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Chain of Command

Chain of Command

When duty calls, plans changeAug. 30, 2015 USA88 Min.R
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8.5 1,684 votes

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Michael Jai White isJames Webster
James Webster
Steve Austin isRay Peters
Ray Peters
Max Ryan isLt. Ross
Lt. Ross
Allen Yates isMurray Simms
Murray Simms


After finding his brother murdered after returning from duty, Webster searches for the perpetrators, but discovers a conspiracy that cuts deep inside the U.S. government.

Chain of Command
Chain of Command
Chain of Command
Original titleEcho Effect
IMDb Rating3.5 947 votes
TMDb Rating5.8 7 votes

(17) comments

  • Joshua BenhaggaiSeptember 10, 2015Reply


    I just can’t put my finger on it.Good actors for this type of
    movie.Michael Jai White and Steve Austin.Action was OK,often enough
    except for Michael Jai Whites pin point accuracy,one shot wonder.Maybe
    if he had missed a few times and fought more, you know,just let it drag
    on a bit more with better sound effects and action type music(not the
    cheesy kind).Altogether it was like.. Hey honey come watch this
    movie.Naw don’t worry no violence in this one..and we fell asleep
    together on the couch 1/2 hour later.So if you need to see a bit of
    action without getting into trouble,this is it. A 6. Kinda like my

  • Dave EvensSeptember 10, 2015Reply

    Poor plot and worse acting

    I’ve watched a fair few films with bad plots and bad acting but without
    a doubt, this one deserves its rightful place at the top of the list.
    Michael Jai White is normally a very good actor but I suppose that he
    can only work with what he is given and in the case of this particular
    film, he was given a big pile of ****.

    As for Steve Austin. I honestly think that when he was acting in the
    wrestling ring he gave a better performance than in this film and I
    think that the best choice of roles for him in future films would
    involve his being a tough guy villain who couldn’t speak.

    In the end it probably all came down to good old fashioned $$$’s and
    the actors were made offers that they couldn’t refuse even if they knew
    that the end product would be an extremely poor, instantly forgettable

  • richardhowkinsSeptember 11, 2015Reply


    Now – seeing Steve Austin I wasn’t expecting top class acting, but was
    looking forward to a good action film.

    What I wasn’t expecting was the acting of the other people (Michael Jai
    White included) to be so pathetic that it actually made Steve Austin
    look good! Right from the off you could tell this is a low budget film,
    most of the supporting cast seem like they have been picked fresh from
    acting school (or the street!) and are just literally reading their
    lines rather than acting. For an action film I don’t think anyone was
    actually told how to hold/fire a gun (Jai White was meant to be some
    kind of Special Ops soldier but his handling of a pistol didn’t portray

    Overall a very poor film in every respect – action film with little
    action and such bad acting it was embarrassing!

  • nikola17September 15, 2015Reply

    Could Have Done Better

    first of all i like cast of Steve Austin and Michael Jai White playing
    and working each another role again like Tactical Force (2011) witch
    was underrated movie then this and well written then this movie. i love
    Steve Austin in a lot of movies like Expendables, Recoil, Hunt To Kill,
    Package,Tactical Force the rest are good like Maximum Conviction, The
    Condemned, a lot of movies he he did was good but this Chain Of Command
    AKA Echo Effect witch has lame name of movie, Action scenes were not
    much like not much of fights with Michael jai white and Steve Austin
    the lead role Michael Jai White did a lot of great movies like Blood
    and Bone, Undisputed 2, Falcon Rising,Universal Soldier: The Return,
    character of him did some staff like fights were good and all that and
    Steve Austin was not in it that much witch is sad i know he can do
    better movie then this i know he can do better role movie then this he
    was just talk’s about Business that’s it expect for ending he’s
    shooting gun lame even acting was not bad at all but the CGI and all
    fake effect is like movie is not complete well low budget movie we all
    know that but it’s like not even completed at all.

    Plot: (Michael Jai White)James Webster was solder come home from his
    duty to see his brother, soon he’s brother was murdered. James was
    search for the perpetrators, but discovers a conspiracy that cuts deep
    inside the U.S. government drug trafficking with SWAT Trucks.and (Steve
    Austin)Ray Peters was Business man who got mission to take down James
    Webster (Max Ryan)Lt. Ross friend who knows James for years they worked
    each another before, but Ross is turning Against Him behind his back
    working with Ray. James is putting his friends all in danger to find
    out who murdered his brother getting buy accident but James Friends
    knew what was going so that’s why they got involved. but movie is just
    noting special Steve Austin is just talking about getting James Webster
    and getting pay check doesn’t do anything until of end of movie Steve
    Austin doesn’t fight or anything but lame just towards end it’s Michael
    Jai White and Max Ryan fighting like 30 seconds that’s it witch is lame
    knife fight. that’s end i know this movie could have done better just
    get Steve Austin movie for lead role someone should just give him
    better role for better movie. i mean i know better movies with Steve
    Austin then this crap movie i didn’t like as much mostly i don’t have
    problem with Michael Jai White as lead it’s just movie didn’t do much
    needs more action more of showing characters not just Michael Jai White
    i have enjoyed cast and action but some of action scenes are lame but
    rest were good and fun scenes but there wasn’t much just half of movie
    was good and then half of it is bad turns out to be like one of bad
    movies i didn’t like as much i know Austin could do better and Jai
    White Max Ryan is actor i didn’t care for as much actor from Death Race
    (2008), The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003), Kiss of Dragon
    (2001), The Foreigner (2003) with Steven Seagal. he did make good
    movies but for this not much at all just didn’t do much not i care for
    reason i watched this movie is for Steve Austin and Michael Jai White
    but lead is Michael Jai White that’s all mostly it’s for fans like me
    but i just kinda got disappointed of this movie there wasn’t much but
    if your fan of Jai White and Austin it’s worth of try, not’s worth of
    watching again and again 4.10 movie could have done it better i know
    Austin and Jai White could do better movies then this.

  • Scary_Horror_FanSeptember 17, 2015Reply

    Very low budget and disappointing.

    I’m a fan of Michael Jai White and he’s a decent actor in some things –
    The Dark knight but his real drawing point is his fighting skill like
    in Undisputed 2 and Blood and Bone so I expected lots of cool fighting
    amongst low budget B movie fun. I didn’t get that. This movie contains
    very little action and does not do a good job of showcasing White’s
    skills which I find stupid considering the people who are going to
    watch this movie will want to see that.

    The plot isn’t all that bad to be honest, but it’s just not backed up
    with anything meaningful. The director fails to create any tension or
    excitement which makes the short running time, 88 minutes really drag.

    Steve Austin looks like he would be an awesome match up, a huge
    imposing guy and the idea that he goes toe to toe with White was an
    exciting prospect. But here he looks out of shape and he’s supposed to
    a deadly assassin. A missed opportunity.

  • Tony Heck ([email protected] 21, 2015Reply

    A typical B-movie with some of the worst acting I have ever seen.

    ”If it’s a war they want, I’ll bring it to their doorstep.” After
    finding his brother murdered, Jimmy (White) wants to find out who and
    why. He starts his own investigation but the more he uncovers the
    messier it gets. What started off has a quest for the truth becomes a
    war of a personal nature and no one can be trusted. There really isn’t
    a whole lot to say about this movie. These little action B-movies are
    essentially all the same and you know what to expect. The biggest
    glaring flaw in this though is the acting. White and Austin are their
    normal selves, but the supporting cast is distractingly bad. It is
    almost like watching a bad middle school production sometimes. That
    said, most people don’t watch this for the acting. If they did they
    wouldn’t make it 10 minutes into the movie. As for the actual movie,
    it’s a little generic and simple but again those that want to watch
    this go in knowing what to expect. Overall, a typical B-movie with some
    of the worst acting I have ever seen. I give it a C-.

  • vlimagesSeptember 24, 2015Reply

    Waste of Time and money

    The director must have been very ignorant of the cast he had. In fact,
    without the names of the cast no one would see this movie! At the
    disposal of the director was one of the world’s top martial artist who
    hardly ever fights in the movie. Whatever short fights the movie has
    with MJ Whitereally is awful and was poorly choreographed. Steve Austin
    never lifts a hand and never fights in this movie. I wasted money
    buying the DVD. Don’t watch this movie. It is really bad and it was not
    a small budget that made this movie terrible. It was poor directing!
    This movie deserves a negative three on the voting scale!The story was
    poorly developed. The characters of the movie were not used to their
    full potential. The photography was cheap and so was the sound. The
    story line was mainstream and nothing new. Civilian police force seems
    nonexistent in this world created in Ohio. Those who at least expect to
    see MJ White show his fighting skills will one hundred percent be
    disappointed. Fansof Steve Austin will be one hundred percent
    disappointed. Watching this movie will disappoint anyone one hundred

  • leighcreedy-25737October 23, 2015Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • thamaddrummaOctober 23, 2015Reply

    I’ve Seen Better Vine Videos

    This was a major waste of time. The post production was so bad I
    couldn’t even watch all of it. Even if I did like the acting the sounds
    in the movie were terrible . My 5 year old could score this movie
    better by the way.. The music was cheap and bland… I could tell that
    they didn’t have a budget but thats OK. Low budget movies don’t always
    suck. But this had a budget of 5 million. It looks like it was shot
    with a family canon camera . There was a part where a man was shot in
    the leg. They decided to used CGI for the wound but the wound didn’t
    move with his body so the CGI is dancing on his leg.. LIKE, WHAT??? Why
    would you do that? Who saw this and said ” good job” ?? I am not trying
    to be mean but I paid for this and I am not happy. The two lead actors
    are good actors but they just look like they are doing this for a
    friend. I wish I could get my time back..

    very sad…

  • garyhoward-50963November 4, 2015Reply

    Whish I could of gave it a – 10.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • udar55November 24, 2015Reply

    Michael Jai White deserves so much better than this

    Micheal Jai White is one of the top direct-to-video action stars thanks
    to films like Undisputed II and Blood and Bone. His great martial arts
    skills are always complemented by his good acting. So how and why he
    got wrapped up in this amateur production is beyond me. Seriously, this
    flick is so flat and displays all of the style of something you would
    see on Hallmark or Lifetime. Even worse, director Kevin Carraway has
    very little insight on how to properly film and edit a fight scene
    (look for one shot where you can see the safety mat on the ground). Not
    allowing White to show case his abilities is just downright criminal.
    Add in a perfunctory plot and Steve Austin doing his best not to look
    off camera to spot a bank to cash his check and you have one of White’s
    worst films in years. I understand he has to work, but I just wish it
    was with better people. I have no doubt White’s forthcoming Never Back
    Down 3 will correct this.

  • rpanchal-62165January 20, 2016Reply

    Couldn’t give it half a star!!!

    Maaaan, this is such a bad film I almost deleted it from my device
    before watching it all the way through, however, having got 2/3 of the
    way through I owed it to myself to see if it got any better…….but
    it didn’t. I was watching it on the train to work and was praying
    no-one saw me……it was embarrassing to watch.

    I thought it was meant to be an action film but it was mainly people
    just shooting people in the head. The acting is bad, the script was
    awful and the sound effects (dramatic scenes overlayed by music) were

    Stonecold and Michael Jai White should’ve steered clear of this after
    reading the script. Definitely won’t be recommending anyone wastes 90
    mins of their life watching this tripe!!!

  • NightfireJanuary 22, 2016Reply


    This movie.. it’s hard to even call it that.. is awful. I didn’t even
    make it 30 minutes into the film.

    I don’t know where to start. The acting is terrible. The supporting
    actors are distracting bad. The directing is bad. The music is cheesy
    and detracts from the already hard to watch scenes. The camera work is
    bad. This movie is not believable at all. In fact.. This reminds me of
    something some teenagers might make for a drama class. There is
    absolutely nothing redeeming about this film.

    This movie is a waste of time and money. I’m glad it only cost me 3
    bucks to rent it.

  • thewelshkaibiganFebruary 5, 2016Reply

    Acting so BAD

    Well I have watched a lot of movies over the years but this has to be
    the one movie that contains such bad acting it’s like they were just
    starting first year in acting school. Only person I had really heard of
    was Steve Austin and wasn’t expecting too much from him as he is not
    really a film actor per se, just and actor from the world of wrestling.

    Looks like this Jai guy has some fighting moves but they are totally
    wasted in this movie.

    If you must watch it then just accept that, you were warned. Honestly,
    the rest of the reviews have given it low marks and I will be no
    different. Simply awful.

  • Destroyer WodMarch 16, 2017Reply

    Michael Jai White… you deserve so much better !

    What a bore fest… Honestly i expect this kind of movie from Steven
    Seagal in recent years, but so far MJW had done very good movies with
    small budgets. Movies like Blood and Bone, Undisputed 2, Never Back
    Down 2 and 3, even lower budget like Falcon Rising or Skin Trade had
    some very good fights. He even shine in Arrow despite having a small

    But then this… Wow. OK how to start? This is low budget, like VERY
    low budget. From the music which look like its coming straight from a
    1985 movie to the cheap CGI blood effects and gun fights. There is not
    much money for explosions, car chases or even decent action scenes. I
    could overlook all of this if the story was solid with decent hand to
    hand combat. After all, Michael Jai White is the lead…

    But nop… the few fighting scenes there are, and when i say few i mean
    barely none, are badly filmed and disappointing. Michael is still a top
    notch on screen fighter, it should be easy to film him but the director
    clearly lacks talent. The story is extremely simple, cliché, with not
    much to offer either. All of this make for a dull and boring movie.

    What about Steve Austin? He is on the cover… Well you could pretty
    much remove his role from the movie and it wouldn’t change anything at
    all. I feel he owned a service to somebody and therefore agreed to have
    his name put on this for a short screen time and nothing major to do.
    Probably to gather to the wrestling fans or something.

    This is not the first time Michael and Steve shoot a movie together,
    they did in Tactical Force and honestly, that movie was a low budget
    action flick with nothing original or exceptional to offer, but man was
    it 5 times more entertaining than this movie…

    Chain of Commands really is one of the most disappointing movies i saw
    in recent years, considering the on screen beast that can be Michael
    Jai White. Such a shame.

  • svenjergensenMarch 29, 2017Reply

    Since every review is negative…

    …let me shine a light on some of the positive things about this
    movie. No, it’s not great. Yes the acting is bad, yes the story is
    cliché. You can read everything. I just wanted to say I enjoyed the
    action. This movie promised action and it delivered. I don’t turn on a
    film staring Steve Austin hoping for some Oscar winning performance.
    And although he doesn’t really do anything in the movie, there is
    plenty of kicking and shooting to keep me entertained. Most low budget
    action movies promise a lot of big stuff and don’t deliver. At least
    this movie delivered.

  • lockier-76424April 16, 2017Reply

    Not good.

    If I wasn’t a Steve Austin fan I would have struggled to even give this
    film a score of 1, let alone 2.

    The disappointment level of the movie is summed up by one shocking
    omission by the editing department where we see a guy clearly landing
    on a crash mat during a fight scene. Poor acting, unbelievably bad
    music that didn’t match with the tone trying to be conveyed in each
    scene, and unnecessary use of sound effects all combined to
    successfully make my wife fall asleep.

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