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Careful What You Wish For

Careful What You Wish For

Wanting her was his first mistakeMay. 06, 2015 USA91 Min.R
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Nick Jonas isDoug Martin
Doug Martin
Isabel Lucas isLena Harper
Lena Harper
Dermot Mulroney isEliott Harper
Eliott Harper
Kandyse McClure isAngie Alvarez
Angie Alvarez
Paul Sorvino isBig Jack
Big Jack
David Sherrill isBrian Martin
Brian Martin
Kevin J. O'Connor isPier/Patron du bar
Pier/Patron du bar
Paul Sorvino isSheriff Big Jack
Sheriff Big Jack


A guy gets more than he bargained for after entering into an affair with the wife of an investment banker. Soon, a suspicious death and substantial life insurance policy embroil him in a scandal.

Careful What You Wish For
Careful What You Wish For
Careful What You Wish For
Careful What You Wish For
Careful What You Wish For
Original titleCareful What You Wish For
IMDb Rating5.6 4,952 votes
TMDb Rating5.8 87 votes

(19) comments

  • jegpadApril 4, 2015Reply

    A tweaked copy of ‘Body Heat’ made for teenagers, watch the original to see how the grown-ups do it

    If you’re a boy teenager with a hard-on, go for it – enjoy the shower
    scene, especially.

    If you’re a juvenile looking for mild mental stimulation with one eye
    on another screen, it’s passable.

    If you’re as old as I am then you’ll quickly suss this is a
    regurgitated plot based on the classic film ‘Body Heat’ (1981) with
    William Hurt and Kathleen Turner. I continued watching just to see how
    close to the wind they sailed. And yep, I suggest you cut your losses
    and immerse yourself in the original.

    Plus ça change …

  • Julian KeownApril 6, 2015Reply

    A young soon to be adult on summer vacation sees a girl that he desires, little knowing that he’s going to wish he didn’t.

    This is a typical movie with a typical plot line that won’t surprise
    you. It’s a sad day when a singer tries to become an actor because they
    rarely get it right. It’s a good thing Dermot Mulroney doesn’t appear
    much or Nick Jonas wouldn’t stand a chance against him. Also, did
    Dermot have to downplay his acting skills just to accommodate Nick?
    Nick Jonas seems like he’s expecting a fan girl to jump out at any
    moment right through this movie. Malnourished but beautiful Isabel
    Lucas’s acting is just about as dull as her expressions. Looking like
    she’s on the runway instead of on a set. This is why I’m not a fan of
    starring models. The other actors and actresses were also bland and
    un-impressionable. And the ending? Is as predictable as the sun coming
    up the next morning. The only thing that sets this movie apart from all
    the others of it’s kind is, you guessed it! A Jonas brother.

  • planktonrulesApril 6, 2015Reply

    Far from perfect but a lot better than I’d expected.

    This is a sexy story with adultery, quite a bit of skin and
    murder…and it stars Nick Jonas! Yes, THAT Nick Jonas…of the squeaky
    clean Disney-fied Jonas Brothers! Talk about a major about face with
    his career! Only a few years ago, he and his brothers were singing to
    sold out stadiums of pre-teen and teen girls…now Nick is playing in a
    hard edged rated R film! My how times have changed, but the real
    question that needs answering is it any good? Well, it’s not at all bad
    but the film isn’t without a few problems here and there. The biggest
    one was casting. No, Jonas was actually pretty good. While he’s in his
    early 20s, he looks younger, so playing a character who is supposed to
    be 16-17 years- old worked. The problem instead was his co-star, Isabel
    Lucas. While her acting was quite good, the role should have been
    played by someone who seemed much older–perhaps a cougar in her 30s.
    However, Lucas looks to be about Jonas’ age and this makes the story a
    bit more difficult to believe.

    It all begins at a lake in North Carolina. Having lived very, very
    close to where they actually filmed the movie, it appears to be around
    Lake Norman–a large lake north of Charlotte, North Carolina that is
    known for it’s expensive lakefront homes. The Martin’s are a nice and
    seemingly normal family and their son, Doug (Jonas) is anticipating
    going off to an excellent college soon. But in the meantime, it’s
    summer and he and his super-annoying friend (too annoying) are mostly
    concerned with scoring with the local girls. However, Doug is in for a
    huge surprise. His new rich neighbor has a very young and very
    desirable wife, Lena (Lucas). Why she would soon seduced Doug is a
    puzzler–and Doug is just young and stupid enough not to ask this as
    well. Soon, he and Lena are having an affair. Not too long after this
    he’s pulled into a conspiracy…one that might just get them sent to
    prison! What is the conspiracy? Well, think The Postman Always Rings
    Twice and you’ll have some idea what’s next. Fortunately, the film does
    have a few nice twists and turns, though none of it seemed all that
    surprising to me, as a gorgeous and rich woman like this MUST have some
    other hidden agenda…and my guess is that this is going to run through
    your mind as well as you watch. However, despite the plot being
    occasionally a bit easy to predict at times and the ending a bit too
    perfect, the acting and direction are very good and the film held my
    interest throughout.

    So is it worth seeing? Yes, though it isn’t a film I’d rush to see-
    -though some of his old fans (provided they are now old enough to see a
    rated R movie) might enjoy seeing this harder edged Nick Jonas. Just be
    forewarned that you won’t see THAT much of Nick in the film…if you
    catch my drift.

    This Jonas brother’s future looks pretty good after seeing this movie.
    Is he handsome leading man material? Perhaps, perhaps not…but he can
    act and was able to more than hold his own in the lead. His biggest
    problem for the future is his strength in this particular film–he just
    looks very, very young and I had some trouble seeing him in more adult
    roles. Time will tell.

  • thesouthafricanreviewApril 6, 2015Reply

    Doug Martin a young college hopeful, finds himself captivated and involved with the young wife of a new next door neighbor, soon their lovers tryst turns in to a scandal.

    This thriller stars Isabel Lucas, Nick Jonas, Dermot Mulroney, Paul
    Sorvino and Kandyse McClure. In short, this is another ”someone’s a
    murderer” movie + a Jonas brother.

    I’m not a Jonas brother fan, but Nick did surprise me, he wasn’t great
    but he wasn’t as awful as I expected him to be. That being said, it’s a
    good thing that Dermot Mulroney wasn’t present in most of the movie
    because the six time award- winning actor might have out shined his
    co-star Nick

    Isabel Lucas, although stunning, looks a little strange and unnatural
    with Nick. Regardless of this, she does have the voice, emotionless
    expression and body language of a classic James Bond girl in the
    beginning. This works for her as it suits the character she portrays
    but also might make it look like she cannot act. It would be
    interesting to see her in something else.

    I should also mention that the plot is unfortunately un-original and
    somewhat predictable through half the movie. The acting of certain
    co-stars such as Kandyse McClure also leaves much to be desired. Maybe
    that’s why this site and other sites, don’t even mention her. That said
    if you’re a Jonas fan you’ll like this.

  • DimensionsINCApril 6, 2015Reply

    If you’re a fan of Isabel Lucas and/or Nick Jonas, you’ll enjoy

    After reading an interesting premise, I was disappointed when I found
    out that this film was going to star Nick Jonas; however after watching
    it in its entirety, it came clear that he was not the weak link of this
    film. Despite not having much acting experience, Nick doesn’t do too
    bad, however I cannot say the same for Isabel Lucas who I felt was far
    too immature to play the role with credibility.

    ‘Careful What You Wish For’ is your typical thriller that sports the
    usual plot twists which you will probably be able to figure out before
    they are revealed. If you can look past concepts from other films being
    recycled and if you’re a fan of Isabel Lucas and/or Nick Jonas, you’ll
    enjoy this film for what it is; but if you were expecting something
    better, than you will be left feeling disappointed.

    I think that the relationship between Doug (Nick Jonas) and Lena
    (Isabel Lucas) is what let this film down due to Isabel’s casting. I
    felt as though she did not look old enough to play the alluring cougar
    which is what made their affair less realistic. But thanks to another
    great score composed by John Debney, I was able to ignore this thought
    and stay attached to the story until the end.

    It may not be the most captivating thriller, but it is a film that you
    can enjoy on a rainy night in.

  • tommeier-71120April 9, 2015Reply

    colossal waste of time

    ultra lame dialogue, wholly implausible but predictable plot &
    characters combined with anorexic female leads … the film manages to
    be neither suspenseful nor funny and lacks any potential to be even
    slightly charming. the attempts at eroticism fail utterly due to the
    bland visuals – and the participants remain seriously overdressed for
    the occasions(they probably thought it inadvisable to show more than a
    glimpse of the female’s emaciated shoulders and legs, let alone much
    else) – that set up leaves not much for actors to act in any meaningful
    sort of way, which they really do splendidly; this film gives bad story
    telling as well as bad film making a bad name …

  • bentaylor12April 22, 2015Reply

    An enjoyable hour and a half if you don’t take it too seriously

    ‘Careful What You Wish For’ was never going to be an Oscar worthy,
    genre defining, boundary leaping film however for what it is trying to
    be, which is an easy going, enjoyable and suspenseful piece of drama,
    it does very well. The storyline and plot my perhaps leave something to
    be desired but having said that this viewer was taken for the ride with
    all the twists and turns that were thrown at the audience. For the most
    part the acting was strong, especially considering the calibre of the
    actors and the relatively little previous work they have done in the
    industry. My main criticism would be that there were moments where the
    focus seemed to be more on moving the plot forward without first
    establishing the necessary character development to make us fully care
    what happens to the characters.

    Overall an enjoyable flick so long as you go into it expecting the next
    big thing, and don’t try and analyse every detail but just sit back,
    relax and don’t take it too seriously.

  • 3xHCCHMay 9, 2015Reply

    Nick Gets Naked

    Doug Martin is a local boy who gets attracted to Lena, the beautiful
    young woman who lived next door. Problem is she is married to a much
    older wealthy man who was shrouded in an aura of danger. Of course, his
    teenage hormones got the better of Doug when Lena encouraged his
    interest. But then, where there is an illicit affair, a violent payback
    will not be far behind.

    This story has been told many times before. An young guy is seduced by
    a sexy married woman. This type of film is usually told from the
    woman’s point of view like the recent Jennifer Lopez film ”The Boy Next
    Door”, though the point of view is reversed in this one. It also
    brought back memories of ”A Night in Heaven” and ”Private Lessons”
    shown back in the early 1980s. IMDb lists down at least 40 films with
    this steamy plot, mostly trashy B-flicks. This just goes to show that
    films like this that deal with adolescent sexual temptation will always
    be there to appeal to the baser instincts of viewers.

    Isabel Lucas seems too young to play the femme-fatale Lena. She looks
    great to look at, a true seductress, that is, when she is not talking.
    When there are lines to deliver though, her limited acting skills show.
    It seems she has not really improved her craft since her similarly
    wooden big screen debut in ”Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”.

    Dermot Mulroney, an all-around good guy in most of his old films, plays
    against type as Lena’s sinister husband. It was good to see Paul
    Sorvino as the local policeman. Too bad these two veteran actors were
    underused in their limited scenes.

    This film is clearly a showcase for Nick Jonas to signal his foray into
    more mature film roles. Director Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum, herself
    previously associated with teen-oriented films and TV shows like
    ”Aquamarine” and ”Gossip Girl”, lovingly sets up her camera to capture
    her star Nick Jonas in his best angles, in various stages of undress
    for his teenage girl fans (old enough to watch R-rated films) to ogle
    at. To his credit, Jonas does register well on screen and he did do
    passably in the acting department.

    Fresh from being slimed as emcee of the last Nickelodeon Kids Choice
    Awards, Nick Jonas may find it hard to escape his teen idol image at
    first. Mark Wahlberg has proved that that curse could be overcome. As
    for Jonas though, that still remains to be seen. 4/10.

  • prospectus_capricorniumMay 10, 2015Reply

    Boring and Unsatisfying. Could Have Been Interesting With Capable Actors

    First, let me tell you that wishing for this movie to be good will be
    of no avail. There’s no reason in hoping for a satisfying thriller like
    this one seems to claim, because doing so will only lead to a massive

    CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR’s biggest flaw is neither its premise nor its
    narrative. There’s a lot to negatively comment about those two areas,
    but they’re still much more tolerable than the movie’s horrible
    casting. None of the actors are able to serve the requirements of their
    roles, and while their characters hold promise of being interesting,
    none of the performers could actually pull them excellently, even to a
    tolerable level. Their dialogues and the overly familiar plot, are
    partly to blame, but it so difficult to jump to that part when the
    first thing that can be noticed is the horrible designation of the
    actors to roles utterly unsuited for them. There’s this evil psychopath
    named Elliot who never really brings as much threat as he is required.
    Letting Isabel Lucas play a role that doesn’t fit her age is perhaps
    the biggest mistake in the casting. Even with her capacity fully
    stretched, Lucas is never able to get halfway meeting all the demands
    of her character. Her character, Lena, is supposed to be a devious and
    cunning femme fatale, Isabel Lucas is plain boring. Almost the same can
    be said with Nick Jonas, although it’s really hard to say his role’s
    totally garbage, when almost half the time he’s confused and waiting
    for a good line to throw. If it’s any consolation, there’s a lot of
    skin shown here, and I’m pretty sure Nick’s fans as well as Isabel’s
    will be pleased. Other than that, there’s really nothing to expect.

    It is really difficult to follow the narrative’s flow when all that
    worries you is whether the characters are still going to be something
    interesting or not. The plot isn’t new either, and it still could have
    been interesting, if the characters are played the way they’re supposed
    to be. These flaws accrue to an overall feeling that is neither good
    nor okay, much less satisfying. Albeit cliché, CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH
    FOR could have been an enjoyable experience. There is so much to mine
    in its premise, but its terrible casting paralyzes the movie and made
    itself incapable of digging such potential. The result is an
    overwhelming sense of dissatisfaction.

  • daggersineyesAugust 18, 2015Reply

    Lawdy! this was bad

    If I could give it zero I would. I stuck with it but skipped a lot of
    scenes b/c they clearly weren’t going to be interesting. Nick was OK
    but really just played the part of Nick Jonas being Nick Jonas. Isabel
    was appalling. But I know her from her stint on Aussie TV and she was
    never gonna be good. The director chose her coz she’s pretty I guess
    but she has no acting skills and her portrayal of the ”alluring”
    neighbour was childish and awkward at best. The story itself is pretty
    pathetic too other than the bits they borrowed from elsewhere. But it’s
    cobbled together into a boys own flick that only the most dedicated
    Nick Jonas or Isabel Lucas fans are going to get much out of. No
    tension or thrills or suspense. Just a teenage boys fantasy. Might as
    well go watch a frat boys sexy comedy romp or something. At least it
    will have some kind of humour in it. Seriously don’t waste your time.

  • Filip VasicDecember 23, 2015Reply

    Not bad at all..

    One user sad she is to young, but she is ’85 and he is ’92, for me that
    is not the problem! And he sad that acting is bad?! No it is not, it is
    normal nothing superb or something but not bad at all!

    Overall there is place were she/he could act better, but acting is
    7/10. Story line is around 8.5/10, it can be better, on this or that
    way, but overall, there is some mystery, some thriller, some drama and
    there is no a lot of sex (what you may expect) but that is good thing!

    Only bad thing is that movie is similar to the other movies (i can’t
    remember name, but there is few of)…

    I expect part 2 or something 😀

  • jtindahouseJune 22, 2016Reply

    Better than expected

    I went into ‘Careful What You Wish For’ not really knowing what to
    expect. Often when thrillers cast non-actors (often musicians) in their
    lead roles they are trying to garner some publicity and cover up a weak
    script. So I was surprised to find myself genuinely enjoying it. The
    acting wasn’t all that bad and Nick Jonas carried himself well
    especially. Isabel Lucas also impressed me. She has a mysteriousness
    about her that worked perfectly in this film. The story was patient and
    building, while never becoming stale or boring. It had a couple of nice
    twists to keep things exciting and really ticked all the boxes a
    thriller should.

    The plot has a bit of a ”seen it all before” feel about it. There’s no
    question Hollywood is lacking originality and ‘Careful What You Wish
    For’ does nothing to expel those claims. The ending (after the twist)
    also came up seriously lacking, showing perhaps a touch of laziness on
    the writer’s part. Those faults aside though it really isn’t a bad
    little watch. Don’t be put off by the casting of Jonas, give it a shot
    and you’ll be pleased you did.

  • lavatchAugust 24, 2016Reply

    Average Action Picture

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Mark Turner ([email protected])September 14, 2016Reply

    Teenage Fantasy Fulfillment Gone WRong

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • david-klompas ([email protected])September 19, 2016Reply

    Star vehicle with no shine

    Careful What You Wish For is a good case study in the failings inherent
    in the Hollywood star system. The film is essentially star vehicle that
    is produced well but which fails to deliver anything substantial due to
    the lackluster performances of its leading actors around whom the film
    has been structured.

    Nick Jonas plays Doug Martin, an adolescent without personality who
    falls for the gorgeous Lena Harper (Isabel Lucas), a married woman with
    a dark and devious plan to make big bucks fast. As a leading lady,
    Lucas does nothing more than showing us her very skinny body as she
    seduces her way into Jonas’ very silly heart.

    The film, directed by Elizabeth Allen Rosen, is not essentially a bad
    product. Rosen’s direction is competent, the cinematography is pretty,
    editing is tight, the script holds up alright, and the production
    itself is of a good quality. There is a solid story arch that held my
    interest till the end. And it is a nice star vehicle for Lucas and
    Jonas. But the supposed stars have a very limited acting ability, even
    at the hands of a director who has a good grasp of her craft born from
    a long and stable career in television.

    Unfortunately, all the potential of this film is lost through a leading
    couple who never quite arrive as the stars in the vehicle. Unless you
    are interested in learning from the mistakes made by Lucas and Jonas,
    you can safely give it a miss.

    Direction: 6||Acting: 2||Cinematography: 7||Concept and delivery: 4|

  • gradyharpOctober 9, 2016Reply

    Same old same old – a tired retread

    Writer Chris Frisina needs a breath of fresh air. This tired old story
    has few saving graces and Elizabeth Allen’s direction make the story
    plod even more slowly. Nick Jonas needs to discuss his movie choices
    more closely with his agent: films this sad won’t make a dent in his
    career if he intends to be taken seriously as an actor.

    Briefly (the is so little story line hat a few words will suffice),
    Doug Martin (Nick Jonas – best when he take his shirt off) is living at
    the lake, bored, virginal, girl shy when an out of town couple decides
    to rent the house next door. The wife Lena is an anorexic appearing
    seductress (Isabel Lucas) married to an older wealthy investment banker
    Elliot (Dermot Mulroney) who abuses Lena under Doug’s watchful eye.
    Lena seduces Doug, Doug is controlled by his hormones on this first
    sexual adventure and under cover the two carry on a sordid affair.
    Elliot is away most of the time but on one visit home he ends up dead
    and the manner in which the incident happened and is covered and
    investigated by sheriff Jack (Lee Sorvino) and insurance investigator
    Angie (Kandyse McClure) results in a very predictable worn out ending.

    This is one of those films that did poorly at the box office –
    understandably – and is something to wait to watch until it is free on
    late night television re-runs to act as a somnolent.

  • jimbo-53-186511October 22, 2016Reply

    About as bland as it gets

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • crazy_smilersMarch 24, 2017Reply

    I was torn between a 4 and a 6. So it gets a 5. Lol

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Wizard-8April 29, 2017Reply

    Noir update lacks sizzle and originality

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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