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Dragon Blade

Dragon Blade

When the Eagle meets the DragonFeb. 19, 2015 China127 Min.R
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9.3 1,442 votes

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Daniel Lee


Adrien Brody isTiberius
Sharni Vinson isThe Queen
The Queen
Kevin Lee isRoman Soldier
Roman Soldier
Raiden Integra isRoman Soldier
Roman Soldier
Tomer Oz isHuo An General
Huo An General
Alfred Hsing isHan Soldier
Han Soldier


Huo An, the commander of the Protection Squad of the Western Regions, was framed by evil forces and becomes enslaved. On the other hand, a Roman general escapes to China after rescuing the Prince. The heroic duo meet in the Western Desert and a thrilling story unfolds.

Dragon Blade
Dragon Blade
Dragon Blade
Dragon Blade
Dragon Blade
Dragon Blade
Dragon Blade
Dragon Blade
Dragon Blade
Dragon Blade
Original title天將雄師
IMDb Rating6.1 13,575 votes
TMDb Rating5.9 123 votes

(97) comments

  • moviexclusiveFebruary 17, 2015Reply

    Utterly awful in every respect, this spectacular misfire from Jackie Chan and writer-director Daniel Lee is a complete mess from tone to character to action

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Tiger HengFebruary 18, 2015Reply

    Dragon Blade – One of Jackie Chan’s worst movies

    If the trailer of the movie did not warn you about how bad the movie
    will turn out, and you still paid for the ticket money to watch this
    movie…. No one can blame you, featuring an all star cast such as
    internationally renown Jackie Chan, Oscar Winner – Adrian Brody.. one
    would expect a lot from it.

    But that’s all the goodness there is, famous cast and a good director
    (Daniel Lee). Daniel Lee previously helm 14 Blades (starring Donnie
    Yen) and it was a success critically and financial, and it is right to
    expect that he will emulate his success with Jackie Chan, but we are
    all dead wrong.

    The movie has a very incomplete story-telling with very bad narrative.
    Simultaneously overblown and underdeveloped, Dragon Blade fails equally
    at showcasing the talent of its star and resolving its baroque plot.

    Dragon Blade is a fractured and often baffling martial ”epic” that not
    even popular star Jackie Chan is likely to be able to save. Narratively
    confused and confusing, dotted with frequently shoddy special effects
    and reliant on CGI rather than Chan doing his thing (which proves to be
    one of the film’s more serious failings) Dragon Blade is going to have
    to work hard to find its audience.

    Jackie Chan’s stunt doubles are pretty obvious, and one would ask if he
    has delivered his best on screen performance and should retire now.

    Jackie Chan’s name above the title will be the primary reason for what
    success the film finds in Asia, and it will be even more crucial in
    overseas niche markets. There may be some interest from genre festivals
    but overall the film is too weak for that highly specialized circuit.

    The truth is this, this seems like a movie hurried into production and
    release, to coincide with the Chinese New Year release date of February
    19th, if more effort and time was given for filming and
    post-production, it may end up much better.

    Jackie Chan’s movies have been on the decline for the past decade, his
    best movie in recent years was Chinese Zodiac(2012) in which he
    announces his retirement, but every year he still comes up with new
    movies. Fans like us will still pay money to watch him on the big
    screen, but if he continues to disappoint us, fans will turn away.

    For Fans who still misses the old Jackie Chan who does his own stunts
    such as in Police Story Trilogy(do not include the 2013 failure) and
    Drunken Master, you will be sorely disappointed.

  • andrew-sutedjoFebruary 19, 2015Reply

    The most expensive film ever produced in China will disappoint you.

    The most expensive film ever produced in China apparently fails to
    become the best film ever produced in China. Hopefully the money
    doesn’t go mostly to Daniel Lee, since his directing prowess and
    scripting is amateurish and cringe-worthy. Jackie Chan has always been
    a hit and a miss and this time he is a miss. You will of course be
    entertained by his fighting and stunt actions a’la Chan, but it fails
    to save the film as a whole. Cheese plays a big part on the scripting
    apparently as well as the whole flashback and slow motion effects.

    Dragon Blade is a great concept and idea being butchered mercilessly to
    shreds of disappointment.

  • cthulhu shruggedFebruary 19, 2015Reply

    Just god-awful

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • varniumFebruary 19, 2015Reply

    Fantastic Movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • farn-243-21987February 19, 2015Reply

    Entertaining and spectacular

    Except for some details, the movie is very entertaining. The story is
    fascinating. The battles are awesome. But the story could be told
    better. Jackie’s story are usually coarse in some details. In this
    movie, for example, the pillars and tablets in the first few minutes
    from the ruins seem too new without much signs of age erosion. There
    also is much development of the feelings and mentalities. The Chinese
    writing on the letters and the monument can be more realistic if enough
    history study is done. The officer ranking seems not so correct. All in
    all, I think it is still a fantastic movie for the holiday and offers
    much to talk about.

  • quincytheodoreFebruary 20, 2015Reply

    Dragon Blade has some significant flaws, but its high production value might appeal to casual audience as mild crowd pleaser

    Epic historical war movies are easily marketable, they have a certain
    hook to captivate audience, especially when big budget and A-list
    actors are involved. Dragon Blade couples together many aspects from
    similar movies. With its grand production some of these work fairly
    well. However, it tries too hard to please viewers with inept script
    and poor direction that the movie becomes unoriginal, even to the point
    of cringe-worthy.

    Huo An (Jackie Chan) is an officer of Silk Road tasked to maintain
    peace in a land divided by many countries. Soon, he’s drawn by the
    turmoil and political struggle as conspiracy of Roman Empire knocks on
    his door step. The story admittedly has merits, there are a few
    subplots that are decent enough, although the pacing drags on way too
    much on unity issue. The main message that it wants to push is how many
    tribes or Silk Road can exist, this could be a great if the movie
    doesn’t consistently shove it in the most heavy-handed way.

    Jackie Chan is a star in his own right. He’s not that well versed in
    acting, but audience would know what to expect at this point. John
    Cusack holds his own, but frankly he’s not very interesting. The choice
    for child actor isn’t that great either, this is an obvious bait to
    draw audience sympathy. Still, some of the Chinese actors are pretty
    good as they look more natural. Props to Adrien Brody, he alone raises
    the acting level. A beastly antagonist, he delivers a menacing
    on-screen persona.

    For setting and costumes, the movie puts a lot of effort. Design is
    flamboyant, it almost looks like a high profile video game set. Each
    character has their distinct look which is quite appealing to showcase
    diversity. Choreography is fine as well, this is a strong point of
    Chinese movie. The fights are engaging with many details in movement,
    meticulous array of gimmick and different fighting style. At least it
    got the warfare department covered.

    Cinematography, on the other hand, is bad till the point of
    cringe-worthy. The scenes are badly paced and often recycled, some
    scenes are even needlessly repeated several times. There’s no logic on
    flashback of events that just occurred, it doesn’t add to emotional
    value, instead it makes the movie that much boring. It also spams slow
    motion in insufferable rate, not to mention with overly aggressive
    soundtracks that attempt to sell the scenes with cheesy tone. It’s as
    if the movie is constantly yelling, ”Intense! Emotion! Sadness!”

    Dragon Blade is an odd endeavor in epic historical film, it copies too
    many aspects of already known formula in hope that the success can be
    transmitted here. It has choppy direction and all sorts of issues, but
    the movie sometimes brings some good elements, which might just be
    enough for light entertainment.

  • Joshua XieFebruary 21, 2015Reply

    Good Choreography, side jokes. Horrible script, story development

    While the main message of the movie was about multi-cultural peace
    (probably what the world needs now), choreography was good (nothing
    less than expected from a J.C. movie), side jokes to make you giggle
    from this otherwise boring plot, nothing else about the movie was able
    to redeem it from it’s cliché story progression and bad script.

    1) The message about multicultural peace was smacked right in audience
    faces left, right, up, down from the beginning of the show. To make
    things worst, coupled with cheesy lines, it made a profound and wise
    motif seem plain cheesy, overly-simplified and lacked the depth it
    should have had.

    2) Despite the strong development of major characters, minor/side
    characters were not grounded enough. Fickle change in beliefs by side
    characters (people of the Wild Geese Gate), once again, made the story
    look superficial and badly developed.

    Unfortunately, great choreography, scene shots and strong casts could
    not save it from its draggy, underdeveloped plot and horrible script.

  • royalblue416February 22, 2015Reply

    amazement..and beyond it

    When you look at the poster for the first time, you feel like you’ll
    gonna what another j.chan awosome, fully load – martial arts movie,
    this time with two great actors of the west..cusack & brody.. but
    believe me.. it is beyond your thoughts.. an amazing combination of
    adoring , joy, tears, heart bleeding moments, and a true feeling of
    happiness. The life of true warriors that filled with honor,
    forgiveness, sacrifice and glory.. i literally lived into the film, i
    was the last one remained till the ”end” word appeared and i am not shy
    to say that my eyes gave up some worm tears.. a world of good manners
    to pass to our young and beloved sweet hearts, teach them that Peace is
    not just a word, encourage them to pursuit the true state of happiness,
    to believe and have faith, cause it gives us the power to live, and the
    desire to give.. thank you Jackie.. thank you cusack.. thank you
    brody.. and thank you Lee.. and to all the cast and to everyone
    involved in this film. may ALLAH bless you all.. (pard my poor
    language).. peace

  • fatemaster2003February 22, 2015Reply

    Epic War and Heartwarming Story

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • The MadmonkFebruary 23, 2015Reply

    Heart Warming Story about Friendship, Loyalty and Sacrifice

    It’s not everyday that you see movies like these coming out of
    Hollywood or mainstream media. This was actually a well thought out,
    written and directed movie. Granted there were some mistakes and plot
    holes like how in the heck did a Roman Legion on the run from the very
    center of the empire make its way all the way through the Silk Road? Or
    the lousy background of keeping a fragile sense of peace among the 48
    nations contesting the route. Or even the Romans enlisting the help of
    its lifelong enemies the Parthians.

    Suspension of belief and historical inaccuracies aside, it was a
    heartwarming story of loyalty, sacrifice, rising against all odds and
    true friendship that encompasses all nations and creeds that everyone
    will understand. It’s a portrayal of what it means to truly be a friend
    and a man who sticks by his principles. Maybe that’s why this film gets
    flack, because our standards today have become so dulled that it’s now
    a sin to be a man and to act like a man. It seems sacrifice, loyalty
    and protecting the weak and innocent has been shelved aside in this rat
    race of ours in our modern world and has it praising selfishness, greed
    and ambition.

    In a feminized society like in the west, this might not be for you but
    those still encapsulating traditional and yes, masculine culture, it’s
    truly a spectacle to see. Would watch again if a DVD copy came out.

  • Christine LoFranco TaylorFebruary 24, 2015Reply

    Jackie is still great

    Anyone expecting Jackie to do his own stunts at this point is
    unrealistic and not been paying attention. He has already said he would
    be doing no more films the fact that we have Dragon Blade in 2015 is a
    blessing. I can barely wait to get this on DVD Original Language
    w/English Subs. I’ve been awaiting the release of this film for quite
    some time and I’m glad it’s finally hit the screens. Happy New Year!
    What I would really like to see is more of the older original films
    released back in original language with English subtitles (I can’t
    watched the English dubbed films its just too awful to do to any
    martial arts film). I would like to see Jackie and Jet Li in one more
    film before Jackie truly retires. The Forbidden Kingdom was Excellent.

  • chindy revadiFebruary 25, 2015Reply

    A great movie ! (Indonesian Review)

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Sandy McNairFebruary 26, 2015Reply


    I wont describe the actual movie here as you will be able to read other
    reviews already published. I will however will try to avoid you
    suffering the pain I have just gone through.

    I was very disappointed in this movie, perhaps because I expected
    better from a movie with John Cusack, Adrien Brody, Jackie Chan.
    Perhaps I should have looked at who was directing the movie such as
    Daniel Lee and the typical movies he has made…. or maybe it was
    because the movie was just ”really” bad.

    I watched the movie on a quiet Wednesday night and I would estimate
    that a third of the audience left well before the end, some really
    early. When the credits came up it was like a fire evacuation alert had
    just came on. Please, Women and Children first.. We will all survive!

    Jackie Chan fight scenes were well below par and I thought they were
    more like a ”Charlie Chaplin/Harold Loyd” Silent movie style rather
    than a ”Rush Hour” style.

    John Cusack character was extremely boring and I could have fallen
    asleep in I was at home.

    Adrien Brody was the only positive in the movie, but the movie was so
    bad that his acting was lost.

    The child actor was badly filmed (always) like an old Asian hero film
    and I found the child annoying.

    The production and cinematography of the film are cringe-worthy
    throughout. flashbacks are random and not in line with story. Slow
    motions are extensive and really annoying.

    Recommendation – Go and see something else.

  • michaeltime00February 27, 2015Reply

    Spaghetti Western meets 70’s Martial Arts movie

    I’m not sure how seriously to take this movie. Not sure if it’s poorly
    made, or genius. While the cinematography may leave something to be
    desired, I feel as though it’s intentionally giving us that look to
    honor the older movies it seems influenced by. Over all an entertaining
    movie if you go into it with the right mindset. The fight scenes are
    exciting, and I kept waiting for Bruce Lee to show up, only to get shot
    by Clint Eastwood, while Mel Gibson rode by on his horse shouting
    Braveheart references. Jackie Chan continues to amaze at his age, and
    the other A- list actors make this movie more than worth your time. I
    might have to watch this one again.

  • reinezhangFebruary 28, 2015Reply

    type of serious person n wise person movie,else will find it boring

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • phd_travelMarch 2, 2015Reply

    Grand but the story is too Jackie Chan

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • info-258-38485March 8, 2015Reply

    A good mix of Western and Chinese traditional style

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • tigdrgn01March 9, 2015Reply

    One of the Best films I have seen from Jackie Chan in a long time

    Allow me to start by saying if you are expecting a non stop action
    fight film….Don’t. This film is one build on story not action. The
    fight scenes are good but not the best for modern day film goers.

    The film depicts events on the Silk Road involving Chinese, Roman, and
    other countries who travel and protect this region.

    I have read other reviews on here concerning this film and give it a
    low rating due to non-action scenes. This film is not a blow them up
    and add more dynamite type of film. It makes one think.

    Jackie Chan has begun a long line of historical films, that have been
    ranked low on his career but its these films that he is most proud of.
    They show a history of China and its surrounding regions that most
    people in the west would never hear of.

  • FilmAddict303March 10, 2015Reply

    Mostly disappointing with one or two good moments.

    This was a pretty average film considering the cost and the cast

    The main drawback for me was that it’s way too long which makes a
    relatively good story drag to the point that you don’t really care
    anymore you just want it to end! The editing also isn’t the best with
    often random flashbacks thrown in here and there for no apparent
    reason. The script is very cheesy in places too with quite a few cringe
    worthy moments. The acting is exactly what you would expect from a JC
    film, Adrien Brody easily put in the best performance but I didn’t
    really feel like John Cusack was right for his role.

    The film is more story orientated than action but the few fights scenes
    were not up to past JC action scenes. I know Jackie is old now but
    that’s no excuse, a lot of the fight scenes felt more like I was
    watching a choreographed dance than a fight.I’m not knocking him
    though, for his age he does well but there comes a time when you just
    can’t do what you could do 20 or 30 years ago and make it look good.

    The film did have some good moments but it’s definitely not a film I
    would watch more than once.

  • khevxbautistaMarch 10, 2015Reply


    First, I am a big fan of Jackie Chan. I love him very much but not very
    familiar about Brody and Cusack. But I loved their acting. I love the
    story of this movie. I you really have the passion for movies, you’ll
    love this one. It’s very entertaining made me smile on their working
    together to build the Wild Geese with the new guys and almost made me
    cry at some point. It was not disappointing like what some racist
    critics said. So sad I missed this one in theater because I’m not aware
    that it was showing already here.

    but overall i give this a 9.5/10 this movie is so great that I might be
    watching this three more times this week. Highly recommend this one.

  • angirisMarch 12, 2015Reply

    Absolutely wonderful and refreshing film about War, Peace, Philosophy, Morals and so much more.

    This kind of film truly reminds me why I enjoy Asian cinema. This take
    here…the mix of martial arts and Jackie Chan, Jet Li kind of sword
    play (typical Chinese which as awesome), mixed cast from various
    nations to throw in so many nations and trifles in just 2 hours and
    actually not make it feel rushed nor boring at ANY time whatsoever. Now
    that is something I find truly impressive and extremely refreshing.

    Jackie Chan as this peaceful and helpful man who seeks to create peace
    and assist others. ”Turn foes into friends” as the movie so eloquently
    states in the end. John Cusack as the Roman General on the run with the
    young brother of another roman general (adrien Brody who’s the bad guy
    here which he does a wonderful job portraying) Various other people
    ending up to join the fray of power, greed, jealousy and so much more.
    It’s all great, people! It’s great entertainment and it keeps you
    interested and captivated through each step of the film. It makes you
    pumped up during the fight sequences which are very well done, effects,
    costumes and basically the visuals of this are astounding. Its a
    beautiful and yet raw looking film. Gritty…which really allows you to
    immersive yourself into this epic…and I stress that word…EPIC film.

    I personally see this as a definitive 8 out of 10. Its more than good.
    Its more than great. It’s in my opinion flat out fantastic and most of
    all so because it has GREAT replay value. Its entertaining,
    captivating, got great action, ambitious and passionate story, great
    cast and it is filmed very very well.

    Definitely worth a watch AT LEAST once. Wonderful film. I’m very happy
    I decided to watch this one. There are so many big budget films
    nowadays that simply are so heavy and dragged out in their story
    telling and basically you’ll watch it once…walk away without air in
    your lungs not because you’re blown away…but because you are
    literally exhausted just watching the same…old…boring…cliché

    THIS… strays from all of that! And thus I’m rating it 8. Damn good
    film, people. Another thing is also you never get the weird feeling
    that Jackie Chan who’s quite the comedy actor is here as the action
    hero. Quite the contrary he makes it work extremely well. Sure he has
    some funny scenes and he makes the action super good like you’d expect.
    But overall…he’s doing damn good in this kind of film.

    Daniel Lee. Thank you so much for making this film. And thanks to all
    who helped and participated.

  • DareDevilKidMarch 18, 2015Reply

    Grand Scale, Lavish Production, Rich Narrative, Gorgeous Visuals – Truly Epic in Every Sense

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Tumpal SitumorangMarch 29, 2015Reply

    Entertaining and Inspiring Message to the world

    All I can say perhaps this is one of the best JC movie ever. Simple
    story line yet inspires people to promote peace and tolerance to other
    cultures. All ingredients to make people realize the importance of
    global understanding to make this world a better place.

    Great choreography is definitely adding the flavor to the movie itself,
    details of set and properties also one of the best quality of this
    movie. Stereotypical antagonist character may looks cliché but it does
    help to describe the greediness and evil at the present world.

    For those who seek perfection in every aspects of the movie, perhaps
    many things can be pointed out as flaws, but in general as an
    entertainment that brings a positive message, this movie is highly
    recommended. It may not win an academy awards, but it might win many
    awards in people’s heart. It’s not just about great fighting scenes or
    special effects, but also an inspiring message of peace to the world.

  • Arvind SasikumarMarch 31, 2015Reply

    Keep the money in your pocket

    I came out of the cinema after watching Dragon Blade and there was just
    one thing on my mind – to quickly get home and tell try and persuade as
    many people as I can to keep their hard earned money in their pockets
    than spend it on this shitty movie. I don’t know if my writing skills
    are good enough to describe how bad this movie is, but let me still
    give it a shot.

    OK, so let me start with what’s good here (cause this list will be a
    lot smaller than the next one). I liked the soundtrack, it managed to
    create a good atmosphere to go with the scenes. Adrien Broody managed
    to act pretty well (despite a shitty script and a crappy direction that
    gave him no scope at all to show his talents). The movie promises an
    awesome cast – Jackie Chan, Jet Li, John Cusack and Adrien Broody.

    What? You were looking for more? That’s it buddy, nothing else was good
    in this movie. Now let’s move on to what’s bad (hell, this is a long
    list so I’ll try to keep it short).

    This movie has one of the worst directions I have ever seen. I felt
    like sleeping through the entire movie, but I didn’t! Wanna know why?
    This movie was so bad…so so bad that I started laughing (*literally)
    and towards the end, I just couldn’t control laughing at how bad this
    movie was (and this laughter soon subsided when I realized the money
    and time I had spent on this movie). To make the matters worse, the
    script was crappy as hell. Most of the actors seemed like a bunch of
    eight graders for forced to perform a play on stage. None of the acting
    seemed real (once again, I did like Adrien Broody somewhat). What’s
    worse than a crappy movie? A very long crappy movie, it is exactly what
    Dragon Blade is. I could go into details on how bad this movie is, but
    that would mean I’ll be wasting more of my precious time on this movie
    (like the 2 hours I wasted already wasn’t enough). Btw, did I mention
    that nothing actually really happens?

    So please, everyone who reads this, take my advice, please do not spend
    your money on this piece of crap. If you feel the urge to simply spend
    some money, go dine at a restaurant, go for a picnic, hell, go get an
    ice-cream! Just don’t watch this movie, you’ll regret it. As for Jackie
    Chan fans, you might wanna go and watch the movie, but if you do, make
    sure you understand that the only good thing that’ll come out of
    watching this movie is that you get to see Jackie Chan. Others, please
    stay miles away from Dragon Blade, keep the spare money in your pocket
    and use it for a rainy day.

    (For those of you who are thinking why did I even give this a 3-star
    rating is because I feel sorry for Jackie Chan, otherwise I would have
    given this a 1 (a 0 even if such an option was available). Something
    such as this piece of crap isn’t even fit to be called a movie).

  • Wijaya OngApril 19, 2015Reply

    Please explain why the climates changed?

    I’m sorry for my bad English. Frankly, I enjoyed the movie. But one
    thing keep disturb me till now. How can a desert landscape change into
    a snowy high plain with snowy rock mountains? To understand my
    question, you must have to watch the beginning. It show Vannes Wu
    Character at the snowy high plateau with snowy rock mountain
    surrounding it. Later in two thousand years ago, it was just a desert
    with no snowy rock mountain. Are the earth plateau could change so
    fast?. Are two thousand years enough to change climate so extreme from
    desert to snowy plain? From what I read in science book, I thought
    it’ll need longer time.

  • Brett Martin MooreApril 19, 2015Reply


    As far as Jackie Chan movies go this is not a comedy in any stretch of
    the word. We see his trade mark fighting style only in the combat
    scenes that star himself. The entire cast was magnificent and the
    chemistry between all was perfect. It seemed there were thousands of
    warriors in battle and I must imagine this is down to special effects
    but the movie did not have any hint of special effects it was that well
    done. No magical abilities like other Chinese movies.

    John Cusack performed magnificently along side Jacky Chan delivering
    one of his best performances as well. in fact every actor delivered a
    magnificent performance down to the extras and I imagine this was due
    to the great directing skill of Daniel Lee who was able to convert his
    written masterpiece into a superb movie.

    the mood of the movie had me in tears with joy, sadness and so much
    more. Not since ”The Notebook” has a movie had me so emotional so many

    At over two hours in length I felt a sense of exhaustion when it
    finally came to an epic and emotional end.

    This movie has earned a spot with the classics.

  • AshleyRyder1993April 20, 2015Reply

    9/10 A great movie worth watching at least once.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Stuart DaviesApril 30, 2015Reply

    Unadulterated equine excrement…

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Gyx The one n onlyMay 22, 2015Reply

    Painful and slow

    Open-minded I started to watch this film and I did manage to watch
    until the end. And that says a lot. The whole movie is chaotic and
    makes you wonder if this was meant as a comedy or some kind of parody
    of the heroic tale. And that side-stepping and wondering destroys the
    experience of the movie. If not for the decent/OK action scenes and
    camera work, I would rate this movie a 1. Very disappointing, almost
    infantile. If the movie was indeed intended as a serious tale from
    history I would be even offended. Over the top clichés and chewed out
    plots of thirteen in a dozen, just dreadful. Too bad, I really like
    Jackie Chan movies, but more as an actor then producer.

  • tl3000May 26, 2015Reply

    Good Premise, but Awful Writing

    What a piece of crap?! The writing, script and dialogs are way
    over-the-top melodramatic. I’m highly disappointed with JC; every film
    that he has done recently, he has become the mouthpiece for the
    propaganda machine and bowing backwards to their censor standards. The
    political messages are so blatant that JC spews them out while being
    self-delusional in thinking that he’s being patriotic–or they must be
    paying him enough to not choke while delivering those lame lines! Give
    the audience some credit and a break!! People are not that dumb and
    naive… If JC really want to put out this kind of foolishness, then at
    least get some better, smarter and more creative writers!

  • Absolutely Unbearable Rubbish … Painful to Watch

    There is one of the most sickeningly smaltzy children in the history of
    cinema is this pile of garbage … Its termination was THE ONLY high
    point in this ”film” … It also stars Adrian Brody’s nose, which as it
    looks like it was filmed in 3D, must have been looming over the
    audience like an elephants trunk … And apart from that he gave a
    really awful performance … So did John Cusack, but you kind of
    forgive him cos he obviously realised what a pile this was going to end
    up being … Daniel Lee wrote and directed this sickeningly
    cringeworthy garbage … I’ve no idea who he is, but I will look out
    for the name and avoid anything he is involved in like the plague …
    Just don’t bother … Its awful … And not in the so bad its good way
    … Its just pathetic

  • johnericdoysabasJune 9, 2015Reply


    It caught me by surprise! Not really a favorable film for critics but I
    did really enjoyed this film! That was really surprising. Romans,
    Chinese, Arabs, and Indians in this one historical epic. I mean how
    cool is that? I really thought this is just one of those straight to
    DVD kind of crap were Chan, Cusack and Brody is teaming up for an
    Chinese Historical Epic just for pure marketing type of sh*t. At first,
    OK I see JC doing his own thing making this epic into comedy or
    whatever, but then the tone gets too serious dramatically. I love films
    with good bonds and brotherhood. This is one of those films even with
    the most cheesiest screenplay and awkward moments, I still enjoyed
    watching it. And the fight scenes are very well choreographed with less
    shaky cams which is a good thing to me ( I hate shaky cams ). Heard
    this is the most expensive film ever made in China, well I never doubt
    of that. I can see the high production value in this. And kill me but I
    love the performances on this one. Cusack is okay, I know he is a
    really good actor, but I was surprised how great Brody in here as a
    villain. He is really good in this film. And Chan, he still got it! I
    was thinking this is the best JC comeback film yet. Overall this is a
    great watch for all Jackie Chan fanatics and for everyone who loves
    action films and historical epics with great action sequences. The good
    thing is, I was not bored and the pacing keeps me into it. Overall I’m
    pretty satisfied with it, and a must watch guilty pleasure.

  • theredtankJune 10, 2015Reply

    It’s all about entertainment folk.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • blueskyy_ngJune 10, 2015Reply

    Quite a bad movie

    I’ve read some of the reviews — the bad reviews, I generally agree
    more, the good ones were often too exaggerated. Although I am not a
    master of the Chinese language, I’m able to understand both English and
    Chinese movies without subtitles, so I’d like to first address the
    title. I’ve no problem with the English title, whatsoever, but to the
    reviewer who said that it has something to do with lions? He’s WRONG.
    If you want me to translate it, it’s something along the lines of Top
    Gererals, Brave (Mightly) Armies (Troops).

    Now, to my review. First, the good. The actors were good. The fight
    choreography was good. The cgi was good. That’s pretty much it!

    So, what was so wrong about the movie? The message of the movie is
    simple, to promote harmony among people despite the obvious differences
    in race, ethnicity, culture, creed, etc, etc. I get that! I have
    nothing against that either. The challenge however, is to incorporate
    that message seamlessly into the story without it feeling too forced or
    cliché — and that was exactly how I felt when I watched some of those

    But the bigger failure… is that the story makes absolutely no sense
    at all. It makes no sense to me how easily they could move and deploy
    their armies along the Silk Road from Rome to China or vice-versa. It
    makes no sense that they were all able to understand a common language,
    that is English. In ancient China, Chinese don’t speak a common Chinese
    language, they speak different dialects. And if you add to the mix, the
    European languages, and the Middle Eastern languages, there is just no
    common ground in there for them to be able to understand each other.

    It makes no sense that Jackie Chan is so trusty from the start (almost
    like a fool). It makes no sense that Adrien Brody would (for the sake
    of not spoiling) find himself eventually in that predicament. A lot of
    things that happened in between didn’t make hell of a lot of sense

  • myzhouJune 20, 2015Reply

    Come on, it’s a MOVIE

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • vivin geevargheseJune 21, 2015Reply

    An enjoyable weekend watch

    Directed by Daniel Lee and starring Jackie Chan, Adrien Brody and John
    Cusack, Dragon Blade is probably going to give nightmares to all those
    people who yearn for movies with historical accuracy. Apart from
    that,it is actually a pretty decent movie which keeps you glued to your
    seats. Sure,there is the typical Jackie Chan action moves that tends to
    mix one or two ounces of comedy in to the fight scenes, which ,while
    being absolutely enjoyable in films like Shanghai noon,seems out of
    place here. The war sequence at the climax of the movie is devoid of
    any such antics and it becomes one of the signature aspects of the
    film.Amazing scenes of the city of Regum being co-built by Chinese and
    Roman soldiers is just one aspect of the East West interface the movie
    hopes to portray. The director has succeeded in mixing together those
    oft used ingredients like honor,love,betrayal and the desire for power
    just right in ensuring that the end product is not just watchable,but
    worth remembering as well. While the characters could have been given
    more depth, the film takes the viewer effortlessly in to 48 BC,where
    the action is supposed to have happened. About the lead actors,Jackie
    Chan gives his usual adequate performance as seen in any other
    historical drama, this time with a slightly higher emphasis on peace.
    How a Hun warrior speaks English,which in turn is supposed to be the
    language of the Romans, is beyond me and pretty much screws up any
    language accuracy the film makers were looking at,with the other half
    of the conversation in Chinese. John Cusack’s physique makes him seem
    out of place as the Roman General Lucius and there is the usual custom
    of very young and beautiful Chinese leading ladies falling head over
    heels for Chan – this time, Lin Peng and Mika Wang. But the real
    standout performance comes from Adrien Brody as the evil Tiberius.
    Convincing and at times scary as the power hungry emperor, the Oscar
    winner successfully imbibes the character and delivers a class act.
    Special mention should also be given to the moving performance of the 7
    year old Josef Waite,who stars as Tiberius’ innocent brother, Publius.
    In short, Dragon Blade is a perfectly good movie for a weekend watch
    and I can give no greater endorsement to it than confessing that I was
    so thrilled by it that I had to pen this review immediately after I
    finished watching it.

  • Johny B.June 21, 2015Reply


    At first I did not expect so much from this film, but as the action is
    run increasingly captivate me more The movie keeps you in tension until
    the final This is an extraordinary film , emotional and very well done
    The fight scenes are sensational and the actors do their job well The
    music is charming and impressive anthem song by Roman soldiers it is
    impressive Definitely worth a watch AT LEAST once. Wonderful film. I’m
    very happy I decided to watch this one. There are so many big budget
    films nowadays that simply are so heavy and dragged out in their story
    telling and basically you’ll watch it once…walk away without air in
    your lungs not because you’re blown away… This is very good movie

  • Tiffany MaJune 23, 2015Reply

    Dragon Blade

    The emperor of Western Han Dynasty, the western regions frontier
    command mostly support the Hodge was a schemer framed, slavery, was
    narrated to Yan men guan year. At this moment, Rome general Lucius
    guard by his brother Prince of Rome to escape persecution yanmenguan.
    The planes meet in the western regions of Gobi, from the beginning to
    the end to meet on the battleground Freemasonry. One day, Joan seek
    forgiveness of their grievances hounded, inadvertently crashed through
    the good brother Yin broken and Tiryns Grand Prince of Rome telling
    secrets. At the same time, Tepes and the little prince to kill Lucius
    group personally lead troops came to Western regions. In order to
    protect the safety of the little prince and the western countries, Huo
    and Lucius teamed up with Thebes in the Gobi Desert launched a a battle
    of life and death.

  • rickymarten-06511July 1, 2015Reply

    Dragon Blade Directed by Daniel Lee

    Dragon Blade is a Chinese movie directed and written by bears and
    Daniel Lee many of the hallmarks of this extremely awesome movie maker.
    Daniel Lee’s is Dragon Blade is not just another Chinese period epic.
    This movie price tag of 65 million dollars makes it another most
    expensive Chinese movie in history. This movie break many opening
    domestic box-office records and finally it take 120 million dollars
    ranks and this movie is the 8th highest-grossing Chinese movie. This
    movie star cast is truly international gathered around Chinese
    A-listers William Feng ,Jackie Chan and Karena Lam Hollywood actors
    Adrien Brody and John Cusack , Korean actors/pop stars Choi Si Won and
    many more international star. Dragon Blade movie may look like a Ridley
    Scott but plays out like a Jackie Chan flick, with a hit comic yet
    saintly central character, comic scenes and dialogue, dollops of
    moralistic preaching, and a propensity for the extras to mug in camera.
    But any epic in the style of Ridley Scott will be severely tested by
    the levels of historical fancifulness in Dragon Blade.

  • Eirik Hennum LieJuly 5, 2015Reply

    Phenomenally bad

    This rates among the worst movies I’ve ever suffered through, and not
    in a D-War ( kind of way either.
    Why Cusack, Brody and Jackie accepted this movie, I will never know.

    First of all, the editing. The first and last scene of the movie with
    the excavators is so meaningless and dumb it made me cringe to the
    point where sitting still was as impossible as looking natural was to
    Adrien Brody throughout the movie. Cutscenes and flashbacks all over
    the place, making Family Guy and Scrubs look sane and normal in
    comparison. At times, they were both so confusing and pointless, you’d
    wonder if the director was even trying!

    Acting: Forced. Mostly only horrible. Choreography: Slightly below par,
    nothing to whine about really. Wouldn’t impress anyone though. CGI:
    They should fire them. Costumes/props: Romans barely looked roman, only
    reason they did was because of the helmets. Everything else was
    overdone. Number of weird, forced and cringe worthy scenes: Plenty. So
    many of them. And oh God please kill me now, the scene where a certain
    someone is seemingly fighting for his life and the kid is crying… I
    muted the TV in fear of me having to throw my remote through the screen
    to make it stop. MAKE IT STOP.

    Next is the story. It’s OK. But OK in a bland, boring way. We’ve seen
    it before, we’ll see it again. No surprises, predictable, but at the
    same time, it’s still OK. I still have no idea why they chose to cast
    an Asian kid as a roman heir, and thinking ”oh, as long as he has
    weirdly blonde hair, no one will think twice!” He could’ve been
    animated instead and it’d be a better decision, at least then the roman
    dad wouldn’t have to worry about his wife’s’ unfaithfulness.

  • EruaranJuly 5, 2015Reply


    This film is bad from the beginning. From the tacky and obvious, overly
    shiny CGI, to the overblown screenplay to the editing and direction.
    Everything is a mess. It’s one of those new films that at once looks
    both good and terrible at the same time. It’s all slickness and high
    definition, and absolutely awful. The ability of the film makers falls
    well short of their ambition, and it shows. Jackie Chan, John Cusack
    and Adrien Brody are unable to redeem this sprawling piece of slop
    which completely fails to engage or interest, let alone convince of,
    well… anything. This film has no heart, no soul, and no intelligence.
    I wasn’t expecting greatness, but this is a disappointment even for
    someone settling down for a piece of tacky piece of popcorn fun.

  • sideriteJuly 6, 2015Reply

    The future of movies

    What this film showed more than anything else is how China will soon
    have their own Hollywood, with movies pushing the propaganda of their
    nation just like the American movies do for the US. The story, while
    being about a tragically peaceful man who wants everybody to get along,
    somehow ends into all Asian nations fighting the Romans and the modern
    archaeologists deciding to not disclose a discovery of an ancient city
    so that it remains purely Chinese.

    Also to be noted is how actors like John Cusack and Adrien Brody get to
    star in a Chinese movie and how epic battles between tens of people
    have been achieved with a fraction of what it would have cost in

    But enough with the politics. The movie was, unfortunately, amateurish.
    The rushed first half, the completely pointless modern archaeology
    subplot, the kind of weak characterization, the epic motivational music
    that moves no one and makes the film sound like a Communist propaganda
    piece, the direction, even the acting. The worse sin of the film was
    not finding a rhythm and keeping with it. It’s a messy thing that
    oscillates between trying to be a historic film and being a character
    story piece, and really doing neither.

    Bottom line: Jackie Chan is still awesome at 61 years old. When our
    parents and grandparents are considering retirement, he is kicking ass.
    However that doesn’t save the clumsiness of the production of this
    film. While I am sure this is only the beginning and the Chinese movie
    machine will become better and better with time, they are not quite
    there yet. The film was partially entertaining, but it is pretty much
    made for a Chinese audience and their sensibilities.

  • gotoninJuly 11, 2015Reply

    What a big and gorgeous Chinese peplum !

    This movie is nearly perfect, Of course no movie is perfect but what a
    chocked ! Yes it’s look like a Disney movie but all in it is very good,
    the scenario, the actors, the fxs, the ost… all is perfect. So i give
    a 10/10 for this movie. I don’t care if it’s not credible or some
    visual effects sound so fakes, the spirit of Dragon Blade is so great
    and give some positive thinking in this period of troubles. I’m tired
    to watch dark movies for making sad the audience. Some time, in the
    theater they have this kind of movie who when you go out, you are just
    happy, truly happy. This movie give me this. Thanks to him. Just enjoy
    the show !

  • jollo90July 18, 2015Reply

    A huge disappointment. OK combat scenes, implausible plot and outrageous pomposity make this film unwatchable.

    This film is a complete disaster. But let’s start with the good things:
    combat scenes are maybe OK. There are some absolutely fantastic
    sword-fight scenes in this film (which I did savour).

    What really bothers me about this film though is the plot; it is
    absolutely incoherent, things just keep happening out of the blue, with
    no particular purpose. The events transition from one to another in a
    bizarre way which was perhaps acceptable in Dickensian literature but
    not in contemporary cinema. The most ridiculous part was perhaps the
    movie’s main plot twist: remember ”Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the
    Lost Ark” submarine scene? It’s not even remotely as implausible as
    Dragon Blade.

    What makes things even worse is the director’s attempt to duplicate the
    pomposity of Hollywood movies (already disturbing as it is). These
    scenes are disgusting, outrageous and unbearable: in cinema people
    would exclamate loudly and laugh (which obviously was not the movie’s
    aim during those moments).

    To wrap things up, if you are a fan of melee combat and martial arts
    you may want to go and see this movie for yourself. If you want a movie
    with even semi-acceptable plot, go look somewhere else. Dragon Blade is
    not worth your time.

  • fatt1988July 27, 2015Reply

    Cheesy but enjoyable

    Well, everyone has their own opinion and some may think this is a bad
    movie. I may have the same feeling as those who dislike this movie as I
    could understand that we expect a great movie with great acting, script
    and cinematography from a huge name in film industry but yet we get
    something different. However when we look from other perspective, this
    movie is quite enjoyable. Yes, the script and storyline is quite cheesy
    but what do we expect from Chinese movie? Many of Asian movie is full
    of cheesy dialogue and plot but many of them is entertaining.
    Throughout this movie I find many plot holes and ridiculous stuff but
    it doesn’t make me sleep halfway of the movie. Some elements is good.
    Many action movies nowadays like to utilize shaky cam to make audience
    believe the action was good but most of the time it make us feels
    dizzy, which I am glad that Chinese do not used the ”Shaky Cam
    Technology”. Apart from that, some of the values found in this movie is
    what we need in our current society. I do not recommend this movie if
    you hope for over the top fight scene, great acting etc. If you enjoy
    classic Chinese war movie, I think you are going to enjoy this one too.

  • frank-340-831830August 1, 2015Reply

    Should be a lesson on how not to make a movie

    I thought my first review might be for something awesome, but I cant
    help myself, I have to discuss this film. I question mainly why I
    watched it to the end. Firstly – the positives – some good action, some
    realistic looking fights, deaths, blood, arrows etc. and two minor
    laughs where I believe we were meant to laugh. Now the negatives – I
    spent far too long laughing or groaning at the rest of the film. It
    really should be a lesson to school kids writing stories/scripts –
    don’t overdo it. You don’t need to. Too many flashbacks to help tell
    the back story. Too much slow motion for dramatic effect Too much
    dramatic music for dramatic effect Too many flashbacks to remind us
    why/how we should feel. Too many big metaphors, statements and themes –
    most of which were also poorly delivered by otherwise quality actors.
    Too many big dramatic moments that should be reserved for the end of
    the film. And then the weird very beginning and very end that don’t fit
    well with the story – are we meant to believe this is a true story or
    what? If you took out the flashbacks and slow motion the whole story
    could have been told in an hour. You could have got rid of the
    beginning and ending and replaced with a simple statement to set the
    time and place.

    And if that wasn’t enough – Jackie Chan singing? Twice?

  • aljosaskorjancAugust 3, 2015Reply

    Funny, watchable yet historically completely inaccurate

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • david-sarkiesAugust 5, 2015Reply

    Much better things to do on a plane than watch this

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • VarghjartaAugust 10, 2015Reply

    Picture perfect story of a dream

    I don’t often review movies, and it is not my strength, though I felt
    the need to add my thoughts on this one.

    Basically, this is a movie pushes that classic primal idea of good vs
    evil, but also how unity and diversity is what will give the upper
    hand. I found moments that were ”cheesy” but were in such strong
    moments that I was emotionally engaged and touched instead of feeling
    manipulated. Very excellent choreography and fight scenes, the
    attention to costumes and surroundings were splendid, cgi and fx was
    well made and didn’t take up too much space, and the actors were

    This is a movie where I think you would benefit from keeping in mind
    the cultural and historical context in which this movie was made while
    watching, it’s not only a movie. I like that the ”cheese” was made in a
    way that none loose face and builds a respect and strikes the cord of
    the moral message it tries to convey. That in itself, gives me hope for
    a good and bright future between china and the west, if I may be so
    bold as to bring politics into this.

    The story is kept at a good pace and never really drags on so as to
    become boring, there is constant development and as the story
    progressed to my surprise I actually cared for the main characters.

    If all you want is a ”jackie chan” fight+comedy then you may not like
    this as it’s more ”serious”, but if you don’t mind a bit of cheese once
    in a while and keep an open heart then grab a cold beer and this might
    strike a cord also in you.

    Oh, and the soundtrack is really epic 🙂

  • hamsapsifuAugust 11, 2015Reply


    Jackie Chan’s original Drunkenmaster movie, from the late seventies,
    was my first exposure to kung fu. After watching this movie I joined a
    local kung fu school en studied kung fu for over 10 years. Needless to
    say I loved Chan’s skills and loved that classic kung fu flick.

    Fast forward to Dragon’s Blade… first of all the title… Dragon’s
    Blade, one would expect a mystical sword or something… but none of
    this. The title is non-sense and irrelevant.

    The movie is a typical Chinese production, (bad screenplay,
    unconvincing story, and silly story lines… in particular seen from a
    Western viewpoint) Don’t get me wrong, the above mentioned
    Drunkenmaster has all of this, but it works because it doesn’t take
    itself seriously. Dragon’s Blade tries to present itself as a kind of
    Troy or something, and completely misfires. (bad director)

    What bothered me a lot:

    1) cringe worthy soundtrack… (wailing woman going over the top during
    ”emotional” scenes”)

    2) totally dreamed up over-the-top Roman uniforms. (why don’t use
    actual historical correct uniforms) 3) misplaced Western actors, who
    are totally wasted due to the lame script/dialogue. I don’t understand
    why they agreed to partake in this movie??? It will hurt their career.

    3) many silly things, such as a singing contest.

    4) totally wrong (historically incorrect) fighting style / tactis for
    the Romans. (Romans basically formed a shieldwall and stabbed with
    their Gladius… but in the movie they fight like… Chinese… (over
    the top)

    However, there are some cool shots of horsemen attacking and such…
    but as soon as it gets going, some unconvincing scene/line will pop up.
    All in all I would say this is a typical Chinese production with a big

  • dinterpretingAugust 23, 2015Reply

    Epic Journey

    I have to admit the acting left a lot to be desired except for John
    Cusack. John Cusack elevated the whole film. If you love Jakie Chan
    fight scenes you’ll likely find some enjoyment in the choreography that
    no one else does like him. I really liked the cinematography. The
    sweeping scenes, the architecture, the look of all the different
    tribes. There was also an idea that I found very redeeming in the
    movie. The possibility of what we could create if we all came together.
    I liked the friendship between the two leaders. I’ll give a shout out
    to the warrior woman too!! To tell you the truth I have nothing left to
    add but regretfully I have to write ten lines of stuff to get this
    review accepted. So I’ll just write whatever in the hopes that the main
    part of my review will be accepted. Thank you for reading!!!

  • prkok-21147September 2, 2015Reply

    huge disappointment

    This movie is filled with clichés, bad timed jokes and bad acting.

    If you want to waste time or need some background noise while you are
    vacuuming the house then start this video.

    Before watching this I had hopes of a nice movie but the disappointment
    was huge.

    The timing and cuts are disturbing, you never get sucked into the
    story. How can people get permission to waste so much resources?
    Unbelievable, what where they thinking?

    The story, locations, actors and decors are ingredients for a nice
    movie, but they totally screwed it up.

  • chasydmarich-647-882191September 4, 2015Reply

    Awesomely Bad

    Read a review claiming Dragon Blade achieved ”so bad it’s good” status.
    Wow, did it ever! Imagine if Sharknado (the dethroned champion of ”so
    bad it’s good) had a $65 million budget.

    This movie had a lot of good going for it. Jackie Chan is an amazing
    action star, made famous by his ”stunt fighting” which he excels at in
    this movie. The production value was really top notch – sets, costumes,
    cinematography, special effects, all of it was quite impressive.

    Where this movie fails on every level is the writing and the acting. I
    could go into great detail but I think the best comparison is the
    cheesy, campy entertainment that is the SyFy original movie.

    Adrien Brody and John Cusack must have signed onto this movie like all
    the A-list celebrities back in the 80s making Japanese commercials for
    a quick buck, certain that no one in America would ever see them.

  • Jason StarkSeptember 5, 2015Reply

    horrible movie

    I do not know whats worse. The cinematography, dialog or the fight
    scenes. This movie has a huge budget with very little to show for it.
    This is my first review. I am making this review in hopes to stop
    someone from making the awful mistake of renting this movie. I beg of
    you do not waste your time or money in this epic failure. The line up
    of stars is enticing but there only there to trick you into watching
    it. I am thinking Cusac needed a job real bad to even put this in his
    career line up. Jackie Chan is his normal self in this, quirky with no
    real talent. Who ever made this movie please let god have mercy on your

  • John MatzatSeptember 7, 2015Reply

    Good movie based on origin

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • subxerogravitySeptember 8, 2015Reply

    I guess you cant’t win them all, Mr. Chan.

    It’s a Jackie Chan movie, so you known off the bat the film is going to
    have some pretty top notch action sequences, right?

    It was a Chinese production with some American actors so I was
    expecting a little more. Not to say they were all bad, but not what I
    was expecting from Asian cinema.

    I feel Jackie becoming a senior citizen is a lame excuse, because I
    noticed that the film is more of a war drama than the action comedy
    that we are use to seeing Chan in, and the problem with that is, in all
    the years of jumping off mountains, high kicking and getting his bones
    broken, he never really learned how to act.

    And the acting really sucked in this one. It’s like Chan was bringing
    everyone down with him. I don’t known if John Cusack was doing this
    movie cause he wanted the paycheck or he loves Chan, but he gave no

    Although I’ll give it to Adrien Brody. It’s like he wanted to play a
    bad ass and that’s what he was. Was he all that good or was the movie
    so bad it just made him look like he was good?

    Plus the story was clumsy and the narrative was chopped together badly,
    it was not smoothed at all.

    Luckily, a hundred more movies exist out there for you to watch that
    make Jackie Chan look far better. Go see those instead.

  • Jason GuinnSeptember 9, 2015Reply

    Awful story, poor acting, and major plot holes

    I was excited to see this flick with such a solid cast and interesting
    story. This movie was terrible.

    The story is poorly written and the dialogue is laughably bad. For the
    first half of the movie I had no idea what was going on, who was
    fighting or why, or how the Romans spoke American English! Within the
    first 15 minutes there are two drawn out fight sequences that make
    little to no sense and this is followed by a lot of fast cuts, bad
    dialogue, and things strung together so poorly I was like, ”What the
    hell is going on?” And it never gets better. One reviewer said there is
    no shaky cam in the movie– there is. Jackie acts like he always does
    to the point you know what’s going to happen before it does. The humor
    falls flat and the acting is so poor form such talented actors that I
    got the feeling they were in this for the money.

    Do not see this movie. If you want to see some good Chinese action
    there are much better options than this thing from everyone involved. I
    tried to enjoy it, but couldn’t even make it through the film–I ended
    up stopping it about midway through.


  • tedg ([email protected])September 12, 2015Reply

    Government Clerks Somewhere

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • narrog-24994November 15, 2015Reply

    Chinese propaganda vehicle?

    Having in mind Jackie Chan’s criticism of the HK democracy protesters
    last year, I cannot help to see this film as Chinese propaganda. Chan
    represents the great Chinese empire that brings together many different
    nationalities like the Uyghurs and the Mongolians peacefully, who are
    backward, unable to rule themselves and would otherwise get at each
    others’ throat. That’s how they are actually depicted. In come the
    Romans, who stand for the West. The good ones who help the Chinese to
    build there country and bring new technology (Lucius’ troop) are
    welcomed, while the bad ones with imperialistic ambitions (Tiberius’s
    troop) are repelled by all Chinese nations. It’s so obvious that this
    is how China wants to officially portray itself, and by this movie they
    primarily educate their own people about this view. Must be a film with
    high government-approval rating, unlike many other films who have not
    been allowed to be shown in China.

  • Gianfranco LevatiNovember 16, 2015Reply


    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • grandmastersikNovember 20, 2015Reply

    Don’t bother

    If ever anyone in the history of cinema has earned 2 hours of my life,
    it’s Jackie Chan. Unfortunately, I was repaid this sentiment with two
    of the most horrible hours of cinema made in recent years.

    When I heard of Romans fighting it out in the Silk Road, I liked the
    idea. But instead the film starts out with two Chinese historians (who
    speak English, naturally, since this is aimed at an international
    audience) searching for a lost city that the Romans built. The
    beginning is bad… ominously bad, and it only gets worse from there.

    Rewind 2,000 years and with the tone set for a serious affair, until
    Jackie Chan adopts his usual ”stunt-fu” in a fight scene completely out
    of place, but hey, it’s Jackie Chan, so carry on.

    Enter the Romans… John Cusack is his usual self but he seems to be
    accompanied by two of the most horrendous actors I’ve seen, in the
    guise of a child would-be Emporor and his male nanny. Actually, aside
    from Brody, Cusack and one or two Centurians, pretty much everyone who
    speaks English will make you cringe with how god-awful their ”talent”

    Anyway, the script’s a total mess and for long periods, is actually
    very boring. Brody turns up as some power-craved maniac Emporor who
    didn’t need to do anything bad since he was always going to be the
    Emporor anyway, and then we have a battle and, thankfully, the film

    Only, it doesn’t. Instead, it goes back to the historian couple who
    enjoy the romantic scenery of the few sand-blasted columns remaining
    upright before they illogically announce that they’ll never share their
    discovery, even though it’s the whole point of their very existence!

    Sigh. This film is just bad, illogical and painful and unless you’re a
    die-hard Jackie Chan fan, I implore you to avoid it. For those of you
    who are Jackie Chan fans, just know that this is one of – if not THE
    worst film he’s ever made and ask yourself: ”Do you really want to
    taint your opinion of the great man by sitting through this?”

  • Ornlu WolfjarlDecember 8, 2015Reply

    Good action, bad film

    In every area, this is an extremely bad film, except when it comes to
    the action and the battles. This is the only good thing about the film.
    Without Jackie Chan, this film wouldn’t get 4/10 from me. So if you
    want to kill some time, by watching some good fight choreography, as
    well as excellent combat scenes involving Romans, Huns, Indians and
    Chinese (which I should note: some details and tactics were
    well-researched), then go ahead and watch this film. I’d advise to skip
    ahead when it starts getting boring. You won’t miss much.

    The story is not too bad as others say, but the way the plot progresses
    through the film really ruins it. It could have been a much more
    compelling film, were it not for the poor storytelling and all the
    unnecessary fluff scenes. It’s clear that the director lacked any sort
    of vision on what kind of film he wanted to make. At times it has a
    childish and naive attitude, almost as if they wanted to show a fairy
    tale, and at other times it’s brutal and vicious, as if they wanted to
    shock their audience. Other movies like Hero (2002) can strike a good
    balance between the two tones, but the director here is too incompetent
    to manage it.

    This is also evident in the editing, which is extremely amateurish to
    say the least. Youtube videos have better editing than this film. I
    caught myself wondering if the DVD was scratched or if the choppy
    movements were put there on purpose. It’s certainly annoying. Not to
    mention the poorly-put together CGI. Especially when it comes to
    weather, it’s like watching a cutscene from a 2000s video game.

    The non-combat scenes also lack any sort of directional skill. The
    extras rush in the scene as if they are school children participating
    in a musical. The main actors try to salvage the film, and then the
    plot jumps ahead with no cohesion, ruining everything. Scenes don’t
    transition smoothly. It’s like reading a book, where each chapter was
    written by a different author, who never read what the other authors
    wrote. The screenplay doesn’t help either. Most lines seem very
    artificial and the way characters react to them makes them appear too
    simple-minded and one-dimensional.

    I don’t usually talk about sound, other than music, but holy crap sound
    is bad in this film. The music is extremely annoying and over-the-top
    dramatic (during combat it’s not so bad, but it doesn’t even reach
    average when it comes to putting the audience in the right mood). Then
    you come at stuff like rocks falling, wind blowing, swords clashing or
    flesh ripping and it’s incredibly bad sound design. It feels like the
    sound editor’s last job was in the 70s. Sometimes it’s not synced
    properly to what is happening on screen, other times it just sounds
    completely fake.

    Finally, let’s talk about what this has to offer as art: Very little.
    It’s message is not subtle at all. Every 2 seconds it hammers it at
    you: ”Let’s live in peace, we can all co-exist”. It’s not a bad
    message, but come on, what happened to making your audience think? Is
    that too advanced stuff for you Dragon Blade? Meanwhile, there’s a sort
    of subplot going on in the current era (not a spoiler). The film starts
    in 2015, where some archaeologists (?), who work for a corporation (?)
    find a Roman city in China and then use a satellite to make a 3D
    holographic 1:1 scale model on site within seconds. Then stare at it
    for a while, and then decide not to tell anyone about it, because it’s
    a beautiful story and they don’t want the people they work for to sell
    it to museums. I have no idea where that thing was going, but I’m
    guessing it was trying to give us the feeling that it was a true story,
    which failed the moment a satellite in orbit send laser beams down to
    Earth and made a hologram of a whole city on the ruins of said city
    within seconds, including inscriptions on buildings, but somehow no one
    will be able to find out.

    Daniel Lee, please don’t make any more films, until you actually learn
    how to make films.

  • Rashid EhzazDecember 8, 2015Reply

    One of the best (and yet underrated) Jackie Chan film of this decade!

    I manage to watch this on an airplane while I was on my way to Qatar,
    anyways I was a bit worried of what the outcome might be e.g. Flops
    like tuxedo, the medallion and the spy next door, but it turns out that
    it was so brilliant (guess the critics are wrong about this film. Here
    are some of my pros I manage to break down: *The most redeeming
    thingwas the fight scenes, as Jackie stated in behind the scenes promo
    (he wanted the fight scenes to be realistic instead of a wuxia-type
    fight scene) and he absolutely delivers it well, he’s in his 60’s so
    he’s not a young lad anymore that can make fight scenes look fancy (or
    perform stunts) and tbh it fits well with his age, also it was great
    contrast with eastern vs western styles of fighting. *diverse
    location/cast-I was so surprised of how many groups were involved
    including Uighur, Huns, White Indians etc and also the Romans, also
    filmed in a beautiful desert and with no cgi what so ever. *Prop
    design-the scorpion sword (attaching wrist rope to sword) was pretty
    original and artistic at the same time, also the costume design was
    also artistic as well (as it wasn’t very typical).

    Here are my cons: *acting-it wasn’t bad nor great, it was alright but
    could’ve done a bit better. *story dragging too long-my only complaint
    is when it tries to get into the action, there were some boring
    dialogue but nothing that puts me off from the film.

    Verdict: It was very interesting to see Adrien Brody to play the
    antagonist as he seemed to always play protagonists in previous roles.
    As for Jackie, he did say he wants to be a better actor so I think he
    should make film like this in the future minus the historical era lol.

  • Tony Heck ([email protected])December 23, 2015Reply

    Fans of martial arts movies will love this. I am not big on martial arts but this was one of the better ones I have seen.

    ”Survival of the fittest is the only truth on the Silk Road.” Huo An
    (Chan) is a peaceful man that leads a group of defenders along the Silk
    Road, a border between the east and west of China. When Roman soldier
    General Lucius (Cusack) shows up with his men Huo realizes that a war
    is imminent. When he discovers the truth about Lucius they realize that
    the only way to stop the corrupt and evil Tiberius is to work together.
    This is usually not my type of movie, but the cast was very intriguing
    and was really the main reason I watched it. The movie itself was very
    entertaining and pretty fun to watch. The signature Jackie Chan
    fighting was throughout, but a little more toned down that usual. The
    one thing this really had going for it was the drama between Huo and
    seemingly the rest of the world. Cusack and Brody are fine in this, but
    Chan is the star and his acting really made you feel for his character.
    Overall, fans of foreign and martial arts movies will love this. I am
    not big on martial arts but this was one of the better ones I have
    seen. I give this a B.

  • grafxmanDecember 23, 2015Reply

    magnificent awesome spectacular (Wanted all caps for this)

    As you can tell from my summary, I liked this movie a lot. First of
    all, it has an excellent and unique storyline. It is based on historic
    factual events which just makes things even more interesting. In other
    words, its not just some Chinese fantasy tale.

    The story is set in the desert on the silk road. The silk road was the
    road between Europe and China. Then along comes a legion of Roman
    Centurions. Of course battles ensue, friendships are created, people
    are betrayed, etc. There’s enough good and evil to go around for
    everyone to enjoy.

    Oh, and by the way, the fight sequences as well as the vast legions of
    armies running around the desert are truly awesome. For some reason I
    found myself thinking about ”Lawrence of Arabia” while watching it.

  • sburke326December 25, 2015Reply

    Best Movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • tntbelDecember 25, 2015Reply from a regular movie nut Mom

    I am not a linguist so please bear with me. I am not a movie critic
    either. I just love Jackie Chan, John Cusack and Adrien Brody (in that
    order too) Today is Christmas Day, my son got a ”modern synthetic
    Bokken sword.” We decided to just enjoy the morning and relax while we
    wait for his older brother to come home from work (yup, the American
    way, some of us have to work Christmas and all other legal holidays).
    So, while wiling away time, we searched Netflix and Amazon for a
    Christmas movie. I just happened to see the word ”sword” and
    proclaimed, ”Hey, we should watch this! It’s a Jackie Chan movie and it
    also have two great stars that I like! Plus, look honey, it’s about
    swords. I don’t know why you asked for a sword so maybe you’ll enjoy
    this and take up karate so you can use your sword for the good, instead
    of hitting the cat with it! We all sat down and watched. We did not
    care about the choreography or script or the acting or the singing. We
    watch (and paid) and we were entertained, and inspired! The movie
    industry makes millions because of people like us,who goes to movies
    for 3 reasons: 1) we love the actors and we stick with them 2) we want
    to be entertained ( and maybe cry a little) 3) to be able to watch it
    with ours kids and say ” now, there’s a lesson here honey….. So, we
    love Jackie, his co-stars and we love the corny-made up songs they
    sang. I even cried a little. I wanted my son to start taking Jusitsu
    classes or whatever it is. My English is not as good as a professional
    reviewer, with all the spiffy adjectives. But, I can tell some of you
    who just happen upon this review: If you like Jackie Chan, you will not
    be disappointed. Hey, my family even did a research on the history of
    Silk Road! Now, that is one positive thing. Maybe someday ( if we win
    the lottery) My family might get to see China!

  • smilegelDecember 28, 2015Reply

    Just OK, expected to be better

    Jackie is not the same. Fight Scenes were too weak and not anywhere
    near what they were before when he was younger. Whole movie felt a bit
    weak and it all started with a story. It feels like a good budget that
    was just in wrong hands and mismanaged. Acting from some actors wasn’t
    that good. Directing and camera-work were 4/10. Special effects were
    very weak (3out10). Story itself was a bit boring and whole movie just
    dragged for more than it should have. Felt like it should’ve been no
    more than an hour. In fact, if this movie was an hour long, it would’ve
    been better because they wouldn’t have to use bad cuts that they filled
    the extra 30 minutes.

    Overall, if you are with friends and have nothing to do, it’s a OK to
    watch one time and forget about it though there are even better movies
    for that.

  • almafuerte-1January 3, 2016Reply

    So much potential, but the editor is a criminal.

    This movie could’ve been incredible. We might never know for sure, it
    hasn’t been edited, it has been butchered. It was edited to 127
    minutes, 103 in the US version. I saw the 127 version, and it felt
    incredibly rushed, I can’t even imagine how bad the 103 version is.

    This movie had so much going on, it deserved at the very least 180
    minutes. Or it could’ve been split in two 90 or, ideally, two 120 min

    I seriously can’t believe how bad the editing is. There are entire
    connecting scenes that are obviously missing, and I can’t even imagine
    the were not filmed to begin with. On top of the movie being edited
    with an axe, they added slow motion clips all over the place, but the
    footage they worked with was obviously already in 24fps, and the scenes
    are slowed down as much as 1/3rd real time, so they just happily
    duplicated frames and made those scenes look horrible too.

    The movie obviously had a great budget, but it feels like b-movie
    madness due to the bad slow motion scenes and the poor editing.

    A true shame, I wish there was a director’s cut, I’m sure with some
    sane editing it could improve enormously .

  • ditanosJanuary 10, 2016Reply

    A must NOT watch

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • irelands-theJanuary 10, 2016Reply

    Neat story, but the movie was all over the map.

    First off, John Cusack was a terrible casting choice. He’s not a bad
    actor in general, but he really just phoned this one in. In parts, he
    was essentially just reciting bad lines; in other parts his acting was
    just so over-the-top that it made me laugh out loud.

    Jackie Chan had his typical flavour of hand-to-hand combat, with a
    little less of his usual humour, but plenty of the usual improv. He was
    clearly giving an effort with most of his dialogue, though.\

    What really made this movie weird, though, was the random interjections
    of what was essentially a dance-off and a sing-off. And then at the end
    a re-cap montage of scenes with the same song from the sing-off.

    In the end, I give this a 4/10. It could have been so much more, the
    story was an excellent one, and many of the sets and costumes were
    great. The acting from the main villain was pretty decent, and the epic
    army conflicts was at least generally engaging, except strangely cut &
    pasted together so that it came across pretty disjointed. Remember the
    epic battles in the movie Gladiator? Imagine those, only cut and paste
    random scenes together. The continuity was peculiar at best. The sheer
    number of combatants during some scenes was reminiscent of Ben Hur,
    though, so that was impressive.

    So yes, I enjoyed the film, but I found myself laughing at scenes that
    were not supposed to be funny, and shaking my head at scenes that were
    supposed to be epic.

  • TwoWardrobesJanuary 16, 2016Reply

    I hope it paid well …

    Imagine a Chinese production of Flash Gordon, set in the ancient
    Orient, with a bit of gore and a musical set-piece. That’s pretty much
    this film. Supposedly based on Chinese ‘history’, it’s actually badly
    camouflaged propaganda (as are most of the 9 or 10 star reviews on
    here). I chuckled through most of it, which would have been a good
    thing if it was a comedy. The scale and the way it is beautifully shot
    are let down by the ridiculous plot, p*ss-poor dialogue and haphazard

    John Cusack looks like he just woke up on set and is going along with
    things until he can figure out how he got there.

    Jackie Chan sings. He sings a song of peace. Then he cries. Don’t worry
    though, his little tune is sandwiched by plenty of slapstick fighting.

    Adrian Brody got so immersed in his ‘bad guy’ role that he didn’t
    notice how out-of-place somebody acting looks in this film. Or that
    nobody could be that much of an utter, utter b*stard.

    At the heart of it is a pretty simple, and noble, multicultural peace
    message. If you can figure out what the f**k is going on at any one
    time, or why anybody was fighting in the first place, then that may
    resonate with you.

    All in all, it’s a big sloppy mess of a film.

  • LeonLouisRicciJanuary 16, 2016Reply

    Mostly Awkward but Beautiful, Enjoyable Movie with a Peaceful Message

    In the Early Seventies when the ”Kung-Fu” Craze ran amok in America,
    Audiences were treated to a Bizarre and Highly Entertaining ”Other”
    Type of Movie-Making from a sharply defined Different Culture and the
    Transition to the USA was Charmingly Awkward and Breathtaking.

    The Contrast between East and West Values was met with an Uneasy
    Acceptance and as Pure Entertainment some of the Movies became Big Hits
    in the US and the rest is Film History.

    The Point is that Films Produced in Hong Kong, China, etc, are never
    going to be what Folks here in the United States are accustomed, and
    that’s part of what makes these Types of Films a Treat.

    This one was Produced in China with a Hefty Budget (the Nation’s
    biggest so far) and became the 8th Highest Grossing Movie Domestically.
    Director Daniel Lee is a well known Filmmaker in that Country.

    Jackie Chan is an International Star and has been making Entertaining,
    Fun-Filled, Action Movies for Decades and has a Big Fan Base in the US.
    He Stars and is Credited with the Martial Arts Scenes here, as well as
    the Script. John Cusack and Adrien Brody have Significant Roles and
    Anchor its American Appeal.

    The Film as a whole Suffers from the Aforementioned Cultural Clash and
    the Story (in the International Version) Struggles to make much Sense,
    because of its Ancient Roots and the way the Movie is Edited and

    If You don’t take the Historical Aspects Seriously and don’t mind some
    Confusing Montage, the Movie can be Enjoyed with Low Expectations.

    The Movie Looks Great and has a High Hollywood Gleam. The Costumes are
    Elaborate and Colorful as is the Epic Design. The Action has a Sharp
    and Sometimes Bloody Appeal and the Message of Peace Among the Races is

  • Mugoy RandoJanuary 17, 2016Reply

    The reviews of this movie highlight why whimsy has died in cinema.

    Let me set one thing straight before I begin this review, I am not here
    to defend this movie’s honour, indeed I can see that it does have a
    great many flaws. However it is absolutely undeserving of many of the
    criticisms put forth in other reviews and I feel that someone has to
    put the record straight, and call out a worrying trend.

    This movie was not perfect, it was mechanically sound, the acting while
    nowhere near award winning, was human enough I could enjoy it, and the
    choreography and special effects though they rarely came into play were
    even enjoyable. All this could be fairly pointed out to add to a
    product that is sub par, and yet what are almost all the most vehement
    protractors of this film gnashing their teeth about? The realism! Yes
    in a fantasy martial arts movie people are concerned with the plot,
    with geography, with trifling details.

    Now look, I understand people having personal preferences for more
    grounded realistic movies. I also understand how some people cannot
    suspend their disbelief over such a mighty chasm, but to call this
    movie terrible, garbage, or any other pejorative for that is simply
    wrong. It is wrong, because it misses what this movie, and movies like
    it are supposed to be. Like many older films out of china, what this
    movie is striving to be is a throwback to idealized legends. To stories
    who’s actors are idealistic people, who embody ideals and provide a
    moral message. This kind of storytelling is present in nearly all
    culture’s legends and tales. This is what I like to term as a whimsical
    film. Now I admit it is not a shining example for all to follow, but it
    needs to be judged by other standards. Just as a romcom needs to be
    judged by different standards than that of true cinematic brilliance. A
    movie like this doesn’t have to be realistic, it shouldn’t be.
    Furthermore to see so many people demanding realism, expecting
    everything must play out like a well thought out novel frankly saddens
    me. It saddens me because I fear that this prevalent attitude is why we
    get so few movies these days that are willing to be silly, to be
    unrealistic, to give us idealistic and hopelessly unworkable moral

    Maybe you disagree, maybe you think I’m a blithering idiot so full of
    sh*t it’s pouring out my mouth. That’s okay too, but please, next time
    you see a fantasy movie like this, please try to enjoy the flow and the
    essence of the movie, before resorting to cold literary analysis of it.

    Anyways to wrap up this rant disguised as a review, my personal
    thoughts on the movie were that it was enjoyable, though I’d hesitate
    to recommend it to anyone but people who share my love of fantastic and
    improbable meetings of ancient cultures for a fantasy romp. 6/10 it’s

  • kosmaspFebruary 6, 2016Reply

    West meets East

    And the fun begins. If fighting is your definition of fun that is.
    Although in tune with Jackie Chans personal views too, this is not
    about violence and his character is a ”peacemaker”. But of course he
    also knows, that people want to seem him do stunts and fight, and he
    doesn’t disappoint on that end.

    What also is edited and shot in a great way, is the way the Brody and
    Cusack fight, or seem to fight. The choreography is well done, which is
    always expected when Jackie Chan is involved, but might still surprise
    (in a positive way) some of the viewers. The story itself is more
    focused on Cusack and Brodys relationship, which is fine, but not
    overly precious. Still the movie and the plot work and make this
    enjoyable to watch

  • Greg FrancisFebruary 15, 2016Reply

    Martial arts mess

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • HellmantMarch 11, 2016Reply

    Just an entertaining (and very cheesy) fight flick.

    ‘DRAGON BLADE’: Three and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

    A Chinese-Hong Kong martial arts action flick; starring Jackie Chan,
    John Cusack and Adrien Brody! Chan plays the leader of the Protection
    Squad, during the Han Dynasty (of 48 BC China). He must team up with a
    Roman Legion general (played by Cusack), to defend China from the
    general’s evil brother (played by Brody) and his army. The movie was
    written and directed by Daniel Lee; and it boasts a $65 million budget.
    The film was a huge hit in China; grossing over $120 million
    (theatrically there alone). It received poor reviews from critics
    though (in the US), and I found it to be a bit of a mess. Still it’s an
    impressive action flick though.

    The story takes place in 48 BC western China; when the government was
    defended by ‘The Silk Road Protection Squad’. Huo An (Chan) is the
    captain of the squad, and he’s committed to preserving peace in the
    area. Due to an unknown corrupt member, in Huo’s group being
    discovered, the entire team is assigned to construction work (at the
    Wild Geese Gate). There Huo meets Lucius (Cusack); a Roman general
    who’s looking for water and supplies for his men. Huo assists him; and
    he later teams with his legion, in fighting Lucius’s corrupt brother
    Tiberius (Brody). Huo realizes that Tiberius’s 100,000 soldiers are a
    threat to the entire area.

    The film’s production values are very impressive, and the movie looks
    beautiful. The fight scenes are spectacular and Chan is great in the
    lead role. The movie’s drama and storyline suck though; and Cusack and
    Brody are terrible in the film. The US version is 24 minutes shorter
    though (than the Chines cut); that might be where part of the problem
    lies. Still the movie feels like it could have been epic; instead it’s
    just an entertaining (and very cheesy) fight flick.

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  • leonblackwoodMarch 19, 2016Reply

    Impressive action scenes but the storyline is sketchy! 5/10

    Review: I quite enjoyed this movie, mainly because of the unique
    storyline, which is based on true events and the interesting characters
    but the director didn’t give much depth to the different individuals.
    It certainly looked great and you can see were each dollar went but the
    whole flow of the storyline was a bit sketchy. I was a bit skeptical
    about Brody and Cusack being in a epic Chinese film but there
    characters were great. Brody was brilliant as the baddie, Tiberius and
    I was really impressed with his sword skills and Cusack was great as
    the head of the Romans, Lucius, who helped Huo An (Jackie Chan) build a
    city. The storyline was quite detailed but for once, easy to follow.
    Basically, Tiberius wants to rule the land but he has to kill his young
    brother to be the next on the throne. After his father dies, Lucius
    escapes with his his young brother so he can protect him from Tiberius,
    and while he’s riding with his fellow Romans, he reaches Huo An, who is
    struggling to build a new city with his army. They then join forces to
    finish the new city in time but Tiberius sends his army to disrupt
    matters. Different armies join forces to take down Tiberius because of
    his wicked ways and his evil mind but it finally comes down to the
    injured Huo An, in an one to one epic battle against the master
    swordsman. I must admit, the fight scenes are quite graphic and well
    put together but the director had these weird slow motion scenes which
    just didn’t make any sense. It also seemed like the movie jumped from
    one scene to the next, a couple of times but on the plus side, I didn’t
    have to read any annoying subtitles. The costumes were also impressive
    along with the cinematography and the authenticity of the whole project
    but I personally think that there would have been a better outcome, if
    it was in the hands of another director. Watchable!

    Round-Up: I’m surprised that this film didn’t get the big Hollywood
    treatment because it’s not every day that you get 2 American actors,
    who are at the peak of there careers, in an epic Oriental movie.
    Judging by the profits, it did go down well with audiences but it could
    have done with a push on the distribution side from the production
    company. Anyway, the movie was directed by Daniel Lee who brought you
    Black Mask in 1996 with Jet Li, Three Kingdoms, 14 Blades and White
    Vengeance. He was lucky to have such a great cast in this film and he
    gave Brody, Chan and Cusack juicy roles, so they didn’t get wasted. The
    storyline could have been portrayed much better but it’s a watchable
    movie with some impressive action scenes.

    Budget: $65million Worldwide Gross: $120million

    I recommend this movie to people who are into their
    action/adventure/dramas starring Jackie Chan, John Cusack, Adrien
    Brody, Si Won Choi, Peng Lin and Sharni Vinson. 5/10

  • uvnsrpApril 24, 2016Reply

    Jackie lovers will enjoy…

    This movie has very high production value all round. Must be quite
    expensive. Though in line with ‘hobbit, battle of five armies’, yet
    digestible over pure myth. There were quite a few ‘technical’ glitches,
    but can be accepted. Pace of the movie is good most of the time (no
    need to fast forward!).

    It seems that history has nothing to do here, though it is claimed in
    titles that inspired by true events. Exact time line could not be
    guessed from the content and characters. However Arabic script might be
    used for indicating era 500 AD.

    Finally, the action Jackie Chan is the best as actor as well as
    director as usual. Barring some, most stunts are well engineered. But
    missed the ‘filming shots’ at the end of Jacky’s movies.

  • Haydn LawrenceMay 29, 2016Reply

    Good idea but bad execution

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Leofwine_dracaJune 18, 2016Reply

    A mish-mash of stuff, but some of it works

    DRAGON BLADE isn’t a great film at all, but given that the previous
    Jackie Chan film I watched was Chinese ZODIAC, it seems somewhat
    acceptable by comparison. Certainly it’s a messy movie, which is
    typical of Jackie’s more recent efforts, but it has some good stuff
    included alongside all of the tat. The story is supposedly based on
    historical fact and involves some Roman soldiers who traverse the Silk
    Road and find themselves in China. They’re split into two factions, the
    small number of good guys and the overwhelming bad, and the good guys
    end up joining forces with Jackie and his men to fight the enemy. What
    DRAGON BLADE boils down to is a heady mix of laughable sentiment,
    Chinese comedy, war and battle sequences, and some very bad acting.

    Jackie himself doesn’t really seem to do much that’s new in this film.
    The director throws in a few of his old-fashioned fight scenes to
    recall his glory days, and while the action is acceptable, it’s never
    memorable. It’s the western actors who do surprisingly well: Adrien
    Brody as the quietly menacing villain, and John Cusack as the likable
    ally. Some of the set-piece sequences are well-handled, like the
    building of the defences, and the large-scale action at the climax is
    quite a lot of fun. I was glad to see that director Daniel Lee has
    calmed down since the days of DRAGON SQUAD and can now direct
    reasonable fare like this and THREE KINGDOMS: RESURRECTION OF THE
    DRAGON. DRAGON BLADE isn’t perfect by any means, but there’s a good
    film hiding underneath the mish-mash of styles and ideas.

  • BJune 23, 2016Reply

    Doesn’t follow a typical movie schematic, and that is just fine!

    Interesting experience. The movie was impactful, insofar as it
    delivered a stirring and jumpy story loosely based on a historical
    event. If you’re the type of person to righteously pick apart movies
    scene by scene looking for any hint of contradiction or inaccuracy, you
    won’t enjoy it. But people that do that don’t enjoy movies anyway, do
    they? If you’re looking for a movie that will whisk you away to a
    make-believe land and shower you with richly decorated scenes and a
    provoking narrative, this movie fits the bill nicely. The costumes are
    very well done, the cinematography is elegant, the scenery is gorgeous,
    the scene cuts are jarring, and the acting is…believable. I also
    found the abrupt tone-shifts to be engaging; the movie goes from PG to
    R very quickly. The shift in tone did well to scale the pace of the
    movie leading into the climax from a solemn and almost emotion-invoking
    ceremony. This movie does not rely on jump-scares, dozens of cuts in
    every fight scene,heavy use of cgi, constant explosions, and it isn’t
    another lazy reboot (*cough* spiderman *cough*). That is more than I
    can say for the majority of movies being launched at us these days.
    This was a fine movie. Grab some popcorn, sit down after a hard day’s
    work, watch it, and think about it for a while after. That’s what
    movies are supposed to be!

    P.S. If you wanted a historically accurate movie, you shouldn’t have
    strayed so far from your beloved documentaries :p

  • hal-regJuly 18, 2016Reply

    Makes a good spoof – if only it was intended to be

    This films starts with ‘based on true events’ – hopefully this is just
    a very loose translation. I could possibly live with ‘inspired by true
    events’ (in much the same way that Game of Thrones was inspired by the
    Wars of the Roses, so I’m told).

    It starts out insane, and somehow manages to dig an even bigger hole
    into insanity. It only just manages to avoid including doing a dance
    routine – but only by dressing it up as competitive martial training. I
    find it hard to complain about the choral interlude, as this was one of
    the more comic moments – spoiled only by attempt to tug at heartstrings
    by dubbed angelic singing of the very non- Caucasian young patrician

    The film as a whole suggests that there were 3 or 4 different directors
    shooting bits of each, each with competing ideas about the plot – and
    some poor editor tried to patch it together, hoping no one would notice
    the chasms where sense and reason might live.

    I’ve given this 2 stars because there were (mostly unintentional)
    entertaining moments, but this was one of the most utterly bonkers
    films I’ve watched in a long time. Not dull, not boring but for
    something based (be it ever so loosely) on an historical event, less
    believable than a bad Star Trek episode.

  • ptrrssllJuly 27, 2016Reply

    Waste of Time

    This is the worst movie I have seen all year. It runs an hour too long,
    is padded with useless battle scenes and the plot jumps around so much
    no one can tell what’s going on from one scene to the next. The named
    actors are terrible, the lines stilted an the relationships formed are
    those classical of bad movies with quaint stereotypes. Give this one a
    miss, take back your life, take back your Saturday night, no one should
    have to sit through this rubbish. The entire high tech flashback
    container for the action makes no sense and when we return it continues
    to provide no answers as to why any of this was relevant, useful or
    entertaining. Who were that young Chinese couple anyway, why were they
    there, why am I watching this!

  • hbbelcherAugust 21, 2016Reply


    The movie is said to be based on real events; I’d love to find out more
    about them.

    I will admit that parts of it reminded me of 2007’s ”The Last Legion”,
    with subtitles.

    I also could not make out the script during the close of the film: it
    starts with a plaque written in Mandarin and Latin, with additional
    scenes, but I have no idea what they said.

    Also, I was surprised at how old Jackie looks! Don’t get me wrong, he
    is still fast and flexible, but the man has … WRINKLES! I know, it’s
    really petty, but then again, I’m a very shallow person, so there you

  • nicholls_lesAugust 22, 2016Reply

    Why do this Jackie?

    I love Jackie Chan and for me he is one of the few Martial arts actors
    who was almost as talented as Bruce Lee (although in a more comedic
    way) But why Jackie has taken to making these silly over the top movies
    that they seem to churn out now is beyond me. All of these Chinese epic
    style period war movies are pretty much all the same and if you have
    seen one you have seen them all.

    They are over long, confusing and boring.

    John Cusack is pretty convincing, but Adrian Brody is his usual useless
    self. He is never convincing and for me he has pretty much ruined every
    movie he has been in. He never looks or acts the part and why he is
    used so much is a mystery to me.

    I found myself hoping this movie would improve as it went along but it
    never did.

  • lindsay-72718October 3, 2016Reply

    I honestly had no idea a film could be this bad

    No seriously. It’s just impossibly contrived and astonishingly bad.

    I like Jackie Chan, and I like John Cusack. Plus I have a pretty high
    tolerance for narratively weak martial arts films, but this one sets a
    new standard.

    The dialogue is only slightly more coherent than the plot. The
    costuming and customs portrayed as well as the architecture and
    technology are a chaotic hodgepodge of historical inaccuracies and
    arbitrarily invoked stereotypes. The actors barely even have a chance
    to act well, given the constant melodrama demanded by the script.

    I get that the film is trying to show a merging of culture’s into some
    idealized vision of peace, but you can’t just throw a bunch of random
    characters together like an ancient epcot center and expect it to work.

  • bobbyhollywoodOctober 14, 2016Reply

    Riveted to the screen and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    WOW, I have to admit, I didn’t have any idea what this film would be
    like, or what it was about. However, with Mister Chan in it, I wanted
    to see what it was.

    Everyone in it earned their pay, and of the ones I saw, they surely did
    a good job of it.

    As I have said in the past, I do NOT write Reviews, I give my humble
    opinion. Let those that read this make up their own minds.

    The character played by Mister Chan, has a United Nations long before
    it was even thought of, and they do it well.

    From the beginning, I was wondering just what was going to happen, and
    then as the story moved on, I was taken along with it which gave me

    YES, I would watch this film again, and I am sure that I would enjoy it
    at least as much as I did this time.

    Keep up the good work Mister Chan.

  • adonis98-743-186503November 23, 2016Reply

    Dragon Blade (2015) Movie Review

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • nadshiDecember 3, 2016Reply

    The armies of 36 nations fight a Roman traitor

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • blarogtwinDecember 22, 2016Reply

    Unfairly underrated

    For me, this film is one of the little jewels sometimes can be missed.
    It s almost a gargantuan production, it seems to be nothing’s been
    saved to give that film the grandiosity and the depth the director want
    to transmit to us.

    A mash up of actors, good actors, featuring different characters we
    usually are used to know them.

    I don t wanna extend myself and I apologize for the grammatical
    mistakes, but to me, this films has tremendous action scenes, very
    moving dialogues and if we manage to relax our eye upon some historical
    errors that can be found, it’s really enjoyable.

    Thank you for your attention, happy new year.

  • Romane SimonJanuary 2, 2017Reply

    Whoa what a master Piece

    i usually don’t do this but i couldn’t keep my mouth shut. This movie
    is a master piece. i love everything about it, i wish this thing was
    not happen only in movie where all country can come together in peace,
    together fight evil. everyone did a great job, from the crew to the
    cast, Jackie Chan hats off to you man, as a filmmaker he is one of the
    best action actor i would love to direct in one of my films when i
    decided to watch the film, i did not know what to expect. The movie
    starts slow i thought but as it progress i was like wow thats amazing
    the way they sets everything off for the big finish. , love this movie,
    please everyone go see it. i give this movie a 10.

  • foniasfeosJanuary 2, 2017Reply

    Good movie.

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • Niko SierraJanuary 25, 2017Reply

    Good Drunken Laugh

    This film is terrible, from the painfully fake wigs to the creepy yet
    hilarious blind child,I cannot see what they spent the budget on!
    (Probably on the three main actors and 2304k cameras so we can see
    every single pore in Cousaks face).

    The story starts off with a cheesy fight between some odd looking
    Mongol barbarian types and some Hindu looking people. Jackie Chan jumps
    into the mix but fails to deliver his usually hilarious performance.

    Later on he gets arrested and sent to work as slave labour and a few
    seconds later he’s back in control of the city and the man who
    apparently hated him is now cheering.

    A Roman legion (With advanced building skills) some how thinks it’s
    clever to charge a fortified city while on horseback! Jackie Chan who’s
    no longer a laborer greets him and lets in the army that was seconds
    ago trying to invade.

    They become friends and fix a wall by using tons and tons of metal
    which would probably have taken a lot longer to collect, melt hammer
    and bolt into place.

    Anyways we find out there’s a creepy blind kid who is obviously Chinese
    but some how got cast as a Roman emperor wearing a blonde wig, he can
    sing Latin even though everyone speaks English. oh by the way he sings
    what sounds like medieval Latin, not Roman Latin.

    Anyways I digress, the bad guy (Tiberius, a roman consul or something)
    arrives and simply walks in through the fortifications that the entire
    start of the film centered around! not even a single arrow was shot,
    they just waltz in!

    Cousak is captured and tortured and the Wigged up emperor child jumps
    off a cliff while he bawls his eyes out. We find out Adrian Brody
    (Tiberius) is just butt-hurt because Cousak fell in love with the child
    and not him. He proceeds to breathe vigorously for the rest of the

    Somewhere in there we have a flashback of Jackie Strangling his sister
    and killing her, then flash back to the present…..

    At this point I quit and turned it off.

  • Hiren JungiFebruary 4, 2017Reply

    Awesome movie

    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

  • mannofreyMarch 2, 2017Reply

    I really should rate this lower but..

    So if you watched this movie it is obviously bad in a lot of ways,
    that’s why I’m not going to get into why and what in particular was so
    bad about it. I don’t feel like it’s even worth it, so I am going to
    just concentrate on the good. First of all, the costumes,flags and
    other set pieces kind of impressed me with the creativity behind them
    and somewhat good concise detail to them. I was half expecting it to
    all look like flimsy crap up close the way the movie was going.
    Secondly, the acting between Cusack and Jackie Chan was actually pretty
    believable with crappie screen writing they seemed to be given. Their
    chemistry was good as well. Thirdly, uhhhh I got nothing else, for now
    at least. If you still want to watch this movie I recommend fast
    forwarding through most of it.

    On another matter Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is one of the best Star
    Wars films and it needs help in the ratings so go help it out, please!!

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