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Chatô, The King of Brazil

Chatô, The King of Brazil

Nov. 19, 2015 100 Min.
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He was the first magnate of communications in Brazil, especially between the late 1930s and early 1960s has come to be called the brazilian Citizen Kane. Founder of the Daily Associates, TV Tupi and the São Paulo Art Museum. He was a senator of the Republic and had a close relationship and controversy with President Getulio Vargas. Based on the book by Fernando Morais. Directed and produced by Guilherme Fontes, the film went into production in 1995 and ended in 1999. The material was then shelved due to the suspicion that, in the first attempt to launch himself as a director, Guilherme Fontes has engaged in a great misuse scandal of government funds for the cinema and culture. The film was then completed in 2015.

Chatô, The King of Brazil
Chatô, The King of Brazil
Chatô, The King of Brazil
Chatô, The King of Brazil
Original titleChatô, O Rei do Brasil
TMDb Rating3.4 6 votes

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  • jgcorreaDecember 2, 2015Reply

    Pretentious, self-indulgent mystification

    Mr. Chateaubriand, in real life, could not have been worse than Citizen
    Chateaubriand as shown in this pseudo-biography supposedly based on a
    biographical bestseller. Biographer Morais did win his credit, but the
    biopic is only a nil-biog minor-pix that has nearly nothing to do with
    facts, except a few characters such as Chatô and Getulio Vargas. While
    Welles’ Citizen Kane showed an à-clef W.R. Hearst more sympathetic than
    the real-life press magnate, ”Chatô the King of Brazil” shows a
    psychopath, an unlikely sexpot, a lying bastard, a provincial
    Machiavelli, without even bothering to explain how he ever became a
    multimillionaire tycoon. This film was shot by the end of the last
    century and finished in 2015 only thanks to the money newly invested by
    Francis Coppola. Its script is barely unintelligible to any viewer of
    any nationality, both high-brow and low-brow. There is no commitment
    whatsoever with historical reality. Not even the dictator Vargas, in
    real life, was the s-o-b herein played by Paulo Betti. Everything
    amounts to sheer mystification, from talent to entertainment value:
    Fiat Lux became ‘Fioluz,’ Coca Cola became ‘Soda Cola,’ and Vivi
    Sampaio simply never existed in real life. Doris Monteiro, however, did
    exist (the part’s name was changed à clef), she was at the center of a
    scandal that exemplified major abuse of power: Chateaubriand decided to
    elect Doris, then his mistress, the ‘Queen of the Radio.’ He called his
    treasurer and gave him an order: ”Get Cr$5,000,000 right now!” The
    treasurer managed to extort the money from advertisers and Doris
    eventually got 875,605 votes! This is perhaps one of the few links with
    reality in a movie so delirious and poorly photographed, which hollowly
    falsifies history in a free, self- indulgent and pretentious way.

  • guisreisJanuary 5, 2016Reply

    The movie nobody believed that would exist is quite good!

    If you want to know more about Brazilian history, this film is not a
    good choice, as it has no commitment to historical facts, although
    inspired in real characters and events such as Brazilian ”citizen Kane”
    Assis Chateaubriand and former president Getúlio Vargas. Though, if you
    like innovative movies which play with the different possibilities to
    tell a story on the big screen, then ”Chatô” is an awesome opportunity!
    It is a very interesting piece of funny magical realism with some
    traits of surrealism, reminding me top directors such as Terry Gilliam
    and Jean-Pierre Jeunet. While the former Monty Python member has a
    crazier approach and the French moviemaker’s approach is sweeter,
    Guilherme Fontes shows a more aggressive and sensual one. Overacting is
    a conscious and successful choice of him, composing a fable of a major
    and polemic character. The story is not linear, as many events may
    happen only in his mind, inside his dreams or perhaps in an alternative
    reality. Some of the top Brazilian actors have been casted and it was
    important to keep the film’s high quality in spite of its campiness.
    The movie could receive an even better grade if it were a bit shorter
    and kept the same pace throughout it, as it tires a little at some
    point. Besides its quality, the film also interests because of its
    troubled production. Brazilian actor Guilherme Fontes kept public
    funding 20 years before in order to direct his very first movie, but he
    got broken and people thought the film would never be finished and that
    he would be put in jail. He still faces court proceedings trying not to
    pay the money back. In the final credits, Fontes complains of having
    suffered censorship, what is obviously not the case. Anyway, the movie
    has finally been released and that is very good news for Brazilian

  • Mauricio MarzanoJanuary 16, 2017Reply

    Give back my money

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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