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Diani and Devine Meet the Apocalypse

Diani and Devine Meet the Apocalypse

They're SO not prepared...May. 21, 2018 USA90 Min.
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A struggling comedy duo discovers that surviving the apocalypse is almost as difficult as surviving in Hollywood.

Original titleDiani and Devine Meet the Apocalypse
IMDb Rating9.1 52 votes
TMDb Rating10 1 votes

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(2) comments

  • shezebelleOctober 16, 2016Reply

    Comedic genius and existential anxiety make for a crazy-good movie!

    Brilliantly funny!! Most comedic films now seem to rely on sex and
    gross bodily fluid effects to make people laugh, because real comedy is
    too hard for Hollywood to do. This film, which I was fortunate enough
    to see at its premiere at the Austin Film Festival, is a dazzling
    display of well-written wit, perfectly edited comedic timing, and some
    physical comedy that is so rare these days — the ice tea scene! I want
    this on DVD so I can watch Gabe and John Apicella over and over again.
    It’s magnificent.

    Absurd and funny and charming —I hope Diani and Devine Meet the
    Apocalypse gets a broad theatrical release in the US. Because it’s a
    ridiculously fun movie, but with real heart and intelligence, too. Etta
    Devine and Gabriel Diani are surely the best comedy-film team working
    today, and I am blown away by what they accomplished in this hilarious

    Do you worry about civilization ending, but then go get a latte and put
    it out of your mind? You will laugh so hard you will cry. Do you wonder
    how you would survive in the wild, when the closest thing you have to
    survival training is to have watched an episode of Mn v Wild or a
    season of Survivor? Yeah. You’ll be howling with laughter. Do you have
    some vague plan about which crazy-prepared friend’s house in the
    country you’d escape to if something apocalyptic happened? This. Find a
    way to see this movie.

    The only thing that could improve this film is for it to get out there
    and to be wildly- successful and give Diani & Devine the resources to
    make another movie.

  • gregmachlin-21143February 13, 2017Reply

    Great (and great-looking) comedy about the end of the world

    Full disclosure: I was a Kickstarter backer of this film, but I don’t
    personally know the filmmakers.

    ”Diani & Devine Meet the Apocalypse” has the same basic premise as
    ”This Is The End”–woefully unprepared comedians stumble through the
    apocalypse trying to survive– but is even funnier and relies less on
    gross-out humor than that film, and it looks shockingly good for a
    low-budget movie (mad props to directors Diani, Devine and their D.P.)
    When the movie opens, the male-female comedy duo are doing well on the
    comedy circuit but struggling to advance in Hollywood hits. Then an
    unnamed apocalypse strikes and the two comedians, dog and cat in tow,
    have to hit the road in search of safer and friendlier shelter. As they
    stagger from one near-disaster to the next, the film never loses sight
    of their humanity or the people they encounter, even the crazy compound
    where (spoilers averted). I usually hate phrases like ”the triumph of
    the human spirit,” but this film deserves it. See it when it comes to
    your town!

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