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Cold War II

Cold War II

Sep. 08, 2016 Hong Kong110 Min.
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8.8 1,421 votes

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Aaron Kwok isSean Lau
Sean Lau
Tony Leung Ka-Fai isM.B. Waise Lee
M.B. Waise Lee
Charlie Yeung isPhoenix Leung
Phoenix Leung
Chow Yun-fat isOswald Kan
Oswald Kan
Eddie Peng isJoe Lee
Joe Lee
Aarif Lee isBilly Cheung
Billy Cheung
Waise Lee isLai Wing-lim
Lai Wing-lim
Janice Man isBella Au
Bella Au


Picking up some time after the events in the first movie, Sean Lau is now the Commissioner of Police after the successful rescue operation. However, things turn bad when his wife and daughter are kidnapped. Sean has to seek help from former rival and retired DCP, Waise Lee, to return to his job to help save Sean`s wife and child.

Cold War II
Cold War II
Original title寒戰 II
IMDb Rating6.7 1,633 votes
TMDb Rating6.8 17 votes

(6) comments

  • uhungmaxJuly 10, 2016Reply

    An effective police procedural drama with questionable moments that doesn’t live up to the first film

    Unlike most Hong Kongers, I wasn’t that excited for this film. The
    directors have a great start with ”Cold War”, and have let me down with
    their second film ”Helios”. But hey, third time’s the charm, right?

    First things first, I appreciate this film in terms of justifying a
    sequel during the opening, proving that it is not a cash grab. However,
    the rest of the film isn’t as compelling as the trailer suggests,
    making you ask: was this sequel the one we wanted? The answer is NO!

    Negatives: 1) The dialogue loves to glorify Hong Kong (just like the
    first one). However, there are some questionable English lines, such as
    a speech, in which Sean Lau says, ”God bless our homeland.” (Rant
    incoming) First, who in the world says that in Hong Kong? Secondly, We
    don’t mind if you make it simple, just be more aware of the cultural
    differences. Honestly, I know some American films that use this line,
    but because America does have this line (Forgive me if I’m mistaken).
    Hong Kongers will never say this line in real life, let alone the Hong
    Kong Police Force.

    In addition, there is no need for English dialogues in some scenes.
    Though I understand that they were going for internationalism (One
    Country, Two Systems), the realism decreases with the plethora of
    English spoken in this film.

    2) Some characters were wasted. In particular, Janice Man, who kicks
    ass in Helios, is reduced to pointless character drama and exposition.

    3) Tony Leung’s character ”M.B. Lee”, who proves to be a reasonable cop
    and a man of honor and ethics, has a sudden character change that, in
    my opinion, destroys the character and the plausibility of the story.

    4) If the first movie left you wanting more, then this film has
    officially follow the footsteps of ”Helios”, in that it requires you to
    sit through another possible sequel in the future, judging by the
    possible cliffhanger at the end of this film.

    5) Too many characters, and not every character is substantial to the

    Positives: 1) The visuals are a big improvement over the first film. It
    looks less fake than the first one.

    2) Chow Yun-Fat delivers the best performance in this film. (At one
    point, he goes full on Nicolas Cage-mode of overacting.)

    3) The action scenes, though short in length, were actually well-

    Bonus: Aaron Kwok’s English accent makes me laugh.

    Conclusion: If you were anticipating this film due to the first film’s
    quality, you should lower your expectations a bit. If you are just
    looking for some entertainment, you’ll have a fun time.

  • ctowyiJuly 13, 2016Reply

    Entertaining but this could have been so many better

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Timothy LamJuly 14, 2016Reply

    Absolute garbage

    Horrific, incoherent hack job of a film. Greedy producers bank on the
    finest actors in the region, and completely neglect the more important
    aspects of a film (eg. captivating story, interesting and diverse
    characters, logical process of events etc.). If anything, the music
    composer should have his license taken away and be sent to Bollywood.
    The abysmal, grotesque agglomeration of computer-generated french
    horns, generic clave rhythms, boring string ostinatos and a sound
    effect selection that is stubbornly stuck in the 80’s. The amount of
    cliché and cringe in this film is overwhelming to the point that I
    wanted to disappear down my shirt collar. Famous actors mean f**kall
    when the writers have no idea what they’re doing. The tragic part is,
    being a sequel to a much better film, this movie will likely do just as
    well, if not better, than its seasonal competitors, allowing producers
    to cry into more, thicker wads of $1000 banknotes as they scroll down
    the review section. AVOID at all costs

  • S TJuly 27, 2016Reply

    Highly Entertaining and Suspenseful.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Paul Magne HaakonsenNovember 19, 2016Reply

    It was like the first movie, but missing the ”and then some”…

    Let me start out by saying that ”Cold War II” from 2016 was just every
    bit as entertaining as the first ”Cold War” movie from 2012. And with
    that being said, take it for what it was. If you liked the first movie,
    then you will also like the sequel, and if you didn’t, then chances are
    that you will not like this movie either.

    I found it to be adequately entertaining, although it wasn’t
    particularly outstanding or memorable – just as the first movie had

    ”Cold War II” continues on a short time after the events of the first
    movie, and we see familiar characters return to the screen in this
    sequel. And having established characters return was a good thing.

    However, it just felt as if directors Lok Man Leung and Kim-Ching Luk
    set out wanting to accomplish too much with ”Cold War II” and only
    delivering on about half of this.

    There was just a sense of it all being too rushed and forced, as well
    of an element of too much chaos going on. Which didn’t really help the
    movie in any way.

    As in the first movie, ”Cold War II” does have some impressive names to
    the cast list, including Aaron Kwok, Tony Ka Fai Leung and Yun-Fat

    ”Cold War II” failed to make a lasting impression and also failed to
    stand out in the Hong Kong cinema. Surely, it was an entertaining
    enough movie, but it is hardly one that you will be watching a second
    time around.

    My rating of ”Cold War II” ends on five stars out of ten, similar to
    the first movie.

  • lathe-of-heavenDecember 7, 2016Reply

    Better crafted, more tightly plotted than the first film… Blu-ray: Excellent A:9 V:9

    I very much disagree with the people here saying that the first film
    was better and strongly disparaging this one (such as the review by
    ‘Uhungmax’) Yes, in the first movie, technically, there was a lot more
    ‘stuff’ happening. And, in a sense, although it was indeed engaging and
    exciting, after it was over I felt that some of the key plot elements
    and character actions did not really make a lot of sense.

    However in this 2nd film, although the plot is much more direct and
    simple, to me personally I thought that the story was much more tightly
    plotted and a lot better constructed. Here you didn’t have the apparent
    twists and turns of the first film, usually an element that I like very
    much. But, like I said, AFTER watching the movie and thinking about it,
    there were certain character motivations and actions that didn’t quite
    add up to me. Whereas with this movie, the story itself seemed to flow
    much more naturally. In my lowly and wretched opinion, I honestly felt
    that as a FILM in and of itself, it was put together and executed in a
    more streamlined and believable manner. Not that I mind AT ALL when
    movies are complex, or seemingly disjointed, or non-linear. I DO very
    much like that ***IF*** everything is well thought out and put together
    in such a way that it fits the internal logic of the film, and as a
    WHOLE all the parts work together.

    I think the tricky thing about comparing the two films is that the
    first one had a LOT more going on and was more complex. NORMALLY, that
    would be something that would be very appealing to me. But in this
    movie, I had more of a feeling that I was being carried along by the
    story and much more involved in what was happening, and therefore the
    overall effect had more substance, and I felt that the tension of the
    story was much more compelling. It’s like with the first movie they
    were almost trying to be TOO clever with the twists and turns of the
    story where maybe it at times had the effect of almost stumbling on
    itself. Don’t get me wrong… I liked the first film and it was quite
    good. But, I feel that this one was better…

    These 2 films seem somewhat different for movies coming out of Hong
    Kong in the sense that you normally would expect them to be a LOT more
    Action oriented. But, both films dealt more with inter-departmental
    politics and connections with highly placed officials than they were on
    action. But, with that said, there is ONE action scene in the middle of
    film that was quite effective and will blow your socks off (so to

    So, that is why I feel that on the SURFACE some people may get an
    impression that the first film was better with more ‘going on’ and more
    twists and turns. But, I honestly feel that this one was put together
    in a much more cinematic way with better internal logic (being a
    simpler story) and more believable character interactions that had a
    more substantial impact in the long run…

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