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Mar. 31, 2016 Mexico101 Min.R
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A disgruntled Mexican cop is forced to work with a teenage hacker to hunt down the criminals who killed his wife, and dismantle their operation.

Original titleCompadres
IMDb Rating4.7 749 votes
TMDb Rating5.3 16 votes

(10) comments

  • jojo-acapulcoApril 1, 2016Reply

    Entertaining bilingual romp

    The IMDb indicated that this movie, in English, would open 6 April, so
    I was curious when it opened here in Acapulco on April 1, advertised as
    a Spanish language film. About half the dialog in the version I saw was
    in funny but very vulgar Spanish (without titles) and half in English
    (with Spanish subtitles).

    Compadres (Buddies) is an above average buddy flick with more than a
    little violence. It starts Omar Chaparro and Joey Morgan as the
    buddies, and both are great. Eric Roberts and Kevin Pollack, who are
    listed first and second in the IMDb cast list have minor roles and both
    are them more than adequate. The ‘storyline’ says the cop’s wife is
    killed but in the version I saw, it’s his girlfriend (novia) who is

  • anibeliApril 6, 2016Reply

    Good movie!!

    México very rarely produces action movies, it’s always comedy or drama,
    but this time they did it, and did it well! The scenes, the effects,
    the music everything fitted perfectly! The quality of the production is
    really good, so give it a try. If you’re expecting an ACTION movie like
    the ones with The Rock or Jason Statham, I mean NO this is no the right
    movie for you. This is COMEDY, action comedy, and if you don’t
    understand American humor then don’t criticize this movie. The film has
    a lot of action and good fight scenes, guns, money, blood and the best,

    Maybe Omar Chaparro wasn’t the perfect guy for the main role but he’s a
    really good comedian so I have no complains. On the other hand Joey
    Morgan makes a great job with a more serious role. If you’re Mexican
    you’ll even recognize a lot of cameos from several celebs that I’m sure
    will make you laugh.

    The movie is funny, perfect for relaxing a little bit, lots of laughs,
    very well done. If you have the chance go see it! If you like movies
    like The Hangover type, then you’ll like this one 😉

  • hectorsalas-54003April 6, 2016Reply

    An action-movie parody?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • broriskApril 10, 2016Reply

    Fun-Action, Never Gets Boring

    Compadres is a Film that would not get you bored at all, because it’s
    pack with action, and when it’s not shooting around it’s having a blast
    joking around with every little situation it finds, jokes may be based
    in Mexican culture but any person with should get them with ease.

    Movie may not be proper for kids but if your willing to take them it
    will be really enjoyable for them it has something for all the family.
    This comment are based in my opinion because I went with my family and
    they seem to enjoyed a lot.

    All in All is super funny and enjoyable, it’s perfect for days when you
    just wanna see and interesting movie and you just want not to over
    think every small detail.

  • Dave McClain ([email protected])April 23, 2016Reply

    ”Compadres” is a good companion to other recent Mexican-American collaborations.

    As large as the United States is, it only borders two other nations, so
    it make sense that there’s a lot of cooperation among the film
    industries of Canada, Mexico and the U.S. In the case of Mexico (even
    more so than with Canada), this geographic and cultural relationship
    results in many co-productions AND American movies with a strong
    cross-cultural connection. Excellent films since the turn of the
    century that fall into one of these categories include 2006’s ”Pan’s
    Labyrinth”, the 2006 Best Picture Oscar nominee ”Babel” and 2004’s Best
    Picture Oscar winner ”Crash”, plus, in 2015 alone, ”Spare Parts”,
    ”McFarland USA”, ”Sicario” and the Oscar-nominated documentary ”Cartel
    Land”. One 2016 addition is the Mexican-produced bi-lingual
    comedy-drama ”Compadres” (R, 1:41), which, unlike some of the examples
    above, includes major Mexican movie stars alongside well-known American
    character actors.

    The Spanish word ”compadre” usually refers to the god-parent
    relationship between two families, but it’s also used more liberally to
    refer to a companion who is regarded as family or as a very close
    friend. Of course, some people can be all of the above. That’s the
    relationship between Mexican police officer Diego Garza (Omar Chaparro)
    and his partner on the force, which just heightens Garza’s grief when
    his compadre is killed in a drug bust. Garza successfully arrests the
    drug kingpin known as Santos (Erick Elías) but Santos quickly escapes
    from custody and kidnaps Garza’s new girlfriend, Maria (Aislinn Derbez,
    the daughter of Mexican actors and the star of the delightful 2015
    Mexican rom-com ”A la mala”).

    With information gained from his former boss on the police force (José
    Sefami) and an FBI contact (Eric Roberts, he of 150 film and TV
    appearances from 2011-2015), Garza figures out a way to get to Santos –
    or make Santos come to him. It turns out that a San Diego businessman
    (Kevin Pollak, from ”Avalon”, ”A Few Good Men”, ”Casino” and ”The Usual
    Suspects”) and a computer hacker have managed to steal $10 million from
    Santos. Garza wants to get that money and use it as leverage against
    Santos. Garza ends up contacting a possible Santos connection whom the
    FBI calls ”the accountant”. That person turns out to be a nerdy/sweet
    17-year-old hacker named Vic (Joey Morgan, from 2015’s underrated
    ”Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse”). When the original hacker
    turns up dead, Garza takes Vic to look for the hacker’s financier. As
    Garza and Vic follow one lead after another, Santos’ men are hot on
    their trail – especially two bumbling but ruthless henchmen, one with a
    gun and the other with a flamethrower.

    ”Compadres” is fun, but formulaic. Its overall tone calls to mind the
    2015 Spanish-language comedy ”Ladrones” (a joint American-Dominican
    production that takes place in Mexico). The flow of its story is
    similar to 1990’s ”Kindergarten Cop” and the ”Lethal Weapon” sequels
    with Joe Pesci – movies with openings and underlying plots which are
    deadly serious, but with humorous lines and situations, and characters
    who serve as comic relief. (And that flamethrower reminds me of the
    similarly over-the-top weapon of choice used by Javier Bardem’s
    character in ”No Country for Old Men”.) The acting’s generally solid,
    but sometimes lacks energy. The direction of Enrique Begne is loose,
    while the script by Begne, Ted Perkins and Gabriel Ripstein features
    entertaining dialog, but unoriginal plot points. The action scenes are
    good and the plot has a couple twists, but most of the film is
    predictable. The jokes are sometimes funny, but it’s the overall sense
    of fun that’s consistent. ”Compadres” is a fairly entertaining movie
    that is more than the sum of its parts. ”B”

  • Bruce WayneApril 24, 2016Reply

    Great Movie for those who like Action, Heart, Fart Jokes, and Good Old Fashion Heroes

    Just came out from watching this movie and it was freaking hilarious.
    Even if you do not speak Spanish most of the jokes will still translate
    a bit on the subtitles…but if you are bilingual then the Spanish
    jokes will have you going jajaja. This movie is a good old fashion hero
    cop movie. I don’t want to give too much away, but I think that
    describes it. If you are looking for depth and seriousness this movie
    is not for you, if you want some action, jokes, and romance go watch
    this. I certainly feel I got my money’s worth for this movie, more than
    Batman vs Superman.

    Go watch this movie if you want to relax and take your mind off the
    world and see some fart jokes.

  • steeledantonApril 29, 2016Reply

    choose your own adventure

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Numan ParadaMay 1, 2016Reply

    A Fun Adventure Despite Technical and Artistic Flaws

    This was the first truly bilingual film I have ever seen. No, it’s not
    merely a film where people talk in two languages. It’s the first I’ve
    seen where the events unfold in two languages and the audience
    processes them accordingly. I didn’t know what effect it would have on
    me at first, despite knowing both English and Spanish. However, after
    watching ”Compadres”, I saw that, if anything, it gave the film a
    richness that made it fun to watch.

    Alas, after watching the film, I couldn’t help but feel as though I
    just sat through a six-month telenovela hastily condensed into an
    hour-and-a-half work: The scope was clearly a grand one, but director
    Enrique Begne’s execution suggested he was well out of his depth, since
    he botched quite a number of elements along the way. To wit, the
    editing appeared rushed and scattered, with some scenes leaving out
    plot-critical shots of items and people that are normally taken for
    granted in other films. The music was all over the place, ranging from
    twisted to tender, while an equally erratic score filled the crevices.
    Additionally, there were actions by the characters in certain scenes,
    such as Garza randomly kissing the waitress at the diner, that felt out
    of place; they were probably inserted just to extract a laugh from the
    audience when, truth be told, they didn’t need to. Even the opening
    title credits looked half- baked, as though they came straight out of a
    student copy of Adobe Flash. These factors converged to derail the
    film’s tone, leaving one convinced that Begne simply could not decide
    what flavor of story he wanted to tell. Maybe a glance at Quentin
    Tarantino’s ”Jackie Brown” could have helped.

    And yet… you can’t help but immerse yourself in the experience,
    despite the above lapses in judgment. Omar Chaparro (as the stoic
    Mexican cop Garza) and Joey Morgan (as the bumbling but good-hearted
    computer hacker Vic) make for an enjoyably discordant duo, showing that
    strong characters backed by capable actors do matter. The desolate
    landscapes and grimy city scenes add to the alienation that slowly
    grates on Garza and Vic. In the face of relentless backstabbing and
    setbacks, their budding friendship is the only thing left that they
    believe in, and that modicum of hope is just enough to push them
    forward, to search for the truth, to save each other’s lives. Said
    tribulations have their own share of twists and surprises (with
    competent explanations on the side) to mystify but not confuse. The
    story that pierces through the poor choices made by the filmmakers
    successfully keeps the audience in the game and endears the lively cast
    of characters to the moviegoers.

    By the end of the film, you’ll want to see Garza and Vic head out for
    another adventure, one you would gladly pay a matinée ticket for.
    Hopefully, some better production personnel will be in tow.

  • Larry SilversteinSeptember 7, 2016Reply

    Has Its Moments But Definitely Not Enough of Them

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mergewithsergeApril 21, 2017Reply


    Wow am I impressed! When I first saw this I thought to myself: ” Well
    if they didn’t get a cheap version of Jonah hill to make an American
    style Comedy Movie about nerds done by Mexicans. What a cheap gimmick.”
    Yet that is not the case at all. When you give the movie a chance, you
    find out, that the ruddy ”kid”, Actually does a good job acting. He did
    a good job, unlike minor characters in low grade American Comedy
    movies. The movie actually has substance. I Enjoyed the many different
    types of Mexican Personalities portrayed in this movie. It gives
    International audiences a glimpse into personalities not typically
    portrayed even in Mexican Cinema. Whats really cool about the Film is
    that it feels like you’re reading a Comic Book. Nothing too deep, while
    at the same time having enough Interesting Scenarios to keep you
    entertained, and the right amount of sentimentalism to keep you engaged
    with the Character’s Relationships. This is the first Mexican Cinema
    Film in which I have seen the use of Odd Pair characters, which I
    believe was used effectively in this film. I personally enjoyed the
    Mexican Beauties portrayed in this Film. I believe it is about time
    someone portrayed what Hot Mexican girls actually look like. It was fun
    to see the director, allow the women to be themselves and portray
    normal Mexican girls instead of the typical seductive Spanish Señorita,
    Salma Hayek was turned into by her agents. Also, the amount of cameos
    by Major and Minor Mexican and Chicano celebrities was astounding. I
    really enjoyed that as a fan of these celebrities.

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