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Dark Moon Rising

Dark Moon Rising

Pray for the SunriseAug. 04, 2015 USA124 Min.
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8.6 1,131 votes

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Justin Price



A group of shape-shifting werewolves descend upon a small town in search of a girl who is re-born once every 2000 years. She holds the key to their survival and all will die who stand in their way.

Dark Moon Rising
Original titleDark Moon Rising
IMDb Rating5.3 6,774 votes
TMDb Rating3.4 17 votes

(116) comments

  • phuongqb900June 4, 2015Reply

    Finally werewolves done right !

    I was expecting the run of the mill horror story revolving a new guy in
    town and people with beards who are clearly werewolves and yet I’m
    supposed to be surprised later. Not here, this reminded me a lot of my
    favorite show teen wolf and I loved it. It was well shot and acted and
    when you think you know what’s going to happen it throws you for a

    Pros: acting and directing is top notch and I love Henrick. Wardrobe
    was big budget quality Cons: a clear setup for the sequels to follow,
    wanted to see more of the WOLFPACK Would definitely recommend it was a
    joy to watch, refreshing!

  • phuongqb-15190June 4, 2015Reply

    I love romantic films

    WOW!I am biased because I love romantic films and at its core this is a
    fantasy story with real bite! Pun intended 🙂

    I love the lead guy chase and the chemistry with the lead is

    I think people go into these films trying to put too much into it
    instead of enjoying because this film was a great surprise for me. The
    makeup and wardrobe really shine here.

    I felt like was watching dragon ball z or something and it was way

    I would recommend

  • evanssbuddy2June 4, 2015Reply

    Love this film!

    Love this film! It reminded me of what I love most about independents
    how they are able Able to take chances and this film was a definite
    surprise to me.

    I think the production value was great, I loved Eric in this even tho
    he seems to have been in a lot of B movies as of late this was a

    He is in rare form and I hope he gets back on track. The wolf pack
    needed more screen time.

    There was a beautiful Asian girl named Kool or Ku that I wanted to see
    more but the Wolfpack didn’t get much screen time . Overall not bad.

  • FilmAzoresJune 7, 2015Reply

    Awesome Movie!

    It was so great! And considering the budget, this was actually a huge

    I think it’s one of those films you put on and just relax and enjoy,
    because its a hell of a ride!

    I could talk about so many bits I absolutely loved, but it would ruin
    the movie… So just watch it!

    Eric was amazing as always and there are definitely some rising stars

    Justin’s work is getting better and better. Can’t wait for his next
    movie now!

  • Brooklyn ClarkJune 8, 2015Reply

    All in all though it is fun to watch

    I really didn’t know what to make of this film when I first started
    watching; on the whole the way the story lines are paced are a little
    choppy and unusual, and at the beginning you feel the urge to take
    flight and watch a lot of action but then it goes into college and its
    like wait, what? The mean, popular girl, the new girl love interest,
    the awkward geeky kid turned courageous hero, and his comic-relief
    friend. And then…everything evolves. Not a single character plays to
    their expected stereotype, and more than once I have been deeply
    impressed by the talent of the cast (notably Anastasia Antone and
    Cameron White) as they face off against the badguys, the misunderstood
    good guys, the antiheroes, and the wolves in sheep’s clothing. The cgi,
    the prosthetics, and the camera work rivals any supernatural movie I’ve
    seen in a long while. The plot can get a little convoluted I mean is
    Henrick helping or hurting the wolves? All in all though it is fun to
    watch, packed with great folklore and mythology, and characters you can
    and will root for. A+

  • Jenkins ChazJune 8, 2015Reply

    Must this happen on every film?

    Okay lets just start with the fact that most of people are here
    reviewing and are biased either good or bad and im not saying which is
    best but people giving 10’s and giving 1’s need to stop. Must this
    happen on every film? I saw a ”1” on inception ARE YOU KIDDING ME? So I
    say that to say this. Its an independent film meaning they didn’t have
    a studio backing the film where food is everywhere and cameras are
    everywhere with lights and grips and wardrobe people and etc doing
    every little thing. Yet you don’t feel cheated when watching this film.
    The wardrobe looks amazing and the cgi is decent. I will say that for
    the film if nothing else it is gorgeous to watch. Now to the film

    I don’t know if there was an overall point because I didn’t get it but
    I did get a fun ride into a genre that was popular in the 70s and 80’s
    and then butchered with the twilight film but I think this wa more of a
    dragon ball z, Japanese animation type film made for comic cons and
    etc. If I had to put it into a category id say it was a poorman’s xmen
    and that’s crazy to try and do without millions but alas we have Dark
    Moon Rises. I think they succeed at character development but needed a
    tighter outlook on the script because it does feel as if it’s a setup
    for the next few films. Id say to the film makers be sure to have more
    meat in your next one because everyone may not go for the ride not
    knowing exactly what is going on.

  • (bellcarmine9)June 8, 2015Reply

    Lets start with saying

    Lets start with saying that i’m tremendous fantasy/supernatural fan,
    but i hate to see unoriginal films i really hate that already seen it
    feeling. At start this film seemed to be just that. With the car scene
    in the woods and the wolf attack but then it goes left field out of no
    where and I loved that. Not groundbreaking but still fun so i out of
    boredom i continued watching it, and as the film progresses i was
    amused. It got away firstly from your typical creatures that you see in
    shows these days, characters developed into something i never saw
    coming and the film just got better and better. I must say that this is
    the next step of evolution of fantasy films. producers aren’t afraid to
    try something new, and they are doing it great. Bottom line take the
    time out to watch: If you like supernatural phenomena and decent or
    better scripts Not to watch.

  • Bronwyn YoungJune 8, 2015Reply

    Dark Moon Rising is amazing

    I wanted to start a new franchise and this one was perfect i have
    watched it 3 times already and I reached out to the fanpage to see if
    there were any updates on the sequel because the wolfpack deserved more
    SCREEN TIME please!!! The hot Asian girl was beautiful and I didn’t see
    her a lot KHU! Remember that name because she looked menacing and
    gorgeous. The characters are fun, fresh and imaginative. The actors are
    perfect the ones that are supposed to be funny are hilarious the ones
    that are supposed to be scary are terrifying.

    The story is completely different to anything you ever see. It is those
    kind of films that you cant stop watching. But, why would you leave it?
    You”ll be crazy to leave this.

    In conclusion; watch it, you will not regret it. It is funny, scary,
    romantic and fresh. Forget other comments and reviews they don’t
    appreciate real fantasy films.

  • deioncox7June 8, 2015Reply

    I didn’t expect anything

    I didn’t expect anything, cause I didn’t know the actors nor what the
    story was going to be. At the end I realized it was quick, it had funny
    dialogues, it wasn’t not pretentious and it was absolutely FUN! It’s
    what was made to be! While Twilight is boring to death. The acting was
    good, the special effects weren’t too cheesy, and there is something
    dark and edgy about it. I admit some parts of the plot are predictable,
    but then again, there are some things that flat out surprised me. There
    are a lot of werewolf movies that completely go dead because of lack of
    interest. Like for example ‘Wolf Lake’, ‘Big wolf on campus’ and I’m
    sure there are more, but I forgot them. I truly think that if given a
    greater budget this could have been the stylized exciting take on
    werewolves it was meant to be. But since this is what we are left with
    I would give this a happy incomplete and this was a good unique spin on
    the genre.

  • watsoncornelius56June 8, 2015Reply

    Don’t judge the film from the title.

    Please simply don’t. There is so much potential here that is truly a
    piece of fantasy fun! I think the producers should seriously think
    about updating the ”name” though as they move forward with the
    franchise. Now Watch and Love!! 1. The story line is pretty much a
    romantic one at heart! Great potential awaits.

    2. Amazing actors/actresses are discovered. Especially Anastasia Antone
    (Dawn). She is awesome. Wolfpack are great villains.

    3. The tension and curiosity manipulations and surprise effects works

    4. Characters typically develop through the upcoming films in the
    series but the chemistry between the leads is established immediately.
    They become more appealing and sincere.

    5. Writers do not bore people with unnecessarily kept secrets.

    6. Most importantly, this show makes you want to be a part of it. A
    part of that world, their world. This is important.

    Are you still here? Go and start watching.

  • Cruz BennettJune 8, 2015Reply

    2.*** This review may contain spoilers ***

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • pricedana7June 8, 2015Reply

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Caleb TorresJune 9, 2015Reply

    It has all what every one need to enjoy

    When I started to watch a movie I started with teenwolf and I liked It
    too much because It has all what every one need to enjoy himself
    watching a long series such as comedy, movement, thriller, action,
    Romance, Reality, sci-fi, fantasy, and drama, When I finished watching
    It I begin to watch films and none had the same charm until now! Dark
    Moon Rising is really likable and good. of course If you wanna some of
    these things see a movie from that kind but not a series..when you have
    the feeling to enjoy your time, then watch a film like this.. and
    really you will like It so much.. very very good film and you will
    really love It because It has at least one of things each one of you
    need to watch..personally, really you will like so much Dawn the female
    character, you can learn a lot about acceptance and family from her.
    Like it much and very would like to recommend it to any fans of the

  • Brody HarrisJune 9, 2015Reply

    This film is worth watching

    It is simply breathtaking and funny thing is IT IS NOT A Cliché’ as I
    expected it to be.If you like original ideas support indy artists and
    watch this film because it allows for more creative voices and plus
    werewolves are way cool!  I have to say my expectations were pretty
    low when I saw the ad for the film but karma worked her magic for me.It
    was late and i wanted to end my night with a good movie and laid my
    eyes upon Dark Moon Rising and i was simply surprised.I was hooked! i
    still remember how excited i got to catch the lead Cameron White just
    be amazing at life!It has mystery because of werewolves,hunters, and
    lycans .And you wanna know why they are all in this world! So you are
    just waiting for the next installment. i don’t want to be spoiling
    it?Its because i think people need to see the rest for themselves.So
    everyone please check it out.You wouldn’t wannna miss this.Just give
    this film a chance.It is simply epic.

  • (caidenphillips1)June 9, 2015Reply

    I absolutely love this film and I can’t wait to watch it again!

    At first I thought it’d be really cheesy, but it isn’t. I am not a
    twilight fan at all but I actually really like this show, even though
    it deals with the whole supernatural idea as well. It is really
    suspenseful and I just want to keep watching when it ends. I was always
    surprised by what happened next and that is what kept me so hooked!
    There’s hardly a moment where you get bored with this film, because it
    keeps you drawn in the entire time! I think the actors do a great job,
    surprisingly. I thought they’d be horrible actors just like off some
    cheesy Disney show. But they are actually fantastic! Plus I love Chace,
    he’s my favorite. I think the actor really portrays his character well
    and he adds a little bit of comedy to the the movie. Believe me, if you
    haven’t watched this filmyet, you should! The director is young and
    plays Sin in the film and that was a great name. Loved and I would hate
    to miss a single minute of it. Can’t wait for more!

  • biwayJune 9, 2015Reply

    I like the concepts

    I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but here is yet another werewolf
    film and it was surprisingly original.

    Dark Moon Rising is a love story

    Don’t think the characters were as fleshed as they needed to be but it
    was a decent attempt.

    I like the concepts and the thought behind some of the choices the
    director made

    but it straddles the line to close for it to be as impact as he may
    have intended.

    Decent film, luckily just a rental.

  • Bryson HillJune 9, 2015Reply

    I love this film…

    the dialogue got way better with the 2 leads on screen..the characters
    have come into their own for sure and are well played..I was worried
    about the wolfpack not having screen time until I saw the ending and
    realized it was all part of a plan to set up part 2. Don’t worry this
    film has a great ending and fight scene with Gecko and Chace. It is not
    being too overbearing and overdone .the special effects are to be
    admired..while the werewolf makeup is lame and is noted
    that most of the time they are only half changed..more work on the make
    up of the werewolves would be welcome..even said..the story and general
    cast are brilliant..good job..well worth watching. I am at least
    intrigued to see what everyone else thinks of this unique blend of
    horror and fantasy.

  • ortizclifford5June 9, 2015Reply

    It’s mysterious, dark, funny, and sexy

    I think what bugs people about this is that it has a familiar name Dark
    Moon Rising just sounds like a horror film but when you watch you will
    know its much better than its title would lead. I get why people are
    hesistant. But really, this show is not bad. It’s mysterious, dark,
    funny, and sexy. I’m loving it so far.

    Yes, it kind of reminds you of Twilight.

    But think of it this way: it’s like Twilight with much better acting
    and a thrilling plot.

    So really if you don’t like, don’t’ watch it or moan about it.

    A lot of other people like it, so respect the other people.

    I can’t wait for the next film they make!!!!

  • Bryden GreenJune 9, 2015Reply

    The acting is overall good

    In the first few minutes of the show starts as a typical college drama
    with a lot of stereotypical characters like the sympathetic underdog
    (no pun intended) protagonist and his awkward companion but the lead
    girl is immediately introduced and it takes off from there. As the
    story progresses it soon leaves this clichés behind and becomes a lot
    darker and more violent. The acting is overall good and the script well
    maintains the balance between comic and dramatic with sometimes even
    moments of horror. Fortunately the romantic aspects are not
    overemphasized. So if you are a fan of the supernatural genre and got
    fed up by vampires or just like people beating each other up in slow
    motion while growling bestially you should definitely give this film a

  • Brynn NelsonJune 9, 2015Reply

    I have grown up with the Wolfman and teen wolf and no this is not like it.

    It in it’s own right is pretty awesome. I am 34 years old and I love
    the anime style of the film.

    The plot is good..the surprises are good..even though I am not familiar
    with the actors/actresses I love it. They are not cheesy actors. I am
    only familiar with eric roberts (who was excellent as Henrick, great
    look and role for him) The cast is very good although I think they are
    mostly newcomers. I like the good versus evil. Who doesn’t like a good
    competition. I like the love story, I can see how kids that age could
    relate to kid issues. My daughter and I love it and there is really no
    inappropriateness in it! I was pleasantly surprised..great film give it
    a watch,not just for comic con fans!! recommended!

  • Cale TurnerJune 9, 2015Reply

    I was very skeptical at first.

    I heard about a wolf film and thought it was another ”Twilight” kind of
    movie and believe me that’s the last thing moves need. But it is
    actually different. It follows the main aspects of any werewolf flick.
    But its told in a dragon ball, Naruto or cowboy bebop anime type of
    way. Fantasy cliffs and wolf pack members being from different tribes
    granting different powers to each. Loved it! The characters in the
    movie are very relatable and are very easy to love. Especially Dawn and
    Chace. The show is not all about falling in love with who you are.

    The show has a horror flick type of filming. It is very dark and
    twisted in some scenes, theses scenes are meant to scare the viewer.
    Other scenes are very light hearted and funny.

    Over all the movie is very well written and very well acted. The only
    thing that could be changed a bit it the cgi on some of the werewolf
    scenes and the drama beneath why henrick is doing what he does to the

  • amabileanthonyJuly 16, 2015Reply

    Very Hot.

    Everybody is so good looking in this movie I forget it’s supposed to be
    scary, especially the main werewolves. Dawn is my new crush and I hope
    she comes back for part two AND three of the trilogy, I wouldn’t mind
    seeing that face again. And the Asian villain is hot too. And she looks
    so tall. I wonder if it’s all in the heels. They should both come back
    and fight each other.

    The movie in general was a great mix of horror and fantasy. It’s very
    Twilight-ish but more realistic. I don’t now how this independent
    company pulled off such a ”big” film. I wanted to be dragged around
    town by Dawn. I would definitely add it to my library of goodness

  • MartinHaferJuly 23, 2015Reply

    Can you trust any low budget film with an 8.8 BEFORE it’s released and every review is glowing?

    I am not going to give this film a score, as I have to admit I couldn’t
    finish watching it. It’s a pretty bad film and I felt like I was
    wasting my time and had no intention of reviewing it here on IMDb.
    Imagine my surprise when I checked the IMDb page and found it has an
    overall rating of 8.8 (higher than GONE WITH THE WIND or CASABLANCA)
    and NOTHING but very, very glowing reviews….even though the film
    hasn’t even come out yet. While I would hesitate to say it in most
    cases, it does make you question the voracity of the
    reviews–especially since many of these reviewers have watched and
    reviewed the exact same small group of films. What are the odds?!

    The bottom line is that this is a cheapo horror film with some rather
    poor CGI …so how can it get nothing but 7, 8, 9 and 10 scores as well
    as accolades such as GREAT, GREAT MIX, FORGET THE BAD REVIEWS (even
    though as of today, no negative reviews have been posted and mine will
    be the first) and AMAZING. It’s also very odd that when you read
    through the reviews chronologically, they mostly are in alphabetical
    order–and the Cs come in bunches as well as the Bs. It’s also strange
    that the film has been rated over 4500 times…yet it hasn’t yet
    debuted! Caveat Emptor–buyer beware!

    UPDATE: As of 8/11, the score has dropped to 6.6. This is still WAY out
    of proportion to the quality of the movie but I suspect as times passes
    and more folks see it that the score will continue to drop.

    UPDATE: A year and a half later, it’s 5.2. Still WAY too high (because
    it’s inflated due to the fake reviews) but getting closer to where it
    should be.

  • Andrew Fauxner ([email protected])July 24, 2015Reply

    Unmitigated garbage

    This film is awful. This film is beyond all descriptors or adjectives
    that could be used to imply how awful it is.

    The dialogue is garbage. The plot is garbage. The CGI is garbage. The
    acting is garbage. The Music is garbage. The execution is garbage.

    Nothing in this movie makes any sense. It has no internal logic. It
    neither sets any internal rules for how its universe is supposed to
    work, nor would it follow them if it did.

    This film is the living incarnation of a 15-year old Goth kid’s
    notebook sketches being realized with a budget enough to put CGI in.

    The main cast dress like anime characters in a world populated by
    people dressed like normal human beings. They speak hokey garbage
    dialogue that sounds like it was intended to be deep. Garbage Nu-
    Metal-Lite plays throughout it constantly. If you like shoddy Linkin
    Park knockoffs, maybe the music is for you.

    Everything about this movie was garbage, from beginning to end.

    Don’t let the myriad positive reviews previously here fool you – pure
    astroturfing by a marketing firm or the cast and crew themselves.
    Dozens of accounts created years ago with one review: Dark Moon Rising,
    using common talking points, and mentioning renting it on DVD in
    reviews all submitted the same day, long before the DVD is set to be

    So not only is this movie the work of hacks, but also frauds.

    Every part of this is garbage, do not debase yourself by watching it.

  • jeffweiss2004July 25, 2015Reply

    Failed Film makers stop hating!

    The movie has an 8.8 and thats from 4500 people! I saw a review that
    asked how can you trust this before its released but yet he gave a
    ”review”? Get back to your computer dude and worry about working
    Mcdonalds! Everyone doesn’t have to agree with your opinion to be right
    and wrong its a film! I like Inception and some people hated Inception.
    I loved Avatar and some hated Avatar how about you spend some time
    reviewing the film and just give an opinion and stop trying to ”SAVE”
    everyone from a film. Its an Indy film that probably you bootlegged or
    torrented why are you even commenting? It costs 1.00 to rent out a
    redbox so what if you hated it I am certain there are a million films
    in big budget studios that you hate as well. Now on tot he film. It was
    like a long t.v. episode and needed more in it to be as effective. I
    like the characters and the different take on werewolves by giving them
    this Bleach Dragon Ball Z feel. I wasn’t too fond of the voice overs in
    the head thing but whatever. bottom line its a nice rental and an okay
    film and if you think movies are a ”1” then you clearly have never made
    a film and should stop hating! next time you feel like posting a ”1”
    put up a link to your film so we can compare…if not GET THE [email protected] out
    of here with that ”1” and ”worst movie ever” crap..worst movie ever is
    the one u didn’t make because u don’t have the talent to even pull off
    that type of film.

  • tickerpopAugust 4, 2015Reply

    This movie is by far the WORST MOVIE EVER MADE!

    This movie is by far the worst movie that I have ever had the
    disastrous pleasure of viewing. In fact, it was so bad I couldn’t
    finish all of it. The rating that this movie has gotten could not have
    come from REAL people who actually ”watched” the movie because no one
    in their right mind would rate this movie above a 1.

    An example of how bad this movie is can be viewed in the make out scene
    that takes place by the railroad tracks. While they are in the back
    seat of the car you can clearly see the boom mike right behind the
    actor, and then watch as it follows him out of the car. How does this
    happen when there’s not one but two editor’s for the movie.

    Another thing that really makes this movie terrible is the acting from
    not one, or even a couple of the star’s but ALL of the actor’s. While I
    am sure that the director was the reason for most of the utterly poor
    performances, I can honestly say that these kids can not act at all.
    Hence the reason you will have NEVER heard of any of them and after
    this movie bomb, will probably never hear from any of them again.

    I don’t normally write reviews, but when I noticed that this movie was
    given an 8.8 out of 10 with over 5,000 people voting, I couldn’t keep
    to myself. In all honesty, the people who voted for this pile of
    steaming . . . Are better actor’s than the people who were cast in the
    movie because in the beginning at least they were believable or I would
    not have even wasted my time on this twisted train wreck of a movie.

    If you are sitting up one night and you have nothing to do, keep doing
    that because it’s more entertaining than watching this movie. I wish
    IMDb had decimal points in their rating system because this movie
    doesn’t even deserve the ”1” that I Gave it. Oh well, time to go

  • jlcg96August 4, 2015Reply

    I like where this is going

    I’m definitely guilty of liking cult movies, with off the wall story
    lines… That being said, I do think Character development is important
    to some extent. I really like the characters in this film. While they
    are not all ‘A Listers’, I do think they hold their own especially in
    the big scenes next to Eric Roberts….. Eric Roberts is one of my
    favorite actors, what a treat it must have been to work with him.
    That’s a lot of years of experience and knowledge right there. Kudos on
    the character development and work done by all actors…You can see
    throughout the film the attention to detail, which is also important.
    As far as CGI goes, I think it was pretty descent, especially for a LOW
    budget film. Nice work Dark Moon Rising Staff!

    I’d also like to say that a lot of these negative reviews seem like
    personal attacks, and irrational though spewing from envy and hate….
    So sorry, but I cannot take anything you say seriously, it’s just to

  • jamaalburdenAugust 4, 2015Reply

    If you Hating Why you logging in writing novels?

    I never seen a movie not worth anyone’s time receiving Nobel peace
    prize reviews! IMDb trolls are out hard… numbers don’t lie and if the
    film has over 5k people liking it thus far thats what it is so hate all
    you want there is a certain sect of the population that like this film
    and thats a fact. So all this worse movie ever and avoid it crap is
    about as weightless as those sayign Inception wasn’t good or they
    didn’t like Dark Knight. The film itself was good for what it wanted to
    do. It was an avante garde artistic view on the werewolf folklore. It
    gave scenes of the typical wolf film like the scene with the girl and
    boyfriend in the car and then it flips it on you as that is not the
    main focus. It then goes sci fi into fantasy worlds and etc it is like
    watching Dragon Ball Z or anime it wasn’t meant to be like the Howling,
    you know why because we have THE HOWLING haha so if you like something
    different and unique then this film is a cool enough rental or just an
    addition to the collection and thats real. hate all you want people who
    cant make a film . My film is called Bloody Mary by the way, look it
    up! Cause I make them.

  • reginaflannyAugust 4, 2015Reply

    The movie went many different ways but I was entertained

    The movie went by very fast so I’m sure there were a lot of missing
    parts that explained more of what’s going on. Or maybe the director is
    saving those plot points for the second and third installments. Eric
    Roberts is always great in anything and everything he does so that was
    refreshing to see him in this movie. All the characters were young and
    hot, so who can complain about that? The effects were obvious, but
    after seeing them throughout it wasn’t as bad as you would think. I
    don’t know how you could get mad at werewolves killing people left and
    right and people in cool costumes. Hopefully in the next one there will
    be more ”chemistry” between the main characters, it was a little junior
    high and needed more ”heat.”

  • harry-kylesAugust 4, 2015Reply

    Do not trust the glowing reviews for this movie

    **UPDATE 7th August*** So it looks like someone involved with the movie
    got upset with the negative reviews from real viewers and felt the need
    to post even MORE positive fake reviews on the 6th August under the
    following usernames……

    AlvinJEllis AlvinJShort AlvinAScott AlvinaMGrace AltonJJames
    AlonzoEPuckett AlmaFSampson AllenNThompson AllenJRawlins AllenJGalvin
    AllanAHallam AlissaPVillarreal AlisonCChavez AlishiaPGonzales

    I guess it could be just a coincidence that all 14 users who posted
    reviews that day had names that started with AL?

    ***Original review****

    31 positive reviews for this movie (at the time of writing), 24 of them
    all joined IMDb on the same date 2 years and 6 months ago, and all 31
    positive reviews were written on the same day, 9th June 2015. Obviously
    cast & crew were reviewing themselves and thought pretty highly of
    their work, they shouldn’t have….

    So the movie starts with 2 women dressed in skin tight black leather
    and Lycra fighting each other, with no explanation as to why or who is
    who, making the entire fight scene pointless because I don’t care who
    wins or loses, and then a guy….. appears…… who….. talks……
    so…… slow …… overacting ….. that you immediately hope that he
    dies in the next scene. Then some more stuff happens and a character
    walks towards the camera and it goes out of focus briefly because
    whoever was meant to keep the character in focus didn’t, they made a
    mistake and somehow the director and editor let it make it into the
    final cut. This is BEFORE the opening credits start.

    The effects – When I saw the first werewolf in the opening scene I
    couldn’t tell if it was bad stop motion or bad CGI, either way it
    looked bad. There are so many CGI effect shots in this that it gives
    the impression that a bunch of students from the local film school were
    all promised if they each did a CGI effect of their choice it would be
    written into the movie. There are too many effects, all of them are
    bad, and most of them are pointless and only serve to distract from….

    The story – I lost interest. It’s obviously meant to be one of these
    teen Mortal Instruments or Twilight type films, it just wasn’t written
    very well. It ended up a muddled and confusing mess with no clear
    direction and things happening for seemingly no reason other than the
    writer thought ”this would be cool” so he put it in the script, this is
    especially true for most of the sequences that involve effects, they’re
    pointless and add nothing to the story. Characters do things that you
    don’t understand because their motivations are unclear. You can’t
    empathize with the characters because they aren’t written well enough
    to feel like real people so you just don’t end up caring about them.
    The story came across as an amateur attempt by a writer/director who
    lacked focus. It was not helped by….

    The acting – Just not good. Eric Roberts is the best actor in this
    movie by a country mile, that should give you all the information that
    you need to know. There is one guy who sounds like Christian Bale doing
    his Batman voice whenever he talks, it’s really funny to watch even
    though I think it’s meant to be scary or intimidating, the rest of the
    cast are unbelievable at best, annoying and distracting at worst. I
    think the only thing we can blame for this is….

    The directing – Where to begin? The director of this movie is also the
    writer, and his weaknesses in one compound the weaknesses in the other.
    For example, he writes weak dialogue for his actors and gets such bad
    performances from them as a director that in some scenes he has us
    hearing what the characters are thinking so they can explain what just
    happened. ”did I really just say that?” thinks a girl who has just said
    something embarrassing to a guy she’s flirting with, and then ”nice
    save Amy!” when she says something cool in the next sentence to him, it
    reminded me of the type of thing that would happen in the TV show
    Scrubs. Remember that this is supposed to be a serious horror/fantasy
    movie, not a light hearted comedy. I can’t say anything good about the
    directing in this movie, I’ve touched on a couple of the things
    already, the bad acting, the over reliance on cheap CGI effects, the
    technical issues like shots going out of focus, an incohesive story,
    conflicting tones, the list could go on, and at the end of the day
    these problems fall squarly on the directors shoulders. Someone should
    tell the director that filmmaking is about getting the basics right, to
    use a well known saying ”you have to crawl before you can walk”, this
    director tried to come out sprinting and fell flat on his face.

    The final verdict – In case you haven’t guessed, I don’t rate this
    movie very highly. If you want a werewolf fix I suggest you watch
    Ginger Snaps or American Werewolf in London, and I can’t believe I
    would ever write these words, go watch Twilight. That is how bad this
    movie is, I just recommended Twilight over it.

    Lows – Acting, directing, story, effects, all worse than most low
    budget TV shows.

    Highs – The bad guy who sounds like Christian Bale doing Batman, he
    really is funny to listen to, by the end of the movie we were in tears
    laughing every time he spoke.

    If a tween in the house forces you to watch it I suggest alcohol to
    lessen the pain and increase the humour of the Batman voice guy – 2/10

  • rheofoscherAugust 4, 2015Reply

    What you expected

    I don’t understand why there are so many people who found it necessary
    to go online and bash films and the people who create them. I’m sure
    the film makers are not getting paid from the bootleg copy you watched
    from your shady cousin who always has the ”hookup” or from the free
    viewing you received from a friend of a friend who ”review movies for a
    living” aka their blog. Finishing a film is very hard, that’s why not
    everybody does it. In today’s age I’m surprised people are so
    comfortable to voice so much hate and negativity. The film is not the
    best film ever created, but I didn’t expect it to be understanding it
    was made by a small independent company and not a huge studio in
    Hollywood. I wasn’t blown away by big explosions and crazy gadgets, but
    I was entertained and that was what I was looking for.

  • Spike Phoenix (spikephoenix)August 4, 2015Reply

    One to avoid

    Im a big fan of werewolf films, since there has been no really good
    werewolf films out for a while I had high hopes for this movie. The
    first half of the movie was passable but then it just turned into a
    drawn out, boring, bland mess of a movie. This film had a horrible
    script, poor acting, terrible CGI – I felt myself forcing myself to
    watch this one and in the end I turned it off 15 minutes before it was
    finished as I could not put myself through the rest of it. I gave this
    film 2 stars instead of one as it was never going to be a Hollywood
    blockbuster but it could have been so much better. As for the pages of
    fake reviews clearly made by cast and crew – we all know you had a
    limited budget, I think we would all respect you a little more if you
    had just been honest and said ”Its a basic werewolf film, nothing thats
    going to blow you away” instead of ”Its one of the best films ever
    made” – shame on you

  • spamtrap-22341August 4, 2015Reply

    mediocre at best

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • pmsharp-59624August 4, 2015Reply

    this movie is so bad it made me want to cry that IMDb allowed such fraudulent false up voting… shame on you IMDb.. shame on you…

    utter rubbish. this movie is SO bad that you can’t even enjoy or get a
    kick out of it for being so sh***y ( unlike other awful movies like
    ”trucks” or ”birds” which are at least fun to watch for how bad they
    are) this movie on the other hand quite literally could not have been
    any less entertaining, could not have had any poorer amateurish quality
    ”actors” (lol) and had the production value of an illiterate 7 year
    old’s you tube video. I read these reviews and see all kinds of people
    b****ng and moaning about other people giving this steaming pile of
    crap a poor rating saying things such as ”don’t watch it then” or ”ohh
    people only give 1’s and 10s on IMDb for ‘bad’ and ‘good’ and nothing
    in between” to which i would respond by saying number one, this is a
    f*cking movie review site, so yes anyone that suffered through this
    painfully crappy movie is of course going to at least come and bash it
    here, because it may be literally THE ONLY hing in relation to that
    piece of garbage film that doesn’t make you want to attack the
    producers for having wasted valuable time in your life by having
    falsely created hundreds if not thousands of fake profiles to falsely
    and fraudulently up rate this movie so far that it has a review so out
    of touch with the films actual content as to make you just want to
    laugh. so yes of course we re going to bash it here, that’s what review
    sites are for, reviewing. The second thing i will say is that my score
    of one star is fully thought out, and in fact it would be a 1/2 or a
    1/10 of a star if they allowed such, not just because i can only think
    it terms of good and bad but because this movie was so god awful that
    the idea of giving it ANY credit at all just sees like a sick bad joke.

    Also this movie needs about 10,000 one or zero star reviews to balance
    it score out to something actually at least semi representative of its
    absolutely terrible content, ya know, to balance out the 5000
    fraudulent fake votes created before this movie was even available to
    watch, fraudulently up rated by the very unskilled worthless human
    beings who wasted their self-important talentless time trying to make
    something that ended up being quite possibly the actual worst ‘film’
    ever created. its f***ing terrible guys really.

    Really, to anyone in or involved in any way with this film i will say
    this: please spare us all the wasted time of any of you ever doing
    anything entertainment related again, because this was so bad that
    there is just literally no recovering from, you guys all suck a big fat
    giant bag of d*cks…. really, you guys are just f***ing awful please
    never even approach a video camera again, this movie was so bad i
    wouldn’t even tell someone i hate to watch it… in fact so bad, that
    the idiots who made and are in it deserve to be locked in a room and
    watch it on a loop for a couple years as their punishments. If
    ware-wolfs were real they would definitely come and f***ing kill and
    eat you for making such an embarrassingly awful movie about them.

  • scottreavisAugust 5, 2015Reply

    horri-awful, just terrible

    Most have already said it better than me by now, wow this cgi. I would
    guess when a werewolf is going to attack, they probably don’t stop and
    say ”venom punch” or whatever the hell it was the lame actor says. LMAO
    at this, what i can only assume was a rejected school project, wow it
    is bad. It was kinda like the old Mortal Kombat game where the
    characters announce their next fighting attack(anybody else get that
    vibe?), oh my! Or maybe I am thinking of the Wolfman crossed with Power
    Rangers. What’s with all the Lycra???? oh man, too many things to
    mention. One question to the fellow reviewers who have somehow been
    able to regain consciousness after watching even 5 minutes of this
    movie, was the lead male character still in character from the
    disappointment of not getting cast as an extra/stand-in ”brooding
    vamp/goth/artist/literary critic in the Twilight Series? I can’t be the
    only one that gets that impression… it was quite possibly the worst
    werewolf movie i have seen, and there are some BAD ones out there(The
    Big Bad, The Feeding, Werewolf Rising, etc). Anyways, this film is
    laughable in my opinion. Power Rangers meet Wolfman meet Double
    Dragon.. I was waiting for Van Damme to make a cameo but I guess his
    agent talked him out of it

  • Gyx The one n onlyAugust 5, 2015Reply

    Cool idea, shameful production

    I like mystery, I like fantasy, I like hard plots or the more difficult
    movies. And I really, really tried to see past the unstable shots, the
    ”thoughts spoken out loud”-thing. The ”I have no idea where this movie
    is going to”. And worst of all the CGI. But in the end, every filmmaker
    has to at least satisfy some niche of fans with something solid. This
    movie is not solid. Which is quite a shame, because the script and even
    the actors showed some promise. But an audience needs to be kept in
    focus, even if you want to keep some clues away until later. Scene hops
    to scene, without giving any red-thread, and it just keeps doing that.
    No solid story or connection is made. Too bad. Because now I have to
    advice people not to watch it.

  • Jack Bonar (Daedsikcaj)August 5, 2015Reply

    Rigged Rating Needs Fixed for this POS

    This film is absolutely unwatchable. Complete garbage.

    You know those films that are so bad they’re good? Yeah this isn’t one
    of them. It’s just plain awful.

    The camera work is atrocious. I’m wondering, what kind of phone did you
    use to film this movie?

    I can’t believe I’m supposed to write ten lines on this pile of dog
    excrement. I don’t want to waste ten words on it. I don’t want to think
    about it for point ten seconds. I’d rather get punched in the face ten
    times than spend ten seconds watching this thing.

    The only reason I’m wasting any time on this is because the day it was
    released five thousand 9.0 votes suddenly appeared on IMDb. Do you know
    how many great films there are out there that will never see a
    cumulative score on IMDb this high? And yet this abortion of a movie
    has a high rating because of someone’s dishonesty, and IMDb is doing
    nothing to correct it.

    The only thing people can really do is try to counter it by putting in
    as many honest reviews as possible. Yes I did obtain a copy of this
    film. I watched a little bit, skipped through to see if I could find
    any redeemable scenes, which I could not, and then I immediately got
    rid of it. I would have to get paid to watch this movie or even keep it
    in my possession.

  • FreqEteQ NZAugust 5, 2015Reply

    Needs a silver bullet

    Never have I felt like writing the words ‘Do Not Watch This Movie’ over
    and over again in a review, until now.

    If you can make it to the opening credits and still have optimism that
    this movie might be good, then well done, you did better than we did.

    This movie is infuriatingly bad in places and laugh out loud in others.
    I don’t even know where to start with this, there are just so many
    things wrong with this movie that my head is feeling sore trying to
    think of them all. I’ll stick to the main problems. The story is
    convoluted, the acting is terrible, the cgi effects are not only bad
    but also overused as if the director thought we’d want to see more of
    these rubbish effects than we needed to. It’s just one big mess full of
    characters you don’t care about doing things you just want them to
    finish with so the movie will end.

    I watch low budget scifi, horror, fantasy movies and I enjoy lots of
    them, but this movie is an exercise into how not to approach budget
    filmmaking. Instead of trying to make some grand fantasy movie full of
    amazing effects and cool looking leather clad people who look like
    they’ve just walked out of The Matrix, and failing at all of those
    things, the writer/director should of focused on the basics, like
    getting decent performances from his actors, writing dialogue that
    sounds like humans might actually say it so we care about what they’re
    saying, and giving us a focused story that made sense.

    You can have good movies with bad acting, you can have entertaining
    movies that have bad stories, you can have engrossing movies that have
    sub-par CGI effects, what you can’t have is bad acting, bad writing and
    bad effects in one movie and expect people to like it, no matter how
    many people you get to give fake reviews and vote it a 9 on IMDb.

    There are fan made films on Youtube that are free to watch and 100x
    more enjoyable than this piece of garbage.

    This isn’t budget or even micro budget filmmaking, it is amateur
    filmmaking, and not a very good example of it either.

    Stay away, Do Not Watch This Movie.

  • dziban303August 5, 2015Reply

    Need any more evidence that IMDb’s user ratings are a joke?

    This is one of the worst cases of blatant rating astroturfing that I’ve
    seen on IMDb. I expect cast and crew of low-budget films to rate their
    own movie a 10, but I’m fairly sure there weren’t *five thousand*
    employees working on this turd of a film.

    Rather than buying bots or paying third-world people to up-vote their
    film, the producers of this dreck should have spent the money on, well,
    *anything else*. Script, cast, effects (oh god, those effects are
    pretty damn ”special”)…I suspect even spending a little more on
    catering or crafting would have doubled this movie’s quality.

    Some movies are so bad they’re worth seeing just for a laugh (or
    groan), but this is not one of them.

  • dcarsonhagyAugust 5, 2015Reply

    Someone Needs Their Head(s) Examined

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • ateachsAugust 5, 2015Reply

    Physically Ill

    I had no idea a film could make me feel physically sick. I’m not
    talking about gore. It’s just pure crap. I’m ticked that I rented this.
    I’m trying to decide if it’s worth the hold time to call Comcast and
    get my money back. The CGI is done by an elementary student. Seriously.
    Lighting is horrible. The thought voice-overs are utterly ridiculous.
    The camera is all over the place, most of the time it wasn’t even
    pointed at anything. The settings were so incredibly junior high play,
    it was a joke. I finally just got to Eric Roberts and his lines are so
    inane that he can’t even dig this sh*t out of the pit it should be
    thrown in. Bottom line, if I got a few friends together and decided to
    make a werewolf movie, using my camera phone and whatever I can find
    around my house, I could do better than this.

  • potterbond007-51-23461August 5, 2015Reply

    What in the world???

    I literally watched just 5 minutes of this pile of steaming garbage. I
    couldn’t believe why the ratings were so high and I couldn’t bear it
    for more than five minutes. I thought maybe I was one of the few out
    there who couldn’t really get it so I flitted through the rest of the
    movie and checked out bits and pieces to see if there were any
    improvements coming along and there seemed to be none. After checking
    out some of the comments and these new reviews, I get it that the wool
    had been pulled over my eyes. Fantastico scamming if I do say so
    myself. But I can’t forgive the fact that the film makers gave me hope
    for something special. I expected so much more and a good movie but you
    left my hopes dashed. Some of the dialogues I heard when I flitted
    through certain scenes were just laughable.. ”you may be a werewolf but
    you are a b**ch??”. I mean really?? And what is with the thinking out
    loud sequences??

    Some of the film makers are out in full force asking people to make a
    movie and then hate on what they do.. For your information, when you
    release something that people pay to watch, you are entitled to their
    opinion. Even if people did not pay and torrented it/borrowed it from
    somewhere, people are wasting their time on this and time is a resource
    you will never get back. If you can’t take criticism of how your work
    truly is, they don’t bother releasing it, keep it for private viewing
    and torture your guests. I would give it 2 for the effort they put in
    to perpetrate the scam and I think that the lead was quite pretty..but
    then again, 1 will do.

  • cambriffaAugust 5, 2015Reply

    Piece of sh!t.

    It’s ironic that, at a time when Hollywood is calling for stricter and
    stricter piracy laws, they’re producing more and more movies of this

    At first I was concerned with what was going wrong in a society where
    people give this movie 8/10. I’m not sure how it received that score
    but I was relieved to see some sanity in the form of bad reviews.

    I’m not even going to talk about the content of the movie as I turned
    this piece of sh!t off after 10 minutes for fear of it lowering my IQ.
    Anyone who managed to watch it to the end should immediately request a
    frontal lobotomy.

    Someone please prevent the producers of this movie from ever working

  • sike-tbAugust 5, 2015Reply

    If you care about yourself, you will never watch this piece of garbage

    I had great expectations from this flick. It was announced like a very
    good wolf movie. When I saw 8,8 rate on IMDb,my happiness was over the
    top. It took me 2 minutes to realize what piece of garbage is this.
    CGI, acting, directing, script everything is terrible. The worst movie
    I have watch for a long time. I keep asking my self who can give money
    for something like this. How can someone sign himself as a director and
    writer for something terrible as this. And acting, what can I say. It’s
    not B movie it is Z movie category. So if you care about yourself and
    about your time, skip this insult to the movie and save your nerves and

  • kjjames81August 5, 2015Reply

    an awful film.

    DO NOT BELIEVE THE FALSE REVIEWS. This film was awful from the start.
    The acting was dreadful, the effects were utter pants, it was like
    watching a very cheap version of Twilight with a little blood in it. If
    you are going to watch this film because of the rating like i did,
    don’t. No spoiler’s in this review, i was just glad the film wasn’t on
    for that long, i couldn’t wait for it to finish. If you want to see a
    great werewolf film, go and watch such films as Wer, An American
    Werewolf In London, any one f these two will make you happy that you
    have watched them unlike this film. I would only give this film, a 2
    rating maybe a 3 if pushed for it.

  • i-markovic99August 5, 2015Reply

    It’s just awful…

    Lets start off with CGI…the budget for the special effects of this
    film, well heck, who are we kidding, it was most likely outsourced for
    extra credit to a few undergraduate designers.

    Watching the entire movie felt like sitting through a porno film during
    a family movie night. If I wasn’t distracted by the anticipation of the
    ending of this movie I might have been able to focus on the storyline
    which was..what is this movie about again? The reason I am reviewing
    this movie is ONLY for its deception of IMDb rating. There is NO WAY
    this movie should have been ranked above 8!! The production company
    most likely paid a promotion company to pump out false ratings-I mean
    common does this film really belong in the same category as No Country
    for Old Men, Fargo, There Will Be Blood, Star-wars…etc.

    I request that IMDb fully fights these deceptive tactics used by
    promoters; I devote hours, weeks, months of viewing time based on IMDb
    reviews and if god-awful movies keeps slipping through the cracks,
    taking up hours of viewing time I might lose faith in this amazing
    website and their ability to critic.

  • xeviarronellAugust 5, 2015Reply

    Wow So Many Reviews

    Wow… This movie has so many reviews already? I thought this was an
    independent film? I guess it’s actually bigger than I thought. My
    friend already saw it on bootlegs sites so I had to watch it and see
    for myself. And it was definitely worth the money I paid for. It’s not
    a big ”blockbuster” film,, but I enjoyed it. And I can see a lot of
    other peeples did too. I want to see more please. Maybe more love
    between the main guy and girl, but I guess less is better than more and
    then you have nothing to look forward too. Please tell the producers I
    want more cool powers like this one and more hot girls, maybe a
    Brazilian girl? Thank you!

  • AllenJRawlinsAugust 6, 2015Reply

    I think it could be great

    I hate how every one thinks this is bad because its not this film is
    far from perfect but its still great it has amazing chemistry from the
    cast and having such stars means they are really watchable. the
    original take on the werewolves wasn’t boring and found it more
    interesting then the Campinas’ of the twilight series and the
    skin-walker film. So actually watch it and make judgments yourself, I
    would love to see a sequel to this film because it needs to find its
    balance and with a more suited budget and we can see if there is a
    greater difference. And may I say that all websites are giving 3/5
    which isn’t bad and on IMDb they are hating on it but give it 3/5 and
    they say its awful but they also praised the hell out of these
    superheroes films but only gave that 3/5 so it cool to hate this
    perfectly good film.

  • Reservoir DogsAugust 6, 2015Reply

    This movie won the Great price of the biggest Garbage of the century

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • AlissaPVillarrealAugust 6, 2015Reply


    Great if you get it and are into something new and different. I see a
    lot of people trashing films on IMDb in general so I am not sure if
    having a voice causes people to just immediately trash a film.
    Fantastic Four had 60 million and this film may have had 600,000 so you
    have to level expectations a bit. I think the audiences who enjoy this
    film got the message of it. I liked the concepts and where the film was
    going and the one thing I will say is I didn’t know what would happen
    from scene to scene so that’s a win. I like it in an odd kind of way. I
    have no clue why these reviews get so vitriolic ha ha but hey maybe
    there’s something going on I don’t know about.

  • AlonzoEPuckettAugust 6, 2015Reply

    The movie is really worth watching

    9. Yes! Haters and IMDb police there are people who actually like films
    that you may not like. Guess what you nitwits everyone doesn’t like the
    same thing and there is no such thing as a film everyone likes. Some
    people think Gone with the Wind is racist and that’s not just something
    someone can say is ridiculous. So have your opinion and say ”worst
    movie ever” and the film makers must have crew and cast and keep on
    talking smack but in the end you are on THEIR page giving everything
    but a review on the film. In the end, the film is out there and
    available and so someone thought it was good enough to be shown and if
    you think that’s easy than go ahead and put your movies out. Its hard
    to even watch a film around here because of the fan boys are out in
    full force talking smack. Review the film steal it and etc and move on
    why are you on here leaving a 22 page education on why we should
    ”avoid” a film? Here it is in a nutshell the film isn’t phenomenal and
    it isn’t bad it’s a good rental a bad theater film and okay purchase if
    you love characters or like supporting unique story lines . That’s all
    and some hate that and some don’t understand it doesn’t make either of
    us wrong its an opinion now notice how I didn’t say if you like this
    film your crazy or wow stay away, be aware…

  • AltonJJamesAugust 6, 2015Reply

    Good film

    I think that it could have been better and I am sure that’s what the
    majority of everyone is saying here. In the end I believe the film
    wanted to be something that isn’t well articulated but the moments are
    there. There is a scene in the club where everyone notices the wolf
    pack and Chace is pulled away by Dawn but in the club we don’t see them
    clearly and so this moment is lost upon people as a what the world just
    happened kind of moment. I think the film is cluttered with this
    because then it makes an amazing scene where the characters go into the
    fantasy world and talk about life and have some pretty good and
    emotional moments. The soundtrack is good and I see what the film
    makers were going for with that, so kudos. Decent rental and an overall

  • thesfactorAugust 6, 2015Reply

    One of the Worst Movies Ever

    It is an utter garbage. I could only watch 10 minutes of it & my wife
    called me an idiot as I was suggesting let’s see what happens further
    into it. Looks like some kids got high on something extremely potent &
    decided to use their camera to haunt all of us. I expect low class
    graphics in a low-budget movie but the worst part is the dialogues &
    the story that makes no sense. You don’t need budget to write good
    dialogues or to have some logic & continuity in the shots.

    I now wonder if I can ever trust the IMDb score of a movie before
    watching it. Looks like they got all their friends & the families to
    come and vote a 10 on IMDb.

    Don’t bother watching unless you feel like cussing the heck out of

  • brim89-1August 6, 2015Reply

    They need to go back to film school

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • AllenJGalvinAugust 6, 2015Reply

    Loved the movie and I will tell you why this film is maybe over the heads of the people here.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mferrero-926-783685August 6, 2015Reply

    Did IMDb get hacked?

    I looked at the first 10 minutes of the movie considering the high IMDb
    rating. I do have to ask if IMDb get hacked somehow? How is it even
    possible for this movie to obtain such a high rating from so many

    And when I saw Eric Roberts, I actually thought finally he could be
    getting his second wind so to speak?

    I have to write at least 10 lines for my comment to be accepted. But
    how can you say bad bad bad in many ways? The cringe factor is
    definitely 9 out of 10, 10 being the highest.

    Few words came to mind during the first 5 minutes such as ”Really” and
    ”What a waste”!

  • AlisonCChavezAugust 6, 2015Reply

    This movie definitely had a creative edge to it in the beginning

    It starts you out with the effects and we see wolves within the first
    two minutes. They introduced the main characters fairly well, but left
    far too much to be desired about it’s story. The pacing of the movie is
    all over the place, it felt like a full hour into the movie before Eric
    Roberts (Henrick) enters and provide us with a sense of where the story
    is going. The lines and writing in the movie was very anime or co
    splay-sh, I couldn’t believe some of the in the head voices the
    characters had. The build up for the end comes out of nowhere. While
    the final confrontation was easily the best part of the movie, it took
    way too long to see these characters use their powers, and it was
    rushed, the best part lasted what seemed like only 5 minutes. I agree
    with the middle of the road of interviewers here its neither bad nor
    amazing its Decent…and to some that’s okay it is what it is.

  • flixperrierAugust 6, 2015Reply

    This could be done better by amateurs not caring about the result.

    This is not only the worst movie I’ve watched this year, but the worst
    I’ve ever watched. And I have seen some horrible movies, eg.:
    Sharknado, Machete, Hobo with a shotgun and so on.

    Everything in this movie is done badly – everything. The lighting, the
    effects, the acting(which could have been done better by porn actors),
    the directing(if any), the sound(when some actors turn away from the
    mic their voices are noticeably lower), the camera distances were wrong
    almost all the time, the all knowing author was ridicules, voice over
    done poorly, the cutting strange and disturbing.

    And you could go on and on and on.

    How this utterly piece of garbage has gotten a 7.5 score on IMDb is
    frightening for me, as I use IMDb as a guide for what I don’t want to
    waste time on.

    I think this is a problem – someone needs to take the reviews down,
    delete some users and put it up again. Something smells fishy!

  • AlvinaMGraceAugust 6, 2015Reply

    Haters gonna hate no matter what the film is huh!

    Haters gonna hate no matter what the film is huh! Haha Man its so
    comical siting back and watching people make accounts and talk smack
    and then talk smack that other people are on here making accounts. No
    one on here is a real critic we are all in the living room, unless IMDb
    hires critics nobody is paying for anyone of our opinions so either way
    in the end no matter how you slice it if you are here taking time to
    critic this film than you are a fan! Congrats you are a fan and you can
    hate all you want but the film is out the film makers did their thing
    and in the end they did a damn good job so it is what it is. I just
    wonder if people really like seeing the same [email protected] on screen or what? I
    mean dude its like the 9th million movie made this week so how much
    different do you want? The director is black and not making black films
    and he seems to be smart enough to try and do films outside his budget
    range but still strive so its cool I like that.

  • AlmaFSampsonAugust 6, 2015Reply

    Justin Price the director made a great film

    I really do suggest that you go to the cinema watch this film and enjoy
    it. I think he may be interesting enough that if given a real chance at
    decent tools could really realize some unique stuff. I like the Cloth
    because it was different. I think continuing along those same lines
    here we get a film that is disjointed and weird but very unique. I
    think that the film itself could do with a bit more of a pacing check
    as to really allow all the ideas to be fully realized. I will start by
    mentioning that the characters look different and diverse as in
    everyone isn’t white with beards and or just pale skinned high school
    students. It was refreshing to see that decision play out because we
    need more superhero movies like this one. I think at its core this is
    more of a superhero film with horror undertones and if you can go into
    it with that mindset it will help you enjoy the unique scenes the
    characters have and their interactions.

  • AllanAHallamAugust 6, 2015Reply

    Nice rental.

    How are you bootlegging the film and talking smack>? LOL y’all are
    hysterical at best. Hey man in the end having an opinion is cool and I
    am glad we have a platform to share but dang, some of these reviewers
    act like the film makers have 5k friends and family members and 100
    reviewers just because someone liked the film. That goes both ways you
    idiot, maybe you were sent to write negative reviews because you have a
    film out and want to bring this one down. Dark Moon Rising I got on
    Vudu and thought it was a monster film and it is not it is really a
    romantic film. I liked the film in parts and for the most part it’s
    cool and that’s what it is a cool film and if you hate that than cool
    if you like that that’s cool too but DANG we need a referee in here.

  • xfaafAugust 6, 2015Reply

    Awful doesn’t come close

    This is one of the worst movies ever produced.

    The high rating is obviously a lie. All I can say is if you want to
    spend 2 hours doing something more productive and exciting then I
    suggest watching paint dry.#

    I wish I could have given this movie a 0 or even a -number.

    If you check out my profile then you’ll see this is my first review…
    and for good reason!

    This is terrible acting, terrible directing, just terrible everything.
    I feel like I’ve just been assaulted… or tortured. I imagine
    governments could use this movie in their advanced interrogation
    techniques toolkit and it would be very effective.

    The only reason I sat through this is because my partner has a thing
    for werewolves. I think it’s time to find myself a new partner if
    werewolf movies are going to be this bad! (Just kidding about the new
    partner, but not how terrible this movie is)

  • AlishiaPGonzalesAugust 6, 2015Reply

    So Good!

    I went into this movie with hope and optimism and not put off by the
    negative light shone towards it. An hour and 20 minutes later, I left
    feeling a bit lost but entertained. Fantasy films are supposed to make
    you feel and believe in the impossible.

    So what is wrong with it? One word – ambiguous. We see an attempt at
    some early romance between Chace and Dawn which doesn’t go anywhere
    because the film makers are interested in setting up the next films.
    Wolfpack is billed as ferocious and they are cool but we see them for
    10 minutes and they could have been this film’s saving grace. I think
    when it is said and done this one is more of an appetizer or a long
    t.v. episode of supernatural. I think if its within your wheelhouse
    than you can find this enjoyable.

  • wombat66August 7, 2015Reply

    Trust the Haters – It’s not worth your time!

    As all the negative reviews have high-lighted IMDb has been hacked or
    at the least there is some bizarre voting campaign to get this mess of
    a film a high rating.

    I love werewolf movies, so despite the obvious vote rigging I thought
    I’d give the movie a chance; bad choice, especially as my wife is a
    sucker for truly bad movies and made me watch a whole ten minutes of
    the movie before even she agreed to turn it off.

    If it wasn’t for the vote rigging I’d have left the cast and crew to
    quietly go and learn their business but instead feel compelled to leave
    a review.

    Bad acting, bad script, bad effects, bad editing, awful soundtrack.

  • willwriteforgummies-18610August 7, 2015Reply

    It looks like a student’s high school project

    As someone else said, the rating on this movie now makes me suspect all
    other ratings of movies here on IMDb. I can be pretty forgiving when it
    comes to movies, but this deserves no forgiveness. Everything, just
    every single thing about this movie is so horribly done. Everyone
    speaks in a monotone. Nothing fits together. So much is completely
    illogical. Lighting is awful. CGI is the worst I’ve EVER seen. Music is
    SO weird. They chopped out every cliché scene from every B horror movie
    and strung them together and then made it worse. The whole thing is
    beyond clumsy. I couldn’t stop laughing when they showed one of the
    first wolves ”trotting” by a body. It was HILARIOUS…and it wasn’t
    supposed to be. As I said, the best way I can sum this up is to say it
    looks like a high school project. In fact, that truly is an insult to
    many high school videos, as I’ve seen MUCH better quality in many of
    those, than in this terrible waste of time and resources. Any good
    review you see on this movie is surely planted, in other words, fake,
    or from the movie actors’ parents or friends…though if they were true
    friends, they’d tell anyone involved in the making of this movie, ”Just

  • d_orkgiallombardoAugust 7, 2015Reply


    ”A group of shape-shifting werewolves descend upon a small town in
    search of a girl who is re-born once every 2000 years. She holds the
    key to their survival and all will die who stand in their way.”

    Read the above summary, because that is the ONLY explanation that you
    will get this ENTIRE movie. I wish I could give this a 0.

    I have no clue what this movie was even about. Apparently some
    Werewolves with Gypsy powers are camped out in the woods, and
    occasionally eating people? The main character looks like he was
    plucked out of Final Fantasy 8 and thrown into a werewolf movie with 0

    And then the main female role ”Le Dawn” is in his imagination? Or she’s
    a werewolf? Or she’s a fairy? I don’t even know. And then the main
    character gets teleported all over the place, and wakes up drooling. Is
    he a werewolf or something too? I don’t know. Then he gets recruited by
    werewolf hunters? Who knows what the hell they were. The main character
    even asked for an explanation. And some drunk is like ”I was in
    Vietnam, here have a flashback”.

    And mixed into all of this ”movie” are scenes of a poorly CGI’ed
    werewolf randomly eating people. The werewolf is clearly arthritic, and
    no explanation is given as to how an old, arthritic werewolf is able to
    catch people.

    And better still, why did they pick a cameraman who has cerebral palsy?
    Why didn’t the main character buy a shirt that isn’t ripped down the
    front? Why didn’t the person who made this movie take 10 minutes to
    come up with an actual plot? Why did they superimpose the person’s
    thoughts into dialect that was as equally incoherent as the rest of the
    movie? Why is everyone dressed emo? Why do werewolves have Gypsy

  • luxatisAugust 7, 2015Reply

    don’t waste your time!

    i don’t want to wasting your time any more …this movie not even worth
    it …talking about this garbage!!!!!!! i just want to say please don’t
    wast your time with watching this awful movie..

    in my opinion , this movie will go to top 10 of worst movie in the

    so obviously watching this movie just will give you a very bad feeling
    about wasting time ,(like me in this moment) .. you cant understand any
    thing about this movie ..from beginning to ..i really i cant understand
    producer of this garbage!!!

    what he wants??

    so please choose another movie ..

  • syntoryAugust 7, 2015Reply

    Glad to see the rating has gone way down on this garbage!!

    I don’t understand why those involved in making such crap would then
    start such a huge campaign to boost their IMDb rating. A few days ago
    this movie had a rating of over 8.0 with 2000 votes! Why would you try
    to trick people into watching this crap? I think someone in their camp
    was hoping that their garbage movie would hypnotize the viewer into
    thinking it’s the best movie ever. This movie should’ve never had a
    rating of over 8.0 since a rating of .008 is more fitting. Avoid at all
    costs. Total waste of time. At least now the truth is coming out. Give
    it a couple more weeks and this movie’s rating will be where it should
    be…right on par with the 2003 movie The Room. The biggest issue i
    take with the movie is not that it’s so unwatchable, but that the
    people try to dress up their crap like it’s the next award winning
    film. …but don’t worry guys, you’ll get your Razzie.

  • nicolleingrahamAugust 8, 2015Reply

    a good movie

    I don’t watch much films like this but my friend said it was a must. I
    don’t get why people are hating on this movie – I thought it was so
    awesome! I really liked the plot,music and characters especially Dawn
    (played by Stasi Esper).I didn’t understand why people were fussing
    over this movie so much until i finished watching this movie and I can
    see why it is so popular.I have seen this movie more than once and I
    can’t see why people so negative.It had a lot of action and
    suspense.Another great thing about this movie is that there is no
    vulgar and unnecessary nudity or sex scene. I don’t like movies where
    people just get naked for no reason just because sex sells. You know
    what sells?

  • fabiancallie-43461August 8, 2015Reply

    Man, the special effects were mind blowing in this film.

    It’s not only the typical shape-shifting effects you see in every
    werewolves film, but you get special powers too. Though some were a
    little ”cheesy” its not that bad or distracting. I wonder if the the
    evil werewolves are going to show up in the next film with even cooler
    powers – like electrocute people and shock their nerves and that makes
    them change into werewolf slaves. Maybe that could be a power Kaoi has
    coming out of those scary nails she has. Or maybe that’s just my
    insurance for her to come back because man… she has an evil beauty to
    her. That love to hate syndrome you know? OH, maybe she can have
    minions that go out and kill and do her biding for her. Hey, just a
    thought Justin Price for the next one. Make sure to give me that
    credit… and some money wouldn’t hurt.

  • josephinamcgrailAugust 8, 2015Reply

    Justin Price is so talented

    Not only did he write and direct this movie, he also acted in it. so
    cool. I’m sure that would be hard to do. be the jack of all trades. I
    wonder how you direct and visionaries yourself through the lenser. I
    guess he had a good cinematographer or shot himself over and over. good
    thing he was more of a mysterious evil werewolf and you didn’t see him
    much. I like his vision in how he created the fantasy world Dawn and
    Chace went to. Though it was unusual, it was pretty. I wonder if he
    will be in part two and three. I like to see people showcasing their
    talent in more than one field. I wonder if he sings too? Maybe do the
    music for the movie.

  • felixlantermanAugust 8, 2015Reply

    If there are so many reviews already

    this must have been something worth seeing people, and yes indeed it
    was. I saw it in my friend’s tune’s account so I got it for free.
    Score. and this film keep me busy for an hour and a half while she was
    getting ready, so double score. I didn’t really planned on watching a
    werewolf movie but it wasn’t’ that bad as all these minions on here are
    saying. But hey, I got to see it for free so I got nothing to complain
    about I guess. I just wanted to review this film with some positivity
    and to thank the director for keeping me entertained for awhile. and my
    friends wants to thank you too because she didn’t have to pay for
    dinner for making me wait. I wonder what she will let me watch the next
    time. Maybe part two.

  • allenbrian-68805August 8, 2015Reply

    SO many things to say about this film

    so I’m gonna keep it simple:

    1) Everybody is HOT 2) The werewolves look scary and they are all
    different looking

    3) Locations are beautiful 4)CG was awesome that I forgot it was fake
    5) The SFX makeup was natural

    6) The villains all have different powers 7) The main characters like
    each other so there’s room for more romance

    8) There is a lot of diversity in the characters, which is refreshing
    9) Blood and gore DEATH everywhere

    10) It’s a trilogy so I get to see more

  • alyciaemmertAugust 8, 2015Reply

    The world is filled with talented people and it is shown in this movie

    Though it wasn’t the most, greatest movie every made, it did showcase
    raw talent not seen in many films out now-a-days. I am not an actor or
    a stunt man or anything artistic like that and I do not want to be
    because I can see how difficult it must have been to do all that stuff.
    I hope these actors get to be apart of other movies, maybe a romantic
    comedy? Just to see their chops in something more heartfelt and less
    gore and killing, though that wasn’t bad in any sense. I just like to
    see love and happiness and jokes never hurt. They should make a parody
    of this film, so all the actors can come back and make something
    hilarious. Just a thought.

  • williamdankowAugust 8, 2015Reply

    I usually don’t post reviews on movies

    but I saw all the hate and crap written about this film I had to write
    one at least that will be honest. I just want to start off by saying
    this film is not the best, but I didn’t expect to see a Oscar worthy,
    big ”Hollywood” film either. This is an independent film people,
    WITHOUT the the big budget to spend on big budget things. I would like
    to begin by giving props to all and any person who is involved in
    making this and any film. I know how hard it is to entertain people,
    let alone do it with a movie that takes a lot of time and energy to
    make. Though it’s not revolutionary, it has all the queues needed for a
    film: a hot girl, evil bad guys, thrilling fight sequences, cool
    powers, and of course a love story.

  • johndoggettmAugust 8, 2015Reply

    Maybe a trilogy of romance and beautiful fantasy.

    There is a lot of good looking people in this film and I must say I’m
    not too mad about it. On top of there Eric Roberts makes an appearance
    and he is just amazing. I just saw him in the Rihanna’s B*** Better
    Have My Money and he brought me back. Any film that has E. Roberts is a
    good enough film to for me. I like the fantasy part of it. It’s not
    only werewolves attacking other werewolves taking each other’s powers,
    there is a love story, drama, and a lot of killing. Who doesn’t want to
    see that? Some of the story is missing pieces but I think the director
    is setting it up for the next one, hopefully. I can’t wait to see where
    he plans to take it.

  • nicholashopewAugust 8, 2015Reply

    Great Film

    I saw the director’s other film ”The Cloth” that was okay and wanted to
    see if this one was going to be better and I have to say it was. I can
    see how his style has changed and his talent has improved. His taste is
    a bit different than other directors his age, but I can’t knock it, not
    every chef is going to make lasagna the same way right? I like his
    choice in locations and scenery were beautiful. Anything with nature is
    good for me. I see so many movies with big building and infrastructure
    it’s refreshing and nice to see mother nature at her finest. I
    definitely like the small town feel, reminds me of home and the woods I
    hike through after school.

  • thedmtmoleculeAugust 8, 2015Reply

    Werewolves on acid

    This movie looks like it was made as the third-year project of a goth
    movie college student, who had spent the previous three years taking
    drugs and watching horror films instead of studying. Though its OK in
    some technical departments, they look like they made the story up as
    they went along, and it feels like the director and main actors all
    took big doses of dodgy acid somewhere in the first 5 minutes. The fact
    that it scores so highly on IMDb (apparently a few thousand teenagers
    gave it 8s and 9s, while anyone over 25 didn’t think it was worth more
    than 4) shows that the IMDb rating system is open to serious abuse – it
    looks like a dozen people linked to the movie set up a few 100 email
    accounts each to produce false reviews and ratings. An all-time flop.
    Not even funny like some B-movies are.

  • Ida Corina JahnAugust 8, 2015Reply

    Worst movie ever! Don’t trust the high ratings!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • shannankanAugust 8, 2015Reply

    like Twilight.

    The love story was a little PG but at least it was more believable than
    Britt Robertson and Scott Eastwood in ”The Longest Ride” and that’s
    supposed to be a love story. I know there will be no greater love story
    than Rose and Jack in ”Titanic” or even Allie and Noah in ”The
    Notebook” but at least I can tell these two actors wanted to be next to
    each other and they are believable as a couple.

    The CG was sporadic but good. It was interesting how they used the
    green screen to create such a beautiful place to escape to, if only
    there was such a place. I think Khu ”Kaio” had the coolest and most
    unique powers because it wasn’t ”werewolve-ish.” Just menacing enough
    but also still beautiful just like her.

    The locations were awesome. Where is that river located? And the woods,
    even though they weren’t all consistent, they were pretty. I would like
    to see were they take this movie in the next one. Maybe ”Dawn” and
    ”Chace” could have a baby,

  • tanaburdoAugust 8, 2015Reply

    I can’t begin to tell you why I love this film so much

    Because it appeals to a younger genre, it took me a while to get
    interested. But, once I did – I was hooked almost immediately. I can’t
    say there is tremendous acting, but there is enough here and there that
    you start to form a ”relationship” with the characters. I might be
    weird but I like it when the romance is sweet and innocent. Stasi Esper
    and Cameron White looks so cute together. It would also be cute if the
    two villains hook up to. ”Evil” couple against ”Good” couple. Call me
    old-fashioned, but there is just something about a good love story that
    gets me every time, and for the story to include a shy, awkward guy
    falling in love with a mysterious and gorgeous werewolf girl – well,
    you got me!

  • imdb-4912August 8, 2015Reply


    I was tricked into watching this one due to the relatively high IMDb
    rating. It must have been manipulated. I saw five minutes of the movie,
    then turned it off. I never do that. I love B-horror. But this… this
    is just garbage. Crappy effects, crappy acting, crappy directing,
    crappy editing, crappy everything. Do yourself a favour and stay far
    away from this one. I never write IMDb reviews either, by the way, but
    I just had to warn the rest of you from making my mistake, spending
    time and money on nothing. Too bad. I was really looking forward to
    some werewolf action. There are too few good werewolf flicks. Guess I
    will have to re-watch Dog Soldiers instead.

  • bertjangAugust 8, 2015Reply

    Oh my goodness

    I thought the lord as taught these children to spread love and support
    and not show hate or disdain towards people who work hard to bring
    entertainment to the world. There are so many people here on this
    website saying so many mean and unnecessary comments about this film.
    Even though I don’t believe in the creator making such creatures that
    are depicted in this movie, I do believe they should be the ones who
    are evil and not the humans commenting on this movie. Shame on the
    other commentators/reviewers for spreading negativity and vulgar words
    about the people who were apart of this film. If you do not have
    anything nice to say, do not say anything at all. I think is movie was

  • rosendakinsmanAugust 8, 2015Reply

    Dark Moon Rising was exactly what I was looking for…

    Visually stunning, sweet love story, bloody killings, decent effects –
    and most importantly, plenty of eye candy. I don’t go into these
    sci-f/action/monster movies expecting the most mind blowing story and
    dialog, so when all the other reviews ripe these movies for that sort
    of thing, I just shake my head. Maybe that makes me simple, but I watch
    movies to escape reality not draw in more of it, so Dark Moon did the
    trick. I liked it enough to hope they get a sequel out of it.

    Stasi Esper and Cameron White both did a great job in their roles, and
    Eric Roberts is always a classic face to see. If you dig dark, fun
    movies like ‘Underworld,’ you’ll probably like this one and like any
    dark, mythical adaptation, it’s worth seeing.

  • stevelashleyAugust 8, 2015Reply

    Just save yourself 1 1/2 hours of your life and do not watch this!

    Worst film I have ever watched. Poorest wooden acting,script writing
    and production ever (IMO). Also the ending just WTF!! I think I was
    actually speechless, I just can’t believe I actually managed to watch
    this (POS) until the ”end”. I think the only reason I managed to not
    self harm was my wife’s witty commentary all the way through. Just for
    the love of god next time you guy”s decide to make a movie at least
    give it a descent plot line that makes some sense, also if you feel the
    need to put in so much CGI then at least make it good. I mean the idea
    was a good one in principle but the story just had absolutely no
    direction and made no sense at all, I mean to try and make it make
    sense to the audience you actually had the characters thoughts being
    heard out loud and the film just kept jumping all over the place. As
    you may have guessed I am not a fan of this movie at all which is a
    shame as when I read the plot line it seemed like a promising movie.
    Sorry to be so negative but the best part of this film was when the
    credits started rolling at the end.

    PS. I only scored it a 1 because it doesn’t let me vote negative
    numbers or it would have scored a -10.

  • shelliebrysonAugust 8, 2015Reply

    i have seen many movies lately

    but not even one film has impressed me like this movie. i was swept off
    my foot when i saw this movie, after the movie got over i was like
    thats it, its over!!! the chemistry between Dawn and Chace was so good
    i wasn’t able to move my eyes off the screen, they were sweet and the
    story is so nice. when i first heard it from my friends, who watched
    the movie i thought, what a girl is a powerful Alfa werewolf, the
    writer must be out of his mind’ so i didn’t watch the movie, but now i
    watched it due to my close friend who forced me to see it. at first i
    thought this movie is going to waste my time, but after the movie got
    over i was so much into it. so i thought it is better to watch a film
    first and then comment on the writer or the film.

    amazing love story to watch and cool supernatural powers

  • darciemckechnieAugust 8, 2015Reply

    This is an absolutely revolutionary film.

    I thought I would probably like it because I’m a bit of sucker for
    corny romance and a good-looking people, but seriously I loved it. The
    chemistry between Chace and Dawn (cool names by the way) is so
    captivating, the director was so passionate, the cinematography is
    gorgeous and the soundtrack was refreshing because it was less wordy
    singing and more of an orchestra of beautiful tunes and the way it
    accompanies the film and adds tension, especially to the romantic
    scenes, is beyond amazing. It is just ridiculously romantic and
    artistic and I was totally and utterly sucked into the fantasy of it

    Justin Price is a brilliant and dedicated director and the casting was

  • ricjackson99August 10, 2015Reply

    I have prayed to find the words that best describe this catastrophe. I feel I have feel short.

    I have cast myself as the sacrificial lamb by watching this cow
    dropping in its entirety so that you don’t have to. Please, whatever
    you do, take heed to my words and do not let my efforts go in vain. The
    actors were rejects from kindergarten tryouts for a Christmas play. The
    dialogue was Marvel meets Dr Seuss. And the special effects were from a
    broken etch a sketch. I have died for your sins. I thought, at best, my
    wife loves werewolf movies. Another one to add to her collection. At
    worst, we can always get a good laugh at how horrible this movie was. I
    could not ever foreseen the train wreck coming. This came outta nowhere
    like the rapture. DO NOT WATCH THIS EMBARRASSMENT!

  • scottmannen1August 10, 2015Reply

    IMDb Ratings Scammed so director can make $$ off Red Box & Pay Per View on a total STINKER of a film!

    Do you check IMDb’s film score before you spend your hard earned money
    on a rental to make sure that it is worth it? I know I did. I always
    check IMDb first! It’s the only way to make sure you are getting your
    money’s worth. Well what happens when the ratings system can be
    cheated? I checked the ratings on this movie the day it came out, and
    it already had 5000 votes giving it a score of 9.2 here on IMDb. a safe
    rental of an awesome movie? WRONG. The movie itself was HORRIBLE. When
    I say this movie was bad I mean filmed on an cel phone! Here are my
    movie complaints:

    1. Lighting terrible. I could not tell what was happening in the
    opening sequence at night time it was so bad

    2. Sound abhorrent. I turned it up so I could hear the conversation but
    when action occurred it blew my ears off!

    3. CG: definitely high school quality CG done on someone’s home
    computer- it was a joke.

    4. Plot: is there a plot? I could tell there were werewolves and
    students in the film, and there is a lot of violence, but in the middle
    of a scene it would all of a sudden flip to these dream sequences or
    fantasy dimensions or something like that with no discernible
    connection to the story (that I could tell anyways). What the heck did
    I just watch, and what is going on!?

    5. Direction is there even a director? If so I would want to use a fake
    name or something because having your name attached to this movie is
    doing your career a dis-service

    I know that the director is the shady culprit behind these ”hacked”
    IMDb ratings for a number of reasons, but I and others KNOW THIS MOVIES
    IMDb SCORE HAS BEEN HACKED for the following reasons:

    – The day before this movie opened the IMDb score went from zero votes
    and zero score to over 5000 votes and a 9.2 score BEFORE it was even

    – If you go to the member score reviews and put the view setting to
    ”chronological” the first 6 pages of written reviews are ALL POSITIVE.
    It is obvious they are ALL written by the same person.

    – Those 6 pages off all 10/10 and 9/10 reviews are ALL WRITTEN, SCORED
    AND POSTED BEFORE THE RELEASE DATE! The fake reviews and scores start
    in June.

    – The very first negative review happens on August 4th the movie
    release date, after the first person watches and literally despises
    this terrible movie!

    – The user names for many of the accounts go like this: Adam4155,
    Adam4152, Adam4153

    – The hacker then changes it up with usernames like: JohnJames,
    JasonJohns, JeffreyJonson or ScottSam, SallySure, StephanStooki using
    the same first letter and last.

    – Once IMDb users saw what was going on many became upset like me and
    started posting honest reviews of 1/10 or 2/10 ratings along with
    hacker complaints, but that seemed to make the director (our hacker)
    even more determined so he started new waves of positive reviews!

    – it is clear that THE HACKER IS THE DIRECTOR. The reviews he makes put
    the director on a pedestal and seem to praise a lot of this directors
    older movies (terrible also). They also post on things only a director
    could know! Upcoming sequel dates, things that happened on set,
    explanation of scenes etc.

    What is going on here is that the director KNOWS HE MADE A BAD MOVIE,
    but since it is being released on PPV and Red Box and the director gets
    a cut of the movies rental success, it is in his interest to illegally
    boost the movies ratings on IMDb so he can make more money on the
    rentals. Everyone knows that renters check a movies ratings on their
    phone before renting to make sure it’s money/time well spent. It’s a
    slick and profitable scam he has going here. He needs to be banned
    along with his bad movies.

    Don’t settle for this people! Bad movies happen, but hacking ratings
    and comments like this we shouldn’t have to deal with. Help fight back!

  • thomasdavenportw-18261August 11, 2015Reply

    Stasi Esper ”Dawn” is smoking hot!

    I hope she is single then maybe I could have a chance with her. She
    hasn’t been in many films yet so I can still ”reach” her before she
    gets too ”big” for me. We can have the sweet and innocent love/romance
    before her career skyrockets because with that face and that body she
    will definitely hit Hollywood and hit it hard. I wouldn’t mind just a
    little fling, or just to say we went on a date or hung out so something
    intimate. I’ll even take her name if we got married. Esper sounds cool.
    ”Mr. Esper, your wife is such a talented actress”…. ”Yes, I know I
    know” But that’s just my fantasy coming out. I am sure she is probably
    married with kids by now. Or on lock down, because, to be honest, who
    wouldn’t lock that down? I love you Stasi Esper!

  • jagerdemAugust 11, 2015Reply

    Dawn (Stasi Esper) is beautiful

    I’ve been looking for another saga to love after Twilight and I have
    found it. … and I guess Chace (Cameron White) is alright too … and
    she has super human power? Just awesome to have a strong beautiful
    woman be the Alfa wolf for a change. There are so many stories about
    male werewolves and Lycras and only males can be an alpha so it was
    nice to see a girl be the superior species. The effects were decent and
    the bad guys were cool. Maybe in the next one we can see a ”bad guy”
    couple. So they can fight the ”good” guy couple. Dawn and Chace versus
    Sin and Kaoi. Fight! Make the next one already, I hate waiting. I want
    to see how the story ends up. Maybe Dawn could get pregnant, like Bella

  • TheLittleSongbirdAugust 12, 2015Reply

    No bite to this movie whatsoever

    Werewolf movies can be fun if done right, but Dark Moon Rising is not
    one of them, if anything it is one of the worst and most amateurishly
    done werewolf movies there is. And really is as bad as the negative
    reviewers have said, who are also rightly outraged by one of the most
    blatant cases of fraudulent ratings and reviews for any film on this
    site. Don’t wish to be ignorant, being someone who is actually more
    understanding of opinions than most and tries to see good in
    everything, but it’s very obvious and annoying.

    Dark Moon Rising is very poorly made even on its limited budget, and
    directed in a way that is highly suggestive of the director not knowing
    how to direct it. The movie is lit too darkly a lot of the time, the
    sets the few times when you can see them look awfully basic and can’t
    even be called sets, the picture has a quite fuzzy look which may have
    been a deliberate choice but it gives the movie a faded out and
    unfocused look, editing is sloppy and the camera work is often very
    chaotic and doesn’t always know where and who to focus on (like seeing
    the back of someone’s head if anybody’s speaking). The special effects
    are incredibly slipshod too (some of them used at inappropriate times),
    and the movie could easily have done with less of them, nobody minds if
    the budget’s limited, they just want to see effort which Dark Moon
    Rising didn’t show at any time. Any creepy parts in the music are far
    outweighed by the vast majority of times where the music is recorded
    far too loud to the extent it and any intrusive background noises drown
    out the dialogue, unfortunately most of the music itself is also not
    very interesting and too much of one mood or dynamic.

    Even worse is how it is written. The script doesn’t even feel like a
    script, sounding more like lots of random and clumsily written lines
    strung together that are enough to make one lose brain cells just by
    trying to work out what it all means, it’s that poorly structured and
    doesn’t even try to make sense. The story is even more incoherent, goes
    at such a laborious pace and is near impossible to follow, sometimes it
    doesn’t even feel like there is a story. Everything is either
    unexplained or half-explained (if even that) and there are so many tone
    shifts abruptly introduced (jumping on to the next shift even more
    abruptly), that you’re constantly asking, ‘just what is this movie
    trying to be?’ The werewolves are not threatening or scary in the
    slightest, they are very cheaply and unimaginatively made up and sound
    bored out of their skulls, which seriously undermines any scares,
    tension or suspense (none of which are in sight in Dark Moon Rising).
    The acting is embarrassingly bad with the actors having to work with
    non-developed stereotypes passing for characters. Eric Roberts gives
    the movie’s best performance and even he is not that good, chewing the
    scenery to so many pieces that there isn’t any left, while everybody
    else just mumbles their lines with any attempts at emotion sounding
    overwrought (like at the start).

    All in all, a werewolf movie with no bite to it whatsoever. Just to
    counterpoint some of the defence that the movie has gotten, this viewer
    was not expecting anything perfect or awards-worthy, with low budget
    movies or bad movies she always takes into account the budget and tries
    to see the good in everything she sees regardless how bad. So long as
    it looks as if the movie was made with effort or hints at trying,
    something I didn’t get at all watching Dark Moon Rising. 0/10 Bethany

  • Paul SenpaiAugust 13, 2015Reply

    How I wasted an hour and a half of my life

    The story which is the equivalent of the wet dream of a 13 year old EMO
    kid crossed with 80’s crappy anime OVA’s.

    The story makes no sense, the pacing is horrible, generic as you can
    get characters with bad written dialog which by the way is either
    overacted or is simply said with absolutely 0 f**ks given. The
    cinematography, the lighting, the sounds and songs are perfectly mix
    together to induce cancer simultaneously on your eyeballs and brain!
    And don’t get me started on the CGI! The protagonist, which I’m pretty
    sure it is Chace considering all the screen time he is getting, is so
    god dam annoying, starting with is slow ass voice, his 0 facial
    expressions and with the fact that he is always wearing at least one
    fuc*ing glove on his hand, all the fuc*ing time!

    For several reasons incomprehensible to me, Eric Roberts is in this
    movie and at the current time I am writing this ”review” the movie has
    a 6.4 rating. How and why? I… I have no idea…

    If you want to ruin your day or kill half of your neurons then in that
    case this is the movie 4 U!!!!

  • Vivekmaru45August 13, 2015Reply

    At times the direction is laughable and the editing is a joke.

    The person who had the job of editing(or cutting the film in layman’s
    terms) has either been overzealous or incompetent. For all I care, they
    may have hired a barber to edit the film.

    The same goes with the direction, which at times looks like footage
    taken from a smartphone. The acting suffers with the lack a coherent
    plot. We are thrown into the film without a clue.

    After I had watched the film, from what I gathered from the film, is
    that it’s about a war between two distinct factions, one evil and one
    good. The people in those factions can be compared to demigods rather
    then werewolves or vampires, as they have powers beyond these monsters.
    The central figure of the film is a woman who has a special place among
    these factions, and the one who captures and converts this woman to his
    cause, will tip the balance of power to his favor.

    Verdict: I have obviously seen better movies then this: The Monster
    Squad (1987), Blade(1998), The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen(2003),
    Hellboy(2004), Van Hellsing(2004).

  • fredthehatterAugust 15, 2015Reply

    Worst werewolf movie for the next 1000 years

    I shouldn’t have put it 1 out of 10 but the score of that movie is so
    high it is a scam for sure, i think it should be around 3.

    Where is the report abuse link ? Someone has found a way to create or
    to pirate a lot of accounts in order to increase the score of a movie,
    that’s lame but i guess it’s just obvious for this one, we should have
    seen that coming, when we see average movies or commercial movies which
    aren’t exceptional with too high reviews, we just blame the taste of
    average reviewers.

    Well, don’t watch this crap for the sake of your free time. There isn’t
    anything interesting about this movie, i won’t even elaborate, many
    people did it already, just trust us or prepare yourself to waste your
    time. 😉

  • cedro-52174August 16, 2015Reply

    The IMDb rating for this movie is a fraud!!!

    Worst film I ever watched. To be true, it is the reason behind my first
    review on IMDb. Poor lighting, poor CGI (windows movie maker-like),
    poor plot, poor acting. What is not poor about this movie? IMDb rating
    is not the same as before, beware of it people. The high score reviews
    were made by fake users, IMDb should be more careful about this kind of
    stuff, improving security and reliability for legit users/reviewers.
    Werewolf movie fans sadly still needing some serious stuff, these past
    four years were quite not prolific ones, opening space for some Z-class
    (or Z minus)stuff like Dark Moon Rising, probably the worst werewolf
    movie ever produced.

  • blade-sAugust 28, 2015Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • fareedimadAugust 28, 2015Reply

    Dark moon rising review

    One of the worst movies i ever seen, not recommendable at all. It sucks
    hardcore. I would tell everyone to avoid this movie even if it was the
    last movie on this earth. The graphics suck , the camera man doesn’t
    know what he is doing. There is no plot at all. They speak to
    themselves which is a sign that they are idiots.Trust me if they were
    any good reviews then that person would be ultimately blind. It doesn’t
    even deserve a 0.5 rating.The blood shed, fantasy looks so fake. The
    music doesn’t match the scenes in the movie at all.They jump randomly
    from each scene.To critic this movie i could just go on and on and
    still it would never end.My advice avoid this at any cost.

  • Derrick O'DanielSeptember 14, 2015Reply

    SPOILER – I hope this was an 8th grade school project… if not it’s one of the TOP WORST MOVIES EVER MADE

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • lionfield66September 20, 2015Reply


    What a load of poop! The acting is crap for a start, especially Cameron
    White he’s either trying to hard or cant act but he has the most
    annoying voice!! The continuity errors made me laugh! I mean how many
    times can one girl put on a jacket in 5 minutes!? The camera work is
    shoddy to say the least. Special effects are a work of art!! Even for
    2015 and a low budget film come on guys. The only good thing abut this
    film is the music. Steer clear of this film I have seen pain dry

    The only one good thing ( I think) about this so called film is the

  • haleybohmerSeptember 29, 2015Reply

    Literally the best and worst thing that has ever happened to me

    Cried at least 4 times watching this. Tears of laughter. The writing is
    literally the quality I expect from fan and the acting was
    middle school drama club. Red boxed this and it was not only terrible
    but also confusing as hell. Not until we watched the deleted scenes did
    ANY of it make sense! They DELETED the most important scenes! ALL THE
    PLOT DEVICES WERE CUT. Honestly, they don’t make the movie better but
    they at least make it cohesive! This film stars a lackluster emo boy
    who speaks at 30% volume constantly. Literally if you revived all of
    MySpace as a single person and half muted them and made them wear deep
    v tees the whole time.

    The best work in this film was by the cameraman. Mad props to them for
    putting the camera on a tripod successfully in the midst of this

  • zlr411September 29, 2015Reply

    I didn’t want to waste my money

    So I watched it in its entirety

    I urge you to do yourself a favor and stay away from the movie if you
    require a plot, character motivation, etc.

    You can usually tell by the description, poster, and reviews just how
    good a movie is gonna be. I think the reviews on Re*b*x were fudged

    It’s a good habit to pay attention in the first part of the movie when
    they introduce the characters and their reason for existence… Must
    have not gotten the cue. About 90% of the time I was completely lost,
    even with the subtitles. The sfx were not the greatest, the acting was
    just sub-par. Eric Roberts could not save this film. I’m almost certain
    he didn’t charge for his appearance in the film. I even had a hard time
    pinning the characters with the actors. There was just no direction to
    the film. Everything was all over the place..

    I am also surprised someone actually produced this on discs and someone
    felt the need to distribute this to the public. It should have stayed
    shelved….permanently… subsequent destroyed in some random explosion
    – never to be spoken of again.

    The only thing I will give the cast/crew props for is the dub step
    music. Don’t normally hear that in a werewolf/horror film, and it was a
    nice change.

  • brills000October 8, 2015Reply

    Nauseatingly bad.

    There is not a word in the English language that can adequately
    describe how horrible this movie is. I am a horror movie buff. I own
    hundreds of them and now(unfortunately) I am the proud owner of a
    coaster that looks a lot like a DVD. A lot of times, a tiny budget
    breeds creativity and brilliant ideas. That is not the case here. The
    acting is beyond bad and the poor editing only amplifies it. The plot,
    wait there isn’t one. Anyone associated with this film should leave it
    off their résumé if they ever want to work again. The kid who played
    gecko… Man! Wow! I haven’t seen acting that bad since keanau Reeves
    was in Bram Stokers Dracula.

  • Jan HranacOctober 16, 2015Reply

    A bunch of fans

    For a flick which was made by a bunch of genre fans (and fans of
    Japanese anime), it wasn’t so bad.

    The question is, was this really made by a bunch of amateurs? The CGI
    (and any other special effects) looks like it, the plot looks like it,
    all the dialogs look like it, the plot looks like it, everything looks
    like it. This is a stuff you expect to find on Internet for free.
    There’s only one problem – this is presented as a real a film (even
    released on DVD).

    I’m sorry but I can’t possibly take this piece seriously. Still, I have
    to appreciate all the work given to this little project.

    As for the plot not making any sense… Well, who says that plots need
    to make sense?

  • barry-steers-193-957577November 24, 2015Reply

    Utter Amateurish Drivel

    The film had promise what with the suspiciously high score on IMDb.
    Unfortunately anyone giving this abysmal film a high score obviously
    works for the production company which is borne out by the similar
    vocabulary and content of the early reviews. What can I say about this
    awful movie that other’s haven’t said already. It has terrible CGI that
    may have been just acceptable on a PC game 20 years ago. The rendering
    software they used must have come from a cover disk freebie from the
    90’s such was the basic and unprofessional finish of the ‘creatures’
    and the awful way they tried to move. At one point I laughed such was
    the poor execution of the CGI as an overlay. It was God awful and
    absolutely amateurish. The dialogue is trite,contrived,melodramatic and
    downright hokey. There were protracted and unnecessary monologues as if
    they were thinking this was a Shakespearean play. Also pointless
    internal monologues that had absolutely nothing to do with the
    progression of the film. I was absolutely confused with the choppy and
    nonsensical scenes as whoever edited this looked like they cut massive
    chunks out for each scene so the following one never made sense. It
    went from night to day,location to location and seemed to look like
    you’ve missed an important plot line such was the lack of fluidity or
    sense. To be honest this movie was all over the place and was terribly
    put together. The director obviously thought they were trying to be
    arty and clever when in fact they made a complete hash of it. What
    would have been a low end and barely passable movie ended up looking
    like a high school project. Please give this terrible film a miss. I
    watched it so you didn’t have to!

  • Jacob TaylorNovember 24, 2015Reply

    A movie without a movie **spoilers?**

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • NurezothNovember 26, 2015Reply

    Finally made me to create an IMDb account

    As I am writing this review the movie’s score is 5.7. This is why I
    felt morally obliged to create an IMDb account even though I have been
    using the database without one for the past 15 years.

    5.7 is downright unfair for other movies of the same rating. It is just
    a bad movie from all perspectives, be it acting, script, soundtrack,
    photography, CGI, you name it.

    The problem is NOT the small budget. I’ve watched low budget b-movies
    delivering such an artful cinematic experience that puts their a-list
    blockbuster cousins to shame. The problem is NEVER the small budget.

    In this case, (as in most cases of b-movie crappiness), the problem is
    the lack of vision and the lack of effort. Some actors tried the best
    they could (thus the 3/10), but even the best of captains cannot steer
    a ship without sails.

    Don’t waste your time folks.

  • raphillipsNovember 26, 2015Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bouncingbuddhaNovember 29, 2015Reply

    I am high… and this is my first review….. bare that in mind….

    As I sit here typing, I can’t help but look at the summary again…..
    I’ll let that statement settle for a few moments…

    I have never reviewed a film before…. nor have I ever signed up to a
    reviewing website.

    I am high….. right now…….

    The fact that I have signed up for this website, just to review this
    film…… whilst HIGH!!!!! says MANY things about this film…..

    Sure, they could be good things….. plots, stories and characters
    worthy of tremendous rewards, praise and sense of accomplishment…..

    No……… just………… no…………….

  • WhitetygrrDecember 16, 2015Reply

    only a couple minutes in i was out

    I found it humorous how many of the reviews who gave low scores
    questioned the reviewers who thought highly of it, well i didn’t see
    any high marks i didn’t search enough i did see one mention the several
    reviews with obvious similarities i mean how many alvins allens alvinas
    who all joined the same time actually liked this? I call bullshit.
    Anyway i love a good movie and from the beginning when the whisper dark
    moon rising accompanied the name on screen i knew this would be no
    howling or silver bullet….hell not even the level of howling 3 and
    thats sad. Though i probably shouldn’t say that simply cos i just give
    it enough of my evening. Decided to watch a family guy rerun. Cant go
    wrong with watching peter act like an ass and stewie condescending
    remarks while dressed in drag.

  • bdhancock8March 12, 2016Reply

    There are no words to accurately describe how bad this movie is.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • sigmacademyMarch 13, 2016Reply

    Dark Moon Rising (2015) – interesting concepts, but needs some additional work (Spoilers included)

    This movie is hardly the worst movie ever made, but it does have quite
    a few things that can be improved in it.

    The love story angle is also way too emphasized, to extent that it
    tries to overpower even the action sequences at some points in the
    movie. It tries too hard to be a Twilight clone with only werewolves,
    rather than taking a risk and standing on its own with its own
    narrative and story arc.

    The sequences that feature the werewolves going on a rampage also
    seemed forced, and it hardly felt as if it was connected to the rest of
    the storyline (as if added as an afterthought).

    Characters are also trying too hard to explain every single aspect in
    far too great detail, like Gecko’s explanation of his Venom Strike
    technique. Giving it a name and brief description would have more than
    adequate. There is also a werewolf hunter, but she is the daughter of a
    person who was scratched by a werewolf, yet isn’t a werewolf herself?

    The CGI was a bit basic, but there were quite a few sequences that do
    carry merit, like the big werewolf sneaking up from behind the smaller
    cop (in typical ninja mode), or the wolf approaching the fairgrounds,
    that in my opinion were the better visual parts of the movie, or the
    sensory overload in the classroom of one of the main characters in the
    story. I do believe that if the movie had more such elements in it, the
    critics would have had a lot less to complain about.

    The music felt slightly out of touch with what what going on in the
    movie itself, as if there was an effort to let the music carry some of
    the burden of making the movie better, even when there was already
    issues like the CGI and the acting that should have been addressed
    right at the start of the movie. If felt as if the acting was either
    deliberately muted or that there was a lack of depth within the acting
    itself, which is strange in itself as you had Eric Roberts in this
    movie as well.

    With that being said, I do believe the movie still has promise in its
    sequel(s)? There is a role reversal, with the woman being the apex
    predator, and the guy being ”the damsel in distress”, or at the very
    least a guy that hardly knows what he is letting himself in for. There
    are some interesting elements that other werewolf movies haven’t
    explored to any extent yet, like the dream world, the powers that some
    werewolves have, superhuman speed, X-ray type of vision and
    supernatural hearing of the werewolves (hearing a butterfly in the
    woods). I would love to see some further elaboration of the different
    types of werewolves as well, as it seems the main villains seems to
    come from different werewolf packs/tribes. This movie reminds me a lot
    of the World of Darkness’ Garou franchise, more so than other werewolf

    I am cautiously awaiting part 2 of this movie series, considering the
    plot twist during the last 10 minutes of the original movie’s open
    ending. I am giving this movie an average score, because I believe that
    the storyline, CGI and acting can be improved in sequel(s), and due to
    its obvious potential, it can still be a great movie series.

  • keridan42March 22, 2016Reply

    The word of the day is, DISJOINTED

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Rainey DawnMay 24, 2016Reply

    Look Ma! We Made A Crappy Film! Venom Strike!

    ”No one has ever survived my venom strike. And the reason, the reason
    no one has survived my venom strike… listen closely this is very
    important. And the reason no has survived my venom strike is because
    the venom is directly linked to my heartbeat.” — WOW great venom
    strike dialogue.

    OMG how cheap and cheesy this film is… it’s so bad you just have to
    see it to believe it. They must have just learned how to use CGI
    effects because it really shows. The acting is lame anyone in the world
    could have been in the film and it would not have mattered because you
    wouldn’t need acting skills to be in this movie.

    Venom Strike! 1/10

  • michael-3204September 9, 2016Reply

    Emo werewolves do the rave scene

    The nicest thing I can think about ”Dark Moon Rising” is that some
    plucky kids got together and through grit, determination and hard work
    managed to make a movie and get it out there in some limited way so
    that the world could experience writer/director Justin Price’s vision.
    (He also appears in the film, as do numerous groups people with the
    same surnames, suggesting that this was in no small measure and family
    & friends production.) They even managed to land two actors who once
    had some name recognition — hey, look, it’s Eric Roberts, as an addled
    Vietnam veteran, and Billy Blanks as a sheriff — and got them to show
    up in the small-town Texas locations where they filmed this thing.
    Maybe the most intriguing credit, ”Special On-Set Services,” had
    something to do with that.

    It’s more fun and interesting speculating about how this came together
    than about the movie itself, which is mostly dull when it isn’t
    ridiculous. The idea of some kind of werewolf family or curse or
    something brought back stateside from Vietnam has some potential, but
    whatever ended up on screen doesn’t explore it. Instead we get a lot of
    hipster-emo-goth types running around to raves in thrift- store attire
    with silly haircuts that dated the film the day after the scenes were
    shot. We get bad lighting that renders some of the night scenes almost
    invisible. We get dialogue that doesn’t make any sense or resemble in
    any way the manner in which a person might want to have what we
    generally call a ”conversation.” We get poor sound recording and mixing
    that renders some of that dialogue inaudible, especially when the
    ear-splitting music (also bad) drowns it out. We get a lot of actors
    not skilled enough to convey what the story needs them to convey, so
    there are numerous voice-over inserts in which they tell us what
    they’re thinking, which turns out to be as dull as rest of the story.
    The only performer who brings any kind of intriguing energy, not to
    mention eye candy, to this is Matthew Simmons as a particularly vicious
    werewolf named Gecko (oh, yeah, the character names are all pretty
    silly) and who also does the fight choreography, which shows a little
    promise if only there had been more of it. When he’s not on screen, the
    energy flags. I think the reason handsome lead actor Cameron White’s
    (as ”Chase,” of course — what, you were expecting ”Bob” or ”Jeff”?)
    emo hair is so often obscuring his eyes is so that we can’t tell when
    he nods off. Unfortunately, we can tell.

  • dwinsomeMarch 28, 2017Reply


    ”Dark Moon Rising” inspired me to offer my very first movie review. At
    least I now have a ”low bar” established for all future reviews.

    Creativity- 1, Storyline- 2, Music- 2, Costume/men- 1, Costume/women-
    4, Character Development- 1, Cinematography- 2, Script- 1, Graphics- 2,
    Production- 2, Editing- 1, Acting- 3, Comparison similar genre- 4.

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