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Dial a Prayer

Dial a Prayer

Jan. 01, 2015 98 Min.
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8.7 1,827 votes

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A troubled young woman working at a prayer call center makes a difference in other people’s lives, forcing her to reconcile with her troubled past with the faith she brings out in others.

Dial a Prayer
Dial a Prayer
Original titleDial a Prayer
TMDb Rating6 12 votes

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  • planktonrulesJune 6, 2015Reply

    Worth seeing but I am not exactly who the audience would be for this picture.

    In the last year or so, quite a few films have debuted which have been
    targeted to a more conservative Christian audience, such as ”Son of
    God” as well as ”God is Not Dead”. I assumed that ”Dial a Prayer” is
    pretty much another one of these films, though despite its plot, it
    isn’t exactly something that will appeal to many of the same folks who
    would have seen these other movies.

    The film is about a surly young lady, Cora (Brittany Snow). She’s got
    attitude, that’s for sure…and you know that she’s been sentenced to
    do community service for some sort of crime, though for much of the
    film you have no idea what she’s done. As for her community service,
    she works for a Dial-a-Prayer service–an odd choice for community
    service considering her attitude about life as well as what crimes she
    committed. Oddly, however, despite being an angry, lost soul, through
    the course of the film, she comes to develop a sense of purpose and
    begins to shed some of her anger and hopelessness.

    ”Dial a Prayer” has a lot going for it. Snow’s performance is
    exceptional, as she played troubled and angry quite well–so well that
    it was difficult liking her character for much of the film. This is a
    major plus. Additionally, it sure didn’t hurt that the nice minister
    who ran the center was played by William H. Macy–a guy who just make
    everything look so easy and natural. I also like the notion that ACTING
    good, after a while, makes you good– something fundamental to many
    philosophies and branches of psychology. The film also really was nice
    because it was very unique and there isn’t anything else like it that
    I’ve seen in a very long time.

    But, the film also has a huge problem which will easily impact its
    marketability. For the traditional Christian audience, while most of
    the story will make them quite happy, the cursing and sex in the film
    just don’t fit in with their values and it’s hard to imagine them not
    being offended. As for others, there are also a lot of folks who have
    no interest in a film about spirituality–and they’d never see such a
    movie in the first place. As a result, while it’s a very good film, I
    just don’t know if it has much of an audience, though it is worth

  • aliceolsenJuly 21, 2015Reply

    Well worth a watch, Brittany Snow- wow!

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • crvierraAugust 10, 2015Reply

    A ”feel-good” movie for people who think Christians are either faking it or lunatics

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • dansviewAugust 15, 2015Reply

    Better Dialogue and Scene Structure than most films

    Anyone who reads my reviews knows that I always beg for more character
    development and back stories. I loved this movie, but I needed to know
    a bit more about the supporting characters.

    William Macy plays a wonderfully animated boss of a Dial-A-Prayer
    business. But we never hear how he got into the field or why. Also, no
    one ever identifies what church the girl’s family, the call center, and
    the town identify with. Is it Catholic? Interestingly, there is
    practically no mention of Jesus, except when the funny boss says that
    he parted the Red Sea.

    Therefore, I think a non-Christian could feel comfortable watching this
    without feeling bombarded by J.C.

    The film is not really about religion. It is about second chances and
    turning one’s life around. There is good usage of the Fall and Winter
    Midwest landscape. One could see it as either bleak, or starkly
    beautiful, depending on attitude. There are some clever references to
    that. The final scene shows a couple quietly beholding the glory of a
    blank snowy setting.

    Do prayers make a difference? Our protagonist keeps asking this
    question. Of course they do, but the film focuses only on the aspect of
    making people feel better. It doesn’t mention any metaphysical effect
    on the world at large, or the idea of praying for world peace and
    messianic redemption. People are only praying for themselves and their
    family to deal with domestic and health issues.

    Casting is so essential to a character-driven film. This one aced the
    test. I don’t know who Brittany Snow is, but her no-makeup sadness came
    through the screen with genuine sincerity. Macy phoned it in, no pun
    intended, but in his case, he phones it in beautifully. Glen Headly,
    the mom, fit the profile to perfection. No one here is great looking or
    flashy. They are ordinary people in a working class Midwestern town
    trying to make it through life the best way they can.

    What I loved the most was the way they structured dialogue scenes. The
    characters would say just the right amount of words to each other,
    without overdoing it or milking the scenes for manipulative effect.

    I could have done without the few dream sequences and the schmaltzy
    music toward the end, but the photography was first rate.

  • Deanna MullinsSeptember 14, 2015Reply

    troubled young woman faces serious life issues while annoyed with religious people

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • kierancomynJune 22, 2016Reply

    Cynical movie plays to the atheists

    This is a movie with an obviously cynical view of prayer from the
    outset. The church show. In occasional take-backs appears to be
    Catholic, but the towns people who went to it do not. All of the
    ”Christian” characters are played as if they were paste board mock-up
    of real people. All of the ”Christian” characters show their ignorance
    at everything from relationships to Biblical facts, and lack
    genuineness in their prayer life and home life.

    The only person presented with genuineness is the the faithless and
    miserable Cora, in search of truth and riddled with guilt. But her
    language, sexual behaviour, drinking and drug taking reinforces that
    this film is aimed at a general audience in a cynical time, to the
    exclusion of a Christian audience. It presents a clich├ęd atheistic view
    of poor, misguided believers.

    The pace of the movie is very slow. Half way through my wife said that
    if it was any slower we should just turn it off. The only reason we
    watched it through was because we paid for the viewing. Generally an
    unsatisfying waste of money.

  • KirpianuscusJune 30, 2016Reply

    nice try

    a film about faith. not great but decent. same option of drawing of
    fundamental transformation, search of life sense, family tension, a
    love story and the success who change existences and give the second
    chance. its best part – the dialogue. because it is the inspired option
    to escape from the sin of sentimental story. and gives to it coherence
    and some credibility. a film about the fight against past errors. and
    the reconciliation with yourself. sure, far to be perfect. and not
    always convincing. but a beautiful story. touching in few scenes,
    realistic in the others. useful as advise for dark state who is not
    unknown for many of us. more important, a nice try. to define the faith
    in not usual manner. to propose a character who reminds many other
    similar cases from every day media.and that does it a real useful show.

  • Max TJuly 20, 2016Reply

    Awesome movie, not sure who the audience is supposed to be.

    Brittany Snow is one of my favourite actresses, and this movie is a
    great reminder why. She delivers incredible scenes and portrays Cora in
    an amazing way. The movie itself is good, but the title and premise of
    the movie kind of makes it seem like a movie that is going to convince
    a girl who’s gone off-track to find faith in god, however that isn’t
    what the movie is about at all. My automatic thought is that this is a
    movie for religious people, but i don’t think religious people would
    enjoy this movie all that much, and non-religious people wouldn’t think
    about picking it up because of the title and premise of the movie.
    Still, however, it is a great movie.

  • masonnettMarch 4, 2017Reply

    Things are not what they seem

    I liked this little film. A good and decent little film. The story, the
    script, the directing , the acting and the cinematography. A well
    packaged little project. I liked the idea that just when you thought
    that William Macey’s character was evil, you end up realizing that he
    is not. Also, I liked the idea that believing and disbelieving in
    anything could change in any minute when your perception changes .

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