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Daylight’s End

Daylight’s End

The Dead Rise When Daylight EndsApr. 16, 2016 USA120 Min.
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8.3 989 votes

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Johnny Strong isThomas Rourke
Thomas Rourke
Lance Henriksen isFrank Hill
Frank Hill
Louis Mandylor isEthan Hill
Ethan Hill
Hakeem Kae-Kazim isChris Whitlock
Chris Whitlock
Farah White isAnnabelle Wallace
Annabelle Wallace
Gary Cairns isDrew Macallister
Drew Macallister
Chelsea Edmundson isSam Sheridan
Sam Sheridan


Years after a mysterious plague has devastated the planet and turned most of humanity into blood-hungry creatures, a rogue drifter on a vengeful hunt stumbles across a band of survivors in an abandoned police station and reluctantly agrees to try to help them defend themselves and escape to the sanctuary they so desperately need.

Daylight’s End
Daylight’s End
Daylight’s End
Daylight’s End
Daylight’s End
Daylight’s End
Daylight’s End
Daylight’s End
Daylight’s End
Daylight’s End
Original titleDaylight's End
IMDb Rating5.3 2,833 votes
TMDb Rating5.3 30 votes

(54) comments

  • mksentinelApril 17, 2016Reply

    Action Packed Romp

    If you like full throttle action sequences set in a Richard Matheson
    world, then ”Daylight’s End” is the film for you. Lucked into seeing
    this film at the Dallas International Film Festival last night and was
    highly impressed. I don’t normally jump at horror films…but I did
    last night…10 times. Thanks to Will Kaufman and company my wife will
    now be mercilessly mocking me for months.

    The gun battles are epic and blow away most studio films. I would liken
    the gun play to being as cool as John Wick. You can tell their combat
    coordinator knows his stuff. All in all, this is a very fun movie and
    definitely worth the watch. One of Henriksen’s coolest films in years.

  • Tyler KidwellApril 19, 2016Reply

    Excellent movie I love it.

    I rated this 10 because I loved it. I don’t care about what the others
    are saying. I loved the visuals, the acting, the actresses, everything!
    I personally like this evil film. The other actors and actresses are
    fine too. I really loved the story. I guess critics are really hard to
    please. But myself, I really enjoyed this film. The acting is pretty
    good to. I watching this in the cinema hall. I will definitely
    suggested to see this film. Evey moment is horror and action also. I
    don’t get it why people late to see this movie. I’m pretty sure I will
    watch the next film after this. I’ll keep supporting the Daylight’s End
    film sure. Director and Writer are making awesome creation. I suggested
    everyone to see this movie and enjoy with friend and Family.

  • glennman8April 19, 2016Reply

    Excellent horror action thriller delivers!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • busboy207April 19, 2016Reply

    Good action movie

    I will honestly say that I enjoyed the movie more than I thought I
    would at first. The action is there in spades. Chad Law took a great
    combo of influences and paid homage to them in this script. The cast
    was great! Will Kaufmann got some great performances out of this group.
    The look of the world was great and I liked how it was shot from every
    point, good job to Kelly. I didn’t know the lead had done the score
    until after the film, but I thought it was great for the movie. The
    reviews talking about how it sounds the same through the movie is
    unfair. This isn’t Gone With The Wind with sweeping tone shifts to
    adjust your emotion, this is a horror shooter. I can think of 5
    different high budget action movies that have a similar tone to the
    music for the whole film. I think Johnny did a great job with it.
    Here’s the breakdown for if you’ll like it. You want explosions and
    guns going off? Covered. You want fight scenes and running for your
    life? Got you. You want people you’ll care about in the film? Got it
    also. You want scary monsters that will have you jumping? Yup. You want
    an overall solid action/monster flick that will make you spill popcorn
    and cheer people on? Then watch this movie.

  • Cynthia CampbellApril 19, 2016Reply

    Another Kaufman Thrill ride!

    I hope many get to see Will Kaufman’s latest action thriller Daylight’s
    End. It premiered recently at the Dallas International Film Festival to
    a sold out crowd.

    Set in a post apocalyptic world with Dallas as it’s location, this
    thrill ride is not just ”another zombie genre” flick. It is an edge of
    the seat kind of movie with suspense at every turn. The gun play, like
    most of Kaufman’s other films, is nothing short of intense and
    extremely well researched and accurate. Not too often is such accuracy
    maintained with regard to weapons and usage.

    It was also great to see key Dallas landmarks used as backdrops and
    also the Baker Hotel as well. As both of these structures is currently
    undergoing restoration, this is nice to capture the conditions of both
    before the re-do.

    The imagery is stunning and in combination with the perfect cast picks,
    this indie flick should get all the attention and accolades it

    I just hope it can be seen by the masses…and SOON!

  • Rechelle FApril 20, 2016Reply

    Johnny Strong is Amazing!

    I have to admit that my friend dragged me to this movie when it was
    screened at The Dallas International Film Festival. I typically only
    like dramas and comedies, plus it was a midnight showing, I was already
    tired and I just didn’t think I was going to be able to stay awake
    through it. To my surprise this movie starts with a bang and it never
    lets up! I was drawn to the lead actor Johnny Strong, I didn’t even
    know who he was, but he did a great job, and I won’t forget him going
    forward! Daylight’s End was a fun ride and I jumped out of my seat many
    times! They say it was a low budget movie, but it didn’t look or feel
    that way to me. I will definitely see this again…I absolutely loved

  • ank_carrApril 20, 2016Reply

    Great! Non stop action from start to finish

    Daylight’s End is a great movie. It’s scary, intense, funny, and
    heartfelt. I was exhausted by the end from the action. Johnny Strong
    makes the perfect anti-hero. Lance Henriksen was at his best as the
    leader of the group, and Louis Mandylor as the voice of reason caught
    in the middle really stands out. I can’t think of a movie of this genre
    that I have enjoyed this much in years. The director William Kaufman
    needs to make more movies like this. I knew it would be filled with
    action from seeing the trailer, but I was really surprised at how much
    I laughed at the one liners. There were people in the theater cheering
    when I saw it. I would say this is a must see.

  • Mike Joseph RaymondApril 21, 2016Reply

    A great ride!!

    What a fun ride! I caught the world premiere at the Dallas
    International Film Festival. The movie screened to a packed house. The
    audience absolutely LOVED it! Cinema with a capital C. What can I tell
    you that other reviews haven’t already said? It’s pure adrenaline
    entertainment from start to finish. Great cast! No matter how small of
    a supporting role one has, they bring it! They deliver! No weak links
    in this flick! Kudos to the director, as it is a rare thing to achieve
    with such a big cast. The ”creatures” are pretty scary — got me
    jumping in my seat more than once, Ha! The action sequences are a lot
    of fun, cut seamlessly they take you on a hell of a fast ride. A
    wonderful sound design and a powerful soundtrack complement the visuals
    perfectly. I loved it. It was great fun!

  • apartment31July 25, 2016Reply

    Daylight’s End: Highlight of the Portland Horror Film Festival

    My wife, brother, and I are extreme horror fans so the first annual
    Portland Horror Film Festival was a must for us all to attend. Many of
    the shorts were very well made and entertaining. Some were weighted
    down by formulas and gimmicks presently popular in horror cinema (if I
    see another hand-held and/or creepy little kid ghost picture I’m gonna
    barf). The festival also hosted two feature films, but it was the
    feature that closed the Portland Horror Film Festival that blew all of
    us away. That film was Daylight’s End, and it had it all: scares,
    action, perfect pacing of the three act structure, and quality efforts
    behind and in front of the camera. The film is directed by William
    Kaufman who made another great independent genre film, the
    action-packed Sinners and Saints. For both independent passion projects
    (S&S and DE) Kaufman has surrounded himself with many of the same cast
    and crew from both efforts. Screenwriter Chad Law writes believable
    characters and story situations that somehow break the mold, but pay
    homage to the greats. Law wrote DE as a phrenetic hybrid (taking the
    best elements) of The Road Warrior, Rio Bravo/Assault on Precinct 13,
    Omaga Man/I am Legend, and Aliens. Many cast members are in both films,
    but two in particular stand-out and steal DE, Johnny Strong as the lead
    and Louis Mandylor as the team’s negotiator between Strong’s lone wolf
    character Rourke, and the police captain and survivor group leader,
    Frank Hill played by the always intense and charismatic Lance
    Henriksen. DE’s plot has hints of familiarity, but stands on it’s own:
    in a post-apocalyptic world ravished by a bloodborne pathogen that
    turns people into crazed zompires, one man relentlessly searches for
    the zompire alpha male that turned the love of his life into another
    mad creature. His tour of vengeance leads him to a group of survivors
    fortified in what was once a Dallas police station attacked nightly by
    the alpha male’s newest army of creepers. Rourke volunteers to attack
    the alpha’s newest lair of undead suckers while the majority of
    survivors can escape to a supposed sanctuary, and chaos ensues
    throughout. Strong gives immense effort in his acting and somehow makes
    Rourke volatile while loyal, strong (no pun intended) while vulnerable,
    and uses his physical and facial features to deliver pages of dialogue
    without saying a word. Strong also gave tremendous efforts behind the
    camera as well by creating all of the film’s music and directing his
    effective flashback sequences. Another unique bonus was having DE crew
    available for a Q & A after the film. Thanks to producer Sheri L.
    Deterling and assistant costume designer Rachel Haynes, we were able to
    get in depth answers to audience questions and praise regarding
    locations, set design, realistic weapons training, music, acting, etc.
    It was a perfect evening for this film nerd, but my favorite moments
    were witnessing the simultaneous jumping in fear and
    sucking-in-already-held breath shared by my wife, brother, friends, and
    I at several different fright scenes in DE. So far Kaufman and company
    have made two great independent genre films to date, and I look forward
    to future collaborations.

  • Aazoba YuzukiJuly 27, 2016Reply

    Not bad for a low budget film?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Philip KingJuly 28, 2016Reply

    I don’t care what it was based on, just take it as it is.

    Lots of fake reviews which is plain to see and an all too common event
    here on IMDb. Lol about time they realized that opening an account,
    reviewing one movie and giving it a massive big up only makes them look

    However one poster on the message board was shot down for mentioning I
    am Legend, but he was correct to mention it as it was the name of the
    book plus someone else said that I Am Legend was a copy of Omega Man
    making you think that was the original movie of the story from the
    book. but failed to mention Omega Man could be described as a copy of
    Last Man On Earth which was before Omega Man and also based on the I Am
    Legend Book.

    Some people need to move on and stop clinging to the past, when a movie
    gets old it doesn’t always mean it is a classic. Some movies do stand
    the test of time granted but not all. Some just do not age well. The
    1st/original isn’t always the best as mentioned before Omega Man seems
    to be the one people mention rather than Last Man on Earth.

    IMHO Omega Man wasn’t that special, just above average, as was this and
    the Asylum version I Am Omega which I thought was better than its IMDb
    rating by a long way, but when people see the name Asylum attached to a
    movie that automatically rate it down. Asylum do have a eye for making
    good zombie though;). The Z Nation series is a good and successful
    example. Season 1 of Z Nation I found more entertaining than season 5
    of The Walking Dead.

    Anyway, I gave most of the movies mentioned above a similar rating of 6
    with Last Man an average 5 and Legend was slightly better than the rest
    with a 7. Last Man on Earth seemed to drag like a 2 hour movie even
    though it was lest than 90 minutes.

    Yeah I know this isn’t much of a review of the movie but it seems if
    anyone likes this movie they will always get shot down as being someone
    involved with it due to the dumb people involved with movies making
    blatantly biased reviews.

    I found the lead male actor was good when being bad ass, otherwise
    wasn’t a very interesting character. The woman with the doll I think
    would of made a better lead female role. There was plenty of action,
    some nice infected people make-up but story could of been expanded and
    less based around one area. Had a promising start, a decent mid story
    which wasn’t really followed to it’s maximum and a bit of a lame

    Would of been nice to see a flash back or a mention of how it all
    started too but over all I have seen a lot worse with a lot higher
    budget and this is one of the better ones in this genre. But yeah still
    just above average overall.

    Last Man on Earth 5/10 (IMDb 7/10). The Omega Man 6/10 (IMDb 6.6/10). I
    Am Legend 7/10 (IMDb 7.2/10). I Am Omega 6/10 (IMDb 3.3/10). Daylight’s
    End 6/10 (IMDb 5.5/10). I Am Legend 2 (Now known as Untitled I Am
    Legend Reboot ?/10.

  • movie_forum_euJuly 28, 2016Reply

    Good action movie

    First: either I like a movie or I don’t, so I gave this film 10 stars.

    Daylight’s End is a mix of 28 Days later, Omega Man and The Road
    Warrior. Though it is not on the same level as the before mentioned, it
    is still a good action movie. I recognize some of the actors and
    actresses and I think they were good choices, especially Johnny Strong.
    It appears that the producer hired a professional to instruct the
    actors on combat tactics…which in the film was well executed.

    In my opinion this is not really a B movie, more like a B+ or A-.

    I think this a must see for fans of the genre, so if you like
    apocalyptic/zombie movies then I recommend Daylight’s End.

  • jason_leoJuly 29, 2016Reply

    About the level of a average mad for TV movie

    The movie was at the level of an average made for TV movie. The fact it
    had only one very known actor should have flagged this for me but i
    persisted on because of the average rating and the good review that i
    saw on IMDb however i failed to notice that the reviewer had scored it
    a 10. The movie was nicely shot but the story line was slow and their
    was not much character building. The movie is basically a rehash of
    every other similar plague movie i have seen but not in a good way. The
    film is instantly forgettable The ratings make you think its worth a
    watch but don’t waste your time because you will want it back. If you
    want a better end of world movie there are tons to pick from

  • FlowJuly 29, 2016Reply

    Consider its budget!

    For a small budget production, this script was way over the number of
    pages you usually see. It had a plot, characters, ideas, good
    execution, good actors.

    One of my favorites is Lance Henriksen, I simply adore the man. From
    his sci fi early work to the horror side he adopted lately, he is just
    great to see on the screen. One of the most underrated actors in my
    honest opinion.

    And about the movie: you’ll pretty much see full on action. A lot of
    gun power, some small hand to hand combats, and plenty of blood. Not
    gore, but blood. You’ll see humanity, monsters, light and dark. It is a
    movie that will keep you going for sure. If you’re into horror, or
    zombies and you wanna pass some time, this is a better way to do so.


  • procletnicJuly 30, 2016Reply

    You should pass this one

    Another low budget production with an atrocious script. The whole thing
    is just a collection of boring action scenes with very little
    in-between. Forget about a good story, forget about characters that you
    care about, forget about nice scenery. You’ll be staring at a brick
    wall, a prison cell or a dirty street. That’s it. The ”horde” of
    zombies consists of 15 people. They don’t even bother to change their
    clothes, so you’ll be seeing a lot of the same people playing as
    various different zombies. It’s not obvious at first but it becomes
    pretty evident by the end of the movie. This could have been much
    better with a good script. The first ten minutes are the best part of
    the whole thing but don’t get fooled, the rest of the movie is complete
    and utter trash.

  • drphillgoodJuly 31, 2016Reply

    Fun, exciting but will not be very memorable.

    I’m a fan of this genre. There’s not much new ground broken here, but
    the movie is fun and very professionally done. A lot of new apocalyptic
    movies look cheap and this one does not. The action is very well done
    and the scenes are very intense. The scenes with guns are all very
    exceptionally done. The character development is weak however, except
    for the antagonist, who is very interesting. There is very little
    reason to connect to, or to care about, the good guys though. I see a
    lot of inflated reviews here, so I registered to say that the movie is
    actually pretty good, but not as great as early reviews here led me to
    believe. I think this is worth the ”price of admission,” but only on a
    slow night.

  • SciFighterJuly 31, 2016Reply

    Pretty Entertaining

    Really enjoyed William Kaufman’s and Johnny Strong’s last outing
    together in Sinners and Saints back in 2010. That’s also the last time
    Johnny Strong had been on screen except a small short in-between. I
    wish I could see Johnny Strong do more movies as he normally does quite
    well Sinners and Saints was a great action flick and I enjoyed
    Daylight’s End just as much.

    This movie had a lot of what I like, post apocalyptic setting, lot’s of
    action, some Sci-fi mixed in. This was a good movie for what it was. I
    see many people saying it’s good for a low budget flick while that’s
    true, I have also seen many big budget movies that were really bad. If
    you have a pretty good script like this and some OK actors and
    actresses, even on a small budget it can be very enjoyable. That’s just
    what this movie is a good way to spend a few hours. Sure it’s not earth
    shattering but we did enjoy it for the few hours we watched it.

    So go in with an open mind and don’t expect the world and you might
    just come out having enjoyed this flick.

  • The ChrisnismistJuly 31, 2016Reply

    Good enough home action movie, but falls apart at the end

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mchanningAugust 1, 2016Reply

    Johnny is a bada**

    I want to start out by saying Johnny Strong is so HOT!!! I saw this
    film at late night showing at the Dallas International film festival. A
    lot of jumps, kept me at the edge of my seat. Being a southern girl
    that loves my guns, I appreciated the way that these actors handled
    them. I have seen so many films where the actors don’t know sh*t about
    them. Clearly, they knew what they were doing. I am a huge fan of the
    show we love ”The Walking Dead.” There are so many zombie- ish movies
    and most don’t even come close. This one did it for me!! I gave it 8
    stars because I wished I knew more about Johnny’s history before the
    plaque hit. They showed snippets but I wish there had been more.

  • Jonathan Grishman (jgrish)August 1, 2016Reply

    Intense and Suspenseful Sci-fi, action movie

    Daylight’s End had good suspenseful action scenes that makes the viewer
    anticipate the next move. You almost can feel the suspense and
    intensity throughout most of the action scenes. The story line and plot
    were good and how they tied the main character and the main antagonist
    together. The struggle and conflict among the group with the main
    character brought out a certain tension throughout the film, that gives
    it different feeling from other zombie apocalyptic movies. But the
    action scenes and how they were focused and placed gave the movie a
    feeling of energy that complimented the scenes during the story. A good
    group of cast members worked together very well and showed good
    chemistry throughout the film.

  • s3276169August 4, 2016Reply

    Surprisingly good…..

    I have to confess I came to Daylights End with very limited
    expectations. I was then surprised at how easily it exceeded all of

    This is a very good film. Its intelligently written, with a implausibly
    plausible premise and down to earth, honest characterizations, that
    lend this film a certain maturity. It reminiscent of films like 28 Days
    Later and whilst it has a B budget, still manages to hand in an A grade

    The action scenes, in particular, are ”polished”. Clearly a lot of work
    went into the run and gun scenes and I suspect, a military expert was
    used to lend the whole thing an air of realism.

    Just as surprising is the quality of acting. Pretty much everyone from
    Lance Henrikson, Johnny Strong and the rest of the cast hand in decent

    Its remarkable how much can be done with so little, whilst deep pockets
    Hollywood often achieves so little, with so much. Well shot, acted and
    directed, with a convincing story, that’s very entertaining. Eight out
    of ten from me.

  • someanseAugust 7, 2016Reply


    Imo this movie certainly deserve more than 5.

    Yes, it looks cheap in many places but it also has redeeming qualities.
    Basically, everything that comes out of this movie is never very good
    and in some instances it is really lacking, but overall it is

    The characters are very numerous and we don’t get to know them very
    well. They will mostly stay complete strangers to the audience until
    the end. Even the main protagonist is that way. But on the other hand,
    they aren’t ”flat”,”idiotic”,”generic” characters (minus the
    ”BADASS” hero), they still have decent lines and interactions among
    each others.

    The camera quality though suffers from the low-budget thingy and gives
    that cheap impression to the movie. While the set is decent>good, the
    costumes are very authentic, same for the makeup, and the casting (when
    it comes to visual). Just to explain my thoughts on that, there is a
    pattern in recent movie where every character is a teenager, with a
    stupid makeup and a stupid face (I am sure its about makeup and light),
    a good case is the recent Warcraft.

    I do think that the plot is sometimes inconsistent, and that they chose
    to film some scenes just for the sake of having those scenes in the
    final cut. Worst, the same is true for some characters: there is
    clearly one character that is just there to make one scene happens and
    that afterward becomes completely useless; that can probably be true in
    other movies, but here it is quite shocking in the sense that
    everything might indicates that this characters is important or will
    become important later on. Which never happens, it’s just a filler.

    My review might look ”weak” because it doesn’t manage to underline
    the inner qualities or deficiencies of the movie, but it is only
    because the movie is that way. There is nothing really shiny about it,
    and although it has deficiencies in certain areas, I still think that
    it provides for an overall agreeable watch. Despite its faults there is
    a sense of authenticity that helps build intensity. I have to say, the
    final-final scene also made me sweat, which doesn’t happen so much to
    me in other movies.

    I wish they had a better writer for the characters and plot
    development, otherwise they still have a decent man capable of taking
    care of the ambiances&atmosphere; the general ideas are there, it’s
    just that tiny bit of execution and cleverness that is lacking.

    To summarize + Costumes/guns/(visual)casting + Intensity + Gunfights
    ain’t bad – Gunfights sometimes feel a bit repetitive and sometimes
    idiotic – this cheap ”look” of the camera – some inconsistencies in
    the plot or some scenes (but that would require spoilers to elaborate)
    – characters development really lacking

  • kosmaspAugust 8, 2016Reply

    Decent Zombie Apocalypse

    A zombie apocalypse is never a good thing. A movie with that as a theme
    in it though, can be a really nice thrill ride. So while this may not
    be the best movie about this ever, it is more than a decent effort. We
    get the same guy who played the main character in another Kaufmann
    movie (Saints&Sinners) and gets to shine here again.

    Though he is not getting as much attention here, because of the role
    itself, the action is very well shot. There are clich├ęs abound of
    course that may weigh down the impact of the movie or the characters
    fate for some watching. But you should be aware of that. Overall it’s
    nicely done for a small budget movie and one that still manages to have
    some style …

  • stephiemthomasAugust 9, 2016Reply

    for the zombie/vampire/apocalypse enthusiast.

    Chelsea Edmundson, who plays Sam, does an undeniable job portraying the
    persistent leading lady, eager to fight for all. Her affectionate
    concern, along with that tough need to survive, makes this attractive
    leading lady even more interesting. Thomas Rourke (Johnny Strong) is
    that quietly bold soul that effectively makes the audience want more of
    his story. Even though I adore a hidden and somewhat romantic side of
    any story, I appreciate even more, the action leading to a short and
    surprising reveal. Mr. Strong does just this! All characters
    exemplified the training and knowledge of how to operate a weapon, as
    if this was indeed a way of life for them now. The frenzied storm of
    energy and firearms stayed constant, and the dramatic feud between the
    devising characters only added to the crisis. As with many films, there
    sometimes is that surprising unfortunate loss; sadly, it usually would
    be those characters that could reprise a most beneficial role. I almost
    want to hate Chad Law for including those downfalls! I believe Mr.
    Strong made the movie even more appreciable, with his effective score
    arrangement. This was not a James Horner Celtic, or a John Williams
    Jurassic Park composition, however I would say that the adaptation,
    although sometimes toting the line of loud, was certainly
    apocalyptically fitting. Well done Mr. Strong. I can’t leave off the
    shameless comic relief Drew (Gary Cairns) brings to the film, as well
    as the sincerity of, and agreeably looking, Ethan (Louis Mandylor). All
    of this, along with iconic Lance Henriksen, makes for a well-shaped
    action flick. I feel that William Kaufman did a fine job making these
    words become human. This is surely a fun movie night for any
    zombie/vampire/apocalypse enthusiast!

  • itzafergAugust 22, 2016Reply

    Great action and horror flick.

    This is an indie movie but it doesn’t feel like an indie movie. It felt
    like the original Mad Max or 28 Days Later! Great action scenes and
    lots of quick scare shots.

    Johnny Strong (Fast and the Furious, Black Hawk Down) delivers a great
    performance along with Lance Henriksen (Aliens, Aliens 3, Terminator).

    The movie was directed by William Kauffman. He is a killer indie
    director that makes some great action films with limited budgets. Don’t
    know how he pulls it off. Can’t wait till he gets a real Hollywood
    budget. Chad Law wrote the script. They both did Sinners and Saints,
    which was another good movie.

    Johnny Strong did the soundtrack to the film and it is really good!

    The movie was filmed entirely in Texas. If you live in Dallas, you may
    recognize a few areas. I was surprised to find out that the movie was
    shot in Dallas at the old Police Station. It is in the same building
    the Lee Harvey Oswald was shot in. The sets and environments were
    awesome and made you feel like you were in the post apocalyptic world.

  • Peter Pluymers ([email protected])August 25, 2016Reply

    Another fast paced zombie movie. Too bad the action is monotonous.

    To be honest, I feel sorry for those zombies. Their life really is
    meaningless. A numb existence without any excitement or pleasure. No
    pleasant dinners at a favorite restaurant. No well-deserved vacation on
    a sunny beach. No sports or interesting hobbies. Their sole purpose is
    hunting uninfected fellow men. And when there’s nobody left to hunt,
    the only thing they can do is standing idly somewhere, probably
    wondering what to do next. Dead boring in other words. The undead in
    ”Daylight’s End” have an additional problem. They hate sunlight. Much
    like the creatures in ”I’m Legend”. The only difference with the latter
    film is that you knew how the misery began. In this movie the
    filmmakers keep you dangling.

    Nowadays it’s pretty hard to come up with an original zombie movie,
    since the market is flooded with this genre. Here they tried to give a
    different twist to this sub-genre by giving the bloodthirsty creatures
    characteristics of a vampire. That’s immediately demonstrated in the
    opening scene when Rourke (Johnny Strong) finds an undead hiding in a
    freezer. In no time it’s being reduced by Rourke into a smoldering
    barbecue sausage.

    Rourke is a loner who travels across the U.S. as a kind of Mad Max in
    his armored Plymouth, equipped with a complete arsenal of firearms. His
    only goal in life is to eliminate as much murderous mutated persons as
    possible. As gunmen did in the Wild West, he keeps track of the score
    by carving notches in the butt of his rifle with his immense dagger.
    The not so talkative Rourke looks ultra-cool and mega-efficiently. The
    controlled way of attacking, the calm look, always a well thought out
    answer and always using a targeted plan to take revenge on the
    creatures responsible for the death of his wife. All this makes him the
    ultimate anti-hero.

    Although this is a low-budget film, at times the images used aren’t
    inferior to those of some blockbusters. By contrast, the acting level
    of some equals that of an actor in an ordinary television program.
    Luckily Lance Henriksen’s contribution was significantly better than
    that in ”Harbinger Down”. And what a surprise. You’ll also be
    witnessing some stupid decisions. Obviously this is necessary in this
    genre of films. Otherwise nothing significantly would happen. Is there
    a positive side to this film? Yep of course. It’s generously filled
    with action and swift, fierce confrontations. When Rourke joins a group
    of survivors, ex-policemen who barricaded themselves in a police
    station in downtown Dallas, and tries to fend off the daily attacks by
    zombies, a seemingly infinite number of battle scenes are presented.
    And it’s also hard to keep track of the number of head shots.

    And that was the biggest let down for me. After 15 minutes, the course
    of a confrontation was quite predictable and a bit trite. Over and over
    again a significant number of zombies are gunned down by a hail of
    bullets but they still managed to grab a poor soul every time. Oddly
    enough Rourke failed to hit the big leader despite his skills as a
    shooter. And skills he has! His precision is masterly and time after
    time again it’s breathtaking to see how an opponent ends up with a
    gaping bullet wound right in the middle of the forehead. After seeing
    the head size off the end boss, it’s hard to believe he could miss
    that. ”Daylight’s end” won’t show anything new. It’s an action-packed
    horror and the frantic pace makes sure you won’t get bored eventually.

    More reviews here :

  • Nate AndersonAugust 27, 2016Reply

    Surprisingly good action packed movie!!!

    This movie was packed with tactically sound gun action. It had a
    believable plot that left me on the edge of my seat through the whole
    movie. James Yeager was also great to watch! The CGI could have been a
    bit better. On the positive side, most of what you see is put together
    by makeup. I thought the characters were really well developed. The
    props were really believable. A lone drifter which an obvious axe to
    grind is drifting through. He stumbles upon a group of survivors in
    distress, under attack from bandits. He intervened on their behalf
    welcoming himself into their makeshift hideout.

    I was highly impressed!

  • gcjrealtor-690-567056August 27, 2016Reply

    Seriously Good!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Derek KastningAugust 27, 2016Reply

    Great summer time night at the movies

    As you watch this movie most people would never realize this amazingly
    well filmed well put together smash hit was made with little more than
    a hope and a prayer. When it comes to movie budgets this film basically
    got the studios couch change and to everyone’s shock and amazement, the
    films writer, Chad Law, the films director William Kaufman & main
    star/producer Johnny strong gave us a night at the movies like no
    other! This action packed awesomeness could’ve only been done by these
    amazing actors! Drew (Gary Cairns) was my favorite. So grab your
    popcorn and get ready for a good time! Love the incredible action
    scenes. The suspense scenes are great. The comedy reliefs were great.

  • autocar-03027August 27, 2016Reply

    Realistic End of Times Movie

    Would love to see this movie in a theater, really what zombies would
    be,nothing like the walking dead zombies. Great action and shooting
    scenes with plenty of suspense. It was nice to see the professionals
    from the firearm industry being used, made for great shootout scenes.
    The main characters are great and really enjoyed all of them, go
    Annabelle. Nice touch with main characters car, not this outrages Mad
    Max style of vehicle. Looking forward to the release of the DVD, would
    love to add it to my movie collection but will rent it again thru On

    Good times.

  • docs_tactical_supplyAugust 28, 2016Reply

    Great movie…must own.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • drew-300August 28, 2016Reply

    Zombie flick with a twist.

    We’ve all seen zombie movies, but this is done differently. The
    character development is done with spot on acting and reactions. Lance
    Henriksen is excellent as the police captain trying to keep order in a
    decaying world. Johnny Strong’s ‘take no prisoners’ approach to the
    role shows how hard it is to keep your humanity in war. He also
    produced a score that keeps you revved up and compliments the story
    without taking you out of it. If you enjoy graphic novels of this gene,
    I highly suggest watching this film. William Kauffman’s direction of
    Chad Law’s script will keep you watching from start to finish. There is
    no relaxation in this film. Will characters you like, or hate, survive?

  • ijacen78August 28, 2016Reply

    ”Awesome Post-Apocalyptic Action with an Edge that never quits!!!”

    ”There are a lot of post-apocalyptic films swirling around in the wind
    these days. Most of them have zombies, and the genre is honestly
    getting a bit tired.

    That being said, I’m genuinely excited about the upcoming release of
    Daylight’s End. I’ve had this one on my radar ever since I watched the
    trailer a while back.

    The film is a post-apocalyptic action horror film starring Johnny
    Strong and Lance Henriksen. Directored by William Kaufman and written
    by Chad Law.

    This one promises the big guns and action, and that’s what I dig about
    this offering — I like things that go boom! Plus Lance Hendriksen and
    the entire team involved in this movie makes it one you simply don’t
    want to miss.

    Daylight’s End will release in limited theaters and on VOD on Friday,
    August 26th. Check out the synopsis and Exclusive Trailer Premiere

  • avonarmadilloAugust 28, 2016Reply

    Daylight’s End…Epic.

    What can I say about Daylight’s End other than it was and is epic! It
    did not disappoint plain and simple. Johnny Strong did a hell of a job
    in composing the music…I was in awe! Amazing actors, writers,
    director. It was all just so well created , it made the perfect
    thriller slash horror slash drama slash apocalyptic end of days kick
    ass movie!! William Kaufman, Chad Law, Johnny Strong–Triple Threat
    Genius Trio! Watch out Hollywood! Watch out TWD same ‘Ole same ‘Ole
    zombie reruns/remakes. I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes a
    series…it’s that awesome! There’s some new guys in town, and their
    about to take over!

  • jedilife77August 29, 2016Reply

    Military accurate

    Very rarely does an action movie get the gun play right, but this one
    nails it! Great script, tactics and story! Johnny Strong knows what
    he’s doing and William Kaufman brings it all together! This and
    Deadpool are definitely the best movies of the year! With pros like
    James Yeager and Sonny Puzikas this movie was destined to have amazing
    action. Veteran actor Lance gives another great performance as the
    police chief and Louis Mandylor also gives a great performance. Chad
    Law is quickly becoming my favorite writer in Hollywood and this scrips
    shows why. We have all seen zombie movies before, but with the vampiric
    twist they added to these creatures, it brings the fear back to the
    vampire that has been lost in recent moves. I have to give this movie a
    10 for it has everything an Infantry veteran and horror fan could ask

  • toddj13September 1, 2016Reply

    Action Packed and Adrenaline Filled

    I watch a ton of independent horror/action films and this is one of my
    favorite for sure. I’ve been a huge fan of William Kaufman since I saw
    his first movie The Prodigy and his film Sinners and Saints is another
    favorite that I’ve added to my collection. Daylight’s End has now moved
    to the top of that list and is another must own for me. It’s action
    packed from the opening scene all the way until the end and I never got
    bored once while watching it. It’s got some great jumps in it along
    with some cool shoot out sequences. If you like guns there are plenty
    here to enjoy. The production value, editing, acting, sound design, and
    music are all top notch. I highly recommend this movie to anyone that
    likes this genre. You will not be disappointed.

  • Guns of CheboyganSeptember 4, 2016Reply

    Absolutely loved it

    This is a rare film that hits every button for me. Visuals.
    Performance. Aesthetic. Gunwork. Action. The list could go on.

    You need to feel the passion of the people involved in creating the
    work to truly enjoy it. You do here. You feel it in every frame of the
    movie. These men and women are putting their hearts into this film,
    without question.

    Obviously it’s not going to be for everybody. The film is intense,
    bloody and unflinching in it’s depiction of everything. It does not
    waste a minute showing how things happened or explaining why things are
    the way they are. You’re dropped into it and if you can’t keep up, too
    damn bad. You don’t need any long back stories about how everybody got
    where they are. Not at all.

    There are monsters to kill.

  • Claudio CarvalhoSeptember 16, 2016Reply

    Vampire-Zombie-Like Creatures vs. Survivors

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Alex KhanSeptember 30, 2016Reply

    FANTASTIC zombie flick with great action and sweet hero car

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • andrew salisburyOctober 23, 2016Reply

    better than average zombie film

    considering the marketplace is flooded with hundreds of b level zombie
    movies like this, it’s always best to approach this sort of thing with
    low expectations to avoid disappointment.

    i,m happy to report that for once, this movie actually delivers by
    being a reasonably good post apocalyptic zombie movie, full of non stop
    action, a decent plot and sympathetic characters you can actually root
    for. i also loved the interesting new take on zombies by making them
    part vampire due to their aversion to sunlight.

    Lance Henriksen should be a stranger to no one, and adds some star
    power to proceedings, even if he isn’t the main character. if you have
    nothing else to watch one evening, give this a try, you may be
    pleasantly surprised, i know i was.

  • MikelikesnotlikesOctober 27, 2016Reply

    Wouldn’t beat a granny with a baseball bat to secure a copy but not bad

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • criticrasdvatriOctober 31, 2016Reply

    Good, suspenseful zombie movie for non-zombie fans

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • queenwambui78November 6, 2016Reply

    Excellent action/ horror film

    Wow! This movie is absolutely phenomenal! Amazing writing by the very
    talented Chad Law and directer William Kaufman. I now own 2 of their
    films. With this film, The character development, the action
    scenes…made me jump out of my seat ohh and the zombies, you will feel
    amazingly connected with the characters. I wish to have seen it in the
    theaters, all those action scenes are full of suspense and leave you
    wanting more. What great casting! These actors truly delivered. I tell
    you, this movie is made for T.V! Go buy/ rent it guys, I promise you
    won’t be disappointed.

    Chad, I can’t wait to see what you have coming up next. Keep pressing
    on guys! with the rate you’re going, you’ll soon be a household name!!

  • popovichhNovember 28, 2016Reply

    Very enjoyable for a low budget survival flick

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • bassimaxx5November 29, 2016Reply

    a ruined great idea

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mhorg2018December 2, 2016Reply

    This could have been good.

    I have to ponder how this got so many good reviews. Are all of the
    reviewers from Texas, where this was filmed? I watched it the other
    night on Starz and was bored virtually from the beginning. This is just
    another movie where they couldn’t make up their mind to make a zombie
    movie or a vampire movie, so they made the creatures (just dirty faced
    people who can be spotted more than once – blame that on budget and
    lack of decent make up, the SFX are pretty sparse too, for 2 million
    they didn’t really get their money’s worth) a cross between the two.
    Sunlight and bullets will kill them. The story is kind of silly. One
    guy is hunting the Vombie Alpha who killed his wife and kid. He’s made
    it – On his own – from the Bronx down to Texas. He never seems to run
    out of ammo and every shot is pretty much deadly. He saves a woman (who
    is a pretty bad actress and judging from her character, shouldn’t have
    been with the two cops she pretty much gets killed) by killing about 7
    ravagers, none of whom seem to be able to hide before being shot. They
    save a woman who’s nuts. She’s trying to breast feed a doll (which is a
    decent idea but how has she survived?) Few if any of the people in this
    have any survival instincts at all. Supposedly an unknown plague caused
    this. So where is the LAST place one wants to stay when a plague
    erupts? A city. Anyhow, the story is kind of dull and familiar. The
    main character, a loner ala Mad Max, has one expression and can barely
    act, but since he produced it, gets to be the star. I don’t know how
    they got Lance Henriksen to be in this, but he’s the best and worst
    part of it. His acting is fine, but his character is dumb as a rock.
    Vampires have to sleep in the day, yet some of these are always awake.
    I don’t want to give away anymore, but if I knew where a whole nest of
    Vombies was hiding out, I’d either A) get the hell out of dodge. or B)
    Burn that place to the ground. Well a lot of folks liked it, but I’m
    not one of them. I imagine this movie (quite PG rated really) will show
    up as another lameoid on the SyFy channel pretty soon. P.S. The Poster
    makes this film look way better than it is.

  • viewsonfilm.comDecember 13, 2016Reply

    VIEWS ON FILM review of Daylight’s End

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • tomdugan2-1December 20, 2016Reply

    Yum Yum Shoot Em Up!

    DAYLIGHT’S END is an indie zombie film that will probably meet the
    expectations of gamers and action fans but will disappoint others. The
    plot is bare-boned but promising with an opening that could have been
    be a fun tangent to Mad Max. That is not the case though and we pretty
    much segue into an earnest marathon of high action zombie
    blood-lettings that seems to go on forever.

    Considering the budget I was impressed with the care that went into the
    technical production. A well deserved shout out to the director of
    photography, editor and sound crew. The ball seemed to drop with
    scripting and some of the acting – but it’s a zombie film – what was I
    expecting? In the end, Daylight’s End is a technically well made
    shooter, but not a film for those outside this genre.

  • dnolan714December 23, 2016Reply

    Good Movie with a Good Story and Acting

    These low budget films get passed over by many. This production was top
    shelf and the acting is good, good story line, and the filming, angles,
    shots and method was great.

    Lance Henrikson, a veteran of some of the finest movies made stands out
    as the lead along with Johnny Strong. Strong played Sgt. Shugart in
    Blackhawk Down years ago. Solid actor and plays out the enigmatic lead
    protagonist. Special effects are great, makeup, and weaponry was
    excellent ! If you’re a weapons person, you’ll see every known assault
    weapon, sniper rifle, pistol, etc. you can think of. The actors were
    handling those weapons like they knew what they were doing. Shows a lot
    of prep by the production company. Cops and Military will appreciate
    all of this.

    Movies like this makes you wonder…what happens if society breaks
    down, how people react and groups banding together to survive from

  • (ikeybabe)December 28, 2016Reply

    A Good Zombie-Vampire Combo Flick

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • phanthingaDecember 31, 2016Reply

    good low budget horror action movie

    Daylight’s End directed by William Kaufman is a very fun horror action
    packed movie , it has all the thing a horror action need a likable lead
    role by Johnny Strong who i think need to be in more action movie and
    to mainstream audience.Seriously this guy is a perfect 90s action
    movie.The plot of this movie is simple apocalypse world when a creature
    part zombie part vampire running around eating people and a group of
    survival lead by the legendary Lance Henriksen.If you familiar with
    Kaufman movie you know it will contain good shoot out scene , bad ass
    one liner and a ridiculously high body count.For a low budget movie
    this is the best you can get

  • dialmeyersJanuary 12, 2017Reply

    Sams zits

    All I can think about is wanting to pop Sam’s zits. I also want Rourke
    and Ethan to sit on my face. It was poorly written and poorly
    directed.Why would they waste the money on this? They should have spent
    some of the money on makeup, especially with that old dude Frank.
    Johnny Strong sounds like a porn star, which he could be, if it was
    straight porn. I hope these are enough lines for you. I think padding
    my review with superfluous text is stupid I can be quite succinct with
    my words on such a trivial production. There is a lot of shooting and
    killing in this movie. They save all of the women and children in this
    movie, just as one would expect.

    in this type of movie. I hope that you enjoy it.

  • Oscar RodriguezMarch 12, 2017Reply

    A killer indie film!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Chris MuellerMarch 21, 2017Reply

    Only a B-movie because it wasn’t in theaters

    This film is only a B-movie because it wasn’t in theaters. It’s the
    Boondock Saints of zombie movies. I was expecting a garbage movie to
    learn what not to do in filmography but ended up being pleasantly
    surprised by both the story, set, acting, etc. If you’re into zombie
    movies I would highly recommend it.

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