mother’s dying days,
    Peter is desperately searching for a moment’s peace.

    In an attempt at normality, he heads to a bar for a night out, where he
    encounters recently divorced and grieving Tess, abandoned and lonely.
    Finding solace in each other’s brokenness, they withdraw to Peter’s
    apartment and begin a sensual love affair.

    Days of bliss pass by, and when Tess reluctantly tries to leave to deal
    with the aftermath of her divorce, Peter proposes an idea: isolate
    themselves in his apartment to create their own reality – CANDiLAND.

    Now cut off from the world, the tormented lovers embark on a dogmatic
    quest for a higher existence.

    But their possessive love descends into a surreal savagery as Arnie
    attempts to reconnect with his son and put an end to CANDiLAND.

    I was looking forward to seeing this movie given the rave reviews.
    Should have known. The two good reviews are clearly written by people
    who have skin in the game.

    This movie is well nigh unwatchable. It’s poorly written, horribly
    directed and the acting is horrendous.

    The only good thing about this movie is that it’s colorful. Period.

  • Frank DuFontaineFebruary 9, 2017Reply

    Don’t bother

    I like low-budget films, and especially those with a horror bent; Films
    like ‘The Greasy Strangler’, ‘Blood Car’, or the original ‘Cabin
    Fever’. So I thought I might like this. The film did have a few comedic
    moments, where the awkwardness of the dialogue felt real, genuine, and
    funny. But overall, there was a lack of coherency to the point where it
    just felt like a half-hearted student film project from a lower-level
    class at a second-rate film school. The acting had funny moments, but
    for the most part it just seemed like bad improvisation. I appreciate
    that films such as this one are made, but this one just more or less
    belongs in the dust bin – it’s not memorable and it will be forgotten
    and never achieve the cult following that a film such as this one
    strives for.

  • shawnblackmanFebruary 15, 2017Reply


    A very weird film where a couple decides to lock themselves in the
    apartment and paint it to resemble a candy land. Shutting the outside
    world off they easily enter their new world, which at first seems
    heavenly, then slowly transcends into hell.

    They both have more issues than Sports Illustrated which is why you
    never get surprised at some of the things they do. This film drags a
    lot of times and suffers from poor editing.

    Gary Busey plays the mans over bearing father who is mostly responsible
    for the mental health of his son. When I first seen the poster for this
    (the one with the skull) I thought it was going to be a twisted Charlie
    And The Chocolate Factory but instead we get two people starving
    themselves for an hour and a half.

  • mattseeleyfilmFebruary 16, 2017Reply

    Dark, Disturbing, weirdly funny sometimes. Positive message.


    Peter and Tess, two lovers with tragic pasts barricade themselves in
    their apartment, dubbing it a new surreal reality called ”Candiland’.
    The only figure in their lives fighting to bring them out of their
    worsening mental and physical states is Arnie, Peter’s father/

    This movie is visceral, in that you’ll be engrossed, disturbed, maybe a
    little shaken. There are shocking, unpleasant moments, that deal with
    dark themes and behaviours. James Clayton’s sacrifice and performance
    is worth watching by itself. And Gary Busey is a powerhouse, especially
    in the scenes where he attempts to visit Candiland.

    Not a horror but very psychologically unnerving. I haven’t been able to
    stop thinking about this film since I saw it. A vivid, nightmarish
    independent film with a strong message about the stigma of mental

  • racpagneFebruary 20, 2017Reply

    Peter is struggling with an oppressive father

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • granddaddymacMarch 8, 2017Reply

    Rad and weirdly engaging

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Troy Mendel ([email protected])April 2, 2017Reply

    Intense, Weird and Haunting.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mrmr-26666May 13, 2017Reply

    In the Running For Worst Movie Ever

    This movie haunted me it is so bad. I watched it online where it was
    misrepresented as having a high IMDb. I would have turned it off in the
    first 30 seconds, but thought there has to be something good here with
    such a high rating. The idea that this turd had 8+ rating was eating at
    me, so I found this site, where the rating is actually much lower.

    The film is composed of what seems like 20 second scenes. Each scene
    may include different characters at a different time frame. The short,
    scattered scenes would normally be even more annoying, but they are so
    bad that the viewer is happy to see them end.

    The plot summary is more than a spoiler. It is more understandable than
    the actual movie.

  • ruthaw_1974May 23, 2017Reply

    Psychological Thriller Exploring the Realty of Mental Illness

    I recently had the opportunity to screen this indie film based on the
    book by Elizabeth Engstrom and produced by Motorcycle Boy Productions.
    Additionally, I interviewed the two leads, James Clayton and Chelah
    Horsdal, and I knew that in screening this film, I would be stepping
    further outside my comfort zone than I ever had before. And that is
    entirely correct. I am not a fan of psychological thrillers as a
    rule–except Hitchcock, if you can call some of his films that–but I was
    determined to go in with the mindset of a reviewer. I do want to warn
    you that if you are offended by gratuitous sex (no nudity, thankfully)
    or superfluous profanity, you may wish to skip this film. On one level,
    I could have done without either of those. However, I set aside all
    that for the purposes of the review, and the remainder of this review
    will be spent on the content and acting from an artistic standpoint.

    For the entire review, please go to the link on my website:

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