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Oct. 07, 2016 India125 Min.
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8.2 1,221 votes

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A. L. Vijay



A man who wants a modern girl for a wife unwillingly marries a village girl. What happens when the girl is possessed by the ghost of an aspiring actress?

Original titleதேவி
IMDb Rating5.4 441 votes
TMDb Rating5.4 7 votes

(5) comments

  • Tejas NairOctober 8, 2016Reply

    Surprisingly Funny. ♦ Grade C+

    A perfect example of what zero expectations can do to a movie- watching
    experience, this horror comedy is a welcome outing into Bollywood by
    Tamil director A L Vijay.

    Krishna (Prabhu Deva) is a young, working-class Tamil man living in
    Mumbai, and who is in search of a ”modern woman” whom he can court and
    consequently marry, with the forethought of conceiving children who
    would then be modern and fluent in English, too. However, his visit to
    his native place in Tamil Nadu crushes his dreams as he is forcibly
    married off to Devi (Tamannah), a guileless villager, who does not
    match any of Krishna’s parameters, let alone the modernity. Back in
    Mumbai, the newly married couple rent an apartment without realizing
    that it was previously leased by an aspiring model named Ruby who later
    committed suicide. Krishna is the first to notice changes in his wife
    who now responds to addresses of not ”Devi”, but ”Ruby”…

    Comedy takes care of the first half as it effortlessly ushers the
    audience in, treating them with enough doses of slapstick, mostly
    delivered by Deva. The second half slightly takes a somber route, but
    is still funny, now supported by polished characters played by Sonu
    Sood and Murali Sharma. The narrative essentially takes time to
    establish itself between sequences as the story moves forward with good
    speed, eventually reaching a convincing climax. Moreover, there’s no
    tried-and-tested ingredients here, but are largely made up of
    variations of what we have seen before in similar films. That makes the
    film more enjoyable and easy on the mind.

    The film explores the theme of aspiring models looking for fame and who
    are then forced by their own conscience to kill themselves due to the
    inability to accept failure. ”Tutak Tutak Tutiya”, although light-
    hearted, raises an important point about young men and women and their
    suicidal tendencies. It shows us how it feels to miss out on life.

    Deva is good with his acting and dancing chops, and so is Sood as the
    lover-boy celebrity. Tamannah could deliver as Ruby, but fails to
    convince as the mild-mannered Devi, shelling out dialogues like
    postcard stamps. Supporting cast is decent.

    All in all, even though the starting few minutes are silly, the film
    begins to entertain as it moves forward. So, it is better to judge it
    when it comes on DVD. Or, if you are a fan of any of the actors, book
    that ticket now. Producer Sood, take a bow!

    BOTTOM LINE: A L Vijay’s ”Tutak Tutak Tutiya” is an enjoyable
    presentation with a mix of thrills and comedy, best to be consumed with
    a partner. Ignore the obnoxious title and poster designs and buy
    tickets for that weekday show.

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

  • Ankit BhatnagarOctober 9, 2016Reply

    Bollywood is yet to explore a Horror comedy genre, and this is certainly a good attempt

    First of all, amazing acting by Prabhudeva. Bollywood is yet to explore
    a Horror comedy genre, and this is certainly a good attempt. A pleasing
    entertainer with a decent script and direction.

    Director: Vijay Actors: Prabhudeva, Tamannaah Bhatia, Sonu Sood Writer:

    Storyline Rating: 3 Content: 3 Commercialization: 3 Entertainment: 3

    Acting Rating: 3 Prabhudeva: 4 Tamannaah Bhatia: 2 Sonu Sood: 2

    Direction Rating: 3

    Music Rating: 2

    Cinematography: 2

    Editing: 3

  • Mayank JaitleyOctober 10, 2016Reply

    Not just another Horror Comedy Flick

    Check out this mind blowing Horror Comedy Bollywood Flick. starring
    Prabhudeva, TamannaahBhatia, & SonuSood. Prabhudeva’s comic timing is
    far better than other comedians,from the starting till the end , acting
    was awesome, his dialogue delivery with South Indian accent was simply
    icing on the cake. He was the show steal-er of this movie. Tamannah
    Bhatia was good in her two way portrait. Sonu Sood was also fine in his
    character which he portrayed ( a Super Star). Apart from Prabhudeva’s
    acting, other USP of this movie is its pace, which was not at all slow.
    Nice old Remix-Punjabi songs, makes your head grooving. Other start
    cast Murli Sharma and Rajeev Thakur were also good in their roles, they
    worked as a pinch of a salt in a Dish. A complete family entertainment
    movie of this year. A must watch flick.

  • Varun ChaudharyOctober 10, 2016Reply

    Prabhudheva flaunts great comic timing amid misogyny

    Deepika Padukone’s iconic ghostly scene from Chennai Express –
    (Thangabali Kitavaradhe), reminded us that there is scope for decent
    horror-comedies in Bollywood. This film shares that sentiment and
    dedicates an entire story to the genre, which is refreshing.

    Here, horror leads to comedy as Ruby’s spirit randomly jumps in and out
    of Devi’s body, keeping Krishna and the audience on its toes. It’s all
    quite silly but the director’s modest approach towards the story works.
    The repetition of funny scenes robs it of its glory though. As the
    story progresses, the horror comedy turns into a drama and like its
    female protagonist, struggles with its multiple-personalities a bit.
    The end result turns out to be a fairly watchable film that works for
    its honesty and harmlessness more than its entertainment value.

    Boasting of a clean family humour, Vijay doesn’t try too hard to please
    his audience and gets brownie points for keeping things sweet and
    simple. The movie does not pretend to be smarter than it is and that’s
    a welcome relief. The special effects in a particular scene are
    impressive as well.

    The gorgeous Tamannaah, slips in and out of her two diverse characters
    Ruby and Devi, effortlessly. She even manages to match her dance steps
    with the great Prabhu Deva. Though he displays a good comic timing, the
    latter doesn’t have much to do except for acting surprised owing to his
    wife’s situation. Sonu Sood makes an extended cameo and renders a
    restrained performance. He does justice to his superstar character that
    is not caricaturish or clichéd.

    Despite being a tad underwhelming, Tutak Tutak Tutiya is a fairly
    enjoyable film that can be watched on a family outing.

  • prashantgupta2002October 15, 2016Reply

    light comedy and one of must watch movie

    the trailer excited me so I decided to watch this movie. no big star
    cast (in Hindi Tamanna and Prabhu Deva is not big star in Hindi) so no
    big rush. only half hall was full but when movie started then everyone
    was laughing. it was just brilliant. No vulgar jokes or scene just
    simple light comedy. first time I saw Prabhu Deva in a comic role and
    he did great. Tamanna played her simple girl and a bold actress role
    with perfection. Sonu Sood did will. A great family movie. some people
    are saying that it is horror comedy. only taking name of ghost is not
    horror. some scene could be horror but background music made it comedy.
    you should go and watch.

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