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Dog Eat Dog

Dog Eat Dog

Nov. 04, 2016 USA93 Min.
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8.8 1,513 votes

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Carved from a lifetime of experience that runs the gamut from incarceration to liberation, Dog Eat Dog is the story of three men who are all out of prison and now have the task of adapting themselves to civilian life.

Dog Eat Dog
Dog Eat Dog
Dog Eat Dog
Dog Eat Dog
Dog Eat Dog
Original titleDog Eat Dog
IMDb Rating4.7 3,926 votes
TMDb Rating4.8 49 votes

(43) comments

  • Will ParrySeptember 19, 2016Reply

    Surprisingly fresh! Really enthusiastic performances by all of the co-stars

    I’ll start by saying this movie isn’t perfect, but I really, really
    enjoyed it. In short, the pacing was fantastic (not a dull moment, but
    at the same time you really got to know the characters), the actors all
    clearly were really enjoying making the movie and gave their characters
    their all (Willem Defoe in particular, and Nicholas Cage was completely
    revitalized for this role). I also really enjoyed the cinematography,
    some various effects were used tastefully to great effect. Finally one
    of the best qualities of this film is the subtle details, often
    humorous, of the sets/extras. This film made great use of the
    background for both humorous and dark mood setting purposes.

    The one complaint I had with this film was the abrupt transition to
    some sort of symbolic ”meta-scene” right around the last 10 minutes of
    the film. It just felt jarring and didn’t really resolve or leave me
    thinking anything. I would not be surprised if I just missed some
    symbolism, but it just didn’t resonate with me. But luckily I did not
    feel it ruined the film for me.

    So in summary, this film is a fantastic surface level action flick. I
    would describe it as the inverse of the TV show ”Cops”. Similar
    camera-work during the action. It also had some real depth to it’s
    characters, and man was there chemistry. It’ll leave you wishing you
    could see more of the characters yet the point kind of is that you just
    see a glimpse of their lives. More would take away from the poignancy.

  • subxerogravityNovember 8, 2016Reply

    Strangely interesting in it’s mediocre-ness

    It might be a good thing that I don’t know what to think of this movie.
    I liked it, it’s not the best thing Nicolas Cage has been in, but you
    can’t put it under the category of bad Cage movie, Especially when
    running lines with William Defoe who was worth watching in this flick
    and brought great essence to it.

    I saw someone else review the movie. They stated the the film has Bite
    but No Bark. It made me curious enough to want to watch it, and after
    seeing Dog Eat Dog I think I understand what they mean. The film was
    shot amazingly with some powerful performances. Like I said before,
    Defoe fills the room and Cage is lucky to have him, but at the same
    time Cage is no slouch in this either. Plus the chemistry of all the
    actors together is well received, and once again to look at the
    movie…it really packs a punch.

    But the plot of the movie is almost non-existent. The film is suppose
    to be about three crooks kidnapping a baby, yet this plot seems
    subliminal in relation to watching three crooks, one of them just
    recently released from jail have a good time, and see how they became
    acquaintances in the first place.

    It’s like the director is trying to tell us that we don’t need a plot
    for a movie to be interesting, but I have to admit that this point my
    come across better if I knew it was going to be a convict version of
    Seinfeld, while waiting for these guys to do something. Still, very
    good film to watch

  • DuchinoNovember 11, 2016Reply

    A fun pulp sketch that hits the spot for something wack

    As I laid eyes on this new release and saw Cage and Defoe, I
    immediately checked out the synopsis; 5 minutes later I was watching it
    and soon chuckling. The funky characters, trippy edits and that classic
    lowlife-lane vibe kept me entertained throughout – you know that one of
    their hits and heists is not gonna go down well, but you wanna see how
    it pans out for these three strange but dangerous goofs. Cage is
    Hollywood’s biggest laughing stock, but undeservedly so; he does pop in
    all sorts of mediocre movies, from low- to big budget ones, but he does
    project a persona and at times cracks out prime performances in great
    tales: see ”Joe” (2013), for example. Defoe has his usual solid
    charisma, jacked up for a wild ”Mad Dog” character. 3rd guy is good
    too. They’re all interesting and funny. This is something Tarantino
    used to know how to do – or could have done – if he weren’t preoccupied
    in stylistically redundant pantomimes.

  • kkraft-48439November 12, 2016Reply

    Good chemistry

    I wasn’t expecting much but was happy to see Nick Cage and Willam Dafoe
    together. A collaboration with these two makes it interesting in

    A standard crime movie with down on their luck thugs trying to get free
    of the lifestyle. Looking for subtext, I think the director is trying
    to display the amoral, nihilistic despair of people born into a life of
    crime. We see glimpses of their lighter, humane side in order to remind
    us that even though these are hardened criminals, you have to look
    deeper to see a man who wants to find peace.

    Outside forces, and those of their own making, demonstrate that life
    has a way of choosing your options, an example of which is when Cook
    accidentally shows his gun reaching for grocery meat, leading to the
    final confrontation. An unthinking impulse, hunger, led to his demise.

  • djangozelf-12351November 13, 2016Reply

    Cage and Dafoe in type cast-ed roles.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • johnphilips-beNovember 13, 2016Reply

    Seriously, Nicholas Cage, is your time over?

    I am a fan of Nicholas Cage who believes that his movies are just below
    the top grade, but enjoyable at most times.. I read the story-line in
    IMDb and was seriously looking forward to have a good time. Boy, i was
    wrong. There was no story, no thrills but cheap gun shooting action. I
    went all the way to write a review as i believe that this review could
    save someone their 90 minutes. By the way, this is only my 3rd review
    ever in the last 8 years, the other 2 being positives and this one for
    the sheer disappointment i had with the movie.

    Pls avoid this movie unless you are a blood thirsty movie lover.

    Hope this helps!

  • Damon KPNovember 13, 2016Reply

    Potential but fizzled halfway through.

    This movie just fell off the cliff halfway through. Willem Dafoe is one
    of my all time favorite actors, to see him going through this was
    painful to watch. The set up was great, but the movie lost itself
    halfway through. Think of having sex with a Victoria Secret model and
    great foreplay then she abruptly walks out on you, leaving you hanging.
    This film does that to you! Cage has been doing such odd work of late,
    I almost think he is purposely picking mediocre scripts because he owes
    everyone favors since his bankruptcy or maybe this is all he can get
    these days. Whatever the case, he needs a good movie soon or he’ll soon
    fade away into obscurity. What a horrible flick!

  • geraldohannaNovember 14, 2016Reply

    Dog Eat Dog

    Paul Schrader: ‘I’ve made some important films. ‘Dog Eat Dog is not one
    of them’. Sad but true for Director/Writer Paul Schrader – A man with a
    career of 20 films, among them Taxi and Raging Bull – His career as a
    director remains unseen by his work as a screenwriter for Martin
    Scorsese – A legacy we will always remember him for – With Dog Eat Dog,
    Schrader tries to remind us that he is still relevant in the world –
    Ignoring one small fact – Everyone in this day and age can and will
    judge you harshly, no matter the reputation. Stylized as a low-budget
    Neo-noir crime caper with the talents of Nicolas Cage, Willem Dafoe and
    Schrader himself taking on a role, respectfully making comparisons to
    Quentin Tarantino’s earlier films – With heavy-handed dialogue, harsh
    and senseless barbarity and a convoluted plot not worth following to
    its third act – Which is based on the novel of the same name by Edward

    Troy (Nicolas Cage), Mad Dog (Willem Dafoe), and Diesel (Christopher
    Matthew Cook) are a couple of goofball criminals, all with clichéd
    traits – Troy (The Straight-Man), Mad Dog (The Loose Cannon), and
    Diesel (The Muscle), tired of small end jobs they decide to pull off
    one last big score – Which involves kidnapping the baby of a rival
    mobster. But like most crime caper films, this goes awry and they are
    forced to fend for themselves – From the mob and now police following
    an anonymous tip.

    On first glance, one can say that Schrader relates to the author
    himself – Edward Bunker. Both men looking for redemption, seeking a
    story that will ignite the spark they once had – For Schrader Dog Eat
    Dog should’ve been that story – After the disastrous events of his
    previous film, also starring Cage – ‘Dying of the Light’, unhappy with
    the film’s re-cut, Schrader, and Cage publicly dismissed the film.

    A similar theme about loss and redemption – A recurring theme for
    Schrader as he demonstrates it throughout his career as-a screenwriter.

    Screenwriter, Matthew Wilder (Your Name Here) writes from a jarring and
    lurid place – depicting a dark Americana – Which is fine if used
    effectively. The idea of Troy, Cage’s character – A movie buff with
    delusions of being a Humphrey Bogart lookalike is a small moment that
    stands out, adding more layers to a none the less complicated

    In part, Nicolas Cage as Troy is subdued and less comical as we’d
    expect from a Nicolas Cage performance – Willem Dafoe as Mad Dog is
    fine and yet misunderstood – A man yearning for love and friendship,
    yet afraid to admit it. Christopher Matthew Cook as Diesel is less
    intriguing, as he stumbles with stoic and apprehensive tendencies.

    Cinematographer Alexander Dynan never really shows us anything new to
    take in or marvel at besides the story itself – Perhaps in part to the
    editing by Ben Rodriguez Jr., who provides quick and fast paced

    Dog Eat Dog may inspire some with its unique flare or visuals – Fast
    and quick insert cuts – Or its simplistic story, whatever the reason
    only time will tell if we remember this as Paul Schrader film.

  • jekaterina-ivanovaNovember 17, 2016Reply

    Nicolas Cage- the actor of 2015 and 2016?

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • MonsterVision99November 18, 2016Reply

    Interesting, crazy and entertaining, but not for everyone.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Draconis Blackthorne ([email protected])November 18, 2016Reply

    Seedy, sleazy, compulsive, impulsive…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Murtaza AliNovember 19, 2016Reply

    Cage and Dafoe are a sight to behold

    Nicolas Cage’s best performance in a long long time and who better can
    Paul Schrader to make it happen. After the disaster surrounding their
    previous collaboration Dying of the Light, a film that was tempered by
    the studio without Schrader’s approval, Dog Eat Dog proves to be the
    perfect foil for both the men to showcase their talents.

    Schrader limns a colorful world inhabited by cranky criminals who
    prefer death to living a choked up life. Crime comedy is a zone where
    the likes of Quentin Tarantino, Coens and Guy Ritchie thrive but
    Schrader here provided something completely unique.

    Yes, it’s a film revolving around guns, girls, money, drugs, and thugs
    but its hyperrealistic treatment makes it a fascinating watch. To watch
    Nicolas Cage and Willem Dafoe wreck havoc together in front of the
    motion picture camera is a sight to behold. Dafoe gets to play the
    crazier character but Cage is never the one to hold back. The scene in
    which his character beats a lady cop senseless is a major highlight of
    Cage’s portrayal. While Dafoe’s character takes the definition of wacko
    to a whole new level, Cage’s calm and composed character is like a time
    bomb waiting to explode.

    If you are a fan of Cage and/or Dafoe and/or Schrader, you simply
    cannot afford to miss Dog Eat Dog.

    For more on the world of cinema, please visit my film blog ”A Potpourri
    of Vestiges”.

  • ikonsneedNovember 19, 2016Reply


    I can honestly say this one of Nicolas Cage’s worst films and I think
    his career is tanking. From the opening scene it was appalling. It is
    extremely dark, weighing heavy on valleys and missing any peaks. Also,
    being as I am a Clevelander, it does not portray an accurate portrait
    of the city I love…not even in regards to crime. This is a despicable
    display of cinema art. I have no known issues with crime films or
    violence. What I do have an issue with is is poorly written, directed,
    and produced work like Dog Eat Dog. The actors in this film are
    legendary but their work is sub par, at best! Save yourself the time
    that I wasted by not viewing this film.

  • Jim BeckNovember 20, 2016Reply

    Boring and lazy attempt

    I used to have respect for Nicolas Cage and Willem Dafoe before
    watching this boring movie which is nothing but a lazy plot with
    meaningless violence. It’s a world where dangerous criminals roam
    freely in the society but also a world where a mediocre prostitute
    charges 1500 dollars for sex and an additional 300 dollars for oral
    sex. Nobody wants to live in such a hell. Apart from these subliminal
    messages that this movie wants to deliver, it is hazy and gives you the
    impression that everyone involved in the making of it were on heavy
    drugs. It is such movies that are contributing to the corruption and
    demise of America and the Western civilization as we knew it.

  • rubiusNovember 20, 2016Reply

    I love Nick Cage, thought I would give it a try…

    The only reason I watched this was Nick Cage. It tries to be clever and
    gritty and different yet the same. It is transparent and clunky and
    not, in the slightest, entertaining. I watched the whole movie and that
    is why I gave it a 2 instead of a 1. I kept hoping it would get better.
    It didn’t.

    Maybe if they had made a single character like-able, interesting, or
    tragic. Instead they went for disgusting, irredeemable, unfunny, and

    I strongly recommend avoiding this movie no matter how much you may
    like the actors or director.

  • CryptkeeperNovember 21, 2016Reply

    Dead in the water

    Fast cuts, split scenes, violence, profanity and drugs have been the
    go-to recipe for below average Guy Ritchie-esque films since 1998.
    While that particular film had a fantastic story, Dog Eat Dog clearly
    lacks in that department. Here we, again, get the overdue Cage in his
    stereotypical suit and tie, handing out wisecracks, being the smart guy
    (hint: boring) coupled with a few half naked tattooed chicks and plenty
    of rough looking ex-cons. Add drugs and what could go wrong, right?
    Another reviewer stated the film was ‘unfunny and stupid’ and I
    couldn’t agree more. The whole thing feels like some old movie
    executives googled ‘cool’ and tried to make a movie from the words that
    came up. Thirty minutes into the film the actors have made references
    to Facebook, eBay and Elliot Smith. You know, to connect with the kids,
    yo. Possibly because nothing in this film will appeal to anyone above
    fifteen years of age. Also, the voice-over is always a dead giveaway
    for a plot that’s too thin or convoluted you simply have to get it
    spelled out for you – or it doesn’t make any sense. An utter waste of
    time. And by the way, how did Willem Dafoe get tangled up in this mess?
    Hardly worth downloading.

  • booozillaNovember 22, 2016Reply

    Defoe is really short

    Outside the comedy realm, a ‘dumb criminal’ plot a tough sell. Despite
    a standout performance by W.D. as a vulnerable sociopath this was tough
    film to like. In the past, a nihilistic heist story with an 8-Ball’s
    worth of random Hollywood visuals paid the bills. (e.g. Natural Born
    Killers) Schrader remains unable to parlay his fading nostalgia into
    something resembling a legacy. Cinematography has advanced to the point
    that most reverential (self or other) shots are staid. On the story
    note, Nick Cage’s wanton H. Bogart impressions negate character
    development and story. He needs to: A) Get a new agent (B) Stop phoning
    it (C) Just retire. But, if there is any takeaway from this pseudo
    art-house turd, W. Defoe is amazing. In the end it was enjoyable and
    completely forgettable.

  • Arch StantonNovember 24, 2016Reply

    If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, and I’ll say it one more time…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • FlashCallahanNovember 29, 2016Reply

    Wilder at heart………

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Tony Heck ([email protected])December 5, 2016Reply

    A dark comedy with shocking scenes thrown in that don’t really seem to fit the overall feel of the movie.

    ”I didn’t want justice. I just wanted what I wanted, like everyone.”
    Troy (Cage) and Mad Dog (Dafoe) have just been released from prison and
    are trying to live straight. When they discover that makes life boring
    they decide to do one last job that they can retire off of and leave
    the running behind. They are asked to do a simple kidnapping job and
    accept. Things immediately go wrong and now they are left wondering how
    to cover up their mistake, and who will pay them. This is a movie that
    seemed to have a lot of potential and a great idea, but ended up being
    a little to generic with scenes simply put in for shock factor. Cage is
    at his normal self in this role, playing either very toned down or
    comically over the top. Dafoe steals this, as he usually does, and he
    is really the main reason to watch this. This is not a bad movie at all
    and is a decent watch, but just too generic for me to say its good.
    Overall, a dark comedy with shocking scenes thrown in that don’t really
    seem to fit the overall feel of the movie. I give this a B-.

  • Paul Magne HaakonsenDecember 11, 2016Reply

    Will somebody please feed the dog?…

    Initially I had low expectations to ”Dog Eat Dog”, given the fact that
    it is another Nicolas Cage movie. And I can’t claim to be much fan of
    him or his one-and-only-expression-in-every-scene. However, having
    Willem Dafoe on the cast list alongside with Nicolas Cage, well that
    might actually do salvage the movie.

    So I sat down to watch this movie. And I must admit that this movie was
    not in the least a particularly memorable or entertaining movie. It was
    every bit as slow-paced and fairly uneventful as it was a confusing
    mess of jumbled events and stumbling dialogue.

    The story is about three ex-cons who get together for a last and final
    job that will set them up with riches for the rest of their lives.
    However, things does not turn out as they had planned, in fact things
    take a turn for the worse quite fast.

    Right, well the storyline wasn’t original. Nope, not one bit. ”Dog Eat
    Dog” offers nothing to the genre that hasn’t already been done, seen or
    attempted in other similar movies.

    And watching Nicolas Cage stumble through this script wasn’t
    particularly helpful to the movie. And however good Willem Dafoe is,
    then he just didn’t manage to lift the movie out of the overwhelming
    less-than-mediocre shadow that shrouded it.

    The dialogue throughout the movie was not impressive, and many a times
    I found myself with my toes curled up because of the dialogue that was
    presented by the characters on the screen.

    My interest and attention to the movie drifted off a couple of times
    throughout the course of the movie, because it just seemed like a
    myriad of multiple chaotic and scrambled scenes shot independently were
    being put together to form a movie; and that movie became ”Dog Eat

    I did manage to stick with the movie to the end. And boy, what an
    ending. Talk about being cliché and ridiculous. I will not give the
    ending away, you have to witness that stinker for yourself.

    ”Dog Eat Dog” came and went without even denting anything. This is the
    type of movie that you watch if you stumble upon it by sheer random
    luck; nay, make that random accident. And it is the type of movie that
    you watch once, then never again.

  • Madjack alwaysDecember 13, 2016Reply

    The whole thing feels like some old movie executives crowd sourced project.

    Where to start analyzing this – the movie tries very hard to be cool,
    hip, and edgy. Quick cuts, split scenes, savagery, foulness and drugs
    have been the go-to formula for Guy Ritchie flavoured flicks.
    Superfluous savagery, pointless bareness, and simply through and
    through preposterousness. Again Cage in his cliché suit and tie,
    passing out wisecracks, being the sharp edgy person (imply: exhausting)
    combined with a couple of half bare inked chicks and a lot of harsh
    looking ex-cons. The discourse isn’t enthralling, the story line isn’t
    fascinating, and the film all in all is forgettable. There was no
    story, no rushes however shabby firearm shooting activity. Overall, the
    film’s plot is not so much the title phrase ”dog eat dog” as
    predictable keystone criminals, who are ultimately second- rate thugs
    racing their way to the grave. The whole thing feels like some jaded
    movie executive’s crowd sourced project. There was no story, no thrills
    but cheap gun shooting action. I the pains to write a review as i
    believe that this review could save someone an hour and a half.

  • Steve McmillanDecember 15, 2016Reply

    Utterly pointless

    This is so pointless a movie that I may struggle to achieve the
    requisite 10 line minimum for reviews – well, that’s two taken care of.
    This is a mess of a movie, which meanders aimlessly towards no real
    conclusion. The last five minutes or so is absurd. Nicholas Cage has
    never had great judgment as to which scripts should be consigned to the
    bin throughout his career and this is one that should be burned to a
    crisp instead! The dialogue is poor, the story is weak, confused and
    ridiculous. Willem Dafoe tries hard to rescue this, but even he comes
    across as annoying and the producers must have blown the budget on
    these two and hired a complete nonentity to play the third of this
    hapless trio. It’s a crime movie, with no direction, or purpose. There
    is no thought as to logistics, I mean, three guys, all on three
    strikes, commit a crime, wearing no gloves and considering they are all
    ex-cons, it would take police less than the time it took to write this
    review, to know who’d done it. I’d say that at 4.8 stars, this movie is
    currently punching above it’s weight. I wouldn’t recommend this movie
    to anyone!

  • pckqDecember 18, 2016Reply

    Incredible potential, not met

    Dog eat dog is a weird little film. At times it makes you think you are
    watching a paul verhoeven film, which is a great thing in my book.
    Other times the scenes just feel rushed and bland. I didn’t mind the
    film to be edgy. In my book it could have been a whole more edgy
    actually. That’s the whole problem here. Dog eat dog does a lot of
    things but really impresses at none. For example the Bogart’esque scene
    would have been so much cooler if it would have been shot in black and

    On the positive side, Dafoe totally steals the show. He portraits his
    character so natural that you could swear he is playing himself. No
    wonder all the cage fans are bitching.

    Let’s be fair, dog eat dog is better than expected but misses the
    target by miles being a genre classic since this film is nowhere near
    polished enough.

  • SantaveliDecember 30, 2016Reply

    Fooled by a cool trailer yet again

    Starts out entertaining enough, the first 10 minutes or so offers some
    absolutely insane dark comedy from Willem Defoe.

    But eventually (fairly early tbh) the script runs out of steam and it
    takes a more serious (not so comedic at least) turn but more so goes
    all over the place with little to no coherency at times.

    I can’t help but to think that this movie must have been at least 30
    minutes longer but edited down to the point where one minute for
    instance a person is caught by the police and the next he’s free with
    no explanation as to how this happened.

    Not that I think that the movie being 2 hours instead of 90 would have
    helped it much though tbh because the editing is far from the only
    problem this movie has.

    Nicholas Cage’s character appears to change from one scene to the next
    after a while, starting off as the more sensible criminal of the trio
    but eventually lashing off and appears to try to outcrazy Willem Defoe
    (who is the crazy guy in the group).

    Why did I say trio you ask, well there’s actually a third guy with the
    same importance as Cage and Defoe and that is the unknown Christopher
    Matthew Cook, I’m guessing he is good friends with the director or
    something because he just becomes ‘the other guy’ when put in to the
    same position as 2 stars like Cage and Defoe and doesn’t have the
    acting-chops to rise above it.

    Cook’s character is said by Cage’s character to be incredibly
    intelligent talking about how if he lived in another universe he would
    have been a Harvard student, but there’s nothing that Cook’s character
    says or does in the film that suggest that he is particularly smart.

    There’s a lot of random stuff like that that doesn’t go anywhere and a
    lot of random stuff that doesn’t come from anywhere, like the last 5
    minutes, very random.

    Anyways all in all it just becomes a pointless and confusing Tarantino
    wanna be of a film.

  • Lee Eisenberg ([email protected])December 31, 2016Reply

    Does anyone see the irony?

    A common theme in Paul Schrader’s movies is a person on a
    self-destructive path. Well, with ”Dog Eat Dog”, Nicolas Cage’s career
    continues to self-destruct. He had a few good movies in the late ’90s,
    but then starred in a series of paycheck movies (the outlier is
    ”Snowden”). ”Dog Eat Dog” is very unlike the rest of Schrader’s movies.
    This story of some gangsters hired to kidnap the daughter of a rival
    gangster is not like Quentin Tarantino’s movies, which are homages to
    exploitation flicks. This one comes across as more of an excuse for
    violence. It’s not the worst movie ever made, but probably Willem
    Dafoe’s worst movie ever. As for Cage, he probably should’ve quit while
    he was ahead.

  • SpacenazDecember 31, 2016Reply

    Another Average Outing For Cage

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • panorama92240January 4, 2017Reply

    A real OINKER

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Floated2January 5, 2017Reply

    Took several bad turns

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • PartialMovieViewerJanuary 25, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Ahmed OkashaJanuary 29, 2017Reply

    Not As Bad As I Thought

    First of all, There are two things that make this movie acceptable, the
    story which is based on a novel and Willem Dafoe who really impressed
    me, everything else was just bad.

    Matthew Wilder who wrote the screenplay, please just stop it, don’t
    write anymore, it’s bad. you literally ruined this good story, it could
    have been much better with such a team.

    Cage was pretty good, didn’t do something special but he was good, The
    same is for Christopher Matthew Cook, The only one who was special in
    this movie is the great Willem Dafoe.

    I don’t highly recommend this movie but if you love Cage or Dafoe you
    should see.

    MY rating is 5.5/10

  • dracironFebruary 9, 2017Reply

    Odd sort of blah.

    The script had potential but meandered too much to tell a story. You
    never really connect with the characters. Defoe does a great job
    bringing Mad Dog to life. Cage is at least alive in this one. It’s not
    up to his better movies but not the atrocious performances he’s been
    giving as he sleep walks through his recent roles. Sad, I used to be
    able to count on a Cage movie as being at least pretty good. Now I’m
    leery of them. This could have been a really good movie but it burned
    up it’s potential by never really exploring the ideas and issues it
    brought up. It’s not a waste of time but not a movie to seek out. I
    think they should have picked a theme and stuck with it. Had they done
    that it could have been a really good movie.

  • gingerlead-1February 14, 2017Reply

    Worst movie these actors ever made

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • nikola17February 18, 2017Reply

    please let the dogs out to feed this movie and writes to the dogs so no one can ever see it

    i just really wish the dog ate the script so people never see this
    movie Nicholas Cage doesn’t know what is good movie or does he read the
    script Nicholas cage now days with low budget movies are now full of
    crap this movie ate a lot of crap i don’t really blame Nicholas cage
    but its more of writers and directors fault Nicholas Cage i understand
    here he is doing movies for paycheck he doesn’t give a dam about his
    movies no more or his fans i love the violence i loved gore i got
    instead of movie because its Nicholas cage ghost rider meets William
    Dafore Green goblin i loved the way it was some of scenes and title is
    pretty cool name dog eat dog as in gangster style of movie you think
    its goes same way as it is but its not because it became more of time
    waster it became more of movie you gonna hate and it’s going to waste
    your time so badly its like film director watched sin city in strip
    club scene, where its all black and white i am like is film director is
    trying make his own movie like sin city and saying its rubbish movie i
    want write something better but no this movie has done noting better
    Nicholas cage character is Irish guy who can’t do a Irish accent my
    ears bleed with his Accent. William Dafore noting else to say he has
    done movies that are good and bad but Nicholas cage is more in it then
    William Dafore, the story follows there is 3 ex convict Troy(Nicholas
    Cage)Troy was in prison for trying to escape from Courthouse, because
    he has been Arrested now he went to prison then when he met Mad Dog
    (William Dafore)saved Troy life from Prison fight that’s how they met
    they got released from prison you have another character
    Diesel(Christopher Matthew Cook)not VIN DIESEL but its stupid name for
    character to be called diesel just because he is bold and hes character
    is named diesel because he is bold. its stupid name for character the
    all movie is meant to be Black comedy crime thriller but its not a
    action film, so anyway the business hired by an eccentric mob boss to
    kidnap a baby from some family and hold it for a large ransom. When the
    abduction goes awry

    because they will get a lot of money sounds good they agreed to do the
    job but they know crime is a matter of life and death. the matter fact
    it’s not the way how it turns out to be the way it is the all entire
    all movie is William dafore is gone crazy and been a drug attract
    killing people what ever there is some lines that were funny a bit not
    really that funny but the film is not really worth of your time its big
    waste who gives a dam if movie got 5 stars or 4 its still worst piece
    of crap movie there’s really noting to it to movie its them trying to
    clear everything because they were not meant to kill owner that needed
    to earn money to their boss but then Mad Dog kills him so now no money
    because they still toke the baby but they toke it to someone for ransom
    but then they all broke don’t know what to do and cops are after them
    because over what they did. William Dafore looks like he is having fun
    and his acting is crazy because he is playing character named mad dog
    sounds like rapper stage name to name character. mad dog is such a very
    cliché name the ending is so empty noting really happens just says THE
    END OF pointless movie and Nicholas cage doesn’t even care about his
    movies he looks so bored as hell and waiting for paycheck to do this
    movie trash movie. end of day its more of terrible movie, terrible
    writing, noting made any sense at end of movie its normally noting at
    end 1.10 its a very big letdown towards at end of movie. Nicholas cage
    doesn’t care about his movies anymore because over paycheck Nicholas
    cage and William Dafore characters i thought the writes put their
    characters down puts everything down this movie is a big letdown a big
    one the editing is good gore and violence is great but it didn’t save
    movie at all its not a type of movie you think its worth watching its
    more of you heard or haven’t seen this movie then you see it you say to
    yourself you would not like to see the movie ever again…. its not
    what you really think it is from trailer to movie because sometimes
    trailer is a lot different to movie Believe me ITS BIG TIME WASTER

  • Bob RutzelFebruary 24, 2017Reply

    Horrific and Disgustin

    Three men recently out of prison take on a job that will set them up
    for life: kidnapping a baby from someone who owes big money to the
    person hiring the three men.

    I do not know where Nicolas Cage’s head is these days. Why he would
    associate himself with a movie with this kind of violence is way beyond
    me. The beginning 10-minutes of this movie made me shut it down as the
    violence was beyond anything I have ever witnessed in any other movie.
    Now some may call this black humor. It is anything but. It is simply
    horrific and disgusting. There really isn’t any place for this kind of
    demonic violence. The person involved in this first 10-minutes was
    Willam DeFoe as Mad Dog.

    I did check back to see if it calmed down some and yes, it did, but
    there were still some things that told me not to watch the rest and I
    didn’t. The 3-men in case you want to know are : Nicolas Cage as Troy;
    Willem Dafoe as Mad Dog, and Christopher Matthew Cook as Diesel.

    Watch as you wish, but I would pass.

    So much for running to a Nicolas Cage movie, huh? (1/10)

    Violence: Yes. Horrific and disgusting. Sex: Briefly, you see a
    computer screen with hard core porn. Sex: Yes, briefly. Language: Yes.

  • lowrisesFebruary 26, 2017Reply

    dark, weird and funny

    Great little movie with impressive acting by Cook and Defoe and a solid
    Nicolas Cage. The mix of dark, weird and funny might not be everyone’s
    cup of tea and the whole thing was more character than plot driven, but
    if you’re into quirky sometimes over the top stuff with great
    cinematography, this might just be a good 95 minutes for you to spend.
    I enjoyed Dog eat Dog all the way through, the chemistry between the
    characters, the decisions they made, even the stereotyping worked for
    me, as the movie did not seem take itself too serious. Kudos to Mr.
    Schrader, to film and deliver a Bunker novel is no small thing

  • blinder-88174March 11, 2017Reply

    Stopped 1/3 through

    I kept looking for a story line but found none. Possibly the worst
    movie I started to watch in years. I love Nicolas Cage but was
    seriously disappointed that he took a role in this move. Best thing
    they could do is burn all copies of it to save people from nonsensical
    violence and sex.

  • jadavixMarch 18, 2017Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • GUENOT PHILIPPE ([email protected])March 26, 2017Reply

    I expected far worse than this

    First, I read the Eddy Bunker’s novel and this was the best experience
    in my reader’s life. An authentic, realistic, fierce crime story,
    written by an authentic ex con who spent more than ten or fifteen years
    of his life in jail. This movie is adapted from the novel. The book, I
    repeat, is really a high grade crime drama, describing true portrait of
    mobsters. But when I heard that Nick Cage was in the run, and also read
    the first critics, I was damned afraid of what I was going to see. I
    thought about a sort of dark comedy, light written, supported by
    superficial performances. OK, let’s be clear and fair, the film is far
    from the book, speaking of the character’s real nature, it doesn’t
    describe them the same than the novel does. Not entirely. Maybe David
    Ayer or another director really in love with Bunker’s book would have
    given a better job. But after seeing it, I am overall satisfied with
    the result. After all, all Cage’s films since two decades now are
    nearly all craps.

    Do not be too hard with this film, please.

  • ptangaApril 10, 2017Reply

    Waste of time and money

    Nicolas Cage and Paul Schrader has beaten their scores in terms of lack
    of quality. The movie has a very ordinary e known plot. Badly directed
    and poor script. Sometimes it tries to remember Tarantino’s style but
    it fails awfully ! I have never saw so many people leaving their chairs
    from exhibition room during a movie. My surprise is that it was
    exhibited in a Art Movie Theater in São Paulo, Brazil (Reserva

  • eddie_bagginsMay 14, 2017Reply

    A downright bonkers crime film

    It’s likely that we’ll never fully understand just what happened to
    famed writer/director Paul Schrader and his once highly promising

    The writer of Raging Bull and Taxi Driver at one time seemed like a
    potential once in a generation type of voice, those films clearly
    attest to that, but since the glory days of the late 70’s and 80’s,
    Schrader has since disappeared into being a writer and a director of
    such forgettable oddities as The Walker and The Canyons, that now
    Schrader is but a ghost of his former self, especially after his
    previous film The Dying of the Light ended up being the garbage that it

    Obviously not one to retire wondering, Schrader however has once more
    teamed up with his Dying of the Light leading man Nicolas Cage and
    recruited Willem Dafoe along for the ride with his bizarre yet somehow
    forgettable adaptation of Edward Bunker’s book, Dog Eat Dog.

    Starting out in a fashion that will likely have many brows raised and
    jaws hanging open, Dog Eat Dog is a real oddball type of a film with
    sprinklings of outlandish and over the top violence, reprehensible
    characters and a few select zingers that showcase Schrader still does
    have power with words when he sets his mind to it.

    Set around a recently released trio criminals who answer to Nicolas
    Cage’s slightly more intellectual Troy, this group which includes
    Dafoe’s drug addled Mad Dog and Christopher Cook’s heavy hitting lug
    Diesel find themselves over petty crime and looking to score big which
    ends up with a scenario where Paul Schrader’s (please let us never see
    him act on screen again) Greek offers them a job of babynapping to make
    a big score.

    It seems as though Cage loves a good babynapping (reliving his Raising
    Arizona days) but Dog Eat Dog doesn’t ever really seem comfortable in
    what it is. Some form of Americanised version of a UK classic like
    Snatch or a poor man’s Quentin Tarantino crime yarn, I’m not quite sure
    and while Dog Eat Dog has a few moments of genuine shock (an attack on
    a police women springs to mind and will likely be remembered along the
    same lines as Cage’s famous ”punching” scene in the Wicker Man remake)
    and a Willem Dafoe turn that deserved a much better movie, Schrader
    still seems to be shooting blanks in the story telling department where
    he used to be shooting heavy hitting bullets.

    There may just be a life for Dog Eat Dog in the cult movie dominion and
    midnight screening madness and while this is a step up from the dire
    Dying of the Light, Dog Eat Dog is by no means the work we know
    Schrader is capable of delivering; at least once upon a time long ago.

    2 jackets out of 5

  • davideo-2May 21, 2017Reply

    Muddled, clunky gangster thriller

    STAR RATING: ***** Saturday Night **** Friday Night *** Friday Morning
    ** Sunday Night * Monday Morning

    Troy (Nicolas Cage) and his cohorts Mad Dog (Willem Dafoe) and Diesel
    (Christopher Matthew Cook) have just been released from prison, but are
    down on their luck. They accept an assignment to rough up Moon Man
    (Omar J. Dorsey), a fellow criminal who is involved in a dodgy deal
    with a crooked lawyer. This then builds up to a one year old baby being
    targeted, and from there, as the title suggests, a succession of
    backstabbing, betrayal and murder ensues.

    These days Nicolas Cage has shifted a little too uncomfortably into the
    realm of a straight to DVD star, making a succession of such titles no
    one would likely remember, a sad fate for a corny, eccentric but still
    vastly talented actor, so it’s still quite welcome when a more high
    profile project like this comes along, that offers an increasingly rare
    vision of what he was once known for. Sadly, it’s not really of much
    higher quality than any of the straight to DVD films.

    Director Paul Schrader, with whom he previously made the bungled Dying
    of the Light, returns with Cage here and is going for a Tarantino esque
    -vibe, with a touch of film noir thrown in to various scenes, in a film
    which occasionally shows promise, but is too disorganised and clunky to
    work, with a plot that is hard to trace from one scene to the next, and
    a general feeling of style over substance. Performances wise, Cage
    applies his zany, maniacal style again and it does work, even if the
    material doesn’t, while he gets decent support from Dafoe. It’s just a
    shame they’re not doing it in a better film.

    It would be nice to see Cage get his mojo back one day, and make a film
    worthy of his talents. **

  • videorama-759-859391May 21, 2017Reply

    Darn dog entertainment

    I couldn’t believe how this film started. I mean Paul Schrader, for
    Christ’s sake? I had a ”What the f..k is this?” moment. If the film had
    been like this for the rest of the duration, or never really would of
    improved, I would label it, an eat dogs..t of a movie. But luckily it
    does. This film, it’s story, based on a novel by late ex con/RD actor,
    Bunker, a true Mr Blue, to me, was a crazy inane film, that’s an
    intriguing mess, about three ex con losers, we don’t necessarily like,
    or give a s..t about, especially’s Dafoe’s Mad dog, his murderous
    activities, where in their way, by their lifestyle of high drug taking
    and murder, their on their path to self destruction. The plot of the
    film comes halfway in, where before this, we have to endue all of our
    three’s problems, bonding, boozing, sex play and in flashback, how our
    two mains met, where Cage’s character, is some one, we’d expect him to
    play, Dafoe, the out of control one, here, a necessarily repellent
    character. When Dafoe, who desperately needs the money, is thrown an
    offer by the mob, to kidnap the baby, of a rival party, who hasn’t paid
    up, our ill fated three take it, but it’s doomed from the start, soon
    bringing the attention of the cops and the mob, where our ill fated
    three, have signed their own death warrant. Did I expect better from
    this film, yes? But it’s trippy, indulging entertainment, Cage’s
    demise, remembered the best, and the scenes prefore, after that fade
    in, diner shot. Dafoe is such a f..k up, and these great actors, give
    it enough clout, esp, Dafoe, but I have seen better from these two,
    where their black guy mate, the more quietly levelled, grounded, in
    control sort, was the most likable out of the three and it’s not saying
    much. This movie is a wild ride, yeah, but it won’t go in the Schrader
    archives. Sorry.

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