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Criminal Activities

Criminal Activities

Leave the crime to the criminalsNov. 20, 2015 USA94 Min.
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Four young men make a risky investment together that puts them in trouble with the mob.

Criminal Activities
Criminal Activities
Criminal Activities
Criminal Activities
Original titleCriminal Activities
IMDb Rating5.8 6,517 votes
TMDb Rating5.8 91 votes

(41) comments

  • chicagopoetryNovember 20, 2015Reply

    The Definition of Average

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • the giantNovember 20, 2015Reply

    A bit meh

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • dodgerbrianNovember 20, 2015Reply

    It’s actually pretty good

    Just finished the movie, and I was captivated the whole time. I was
    surprised to see that the entire cast put together a very convincing
    performance. The script and plot were also clever, and somewhat
    original for a change (which was refreshing to see). It did seem a
    little Tarantino-esque with some of the music, dialog, and situation.
    But I guess if you’re going to model your work after anyone, QT is
    probably the guy to go with.

    Overall I enjoyed the movie, and I do recommend checking it out. It
    probably is not for everybody but if you are a fan of Guy Ritchie and
    Quentin Tarantino’s work, I imagine you will probably enjoy this too.
    Jackie Earl Haley did a fine job in his directorial debut, and I look
    forward to seeing more of his work.


  • I W PATTERSONNovember 20, 2015Reply

    Small budget by Hollywood standards but done great

    I felt that this film was well thought out and for a guy who is
    generally pretty good at figuring out twists in a film this one was
    successful in tripping me up.This is not a big budget film by modern
    day Hollywood standards but felt it was casted very well and very
    entertaining. The story line and the characters keep you engaged and
    there are no ”slow” points in this film. It has a great balance of
    action scenes as well as intellectual content to keep all types
    entertained. A film I can honestly say is worth seeing and you would
    not be disappointed in this film unless you are an ”impossible to
    impress or please” kind of person.

  • djangozelf-12351November 21, 2015Reply

    An above average indie flick.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • TetrylNovember 22, 2015Reply

    Mainly average but the sudden twists will make you smile

    No spoilers!

    This is a fairly basic Hollywood story of how things take a turn south
    really fast in peoples lives and keep getting worse by the minute. I’ve
    always liked ”gangster” movies like this, kinda simple but yet funny
    characters and unexpected twists you really cannot predict. It’s the
    small things that can make an average movie turn in to a good one and
    this did that for me. About half of it is just plain average but then
    things start to happen so don’t stop watching.

    The writing and characters have clear influences from Tarantinos Pulp
    Fiction, Guy Ritchie’s Snatch(and others) and the ending is quite
    ”Usual Suspect’s” type but so what if we’ve seen it before, it still
    works. For it’s budget I’m happy with what I saw.

    Too much of movies these days throw money away in effects and other
    useless crap, they still haven’t learned that a billion dollars worth
    of effects won’t make a bad script good. Save that money Hollywood and
    make a hundred of these types instead. Put the money towards good
    writers and casting and that will save you a lot.. and make a better
    movies at the same time.

  • Siobhan LydonNovember 23, 2015Reply

    It needed music? better editing?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Paul WycherleyNovember 23, 2015Reply

    simply brilliant

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • quincytheodoreNovember 24, 2015Reply

    Four debts and a funeral

    For all the gritty title and noir poster it has, the better part of
    Criminal Activity is its satirical attempt on crime genre. The thriller
    works by introducing subplots while playing out the main story with a
    lot of twists and turns. While not every narrative pays out, there’s a
    solid acting here and it’s pretty exciting to see the diverse
    characters as they are put in highly volatile situations.

    Four young men reunite on the funeral of their friend. After a smoke
    they are intrigued by an investment opportunity that fails almost
    immediately. Unfortunately to them the investment is already tied to a
    mafia and they must do a difficult favor to clean the slate. Their
    hardship eventually turns into a spiral of dangerous power struggle
    with kidnapped niece and nephew while agents and assassins chase after

    It’s a deeper premise than it originally shows, creating layers of
    subplots as it progresses. Some of the sequences are highly
    entertaining due to their absurdity and good delivery by the actors.
    Edi Gathegi as the gangster involved in all the shenanigans stands out
    even among the capable leads of John Travolta and Dan Stevens. There
    are unexpected outlandish mafia themed narratives, or perhaps slight
    parody of it, that will deliver chuckle or thrill to audience.

    However, even with most of the story manage to be entertaining, the
    movie tends to overreach. It has plenty of side characters or events
    that may not be that important yet still get a lot of screen time. It
    tries to pull off too many tricks that don’t resonate better than its
    core story. Not to mention the twisting revelation at the end feels
    rather abrupt and might too far fetch, although it’s still decent due
    to the outlandish nature.

    Criminal Activity works on parts where the acting and satire are
    strong, but it does try to overreach with few others distracting stints
    like a greedy mobster.

  • dagur-83637November 24, 2015Reply

    Best crime drama I’ve seen in a long time

    This is the first time I write a review on this site so forgive me if
    it’s a bit messy.

    What prompted me to write a review is the low score of this
    movie…5.8? Really???

    Criminal Activities had me glued to the screen for the entirety of the
    film. Every actor was spot on in their role and there was not a moment
    where I thought of them as actors. This movie really managed to keep me
    on my feet because you could never know what was going to happen next.
    I’m no genius but I usually figure out the plot. In this case I had it
    all wrong, this film went a different way than most and didn’t follow
    basic Hollywood formulas. A bold move but I would argue it paid off in
    this case.

    I give it a 9/10 considering a low budget. With a bigger budget the
    film could’ve had better production and a more complete script

  • David Wadsworth (ComputerDaveUK)November 24, 2015Reply

    A must see.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Stuart DaviesNovember 28, 2015Reply

    Four simpletons and a funeral…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • gonzo_donNovember 28, 2015Reply

    Travolta Rocks

    I don’t get it. You take a lame script, stick John Travolta in it, and
    it becomes a 7 star picture. And if he’d get a decent toupee, it might
    make it to an 8 star movie. I don’t understand how people can’t call
    John aside and say, ”John… look man… That thing is really
    ridiculous. Either cut it off or get a decent one, but this thing’s not
    making it. That being said, this movie was a real kick. The actors were
    likable, funny, and believable. Not a spoiler, but the kidnapping scene
    itself is worth renting this one. Michael Pitt, fresh out of Boardwalk
    Empire and Hannibal, was great– top notch actor; Rob Brown was
    excellent; Dan Stevens was also excellent; Chris Abbott was good; and
    as I said, Travolta was amazing. I don’t know how he does it. I don’t
    know how he learned to act like that because he’s really done some
    junk. But after Pulp Fiction, he makes or breaks a movie.

  • FlashCallahanDecember 5, 2015Reply

    There’s always time for ice cream…….

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • John PelichJanuary 5, 2016Reply

    At first i thought it was a bit questionable, ending made it great.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • emil_manninenJanuary 10, 2016Reply

    Don’t get scared of the low IMDb score!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • reedcm4January 12, 2016Reply

    Awesome Movie

    First time writing a review for any movie. I actually rented this movie
    and viewed it in the comfort of my home.

    The movie kept me totally interested the entire length of the film.
    Lots of twists and turns to keep one from getting up and leaving your
    comfy seat.

    Had me captivated from start to finish. I always enjoy watching John
    Travolta in any movie from his beginning many years ago.

    The ending with all the twists and turns leaves you with the feeling
    there should be a follow-up in the near future.

    Great casting for this movie especially with the up and coming actors
    Rex Baker and Tyrone Jenkins.

  • Tony Heck ([email protected])January 22, 2016Reply

    It is hard to buy Travolta as a mob boss, but this is a decent one time watch movie although nothing all that amazing

    ”Sometimes what looks like a dead end to a dire situation can be an
    opportunity.” After meeting at an old classmates funeral four friends
    begin to reconnect. When they hatch a plan to play the stock market for
    a sure thing that will make them all millionaires they jump at the
    chance. When things go wrong they not only lose their money but they
    find out that one of them borrowed money from the mob. Now, left with
    no other choice they must make a deal in order to survive. I love mob
    movies and was looking forward to this. This is not the type of mob
    movie I was hoping for. The movies is essentially a kidnapping and
    little by little more truth is uncovered. The movie isn’t that bad and
    does keep you watching but it was a little slow and not really what I
    was expecting it to be. The acting is really good, even though it is
    hard to buy Travolta as a mob boss. This is a decent one time watch
    movie but nothing all that amazing and nothing I think I would watch
    again. Overall, good but nothing to scream about. I give this a B.

  • Peter Pluymers ([email protected])February 4, 2016Reply

    An amateurish kidnapping that takes place in a confined space with forced dialogs.

    ”Are you sure he said he wanted to talk to all of us? Actually he said
    he wanted to talk to everyone but the black guy….. Yes! He wants to
    talk to ALL of us!”

    John Travolta standing in the middle of the cover in a ”Pulp Fiction”
    -like pose and according to the brief description he has something to
    do with the mob. He’s flanked both by Michael Pitt, who I saw recently
    playing in the grandiose films ”I origins” and ”Rob the Mob”, and by
    the alertly looking Dan Stevens. And all this directed by the versatile
    actor Jackie Earle Haley. It all looked promising. However, the end
    result is as horrifying as Freddy Krueger himself. A pseudo crime story
    full of irritating dialogs, nervous characters and a complex
    denouement. But don’t panic. Everything will be explained
    comprehensively in the end. A kind of brief guide for those who didn’t
    understand it, entitled ”How to screw your friends for dummies”.

    It all starts at a funeral of a mutual friend from Zach (Michael Pitt),
    Warren (Christopher Abbott) and Bryce (Rob Brown). The three former
    schoolmates organize a private after-funeral gathering in a bar where
    the rather timid and nerdy Noah (Dan Stevens) shows up. Quickly you’ll
    notice that Noah used to be the poor bastard they picked on during
    college time. He’s called, somewhat contemptuously, ”poodles”. While
    enjoying a joint, Noah tells them he got a golden tip about shares of a
    pharmaceutical company. Thanks to a little foreknowledge, this could be
    a lucrative proposition for them. However, since those loud-mouths
    don’t seem to have the right amount of money, Noah proposes to give
    them the necessary money in advance. And you’ll never guess what the
    outcome will be. Yep, how’s it possible. It goes horribly wrong. The
    CFO is arrested for fraud. The shares are worthless. And apparently
    Noah borrowed the money from the mob.

    Enter Eddie (John Travolta). The quiet,calculated and thought out mafia
    type who, while enjoying a cactus cocktail, explains them what the
    options are. Or they cough up the amount due. Or they’ll take care of a
    small matter. Namely the kidnapping of Marques (Edi Gathegi), the
    brother of a drug dealer to whom Eddie’s coke snorting brother owes a
    lot of money. To put some pressure on them, the drug dealer kidnapped
    their niece. The brother could then be used for an exchange. Still
    following? Trust me, it gets even more complicated as the film

    The most successful performers in this not so successful film (in my
    opinion) are undoubtedly Travolta and Gathegi, although Travolta also
    suffers from the illustrious ”Bruce Willis disease”. First there’s a
    short opening scene he appears in, followed by a long absence and
    finally a reappearance during the denouement. And yet his short
    performance was excellent. Although the attempt to reach the same level
    of humor as in ”Pulp Fiction”, didn’t really work out. Gathegi only had
    a limited working space, because he was taped to a chair the whole
    movie. But his defiant tone and manipulative teasing all the time was
    amusing enough. The rest of the cast just looked like a neurotic and
    panicky gang. Gradually they start realizing they ended up in a shitty
    situation. And this leads to lots of cursing, bickering and shouting
    back and forth (using the f-word an awful lot of times).

    What we get is an amateurish kidnapping that takes place in a confined
    space with forced dialogs. And also a reasonable failed attempt to
    imitate the chemistry in dialogs as we know from ”Pulp Fiction”.
    Everything feels a bit flat and pointless. The only reason why it’s so
    meaningless, is because the denouement should blow you off your socks.
    The calm before the storm. The only lesson to learn here is that you
    should always treat others with dignity. You’ll never know how it could
    backfire on you.

    PS. Funniest moment anyway : the slipping shoes.

    More reviews here :

  • Gino CoxFebruary 12, 2016Reply

    Not quite Tarantino, but an interesting film

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Wizard-8February 19, 2016Reply

    It could have been worse, but it’s still not very good

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Lukas PhilipFebruary 29, 2016Reply

    Great Movie! Some unfair reviews!!

    Now firstly, lets remember this was Directorial Debut from Jackie Earle
    Haley, so lets cut him a bit of slack. From start to finish the film
    had me hooked. You never quite know what’s coming around the corner,
    which is refreshing; I watch A LOT of films and I normally have a good
    idea of what’s going to happen.

    The acting is mostly great, apart from some of the 1 – 2 line
    characters, but the main cast are great. I thought the dialogue was
    fantastic, and had the perfect amount of humour scattered throughout
    the film. As another reviewer stated Jackie was definitely influenced
    by Mr Tarantino, but why not, he’s a genius!

    Overall, I think this movie has been unfairly scored by quite a few
    reviewers, but then at a guess I reckon they were expecting the same
    old, big budget crap that’s spewed out of Hollywood.

    If you like QT, you’ll love this movie, and the end is GREAT!! Just
    watch it and make your own mind up!!

  • Mark MairMarch 5, 2016Reply

    A better movie than the ratings imply

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • leonblackwoodMarch 10, 2016Reply

    Average! 4/10

    Review: I can honestly say that I didn’t have high hopes for this movie
    but it didn’t turn out to be totally bad. The 4 dumb criminals, Zach
    (Michael Pitt), Noah (Dan Stevens), Warren (Christopher Abbott) and
    Bryce (Rob Brown), really didn’t have a clue about kidnapping but they
    were stuck in an impossible situation after borrowing $200,000 from mob
    boss, Eddie (John Travolta). After a bad investment, they end up owing
    Eddie $400,000, so to pay there debt, they have to kidnap Marques (Edi
    Gathegi), who is the brother of a gangster who has kidnapped Eddie’s
    niece. I know it sounds confusing but it’s pretty straight forward.
    Whilst holding Marques in a derelict building, Gerry (Jackie Earle
    Haley) is on the hunt for Eddie’s niece so the 4 best friends are stuck
    with Marques, waiting for instructions from Eddie. When the storyline
    unfolds, you soon realise that all is not what it seems, in a Usual
    Suspects type of way but I do have to watch the movie again to truly
    understand the major twist. The acting isn’t bad from the whole cast,
    especially Edi Gathegi and Michael Pitt but the professionalism from
    John Travolta, makes the rest of the cast look quite amateur. The
    character that I really liked throughout the film was Jackie Earle
    Haley, who also directed the movie, so he really gave his all to this
    project. It’s not in the same league as Usual Suspects but it’s a
    watchable movie which isn’t bad for the directors debut. Watchable!

    Round-Up: I first saw Jackie Earle Haley, 54, in Little Children, we’re
    he played a paedophile and was extremely creepy, and since then he has
    starred in some big movies like All The King’s Men, Semi-Pro,
    Fragments, Watchmen, where he played Rorschach extremely well, Shutter
    Island, Lincoln, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Dark Shadows, Parkland,
    Robocop and the upcoming London Has Fallen. He really has an impressive
    portfolio, which is understandable because he’s an unique actor who
    brings intensity to all of his roles. As for this movie, I think the
    ending was extremely rushed and a lot of the scenes with the 4
    kidnappers were average. He was lucky to get such a diverse cast, who
    all brought something different to the project but I would have liked
    to have seen more from Travolta and Haley, who were the best thing in
    the movie.

    I recommend this movie to people who are into their
    crime/drama/thrillers starring John Travolta, Michael Pitt, Dan
    Stevens, Rob Brown, Jackie Earle Haley and Christopher Abbott. 4/10

  • LeonLouisRicciMarch 16, 2016Reply

    More Spotty than Spot-On & Ending an Overwritten Piece Together Puzzle

    A Low-Budget Indie by First Time Director Haley. His Film will Probably
    have You saying this isn’t the first time for this Type of Thing.
    Obviously, a Homage or a Copycat, depending on Your Feeling about the

    It’s mostly Dialog Driven with Splatters of Violence for Punctuation.
    Sound Familiar? Some of the Scenes are irritating Shouting Matches and
    Hardly Witty. Others are more Clever and make for some Interesting

    An Amateur Kidnapping Scheme is at the Center of this Exercise in
    Neo-Noir. Haley plays a Glib and Aloof Mob Enforcer and John Travolta
    is in one of His Slumming Roles with Bad Makeup, but Manages to be an
    Anchor of Sorts for the Young Turks and Their Concern with High School
    Camaraderie and Current Girlfriend Fidelity.

    It’s a Scattershot Story with some Intrigue and Interest, not a lot of
    it Works but some Things Do and it is Worth a Watch for B-Movie Fans,
    and Tarantino Rip-Off Spotters. The Ending may be more Complex than
    Needed, but it Feels like the Filmmakers think that the Overly Twisted
    Wrap Up makes this Something Special. Maybe, but Maybe too Clever for
    this Small Film to Pull Off.

    It’s a Multitude of Things that were Withheld from the Audience and You
    will either be Saying A-Ha, or Give Me a Break. Depending if You can
    Fully Understand it all or Feel that it isn’t Worth Understanding after

  • slage-71262March 18, 2016Reply

    good, but could be better

    The end could be better if it takes sometime to describe the strategy

    John is fine as last years of his career, but the director should
    explore his talent a bit more.

    I expected a longer action in this movies.]

    But it is fine if you just want to see some actors making the best they

    As I commented before, some more know actors would improve this move
    performance, once there is a good role play behind.

    thanks for the opportunity of watching it based on IMDb comments.

  • vcgravesMarch 19, 2016Reply

    Wretched Embarrassment-don’t waste a second of your life on this

    Anyone involved with this movie should just be ashamed of themselves.

    The script, if there was one, was just a bunch of guys yelling f-words
    at each other.

    Worthless, f, f, f, this, and f, f, f, that.

    Cinematography? Shaky cam shot by a 12-year-old. Not one interesting

    Plot? Forget it.

    Interest? None.

    Acting? Beyond lame.

    This is a product with a major star (Travolta) vying for your consumer
    dollar. The problem is, it’s utter garbage. Do not waste a minute of
    your life on this sad rip-off.

  • psagrayApril 4, 2016Reply

    A thriller with touches of comedy

    The movie starts a little disheartened with an air very British film,
    there are moments that are a bit uncomfortable because they make you
    want the plot is resolved as to take away the anxiety of brown in which
    are involved the characters, but eventually. .. Surprisingly the end
    makes all this worthwhile.

    ”Criminal activities” is a thriller with touches of comedy about a
    group of friends who get in trouble with the mob. Of 90’s air, the film
    is an entertaining exercise in style by Jackie Earle Haley, actor
    (Little Children, Watchmen) and now director, but the problem is that
    the story is not too interesting, neither charismatic nor brilliant
    dialogue. Conceivably, it could have done with this story someone like

    The movie starts a little listless with an air of British film, there
    are moments that are a bit uncomfortable because they make you want the
    plot is resolved as to take away the anxiety of brown in which are
    involved the characters, but surprisingly the end It makes all this

    They are undoubtedly the best actors. Travolta enjoys acting and makes
    sketch smiles to viewers. Jackie Earle Haley is always disturbing and
    interesting. Dan Stevens and Michael Pitt put the young note in two
    very different characters from his previous performances.

  • Prismark10April 5, 2016Reply

    Look at it this way

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • steeledantonApril 29, 2016Reply

    what was that?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Larry SilversteinMay 2, 2016Reply

    Rather Gimmicky

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • vikpkMay 8, 2016Reply


    I wish there was something good about this movie so I can write a
    spoiler. It is plain awful. Terrible people, doing terrible things to
    other terrible people.

    The plot is pretentious and stupid at the same time. Sleazebags steal
    money from other sleaze-bags, so they can provide a setup for a lot of
    F-word and many variations, repetitions, and the derivatives of the
    curse word. The language gets so bad, that it becomes unbearable. Who
    talks like that? Even if they do, why do we need to be slapped in the
    face with the flood of profanity? And people pay money to be subject to

    This is a bad movie, so bad that I consider it one of the unimportant
    signs that we are coming to the end of the world.

    Do not waste your precious time. I couldn’t not finish it and just
    walked away.

  • chilipeppers-17879May 10, 2016Reply

    Good movie

    TO PERSON WHO ARE GOING TO SEE THE MOVE….This will give away a lot of
    it, so I suggest you read this AFTER you’ve seen the movie.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. And I know it’s only fiction, but the
    plan revealed at the end had some major flaws. How did the guy making
    the plan know the following stuff: 1. The guy behind the stock was
    going to be arrested? 2. The two friends not involved with the scam
    were going to be interested in investing in the stock? 2.Their two
    friends not involved in the scam were going to go along with the
    kidnapping plan and not go directly to the cops? 3.The kidnapping was
    going to be successful? This means:

    a. The guy being kidnapped wasn’t going to be able to maneuver out of
    it especially since he had a gun

    b. The feds chasing them weren’t going to be able to stop them? 4. The
    kidnappers uncle was going to offer a reward for his nephew? AND go
    through with it especially after he learned his nephew was a rat?

  • LeftbankerMay 24, 2016Reply

    Not Clever Enough to Pull it Off

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • antoniotiernoJune 3, 2016Reply

    interesting plot twist

    All the guys proceed well but the actors, including the scene-stealing,
    acquit themselves quite amusingly, as does director Haley, who also
    plays one of Travolta’s henchmen. Working from a chatty script not as
    cleverly hatched as it likes to think it is, Haley whips it into
    something decently entertaining even as you begin thinking about how
    truly great ”Get Shorty” and Travolta’s Chili Palmer were midway
    through those double-crossing criminal activities. Criminal Activities
    is overall a sneaky, snaky little crime thriller with some pretty
    impressive plot twists with some stylish touches and committed
    performances which enliven this otherwise not special crime thriller.

  • lavatchJuly 11, 2016Reply

    Sluggish Pace & Short on Action

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • adonis98-743-186503July 18, 2016Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • andrewmcl83-170-764416August 8, 2016Reply

    Twist at end was great

    Im not going to say much other than it reminded me of suicide kinds
    with a much better twist. Iveseen a lot of reviews where people are
    complaining about the twist at the end. I found it totally
    unpredictable and actually gave you an answer to the whole movie unlike
    so many movies today where it ends with someone just walking away and
    you are left saying ”that’s it”? I gave it a 7 only because 7.7 isn’t
    an option. I would watch it a second time and i do suggest this movie
    as a good movie that will not leave you feeling you’ve wasted your
    time. Also, i had no problems with any of the acting, overall i would
    give the actors a 7 as well.

  • kosmaspNovember 11, 2016Reply

    No Saints

    B-movies can be fun, they also can be bad. Or they can be quite
    alright. And this for me was the latter. It wasn’t really bad, but it
    didn’t really give me that much. So while there were a few things that
    didn’t quite work, I did like the overall chemistry. There were a
    couple of missed opportunities, considering the set up the movie could
    work with, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t get the things right it did
    use (eye of the beholder and all).

    There is tension and there is decisions that do not make too much
    sense. There are also a couple too many forgettable characters thrown
    into the mix. And there are the (sometimes) foreseeable twists and
    turns in the story and character development … Does that sound
    enticing to you?

  • Ed-ShullivanDecember 27, 2016Reply

    A lot of blather about nothing…and then I was surprised by the decent ending

    Criminal Activities has a good cast for talent in the main roles with
    Michael Pitt, Dan Stevens, Christopher Abbott, Rob Brown, Edi Gathegi
    and John Travolta. The premise of the film is four old friends come up
    with a financial investment plan to make a small fortune but they need
    $200K in seed money which one of the four old friends arranges to get a
    loan for. When their financial investment plan quickly goes south their
    anonymous financial backer comes forward and demands his $200K back
    immediately plus another $200K in interest, or else their heads will be
    handed to them, literally. The loan arranger is connected to the mob
    underworld and he tells his four patsies that he will wipe the slate
    clean of the $400K loan if they agree to kidnap another hood and hold
    him for just 24 hours.

    So the kidnapping plan is set in motion with the four amateurs and
    although it hits a few snags they eventually get the kidnapping
    completed and they keep the mob hostage tied up for their loan shark
    waiting to get the green light to let him go.

    What follows is about 60 minutes of continuous blather by all cast
    members including a whole lot of four letter words that rhyme with the
    word ”PUCK”. Most sensible film goers would at some point get up and
    ask for a refund but since I purchased the Blu Ray I chose to bear with
    the directors master(less)piece and although I was becoming very
    irritated with the endless blather of totally useless dialogue by the
    six main characters which I assumed was necessary to fill an otherwise
    empty void to completing a 94 minute movie I hung in there and I was
    rewarded with a better than average film end.

    I don’t want to spoil any film goers surprise ending or personal
    experience with Criminal Activities but to summarize the film in three
    acts I would rate: Act One (1) with a ”C” rating, Act Two (2) with a
    ”D” rating, and the final act, Act Three (3) with a ”B+” plus rating.

    So if you can hang in there through a pretty boring middle half of the
    film with a lot of useless four letter word dialogue you may be
    pleasantly surprised with an above average decent film ending.

  • adam-64905April 15, 2017Reply

    Enjoyable, low-budget crime thriller

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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