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A Buddy Movie Without The BuddiesNov. 26, 2015 Greece105 Min.
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In the middle of the Aegean Sea, six men on a fishing trip on a luxury yacht decide to play a game. During this game, things will be compared. Things will be measured. Songs will be butchered, and blood will be tested. Friends will become rivals and rivals will become hungry. But at the end of the journey, when the game is over, the man who wins will be the best man. And he will wear on his smallest finger the victory ring: the Chevalier.

Original titleChevalier
IMDb Rating6.4 2,506 votes
TMDb Rating5.9 16 votes

(9) comments

  • raven-64-833785November 8, 2015Reply

    Testosterone in a Confined Space

    Divers return with their catch to a mega-yacht at anchor in the
    Saronikos Sea. These guys have riches, leisure, health and care-free
    lives. With this much testosterone in a confined space there is bound
    to be trouble. It comes in the form of a contest to determine who the
    best is at everything. The winner is awarded a trophy ring from the
    others. It doesn’t take long for each paragon of machismo to morph into
    a man-child.

    The men grade each other on skills, assets and accomplishments
    including such things as posture, teeth, cooking, politeness, virility,
    underwear and how quickly they can put together a shelf. Points are
    taken away for rudeness, bad singing, snoring or drooling in your
    sleep. The film began with so much promise. The location was fantastic,
    the theme was intriguing and the characters were interesting. It all
    was fabulous in the beginning. It just didn’t come together very well
    or maintain its sway. The acting, scenery, depth, story and editing
    collapsed toward the end. Seen at the Toronto International Film
    Festival 2015.

  • moviescriticnet ([email protected])November 27, 2015Reply

    if you are a Greek Weird Wave fan you should check it out and a few good laughs are guaranteed

    The so called ”Greek Weird Wave” returns with another entry, this time
    a comedy directed by Athina Rachel Tsangari (best known for
    ”Attenberg”). The co-writer of ”Dogtooth” and ”The Lobster” Filippou
    assists her efforts to make an unconventionally funny and somewhat
    disturbing comedy. As the jury in London Film Festival (Best Film award
    for the movie there) stated ”Chevalier is a study of male antagonism
    seen through the eyes of a brave and original filmmaker. With great
    formal rigour and irresistible wit, Athina Rachel Tsangari has managed
    to make a film that is both a hilarious comedy and a deeply disturbing
    statement on the condition of western humanity”. Well, that’s accurate
    but the formal rigour in all (post)modern Greek movies is getting a bit
    tiring and the movie is a funny comedy but not really a hilarious one.
    Yet the film is probably a bit better that George Lanthimos’ uneven
    last entry ”The Lobster”. So if you are a Greek Weird Wave fan you
    should check it out and a few good laughs are guaranteed.

    Grade: B-

  • LewianJuly 24, 2016Reply

    Originally, thought provoking and witty

    This film has the six men on a diving and fishing trip in the Greek
    islands (accompanied by three, later two, staff on the boat) getting
    into a competition game about finding out who is the ”best in general”
    among them. While they do some specific competitions, in principle all
    their behavior down to the tiniest detail is up for rating by the
    others. We see them taking notes about each other all the time, and
    most conversations somehow circle around their game; but because the
    game involves everything, whatever they talk about is by definition
    part of the game. Besides the interactions and communication, we get
    some very well done cinematography both of the wonderful setting and
    the men and their boat that at times can be read as comment on what
    goes on between them.

    The idea of the film is original and fascinating, and the comedy and
    more serious aspects here work very well together. This is one of the
    films where humour comes from precise observation of the
    characteristics and psychology of the protagonists, their conflicts,
    and from realizing how ridiculous human interaction can be, while at
    the same time trying to be credible and even deep (different viewers
    may have different ideas about how realistic and credible all this is
    but my life experience doesn’t make it seem all too outlandish;
    certainly the temptation of rating and competition on just about
    anything is very familiar to me).

    The film can make you think about competition, masculinity, the
    obsession of the postmodern society with quantification and rating and
    its impact, what ”criteria” one can think of to rate a person, the role
    of sexuality, how different protagonists take different aspects of the
    game seriously, how hard it is to stay outside when things become
    really tense, and the meaning of the impact the game has on the boat

    My quibble with the realism of all this is probably that irony and
    sarcasm are largely left to the director and the audience but are in
    critically short supply among the protagonists (which is a problem in
    many films; from the distance of a director’s chair it seems to be very
    difficult to imagine how people are at times able to observe an
    ironical distance from themselves). I can in fact easily imagine things
    to become as tense as they do in the film, but I’d expect the men to at
    least attempt/pretend to take things in a more light and bantery manner
    while they get there; although there’s obviously a comic effect for the
    audience in their seriousness.

    Apart from this I was fine with the acting, and I had certainly enough
    to laugh, given that the film has plenty of qualities apart from
    humour. This is a pretty good and (as far as I know) unique film and I
    recommend it to everyone who likes the combination of wit, psychology
    and food for thought that we get here.

    This is my first review and already I find myself dithering about
    whether I should rate this 8 or 9, I say 8.5 rounded up.

  • thisismynameonimdbAugust 3, 2016Reply

    A hilarious movie about ego and insecurity

    Chevalier is the tale of six men on a fishing trip who decide to begin
    a competition to determine who among them is ”the best in general”.
    What begins as a harmless game begins to get to each character in
    different ways as they start worrying about their own faults as well as

    What struck me most about this movie is how they managed to balance the
    surreal humour (similar to The Lobster and Dogtooth also co-written by
    Efthymis Filippou) with a more realistic vibe. What really works is how
    you actually sort of understand how things could escalate in such a
    ridiculous way as soon as the ego is brought into it, and you believe
    in the characters as real people with real motivations.

    It also appears to have a warm heart beating under the surface, with
    several touching moments between the companions and a great sense of
    camaraderie, despite the fact that they’re all desperate to win.

    I watched this film in a small cinema with around 50 other people
    packed in, and throughout the film was none stop laughter.

    Part surreal buddy comedy, part satire of the human condition, well
    worth checking out.

  • planktonrulesSeptember 16, 2016Reply

    Amazingly flat despite some really nice acting.

    The idea for the Greek film, ”Chevalier”, is a good one. After all,
    seeing a bunch of middle-aged men compulse about their masculinity can
    be rather funny. I should know, as I am also middle-aged and I know my
    wife and her friends laugh about me all the time! However, while this
    film is apparently a comedy, I never found myself laughing and I kept
    expecting more than it delivered. It’s a shame, as the acting is quite

    A group of six successful Greek men are taking a deluxe cruise
    together. They scuba dive, ride about on Waverunners, eat incredible
    meals and indulge themselves. However, after a few days, a weird
    competitiveness comes out…possibly the result of boredom and their
    own inner insecurities. This is odd, as it should be the trip of their
    lives. Soon, one of them proposes a strange game where they would
    compete in a variety of odd and rather mundane ways…during which time
    they’ll grade each other to determine who is the best. And, the best
    will receive a ring called ‘the Chavalier’ so that he can lord their
    superiority over the rest of them. Naturally, this brings out the
    hyper-competitiveness in them and soon they’re doing some pretty stupid
    things to prove who’s best.

    It all sounds like a recipe for hilarity and insight into the male
    psyche. Yet, surprisingly, I found the movie was so low-key and slow
    paced that I found myself struggling to stay awake and interested. But
    as I mentioned, despite a disappointing script, I was thrilled with the
    acting as it seemed so natural…like real guys on a trip instead of
    just a bunch of actors pretending. The bottom line is that the film is
    well made…just not all that satisfying.

  • johann_torOctober 19, 2016Reply

    A droll look on men’s relationships

    The film is about a bunch of men overtly engaging in comparing their
    status and worth. This sounds as comedic a premise as any, but the
    director is quite restrained and doles out the funnies in a languid
    tempo (although there is certainly a climax to the proceedings). The
    writing is very good, and takes care to provide details that deftly
    flesh out the characters: these are not rah-rah bros, the relationships
    among them are subtle and fuel much of the action. The actors are quite
    brilliant, always shy of hamming it up, perhaps tellingly so.

    This is what I found most impressive about the film, the sense of
    director’s control of the material. You could milk this premise for a
    lot of cheap laughs, but the film feels free to go broad or subtle,
    just hint at hilarious episodes, take the time to enjoy the view from
    the boat, linger a while at the harbour before going back home. At all
    times however the perspective is assured, the characters are never made
    fun of, and the viewer is invited to witness as much silliness as they

    I am docking a bunch of points because all this restraint on balance
    does gets a bit draining, but I think that everyone will enjoy the time
    spent at the company of these gentlemen.

  • WordsmithNovember 11, 2016Reply

    Quite boring, like watching the sea ripple (on and on)

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Tom DooleyNovember 18, 2016Reply

    Greek comedy of middle class male angst

    The plot is that six friends all go on a luxury trip aboard a yacht in
    the Aegean Sea. They do all the things you are supposed to do like
    scuba diving, eating rich sea food and water sports, but they soon
    start to get on each other’s nerves. Then one of them has an idea of a
    new game. This is to find out who is ‘best’ and this they will do by
    coming up with competitions with which they can collectively judge each
    other. By the time they hit port they can tot up the scores and the
    winner gets to wear the Chevalier ring.

    Then the fun begins and these middle aged men soon let their inner
    demons out as competitiveness rears its ugly head and all too quickly
    it is every man for himself – in a very restrained way of course.

    Now this is a comedy but for me it was long on good ideas but short on
    laughs. There are a few but not scattered liberally. The acting is all
    great and the crew are as relevant as the main players and indeed
    injected a dimension that keeps this from becoming ‘becalmed’ – to use
    a nautical reference. It did keep me interested until the end, but I
    still feel I am being generous with my score. In Greek with good
    subtitles – this is an original film that hopefully will float your

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