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Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru

Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru

Every detail countsDec. 29, 2016 India105 Min.
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8.8 712 votes

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Rahman isDeepak
Delhi Ganesh isKrish's Father
Krish's Father


A former cop looks back on the case which left him disabled and forced him to quit the force.

Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru
Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru
Original titleதுருவங்கள் பதினாறு
IMDb Rating8.8 3,798 votes
TMDb Rating8.5 11 votes

(32) comments

  • aravind spdJanuary 5, 2017Reply

    An Interesting Dark thriller

    Here goes my first review, I am not a critic but a cinephile. As a
    cinephile i thought of writing a review for this movie. When was the
    last time we were experienced a unpredictable ending in tamil movie?
    But I can say that now this movie has lived and satisfied large number
    of tamil movie watchers.

    The Movie. Well No spoilers ahead. I want all of you to watch the movie
    in theatres!!!! D-16 is tick tock dark thriller that keeps you edge of
    the seat. An aspiring young director says ”life is so unpredictable” so
    can this film, I highly recommend this. Makes you think, feel and
    debate. That’s the sign of quality filmmaker.

    Apart from performance all credits goes to director. And last credits
    go to composer and cinematographer. Hats off to them. Great work.

  • Naveen SankaranJanuary 6, 2017Reply

    Dark Crime Thriller that Thamizh Cinema didn’t expect

    After the trailer impressed quiet a number of people, I had an
    impression that this will be yet another movie which fools around with
    its trailer. Karthik Naren proved me wrong.

    Never seen such a dark crime thriller in Thamizh Cinema. I must say, no
    one expected such a young lad to perform this much.

    The cinematic dark tone, grippy BGM, Screenplay treatment, Almost
    perfect Casting, makes this a must watch movie.

    Although this is not a perfect movie, having its own loopholes, it
    still stands out from the crowd.

    Thamizh Cinema is indeed evolving.

  • Asok Sambandam ([email protected])January 7, 2017Reply

    A murder mystery with a simple plot in an unpredictable narration

    Written and Directed by debut Karthick Narain. With his 2 short films
    experience, stepped into feature film by taking a crime thriller as

    A crime case investigation by a police officer and the way he get into
    the target along with multiple views from different persons involved is

    A complete investigative mystery thriller generation where it start the
    ride from the very beginning without spending much on any ordinary
    stuffs. Success of a engaging investigation lies on the clue which come
    across for the next chain of scenes, even a dialogue from the movie
    says this as few clues of what we intend to know will come to us on its
    own. When we think of from where to start next, there comes a scene to
    give the route.

    Rahman, who do only limited unique character back in for the role where
    he perfectly fit in and his subtle acting apt for the investigation.
    Other cast, though they travel throughout, they neatly perform what
    they expected from them.

    As there is no songs in this movie, BGM plays the high scope for music
    director and it truly justified in the movie with right tone. Camera
    and lighting are well managed as most of the scenes happens at night
    where the subject shine in dark.

    Length of the movie is another plus where cuts are rightly placed and
    the engagement didn’t take any downside till end.

    For a debutant director, the efforts and smartness spent on writing is
    truly evident while watching this mystery. Experimental in terms of
    multiple views of the crime scene and intelligent enough when the knot
    unfolds which gives a different view.

  • aniseprakashJanuary 9, 2017Reply

    One of the best thrillers in recent times in Kollywood.

    D-16, one of the best thrillers in the recent times. Directed by the
    debutant Karthick Naren. Debutant? Yes, one would wonder how this is
    possible by a debutant. Karthick directing his first movie has done an
    exceptional job.

    The first crime scene might seem average, but there on it’s entirely a
    different movie. Each and every scene is planned to perfection and
    keeps the audience engaged till the end. Suspense is what Karthick
    masters, he keeps everyone guessing till it is unraveled.

    Rahman as Deepak has justified his role. His Malayalam dipped slang
    might seem a bit unfit but it doesn’t over shadow his acting. The story
    was narrated from Rahman’s point of view. Almost all the other faces
    are new. Everyone has done an exceptional job.

    Characterization was another plus no unwanted or annoying characters.
    Every character has contributed something to the plot. The background
    score by Jakes Bejoy has travelled along the movie that plants each and
    every scene in mind. Cinematography is another technical aspect that
    lifts the movie. Sujith Sarang with the camera has to be lauded for his

    It’s a nail biter one might find travelling along the story till the
    very end. Karthick is another find for Kollywood. When we leave the
    movie halls we might still feel suspense circling our heads (Few twists
    have been left to be judged by the audience).

  • Srikanth MohanJanuary 18, 2017Reply

    Easily makes to my top 5 thrillers list

    It has all the ingredients of a perfect murder mysteries. Right from
    the keeping the viewers engaged through multiple perspectives of how
    the murder could have happened to increasing the pace and twists till
    the climax, it is screen play at its best.

    To choose new faces and to go without songs, i think the director
    deserves a special mention. This movie is an experience you will love.
    You will feel that you are a part of the investigation and that is
    where the director scores.

    You know a movie is brilliant if the entire audience applauds when the
    credits starts rolling. Kudos to the entire team to have scripted such
    a price of work. 10/10

  • Rajkumar AnbazhaganFebruary 3, 2017Reply

    Best story line-up with good message at the end

    Kudos to the entire team for this wonderful story with neat screenplay
    without any loopholes.

    That suspense till final frame of the cinema is the biggest plus of
    this movie.

    This kind of creator is much needed for Tamil industry.

    Producers should come forward for this kind of story;

    Hope this film will bag many awards this year.

    All the very best to director and congrats for matured acting from

    D16- best thriller movie with amazing work from all departments of
    Cinema work.

  • MeeraFebruary 3, 2017Reply

    Just wow, mind blowing, awesome!! You need to watch this before you die..

    Wow wow wow is the word you will think or say when you watch this
    movie!! It is just on a whole another level and I would give this movie
    more than 10. This deserves to be praised much more!! Every scene and
    everything in the movie has a purpose. A movie without songs which is a
    plus and just a very good thrilling story! I do not want to spoil
    anything since you need to watch it till the end. You will definitely
    not be bored but it is a movie that requires attention and it sure does
    make you attentive since it is so interesting. I loved it so much,
    words cannot describe it enough.. I watched it with my family and we
    were just astonished.. This is all I can say.. Superb acting and superb
    concept.. This is a movie you need to watch before you die.. I think
    actors who only do commercial movies can learn from this! This is what
    you call a movie..

  • rajmannar-08230February 4, 2017Reply


    Lovely murder mystery. Nice to see a movie with suspense being the
    theme with perfect pacing, enough eye for details, solidly enacted, no
    distractions of songs etc. Pretty much whatever makes a good solid yarn
    of a suspense from the good old school is in here.

    Two deaths, missing woman, disappearing witness and a Cop led by his
    assorted bag of assistants, including a new recruit in the hunt.

    I loved the way the story dealt in small details, especially at the
    police station, the new cops, the stress around their work etc. Rehman
    plays his part well.

    Definitely worth a watch.

  • chlorophyllusFebruary 5, 2017Reply

    Gripping Thriller

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • rsasudarshanFebruary 5, 2017Reply

    Excellent Film

    Looking at the box office this film collected is just completely sad.
    All the berserk Vijay and Ajith fans just go for their movies just
    because they are popular. Out of the many kollywood movies Bairavaa was
    the least realistic and one of the out-of-logic films. It has collected
    more than 110 Crores. Even though Karthick Naren is a young director,
    he has produced a great film. This is a must watch for everyone. I am
    very happy to see that Kollywood has entered the mindset where the plot
    and acting matters more than the actor. D16 has produced a very good
    ending, sad yet satisfying.

    Overall, this movie needs to be a blockbuster hit.

  • raikuttanFebruary 6, 2017Reply

    Must watch thriller

    Very good attempt by the upcoming director Karthik. Right from the
    first scene movie is engaging.Rahman as a police officer has done a
    great job. No heroism just class. Unusual crime thriller which we don’t
    get to see much in Indian / Tamil cinema. Loved the reference to Mario
    game of 90s and the magic brick dialogue. Rahman does have a faint
    Malayalam Accent during the voice over rendering. Very good editing and
    cinematography. Conclusion in climax doesn’t leave much Questions in
    mind and covers almost all left over bits. All actors have done justice
    to their roles. I would recommend all to watch this movie as it would
    be one of the must watch thrillers in tamil history

  • sandepnFebruary 7, 2017Reply

    Slow Narration with Brilliant story line!!

    Reality by par, I would sense the story from start that what was it
    about and the narration which is well handled until the last
    minute.Thriller treat for anyone who likes to get engaged with crime
    investigation.The most liked dialogue after for anyone would be ”Karma
    is BITCH” . There will be lot of expectations from Karthick Naren who
    had got a lot of fame from his first flick. At least , I would !!

    On the other side,Screenplay goes slow at time and could have been with
    more twists in first half.”There it still shows the inexperience in
    real direction” reviewed by one of well known directors. After Mumbai
    police, Rahman is treat to watch.

    Overall , A awesome movie with great talent show in script
    writing.Could have been better on direction and screenplay.

  • vijay kumarFebruary 8, 2017Reply

    good but not great !

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • thatiscarolsFebruary 8, 2017Reply

    Just a different screen

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • vinu_ks133February 11, 2017Reply

    Karma is a boomerang, however you furl it, bounces back to you

    The summary tells the whole story, the movie is very gripping, you have
    to be very attentive to catch every minute detail right from start the
    movie is well made, following points have caught my attention

    1. Masked killer (Makes you want to know who is inside), great

    2. Rahman rubbing the eyes, which is shown as graphic in introduction.
    3. Character of gautham is well made. 4. Up to the climax the killer is
    given great importance, but the real motive behind the story is
    ordinary and that intricate details are also well woven in between the
    plot to minute detail. 5. Ultimately our protagonist falls victim to a
    fate which he knows far later, but cant much help.

    I cant believe a debutant director has made this movie. Tamil cinema
    has gone to a new level, i would rate this movie above Thani Oruvan and

    Surprising twist till last frame.

    One of the excellent role portrayed by Rahman

    Director karthick Naren is one to be taken very seriously

  • Prash VengaFebruary 11, 2017Reply

    A brilliant thriller made after a long time in Tamil cinema! A master class !!!

    CINEMA ! Truly a mind-twisting movie experience! A dark-thriller!
    Indeed one of the best dark thrillers in Tamil cinema! The sound mixing
    and background for this movie is so brilliant. Truly a a genius!
    Karthick Naren an young director in his early 20s delivers one of the
    best thrillers made in Tamil cinema. Although you might have no idea
    where the film is taking you to, no worries, the climax of the movie
    will leave you in shock. Rahaman the actor of this film totally pulled
    it off with ease. Its sad to see that not many people can appreciate
    this master piece, more films like this should come out. Support this
    kind of films and don’t let Tamil cinema rot in the name of masala
    films. Top notch thriller which you will not regret watching. Its worth
    every penny of your money! Go watch it! My score – 9.2/10

  • naveen nFebruary 14, 2017Reply

    Forced to be Thrilled..!!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • KanagarajFebruary 15, 2017Reply

    Perfect mystery, thriller in Tamil

    One of the best mystery thriller in Tamil movies. especially small
    small details that director carried out is excellent. Dialogues are so
    intense and meaningful. There are no irrelevant (not even one) scenes
    or songs. The end song with connecting the plots. wow. Well done. Kudos
    to Karthick Naren. A warm welcome to Tamil industry. Only flaw I could
    see, movie flow as they show. However, it doesn’t impact anything.
    Worth watch.

  • midhunkthomasFebruary 19, 2017Reply

    Top movie

    I would say this is one of the best film in recent times.

    Specially Mr. Rahman (the old evergreen romantic Malayalam’s
    superstar), he is a class act in this movie.

    Big congrats to Rahman Sir and Director for immense performance and
    commitment shown towards this movie.

    All other actors did their part too…

    Screenplay is awesome.

    Requesting distributors to treat this kind of movies in top category.

    Must watch movie.

  • Bivin PhilipFebruary 20, 2017Reply

    wow wow wow

    This movie is my favourite movie of 2016. A movie like this took a
    bloody long time to come. Karthick Naren thank you. In a masala filled
    industry with cliché dialogues and overrated action sequences,this
    movie definitely stands out. The movie puts you in the edge of your
    seat from the very beginning. The movie captures every details so
    delicately. The plot is decent but the way it is dealt with is what
    makes the movie so thrilling. Rahman did a great job to keep us
    thinking till the end. This movie should have been dubbed and released
    in multiple languages. The twist was like icing on a black forest cake.
    Best 1hr 44 min of my life. This is a must watch. DO NOT MISS IT

  • fahimayMarch 3, 2017Reply

    A solid thriller

    Heavily recommended to me as one of the finest investigative thrillers
    in modern Tamil Cinema, I chose a distraction-free weekend to watch
    this movie with full attention. I was told that I would not be able to
    follow the storyline if I missed a single scene, so I was all the more

    The movie started smoothly enough with enough to keep us hooked in the
    first few minutes itself. It boasts of crisp well paced dialogues and
    generous plot twists but not too many to the point of confusion. Loved
    to hear Rahman’s self dubbed dialogues, tinged with a bit of Malayalam
    accent but confident and charming enough. We can find new faces
    throughout but with clearly defined characterisations of each. Ashwin
    Kumar, who had given an impressive negative performance in the
    Malayalam movie Jacobinte Swargarajyam, proves his mettle here too.

    The development of the plot doesn’t talk much about the investigative
    skills of Rahman but makes it more natural and plausible. We do keep
    guessing the killer after an hour into the movie but it was refreshing
    to not see a clichéd ending. A couple of unanswered questions are on
    the tip of the tongue once the movie is over but we can assume and
    close the loose ends

    New music director Jakes Bejoy has given a supportive bgm track and
    commendable finishing song. Kudos to the Karthik Naren, who has
    ventured bravely into the cine field at such a young age and made his
    mark here on his maiden attempt itself.

  • NealNalin KumarMarch 5, 2017Reply

    accurate thriller

    you are gonna definitely think its serial killer movie from watching
    its trailer. its more than that its sexy mixed up much accurate
    thriller. Don’t miss the any slight point till the movie end.

    you are gonna definitely think its serial killer movie from watching
    its trailer. its more than that its sexy mixed up much accurate
    thriller. Don’t miss the any slight point till the movie end.

  • Akhil BalachandranMarch 8, 2017Reply

    A beautiful crime investigation movie!!!

    The film opens with a mysterious guy stepping out of a car and enters
    into a house. Retired cop Deepak recalls his unsolved murder case and
    started to share case experience to his friend’s son, whose ambition is
    to become an IPS officer. The best thing about an investigation movie
    is to force audience to keep guessing throughout, in that sense it
    really works. The film has some twists that were left open to viewers
    and it’s hard to call it loop holes, let’s assume those scenes are self
    explanatory. Karthick Naren’s first priority was Arvind Swamy,
    unfortunately he can’t get through to him. Rahman was one of the best
    thing that happened in the movie and Without him it might have been a
    film with a brilliant script. Rahman was effective as a police officer
    and the realistic way of police officers talk was also good to see.
    With the help of lights and equipments cinematographer Sujith Sarang
    gives the feeling of a beautiful crime investigation movie. The
    director, Karthick Naren a 21 year old crafts an investigation movie
    that grabs you from the first scene onwards and his dedication level
    was evident in each scene. Overall, nothing to say more about this
    movie, just go and watch it.

  • Athul BijuMarch 12, 2017Reply

    Over-rated is the word

    Heard a lot about this movie. Did not live up to the hype.


    *Karthick Naren’s direction is top class for a debutante

    *The ambiance of the movie is good till the last 20 minutes


    *Underwhelming story-line with many plot holes, easy to miss with the
    melee of threads in the movie

    *A lot of convenient strokes of luck strewn throughout the movie – the
    ambiance of the moving being the saving grace in making the deductions
    look extra-ordinary when they are anything but that

    *The last 20 minutes are clichéd to the core, with the director taking
    the easy way out to finish the movie.

    Verdict : Over-rated is the word.

  • nragulMarch 13, 2017Reply

    Thrilled; Entertained – Over Satisfied – Worth every penny

    When one particular name of a movie keeps rounding your ears amongst
    movie-buff circle, anyone would be rather intrigued to go for it. That
    is how I set to watch D16. A movie with no anticipation, zero
    expectation, just to experience the cinema and get entertained.

    Movie starts with a crime scene and sets to move forward a few years
    where the flashback of investigation is told. The exaggeration about
    the crime, the mystery throughout the investigation and the search for
    clues – all these factors adds up to keep you in edge of your seat
    peeking on tip of your toes.

    Plot is rather simple, but the narration in a police’s point of view is
    top notch. You can’t help but think about the crime scene and
    investigate along with the movie. That’s how beautiful the narration

    Karthik Naren has announced his arrival to Kollywood with an
    astonishing debut. The story and screenplay were nothing less to
    perfect. Dialogues were so mature for such a young director.

    BGM beautifully synced with the rugged tone of the movie. Glad that
    there wasn’t any song to ruin the flow.

    As the name suggests, there are 16 characters in the film. But there
    are two outstanding characters in the name of Rahman and the Constable
    who assists Rahman. Rest all of them have done their part in upwards

    This movie is a perfect treat for all people. It gets you to
    investigate, think and keeps you active and entertained in all means.
    Its a rare genius.

  • shobanchittuproluMarch 22, 2017Reply

    Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru is the best proof for Young Indian Film Maker’s talent and their technical brilliance.A perfect investigative murder mystery after a long time.

    Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru (2016): This movie garnered lot of recognition
    when it was known that a 21 year old Eng.drop out directed this one of
    the best mystery thrillers of Indian Cinema.Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru is a
    clever investigative whodunit thriller of Kollywood which was released
    in December 2016.Since then I have been waiting to watch this film and
    at last successfully accomplished it.

    Plot: Retired and handicapped cop, Deepak (Rahman),discusses about his
    famously unsolved case of the murder to a young man who wants to join
    the Indian Police Service. On a seemingly dull morning six years ago,
    Deepak is called in to investigate a suicide of a young man that later
    turns out to be a case of homicide. Even as he probes this, he gets a
    phone call about a woman missing from her flat, where there are traces
    of blood. Deepak realizes that there is a strange link between these
    two unfortunate women.Ther seems an insidious motive in every suspect
    and witnesses too..

    Plus Points:

    1)Story Screenplay and Direction: Karthik Naren is a true genius who
    brought us an interesting investigative murder mystery as his debut.He
    really has all the qualities of becoming a gem of Kollywood cinema with
    his extraordinary skills of visualization and writing. Naren’s
    scripting often appears muddled — causing confusion in the mind of a
    viewer. A thriller or mystery cannot, after all, be such a jigsaw
    puzzle that solving it diminishes a fair degree of cinematic
    enjoyment.Naren must be commended for his highly focused way of
    narration. No distractions here.

    2)Cinematography: Cinematographer Sujith Sarang has maintained this
    cinematic dark tone which built the tension to the core.Definitely
    deserves a nomination for awards.

    3)BGM: If Karthik as director is the brain of the film,cinematography
    and BGM are like heart and eyes of the film.They played a key role in
    the movie’s suspense building.

    4)Performances: All the actors who are mostly new face have done a
    terrific job with natural performances.Rahman as Deepak is very good
    and perfectly gave his best output.

    So,Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru is the best proof for Young Indian Film
    Maker’s talent and their technical brilliance.A perfect investigative
    murder mystery after a long time.

    My rating 8.5/10

  • unnikrishnan pmMarch 26, 2017Reply

    Beautiful narration technique cannot hide the plot hole

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Afsal Hussain (afsalthodupuzha)March 28, 2017Reply

    ”A Brilliantly Crafted Crime Thriller ”

    The most tricky genre to present a flawless narrative is without doubt
    the thriller genre,where 21 year old debutant writer-director Karthik
    Naren struck it big,the foremost reason why Dhruvangal Pathinaaru is
    the most celebrated tamil movie in quiet a long time.The dexterity that
    Karthik showcased in handling the investigative part,the way the
    mystery was worked out and how he utilized the technical support on his
    disposal to the fullest is commendable and a noteworthy lesson for
    budding filmmakers who are struggling to make a mark on the movie

    There wasn’t a single scene that could be counted unwanted or a single
    point in the narrative where Karthik lost his grip and he could succeed
    in keeping me engaged to the investigation right from the very first
    scene till the end credits appeared on the screen.Surprise package of
    the movie was Rashin Rahman who stunned me with one of his all-time
    best performance,a terrific comeback of sorts and a much needed break
    for him in Kollywood,where he was a sort-out lead hero back in the 90s.

    The music and background score by Jakes Bejoy was in tune with the
    narration.D.O.P Sujith Sarang deserves a special applause for his
    top-notch frames that gave a neo-noir feeling to the presentation.

    Dhruvangal Pathinaaru has already achieved the much deserved
    success,being the most talked about and commercially successful
    Kollywood movie in recent times.Make sure you don’t miss out on this
    must watch crime thriller !!

  • naveedshirajApril 2, 2017Reply

    An engaging thriller without the usual tricks !

    From the moment it begins, it gets you hooked to the event. It makes us
    construct the scenes leading up to the ”event” based on the information
    we receive as audience.That is what a thriller is supposed to do!

    Great job! Looking forward to future movies from Karthik Naren. Very

  • Reno RanganApril 4, 2017Reply

    Unlimited twists and turns with well kept suspense.

    Those who were complaining about mainstream films, particularly the
    non-Indians, the recent time has been in their favour. It was some time
    since the change has begun, but now the gaps between mainstream and
    parallel cinema is narrowing. The good news is it’s not just Kollywood,
    but every Indian film industry taking this stride remarkably. Since I’m
    very attached to Tamil films, my observation says the quality of those
    film contents were comparable with international standards. Why I’m
    saying that with confidence is there’s a chance this film would be
    remade elsewhere around the globe.

    So now you might be curious about this film. It is not a brain teaser.
    It is simply a mystery, but the developments, especially the film
    characters never stop till the final. Like the title says, up to 16,
    the new characters keep coming not giving any space for you to breath.
    So predicting anything makes so hard. All along the twist and turns,
    including a couple of them were clichéd which were needed for a
    screenplay like this, particularly to divert the viewer’s attention
    from foreseeing upcoming scenes. In a similar, I thought I found a big
    flaw, but after some time moving ahead further I realised I got it all

    A middle aged man who recently retired from the police service after an
    incident that led him to lose one of his legs, recalls a series of
    events of his final days on the duty with a guest aspiring IPS officer.
    So going 5 years back when a double murder in the same residential area
    took place, the investigation kick-starts with bringing-in three
    suspected youngsters. But later, from different angle of the same
    incident adds more complication. After joining all the pieces together
    still they only get different theories, but not truth. That final piece
    in the puzzle revealed only in the last minute, which deciphered in a

    ❝Karma is a boomerang. However far you may hurl it… It will bounce
    back to us.❞

    Once you watch finishing it, you will come to know it was a straight
    story, but turned into a nonlinear narration. Especially the different
    characters coming into the frame at different stages of the narration
    are the most cleverest part. It’s good to recall everything you saw to
    make sure you understood the film. Some people watch such film twice
    and it is surely not a bad idea. But like I said, it is not a
    briantwister if you focused enough since the beginning. This is one of
    the shortest Indian films, so the pace was super fast to cover every

    The entire film was a flashback. That’s the main reason to give
    preference to only the most needed parts. But from the audience
    perspective, the story they learn can be viewed from any angle for a
    different result. I mean, some of us usually choose sides if there’s a
    rivalry in the tale. In this film it was a guessing game surrounding
    the deaths. Except a very few characters, no one stays for very long
    which only fuels the mystery further.

    The best part is there’s no lie, like any film character committing one
    to escape the law. The narration only avoids the full detail which is
    what makes us tough to crack the nut. Those given false statements
    never see the light on the progression, which is a big hint you if you
    are watching it for the first time to stay on the right course to
    possibly come close to the truth before the film reveals itself.

    It’s the writing and the direction that makes this film great. From
    Hollywood to French, Korean, we often see good script like this, but in
    the execution where most of them fails. From the casting and
    performances to the locations, technical side of the film, even turning
    it into a good quality product with such budget was remarkably done.

    This is the director’s feature film debut and it is a loud statement of
    his arrival. Mainstream commercial cinema is a trap with big stars, so
    I hope he stays in the parallel cinema. Coming back to the film, it is
    a must see for neo-mystery-thriller fans. One of the best films for
    non-Indians to try if they haven’t seen any Indian films. But anyway, I
    strongly suggest it to everyone.


  • Siddharth RavindranMay 14, 2017Reply

    One of the best Tamil Thriller in recent memory

    As a huge fan. critique and well wisher of tamil cinema, I have been
    contentiously disappointed with bad films . As I was just about to lose
    hope, this gem came up and restored my faith in Tamil cinema.

    This film is AMAZING. It is a work of genius. It is, by far, one of the
    best tamil film I have seen in recent years. This film might not be
    everyone’s cup of tea but it is certainly my type of film. It is a
    crime thriller that moves steadily with the story slowly, but surely,
    untangling itself as the film goes on. The actors and the technical
    team do a great job at portraying believable characters. The dialogues
    are good and the cinematography is well done.

    The star of the film is the director. At a young age of 21, he has
    achieved what many experienced Indian directors still cannot and that
    is creating a top-quality cinema. The screenplay is also excellent.
    Overall. This film is a must see and has raised the bar for upcoming
    tamil films and I, personally, do not see this bar being raised by
    other films any time soon.

  • PimpinAinttEasyMay 29, 2017Reply

    Overrated but interesting …..

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

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