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One day. Five employees. What could possibly happen?Sep. 30, 2016 USA90 Min.
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8.4 1,606 votes

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After 16 years of servicing the printing needs of the community, Copycat will be closing its doors. On the final day of business the store manager, Sam, leads his crew on a crazy and unpredictable day. The staff will entertain a cast of interesting customers. During this final day they will encounter two wanna-be rappers that have had an unfortunate experience with a tattoo artist, a pair of local celebrity Cougars on the prowl, a waitress from “The Wiener Shack” who has a big secret, and a worthy challenger to Bob’s karaoke crown. Lyssa, the copier tech, will spend the day in the center of the mayhem as she breaks down the equipment. Joe the bum, who considers the Copycat “the home he doesn’t have”, will need to re-locate. As the staff ponders their future plans, the events of the day unfold as they discuss important subjects such as UFOs, Chupacabras and the potential upcoming Zombie Apocalypse. The final day will culminate in a karaoke battle for the ages.

Original titleCopycat
IMDb Rating5.5 206 votes
TMDb Rating2.5 2 votes

(4) comments

  • amfunnyOctober 13, 2016Reply

    Funny film

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • BeavisMoonFebruary 2, 2017Reply


    I think the reviews on here are probably by the film’s production team.

    I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy it at least a little–I did see it
    through to the end…but it’s a very low budget movie and much of the
    humor is of the dick-joke variety (not that i don’t like that type of

    The movie is slow paced, takes place mostly in one or two rooms, and
    has about 6 or 7 characters.

    That being said, I liked the actors in the film, especially Kevin
    Machate (I actually had to do a bit of searching for his name just now,
    the IMDb page doesn’t have a picture of him, that’s how low-budget this
    film is lol).

    There were some laughs, sure, but honestly not that many (and I laugh
    easily, even at the dumbest stuff).

    A few times during the film, the comedy is literally spoof-like, making
    fun of itself, which really lowers its value.

    Worth a watch if you have literally nothing else to watch…

    Oh, and the title bugged me… Copycat is the name of the awesome 1995
    Sigourney Weaver serial killer movie! At least name is CopycatS or
    something different, come on!!!

  • joewaFebruary 10, 2017Reply

    Awful acting, terrible script

    When I watched this there was one very positive review which I now know
    was probably written by one of the crew.

    I have to confess I didn’t make it past half way, it was awful. The
    acting from Wostal and in particular Machate was diabolical – wooden
    and lifeless. It’s a budget flick and that doesn’t normally bother me,
    but in this instance it really felt like I was watching a school play,
    to the point that when actors were in their own in shot it felt like
    someone off camera was holding up their lines.

    The only half decent actors in this was the Indian guy and the two

    The story isn’t much good either. Nothing really happens, there’s no
    subtext or depth, and certainly no effort to help you empathise with
    the characters.

    A pretty poor effort all round. One star from me.

  • timokhoMay 24, 2017Reply

    Liked it

    I really liked this movie, not really anything special or
    extraordinary. But definitely a fun movie to watch when you have
    nothing else to do. This is definitely not a good or bad movie. Just
    right in the middle, i could see how people might think its not all
    that great, but if you are not a critic and like comedy movies this
    sure is a movie to remember after you have watched your first choices.

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