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Dirty 30

Dirty 30

Sep. 23, 2016 USA87 Min.PG-13
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8.8 1,678 votes

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Lifelong friends Kate (Mamrie Hart), Evie (Grace Helbig) and Charlie (Hannah Hart) are in a rut. Kate spends her days at a middling job and her nights alone or on failed dates. Evie is married with the in-laws from hell, wandering from one charitable cause to the next. Charlie has the girl of her dreams but just can’t seem to pull her business (or her act) together. On the eve of Kate’s 30th birthday, she agrees to let Evie and Charlie throw her a party. But what’s supposed to be a simple celebration becomes a wild who’s who of past and present, and things quickly spiral out of control.

Dirty 30
Dirty 30
Original titleDirty 30
IMDb Rating5.5 1,884 votes
TMDb Rating6.5 14 votes

(6) comments

  • originalbanditSeptember 24, 2016Reply

    One For The Fans

    Straight off the bat, Dirty 30 is an above average film that will at
    the very least keep you slightly entertained for an hour and a half.
    It’s pure, harmless fun with solid performances from the very likable
    Mamrie Hart, Hannah Hart and Grace Helbig (the YouTube Holy Trinity),
    who play three best friends. I would have liked to see more character
    development for Hannah Hart’s character (Charlie) as I thought she was
    the most interesting of the 3. Does this film bring anything new to the
    table? No, not really. Think of this as the mild-mannered lovechild of
    Project X and Bridesmaids. It’s a predictable film that played it
    really safe but is still a charming little film nonetheless.The weakest
    aspect of this film is a forced high-school romance between two
    incredibly forgettable characters that the film could have completely
    done without. Each time these two characters were on screen, the energy
    and pace of the film was slowed down and all I wanted to do was get
    back to the fun bits.

    Overall, I think big YouTube fans will enjoy this one the most as there
    are a bunch of awesome cameos to look forward to.

  • Eric RylandSeptember 24, 2016Reply

    These three do it again!

    I’ve been a big fan of the Holy Trinity (Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart, and
    Mamrie Hart) for over 3 years. I’ve watched them all grow on YouTube
    into the hilarious adults they are today. Camp Takota was a pretty good
    film but Dirty 30 surpasses it by 120%. The jokes were really funny and
    witty, the edits of this film are a lot more woven together, and the
    acting was very good. This proves that new media is capable of coming
    up with creative and funny forms of entertainment. I firmly believe
    that deserving and hard working Youtubers such as Grace, Hannah, and
    Mamrie set an example for people that are to afraid to pursue their
    passion to actually try and become what they want to be in life. This
    is by far my favorite film to come out of any YouTuber. It’s well
    directed, well shot, and has 3 hilarious people in it. I can’t wait to
    see what these hilarious humans create in the future. Love ya mametown,
    Helbig, and Hannah. <3

  • BoristhemoggySeptember 25, 2016Reply

    A genuinely pleasant, fun, uplifting film that leaves you wishing you were part of their lives

    Anyone who Youtube will know all 3 of the main actors: Hannah Hart;
    Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart. They got together for this movie and I
    believe they hit the cinema nail right on it’s head. The film is
    colourful, well paced, well acted for what it is, nicely written with
    great dialogue, witty and charming and a little emotional in parts.
    There’s plenty of cuteness to keep people interested but not enough to
    turn it smulchy. It’s about as believable as any film of this genre and
    very formulaic, but that doesn’t stop it rising to the heap of all the
    other unbelievable and formulaic movies. The only time I write reviews
    is if a film touched me or moved me in some way, be that positively or
    negatively, and this one was definitely a feel good, positive surprise.
    I’ve given it the highest rating I ever give a film and that’s because
    tonight that’s exactly what it deserved.

  • scottamacSeptember 26, 2016Reply

    Holy Trinity Girls Got their own Movie !!!

    I saw these Nut Bags On YouTube and laughed my Ass off. I was shocked
    to see that they got their own Movie, it was some what worth it.

    The director should have let them go a little more off the chain and I
    think the humor would have been better. It was funny and entertaining
    but some of the humorous scenes could have used better timing and
    delivery. ( if left up to the girls to use their gift)

    It’s like always, Holly-( CRACKER)-wood gets their hands on something
    that could have been really funny and they give it the ole

    I hope these Gals get another chance to work with a better director and
    a better script with someone who knows punch line delivery.

    Next time let these Ladies be spontaneous and go off the cuff with
    their own brand of humor which made them famous on You tube in the
    first place.

    Oh, and find them a a good comedy writer that understands who they are.

    If you guys can do that, these Ladies will SHINE and I will be crapping
    a brick like so many times before! Hang in there Ladies, Something
    better will come along. All in all i still liked the movie. The Ashley
    Character was done well, I was actually looking for a 2 X 4 with a Nail
    in it….

    I took away 3 points for holly-woods stagnant crap.

    Also the young couple at the end of the movie had great chemistry!

  • ooglyboo-68633October 2, 2016Reply

    Pleasantly Surprised! !

    I cannot express enough how much I liked this movie. I laughed so much.
    I didn’t know this movie was made till I seen it at target. I love
    Mamrie, Hannah, grace and Drew. Im subscribed to all them and love
    there channels. They all did an awesome job and I mean they were great,
    you couldn’t tell this was their first movie . I’m really proud of them
    and I hope to see more of this group working together on more projects.
    Very well produced and directed also. I’m just really happy for you
    all. Can’t wait for your next release. Have to shout out to Drew, boy
    you were soooo good in this film. You pulled it off. And you my friend
    are a natural, I hope to see more from you in the future. You are a
    pleasure to watch doing anything, keep up the momentum. Your a really
    great person.

  • Amelia AOctober 2, 2016Reply

    It was actually good

    OK i am a huge fan of Mamrie,Hannah,and Grace’s YouTube channel so I
    knew I would watch this eventually and I had super low expectations for
    it. I haven’t really trusted YouTuber movies (after the hell hole that
    was Smosh the movie),but I was pleasantly surprised with this one. Camp
    Takota (their previous movie) was OK, but ultimately a Netflix movie,
    but Dirty 30?? I’m glad I spent $10 and bought it on amazon. This movie
    is fun and happy. This movie is just a party movie that isn’t a high
    school one, but teens can still enjoy it. Watching it was an adventure
    that I want to live over and over again. Also let’s just say I was
    super happy with Charlie’s (Hannah Hart’s) story line.

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