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There's a monster in all of usFeb. 23, 2017 Canada110 Min.R
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A woman discovers that severe catastrophic events are somehow connected to the mental breakdown from which she’s suffering.

Original titleColossal
IMDb Rating6.4 9,583 votes
TMDb Rating6.4 97 votes

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  • raven-64-833785September 29, 2016Reply

    Monster Stalking Seoul and a Woman’s Heart

    Gloria (Anne Hathaway) is a mess. Her existence revolves around
    drinking, sleeping and abusive men. Dumped by her boyfriend, Gloria
    returns to her hometown in a half-hearted attempt to begin again. She
    continues to be a sucker for abuse. The men in Gloria’s life, each
    controlling in their own way, manipulate her will-power as much as the

    At about the same time a gigantic monster begins stalking Seoul. Gloria
    discovers a connection between this monster, herself and her tragic
    relationships with men and the bottle.

    Endearing qualities of the film include touching scenes, powerful
    underlying themes and independent charm. Yet the storyline is
    disjointed and lacks effective transitions. Gaps need to be filled in
    the writing/directing. Hathaway, Jason Sudeikis and Tim Blake Nelson
    are fun to watch, yet Nelson seems somewhat restrained. Seen at the
    Toronto International Film Festival.

  • Andrew MarksJanuary 26, 2017Reply

    Surprisingly funny and ever so original! This was a colossal good time!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • BigGuyMarch 23, 2017Reply

    Fun concept… Lacking execution

    I just saw a sneak preview of Colossal. I really liked the concept of
    the movie, it was original and fun. Sadly there was something lacking
    in the execution. It just didn’t feel put together correctly, like
    there was something in the story telling that was missing that would
    have made it more compelling.

    Anne Hathaway was cast a bit too far out of character. She just wasn’t
    quite believable as the wastrel party girl. She couldn’t quite pull off
    acting drunk. Her character’s story is a classic redemption tale, with
    the monster twist.

    Jason Sudeikis plays her foil in the story. His character arc is very
    poorly handled. There wasn’t enough setup, almost like a few scenes in
    the middle were cut. That being said, he played it pretty well, except
    it was hard to tell when he was supposed to be drunk.

    As I’ve mentioned both main characters being drunk, there is a lot of
    drinking in this movie. The central movie set being the bar run by
    Oscar (Jason Sudeikis) where Gloria (Anne Hathaway) starts working.
    This is after returning to a home her parent’s left vacant, and after
    being kicked out by her boyfriend for being a party girl who can’t get
    her life together. This is where I would caution that this isn’t really
    an appropriate movie for children, despite the silly almost cartoon

    The bottom line of a movie review is the recommendation of whether or
    not to see it. If you are bothered by plot holes and trite characters,
    you probably want to steer clear. If you like silly popcorn movies, you
    might want to give it a shot. I don’t feel like I wasted 2 hours on the
    movie, but I probably wouldn’t watch it again.

  • Matthew Stechel ([email protected])March 29, 2017Reply

    Solidly engaging film may leave you with a couple of questions after its over, but Hathaway and Sudekis do terrific work

    Attended a preview screening of this courtesy of a friend the other
    night with zero idea of what the movie was about so imagine to my
    surprise that it was a wry take on a Godzilla movie but with a
    seriously intriguing and rather perplexing narrative hook. If you’re
    reading this right now, you’re either deciding whether to see this, or
    you’ve already seen this and are looking for opinions on what other
    people thought.

    Without spoiling anything I’ll just say that i thought the director
    (who also wrote the script) does an impressive job of keeping you into
    the story being told, and just slightly off track as to what’s around
    the bend story wise. There were a couple times watching this where I
    thought i knew where the story was going to go, but ended up being
    somewhat off the mark. As the movie kept going I also started to wonder
    how the heck the director was going to bring this thing to a satisfying
    ending, and the answer to that question was with a fantastic climactic
    sequence that i very much liked watching unfold but didn’t quite hit
    the mark in terms of satisfying to me, but somehow still felt quite
    right in keeping in tone with what we had been watching the whole time.

    So basically i’m just saying–its worth checking out but with some
    slight reservations about the story as it unfolded. (I personally
    thought the big reveal about the origins of the monster’s appearance
    was a little too symbolic and mystical and out of the blue, but other
    people might like how its explained)

    All that said, the main concept of the movie i thought was pretty
    superb, and I thought Anne Hathaway in a kind of role we rarely if ever
    see her play was excellent and does a tremendous job in a very
    difficult role. If you don’t like her, you’ll end up hating the movie
    because she is a very large component of the movie. I thought even tho
    her character is aimless, she did a terrific job of keeping her likable
    throughout, even when you’re kind of cringing at some of the decisions
    she makes on screen. Similarly, i thought the performance of Jason
    Sudekis was also surprisingly good. He starts out the film the way you
    normally see him in films, as the seemingly good hart-ed, wry, slightly
    bumbling slob, but as the story unfolds and he gradually starts to
    change those very qualities ever so subtly, it may not be til very late
    in the film or possibly thinking about it on the way home that you
    realize how strong a job he did as well playing opposite Hathaway. (Dan
    Stevens for the record has a very smallish part so if you’re going to
    see this specifically for him, you might be disappointed)

    In closing i’ll just say that if you already know the premise to the
    film and are wondering whether or not its for you, I’ll just say that
    if you like slightly out there premises, you should check this out
    because overall despite again some narrative choices I might not have
    been too crazy about, i thought it was a very solidly engaging movie,
    and for what its worth, I didn’t think it was too strange to appeal to
    people who think that this may be too far out there for their comfort
    zones/slightly more mainstream tastes.

  • cdcrbApril 7, 2017Reply

    good vs evil

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Anurag-ShettyApril 9, 2017Reply

    Can a movie smoothly transition from one genre to another? The answer is a colossal yes!

    Colossal tells the story of Gloria(Anne Hathaway). Gloria has a slight
    addiction to alcohol. Soon personal events in her life, forces her to
    move back to her hometown, from New York City. Around the same time, a
    massive monster begins attacking Seoul, a city in South Korea. Gloria
    has this eerie sensation that, this monster’s rampage is somehow
    connected to her downward spiral.

    Colossal is a one of a kind film. You have never seen anything like
    this movie before. Despite being a sci-fi film, the script by
    writer-director Nacho Vigalondo is completely original. This is a
    welcome change, in this era of movie studios’ obsession to start movie
    franchises & have shared movie universes. This film is genre-hopping
    shenanigans, in its best form. Colossal doubles up as a comedy, drama &
    sci-fi movie, changing genres from time to time effortlessly, without
    messing up anything. Kudos Nacho Vigalondo. The visual effects are
    superb. The performances are mind blowing. Anne Hathaway is spectacular
    as Gloria. Hathaway gives us another unforgettable performance. Jason
    Sudeikis has given the best performance of his career as Oscar.
    Sudeikis essays the various shades of his complex character, with
    utmost sincerity & grace. Austin Stowell is great as Joel. Tim Blake
    Nelson is awesome as Garth. Dan Stevens is brilliant as Tim. Hannah
    Cheramy & Nathan Ellison are impressive as Young Gloria & Young Oscar,
    respectively. Colossal is a must watch for everyone, who is tired of
    watching the same old genre of movies on the big screen.

  • Immanuel WilliamsApril 10, 2017Reply

    I’ll be the Robot You be the Monster

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • pratoole10April 11, 2017Reply

    ”Colossal,” thinking man’s ”Pacific Rim?” Not Really.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • SaMoFilmGuyApril 15, 2017Reply

    Looks like director shot the first draft of his script

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • tabunoApril 16, 2017Reply

    A Daringly Different Fantasy Drama

    Some of the audience has seen this side of Ann Hathaway before in
    Rachel Getting Married (2008). This fantasy drama with its misleading
    trailer depicting a comedy sci fi action movie takes some getting used
    to as the comedy only comes in little bits but with the best, memorable
    one second shot seen saved for the very end. This daring fusion of
    Asian monster movie and relational drama offers Ann Hathaway another
    performance allowing her to demonstrate her dramatic chops along with
    the more dour side of excessive alcohol consumption as a much more
    mysterious past.

    The characters in this movie are somewhat shallow, yet it is also this
    very authentic shallowness that makes for the realistic tinge that
    permeates this movie. The portrayals in this movie also allow the
    audience to understand how domestic violence, petty alcoholic arguments
    and emotional rejection can sometimes lead to literally gigantic
    consequences as presented in this movie. Not has strange and outlandish
    as Donnie Darko (2001), nevertheless, Colossal offers a more intimate
    clash between lovers or potential lovers, jealousy, rejection, and past
    traumas instead of journey into the darkness of one’s own inner soul.
    In a way, Colossal could be compared to Rachel Weisz’s character’s
    sister in the horror classic Constantine (2005) had stuck around and
    both sisters were connected throughout the movie in a state of
    doppelganger relationship through the movie or a dramatic relational
    version of Peter O’Toole’s horror movie Phantoms (1998). This movie
    oddly enough is a softer version of the subtle shudder horror shrouded
    Nomads (1986), a rarely cited cool reference.

  • Con-DeuceApril 17, 2017Reply

    It Deserves to be a Hit. It Eventually Will Be….

    My 20 year old daughter said it best when describing her reaction after
    seeing ”Colossal”, she said ”I wasn’t prepared to like it as much as I

    Ten, fifteen and certainly twenty years ago, ”Colossal” would have been
    a big hit in theaters. I am absolutely certain that this movie will
    eventually catch on and be at least a BIG cult hit.

    I think many who see ”Colossal” will be very surprised. Not by
    Hathaway’s performance. She is always a reliable actor but by the film
    itself. I am reluctant to call ”Colossal” allegorical because that
    might scare away potential viewers but that is what it is at heart. It
    is also one of those films that can be enjoyed at one or multiple
    levels: you can enjoy it strictly as an action comedy film or as an
    action comedy with a an allegory about relationships, regret and
    yearning to be more than what you are. Or you could view it as a satire
    on action films. It’s a lot of things but it’s also intelligently and
    thoughtfully made. It amazes me that there are really only four main
    characters in the entire movie yet the great director Nacho Vigalondo
    makes the film feel fully populated. The main cast is excellent with
    Hathaway clearly outstanding but Jason Sudeikis is also really good.
    He’s an actor who plays a character so well that you feel it is part of

    In the end, it’s Nacho Vigalondo’s direction that makes the tricky
    material work. When I see a film like ”Colossal” it makes me hopeful
    for films because there are directors like him and Fede Alvarez who
    directed 2016’s great ”Don’t Breathe”.

  • subxerogravityApril 18, 2017Reply

    Man! That was strange.

    So strange it’s hard to say weather it’s good or bad, it’s just weird.
    Then again, it’s a really good weird because you know, Giant monsters
    are in it. You can never go wrong with the Kaiju as they are known in
    Japan and not Korea where the Giant monsters end up in Colossal.

    Anne Hathaway plays a woman who comes back home after being kicked in
    the face not wrongly by life and reconnects with her old friend, played
    by Jason Sudeikis, and while home she discovers the oddest thing. At
    8:05am every day if she’s standing in the park next to her old
    elementary school a Giant monster will appear in Seoul Korea that she
    is somehow linked to.

    It’s like being John Malkovich meets Godzilla or something.

    Once again Jason Sudeikis is the money maker for me, proving that he’s
    got some real star power. It was a brilliant turn as a man whose life
    got stuck and watching someone else like Anne Hathaway’s character live
    her’s despite failing badly at it, leaves him with a bitterness that he
    cannot hide for long. As Oscar, Sudeikis was just a very unique
    character to watch on the screen.

    Despite the plot about Giant Monsters hitting the far East, which
    really put this movie out there, Colossal has going for it a very
    grounded story about being away for something for so long that you
    forgotten why you tried so hard to avoid it, then realizing exactly why
    you did. It’s a lesson on getting over the things that cause self abuse
    and hold you down. A very loud and clear lesson done in the strangest
    way possible.

  • phanthingaApril 22, 2017Reply

    Most original movie story in 2017

    It kinda funny when Hollywood for years has suffer from endless
    mediocre movie and movie sequels that nobody ask but when a truly
    original movie come out it get under radar of many people and this
    years the original movie that is Colossal.To fully understand and enjoy
    this movie i suggest you guys to watch it in theater because there are
    so many things happen during the run time of this movie still trap in
    my head right now and it really hard to explain it.The best way i can
    to sum up this movie is it funny it bizarre in the best way that
    possible the characters is well portray and actors give good performing
    through out the movie.My issues is although the movie thrilling me all
    the way end but it left behind many unanswered questions and some of
    the choice the characters make complete betray the movie built up that
    very bugging me out

  • Reel Life ReviewsApril 22, 2017Reply

    A solid original

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Dave McClain ([email protected])April 23, 2017Reply

    ”Colossal” is an original and fun, but highly flawed movie.

    Anne Hathaway has had a big career, with major moments and some huge
    film successes, but nothing in her career could rightly be called
    colossal. That is, until 2017. The sci-fi/fantasy action comedy
    ”Colossal” (R, 1:50) qualifies… in name, if not in reality. Hathaway’s
    first feature film was the 2001 Disney hit ”The Princess Diaries”,
    which led to a couple more princess movies (”The Princess Diaries:
    Royal Engagement” and ”Ella Enchanted”). Hathaway soon transitioned to
    adult roles in movies like ”Havoc”, ”Brokeback Mountain” and ”Love &
    Other Drugs”. Her talent made her an Academy darling, as she was
    nominated for an Oscar for 2008’s ”Rachel Getting Married”, she
    co-hosted the 2011 Academy Awards (with James Franco) and then she won
    the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her acting and singing in 2012’s
    ”Les Misérables”. Since then, she reprised her role as the voice of
    Jewel in ”Rio 2”, again played The White Queen in ”Alice Through the
    Looking Glass” and starred in ”Interstellar”, ”The Intern” and

    Hathaway plays Gloria, a confirmed party girl who can’t hold a job and
    shows all the signs of being an alcoholic. She lives with her
    boyfriend, Tim (Dan Stevens, in one of his half-dozen or so 2017
    films), who tires of her irresponsible ways and kicks her out. She has
    no choice but to move back to her small (unspecified) hometown and
    start living in her childhood home which is (for unspecified reasons)
    unfurnished and vacant. While hauling a newly purchased air mattress
    back to her parents’ house, she runs into Oscar (Jason Sudeikis), a
    childhood friend who now runs his late father’s minimally successful
    bar. Gloria starts hanging out with Oscar and his after-hours drinking
    buddies, Garth (Tim Blake Nelson) and Joel (Austin Stowell). Oscar soon
    offers Gloria a job as a waitress and starts bringing her some major
    creature comforts (furniture, a big-screen TV, etc.), obviously trying
    to get her interested in him romantically, even though she’s still in
    contact with Tim and seems to have eyes for the handsome Joel.

    But it’s only when a colossal, vaguely human-looking monster suddenly
    appears and wreaks Godzilla-style havoc on Seoul, South Korea that
    Gloria’s life REALLY gets complicated. Watching news footage, she sees
    that this monster seems to have her scalp-scratching nervous tic. Then,
    she notices that this creature half-way around the world, makes the
    same gestures and movements that she makes when she happens to be in
    the playground area of a local park – and at exactly 8:05 a.m. local
    time (a time and place with which she only has a tenuous connection
    with roots in her childhood). After another all-night drinking session,
    Gloria brings Oscar, Joel and Garth to the playground, asks them to
    stream live news from Seoul and demonstrates her connection to the
    monster. Then, as she and her friends try to figure out what’s really
    going on and what it means (and as she’s racked with guilt over the
    destruction and loss of life in Seoul) another creature appears, one
    that seems to have issues with Gloria’s monster.

    ”Colossal” is an original and fun, but highly flawed movie. The premise
    that Spanish writer-director (and past Oscar nominee) Nacho Vigalondo
    gives us is gleefully fresh and loaded with potential. It even features
    subtle messages about addiction and toxic relationships. The problem is
    the details. Too much goes unexplained – and the reasons that are given
    for the story’s strange and remarkable occurrences are thinly and
    illogically developed. It’s enough to drive a reflective Movie Fan to
    distraction. And that’s before we even discuss the unnecessarily
    off-putting developments regarding some of the characters. It’s as if
    Vigalondo has set a fantastic table and then tried to do that trick of
    yanking the tablecloth out from under the dishes, only to break most of
    them. In other words, I loved the first half of this movie, hated much
    of the second half and only kind of liked the ending.

    For me, all that adds up to a mild recommendation, based on the movie’s
    creative premise, Hathaway’s typically excellent work and the
    entertainment value of about half of the film. (Sudeikis’ superficial
    performance in what is admittedly a tough role to play doesn’t do
    Vigalondo any favors.) I can’t even evaluate the movie with a bad pun
    based on its title, because it’s neither a colossal success nor a
    colossal failure. There’s a great movie somewhere in there trying to
    break out, but it’s held back by its own unfortunate and avoidable
    shortcomings. My advice? Watch up to the point that Gloria motions for
    Oscar to leave the playground. Then stop. That moment feels like an
    ending (to an enjoyable movie). But considering everything between the
    opening credits and the closing credits, the most that I can give this
    underachiever is a ”B”.

  • Thomas DrufkeApril 25, 2017Reply

    Anne Hathaway Controls a Kaiju. What More Could You Ask For?

    I’ll always give props to movies that are original and/or take
    refreshing approaches to a certain genre. Colossal bends the indie
    sci-fi genre on its head and gives us one of Anne Hathaway’s best
    performances of her career. It’s not for everyone, but ‘Colossal’ is
    one of the most interesting and unique films you’ll see all year.

    What’s really promising about a film like this is that actors like
    Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis signed up. This boasts particularly well
    for future indie films with similar ambitions. When films that deal
    with a drunk homeless woman controlling a Kaiju monster across the
    world do well critically, it definitely means good things for the film
    business. I guess the real test will be how the film fares at the box

    Hathaway plays Gloria, a drunk who finds herself back in her hometown
    after being kicked out of her boyfriend’s home, only to realize she’s
    somehow controlling a dangerous Kaiju in Seoul, South Korea. Quite the
    premise, huh? It’s far from different or strange, this film is
    downright bizarre. In a good way, of course. The film shifts tones
    several times, deals with mass destruction of cities and plenty of
    casualties, and a main character with a serious alcohol addiction, but
    the film never strays away from its goofy premise. In other words, the
    film does an unusually good job of balancing drama and comedy. If I had
    to give this film a designation, I’d say it’s a mixture of ‘Rachel
    Getting Married’ and ‘Pacific Rim’.

    I would highly recommend going into this film knowing next to nothing.
    Don’t watch any trailers, TV spots, or read any plot descriptions.
    Heck, if you’re still reading this, stop and go see the film first. I
    know it’s difficult in today’s age of Hollywood to avoid everything,
    but I didn’t watch or read anything and I was thrilled with the end
    result. This especially applies to where the film goes in the second
    act and on. I certainly did not expect the film to take the direction
    it did with a few characters and ultimately the ending.

    Just as a fan of sci-fi and original films alone, ‘Colossal’ is a
    triumph for film. Does it get a little bit too goofy and convoluted at
    times? Sure. But it’s one heck of a ride I didn’t expect to be taking.
    That’s not exactly what I would say about most films these days. What a
    great surprise.

    +Unique & refreshing

    +Writing & directing

    +Hathaway hasn’t been this good in years

    -Didn’t totally buy into a particular character turn


  • Bross KyleApril 26, 2017Reply

    This year’s Swiss Army Man

    I went to this movie and expected a dumb fun comedy, but you know what?
    It’s not a bloody dumb fun comedy, it’s a movie with multiple layers !!
    This is the best surprise i’ve had since Swiss Army Man, i had
    goosebumps half way through the movie because i couldn’t believe how
    good it was! Completely blown away. Sure,the reason why she’s connected
    to the monster isn’t very convincing, but apart from that: WHAT THE

    I don’t want to spoil anything so i’m just gonna stop here.

    This movie’s earned a spot on my top 100 <3 <3 <3 8,5/10

  • Kapten VideoApril 26, 2017Reply

    One of those few ‘weird’ cool movies that deserve to go big

    A party girl unwilling to grow up (Anne Hathaway) is forced to leave
    her city life and move back to her little home town. She hears shocking
    news of giant creature threatening the capital of South Korea and comes
    to a realization that she is somehow connected to this phenomenon. Also
    starring: Jason Sudeikis, Dan Stevens, Austin Stowell, Tim Blake
    Nelson. This is one of those few ‘weird’ cool movies that deserve to go
    big. Having premiered in Toronto film festival last September and ready
    to attack multiplexes now, „Colossal” offers fresh approach to monster
    and superhero movies, or maybe we should call it pastiche or something.
    It’s a surehanded work by a guy who clearly knows and loves those
    genres, and feels confident about adding some stuff of his own. Solely
    written and directed by Nacho Vigalondo, the Spanish filmmaker perhaps
    best known for time-travelling mindbender „Los cronocrímenes” (2007),
    it’s an experience so unexpected that I am not even sure how much if
    liked it. Sure, I liked most of it while watching, and liked some of it
    even more after going over everything intellectually later. But sitting
    in cinema, I felt unsatisfied at times without being able to clearly
    say why. Perhaps I just don’t buy how the story reaches its turning
    point and transforms one major character – although it makes much more
    sense in the end. Perhaps „Colossal” offers too many genres for its own
    good (monster movie, horror, drama, comedy, thriller, revenge,
    romance…) and the potential impact of the whole result is weakened by
    this. Or perhaps it was just all too original for me and I would learn
    to appreciate it much more on the second go? But there’s one thing that
    I am sure of: „Colossal” is bigger than sum of its parts and feels
    fresh even if it reminds bunch of other movies. Most of all, Shyamalan
    came to mind although Vigalondo is a better writer with a better sense
    fo making story compact and still giving the events and characters
    enough room to develop and breathe. If you only watch one ‘weird’ cool
    mainstream-friendly movie this year, you should still pick „Get Out”,
    but „Colossal” is noteworthy too. It can thrill and surprise you, and
    the acting’s pretty good also. Hathaway as the leading lady actually
    seems a bit hammy at times, which is probably expected of her
    character. The showstealer here is, surprisingly, Jason Sudeikis who
    feels like a supporting player for big part of the movie and then turns
    into something of a revelation. I have never been ready to appreciate
    Sudeikis as a worthwhile addition to all the mainstream movie actors
    today. He is known for a bunch of forgettable comedies such as
    „Horrible Bosses”. At the same time, he has always felt strong enough
    performer and comedian in technical sense, good with lines, timing, and
    teamplay. „Colossal” gives him an unexpected chance to shine, and he
    doesn’t waste a single second of spotlight. I can’t speak much about
    why he’s so great here without giving spoilers about the story. But
    this kind of strong presence is surely surprising and has instantly
    made Sudeikis hundred times more interesting as an actor than ever
    before. Here’s hoping that Vigalondo has Tarantino-like powers to make
    actors cool. Based on „Colossal”, I’d like to see Sudeikis turn into a

  • dncorpApril 27, 2017Reply

    Gives the word ”Avatar” a new meaning

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jdesandoApril 28, 2017Reply

    It’s monstrous, this thing called love.

    I learned about the power of the mind depicted in fiction by absorbing
    the sci-fi Forbidden Planet, in which the monster was the physical
    embodiment of the mad scientist’s insanity. Think also of Pacific Rim
    for another sci-fi touchstone and Trainwreck for the romance. Basically
    Spanish director Nacho Vigalondo has a partially- successful
    psychological action, comedy sci fi enclosed in the mind of Gloria
    (Anne Hathaway).

    The thousand-foot lizard destroying Seoul is all Gloria, and the
    competing robot is her home-town friend, Oscar (Jason Sudekis). Once
    that inventive conceit is established, the story turns into a black
    comedy that relies too heavily on cliché to make it an important film.
    A more sinister bad boy, as Oscar could be, would have made the love
    triangulation memorable.

    After disturbing punches the two principals give each other, the film
    offers humorous, quaint South Korean crowd scenes in direct parody of
    great Japanese tokusatu cinema like Godzilla. Why these people are
    hanging about and returning to watch the monsters duke it out is part
    of the comedy.

    Although I have to admit that monsters no longer hold much terror for
    me, having grown up with Kong, Mothra, Godzilla, and their ilk, the
    melodrama between alcoholic Gloria and her boyfriends still intrigues
    me. Mostly I’m interested in how she’s going to turn for good after
    losing her NYC job and returning home to be a waitress in Oscar’s bar.
    Annoying as his beer-guzzling and her emotional grandstanding are, the
    story draws you along to hope for their love match.

    Colossal is a partially entertaining genre mash up strongest in its
    portrayal of a young woman in transition. Exorcising our demons is a
    lifelong struggle, and when they are city-destroying sci-fi tropes, you
    might be in for some fun that teaches about the challenges of modern
    life, drinking, and love, and all that.

  • A_Different_DrummerApril 28, 2017Reply

    Delightful ‘Absurdist’ Film — Hathaway Soars

    In my many of my prior reviews I have ”beaten the drum” on one
    particular theme — namely, that back in the days before CGI and the
    studios’ ravenous hunger for new franchises to monetize indefinitely,
    films worked based on the ability of the director and the stars to
    ”connect” with the audience.

    One word. Connection. But the implications can be astounding.

    Colossal, for example, reminded me of 1966’s Georgy Girl, oddly also a
    story about a young girl whose Life needs a complete remake, and she
    more or less has to start over from scratch.

    Georgy Girl was a major hit in the 1960s — without any sci-fi elements
    or SFX — because, somewhere around the 5 minute mark, everyone in the
    theatre, even the guys, began to identify with the character. In other
    words, connection. Once you have connection, anything is possible.

    Recommended. Sit back. Think of times in your own life when all four
    wheels fell off the wagon. Enjoy it.

    And pay special attention to Hathaway’s wonderful performance. For an
    A-list star who was weaned in the Disney studio, and held her own
    against Batman, she dons a hairdo that looks like it was done by a
    local vet … and then proceeds to sell the role so effectively that,
    after a while, you honestly wonder if anyone else could have played the

  • Cmiuc CatApril 28, 2017Reply

    Colossal waste of time

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • matt-levettApril 28, 2017Reply

    The Bin Men need to take this away quickly because it is a stinker.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • TheGus KApril 28, 2017Reply

    Hard to finish

    I’m rather confused by all the high praise for this rather boring
    movie. My main problem was how unlikable all the characters were.
    Watching idiots moving through a weird for weird’s sake plot hardly
    qualifies as good entertainment. The initial setup was rather vague and
    poorly written, not the way to establish the main character. All in all
    there is no way that I could recommend this to any of my friends.

  • JTBondApril 29, 2017Reply

    Interesting premise, but ultimately hollow and uneven

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • LeftbankerApril 29, 2017Reply

    Cut Out 30 Minutes and You Have a Good Film

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Melanie MartinssonApril 29, 2017Reply

    Domestic violence

    I hit my girlfriend once. I had to. I was alone, scared, frozen, and on
    crutches in the middle of the night in a strange town and she had left
    me to go to a bar. So i tried to break into a gate to warm myself,
    using a cinderblock. The cinderblock bounced right back off the
    reinforced window, and i just felt exhausted. Then, like an angel of
    death she did not appear, she SWOOPED down on me from somewhere and
    started throwing punches in my face. I managed to calm her down and we
    sat and talked a little in the middle of a freezing park. Cut to her,
    throwing punches in my face again and i just had to fend her off
    somehow, so i just fackin hit her over the head with my crutch. She
    looked on her own blood and started crying, i screamed in terror,
    limped away, got on the train somehow and got home to my own town. I
    have never felt worse. Then people started asking me questions. Jason
    Sudekis character is the kind of person that throws a second punch when
    you are already lying down. I am not.

  • abdullahkesgin-296-834167April 29, 2017Reply

    entertaining ?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sdxomniApril 29, 2017Reply

    Really bad no good movie

    I have seen a lot of movies so far, but this is a ”why would you make
    this f…. movie” . Can’t say that I understood the main subject of the
    movie,because I highly doubt it has one. If it wasn’t for the leading
    actors NOBODY AND I REPEAT NOBODY would have even though of watching
    this movie. It’s a unique genre of movies that are called ”failure”.
    CONCLUSION : not judging the director or the actors, but the story is
    for a children’s animated low budget movie. This line is just so i can
    fill the quota of 5 lines minimum.

  • salazamApril 29, 2017Reply

    lol wots a meta for?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • a00030864April 29, 2017Reply

    Annoying characters, dumb ending

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Paul AllaerApril 29, 2017Reply

    And now for something different and original…

    ”Colossal” (2016 release; 110 min.) brings the story of Gloria. As the
    movie opens, we see a little Korean girl looking for her lost doll in a
    park, only to be confronted by a giant monster. Then we go ”25 Years
    Later” and we get to know Gloria, a wanna-be writer in New York who
    drinks too much and has boyfriend problems. Tim, the angry boyfriend,
    throws her out of his apartment, and with no other choices, Gloria
    moves upstate New York into her parents’ home, Soon she reacquaints
    with former grade school friend Oscar. Meanwhile, a giant monster once
    again terrorizes Seoul. It isn’t long before we realize there is a
    connection between Gloria and the monster… but how? At this point we
    are 15 min, into the movie but to tell you more of the plot would spoil
    your viewing experience, you’ll just have to see for yourself how it
    all plays out.

    Couple of comments: this is the latest movie from up-and-coming Spanish
    writer-director Nacho Vigalondo. Here he brings a lighthearted science
    fiction tale about an improbable connection between a woman and a giant
    monster halfway around the world. If you have seen the movie’s trailer,
    you know exactly what to expect in the first 30 minutes, and the movie
    plays that out faithfully. The question is what comes after, and I have
    to see I was quite taken by surprise–in the best possible way (I’m
    biting my lips here–mustn’t reveal more!). In the current age of movie
    franchises, sequels, prequels and whatever else, it is so rare to see
    something that is truly different and original, and ”Colossal” surely
    delivers on that. Anne Hathaway gives an outstanding performance as
    Gloria (she also exec-produced), with great support from Jason Sudeikis
    as Oscar. As you are watching the movie, this feels like a ”big”
    production, and for European norms it certainly is, but the reported
    $15 mill. production budget is of course just peanuts in Hollywood
    terms. It shows once again that you don’t need $100 mill. to make an
    entertaining and original sci-fi movie.

    ”Colossal” premiered to immediate critical acclaim last Fall at the
    Toronto International Film Festival. The movie opened last weekend at
    my local art-house theater here in Cincinnati on not one, but TWO
    screens, a rarity. The Friday evening screening where I saw this at was
    attended dismally (3 people, including myself), much to my surprise.
    Regardless, I enjoyed this movie from start to finish, and applaud its
    originality and wit. If you are in the mood for a sci-fi that is miles
    away from the umpteenth rehash of what you’ve seen before, by all means
    please check out ”Colossal”, be it in the theater, on VOD or eventually
    on DVD/Blu-ray. ”Colossal” is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  • LaiathApril 29, 2017Reply

    Allegory at its best!

    I’d say this picture is more fantasy than sci-fi. The story is amazing;
    it really keeps you on edge as events unfold, and the actors have all
    done a fantastic job. Love it when you can’t guess what’s gonna happen
    in every other scene. That said, there were a few things that didn’t
    make sense to me; I didn’t see how they contributed to the development
    of the story, but they were few and far between.

    All in all, this is exactly what I want a movie to be: A magical story
    that seemingly doesn’t have any connections to real life, except when
    you think about it there’s more to it than meets the eye.

  • OneEightNine MediaApril 29, 2017Reply

    Okayish. Turns into a different movie without notice.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • alshwenbear1April 30, 2017Reply

    Why ”Colossal” is one of the best movies I have watched in weeks? Heck, it should be…

    Heck, it should be one of the best movies of the year!!! My reviews,
    tend to be a little vague , so people that take my recommendation,
    walks into the film knowing the less, but on the things to tell: this
    is a movie I wish I could have watched with a pretty woman and listen
    to her thoughts and emotions after a nice cup of coffee, a slice of
    pizza or ice cream. But I thought ”Giant monsters and Robots even my
    daughter is kind of turned off about it.” Me? As a big fan of Kaiju
    (giant monsters defined as strange beasts – my favorite: Godzilla), I
    have to say, this is not your average Japanese rendition of mayhem, or
    the bs, of ”Pacific Rim” (2013), and regardless of cheering up for Del
    Toro (We both were born ”Mexicanos”), it happens, that Nacho Vigalondo
    from Spain, beat Guillermo to the punch! ”Time Crimes” (2007), also
    written and directed by Vigalondo wasn’t all of what I expected, as
    ”confusing time travel movies” I so much prefer the highly unknown
    ”Primer” (2004). So I prepared myself for a possible disappointment
    while thinking ”the ending is going to be with kisses and hugs, and
    tears and joy , yeah, yeah,… another love story.” Seriously, I
    believed that ”Oscar” (Jason Sudeikis) was just trying to teach
    ”Gloria” (Anne Hathaway) a visual, hard tough lesson about life, and
    above all what alcohol was doing to her, so he could held her in his
    arms and up close and say: ”I am sorry Gloria all I did was for our own
    good, because I Love you” .

    Most movies will cheer up (or not) anyone’s evening, unless they are
    watching something like ”Leaving las Vegas” (1995), or remind you of
    personal struggle with addictions, yes I applaud the effort of
    reminding the audience about excessive drinking in a less serious way.

    Definitely, there is something twistily funny, to the crappy lives of
    each and every one of the characters, making the story a little ”sad”
    if you think too much into it. Above all, their broken relationships
    even with friends, as it shows in the scene where ”Garth” (Tim Blake
    Nelson) walks out of the bar…still the actors and writers don’t give
    you the space for mopping.

    ”Colossal” has some flaws, the CGI could have been better, but the
    people in charge did the right choice, getting the heavy weight on the
    story and the acting. And is one of those movies I long for, where I
    went wrong on guessing and predicting what was about to happen next,
    most of the time.

    After this, Anne Hathaway is convincing me that she can be a real

    Final thoughts.

    Regardless of being brain washed on the premise that Hollywood movies
    must have happy endings (and being a man), still, I am some kind of
    romantic and for a moment I wanted that ”Joel” and ”Gloria” ending up
    together as benefit of both, no spoiler here! because for the first
    time in my life I walked out as soon as the screen went black and
    credits were about to roll (I needed to rush to a different place)
    truth to be told, the cynic in me prefers the bitter -sweet ending!.

    * I just remembered the opposite to ”Colossal” that is: ”Blood Trap”
    (2015) a trapping fortress and baby vampires? good premise in every
    way, worst visuals and epic failure! *

    But ”Colossal” I will watch again as a ”valued entertainment” and
    definitely I hope for a sequel.

    P.S The rating should be better than Pacific Rim, better story, while
    having less CGI and ”Monster/robots”

  • nowegoApril 30, 2017Reply

    Ignore the Haters

    I made the mistake of reading some of the haters reviews and nearly
    gave this movie a miss. Luckily my partner doesn’t take much notice of
    any of the reviews on IMDb and asked me to watch it with her.

    Happily I gave in and watched it with her and have to say it blew me
    away a bit. This really is quite a deep movie, something the
    superficial haters probably don’t get. It really does have a message if
    you possess a functioning brain and the ability to think.

    I tend to catagorise movies into two groups, those that you want to
    watch over and over and those in which one viewing will suffice (bloody
    awful or just a chore to watch again). This one goes in the first
    category for me. Repeated viewing is almost a must and it will get
    repeated viewings from me.

  • texsheltersApril 30, 2017Reply

    Interesting and charming in places and too uneven in pacing and story.

    Colossal is a small film with a huge topic

    The trailers for ”Colossal” are misleading. It features Anne Hathaway
    acting cute, dancing and posing as a monster. Yes, this is adorable,
    and Hathaway has the ”girl next store” look to pull it off. But the
    film is much more than what we see in the previews.

    If I were to grade the three acts of the film, it would come out B, D,
    and B+. The beginning is clever and sets up the action well, but not
    perfectly. For example, Gloria (Anne Hathaway) mentions a few times how
    terrible she is. However, we never see her darker side. That would add
    a lot to the drama and the monster we see later. The conflict she has
    with men and Oscar (Jason Sudeikis) in particular would also be clearer
    if we knew a little more about Gloria’s troubled past.

    The second act slows down and gets mired in the exposition. While it
    does reveal important elements of the story, it is inelegant and
    jarring. The plot points are there, the problem is that Sudeikis can’t
    pull off the creepy reveal the way Jason Bateman did in ”The Gift.”
    While character issues are often the fault of the script, and the
    script is in no way guiltless here, I put the failure of the second act
    on the acting of Sudeikis.

    Act three fixes the problem as Sudeikis enters his comfort zone as an
    actor and is no longer asked to be nuanced. The ending saves the film
    from being another failed attempt at using allegory to create relevant

    As difficult as it is to pull off different sets and atmospheres and
    tone in one film, Colossal blends these elements well. A film that
    starts as a comedy of errors and then turns into a nightmare is hard to
    pull off and Colossal does this fairly adeptly.

    One problem I feel I have to mention is the music. Not everyone likes
    sappy love songs about broken hearted whiners. I recommend that people
    who use music in films be careful with the tone of the pieces so that
    they don’t distract from the movie. These might be decent stand alone
    songs, but in the film, they come off as maudlin. Rating: Matinée

    ”Colossal” is a good allegory that works but has flaws and isn’t
    original enough to score higher marks.

    Peace, Tex Shelters

  • Christopher SmithApril 30, 2017Reply

    Best monster movie of the decade!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • nikosb-30076April 30, 2017Reply


    WTF i just saw now????? It was a waste of time!!! No sense!!! Awful
    movie i am so disappointed!!! 1hour and 38 minutes wasted from my
    life!!! Monsters… Seoul… drinking problems… strange childhood
    memories… dead people in a city at the other side of the earth…
    Really what was the meaning of that thing i just saw now??? WTF Seoul
    has to do with the whole story and why Seoul? …you could choose any
    other city you want, the result would be the same… Why you didn’t
    show Gonzilla or King Kong…???

  • gilbertjones-546-597779April 30, 2017Reply

    BORING movie

    I’m not sure how the producers got an actress with Anne Hathaway’s
    credentials to appear in this disaster….she must have needed cash
    that week…..the rest of the cast is also forgettable….and the
    entire movie takes place in a seedy,dark bar….give me a break.Do
    yourself a favor and avoid this mess.

  • steve beard ([email protected])April 30, 2017Reply

    Interesting But Lacking

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • abandonsorderApril 30, 2017Reply

    Bad Ending.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Joe StemmeApril 30, 2017Reply

    Maybe the first Quirky Indie Mumblecore Sci-Fi flick

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • steelpalmApril 30, 2017Reply

    Bad movie

    If i could i would have given it a 0… but i had no such option. And i
    wouldn’t do that… because Anne Hathaway is in it… And i wonder how
    she chose such a movie… A bad science fiction is still science
    fiction… but science fiction incidental to a drama plot of an out of
    control girl is far fetched. Also, it is not a comedy either.

  • peppeelapuApril 30, 2017Reply

    The movie SUCKED

    The movie SUCKED It was like a group of preteens wrote a movie that has
    no clue how life really is I guess the actors were hard up for a
    paycheck The movie industry is getting real desperate, just look at all
    the garbage that is out there to watch. No wonder the younger
    generations are all screwed up. It’s like Melrose Place and Beverly
    Hills, 90210 meets Pacific Rim. give me a break!

  • pilon-34719May 1, 2017Reply

    Really, really bad movie

    Great acting, interesting story line to get you watching, only to go no
    where. I really wanted this movie to be good and kept watching to the
    end in hopes something would save it. This movie make no sense and gets
    worse as the story continues. No one could possible like this movie and
    reviews that say it is good must be fake. If you don’t take my word for
    it and start watching it any way and as the movie start getting stupid
    you think it must start to make sense and get better latter, you will
    only be let done and find out the longer it plays the worse it gets. So

  • Finkle & EinhornMay 1, 2017Reply

    Umm not a comedy but not unfunny or unwatchable

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mv3-1May 1, 2017Reply

    Trailer is VERY misleading. Not the movie I was expecting.

    Saw this yesterday with my Wife, I’ve been anxious to see it for a few
    months after I saw the trailer.

    This isn’t going to be a big review. I’m just here to warn everyone
    that the movie the trailer portrays is not the movie that I watched. It
    was made out to be a quirky comedy, or at least that’s the impression I
    got from the previews. The movie I saw was a dark flick about jealousy,
    abuse and alcoholism.

    I’ll leave it at that. it wasn’t a bad movie, just not at all what was
    portrayed in the trailer. They took all the funny and not so funny
    parts edited them to make it look like a comedy, this is no comedy.
    There are a few humorous moments, but a comedy? No!

  • hugovontrappMay 1, 2017Reply

    Colossal waste of movie goers time.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • victoryismineblastMay 2, 2017Reply

    Hathaway shines in surprisingly dark Godzilla homage

    Anne Hathaway shines in this sci-fi monster movie that successfully
    blends a mishmash of styles and sub-genres in a very effective way.
    Portraying out of work party girl Gloria, she is effectively kicked out
    of her posh digs by her boyfriend when he realizes he can no longer put
    up with her constant drunken antics, and finds she must move back home
    to an empty house in her hometown.

    There she is reunited with her childhood friend Oscar, aptly played by
    Jason Sudeikis. Broke and without friends, Gloria accepts a job at
    Oscar’s bar. Oscar’s intentions toward her, though, remain a mystery
    until it is revealed that a giant monster is stomping its way through
    Seoul, killing people and destroying buildings. Gloria finds she has a
    strong connection to this creature. Here is where some well done comedy
    is thrown into the mix and the film pays quiet homage to the Godzilla
    films of yore.

    The movie is well paced and never slows down for very long. Although
    flashbacks attempt to explain the reasons for what is going on, this
    isn’t done very well and that is perhaps the only drawback to the film.
    One of Oscar’s drinking buddies, Garth, portrayed by character actor
    Tim Blake Nelson, is particularly well written and acted and adds a
    nice humorous element.

    All in all this is a satisfying and entertaining movie that won’t
    disappoint genre fans or the casual monster movie viewer. 7/10.

  • Theo RobertsonMay 2, 2017Reply

    Surely The Director Can Do Better Than This ?

    As soon as I saw the name Nacho Vigalondo I knew I had to catch this
    movie. The director wrote, directed and starred in 7.35 IN THE MORNING
    a short involving twisted desire, jet black comedy and one of the most
    memorable irritating catchy tunes it has been my pleasure to hear. 7.35
    is one of these short films that leaves you gasping ”What a simple
    brilliant idea , I wish I’d thought of that”. Unsurprisingly Vigalondo
    went on to have a have a prolific and successful career. The downside
    is that his career is in Spanish language cinema and which means his
    material is rather difficult to get in Britain. Since COLOSSAL is
    English language featuring a bunch of Hollywood faces I quickly took
    the opportunity to see it , but having seen it I’ve got to ask is that
    it ?

    A few people have praised COLOSSAL for its quirky nature. It’s true
    that it has that quirky , independent feel and I’ve no doubt Nacho is a
    quirky , delightfully bonkers guy in real life but as both cinema and
    coherent narrative COLOSSAL falls short. I suppose you can call it a
    mixed genre film with a plot line involving human drama on one hand and
    sci-fi/horror spectacular on the other but the two aspects never gell.
    There is an explanation of sorts connecting the two plot lines but not
    in any deep meaningful manner. Just because something is explained and
    tries to be absurdist you still have to develop the story in order to
    convince the audience and any sort of internal logic didn’t convince me
    here. The human elements of the story are somewhat boring and you
    constantly feel like you’re watching people viewing stuff on social
    media. In short it’s a major disappointment from someone who made one
    of the greatest short films I’ve ever seen

  • William MulderMay 2, 2017Reply

    Misleading to sell this movie as a fun comedy

    Don’t let Jason Sudeikis as one of the main characters mislead you into
    thinking the movie is going to be a bunch of laughs. The movie is quite
    dark, and it’s not for children. No nudity or gore, but the subject
    matter are adult issues that children won’t relate to or enjoy.

    This also isn’t a sci-fi movie for teens or adults. It’s fantasy. It
    could have been a good movie had the director picked a direction to
    follow – comedy or serious sci-fi. Sci-fi would have taken too much
    work to credibly explain the monster. The best direction would have
    been to just make the movie a drama or thriller and leave out the
    monster entirely, but the movie wouldn’t have garnered as much

  • bnegleyMay 2, 2017Reply

    Very bad movie

    This is my very first review, but after coming out of this movie I had
    to see what others wrote. After reading numerous reviews that ranged
    from 1 to 9 I felt compelled to submit my opinion. The movie is
    terrible!!! My wife and I have never walked out of a movie yet, but
    this one was close. I kept waiting for it to get better, but it never
    did. As we left the theater we both looked at each other and shook our
    heads. It probably didn’t help that we thought it was going to be a
    comedy, but instead was really a dark, depressing movie.

  • agent-spy-59317May 2, 2017Reply

    Not like the trailer

    It was way more a drama than a comedy. They totally mislead people with
    that trailer. Not cool as far as I’m concerned. The movie stands on its
    own as a drama so I don’t know why they felt the need to deceive
    people. I would totally recommend this to people but I’m telling them
    it’s a drama.

  • ghostsarefallingMay 2, 2017Reply

    Racist premise being passed along as Empowering Feminism

    Colossal is a colossal racist! So, white people are gods to Asians?!
    The setting and premise is that a white woman who has hit rock bottom,
    don’t have a job, relationship is over, no bf, no job, no money, no
    life, an alcoholic, moves back in to her parent’s house… yet, somehow
    she’s a huge monster, a god to Asian people on the other side of the
    planet? A tall, giant, white woman, size of a god to Asians below her
    feet, as she tramples through Korea? The premise is racist, white
    supremacist! Then, we’re, as the audience and Koreans in the movie,
    suppose to cheer for the white woman giant god, because the white man
    giant god is the evil one? This is suppose to empower women, to empower
    feminism? Feminism is all about white women? The white men are evil, so
    cheer for the white women? even though, are we suppose to just forget
    or ignore or brush off that not long ago in the movie, it’s the white
    woman who was killing innocent Koreans? So, Koreans cheering for the
    white woman giant god is just so unbelievable, as if the white woman
    not long ago didn’t kill so many Koreans. But she’s a good god, not the
    evil white man god, right? That’s feminism? or White Feminism? making
    white women the supremacist leader. Same racism, just a different
    gender, white women.

  • MikelikesnotlikesMay 2, 2017Reply

    We’re all monsters at times – unfortunately even that concept was lost in this film

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mary-876-930225May 3, 2017Reply

    The trailer is misleading – it’s a colossal waste of time!

    I don’t even know where to start: I thought I was in on a
    fantasy/comedy kind of movie and didn’t expect a life-changing, deep
    movie, but some fun and light entertainment. But this film tries to
    cover it all: addictions, relationships, blackmail, growing up and
    taking responsibility, gigantic monsters, robots, South Korea…the
    list goes on and on. It is getting so absurd (without the nice touch of
    absurd some movies have, like ”Being John Malkovich” and others) and
    confused that you simply keep thinking ”Why???”. Stay away!

  • yannickmessaoudMay 3, 2017Reply

    Not sure what to make of this fiasco

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Sam ([email protected])May 3, 2017Reply

    Indepent ”Godzilla”

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Shel GravesMay 3, 2017Reply

    Excellent: monsters as metaphor

    Well-acted with an unpredictable plot and unexpected turns. Deeply
    intriguing and thoughtful theme, with many humorous and lighthearted
    moments. The best monster movies use the beasts to show our own human
    condition. This movie does a great job of using the monsters as
    metaphor both on a personal and subtly political level. Excellent use
    of kaiju! It was fun to see Anne Hathaway outside of her typical
    princess/ingenue roles playing a much more interesting character. She
    shines. Great cast.

  • Dan LesterMay 4, 2017Reply

    This movie is crazy, but it’s cool

    This movie is entertaining, but there are things that really does not
    make sense. Jason Sudeikis acted very good I hated him so much in this
    movie, Anne Hathaway is OK I think and the music is great.

    SPOILER: Wtf is happening, there is a monster destroying a city and no
    one is doing a thing, i mean what about the other countries, I know
    this is a movie,But if a monster really appeared in somewhere, all
    nations would get crazy, and what about that city, why nobody is
    leaving it, people continue their life like nothing.

    But in spite of those things this movie is really enjoyable, if you
    want to see something light, watch this movie.

  • Valdo CarvalhoMay 4, 2017Reply

    This is not a comedy!

    This is never a comedy. It is a horror, action, drama movie. The only
    laugh was when she threw the robot out. The choice of Jason Sudeikis as
    a leading role does not make a funny film. He was in the character of a
    DB and was good at it and the only outcome for him was death. The
    genocide of Coreans, and the murder of his character made the movie
    violent and of a dark humor, but not a comedy. OK. It was a horror
    comedy movie. I give you that

  • jaimevrl765May 4, 2017Reply

    Made no sense

    I only gave it a three because it started off strong and the sci-fi
    premise was interesting. Soon after the sci-fi premise was introduced
    however, it was completely ignored and focused mostly on the drama.

    Furthermore, one of the characters did a complete 180 and became
    incredibly evil, as in a good guy and then OK with murdering hundreds
    of people. It made no sense and little to no motivation for his
    personality change was given.

  • nama chakravortyMay 4, 2017Reply

    Strange, Innovative & Interesting!

    ‘Colossal’ brings a genre defying turn to the world of Sci-Fi and
    blends it with comic touches. This Human/Monster movie is Strange,
    Innovative & Interesting! While it may not cater to all, considering
    its risky story-structure, but those who are ready to wait & enjoy the
    ride, are sure to be rewarded.

    ‘Colossal’ Synopsis: Gloria (A TERRIFIC Anne Hathaway) is an
    out-of-work party girl forced to leave her life in NY and move back
    home. When reports surface that a giant creature is destroying Seoul,
    she gradually comes to the realization that she is somehow connected to
    this phenomenon.

    Director and Writer Nacho Vigalondo delivers a film on many themes,
    mainly on the actions we take & how they reflect our surroundings. The
    Sci-Fi & getting the Monster thing in, is a rather clever way to put up
    a message that’s strong & timely. The Protagonist here, Gloria, is a
    wreck & can certainly be a better person, and she, oddly enough,
    realizes that when her Monster version shows up in Seoul. Nacho’s
    Writing takes time to grab your attention, but once the Monster blasts
    up the Screen, you get glued to your seats & will likely not move
    thereafter. The twist in the narrative is interesting & the
    culmination, is simply superb. What’s interesting here is how Human a
    story ‘Colossal’ is, even though its USP is its Monster. And that’s
    where Nacho wins as a Writer & Director. He makes the human-conflict
    engrossing & the Monster angle, amusing & attention-grabbing. Nacho’s
    Innovative Screenplay is definitely among the most daring ones we’ve
    come across this year & his Direction, too, is competent all through.

    Eric Kress’s Cinematography is another Ace. The lens-man’s work here is
    of superior quality. Ben Baudhuin & Luke Doolan’s Editing is pretty
    crisp in parts. Some crispiness in its initial parts seem missing,
    though! Art & Costume Design are well-done. Graphics are top-notch.

    Performance-Wise: Anne Hathaway is a show-stopper. The Oscar-Winning
    Actress gets into the skin of Gloira & portrays her with realism. Her
    Performance is among the top merits of ‘Colossal’. Supporting her in a
    rather dramatic turn, Jason Sudeikis is a pleasant surprise, in a role
    that has grey shades. Sudeikis proves here that he’s more than your
    regular funny man & I hope Hollywood does him proud.

    On the whole, ‘Colossal’ is daringly original & undeniably engaging.
    Grab a huge tub of popcorn & enjoy the ride!

  • ponkuMay 4, 2017Reply

    Very good movie, much different from what i anticipated.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • KatsinspaceMay 4, 2017Reply

    Worst film I’ve seen in a looong time.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Greg JigasMay 4, 2017Reply

    No one deserves that – pain for your brain.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sunny-susiMay 5, 2017Reply

    Uneven, clunky, and disappointing, despite great performances and an enjoyable first half

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • davemfawcettMay 6, 2017Reply

    Original, Interesting, Weird and worth watching once

    Non Spoiler Review At the heart of this movie, it is SyFy; so you must
    be willing to leave reality behind and accept the movie’s premise of
    how the monster(s) are created. But the rest of the movie is solid real

    Acting (A-) No week links, no over the top, just solid storytelling..
    Special Effects (B) The score isn’t very high because there is not very
    much special effects, but the effects it does have are believable and
    better than expected.. Story (B-) The main story is just a weird
    concept, but it somehow works well enough to allow the greater story of
    relationships, friendships, betrayal, abuse and morality to unfold..
    Overall (B) I don”t expect I will ever watch this movie again, but I
    am glad I did the one time and the ending did not disappoint…

  • kpentlandukMay 6, 2017Reply

    A big monstrous mess (was that the point?)

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • pcbegley-13880May 6, 2017Reply

    Is this movie perfect? No. But it portrays domestic violence well

    I see so many people saying that this movie was terrible. I don’t get
    it. After reading a few reviews it’s obvious that the haters are afraid
    of the honest depiction of abuse. The male lead tries to play the nice
    guy, but in truth is an a-hole. He escalates quickly (necessary for the
    plot). The MRAs don’t get that he’s a creepy, abusive villain, so they
    post here to assure themselves that they’re not really assholes,
    they’re nice guys. If you don’t understand the ending then I get why
    you are MRAs, it’s because you’ve never actually known a woman before
    and can’t stomach a woman winning. The obsessed asshole threatened
    thousands of lives in order to control Gloria, if you can’t see why
    this is wrong you are a waste of air.

  • cultfilmfanMay 6, 2017Reply


    To me, the new film Colossal, is not only one of the most original
    films I have seen in quite awhile, but I can with much assurance
    guarantee you that it is unlike any other big monster movie you have
    ever seen and I mean that in the best way possible. The film is made on
    a small scale budget in relation to modern monster movies such as this
    Spring’s new King Kong film, or even the reboot of the Godzilla
    franchise that came out a couple of years ago. Hollywood definitely
    does not generally know how to make these type of films anymore. I
    remember in my teens, staying up late on a Friday, or Saturday night
    and watching these schlock B movies that would be shown on television
    after most sane people would have gone to bed. You are probably aware
    of the kind. The ones with the monsters that look like giant plastic
    action figures that you would find in a ten year old boy’s toy
    collection, or backdrops and buildings meant to resemble large cities
    such as Tokyo, or various other places which were destroyed by the
    monsters on question, and these were just cheap cardboard cutouts that
    were easily crushed and destroyed by these monsters and then probably
    taken out back into a giant recycling bin to do your part for the
    environment. These films were probably never intended to be great
    films, but in a way they were a fun part of my years growing up and I
    think to many others as well, especially if you lived in the 50’s, or
    60’s and got to see these movies at the drive in, or even on late night
    television hosted by Vampira, or a variety of late night hosts.
    Colossal, is in a certain regard a monster film, but I am also happy to
    report that it is also so much more than that. The film’s trailer
    unfortunately gives away too many of the key plot points, so I will
    avoid by divulging them any further. However, I will say that this is a
    film that many will look at and think that the filmmaker is either a
    genius, or out of his mind and I think a lot of people that walk out of
    the movie will not be quite sure what they have just witnessed, but
    trust me, this is all a very good thing. This is a film that uses the
    backdrop of giant monsters to tell a much more deep story involving
    such real issues including alcoholism, bullying and dealing with the
    different targets and stresses that set us off in life and how we are
    not always in command of our behaviour, or actions, even though we
    really should be and if not this could lead to major consequences not
    only for ourselves, but others also. The film took me a little while to
    get used to it’s off the wall humour and collection of characters, but
    once I got in the right mindset, I was enjoying this film thoroughly
    and not only was I entertained by what I was watching, but it also made
    me think and gives one plenty of things to reflect upon after the film
    is over, which I don’t think you would be able to say for your average
    Hollywood monster movie. This is a film which may seem silly, or like a
    bad rejected Hollywood script to some, but instead we have a great
    piece of entertainment here that also touches upon some very real and
    very human emotions and issues that I am so glad they brought up and
    incorporated into the script. I haven’t seen her performance in Rachel
    Getting Married, but of the films I have seen with Anne Hathaway, I can
    safely say that this is my favourite and probably her best performance
    that I have seen thus far. A humorous performance at times certainly,
    but also a great portrait of someone who clearly has gone off the deep
    end and needs a major wake up call. I am happy to report that the small
    theatre in which I saw Colossal was packed and this is just further
    proof that if major theatre chains gave these films a chance they would
    certainly do well because there definitely is an audience for it. As it
    stands this is the first great film I have seen of 2017 and one of the
    most original in awhile which is a feat all by itself. Excellent job.

  • Dr_SaganMay 6, 2017Reply

    Numerous plot holes in a sad uneven premise.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • israel2822May 7, 2017Reply

    Absolutely Magnificent

    I’ll start from the bottom: The special effects are beautiful, Jason
    Sudeikis gives his usual stellar performance, but on this one its Anne
    Hathaway that shines through. Her brilliant performance is what holds
    this movie together and gives it life. Her emotions are painfully real
    and her expressions are spot on.

    I highly recommend it for all fans of Sci-Fi and absurd

  • stepp2May 7, 2017Reply

    Feminism in a nutshell

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Red_IdentityMay 7, 2017Reply

    Distinct and unique

    There seem to be a lot of things going on with this film. Not only is
    it trying to be a comedy, but a monster, science fiction, and drama
    film as well. What’s surprising is how successful it all ultimately is.
    It’s not flawless by any means. Quite a lot of suspension of disbelief
    is needed for this to work, and when examined very closely there are a
    lot of things that would surely fall apart. It’s also somewhat
    inconsistent in its tone, which may confuse a lot of viewers as to its
    intentions. However, by the end it’s quite memorable and charming.
    Hathaway is quite good in this. It’s just a surprise all around.

  • bkrauser-81-311064May 7, 2017Reply

    A Surprising Feat of Fun, Fantasy and Horror

    Watch it! You may love it, you may hate it, but I guarantee you will
    never forget it. To say more about Colossal; to go over the themes and
    characterizations in earnest – heck, even to give you a synopsis would
    give you too much info. Just stop what you’re doing, prime yourself for
    the uniquely absurd and enjoy the show.

    Okay fine, for the sake of cogency (and to fill up the margins) I will
    give you a little more. Colossal, spiritually is Kaiju movie a la
    Godzilla (1954) and King Kong (1933). Which is to say through much of
    the movie, there is a gigantic monster destroying Seoul, South Korea.
    Yet instead of focusing on the destruction and mayhem, the film
    concerns itself with two lonely alcoholics halfway across the globe,
    who are more connected to monster’s sudden appearance than they both

    Our primary protagonist is New York party girl and out-of-work writer
    Gloria (Hathaway), who’s alcohol dependency has left her destitute and
    traveling back to her hometown to lick her wounds. While there, she
    reacquaints with Oscar (Sudeikis) an amiable towny who inherited his
    small town bar from his family way back when. Both feel stuck, both
    feel trapped and both see the monster in Seoul as an expression of
    their inner demons and maybe even a release.

    Now will you watch it? Now will you see this awkward mix of fantastical
    lunacy and indie movie sensibilities? Now will you take a few hours out
    of your day to check out what might be the most unique movie of the
    year? No? Would it help if I told you Anne Hathaway is pitch perfect as
    a multifaceted and deeply flawed heroine? I for one was never aboard
    the Hathaway Express. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a fine actress, but the
    movies and the characters she gravitated towards always felt more like
    a marketing decision than a genuine desire to spread her wings. Here
    however, Hathaway’s rueful pity party is immediately beguiling. Not in
    a sad-funny, quirky, Lost in Translation (2003) kind of way. No this
    movie has a whole other kind of vibe. The kind of unique, wanton,
    weirdly satisfying vibe that can only be sustained by a dude named
    Nacho behind the camera.

    The direction here can best be described as fierce and picturesque.
    Director Nacho Vigalondo clearly has an appreciation for a bright-light
    and boozy version of Midwest Americana. He has such a command of the
    look and feel in-fact, that when he knowingly breaks cinematic rules to
    further the story, every big reveal packs that much more of an
    emotional wallop. What we then end up with is a delicate balance of
    off-putting tones and surprising payoffs. Played by any other movie,
    one scene would be raucously funny instead of a cold snap of horror.
    One scene would be played off as romantic instead of goofy. The setup
    says ”sad,” but the payoff says we’re in for big laughs…and on, and

    Thus I leave you with that: a mind primed for something unique and
    interesting that jolts you with surprise after surreal surprise.

  • immanuelschaerMay 8, 2017Reply

    awful piece of …, if i could vomit and write this review with my vomit i would do it

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Random MoviesMay 8, 2017Reply

    Strong message

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • FlashCallahanMay 8, 2017Reply

    She’s the monster, I’m the robot…..,

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • tman6495May 8, 2017Reply

    The f did I just watched??!!

    Makes absolutely no sense. Too many gaps. I was studying for my exam.

    Took a break to watch this stupid film.

    Please give me back those 100 minutes. Word of advice, do not waste
    your time.

    This movie will make you a dumber version of yourself. Characters are

    You would not even enjoy this when you’re high.

  • socrates99May 10, 2017Reply

    For my money this is Hathaway’s best performance

    And I am liking this director for his audacity and his skill.

    First, I have an inexplicably hard time with Anne. She’s attractive and
    all but I just haven’t appreciated her in many movies. I thought she
    was awful in Wonderland, but here she’s near great. It’s easy to
    recognize the type she’s playing here and her performance rewards the
    audience lavishly.

    Second, I know next to nothing about the director, Nacho Vigalondo, but
    he’s managed to get solid performances from almost everyone with a
    major part in this unusual film, and he can clearly hold the audience
    rapt at will. I imagine most directors would have rejected this project
    out of a lack of confidence. Nacho handles it fairly effortlessly.

    The plot is a sort psycho-fantasy and not really important. It’s really
    just a way to explore some common American relationships in a way that
    you will almost certainly grasp without much help.

  • opiostheloegoMay 10, 2017Reply

    Colossal enjoyment

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mazigaziMay 12, 2017Reply

    refreshing idea on paper, but…

    There’s some great things here, like the lazy approach Americans have
    to horrific news elsewhere (drink more, watch TV, mull about their dull
    existences, etc), but these things are just along the edges. The core,
    the plot here, is nothing terribly exciting; with no one likable, I’m
    not really able to care about anything going on.

    The two leads are decent enough as actors, but that’s where it stops.
    They’re given terrible lines, and asked to perform ridiculous actions
    in some pointlessly weird mating ritual of sorts. To what end? I’m not
    sure, nor care.

    If this had been about people watching passively as kaiju destroy
    another city on the other side of the world, a really great story could
    have emerged. Instead, we get this feeble attempt at something kinda
    trying to be for hipsters, but never solidifying into anything.


  • hennuhhMay 12, 2017Reply

    It was absolutely disappointing.

    Anti-climatic and draggy. Really regret watching it. I see no result
    and I really don’t see why it got such positive reviews/ratings. The
    characters were unlikable and overly exaggerated. A ton of holes in the
    plot with a bullshit explanation that is really just utter and complete
    nonsense. It is in my opinion, a complete let down and of which this
    time, the IMDb rating really were misleading, all in all, ac complete
    waste of 2 hours.

  • CJMay 13, 2017Reply

    False Advertising Trailers

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • JoJo62May 13, 2017Reply

    People must be warned

    I have no idea why this movie is getting good reviews. It may be the
    worst movie I have ever seen. Painful dialogue, poorly acted and
    characters who, though they are one dimensional still manage to make
    you feel uncomfortable. Just awful. Do not waste your money or your

  • HoofdMay 14, 2017Reply

    Colossal waste of time

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sforrester-3May 14, 2017Reply


    I finished watching this film wanting to hate it…but I can’t. It is
    possibly the first film I have liked Anne Hathaway in and, although
    some of the plot holes are on the larger side, I really enjoyed it.
    Think of it as an indie movie with moments of blockbuster monster movie
    slotted in and, I think, that pretty much sums this up. Obviously, with
    the monsters being in it and all, it requires some suspension of
    disbelief but if you just take it for what it is then there is a very
    good chance you will enjoy it as much as I did.

  • odemilsonljrMay 15, 2017Reply

    Colossal but didn’t grown up enough

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Seif KaraniMay 15, 2017Reply

    Something to watch when high

    This is more like an awful Christmas gift. Cant use it…cant throw it
    away. Serious plot holes, inexplicable scenes and bad acting. Couldn’t
    help but wonder why supposed ‘big names’in Hollywood could agree to be
    cast in this career killing machine. I wish it could be under comedy
    category, but still it wouldn’t cut it.

  • billhuangMay 15, 2017Reply

    The best type of intrigue is when you feel powerless

    First of all, if you’re expecting a monster movie like Godzilla or
    Pacific Rim, you are going to be really disappointed (which is why some
    people are). This movie has amazing characters. They don’t seem like
    heroes with super powers, but actual human beings dealing with real
    life issues and even pathetic enough for the audience to sympathize
    them. This movie is also amazing with its plot, far different from any
    other monster movies I’ve ever seen. Unlike a lot of monster movies
    these days, the story happens on the other side of the globe, in a
    quiet town. I’m not going to go deep into the story but I have to say,
    the story makes the audience feel trapped, and completely powerless
    regarding the development of the story. Similar to 10 Cloverfield Lane,
    the main character faces great threat but is powerless to stop it,
    which makes the audience completely unaware of how the story is going
    to go, and that is what is amazing about this movie.

  • AmbroseMay 15, 2017Reply

    not worth anyone’s time

    The trailer shows a comedy, but the movie turns creepy and violent
    towards women, very hard to watch, Jason’s character is so badly
    written and belongs more in a Alfred Hitchcock movie than this, anyone
    that enjoys this probably have a few domestic violence charges, there
    is nothing I like about this movie, all in all, not worth the time

  • Danny BlankenshipMay 16, 2017Reply

    A film of connection and memory it shows how fate comes full circle!

    ”Colossal” is one of those movies that’s a little different yet it does
    it’s job about proving it’s point and message to show how that life and
    things connect and come about all around the world. Anne Hathaway is
    Gloria a New York city party girl who’s an alcoholic and after losing
    her job moves back home and meets childhood friend Oscar(Jason
    Sudeikis)and memories are brought back to the playground days of when
    both had imagination and good times with their toys one being a
    creature monster toy. Now oddly enough a creature like this toy is now
    real and attacking South Korea. And as each attack happens it’s like
    Gloria and Oscar connect and can control the creature and it’s
    happenings. Now talk about things and fate coming full circle! Finally
    Gloria finishes it off being the hero of the day as her memory and
    imagination help settle the score and she’s free of Oscar! Overall good
    film of connection, and it proves how the past returns and it’s a
    showcase how one can defeat a challenge and start a new life.

  • Harrison TweedMay 17, 2017Reply

    Lousy back-story with poor metaphor use makes for a missed mark on what could have been a great film

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • stevewaller-09652May 18, 2017Reply

    Strange and unexplained

    You have to watch this to understand what I mean, it’s very odd, almost
    like it’s trying to be a mixture of marvel films and some strong
    domestic violence/drunk stuff. I still cant work out if Anne was the
    wife of the bar owner…

    In any case, if you wish to sit and watch a film for 90 minutes and end
    up with the only thought of, gosh are those tatt’s on Anne’s fingers
    and wrist real, then go ahead and enjoy the ride. Otherwise it’s one
    for the 99p DVD store.

  • pyrocitorMay 19, 2017Reply

    Nacho average monster movie (groan)

    Think of all the rules you normally assume about monster movies. Then
    get ready for Colossal to subvert, tweak, tease, and stomp all over
    them, in favour of something altogether unprecedented, as richly spun
    as it is utterly bonkers. One of the industry’s few recent genuine
    surprises, Colossal lumbered in out of nowhere, its only publicity
    preamble being an (absurd) lawsuit from the producers of 2014’s
    Godzilla over similarities (namely…both have giant monsters?). But
    there’s nothing derivative about Nacho Vigalondo’s viciously
    entertaining satire, which weaponizes kaiju tropes as trenchant,
    hilarious, and surprisingly dark social barbs, the end game being a
    rambunctiously fun yet grimly chilling commentary on the real monsters
    being – you guessed it – people.

    First off: there’s an easy jab at Team Shyzilla in that, with roughly
    10 minutes of monster mash, Colossal almost outperforms the
    budget-bloated mess that had the titular behemoth cameoing in his own
    movie. Still, Colossal is so much more than monster spectacle that, in
    sinking your teeth into its strange, idiosyncratic charms, you’ll
    almost forget to get pumped for the Seoul-stomping mayhem. Vigalondo’s
    subtly hilarious, razor-sharp script starts with a naturalistic, albeit
    familiar, portrait of a woman reeling from partying herself down to the
    cinders, with Hathaway capably riffing on her Rachel Getting Married
    burnout. But, just when it seems the stage is set for a schmaltzy indie
    rom-com about broken people healing (complete with genre darling Jason
    Sudekis on hand): in come news reports of a gigantic monster (which,
    during production, probably didn’t intend to evoke Groot from Guardians
    of the Galaxy so strongly…thankfully Disney is no such lawsuit
    lemming), causing havoc rampaging through South Korea. And the rug is
    yanked, the whole game changed, and we’re off on the most raucously
    oddball (anti)blockbuster of the year, complete with CGI that valiantly
    outshines its modest budget, and a playfully ominous score by superb 10
    Cloverfield Lane composer Bear McCreary that perfectly sets the
    lurching monster vibe.

    But, one twist is not enough for Vigalondo. And just when we start to
    acclimatize to Colossal’s wonderfully weird, cheerfully nonsense
    butterfly effect internal grammar, somehow finding a cohesive midpoint
    between goofiness and tragedy while leaving room for a few indelible
    monster movie images (apologetic Korean calligraphy, for one),
    Vigalondo yanks the rug out from us…again. Welcome to a third act
    tonal switch so unexpectedly distressing you unconsciously creep to the
    edge of your seat more from chills than thrills. It’s here that
    Colossal shows its dwarfing, scaly hand: it’s a film all about control
    – having it, losing it, and the abhorrent depths humans stoop to to
    reclaim it, at all costs. Suddenly, a film about gigantic Michael
    Bay-FX escapees transmogrifies into one of the most shamefully
    realistic, painfully tense human stories of the past several years,
    while sprinkling in micro-commentaries on consent, addiction, gender
    dissonance, overseas media violence and spectatorship, and self-esteem
    for good measure. If there a momentary wobble, it’s Vigalondo’s
    reliance on fairy-light flashbacks to frame character revelations,
    which flirts with daft cliché…until, naturally, their seeming
    sappiness is revealed to be all part of the plan, and key to a final
    big reveal as f*cked up as it is clever. And then, before you know it,
    we rumble into a climax more emotionally laden and bombastically,
    cathartically thrilling than most Hollywood fare boasting 10 times the
    budget can muster. If nothing else, you’ll never look at a sandbox the
    same way again.

    If there’s ever been an actor perfectly poised to navigate Colossal’s
    bizarre blend of Hollywood and indie energies, it’s Anne Hathaway. She
    anchors the film with a powerhouse performance, part acerbic silliness,
    part raw, dripping vulnerability, all grounded by a steadfast charisma
    too honest not to believe, in spite of the emotional and tonal roller
    coasters the film takes her on. Matching her, Jason Sudekis is a
    flooring revelation, proving himself to be a remarkable performer as
    capable of wells of immense, terrifying darkness as he is a quirky,
    affable, goofball, often within seconds of one another. Finally, Beauty
    and the Beast’s Dan Stevens gives an impressively precise performance
    teetering the balance between charmingly sympathetic and didactic
    asshole, while veteran character actor Tim Blake Nelson is always
    readily on hand for a fiendishly funny non-sequitur, like Donny from
    The Big Lebowski, but with more encroaching puppy dog sadness.

    Somehow (somehow…!) so much more than the cataclysmically collision
    of its disparate parts, Colossal pairs the introspective whimsy of
    Gareth Edwards’ Monsters with the stomping, metaphoric social drama of
    the original (read: good) Godzilla, spun through a cheeky p*ss-take of
    a cutesy indie movie, while still leaving more surprises – and not
    always pleasant ones – in store. It’s a thoroughly unexpected
    genre-bending gem, as resonant as it is massively fun. And although its
    limited release and head scratching high concept will, sadly but
    inevitably, strip it of the widespread adulation it deserves, if you’re
    wondering how Vigalondo’s film will fare as a retroactive cult hit…
    well, let’s just say you won’t have to fish for an adjective for very


  • dromascaMay 19, 2017Reply

    ridiculously entertaining

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Corey JamesMay 19, 2017Reply

    Colossally funny

    This review of Colossal is spoiler free

    **** (4/5)

    NATURALLY WHEN A distributor spawns a new monster, immediately the film
    will be filled with destruction, chaos – sirens blaring and people
    dying. It’s rare that the monster is used for good deeds. Colossal
    comes as a novelty, its budget is rather small ($5 million), it’s a
    comedy. Enter Spanish maverick Nacho Vigalondo, the 40-year-old
    writer-director who since his 2007 debut Timecrimes has come up in the
    world of film. This is more bizarre than his debut, yet at the same
    it’s oddly heroic.

    Anne Hathaway’s Gloria is the film’s heroine, in a role that’s closest
    to Rachel Getting Married she plays as a high-functioning alcoholic –
    party girl enjoying life in New York until she is kicked out by her
    ex-boyfriend Tim (Dan Stevens in a slightly wasted role). She is forced
    to move to her home town, there she meets with her old friend Oscar
    (Jason Sudeikis) – they talk about old times. From there it gets weird,
    as in a giant monster mimicking the movements of human being weird.
    We’ve had mimicking robots in Real Steel, and we’ve had giant robots
    controlled by humans in Pacific Rim, but we’ve never had a monster
    controlled by a human. Here the monster, that looks like it came out of
    Pan’s Labyrinth copies movements from Gloria, it’s also here when it
    hits the funny bone with wicked speed – more notably when the monster
    is hit in the head or dancing maniacally.

    Enough of the detail – its best that this is shown with you knowing the
    less about it, because the less you know – the better it is. It’s not a
    flood of laughs from the get-go it’s progressive, but when a joke hits
    you it’s blissfully relentless – it comes like a ton of bricks.
    Vigalondo’s direction along with his hilarious screenplay is
    exceptional proving he has real fire in his eye by not only defying
    movie monster logic but with the way he handles his characters he gives
    them heft; whether it’s the way Gloria deals with her alcoholic state,
    through hilariously pulling punches and to her horrible childhood –
    which due to an outstanding flashback shows the routes of the monster.

    The performances pull punches too – the two leads Hathaway and Sudeikis
    are magnetic together, working together to get to the routes of this
    monster. Seemingly, he’s a nice guy at one point he helps get her back
    on track, then the next he’s completely against her. Colossal isn’t
    perfect there’s a flaw – a moment when Tim is trying to reconnect with
    her that sadly over-stays its welcome. With a budget that’ll make
    Kong’s left bicep – this is cool, smart filmmaking with a plot that’ll
    be talked about in times to come.

    VERDICT: Hathaway and Sudeikis are magnetic in a tonally bizarre yet,
    pleasingly funny, outrageously weird, utterly compelling and oddly
    heroic comedy which hits the right notes.

  • sheridancourtneyMay 20, 2017Reply

    Colossaly Unmissable

    It was Beauty killed the Beast.

    A recent surge in cinema has marked the return to popularity for the
    gargantuan movie monster. Godzilla has been rebooted by Monsters
    director Gareth Edwards, with Kong: Skull Island tying into the same
    movie universe full of massively unidentified terrestrial organism
    (MUTO) for short). Pacific Rim increases the love for film giants by
    including the massive mecha Jaegers to fight off the Kaiju threat, and
    the return and remake of the latest Power Rangers movie compounds the
    notion that our gigantic monsters are here to stay, blotting out the
    sun as they stride across the skyline.

    It is only expected at this point for the mockbusters to milk the
    popularity for all it’s got, but they have been in the game for quite
    some time already, with more recent outings including Mega Shark Versus
    Mecha Shark, which plays into the Kaiju versus Jaeger narrative, Big
    Ass Spider!, and Mega Shark Versus Crocosaurus. The titles become more
    amusing with each new iteration, and it’s safe to say that by this
    point, the mockbuster movie-makers know exactly what they are doing,
    playing into the same market that Roger Corman once and still does.
    Though this trend will no doubt continue its mutations, it is not
    unwelcoming for a film to play with the conventions and expectations of
    a popular genre, as Colossal cleverly does.

    Nacho Vigalondo returns after his first feature and native language
    horror Timecrimes and two segments in both horror anthologies The ABC’s
    of Death and V/H/S: Viral, to name a few, so independent
    Canadian/Spanish black comedy Colossal comes as quite a surprising and
    welcome shock.

    Suffering alcoholism, Anne Hathaway’s Gloria has destroyed her writing
    career and lost her lecturing British boyfriend to her errant behaviour
    and addiction. Although alcohol abuse is a prevalent theme throughout,
    the reasons for Gloria’s dependence is never touched upon, and it
    doesn’t need to be. Circumstances are not the point, here. It is the
    effect and not the cause Colossal is most concerned with.

    Darkly comic laughs are to be had as Hathaway and her gang of
    go-nowheres learn that she is somehow connected to a reptilian Kaiju
    that terrorizes Seoul at oddly specific times and evaporates
    thereafter. Hathaway puts in a great performance of the lovable
    alcoholic, never indulging too much in the exaggerated swaying and
    slurring audiences have come to expect from representations of the
    drunkard. Her jovial demeanor, in fact, gladly pulls the film back when
    it takes a sharp turn and touches up darker themes of physical and
    emotional violence, control and blackmail.

    Jason Sudeikis lends to Hathaway’s performance, with a character arc
    that to’s and fro’s in such a way that is considerably confusing until
    some revelations about his character arrive towards the conclusion of
    the film. This alternation is a tad confusing on first viewing, we as
    an audience don’t know whether we should love, detest, or pity until we
    ascertain what causes his unlikable disposition. The reason, however,
    is suitable and befitting of the independent black comedy label, and in
    retrospect the varying nature of Sudeikis as Oscar is imperative to the

    This brings the second theme of the film, alongside alcoholism, to the
    fore. Insignificance and feelings of being small rears its monstrous
    head also, contradicting the nature of the gigantic monster movie
    genre. Personal, metaphorical monsters are embodied by literal massive
    monsters, giving the Kaiju and Jaeger reason to exist outside of the
    more modern destruction-porn. Colossal thus plays with what we view as
    conventional to a genre, maturely and playfully adjusting our
    expectations of the monster movie.

    All monster-feet-indented roads lead to a satisfying bittersweet climax
    and an enjoyably ambiguous ending. With striking imagery, a soundtrack
    that screams independent and a clearly conscious choice to display the
    literal monsters as briefly as possible to let the personal
    inner-monsters and human drama breathe, Nacho Vigalondo’s film shatters
    the mold set by our Kongs, Godzillas and Big Ass Spiders in a
    delightfully low-key fashion.

    strikingly unique and offering a surprising roller-coaster-ride of
    emotion, Colossal stands tall in playful yet dramatic defiance of the
    massive monster genre that seems to have once again found its rather
    large footing.


  • After SabbathMay 20, 2017Reply

    Better and very different to what the trailer portrays

    Just watched Colossal, the Anne Hathaway film. A bizarre premise, using
    surrealist metaphors and suggestion (a bit like Being John Malkovich,
    Donnie Darko or Terry Gilliam’s Tideland for instance) to make
    observations on real things like drug addiction, alcoholism and abusive
    relationships. Actually quite good if you liked the afore-mentioned

    One thing i’d say is, it’s not perfect but it’s a lot darker (and
    better) than the trailer makes it out to be. It has black humour but it
    certainly is not the fun comedy that the trailer (and its ridiculously
    upbeat music which is nowhere in the film, thankfully!) makes it
    appear, and the ending is DEFINITELY not funny! I guess the studio was
    somewhat lazily and dishonestly trying to go for an angle that would
    sell it, as the strangeness of the film means the real point of it
    could not be easily conveyed in a short trailer.

  • Gordon-11May 21, 2017Reply

    A story that is different from recent films

    This film tells the story of an alcoholic woman, who has no job and is
    dumped by her boyfriend. She has to stay in her parents empty house. As
    she hits rock bottom, it is worsened by her discovery that she may have
    something to do with a monster attacking Seoul.

    ”Colossal” has a good story because it appears quite original, and
    unlike others I have seen lately. The​re are scenes that are overly
    dramatic, such as fireworks in a bar, or the scene where a man is
    called a junkie. Anne Hathaway plays a very different role compared to
    her usual squeaky clean perfect woman, which is refreshing to see. I
    find the story engaging, especially when the bar owner’s true self is

  • Sergio OrtizMay 21, 2017Reply

    How much are we supposed to suspend disbelief?

    I get that for movies based on superhero franchises or fantasies, we’re
    supposed to suspend disbelief for some aspects at least. But this was
    supposed to be a monster movie (I guess), plain and simple. How do we
    go from that to Sudeikis’s character basically threatening to kill
    thousands of people if Hathaway’s character moves away? Does that sound
    like rational behavior? Are we really supposed to believe that one
    person would kill thousands of people without giving it a second
    thought? And for what, just to keep a love interest from moving away? I
    suppose some will find in that a great philosophical question into the
    nature of humanity, but not me. I found it thoroughly unbelievable.

    Also, the ”explanation” for how that playground came to have its
    magical powers seems unnecessary. It’s not like any explanation is
    going to be satisfactory. I sincerely doubt anyone said, after watching
    that scene, ”So that’s why they can conjure monsters in Seoul. It all
    makes sense now!!”

    I suppose it didn’t suck a lot, but certainly don’t go into this with
    super-high expectations, like I did after reading some glowing reviews.

  • BA_HarrisonMay 21, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • jms-915May 22, 2017Reply

    A delightfully weird mixture of genres

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • stevienbain2May 22, 2017Reply

    Colossal Failure!

    This is probably the worst film I’ve seen all year. Makes no sense, the
    acting by the main characters is truly appalling, as is the script. Dan
    Stevens and those with little or no dialogue are the only good things
    in this movie. Really awkward to watch… it seemed as if the actors
    were making it up as they went along. Main lead actress has no
    like-ability, and the leading male actor has no charisma and needs some
    extra lessons…. A complete waste of celluloid!

  • imdbjcbMay 23, 2017Reply

    Not a monster film, but a clever one about control, jealousy & domestic violence

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • romdeaucityMay 23, 2017Reply

    An incredible movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • emms75May 24, 2017Reply

    Another example of what Vigalondo does best.

    Colossal, written and directed by Nacho Vigalondo, is refreshingly a
    million miles away from much of the dull Hollywood predictability that
    often keeps me away from my local multiplex. I have been a fan of
    quirky independent films forever, and having particularly enjoyed this
    writer/director’s previous creations, including Los Cronocrimines
    (2007), and Extraterrestre (2011), I was tempted to swim to America to
    see it on its earlier US release date. Sadly I couldn’t find my arm
    bands, so I had to wait until this morning. The basic synopsis doesn’t
    sound too far off from some of the Hollywood sausage factory films that
    bore me rigid:

    Gloria is an out-of-work party girl forced to leave her life in New
    York City, and move back home. When reports surface that a giant
    creature is destroying Seoul, she gradually comes to the realization
    that she is somehow connected to this phenomenon. – IMDb

    But its Vigalondo’s usual ‘unusualness’ that sets this film apart from
    mainstream mediocrity. The most significant quirk is a massive genre
    shift that initially left me feeling that the film was a
    ‘nutribullet-ing’ together of Cloverfield with The Girl on the Train.
    What initially appears to be a run-of-the-mill film about a semi-
    alcoholic woman being dumped by her boyfriend, without warning
    transforms into a full-on Kaiju monster movie. The story is delivered
    via a competent mix of humour, suspense and surprise – all carried by a
    script that is both crisp and much more authentic than many other
    current offerings. The film is not without a few niggles however.
    Although it is a relief to see a film so many miles away from Hollywood
    convention, at times I found myself frustrated that it seemed to have
    stalled a few yards short of an alternative destination. The pace was a
    little inconsistent – some parts had me completely hooked but in others
    my suspense was not about ‘what’ would happen next, but rather ‘when’.
    Occasionally the part comedy / part serious genre mix left me feeling a
    bit uncertain. At some points I wasn’t sure if the audience was
    supposed to laugh or be outraged. This uncertainty may have been the
    maker’s intention, but I have to say it restricted my enjoyment of the
    film. On leaving the cinema I had several unanswered questions
    regarding the credibility of some of the characters’ actions, which was
    a little frustrating. Despite these issues, the story on the whole was
    complete and provided a satisfying outcome. On balance my eager
    anticipation of this film was rewarded, and even with the glitches it
    was far more worthy of nearly two hours of my life and more enjoyable
    to talk about than anything else I have seen this year. I would gladly
    watch ten films like Colossal than any of the formulaic rehashes that
    were trailered before it started. Go see it! Emma x

  • bob-the-movie-manMay 25, 2017Reply

    A Marvel-ous Indie Movie

    Well!! I’ve been really surprised (in a good way) by two films this
    year, and both have involved monsters (the first being ”A Monster
    Calls” back in January).

    It’s really difficult to categorise ”Colossal” – IMDb classes it as a
    ”Comedy, Action, Drama”. Comedy? Yes, but it’s a very dark comedy
    indeed. Action? Hmm, not really… if you go to this expecting ‘Godzilla
    2’ or some polished Marvel-style film (not that I was!) you will be
    sorely disappointed. Drama? This is probably the nearest match, since
    at its heart this is a clever study on the people and relationships at
    the heart of a bizarre Sci-Fi event.

    Anne Hathaway (”Les Miserables”) stars as Gloria, a borderline
    alcoholic-waster sponging off the good-natured but controlling Tim (Dan
    Stevens, ”Beauty and the Beast”) in his New York apartment. When Tim’s
    patience finally runs out, Gloria returns to her hometown to an empty
    house and the attentions of a former school friend, bar owner Oscar
    (Jason Sudeikis), who clearly holds an unhealthy fascination with her.
    Borrowing an idea from ”A Monster Calls”, at a specific time in the US
    morning a huge monster appears from thin air in Seoul, South Korea,
    killing people and smashing buildings in a seemingly uncoordinated and
    random way. Bizarrely, this only happens when Gloria is standing at a
    particular spot in a particular kid’s playground. Could the two events
    possibly be related?

    I always like to categorize films in my head as being ”like” others,
    but this one’s really difficult to pin down. It borrows its main
    premise from a famous scene in ”E.T.” (indeed one also involving
    alcohol) but the film’s fantasy elements and dark undertones have more
    similarities in style to ”Jumanji”. Then again, there are elements of
    the Kaufman about it in that it is as weird in some places as ”Being
    John Malkovich”.

    The film stays on ‘Whimsical Street’ for the first half of the film,
    but then takes a sharp left turn into ‘Dark Avenue’ (and for ”dark”
    read ”extremely black and sinister”). It then becomes a far more
    uncomfortable watch for the viewer. The metaphor of the monster for
    Gloria’s growing addiction is clear, but emerging themes of control,
    jealousy, violent bullying and small-town social entrapment also

    Here the acting talents of Hathaway and Sudeikis really come to the
    fore: heavyweight Hollywood talent adding some significant ‘oomph’ to
    what is a fairly modest indie project. Hathaway is in kooky mode here,
    gurning to great comic effect, and this adds warmth to a not
    particularly likable character. And Sudeikis (more commonly seen in
    lighter and frothier comedies like ”We’re the Millers” and ”Horrible
    Bosses”) is a surprise in the role delivering some real acting grit.

    The writer and director is Spaniard Nacho Vigalondo. No, me neither.
    But he seems to have come from nowhere to deliver this high profile
    cinema release, and it would not be a surprise for me to see this
    nominated as an original screenplay come the awards season. His quirky
    style is refreshing. (Hell, delivering ANY novel new summer movie that
    is not part of a franchise or TV re-boot is refreshing!)

    The film’s not perfect, and its disjointed style can be unsettling.
    While the lead characters are quite well defined, others are less so.
    Joel in particular, played by Austin Stowell (”Whiplash”, ”Bridge of
    Spies”), is such an irritating doormat of a character that you just
    want to thump him yelling ”Do Something you wimp” to his face!

    I am normally the first to pick scientific holes in a story, but here
    the story is so ”out there” that the details become irrelevant, and –
    like ”Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2” – the film revels in its
    absurdity. (There is however a jumbo jet sized hole in the plot if you
    think about it!) But some of the moments of revelation (particularly
    one set in a wood) are brilliantly done and you are never quite sure
    where the film is going to go next. I was concerned that the ending
    would not live up to the promise of the film, but I was not

    Like ”A Monster Calls” the film will probably suffer at the box office
    by its marketing confusing the audience. People will assume it’s
    possibly a ”monster movie” or maybe a piece of comedy fluff
    (particularly with Sudeikis in the cast), but in reality it’s neither
    of these. It won’t be to everyone’s tastes for sure, but in the bland
    desert of most movie releases, here is something interesting and novel
    and in my book definitely worthy of your movie dollar. Recommended.

    (For the graphical version of this review, please visit bob-the-movie- Thanks.)

  • JulieMay 25, 2017Reply

    Confusing unless you see the thread

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • scottingramMay 26, 2017Reply

    Colossal Film Review

    The new sci-fi drama comedy monster mash up film Colossal starring Anne
    Hathaway, Dan Stevens, Jason Sudeikis, Tim Blake Nelson, Austin

    In Colossal Gloria (American actress Anne Hathaway – The Dark Knight
    Rises, Interstellar) is an out-of-work party girl who finds herself in
    relationship trouble with her sensible boyfriend, Tim (English actor
    Dan Stevens – UK TV Series Downton Abbey, The Guest), and is forced to
    move back to her tiny hometown to get her life back on track. She
    reconnects with childhood friend Oscar (American actor Jason Sudeikis –
    We’re The Millers, Horrible Bosses films), a good- natured bar owner
    with a coterie of drinking buddies Garth and Joel (American actor Tim
    Blake Nelson – Lincoln, Kill The Messenger as Garth and American actor
    Austin Stowell – Bridge Of Spies, Whiplash as Joel), and resumes her
    drinking lifestyle. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, a
    larger-than-life creature begins attacking Seoul, South Korea on a
    nightly basis, captivating spectators around the world. One night,
    Gloria is horrified to discover a connection between these catastrophic
    events and her own fractured psyche. Deconstructing the monster movie
    genre in wildly imaginative ways, Spanish writer-director Nacho
    fantastical tale that also triumphs as a wholly original and subversive
    romantic comedy.

    Amongst the other actors / actresses in Colossal include Canadian
    actress Hannah Cheramy as Young Gloria, Nathan Ellison as Young Oscar
    and Canadian actress Rukiya Bernard (The Unspoken, That Burning
    Feeling) as Maggie.

    Filming locations in Colossal include places around the world like New
    York, US State of Maine, New England, USA, Seoul the capital of South
    Korea, Asia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

    Overall Colossal is a good sci-fi drama comedy monster mash up film
    filled with a monster, a robot, some weird bizarre moments, some
    violence, fights, punch ups, people drinking and getting drunk,
    arguments, swearing, tongue and cheek stuff, some scary moments, some
    funny moments, friendship, flashbacks, flashing scenes and other things
    throughout the film.

    So I will give Colossal an overall rating of 3 out of 5 stars and
    Colossal is worth seeing if you like films similar to this like
    Godzilla, Cloverfield, Chronicle, Project Almanac amongst others.

    So if you get the chance to see Colossal in the cinema then you should
    go and see it sooner than later.

  • rockman182May 26, 2017Reply

    Colossal (2017)

    If you haven’t seen the trailer for this film and you go in blind,
    you’ll be pretty shocked with what you see. The film is without a doubt
    pretty original and unique in its composition and its ability to mix
    genres and try to use its creativity to tell a story. While this works
    or not is a different story but I admire any type of creativity and
    risks in storytelling. Overall, I don’t think the delivery of this film
    did what was needed for its intent and its shifting moods in comedy and
    darkness leaves the film feeling imbalanced.

    The film is about a recovering alcoholic, named Gloria (played by Anne
    Hathaway), who has a breakup and revisits her hometown. There she meets
    her old friend (played by Jason Sudeikis). Gloria starts realizing some
    weird occurrences in Seoul, South Korea. A giant Kaiju appears in Seoul
    and she soon realizes that that Kaiju is her. Whenever she steps into a
    playground her body and actions are enacted by a giant monster at the
    same time in Seoul. Oscar (Sudeikis) is a giant robot in Seoul whenever
    he steps into the playground and tries to cause destruction (not only
    in Korea but also in Gloria’s life).

    Its hard to really explain what goes on in the film but its simply
    understood if you watch the film. As I mentioned earlier I liked how
    creative the film was although I think the trailer seemed to represent
    a much more comedic take while this film is quite dark and dramatic in
    its delivery. Its hard to really get into the fun of the idea because
    of the themes of manipulation and mental and physical abuse. The
    monster and robot in the film looked pretty cool though and I had a
    flashback of Pacific Rim while watching. Vigalondo definitely knew what
    he was going for but I’m not sure if it always works.

    Anne Hathaway or Sudeikis don’t really have to put in a lot of effort
    for their performances but its still great stuff all around. I did like
    the explanation of why the monsters appear. i mean its still
    fantastical but at least it attempts to make some sense of an
    inexplicable occurrence. In the same way the ending also is a great way
    of dealing with the major conflict of the film. Overall, in rating I’ll
    be generous to the film for its creativeness and explanation of origins
    of the monsters, however the film isn’t always a blast and cannot
    always avoid feeling dreary.


  • Alexander JuvarnMay 27, 2017Reply

    Started off good but got bad really fast…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • oscubeMay 28, 2017Reply

    Mediocre drama, above-average movie

    In art, it’s never the topic, it’s how it’s presented, this movie is
    open to interpretation and its premise is really neat and original,
    however, it could have benefited from good character development,
    especially with Sudeikes at the top of his game, and a better female
    lead, and I liked Hathaway in Interstellar, but here she’s annoying and
    not convincing, like a princess pretending to be an actress. I didn’t
    like it, but I like that it was made.

  • Priscilla Louzada de SenaMay 28, 2017Reply

    This is not about domestic violence. But it may be.

    I loved this movie. It’s weird, funny, the main characters are
    unlikable, but the message is powerful. Do you know that jealous person
    in your life that always is making you feel bad? Why are you near this
    person, anyway? That’s the tone.

    Although it fits for women who suffer domestic violence, many other
    people can identify themselves with this movie. Even if the main
    character is a woman, even if there is violence against her from a man.

    Also men can identify themselves. The monster appearance is so bizarre
    that it works as a metaphor. It brings ideas of destruction, guilt,
    shame, when you realize that you yourself are making a mess. But why?
    The answer may defy logic, but brings a strong message. It makes many
    people think about their own lives.

  • team-26May 28, 2017Reply

    Colossal waste of time and money . . .

    The Week gave this four stars and a description of of ”quietly
    perfect”. I don’t know what film they saw, but the ‘Colossal’ is not
    quiet and it is certainly not perfect – not by a long chalk.

    On IMDb ‘Colossal’ is described as ”quirky”. Be warned: any film that
    is described as ‘quirky’ is usually devoid of plot and merely a vehicle
    for intellectual masturbation. This film is very ‘quirky’. First off,
    it never really starts: we waited for about an hour (and a short snooze
    for me) for something tangible to happen. It didn’t. Note to the
    producers: something has to happen. If it doesn’t, people will walk out
    (we did).

    Second note to the producers: someone needs to tell Anne Hathaway she
    can’t act. OK, I’ll do it: ”Anne, you can’t act”.

    Anne Hathaway was four months pregnant when this was filmed – and she
    looks pregnant. Third note to the producers: Don’t cast someone who is
    obviously pregnant as somebody who is not pregnant (people will wonder
    why she waddles).

    A movie’s first hurdle is to entertain – if it fails to entertain it
    fails. This fails.

    The characters were uniformly unpleasant: there’s no-one you care

    The script was loose: a number of scenes have you groping to find the
    answer to ”what did that scene add?”.

    This is a bad film: don’t waste your time, don’t waste your money and
    avoid this like a terminal illness (yes, it is THAT bad).

  • inkedbydesignincMay 28, 2017Reply

    Colossal is right….. a colossal waste of time!

    I won’t even bother to talk about all the plot holes, and bad acting in
    this flick, since its been beaten to death by the previous viewers.

    So just let me say that for once – I’d love to see actors go on ANY
    late night talk show to defend working on these steaming piles of
    dumpster trash. I know they don’t need the money…so WTF?!

    Please don’t waste your time on this crap. Even a die hard Anime fan
    would have trouble watching this to the end.

  • soxladeMay 29, 2017Reply

    Curious fantasy drama is flawed but still worth a look

    Colossal is a film from Spanish director Nacho Vigalondo. It stars Anne
    Hathaway as Gloria, a thirty-something wastrel who would much rather be
    out all night drinking with her friends than growing up, getting a job

    When she is dumped by her boyfriend (Dan Stevens, channeling Hugh
    Grant) and kicked out of the flat they share, she returns to her
    hometown and the rental house her parents own where she almost
    immediately meets old school friend Oscar (Jason Sudeikis) who not only
    has always had feelings for his old school friend, but also happens to
    own a bar and employs Gloria as a waitress.

    One drunken evening ends with Gloria spending the night on a playground
    bench, the same night a giant monster appears over Seoul wreaking
    havoc. Gloria slowly begins to realise that she may have something to
    do with this event, in fact the monster may actually be her…

    This is a strange film, let’s be frank – you ain’t going to see
    something like this again this, or any, year. It is like a Godzilla
    film seen through the prism of indie self-improvement films like Garden
    State. Or, if you prefer, something akin to Juno with a Kaiju.

    It is a film that is a little unsure of itself, despite the brilliant
    idea at its core. It is not a comedy, though it is fitfully amusing and
    the presence of Sudeikis, nor is it a ‘growing up’ movie, instead it is
    closer to a monster movie, but the monsters involved are not
    necessarily the obvious green stompy thing flattening Seoul, more the
    monsters that live within each and every one of us. However it never
    quite pulls all of its themes and plot threads together satisfactorily,
    perhaps it never could, and its tone is a little uneven in places. This
    is a film that does not go where you think the premise might take it.
    This is a surprisingly dark film, with unapologetic, unlikable
    characters that are obsessed with nihilistic, destructive emotions and
    struggle to repress and control them when really they wish to embrace

    Hathaway, as far away from her traditional elfin princess appearance as
    she’s ever been, is effective as Gloria, though we never really warm to
    her. It is a measure of the actress’s skill that we are clearly not
    meant to ever love and root for Gloria, but we do wish the best for
    her, we hope she makes the ‘right’ choices that would assist her goal
    to get her life under control even though we know, deep down, she’s
    hopeless. Peering out from under an unflattering fringe, hair unkempt
    and unbrushed, black eye make-up and cracked lips she bears an uncanny
    resemblance to UK TV presenter Claudia Winkleman. Hers is a performance
    of charm, darkness, obsession, addiction and cruelty.

    The revelation is Sudeikis who initially delivers his standard,
    unimpressive, nice guy schtick- a performance he is very good at, it’s
    just not hugely stand-out – but as the film, and Oscar, take a darker
    tone, Sudeikis subtly shifts gear, moving into menace and threat. It is
    an unstable performance, shifting suddenly and violently between nice
    guy and monster A man unhappy with his life, Oscar the bar owner is a
    thin veneer of respectability and decency wrapped around a cruel
    narcissistic bully. Sudeikis brilliantly shows the veneer cracking,
    splitting and revealing the monster that inhabits the man. It is a very
    impressive performance.

    The dark themes, twisted characters and bonkers premise was never going
    to be completed satisfactorily, and it isn’t. The plot demands the
    mystery is resolved and the threat dealt with and the film does so, but
    not as neatly or imaginatively as you might hope. It proves impossible
    to reconcile the two parts of the story, monster in Seoul and monster
    in soul, in a way that serves both threads well. It is hard to root for
    Gloria as she finally steps up the the heroine role the monster in
    Seoul story thread demands, because we’ve seen she’s really a bit of a
    hopeless selfish drunken stupid girl.

    Colossal is imaginative, flawed film blessed with exceptional
    performances from Stevens, Hathaway and especially Sudeikis. It is not
    a comedy, it is not a monster movie (though there are loads of loving
    homages in shots and music cues), it is not an indie redemption movie,
    it is all of those things together, and it is not a total success, but
    nor is it a total failure. It is a curiosity, and if you are
    cinematically curious, you should check it out.

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